The first day of spring

Girl tanning in her bikini tthe park

The sun was bright in a cloudless sky and Sophie was all alone at the local park. It was a hot day, much more than usual for this time of year, this early in spring.
As she spread out her blanket on the green, springy grass, she felt upset about her being alone on this beautiful day. This afternoon had been marked in her calendar for a while and the same counted for her best friend Mia. It was just a picnic in the park of course, nothing special, but it was typical Mia behavior to blow it off last minute.

“Sorry, I’ll be a bit late. Did not wake in my own bed this morning.” Mia’s text read. Sophie had received it only half an hour ago.
As she sat down on her blanket, Sophie wondered whose bed her friend had found herself in this time. She knew Mia wasn’t seeing anyone; but her friend wasn’t against the occasional fling now and then. Sophie pulled up her shirt and wondered what it was like to be as free as her friend seemed to be. She’d never had a one-night-stand of any kind; she’d only had sex with two guys and both had been in a serious relationship with her at the time.
Underneath her clothes, Sophie wore a bright blue bikini. She sighed a breath of relief as she put away the warm shirt. The day was much too hot for ordinary clothing, so she pulled down her trousers as well. On a day like this, the bikini would suffice and she could even work on her tan in preparation of summer.
You should try it sometime. Sarah had told her on more than one occasion. You take sex way too seriously; just have some fun while you still can. Oh, but don’t do it with any of your friends; that can become awkward in the long run. Trust me, I’d know.
At least I take my friends seriously. Sophie thought bitterly as she waited alone. She had no idea how long it would take for her friend to arrive. Perhaps she should leave before she did. Would Mia believe she’d gone home with some stranger, like she’d so often suggested?

The sun was burning hot on her back, as Sophie lay on her belly. She’d been dozing for a while, trying not to think of her friend and just enjoying the warmth; until she realized she hadn’t used any protection.
With a sigh, she got up and checked her bag for sunscreen. It took her only a moment to realize she’d forgotten to bring any.
Mia might bring some, but she knew it would be a bad idea to wait in the sun. Perhaps she should leave. She looked up to see if her friend was perhaps just finding her, but the only people around where others enjoying the sun.
On a bench near the edge of the grass in the shade of some trees, a man sat looking at her.
Sophie blushed. She knew of course that in her scanty bikini, that she’d be an attractive sight. More than one passerby must’ve looked in her direction as she lay there dozing. The man’s appreciation of what he could see plainly read on his face however; it made her blush. When their gazes crossed, he politely averted his gaze, busying himself with a bottle of sunscreen to hide the fact he might have been staring.
Sophie had an idea.

It was bold, and nothing like her at all.
She got up and approached the man who had been watching her. He was quite handsome she realized and not that much older than herself. By the time she reached him, she’d chickened out of her plan. “Could I please borrow some of that?” She asked, pointing at the bottle of sunscreen. “I’ve forgotten mine.”
“Of course.” The man said, handing her the bottle with a smile.
Sophie returned to her spot in the sun; laughing at herself. Had she really thought she’d be able to approach a stranger and ask him to rub some sunscreen on her? Mia might have, but not her.
Back on her blanket she rubbed the sunscreen on her face, her shoulders and arms. She could somehow feel the man still looking at her. When she looked up at him, he did not look away this time. He had an excuse of course, she was using his sunscreen and he might just be waiting for her to return it.
Still, his gaze slightly turned her on. Not because of anything he did, but because of the idea she’d had when first approaching him.
Don’t be such a chicken. Sophie told herself in the words Mia would use. She applied some of the sunscreen on her belly and the upper-side of her legs. The man was still looking of course, she was afraid to stare back. When she applied the sunscreen on her chest, rubbing it over the top of her breasts, she raised her head to look back at him. This time he was staring at her intently.
Sophie got up, holding the opened bottle in one hand. Either I can do this, or I can’t. She told herself. Either way, she wanted to find out as she returned to the man.
As she reached him, they stared at each-other silently for a moment.
“Could you help me with my back?” Sophie finally asked.
The man smiled; surprised, but pleasantly so.
“Of course.” He said.
Sophie returned to her blanket in the sun, the man but a step behind her. Her skin was tingling all over, goosebumps appearing on her arms and legs.
She did not look at him as she lay down on her belly, afraid that she’d chicken out again. Mia might think it funny, but letting a stranger, even a handsome one, rub her back was much more intimate than Sophie would normally dare.
She heard the man kneel beside her. Rather than pour the sunscreen directly onto her skin, he rubbed it in his hands, warming it up before placing his strong hands on her back.
He was generous with the dosage, rubbing a thick layer on her shoulders and back, spreading it out as thinly as possible. He was strong and firm, it was almost more like a massage than anything. Already warmed by the sun, Sophie grew hot and bothered and as the man’s hands reached her lower back, just above her bikini-bottoms, that hotness grew into arousal.
“My legs too.” She asked when he seemed finished. She did not want this experience to be over yet and secretly she was wondering how far she was willing to let him go.
He started at her heels then; massaging her legs firmly as he applied the sunscreen. He worked his way up slowly, past her knees, onto her thighs. His thumbs traced the edge of her buttocks. Those bikini-bottoms covered perhaps only half of her bottom. The man’s thumbs massaged the lower end of her backside, waiting it seemed for her to protest. When she didn’t, his hands slid up slowly, massaging her bottom under the ruse of applying the sunscreen.
Sophie bit her lip, trying her hardest not to moan from the pleasure and arousal of such an act. She knew he’d be enjoying it as much as she was; as it seemed that her bottom needed more time than her entire back had before.
When he was finished, she looked over her shoulder. “Thank you.” She whispered, too shy to look at him for long.
The man returned to his place on the bench, his eyes still on her, Sophie was sure.

Mia arrived shortly after, yet Sophie did not tell her friend what had occurred. She would only try to persuade her to talk to the man again. She might even go talk to him herself. Sophie however felt like she’d stepped far enough out of her comfort-zone for one day.
She was surprised when the man suddenly approached the two of them and handed her the bottle of sunscreen she’d borrowed before.
“Here, in case you need it again later.” He said, before leaving them, not returning to his seat but disappearing from their view.
“What was that about?” Mia asked.
“Nothing.” Sophie said with a blush. “I just borrowed some of his sunscreen before.”
She looked at the bottle, a phone number had been written at the bottom.


John lay alone in bed, smiling up at the ceiling of his bedroom. He was thinking about the girl he’d met earlier that day, the one in the park. It was nearly midnight, yet he could not rest.
He lay there naked, for even at this late hour it was still much too warm to be dressed. He was also rock-hard, remembering the girl’s delicate body, her soft skin beneath her hands. He had no idea what had happened, why she’d asked him for his help and let him be so intimate with her, a complete stranger. He thought she might’ve been playing a game; but if she was, he felt that he was the winner, after what he’d gotten out of it.
John stroked his cock gently, thinking of her gleaming skin, moist with sunscreen, glittering in the sun; her buttocks soft and supple beneath his hands. He grabbed his erection more firmly, knowing he wouldn’t get any sleep before dealing with his arousal.
He was interrupted however, by the buzzing sound of his phone.
“John.” He said, picking up the call from an unknown number.
“Hey, this is Sophie.” A sweet girl’s voice replied. “I hope I didn’t wake you?”
“I was still up.” John replied. “Sophie who?”
“The girl from the park.” The voice replied.
“The one who borrowed my sunscreen?” John asked in surprise. He hadn’t really thought she’d call him, even after he’d found a way to subtly give her his number.
“Yes.” There was a short silence for a while. “I didn’t know how to make sure you were the same guy.” She then said. “But no-one else would know about the sunscreen I guess.”
“I was just thinking about you.” John said. He suddenly realized he still had his cock in his hand, even harder now that he was talking to the sweet girl he’d been fantasizing about.
“Me too.” The girl said, not realizing the possible implications of what he’d just said. Or did she? John wondered, if she had been as aroused by her actions that afternoon as he was, was she perhaps doing the same as he was right now? He touched himself softly, imagining that on the other side of this phone-call, this girl was doing the same.
“What can I do for you?” He asked.
“I just wanted to say, I don’t normally do this.” The girl said. “I just needed your help with something.”
John stopped what he was doing, slightly confused. “What is it?” He asked.
“If you come over, I’ll explain.” The girl said. “I’ll text you the address.”
John hesitated. Was she playing another game? What kind of help could she possibly need in the middle of the night? In some way, it seemed like some inexperienced way of flirting, yet it could all be just a trick of course. His arousal was too great however, the possible reward for visiting her too interesting to refuse. Besides, in the park she’d seemed like a much too innocent girl to be trying to con him.

John got dressed quickly. The girl’s address was only a few blocks away and the slightly cooler night air might cool him down enough to think straight as he went on foot.
He rang the doorbell when he arrived, slightly suspicious, but still too turned on by the memory of the afternoon in the park. He was buzzed in through the intercom; the girls voice telling him to come up to the third floor.
He took the stairs and when he arrived, the girl was waiting for him in the doorway. All she wore was a flimsy, nearly see-through night-gown. It was still warm of course, that could be the reason for her to wear something so revealing.
“Hey, come in.” She said.
“What can I help you with?” John asked. “Sophie, was it?” At the park they hadn’t even shared their names.
“Yes, your name was John, right? You mentioned it on the phone. My roommate is in her room by the way.” The girl replied, pointing at a closed door, presumably leading to the roommate’s bedroom.
John smiled, the girl was obviously nervous. Her roommate’s presence was a warning for him not to step out of line. He was pretty sure now that at the least she wasn’t trying to con him.
“What did you need help with?” John asked again.
The girl blushed, making her even more attractive. “It’s this weather.” She said. “My skin dries out completely when it’s so hot. I have to apply this lotion every night or my skin will just crackle and peel off. I was trying to do my back first but I could not reach it. That’s why I thought of you, how you helped me in the park.
John smiled. “You called me in the middle of the night to rub your back?”
The girl blushed. “Well it was kinda my friend’s idea. We talked a bit and she… well never mind that. I thought you’d want to.” She pouted.
John winked at her, wondering what kind of conversation might have occurred between the two girls after he’d left them. “Of course I would.” He said. “So, just your back?”
The girl bit her lip. “Well, now that you’re here. Why not just everything?” She let the night-gown slip from her shoulders as she said it, letting it fall to the ground to reveal her completely naked body.
Without waiting for his reply, she turned around towards the second door at the end of the room, this one presumably leading to her room.
John stared after her in shock, watching the sway of her hips an naked backside. That last sentence had been nothing like the girl he’d met in the park or talked to over the phone. Again, he wondered how much influence the girl’s friend had had on their conversation just now.
Was the roommate the same friend? John wondered. She would be listening too, he thought with a smile as he followed Sophie to her room.

The girl was seated on the edge of her bed, her legs crossed as she looked up at him when he entered. She handed him a bottle of oil.
John smiled, gazing at the girl’s naked body as she waited expectantly. The only light in the room came from the doorway he was standing in and a street-light right outside the window. The soft light played beautifully on her bare skin.
“All right, lay back.” John said.
The girl did not hesitate to move back on the bed; but from the blush on her face and the quick lick of her lips, John could discern she was nervous. His first assessment of her seemed to have been right. She really wasn’t the kind of girl that did this normally. Which begged the question, why was she doing it now? Had her friend talked her into this?
While she was obviously nervous and shy, the girl tried her best not to show it. Her legs were spread slightly, her pussy only hidden by the darkness of the room. Her breasts sagged to the sides as she lay on her back, but her nipples were erect and captured the light.
John sat down beside her on the bed, he yearned to touch her but held himself back. He wanted to do this slowly, letting the girl grow accustomed to his touch. If he went too fast, her nerves might get the better of her. He became more and more convinced that she was using him to push her boundaries. John wasn’t a guy who’d sleep with just anyone; but he did like to have fun and was quite good at controlling a scene like this.
He rubbed some of the oil between the palms of his hands and then took the girl’s left hand between his. He massaged her softly, spreading the oil between her fingers, his thumb applying just enough pressure on the palm of her hand.
The girl was staring at him, biting her lip. Even this innocent touch on her hand was enough to turn her on.
John continued, spreading the oil onto her fore-arm, over her elbow and her biceps. He went slowly, massaging her muscles as he made his way to her shoulder. When he reached the top of her arm, he stood up and walked around the bed, taking her other hand to start over.
Neither the girl or he talked. When he applied the oil to her chest, just above her collar-bones, she arched her neck, letting him gently stroke her throat. Then he moved down, reaching the top of her breasts. He did not skip them and save them for later like he could’ve done; but grabbed he flesh of her breasts in both hand, squeezing and rubbing in a thick layer of oil. It was a way of showing that he was in charge.
The girl gasped in surprised and then moaned deeply. John focussed on her nipples pinching and rolling them until she squealed. He was taking things slow, but he did not want her to mistakenly think that all this was nothing more than a massage. As long as she did not protest, he would increase the sensuality of their scene. Her moaned replies betrayed her arousal and understanding.
When he moved down from her breasts, over her belly, the girl’s labored breathing calmed down just a little; recuperating now that he was past her sensitive bosom.
John quickly reached an even more sensitive area however; and he could feel the girl tremble slightly, wondering whether he would take her pussy as relentlessly as he had her breasts.
This time though, he stopped right at the trimmed patch of hair, just above her pussy. He moved down on the bed, taking a long time massaging her feet. The girl relaxed, enjoying the firm touch of his fingers on tired feet and legs. Her fiery arousal cooled down to glowing cinders, ready to be kindled into a raging fire once more when he’d finally reached her pussy.
John applied a thick layer of oil on her legs, massaging her calves and thighs. He picked up her legs as he stroked them, putting them down further apart when he was done. Some light now played on the lips of her pussy.
He got ever closer, reaching her hips first and then placing two fingers on the mound above her pussy. The girl buckled, arching her back and John did not anticipate any protest. He slid his fingers between her lips; her only response a deep moan.
The girl was wet with arousal, John barely needed the residual oil on his fingers to push both of them inside her pussy. He curved his fingers, pressuring the sensitive part at the top of her vagina, his hand moving back and forth.
He knew some girls could orgasm from this alone, but he really didn’t know anything about Sophie. So he slid his thumb between her lips, pressuring her clit; his hand almost like a claw, holding the girl’s pussy in his grasp. He was rewarded with a deep grunt followed by a long moan.
The girl started shaking, shuddering. He could feel her muscles clenching around his fingers, her body reacting instinctively as she came. She squealed softly, yet John did not stop, as long as her body kept shaking, his fingers kept up the pressure. He wanted to give her an orgasm she wouldn’t soon forget. The squeals kept coming and he was sure she’d already cum more than once.
“Please, stop.” The girl begged.
John relaxed the pressure of his fingers and the girl visible relaxed, a few tremors still occasionally shaking her body.

John sat silently next to the girl he’d only met earlier that day. Her skin glowed with oil and sweat, her hair was in disarray as she stared up at the ceiling. He wondered if the night was going any way she’d expected.
After a while, she looked up at him, a broad smile decorated her face. She pushed herself to a sitting position and still without talking, reached for his trousers, eager to free the erection that had been hiding there for all this time.
“Wait.” John said. “We still have to do your back.”
The girl licked her lips. “Okay.” She said, before turning over and laying down on her belly. The dim light of the room caught the curve of her buttocks beautifully.
John sat up and straddled the back of the girl’s legs; the bulge in his trousers but an inch away of her round, curvy bottom. It was buried between her buttocks when he bent forward to apply the oil on her back.
Again, John took plenty of time to massage the oil into her skin. Slowly he made her way down to her lower back and then onto her bottom. He was reminded of their meeting at the park, there was no bikini covering part of her lovely backside this time.
As he massaged the crease below her bottom and the top her thighs, John’s thumbs pushed their way to the girl’s pussy, hidden in the darkness between her legs. He wondered what she’d planned when reaching for his trousers earlier. A hand-job? A blowjob? Or did she want him to fuck her? He’d prefer the last, but just because he was in control now, did not mean he was fully in charge of the situation.
“Do you have any condoms?” John asked. If she said no, he could still let her pleasure him the way she wanted to.
“On the night stand.” The girl replied.
John got up to grab one. Good girl. He thought.
He looked down at the girl as he pulled down his trousers. She lay in the middle of the bed, her head on her hands, turned to the side as she watched him. Her back was now glowing with oil, her bottom arched up and glistening. For a moment he wished to spank her, but he knew she was much too innocent for his usual fantasies.
With the condom around his cock, he knelt back behind her. The girl moaned deeply as he pushed himself into her pussy. She was still as wet as before, letting him in deep.
He grabbed her smooth, glistening buttocks and thrusted firmly. He did not fuck her slowly, just like the massage, he was firm and steady; not rough, but strong enough to display his control and dominance.
The girl moaned and arched her back as John increased his pace. He was almost surprised when he felt the tightening of her muscles around his cock, reaching yet another orgasm before he did. But before he could contemplate that fact, he reached a climax of his own. He grabbed her buttocks tightly, thrusting as deep as he could, the condom the only thing preventing his cum from being deposited deep inside of her.

John sat down on the edge of the bed after he’d thrown away the condom. The girl sat with folded knees in the middle of the bed , still completely naked.
She blushed when he looked at her. “Ehm, thanks for your help.” She said.
John smiled broadly. It was obvious that she was still a little shy and had no idea what to say to him after what they’d done. “You’re welcome.” He replied. “I guess I should head home now.”
“Yeah.” The girl said licking her lips. “Thanks again.” She repeated, not knowing what else to say.
“I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.” John tried.
The girl looked at him without understanding.
“You did say you needed your skin treated every day with this weather, didn’t you? I believe they forecasted this heat for at least the rest of the week.” John teased.
The girl blushed. “Oh, yeah, of course. See you tomorrow.”
John raised an eyebrow in surprise. He had not really expected her agreement on that. He got up quickly, before she could change her mind.
He paused on his way out to look at the roommate’s bedroom-door. What had she thought of the girl’s loud moans and little squeals? He wondered.


The following day, Sophie met with her friend Mia for coffee. She had slept well after John left; but today she was in a constant state of wonder, not really believing what she’d done the night before.
“It was amazing.” She was telling her friend. “I did exactly as you told me, told him he could apply the oil everywhere and dropped my gown before leading him to my bedroom.”
Mia laughed. “Really? I didn’t think you’d have the nerve for that.”
Sophie blushed. “It made me feel more secure, actually.”
“So you really let him rub you down completely?” Mia asked.
“Yes.” Sophie licked her lips. “He did not miss an inch.”
“I’m impressed.” Mia replied. “And a bit jealous; most of my one-night-stands result in a quicky. Still, I have to say I told you so; nothing wrong with a bit of fun now and then.”
Sophie grinned. “I’m not sure it was a one-night-stand, though. He’s supposedly coming back tonight.”
Mia frowned. “Really? Did you invite him over?”
“No, it kinda just happened.” Sophie replied.
“Men do that.” Mia said. “You have to be careful or they’ll think you’re a free booty-call. They’ll become possessive and think they have some kind of claim on you. It can become messy when you decide you’re not interested in them any more or want some fun with someone else.”
“Do you think I should’ve said no?” Sophie asked.
“That would’ve probably been better.” Mia agreed.

Sophie called John after her talk with Mia. If she’d let him come over to rub her with oil every night, like he had planned; things would definitely go out of hand. Her friend was right.
She had trouble explaining such things over the phone however, so she asked him to meet her at the park where they’d first met.
When she saw John arrive, she blushed remembering what they’d done the night before.
“Hello hun, what’s up?” John asked.
“It’s about tonight.” Sophie said. “I think you shouldn’t come over after all.”
“Oh, did something come up?” He asked.
“No.” Sophie replied. “I just wasn’t looking for something serious. I just wanted to have some fun and I think we should leave at this one time. Just to make sure there are no misunderstandings.”
“Of course, I understand.” John said. “So it’s not about me, is it? Not something I did?”
“No, no, of course not. You were great.” Sophie replied.
John smiled and the two of them looked at each other in silence for a while, unsure of what to say.
“So who’s going to rub your back now, when it gets all dried out in this weather?” John asked jokingly to break the silence.
“Oh, I don’t really need that every night. I was just exaggerating to get you into my bed.”
John laughed and then frowned for a short moment.
“What?” Sophie asked.
“Nothing.” John said. “I just thought of something.”
“What?” Sophie asked again.
“Just something I would’ve done if we were not just strangers having just one night together. I probably shouldn’t tell you.” He replied mysteriously.
“Please, just tell me.” Sophie said.
“Well, if you were my girl, I’d give you a good spanking for lying to me like that.” John said.
Sophie blushed. “Oh!”
“I shouldn’t have told you.” John said.
“No, it’s fine.” Sophie replied. “I guess I’ll see you later some time.”
“Yes, see you around, Sophie.”

John had been right the night before; when he thought Sophie was too innocent to be involved in his usual fantasies. She had never experienced anything remotely kinky.
Yet after her conversation with John at the park, his mention of a spanking and the accompanying imagery that came with it popped up in her mind at the most unexpected moments.
Getting a spanking wouldn’t be very different from having a one-night-stand. She thought to herself. They were both things she’d never done before; and both things she thought she’d never do. The one-night-stand had been surprisingly enjoyable, despite the small bit of guilt she felt at letting herself be influenced thus by her friend Mia.
Perhaps trying out something more kinky than usual could be an equally pleasant surprise.
The idea came to her more than once during the rest of her day. Some times she’d even grabbed her phone and selected John’s number on the screen before chickening out again. It was late, the sun low on the horizon; when she finally convinced herself to call him.
“Hey John, it’s Sophie again.” She said when he picked up.
“Hello hun, what’s up?” He replied.
“Do you still think I deserve that spanking?” Sophie asked.
There was a momentary silence.
“Even a girl as innocent a you are might enjoy a good spanking when she deserves one.” John replied.
“I wasn’t that innocent last night, was I?” Sophie replied, trying to sound naughty.
“No you weren’t.” John said.
“Though I could hardly ask you to spank me for having sex with me.” Sophie said.
“I was talking about lying to me.” John replied. “But if you’re feeling guilty about sleeping with some stranger, we can talk about that too if you want.”
Sophie blushed. “Do you wanna come over?”
“I’ll be right there.” John replied.

Sophie waited nervously for John to arrive. Luckily, her roommate was at home and like last night she’d be able to intervene if anything went wrong.
When John arrived, the hair on her skin stood on end and her stomach was making somersaults.
“How are you doing, Sophie?” John asked as he entered.
“Nervous.” She replied honestly.
“You don’t have to be.” John said. He sat down on the couch and Sophie took the sofa opposite of him. “We’re not going to do anything you don’t want.”
Sophie blushed.
“So why did you want me to come over?” John asked.
“I wanted you to spank me.” Sophie whispered. Telling the truth felt like the best way to calm her nerves.
“Because you lied to me, or because you slept with me?” John asked. “You did say you never did that sort of thing.”
“I just let my friend talk me into it.” Sophie said. “That sort of thing just isn’t me.”
“Or maybe you just want to get spanked because the idea of it turns you on, is that it?” John asked.
Sophie blushed. “I don’t know.”
“Do you really think you deserve a spanking for just one night? Especially if that spanking is from a stranger as well?” John asked.
Sophie bit her lip. “I guess I do get turned on by the idea; I’m doing the exact same thing I did last night, aren’t I? But I do think there should be consequences for your actions.”
“Well, I for one don’t think you’ll feel as guilty about a spanking as you did about sex. The punishment should balance out the guilt.” John said.
“Unless I enjoy it too much.” Sophie replied.
“I suspect that you will.” John said. “So what will it be. Do you want to stick to your values or enjoy another night with me?”
“What do you want to do?” Sophie asked.
“I’ve wanted to spank that cute bottom of yours ever since you let me rub it in sunscreen.” John replied honestly.
Sophie blushed. “Perhaps I should just enjoy this night and re-evaluate my values in the morning. They might not be as strict as I thought them to be.”
John smiled. “Good, I wouldn’t want you to feel guilty about being with me.” John said. “But you’re still getting a spanking for lying to me.”
Sophie bit her lip and nodded.
“It’s ‘yes, Sir’ when you’re in trouble, young lady.” John said.
Sophie giggled. “Yes, Sir.”
“Let’s go to your room, so that no-one walks in on us.” John said.
This time, Sophie was the one following him into her room.

John turned on the light in her room and sat down on the edge of the bed.
“Get on the bed and across my knee.” He commanded her.
Sophie knelt on the bed and then placed herself across his lap. She was still wearing her dress and it rode up significantly as she bent forward, revealing the bare skin of her thighs.
The fluttering in her stomach returned when John placed a hand on her bottom and her skin began to tingle as he gently rubbed her backside. She was still fully dressed and only the night before she’d let him rub oil all over her naked body; yet this felt at least as intimate as that had been.
John smacked her bottom, softly and on her dress. She could barely feel the impact of his hand, as if he was only trying to get the aim right.
Sophie pressed her face into the mattress and pushed her bottom up a bit higher. The next smacks came a bit stronger, firm but not painful at all. The skin of her bottom tingled from the sensation.
John continued this slow and steady rhythm of gentle but firm smacks and Sophie could feel her bottom gradually warm up.
When he pulled up her skirt, the air felt cool against her glowing bottom.
“Not the best choice of panties for a spanking.” John said.
Sophie blushed. She hadn’t given it any thought and was still wearing thongs. The dress she wore was tight and she did not want to show any panty-lines. It didn’t cover an inch of her bottom and would thus offer no protection at all.
John now smacked the bared cheeks of her bottom and without the protection of her dress, the firm, gentle smacks left a bit of sting behind in her backside.
Sophie moaned softly.
“Is your roommate around today?” John suddenly asked, using the opportunity to caress her bare bottom.
“Yes.” Sophie replied, wondering why he wanted to know. “Why?”
“I was just wondering whether she might interfere if I took this punishment a bit more seriously.”
Sophie blushed. He meant that she would hear if he spanked her any harder and might barge in on them. “I think I better talk to her first.” She said.

John let her up and Sophie pulled her dress back over her bottom before leaving her room. She knocked at her roommate’s door shortly.
“Everything all right?” Her friend asked. She knew Sophie had a guy over of course.
“Yes, everything’s fine. I just wanted to say … you might hear some things, I just mean, you don’t have to intervene or anything, everything’s fine.” Sophie said.
There was a short silence.
“Okay, have fun.” Her friend replied.
Sophie blushed as she returned to her room. What would her roommate think was going on? She wondered. Well she’d know soon enough when Sophie entered her room.
“Take off your panties before you get back across my knee, young lady.” John said after she closed the door. “They’re not offering you any protection any way.”
Sophie blushed, but raised her dress to pull down her panties before taking her position over John’s lap again.
She bit her lip when he placed his hand back on her bottom, expecting some harder smacks right about now.
John continued the firm, gentle smacks from before however. Sophie’s bottom steadily grew warm again and she moaned softly as the nervous butterflies in her stomach turned into smoldering cinders of excitement. She arched her bottom more, practically begging for him to spank her some more; and gradually the smacks increased in force.
The glowing sting that had slowly spread across her bottom began to burn and each smack now made it even hotter. Each smack echoed in her room, followed by her moans of pleasure. The first time she squealed, she felt glad she’d warned her friend not to intervene.
Sophie’s bottom had quickly turned red and now it was glowing with intensity. Her buttocks bounced beneath John’s hand and she was unsure whether her squeals were caused by pleasure or pain.
“I’m sorry, Sir.” She said. “I’ll be a good girl I promise. I’ll never lie to you again.” Not because she wanted him to stop, but because it felt like the right thing to say.
“Don’t make promises you can’t keep, young lady.” John replied.
“I’m sorry, please.” Sophie replied as his hand kept raining down on her bottom.
“Please what? Are you begging me to stop?” John asked.
“No, Sir.” Sophie replied, unable to say more as another smack landed squarely across her bottom.
“Good, because I’m not going to, not until you’ve learned your lesson.” John said.
Sophie moaned and squealed, her bottom felt on fire. A few more times she promised to be a good girl; not because she wanted John to stop, but because she knew he wouldn’t; so she could feel herself being in his control.
Finally, when Sophie was kicking her legs and burying her head in the mattress, John stopped. He placed his hand on her burning bottom and rubbed it gently. “I think that’s enough for now, isn’t it.”
Sophie blushed, her bottom was on fire. Only now that he’d stopped she really felt how much it hurt. Still, she told him that she felt like she could’ve taken more.
“I know you probably could.” John said. “But it’s only your first time, it’s better to be careful. Next time we can give you a safe-word and find out where your limits truly lie if you want.”
“Next time?” Sophie asked.
“I never spank a girl I’m not serious about, Sophie.” John said. “Though perhaps I should take you out for dinner some time first.”
Sophie blushed. “This is the weirdest position in which anyone’s ever asked me on a date.” She said.
“Is that a yes?” John asked.
“Yes, Sir.” Sophie replied.

Valentines gift

It was February fourteenth, or as most people know it, Valentines day. I was on my way to my girlfriend’s apartment with no real plans. We had been together for over six years now and while this day had seemed so important in the beginning of our relationship, it had turned into something more comfortable now.
I did not arrive with a bushel of roses, chocolates, tickets for a play and dinner reservations. I had however put on a nice suit and brought a gift. Today we would just spend time together and confirm our love for one another.

When I arrived, I knocked on the door before inserting my key into the keyhole, to give her a bit of a warning of my arrival. I was surprised to see her sitting in the sofa, her hair disheveled and wearing just a dressing gown.
“Oh hey baby, I did not expect you.” She said as I entered the room.
I felt a bit surprised, but confidently placed my gift at the coffee-table beside her. “Happy Valentines day, honey.” I said as I bent down to kiss her.
“Oh my god, is that today?” She exclaimed after our kiss. “I totally forgot!”
I laughed and picked up her gift, it was nothing like her to forget such a thing. “Here, open it.” I said.
She accepted the gift and slowly tore the wrapping paper from the box.
“They’re wonderful!” She exclaimed, discovering the red, ankle-high boots inside.
“Try them on. I’ve still got the receipt so you can trade them if they don’t fit.” I told her.
She did not need me to ask twice, but bent over to pull on her new shoes. I sat down on the footrest in front of her.
“They’re perfect.” She said, walking around, the small heels ticking on the wooden floors. Then she looked at me. “I’m so sorry, I completely forget it was Valentines day and did not get you anything.”
I raised an eyebrow. How could you forget when all the stores were filled with red ribbons and roses to announce this – quite commercial – holiday?
She walked around the sofa she’d been sitting on and promptly bent over its back, placing her hands on the seat. “I feel so guilty, I’ve been such a naughty girl. I think you should punish me.” She said.
I grinned. So she had not forgotten at all, it was just an act. As she bent over right in front of me, her dressing gown gaped open, offering me a view of her bare breasts dangling inside. She seemed not to wear anything at all underneath it.
She had planned it all, I realized. The disheveled look, as if she’d just gotten out of bed; the short dressing gown that barely covered any of her features; the forgotten present; they were all part of it.
This was not the first time she’d asked me for a punishment. I could not count the amount of times I’d had her across my knee or bent over some furniture to spank her bottom, sometimes she asked for it, sometimes she earned it.
Even after all this time though, I was instantly aroused by the prospect of spanking her. I could feel my excitement grow, pushing against its boundaries, pressuring the seams of my trousers.
I got up and rubbed my hands together. “You’re right, you do deserve a good spanking, young lady.”

She licked her lips as I said this. It always surprised me, even after all this time, how much she got turned on by those words.
I moved behind her and she obediently stayed bent over the sofa, awaiting her punishment. When I raised her gown, I saw that she was indeed not wearing anything underneath. Her plump bottom was invitingly pale and stood up high above her resting body, supported by the sofa’s back.
I rubbed it softly and then gave her a gentle smack. If she wanted a Valentines day spanking, I would make sure it was enjoyable and lasted as long as possible.
She did not protest when I smacked her bottom slowly and without much force. She understood why I was taking it slow. It gave me a thrill, knowing she had not only asked for this, but trusted that my way would be best for an enjoyable experience.
“Not only did you forget to buy me a present.” I said while landing a significantly harder smack. “You also look like you’ve just rolled out of bed.” Followed by another hard smack on the other cheek.
She moaned softly, the sting from both smacks softly diminishing as they were followed by another series of gentle pats.
“Did you see what I’m wearing? I’m not wearing a suit for no reason.” I continued with yet another hard swat. “I had hoped you would be wearing a nice dress and maybe some sexy lingerie underneath, but all I get is this lazy dressing-gown.” And again a second hard smack to balance the first.
“I’m sorry, Sir.” She said as I rubbed away the sting from those harder hits.
“Get up.” I commanded. “Take off that gown, it’s not appropriate for a day like today.”
She pushed up obediently and undid the knot that held the garment together. It slid from her naked body, revealing her bare skin and perfect hourglass figure.
I yearned to grab her, to fuck her right here and now. But first I would give her the spanking she wanted. She wore only the red boots I had bought her when she bent back over the sofa.
The next few swats were harder than before. She moaned and placed her hands on the seat to push her body up, her bottom higher, begging for more.
I forwent the gentle smacks and spanked her backside soundly. I loved to watch her bottom bounce or see the impact ripple through her buttocks.
Her bottom had rapidly turned pink and was now slowly taking on a redder color. She moaned and squirmed, but still begged for more with her swaying backside.
The sight turned me on immensely, the feeling of control, the visual of her vulnerable body under my hands, her bottom showing signs of the pain I was inflicting on it; all that combined with her moans of pleasure that assured me she enjoyed the pain and wanted more.
“Spread your legs.” I ordered, even while placing my hand on her inner-thighs to pull them apart myself.
As she opened them, I got to see her pussy, swollen and hot with excitement. A bit of moisture had gathered between her lips, betraying her arousal.
I spanked her again, even harder. The full armed swings helped me concentrate and forget about the urge to fuck her, for that was within my reach.
She moaned and even squealed as I assaulted her bottom. The pain must be becoming great, but it would not be a real spanking if it didn’t. I loved giving her more than she’d asked for, proving to her that I was the one in control.
I felt that she needed that as well, especially on days like today when she’d asked for it herself. She wanted confirmation that she had no say in this, that I would only stop when I was satisfied with the results.
She did not protest yet however, despite her squeals and kicking legs. Not that I would stop if she did. In the past few years I’d gotten quite a good understanding of when she really needed a break and when she could take some more.
“Are you starting to feel a bit better, or do you still feel guilty?” I asked her. Slowly I rubbed her bottom. I knew there was still much more to come and she did need a break occasionally. I wondered if she expected all I had planned, or if she would be surprised and wish she hadn’t gotten herself into this much trouble by the end. The thought aroused me greatly.
“A bit, Sir.” She said.
“Good, at least we’re getting somewhere.” I replied.
I rubbed her stinging backside a little longer, a reward for calling me Sir. But soon I continued her punishment. I landed one well-aimed smack after the other.
I took it more slowly this time, enjoying the view of her bottom bouncing beneath my hand, letting the echoes of her squeals fade away before I landed the next.
“You know, I don’t think you’re learning your lesson.” I said.
“What lesson, Sir?” She asked me, managing to sound cheeky even while I was spanking her.
“Your lesson about forgetting about your boyfriend on Valentines day, or did you forget what I was spanking you for as well?” I landed and extra sharp smack across the center of her behind.
She squealed before answering. “Of course not, Sir. But I am learning my lesson, I promise.”
“Than why haven’t I heard a single apology from you yet?” I asked.
“You probably didn’t hear because you were spanking me so hard.” She replied even more cheekily.
I stopped the slow onslaught of smacks and squeezed her sensitive bottom, which provoked a whole different kind of squeal. “Oh is that right?”
“Yes, Sir.” She said.
“Are you lying, young lady?” I asked with a deep voice.
“Yes, Sir.” She said again.
“And do you know what happens to naughty girls who lie?” I asked.
“They get spanked, Sir.” She replied.
I grunted softly. It was such a turn on hearing her say that. Of course not all naughty girls got spanked, most probably didn’t; but she did and hearing her admit that was the same as hearing her admit her submission to me.
“But I was already getting spanked anyway, so I didn’t think it could hurt.” She continued.
“Oh but it could always hurt a bit more.” I said, admiring her choice of words. “Perhaps I should take off my belt and see if that gets a proper reaction out of you.”
I slowly undid the buckle as I waited for her reaction. I had used plenty of tools on her backside before: a hairbrush, a paddle, a spoon, even a whip, but the belt was probably her favorite. Still, I gave her a warning every time I did to give her the opportunity to protest.
“Oh no Sir, please not the belt.” She pleaded.
I chuckled. The way her voice playfully dropped made it abundantly clear that this was no real protest. I pulled the belt through its loops in one smooth motion.
“Sorry, young lady. A naughty girl like yourself has no choice in the matter. Maybe next time you’ll think twice about telling such lies.” I placed the leather on her backside and was rewarded with a moan of anticipation.
I raised it up in the air and then swung it at her backside. It landed with satisfying smack and sent ripples of flesh through her buttocks. The sound was followed by her squeal.
I swung it again and again, raining down the smacks on her backside that was now coloring a deeper, darker red. She squirmed and squealed, not longer raising her bottom for me, but leaning heavily on the sofa.
Still, she kept her legs obediently spread and I could still see the excitement this spanking caused, despite the broad red stripes on her bottom.
“Please Sir, I’m sorry, I’ll be a good girl.” The first pleas came as the sting of the belt proved much greater than what my hand had inflicted before.
I only changed position and spanked her again. Her legs were trembling from the effort to keep in place, her squeals muffled as she pressed her face into the sofa’s seat.
“I’m sorry, I won’t do it again. I’m sorry, honestly.” She begged between moans.
I rested my hand on her back and felt her whole body was trembling. “Are you going to make up for it to me?” I asked her.
Her body calmed down, realizing it was over or that I was at least giving her a break.
“Yes, Sir, I promise, I’ll get you a gift too.” She replied.
There was no cheekiness in her voice, but no pain either. She was not looking for more, and while I knew she could probably take a bit more if I wanted too, I knew I had already reached my goal in giving her more than she bargained for.
“That won’t be necessary.” I said. “I already know what I want.”
“You can have anything, Sir. What do you want?” She asked me, eager to obey.
I placed my hand between her legs, cupping her pussy and feeling its wetness and warmth. “I want this.”
She moaned deeply. “It’s all yours, Sir.”
“Stay here.” I commanded. Quickly I made my way to her bedroom at the back of the apartment. I knew I’d find the condoms on her night-stand.
I took but a moment to enjoy the view of my girlfriend, completely naked and bent over the back of the sofa, her bottom bright red and awaiting my return.
I did not go through the trouble of undressing, but only freed my erection from its confines before pulling on the condom. Her bottom was up high again, glowing invitingly red.
She no longer struggled to stand and I suddenly wished her to be trembling like before, before I entered her. I smacked her bottom and she moaned softly.
She did not complain that I was spanking her again, instead of fucking her like she’d anticipated. She understood that I was in charge and would spank her if I wanted to.
Quickly the sting returned, I knew so from the sound of her squeals and the swaying of her backside. Her thighs trembled beneath my hand and I could no longer resist the vulnerable girl beneath me.
I grabbed her hips and pushed inside. There was barely any resistance, so excited was she. I pushed all the way in, until my hips reacher her searing hot bottom.
I pulled back and thrusted again, harder this time, smacking up against the sore, sensitive skin of her bottom. She moaned softly and I felt her trembling increase.
I fucked her, not slow, not fast, but steadily. Her moans became louder, her trembling became shuddering and I knew she would reach her climax soon. She must’ve been close to it from the start, after such a spanking.
I felt her muscles contract around my cock, setting her orgasm in motion. “Good girl.” I whispered.
Those words pushed her over the edge, shaking uncontrollably, moaning and gasping as I kept thrusting into her, pushing her further, unable to relax as the orgasm went on and on. Until I too reached my maximum. I grabbed her tightly by the hips and pushed as far in as I could, moaning deeply as I ejected my semen inside of her and reached a climax of my own.

Later that day, we were seated in the sofa, the same one that had seen to her spanking just hours before.
We were eating pizza and watching a romantic comedy. It wasn’t a special night, but it didn’t have to be. I just enjoyed having her near, especially seeing her naked as she had still not put on any clothing. She often squirmed in her seat, even though I knew most of the pain in her backside must’ve subdued by now. It was a show she put on for me.
We were nearly halfway through the movie, with our pizza’s finished, when she placed her hand on my crotch and slowly slipped inside my trousers.
I grunted appreciatively as she took hold of my cock. It had been semi-hard this whole time, with her naked beside me; now it quickly grew hard in her hand.
Gently she stroked it, while at the same time playing with her breasts for my visual amusement.
I raised an eyebrow.
“This movie is so dull and cliché, I thought we could spicen it up a little.” She said.
I smiled and leaned back, giving her more space inside my trousers. Still, she undid the buttons to be able to stroke me more effectively.
Her other hand slid down from her breasts, over her belly and onto her pussy. Her fingers slipped inside.
I placed my own hand on top of hers and pressed down, capturing her hand beneath mine. “What are you doing?” I asked.
“I thought I could get both of us off.” She replied, confusion painting her face.
I pulled her hand aside and placed mine on her pussy. “This is mine now, remember. You’ll have to ask me permission before playing with it.”
She suddenly blushed. “Permission?” She asked.
“Yes, from now on, you’ll need to ask my permission any time you want to play with yourself.” I explained.
“That’s not fair.” She protested.
I smiled, but kept my hand where it was. I had often controlled her orgasms during play, teasing her, denying her until she begged for it. This was different though and I knew that if I wanted it to be part of our dynamic, I couldn’t just enforce it without discussion.
“I though it might be fun.” I said. “Though if you really don’t want to, you can still buy me another present. You know the rules are always open for debate.”
She bit her lip. “It does sound hot.” She admitted. “But every time? Even when I’m stressed and just want to relax a little, or when I can’t sleep?”
I understood the problem. I knew my girlfriend had quite a high sex-drive. While many girls might ty to convince you they never played with themselves, this would be an even bigger lie for her.
“You know what, even though this is mine.” I said, while gently pressuring her pussy. “You’ll still have to take care of it for me; make sure it’s always clean and ready for me to use when I want it. So in return I’ll allow you to play with it up to three times a week without the need to ask for permission first.”
“Five times.” She retorted.
I chuckled. “Four.”
“Deal.” She said. “Now can I continue?” Her other hand was still in my trousers, grasping my cock.
“No.” I replied.
“But I still have four times left this week.” She protested.
“Yes, but it’s still mine, so my wishes take precedence over yours and right now, I want to play with it.” I replied.
That single oh was so laden with arousal that I felt a burst of excitement myself. I felt my cock grow in her hands and she gently stroked it as I let my fingers slip in between her lips.
The movie had continued quite a bit, but it was easy to pick up the simple plot as we played with each-other. My hand between my naked girlfriend’s legs, hers inside my trousers.
“Careful, I don’t want you making a mess on my clothes.” I warned her as I felt my excitement build. I was making slow, circular movements on her clit and felt her body squirm against me.
She stroked my cock lower then, focussing on the shaft instead of its tip, as I increased the pressure on her pussy.
She moaned and shook, coming ever nearer to another orgasm. The sight was too arousing for me and even with her hand so low on my cock, I could feel the same happening to me.
I closed my eyes, saving myself from the view, but at the same time, the excitement became too much for her. She had barely any control left over her hand and her strokes became erratic. Unfortunately that only turned me on even more, being proof of how I was affecting her.
I felt her body shaking beside me as she reached her orgasm, her hand still inside my trousers. I could not help myself and looked. I saw her naked breasts, bouncing up and down and grunted. I should not have looked, but it was too late. Her small hand moved up and down on my cock and pushed me over the edge, my semen staining my trousers and even my shirt as my cock came out from under the edge.
I rested with my eyes closed, ignoring the mess we’d mdae while she cuddled up against me.

“Sorry.” She whispered.
The words triggered something inside me. “Naughty girl!” I replied.
She cuddled even closer.
I pulled myself away from her and stood up. “Stay here, I’m going to clean up.”
I made my way back to her bedroom. Luckily I always kept a change of clothing at her place. This time however I just took everything off and returned naked.
When I returned to my girlfriend, her eyes lit up to see me without my clothes. She licked her lips, seemingly insatiable after all we’d already done today.
“I warned you to be more careful not to make a mess.” I said.
She bit her lip.
I sat down beside her on the sofa. “Get over my lap.” I said.
She obediently placed herself across my lap. Her bottom was still pink to my surprise.
“Look at you.” I said. “It’s Valentines day and you’ve already earned a second spanking today.”
“I’m sorry, Sir.” She replied.
I smacked her bottom, wondering how much she’d be able to take so shortly after her earlier encounter with the belt. The moan she gave in respond told me I didn’t need to worry.
I did not start slowly this time, but smacked her bottom firmly. She moaned and squirmed, her naked body pressed against mine. I could feel my cock, pushed up against her lower belly, it quickly grew hard again. The excitement from spanking her trumping the exhaustion from two earlier orgasms.
The swaying motion of her body on my lap and the way it rubbed my cock would’ve gotten me in trouble if we hadn’t already fucked twice before.
Her bottom turned red quickly this time, regaining its old color and my girlfriend was quickly squealing like before. I wondered if she had underestimated how much a second spanking would hurt so shortly after the previous. Her discomfort turned me on, knowing that even if it was worse than she had expected, she had truly submitted and would not back out of it now.
I made sure she felt each smack, making sure she knew too that I was the one in control.
She moaned and struggled, not to get away, but to deal with the pain and understanding of the situation. Either way, I could see from the wet glow between her legs that she was equally aroused as she was in pain.
“Please Sir, I’ll be more careful next time.” She assured me, her pleas coming much earlier than before.
I spanked her a bit more, showing her that I wouldn’t stop just because she asked. But I knew this spanking was unlike the last. It was just a reminder of the one that had come before. She wanted to play the bad girl today and that meant she wanted the sting to last.
Once I had refreshed it, turning her bottom red once again, I let her back up. She was beaming with excitement.
I pulled her back on my lap, straddling me this time instead of bent over it. She guided my cock inside of her as she sat down and I kissed her breasts before her lips.
“I promise I’ll be a good girl from now on, Sir.” She said as she rode me. “No more spankings on Valentines day.”
“I don’t know.” I said. “I think I’ll have to send you to bed with a red bottom today, no matter what.”
“Even when I’m a good girl?” She asked with a mock surprised voice.
“Yes.” I replied, grabbing her bottom and increasing the speed with which she rode me.
“Does that mean I can be naughty, since I’ll be spanked anyway?” She asked cheekily.
“That depends.” I replied. “Do you want me to include the belt or not?”

There was no more need to talk, she rode me until we were both exhausted and satisfied. For the rest of the night, she was a perfectly well-behaved young lady; and when we went to bed, I took her across my knee once more, to give her that promised bed-time spanking.

The enchanted spoon

Harry potter spanking ginny weasley

The wizarding world was different from anything Katie had ever known. The young student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry came from a non-magical family. or as the wizards call them: muggles.
Even after seven years at the school, she was still often surprised by how little the wizarding families knew about modern technology and muggle society.
They did not need such technology of course, thanks to their magic; but she often wondered how much could be achieved if muggle sciences and wizarding magic were combined.
Unfortunately, there were still too many wizards that found muggles to be inferior to them. Every year when she returned to the school, it was like she went back in time a few hundred years.

Katie loved Hogwarts however, she loved the things she’d learned, her magic and her friends. In fact, she liked how things seemed so old-fashioned in the ancient castle. It was like living in a fairy-tale.
One of the older customs that interested her most were the archaic forms of discipline. Physical punishment for students that stemmed from the time of her great-grandparents seemed very appropriate in the antiquated wizarding society.
Oh, it was supposedly not to happen anymore, as if the wizarding world had only recently caught up with modern values; but wizards seemed able to reach great age. She liked imagining some of the oldest professors had once, in their younger years, spanked the most misbehaving of their students.
There was barely any supervision when it came to discipline and professors seemed to be able to punish students with relative impunity. How could she know if the more old-fashioned of them did not still hold on to their old ways?

Katie had never risked any such punishment of course. She was a model student and in seven years she’d had no negative run-ins with a professor.
Still, she had often fantasized about her less well-behaved classmates and the punishments they might endure during detention.
These fantasies went so far, that the past two years, she’d worked on a new magical spell, one she had invented in secret all by herself. She wanted to bewitch an ordinary tool like a hairbrush or a wooden spoon, to give her a spanking.
Katie had spanked herself before. On those rare nights when her dormitory was empty, she’d used a wooden spoon on her own bottom. She’d stolen the spoon from the school kitchens, the only naughty thing she’d ever done.
While she enjoyed those private moments of fulfilling her fantasy, she was never satisfied with the experience. A spanking was about the loss of control, being at the mercy of another. When spanking herself, she could still decide how hard she spanked and how long it would last.
If her spell worked, that would change.

It was on an evening that most students were away to visit Hogsmeade – a local wizarding village – that she decided to finally try out her spell.
Katie had stayed behind, telling her friends that she wanted to focus on her N.E.W.T.S. the final terms for Hogwarts seventh year students.
The dormitories were empty, just as she had hoped, so Katie made her way to her bed. She pulled the curtains aside from the four-poster bed and took the wooden spoon from its hiding spot beneath her mattress.
She raised her wand, flicked it with practiced precision and spoke the magic incantation: “Castigatio Rufus Natis.”
The curtains on the bed came to life as if the wind had blown through the bedroom and the spoon stood up straight on the bed.
Katie licked her lips and stepped forward. She bent forward and placed her hands on the posts to the side of the bed. The curtains whirled around and en-coiled her arms and wrists, tying her down.
Katie had foreseen this as part of her spell. She wanted to withhold herself the ability to escape her punishment, simulating a spanking where she was not in control.
The enchanted spoon floated up off the bad and flew through the air, making several rounds around her until it stopped behind her, just out of sight.
Katie bit her lip, and then, with a magical whoosh, the spoon landed on her backside. Katie moaned softly.
The sound of the spoon spanking her round bottom filled the dormitory as the magic spoon swung again and again.
Katie leaned firmly against the bed where her hands were tied. She kept her back arched, her bottom up in the air for her punishment. She moaned deeply as her bottom grew hot and sensitive.
Her excitement was surging, this was much more like the spanking she had dreamed about. Without the need to swing the spoon herself, but just letting it happen to her, it was much easier to focus on the spanking itself.
Her wand was resting on the mattress, out of her reach, but she did not need it for the second part of her spell. Whispering the words should be enough: “Denudo!”
The spoon halted in the air and dropped to the floor.
For a moment it was silent and Katie wondered if her spell had failed. Then she felt the spoon pushing its round head against her lower leg. It rose up in the air, sending shivers through her spine as it caressed the bare flesh of her legs.
When it reached her uniform’s skirt, the spoon continued without hesitation, pulling the fabric up and onto her back, baring her bottom and the white cotton panties as it slid over her bottom.
With her skirt resting on her back, the spoon slid down again, making the same journey in reverse. It’s round head hooked behind her panties, mercilessly puling them down to the floor and baring her bottom completely.
Katie blushed, standing half-naked in the middle of the dormitory. She had no way to reach her panties or her wand on the bed while her hands were still tied to the bed-posts. But it should still be many hours before the other students returned from their trip.
The enchanted spoon rose from the ground and with a magical whoosh, resumed its earlier work.
Katie squealed as it landed with a loud thwack on her now unprotected bottom. When creating her spell, it had been difficult to gauge how hard the spoon would hit. All she could do now was look over her shoulder as it landed one solid smack after the other.
Her bottom slowly turned from pink to red as Katie moaned and squirmed. Her arousal grew in equal amounts as the pain in her backside, but tied up as she was, she was unable to touch herself to relieve the excitement.
The enchanted spoon did not slow down, it did not give her a break and would not listen to pleas. Katie had no way to control it, just as she had wanted it.
She was hopping on her feet as the pain became unbearable, but there was no way to escape the onslaught. If this was a self-spanking she might have already stopped to deal with her excitement in some other way.
Time for the third part of her spell, she thought. Katie had not foreseen a way to stop the spanking. She wanted no such control after all. But less she be spanked forever, she had to invent some way to end it.
She whispered the words: “Tardo incantatem.”
The spoon did not stop.
Katie had not expected it to. The enchantment should not stop immediately, it would slowly diminish.
For now however, the spoon did not stop its assault on her bottom. Katie squealed and moaned. She had done all she could, now she could only wait an endure her punishment.
The spoon kept going, not ever slowing down.
Katie squirmed and moaned. She tried pulling free, but the magically enhanced curtains did not let go. Her bottom was on fire and she was starting to fear the final part of her spell had failed.
It should have at least slowed down by now, shouldn’t it?
The smacks kept echoing in the empty dormitory and Katie looked over her shoulder at the unstoppable spoon. Her bottom was blazingly red.
If only I could cast a spell, she thought, I could stop it. But her wand lay out of her reach. She tried them anyway:
“Accio!” To call her wand towards her.
“Finite incantatem!” To counter her own spell.
“Obliviate!” To destroy the enchanted spoon.
Yet none of them worked. Katie had never been strong at casting spells without a wand and was too distressed now to make them work.
She bit her lip, trying to hold on for longer, but the smacks kept coming and she was sure now that the final part of her spell had failed. The spoon would never stop.
She had to cal for help. Perhaps one of the house-elves, magical creatures that worked in the ancient castle, would hear her and come to her aid.
“Help!” She called. “Make it stop.”
The spoon kept going, smacking her poor bottom and no-one seemed to her.
“Help!” She called again.
The door to the dormitory suddenly opened. If it had been a house-elve, it would have just magically appeared. This would be one of her fellow students.
Katie blushed furiously, but the sound of the spoon spanking her bottom led the unwelcome rescuer straight to her.
“Katie! What’s going on?” A male voice suddenly cried.
Katie blushed even deeper. Why of all people did it have to be Oliver finding her?
“Please help me.” She begged.
Oliver and Katie had been dating since their fifth year at Hogwarts. While it was difficult for couples to find privacy on school-grounds, it was hardly the first time he saw her naked. Yet never in a situation as embarrassing as this, Katie had never told him about her spanking fetish.
He spoon had just kept spanking her while her boyfriend stared.
“Finite incantatem!” Oliver yelled and the wooden spoon abruptly fell to the floor. The curtains around her wrists loosened and Katie freed herself.
She dropped her skirt before pulling up her panties, blushing all the time as Oliver watched.
“Who did this to you?” Oliver asked.
“I did.” Katie admitted with a blush. “I was just trying out a spell.”
“Why would you try a spell that could turn a spoon against you like that? What kind of spell did you even try that could turn into something like this when it goes wrong?” Oliver asked.
Katie licked her lips. She rubbed her sore bottom as she turned towards Oliver. She was kinda turned on, now that her secret was revealed to him.
“It didn’t fail.” She said. “It did exactly what I wanted it to do… I just couldn’t stop it once it started.”
Oliver raised an eyebrow. “Really? That’s not something I’d expect from you.”
Katie bit her lip. She was still very excited by her experiment, even if the ending had been far from what she’d planned. With her boyfriend standing before her, she suddenly wanted nothing more than being fucked by him.
“There’s a lot about me you don’t know.” She said, trying to sound sexy. “I’m not the good girl I seem on the outside, you know.”
“Well next time you’ve been a bad girl, you should just come to me.” Oliver said.
“And what would you do?” Katie asked with a husky voice.
“Instead of letting you experiment with dangerous magic, I would’ve given you the spanking myself.” Oliver replied. “Perhaps you got exactly what you deserved for being so reckless.”
“Perhaps I did.” Katie said, they were standing very close now.
Oliver grabbed her in a hug, raising the skirt of her uniform as they kissed. His hands on her sore bottom made Katie moan from excitement.
“Or perhaps I should’ve come later, so that the spoon had more time to finish the lesson.” Oliver said.
“I’d rather have you finish the lesson.” Katie replied.

Oliver pulled her along and sat down on the side of her bed.
Katie’s heart was raising. She was finally getting spanked for real. She felt so foolish, why had she never considered just talking to her boyfriend about it, instead of risking the use of magic?
Oliver dragged her across his lap.
Not only was she going to finally feel what a real spanking was like; she had also truly deserved this one. That only made it that much more exciting.
Her boyfriend raised her skirt again and pulled down her panties to bare her bottom.
“You know, I had stayed behind to surprise you.” Oliver said. “I thought we might have some privacy while the others were out on a trip. Yet I could not find you anywhere.”
He placed his hand on her still glowing, bare bottom.
Her boyfriend couldn’t have found her in the girls’ bedroom of course, boys were not allowed in here. He’d only come in because he’d heard her scream. Yet Katie did not mind his presence here now. What was the alternative, be spanked in the common room where anyone could walk in on them, or worse, the boys’ dormitory? They should still have some time before the others returned from Hogsmeade, but in the worst case, it would be better to be caught by fellow female students than the boys.
“Sorry.” She said. “I didn’t know, I wanted to try out my new spell while the others were gone.”
“Apparently.” Oliver said. “I hope you’re going to be more careful in the future.”
His hand landed soundly on her backside.
Katie moaned deeply. The pain was still fresh from her self-inflicted spanking. Oliver smacked her slow and firm. Not as hard as the spoon, but his hand was much larger and her bottom was already sore and sensitive. He made her squirm and squeal.
“You know, I’ve always wanted to spank you, Katie.” Oliver said. “I just never knew how to breach the subject.”
Katie blushed deeply. Oliver had wanted to spank her? He came from a fully wizarding family of course, perhaps such things were more prevalent in their world.
“I wish you told me earlier.” She said between moans as her boyfriend’s hand colored her bottom bright red again.
“Well let’s make up for lost time now, then.” Oliver said.
The next series of smacks came hard and fast. Katie squealed, but at the same time realized she could take even more. After the mishap with the spoon, she thought she had reached her limit; but now, under control of someone she trusted and loved, she felt it easier to submit to the pain.
She squealed and kicked her legs, but at the same time relished the experience. When Oliver paused and gave her bottom time to cool down she thought about how this would influence their relationship. Would he pull her across his lap regularly from now on? She thought about how ridiculous it was that she liked this and did not want him to stop even while her body seemed to scream for mercy. Most of the time however, she thought about how much she loved feeling this helpless, loved being in his control, loved him.
When he did not pause however, when his hand relentlessly smacked her sore, red bottom, she squealed and begged. She promised to be a good girl, to do anything he wanted, to never be so naughty again.
Her bottom was bright red and throbbing when Oliver finally stopped. He let her up and Katie winced as her skirt fell against her sensitive bottom.
“Wow, I’m glad we don’t have classes today.” Katie said with a smirk. “I won’t be sitting down any time soon.”
Oliver laughed, happy to see her good-natured reaction to her punishment, relieved that she had enjoyed it like he had hoped.
“Well you’re lucky now, but you better not misbehave on weekdays, for I won’t hold back just because this old castle has hard wooden benches in most classrooms.” Oliver teased.
“You wouldn’t!” Katie replied.
“Oh, you better believe I would.” Oliver replied.
Katie laughed and then clambered on the bed, straddling her boyfriends lap. “I’m going to hold you to that.” She said.
Oliver stroked her legs with both hands, sliding into her skirt and onto her bottom. One hand discovering her wet excitement as she had not pulled her panties back on.
Katie bit her lip as he pushed a finger inside of her, then pushed him own on the bed. “My turn to do the heavy lifting.” She said.
She moved down for a moment, pulling down Oliver’s trousers and releasing his enormous erection. He slid inside her easily as she straddled him again.
When she dropped her skirt back down, you could hardly see that either of them were undressed, the uniform was long enough to cover her red bottom and any other bared flesh.
Katie moaned deeply, riding her boyfriend. The boyfriend who had spanked her for being such a naughty girl. His hands on her sore backside were a constant reminded of that fact. It took mere moments before she was shuddering, moaning and out of breath as her body shook uncontrollably as her body gave into the orgasm. Oliver came moments later, spurting his semen inside of her.
Katie had a short moment of dread, like most muggle-borns, before remembering condoms were unnecessary in this magical world.
When it came to spankings however, she’d keep those magic-free from now in. Her boyfriend would see to that.

A day of submission

flashing her bare bottom and pantiies

The alarm went of at 8:00 exactly. Sophie rolled over and silenced the irritating noise with a quick smack on the snooze button. A moment later, she realized what day it was. Wide awake after her realization, she turned off the alarm completely and sat up in the bed.
Her boyfriend had already left. The light leaking in from behind the curtains was just enough to see the empty spot where he’d been sleeping.
Sophie stood up, dropping the blanket to reveal her bared skin. Just like Matt she slept naked They had banned clothes from their bed a long time ago.
On a chair beside the bed lay a neatly folded dress and a set of lingerie. She had expected that to be there, Matt had never forgotten a day of submission. A few times that chair had been empty; but that didn’t mean he’d forgotten, it meant he didn’t want her to wear anything that day.
Every last Saturday of the month; Sophie tried her best to be a perfect submissive for Matt. Early in their relationship, they had discovered this mutual interest, Sophie’s submissive attitude and Matt’s desire to dominate her. BDSM was already an important part of their relationship. Sophie loved to be tied up during sex, she was submissive in the bedroom and outside, she had to follow Matt’s rules and even let him spank her when she misbehaved. On the last Saturday of the month, they took things one step further.
A day of submission, they called it. On this day they took their roles as submissive and Dominant, princess and Sir, slave and Master to a higher level. They let it manage every detail of their day.

Sometimes that chair would have been empty and they’d stay home all day, other days there was only lingerie and they would do the same. When there was a dress like today, it usually meant they’d go out. Sophie never knew beforehand what Matt had planned however.
The lingerie Matt had chosen was very sexy. It usually was. The panties were of black silk with a soft, narrow front and a single black thong at the back. The bra was a matching black with a cut-off top. It would leave the upper part of her breasts bared and barely covered her nipples.
The dress was completely white, with a short skirt that would leave most of her legs bared and a deep neckline that would take full advantage of the bra to show off her bare skin in its deep cleavage.
Sophie picked up the clothes and took them with her to the bathroom. She knew Matt would be in the kitchen, but she was not allowed her breakfast until she was ready for him. She took a short shower, focusing more on being perfectly clean than enjoying the hot water. She shaved her legs and trimmed the hair above her crotch. After rinsing off, she dried her hair and brushed it until it shone. She did not use any pins or hair-bands, but let it hang loose like Matt preferred. She put on the underwear and dress Matt had chosen, before adding a light touch of make-up and checking herself one last time in the mirror before going downstairs.

“Good morning, Sir.” Sophie said as she found Matt in the kitchen, just like she’d expected.
“Good morning, Sophie.” Matt replied, twirling his finger.
Sophie turned around slowly at that sign, showing her boyfriend the dress he had chosen for her. When Matt raised is finger, she raised her dress to show him that yes, she was wearing the panties he’d laid out.
“Can I have some breakfast, Sir?” She asked. It was not a mandatory question, but as long as Matt wanted to look at her, she’d have to wait. She did not need his permission for breakfast, but she needed it to end her display.
“Yes, go ahead. Clean up when you’re done.” He got up and left his own dishes behind, knowing she’d clean those away for him.
Sophie ate a small breakfast of cereal and milk. She was too nervous and excited for more. Days like today were always fun, but not easy. It was hard to completely submit to someone and not make any mistakes. She’d hardly ever managed a whole day of submission without being spanked.
When she was finished with her breakfast, she found Matt waiting for her in the hallway. She knew he wanted to head out today. The white dress and black underwear was an obvious choice for that. He wanted to show off his girlfriend and at the same time make her feel anxious about her fragile modesty. The high contrast of black and white between her underwear and dress and the little covering of the latter would have her in constant danger of flashing some stranger.
A good submissive would of course make sure that only her master was granted such sights. Sophie would have to make sure to regularly offer him the view of her cleavage deep enough to see her breasts to the edge of her bra or bend over far enough that her nearly bare bottom was exposed; all the while making sure no-one else saw.
“Are we going out, Sir?” She asked. She knew the answer, but it would not be right to presume.
“Yes we are. Take my black shoes, please.” Matt replied.
Sophie took the black leather shoes from their spot. Matt was wearing dark gray, nearly black trousers and a white button-down shirt. She knelt in front of him and Matt held out his foot. Sophie placed the shoes for him to step into and then tied his laces.
She looked up at him when she was done and noticed a slight bulge in his pants. Matt was getting excited from their play already. She was getting hot herself as well and all she’d done was kneel and tie his shoes for him.
“Thank you, Sophie.” Matt said.
Only when Matt was fully ready, did she take care of herself. She had to be careful for that too. She should not look clumsy, but she should also not be too careful and slow for she shouldn’t make him wait. She bent over to put on her shoes, which made it more difficult than necessary, but granted Matt a nice view of her bottom, uncovered by her thong or the short dress.
“Shall I wear the collar or the necklace today, Sir?” Sophie asked.
“It is too warm today to wear a scarf or coat to hide the collar.” Matt replied. “So you are allowed to wear the necklace.”
“Thank you, Sir.” Sophie replied, taking the necklace from its box near the shoe cabinet and handing it to him. It was a simple silver necklace with a small pendant showing a BDSM symbol. Only people who were into the lifestyle would recognize it for what it was.
Sophie turned around to let Matt secure it around her neck The pendant hung low in her cleavage, between her pushed up breasts. She then followed Matt to the car and waited for him to open the door for her. Privately, she served him, but to the outside world he wanted to present het as a lady, well-treated and well-behaved. On days like today, he acted like a true gentleman, as long as they were in public.

They did not talk during the short ride. Sophia was curious about where he was taking her, but she knew that if he wanted her to know, he’d have told her.
She knew they weren’t going far. Matt took the same roads he took every time they went to the city. He stopped at the same parking they always used and got out of the car to open the door for her.
With her arm in his, she let him guide the way until they reached the city’s shopping mall. It was a large building in the middle of town that housed a dozen different stores under one roof.
Matt took her to one of the stores on the building’s second floor. They had been here before but never bought anything, their clothes were just too expensive.
“Don’t touch anything.” Matt said.
Sophie licked her lips and followed her boyfriend. Matt freely looked through the large collection of dresses and she longed to do the same. Obediently, she resisted the urge and kept her hands by her side while Matt picked out clothes.
When he had a small stack of dresses over the crook of his arm, Matt took her to the dressing rooms.
“Try these on.” He said, handing her his selection.
Sophie entered one of the small rooms and pulled the door closed behind her. There were seven dresses in total, all in bright colors. She started with the red one.
Its fabric was soft and light against her skin. It was exhilarating trying on the things Matt had chosen for her, without having a say herself. When she could not reach the zipper on the back of the dress, she hesitated.
“Sir, could you help me, please.” She called out with a blush. The other shoppers might be surprised to hear her address him so, but the honorific was required on days like today.
Matt knocked on her door and entered swiftly after. He looked at her shortly and knew immediately what she needed. “Turn around, please.” He ordered before pulling up the zipper for her.
Sophie twirled in her red dress, showing it off to her boyfriend. “I love this one.” She told him. She still had no idea what he was planning, but she hoped she’d get to keep at least one of these dresses.
“I knew you would like that one.” Matt said. “Let’s try on the others, I’ll stay so I can help.”
Sophie smiled as Matt helped her in and out of the dresses he had chosen for her. They were all lovely, sexy or cute.
Constantly undressing in front of him, her near nudity in this small room, the constant touch of his hands on her bare skin when he helped her, also had her hot and bothered by the time they were done.
Sophie had just taken off the last of the dresses he had chosen for her when Matt told her: “If you’re a good girl, you can keep one of them.”
Sophie stood there nearly naked, in the lingerie Matt had chosen for her. She wondered what he meant with being a good girl.
Matt reached for the buttons of his trousers and slowly undid them. He pulled up his shirt and freed his large erection from his boxers.
Sophie licked her lips and blushed. “In here?” She asked.
“You only need to use your mouth Sophie, and make it fast, there are other customers waiting.” Matt said.
A quick glance over her shoulder told her the door was still closed. For a moment Sophie had thought her boyfriend wanted to fuck her. People would’ve definitely heard them if they did that.
Instead, she got on her knees in front of him and took his cock in her mouth. She felt the blood pulsing beneath his skin, feeling his excitement on her tongue. She loved doing this for him, loved serving him like a good girl should.
She took him in deep, not wasting any time like he’d said and sucked him eagerly.
Matt grabbed her hair and pulled it back so that it didn’t cover her face. He was looking down at her, enjoying the view of her nearly-naked body at his feet.
When Sophie looked up in return, her eyes wide in adoration and her mouth full of his cock, Matt grunted softly. Sophie knew the signs and kept him inside. His body shook slightly as he came, shooting his sperm against the roof of her mouth. Sophie swallowed it all, making sure not a drop was spilled on her or his clothes.
“Good girl.” Matt said. “Stand up and put on your clothes. You can take the green dress too. You looked absolutely stunning in that one.”
Sophie stood and grabbed her dress before she realized he had chosen the wrong dress. “The red one?” She asked. “I wanted the red one, that was so pretty.”
“I liked the green one better.” Matt replied.
She had tried the red one on first of course, it had been a while since Matt had seen it. “Let me put it on so you can se it again.” She said, already pulling the red dress over her head.
Sophie turned around, expecting Matt to pull up the zipper. Instead, he pulled up the dress and gave her a firm swat on her bottom. Sophie jumped up and turned around in surprise.
“I said put on your clothes and take the green dress, young lady.” Matt said.
Sophie quickly pulled off the dress and took her own white one. Fuck. She thought. What had made her think that she could do that? Any other day it would’ve been okay, but on a day of submission, Matt wouldn’t tolerate such disobedience or bratty behavior.
“Can I still keep the green dress?” She asked as Matt helped her with the zipper of her own dress. She didn’t need to ask to know she was in trouble.
“Yes, but only because I’m in a good mood.” Matt said.
“Oh, thank you, Sir.” Sophie said, turning around to kiss him. Matt allowed it.

After paying for the dress and leaving the store, Matt took her to the elevator. Sophie wondered what else he had planned. She was surprised when he pressed the button for the fourth basement floor.
The shopping mall had its own parking garage below grounds, but they never parked there because it was too expensive. There were only about half a dozen cars down here, most would be in the higher levels.
Matt walked to one of the cars and rested against its hood.
“Whose car is that, Sir?” Sophie asked.
“I don’t know.” Matt replied. “We’re not here for the cars. That was an embarrassing performance you displayed there in the dressing rooms young lady. Disobeying my command and pulling on that red dress while I had already told you I’d chosen the green one.”
Sophie blushed. Why had she thought she would get away with just a reprimand? “I’m sorry, Sir.” She said.
“You’ll be even more sorry when I’ve turned that bottom of yours just as red as that dress you wanted so desperately.” Matt replied.
Sophie bit her lip as Matt held out his hand. She let him guide her over his knee as he half-sat on the hood of the stranger’s car.
Chances were low that anyone would come down here while there were still parking spots available on the upper level, but she sill blushed deeply when he raised her skirt to bare her bottom.
Matt smacked her behind firmly and Sophie hissed. The sound echoed down the vast chamber. Anyone on this floor would hear them and it might carry to the upper floors as well.
This did not stop Matt however. He smacked her bottom again and again. His strong hand striking each of her buttocks alternatively, building up the sting in both. He was not gentle or soft, like he was for a sensual spanking, but strict and firm. This was a day of submission and Sophie should’ve known better than to act up.
Sophie cursed softly at herself as the pain in her bottom grew. She was embarrassed at the mistake she made and felt guilty that she had not managed to be the perfect submissive she tried to be on days like this.
“I’m sorry, Sir.” She whimpered as her bottom bounced under his hand. She imagined it must already be reaching that color of red the dress had been.
Suddenly, they were interrupted by an alarm. The car they’d been using as a seat had taken offense at their act it seems and howled for its owner.
Matt let her up and with a blush, Sophie pulled down her dress to cover her bottom. They quickly returned to the elevator, leaving the car behind before someone caught them.
“It seems your bottom got lucky since we got interrupted.” Matt said. “There was a restroom one floor above us. You can freshen up there before we return to the mall.”
Together they took the stairs because the elevator had been called up by someone else. On the third basement floor, Sophie entered the empty restroom and looked in the mirror.
She had not cried, but tears in the corners of her eyes had messed with her mascara. Those had not been from pain, but from the embarrassment of the spanking she’d earned.
After fixing her make-up, she brushed her hair with the small wooden hairbrush she always carried with her for occasions like this. Across Matt’s knee, her hair would never remain untangled.
Matt was waiting for her outside the restroom when she returned. She was still holding the hairbrush. “Sir, since we were interrupted, I feel like I did not get the punishment I deserve. Might I offer you my hairbrush to finish what you started. It might help fasten things along, if you so desire.”
“That’s a very good idea, Sophie.” Matt said, taking the hairbrush she offered. “Turn around and put your hands against the wall.”
Sophie turned around. Asking for the rest of her punishment had made her feel better about the mistake she’d made before. It made her feel she truly was a perfect submissive today. This should really balance out the earlier mistake.
Matt raised her skirt and smacked her unprotected bottom with the hairbrush. Sophie squealed softly.
Again and again, the hairbrush landed against her backside as she pressed her body against the wall with no way to escape. Matt did not hold back, he had taken her advice to heart about finishing it off quickly. Such hard smacks had her kicking and squealing.
“I hope you learned a lesson, young lady.” Matt said when the torment finally stopped.
“Yes, Sir.” Sophie replied meekly. The second part of her punishment had been short but severe.
Matt handed her the hairbrush. “Go cleanup, don’t take too long.”
Back in the restroom, Sophie could see the tears had now drawn black lines across her cheeks. The mascara had been fresh of course. There was only cold water to scrub her face. Matt was waiting outside, she did not have much time, but she had to reapply her make-up. He wanted her to look perfect today. Her hands trembled as she tried to apply it quickly but perfectly and all this time her bottom was glowing and stinging from the spanking she’d received.
Again Sophie brushed her hair and before she left, she raised her dress to take a look at her bottom in the mirror. It was easily as red as the dress as been. She blushed deeply, knowing the white dress only barely covered the red marks. She’d have to be twice as careful that no-one but Matt got to see underneath.
“I’m ready, Sir.” She said, joining Matt outside the restroom.
“One more thing.” Matt said. “This should help you remember to be perfectly submissive today.” He took her collar from his pocket.
Sophie blushed. She hadn’t even seen him take it before they left home.
“Turn around.” Matt said.
Sophie obediently turned, with her bottom still glowing, she had no plans on disobeying him again.
Matt unlocked the necklace and put the pendant in his pocket. He then replaced it with the collar that fit tightly around her neck. It was of simple black leather with a metal clasp and a single ring at the front. It looked so kinky that no-one would mistake it for ordinary jewelry.
“Let’s go.” Matt said.
Sophie blushed. “Wait, I can’t hide it?” She asked.
“No.” Matt replied.
Sophie’s mouth hung open. She’d never worn her collar in public before. At least, not without hiding it.
“Is there a problem?” Matt asked.
“No, Sir.” Sophie replied. She was trembling, nervous to go into public wearing her collar, scared to run into anyone that might recognize her. She knew Matt wouldn’t force her to do so if she said so right now, but she did not want to disappoint him either.
“If you see someone we know, say ‘incoming’ and I will hand you a scarf. But only as long as that person is around. Otherwise, you leave it uncovered.” Matt said.
Sophie sighed a breath of relief. “Thank you, Sir.” She whispered.
The elevator was still taken, so they took the stairs back up to the mall. At the first floor, people were in line at the machine to pay their parking tickets. They turned to look at them as they emerged from the staircase. Sophie blushed and fought the urge to cover her collar. Would they have heard them, three stories up? She wondered.

The mall’s first floor contained mostly restaurants and that’s where Matt took her as it was nearly noon. They sat down at a place that sold burgers for lunch. The hard wooden chairs had Sophie squirming in her seat with how sore her bottom was.
Matt did not hurry at all and took his time before ordering and then finishing his burger slowly, enjoying the look on Sophie’s face as she was forced to stay seated on her sensitive buttocks.

In the afternoon, they left the mall, and walked through the city instead. The streets were crowded thanks to the warm weather and Sophie was constantly looking out for people whom she’d have to hide her collar from.
When a cool breeze brought relief from the heat, she enjoyed its cool touch on her skin before realizing it might unveil the reddened skin beneath her fluttering dress.
The constant awareness of her frail modesty, barely protected by holding her dress down with just one hand – the other hooked in Matt’s arm – and the public display of her collar made it hard for Sophie to enjoy their stroll and focus on the things Matt was telling her.
“You are distracted.” Matt said.
Sophie blushed. She did not want to admit it, she wanted to be a perfect submissive today; but a perfect submissive wouldn’t lie. “I am.” She said.
“Let go of your skirt.” Matt said. “The wind isn’t that strong, it won’t blow up your dress.”
Sophie bit her lip and released the hand that had been clutching her dress. She knew he was right, there was barely a breeze. She was just nervous because of the collar. Relaxing her hand immediately made her feel better.
“Would you like me to take off the collar?” Matt asked.
Sophie hesitated. Taking off the collar would feel like failing. “No, Sir.” She said.
“Are you sure?” Matt asked. “This is the last time I’m offering. There will be no consequences if I have to take it off now; but if you continue being so distracted and unresponsive to my attention, or if I have to take it off later anyway, there will be punishment.”
Sophie blushed, but she did not change her mind. Taking off the collar would be the easy way out. She wanted to be a perfect submissive today and that meant accepting the challenge and dealing with the consequences if she failed.
“I’m sure.” She said.
Matt led her further through the crowds and Sophie did her best to listen participate in their conversation, forgetting the collar around her neck and ignoring the wind pulling on the hem of her dress.
When Matt turned to ascend the stairs to the local cinema-complex, Sophie sighed in relief. In the darkness of the movie-theater no-one would be able to see her collar and this particular cinema had comfortable, soft seats for her red behind.
They were just in time for the afternoon movies There were few people there at this time of the day. Matt bought two tickets for an action movie and did not inquire after her preferences when buying drinks and popcorn. Sophie was delighted to let him chose for her. She didn’t get any choices on a day of submission, it felt great letting Matt take charge of everything.
It took a while for Sophie’s spanked bottom to adjust to the cushioned chairs, but by the time the lights went off she was comfortable and no longer felt their sting.
Matt placed the popcorn between them and then lay his hand on her thigh. Sophie licked her lips, Matt’s hand was warm and her dress was short, he was up quite high on her leg. She wondered if he planned to do more than just watch a movie.
It did not take long for her hunch to be confirmed. When Matt’s hand slid up her leg and under her dress, Sophie was reminded of their time in the changing room. The spanking that had followed and her time wearing the collar had almost made her forget how she had sucked his dick in such a public place. Remembering it now made her wet and excited as Matt massaged her pussy through the thin fabric of her panties.
“You’re not allowed to cum.” Matt whispered as the movie started.
It was difficult for Sophie to focus on the movie with Matt’s hand beneath her skirt. He focussed on her lips, stroking them softly, sometimes slipping in-between to pressure her clit; but always behind the soft barrier of her panties.
It took all her focus to keep quiet while her boyfriend touched her. She did not want to alert others of what was happening, nor disturb them while they enjoyed the movie.
Matt never pressured her as hard as to risk reaching a climax. It was a constant tease that made it ever harder to keep quiet, but easy to follow his rules.
When the lights were suddenly turned on and the white screen announced a ten minute break, Matt pulled back his hand.
Sophie felt wet with excitement, she knew her panties were soaked and feared there might even be a stain on her chair. “Can I use the restroom, please?” She asked.
“Yes.” Matt said. “You should leave your panties off when you return.”
Sophie blushed as she made her way down the rows of chairs, wondering if anyone was looking at her. Had anyone known what they’d been doing? When she returned from the restroom – pantie-less – she was blushing even deeper.
The lights went off and Matt’s hand returned to her thighs. “Remember what I said earlier.” He whispered.
Sophie bit her lip to hold back a moan when Matt’s warm hands touched her without the protection of her panties. Her pussy was so wet that his fingers slipped in-between her lips with each stroke. The skin-to-skin contact increased the intensity of his playful teasing a hundredfold.
Holding back an orgasm became harder and harder, keeping silent near impossible. Luckily the action scenes in the movie were loud enough to drown out the occasional moan and whimper.
When Matt took his teasing one step further and focussed his attention on her clit, Sophie had to grab handfuls from the bucket of popcorn that was placed between them to force down her moans.
She had to fight the urge to close her legs and pinch her thighs. Matt would not allow her that and she had no choice but to obey, to keep her legs open for him to touch her no matter how hard he made it for her.
Sophie wondered how much longer the movie could possibly last. She barely knew what the story was about or what the main characters were doing.
When Matt increased the pressure on her clit, her body convulsed. “Please.” She said. “I can’t hold on anymore.”
“Just a little while longer.” Matt said. “The movie is nearly over. When the credits start to roll, you’re allowed to cum.”
Sophie grabbed the armrests of her chair, tensing all her muscles. “I won’t make it.” She begged.
“Almost there.” Matt said.
Sophie didn’t know whether he meant the credits or her orgasm. Her body started shaking out of her control. Waves of pleasure flooded her crotch underneath Matt’s strong touch. No, not yet. She told herself; but her body didn’t listen.
She reached out, trying to stop the orgasm that Matt had forbidden her, she wanted to be a perfect submissive today. Instead, she hit the bucket of popcorn that stood between them. It had been less than half-full, but still a large portion was spilled across Matt’s lap.
Matt pulled back his hand in surprise, but for Sophie it was too late. She shuddered and moaned as the waves of pleasure ran through her body.
“You naughty girl. You’re in big trouble when we get home.” Matt whispered while brushing off the popcorn.
After the orgasm resided, Sophie blushed. Not only had she cum against his explicit order not to; she had also thrown the bucket of popcorn all over his lap.
Stunned by her actions, she was unable to reply to his words. When suddenly the credits started rolling, she whispered: Fuck!

Matt did not speak as they left the movie-theatre, nor on their way to the car.
Sophie still wore her collar and no panties underneath her short dress. Still she barely thought of those things and instead focussed on how she had screwed up her day of submission.
“I was going to give you a nice spanking for cumming too soon.” Matt said when they reached the car. He was holding the door open for her.
Sophie had little time to think about those words as he walked around the car. Apparently Matt had hoped she’d cum without permission.
“But throwing the popcorn all over my lap to make me stop, that’s taking things too far, young lady.” Mat continued when he got into the driver’s seat.
“I didn’t mean to.” Sophie said.
“It doesn’t matter what you meant to do.” Matt said. “What matters is what you did. It means you won’t get the sensual, erotic spanking I had planned for you when we got home today, but instead a good dose of my belt.”
Sophie bit her lip. It didn’t seem fair; but she knew that on a day of submission, the rules were skewed. She was expected to be perfect, even small mistakes could have harsh consequences. It was one of the things she loved about these days; yet at the same time made her glad that they occurred only once per month.
“I understand.” She said.

At home, once the door closed behind them. Matt ordered Sophie to take off all her clothes. Sophie undressed completely, placing he shoes in the shoe-cabinet and her dress and bra on top of it. Her panties were still inside her purse which she’d placed on the floor.
Fully naked, she knelt in front of her boyfriend, to help him take off his shoes. Then, she followed him into the living room.
Matt grabbed a chair from the dining-room table and placed it in the middle of the room. “Across my knee.” He ordered while sitting down.
Sophie obediently placed herself across her boyfriend’s lap. It was a high chair and she barely reached the floor with her hands and feet. Her naked body dangled across Matt’s lap, her bare bottom high up in the air.
Matt gave her a quick swat on her behind, her buttocks jiggled under the impact. Sophie moaned softly, they were still sensitive from her spanking with the hairbrush earlier that day.
Matt did not relent and his hand rained down on Sophie’s vulnerable behind. She was quickly moaning and squealing as her bottom bounced beneath the onslaught.
Sophie whimpered and struggled to keep her bottom in place. It had been a long time since she’d made as many mistakes on a day of submission as she had today. She would accept her punishment willingly and not struggle, she promised herself.
In their normal relationship Matt occasionally gave her a maintenance spanking. If she’d been a good girl and thus not received any for a while, her behavior always deteriorated slightly. A good spanking helped her remember to keep on track. Perhaps the same was true for these days of submission, too many successful days were followed by one like today where she messed up too much.
Her brightly stinging bottom indicated that today was definitely not a successful one.
“Get up.” Matt ordered.
Sophie pushed herself up from her boyfriend’s lap and fought the urge to rub her throbbing bottom. Instead, she folded her hands in front of her and waited for his instructions like a proper submissive.
“I want you to kneel on the couch, facing the arm-rest.” Matt told her.
Sophie moved to the couch and knelt in the described position while Matt picked up the chair. He placed it beside the couch. “Bend over.” He said.
Sophie bent forward, her upper arms resting on the chair’s seat while the couch’ armrest propped her bottom up in the air. She shivered when she heard Matt unbuckling his belt.
She loved to be spanked with his belt, it felt so kinky and sexy. It hurt just enough to feel like a real spanking and still be enjoyable. That was, if it was a fun spanking. Today she expected it to hurt a bit more than usual. Matt was always extra strict on a day of submission.
The belt whooshed through the air and landed across her already sore bottom with a loud thwack!
Sophie squealed softly.
Matt raised his belt and swung it at her throbbing behind again; painting a bright red line alongside the first.
Sophie clenched her teeth as the belt hit her poor bottom again and again. She could not hold back her squeals though, she screamed and moaned as the sting in her bottom reached unbearable heights.
Twice today, Matt had had to spank her, despite her efforts to be a perfect submissive. She felt ashamed for not living up to his expectations and felt full-heartedly she deserved her punishment. She did not hold back her tears when they came, letting them paint new lines of mascara on her cheeks, like those she’d washed away before at the parking garage.
“Please, I’ll be good. I will try harder next time, I promise.” Sophie said when the pain became too much to ignore.
The belt landed on her burning bottom again.
“I’m sorry, I’ll be a good girl, I promise.” Sophie begged.
Once more, the belt landed on her backside, but then it stopped. Matt stroked her bottom gently. “I expect better from you next month.” He said.
“Yes, Sir.” Sophie promised.
“Now get up and go stand in the corner, hands on your head.” Matt ordered.
Sophie got up and made her way to the corner of their living room. Still not allowed to use her hands to sooth her red hot bottom, she placed them on her head.
Matt turned on the TV.

Time always seemed to pass slowly as she stood in the corner. Sophie had no idea how long she’d been standing there, naked, her red bottom on display.
“Can I come out yet?” She asked.
“It’s only been five minutes.” Matt replied, no indication of how much longer she’d have to stay.
Standing still was hard, Sophie had to keep switching what leg she stood on to keep her muscles from cramping up, but her arms grew tired. The pain in her bottom was still the worst, though.
She didn’t want to ask him again, fearing she might sound impatient instead of remorseful.
A bit later Matt paused his series on the TV. “You can come out now.”
Sophie turned and approached him for a hug. Matt opened his arms welcomingly and Sophie could not stop a broad smile lighting up her face. No matter what she’d done or how she’d misbehaved, when her spanking was done, Matt would always forgive her.
She hugged him fiercely, enjoying his touch on her naked body, despite the still throbbing pain in her bottom.
Matt kissed her deeply. “Be more careful next time, okay?” He said.
Sophie suddenly realized that Matt had been looking forward to that slow and sensual spanking. By tipping over the popcorn and earning this more strict punishment, she had robbed him of that. This harsh spanking had probably been more about that, than it had been about spilling popcorn or cumming without permission. She blushed deeply, even more embarrassed now that she’d realized this.
“I will.” She promised. “You know you don’t have to wait another month to give me that gentle spanking, right?”
“Let’s wait until your bottom has recovered somewhat. Maybe tomorrow. For now, it’s still a day of submission, so you better act like it.” Matt replied.
Sophie bit her lip. “Yes, Sir.”

Matt retuned to his TV, while Sophie turned to do some chores around the house. She could have joined him, but her bottom protested against the idea of sitting down, even on something as soft as their couch. She preferred doing chores on a day as this anyway, as it helped her feel like an obedient submissive.
While she cleaned up the room and dusted the shelves, Matt looked at her as often as he watched the TV. Sophie was still naked and flaunted her red bottom for her boyfriend.
When his show was done, Matt got up. “I’m going to bed.” He announced. “I expect you to join me shortly.”
Sophie finished her last chores quickly and followed her master upstairs. When she arrived, Matt was already naked and under the covers. She halted beside the bed.
“May I join you, Sir?” She asked.
“Yes.” Matt said, granting her permission to enter his bed.
Sophie crawled beneath the blankets and Matt did not hesitate to pull her close to him, their naked bodies against each-other as he kissed her. She could feel his erection against her tummy.
“Roll over.” Matt commanded her.
Sophie turned over, onto her belly, while Matt kneeled behind her. Despite her earlier embarrassing punishment and still burning bottom, Sophie was dripping wet when Matt penetrated her.
He fucked her roughly and Sophie squealed when his hips smacked against her sore, red bottom. Yet she enjoyed the pain and the rough fucking she received. She moaned loudly when Matt bit her ear and neck.
When he came, Matt collapsed on top of her, his body heavy on her back, his weight pressed against her sore bottom.
“Can I cum too, Sir?” She asked when he rolled off of her.
“You’ve already cum once too many today.” Matt replied.
“Please.” Sophie begged.
“You’ll have to wait until midnight.” Matt said. “But you’ll have to do it yourself and make sure you don’t wake me.”
Sophie bit her lip, but did not argue. It was still two hours until midnight, but that also meant two more hours of being a perfect submissive and doing what she was told.

She had to fight to stay awake, but when her watch finally announced that the day of submission was over, she was finally allowed to touch herself.
She’d had two hours to fantasize, to relive the day and that meant it did not take long for her fingers to finally bring her that release. Her body was shaking and shuddering with the orgasm she’d given herself, but only with the permission from her boyfriend.
All this time she’d been laying on her belly, just like she had when Matt had fucked her. Partly to remember it and partly because lying on her bottom still hurt. As she lay there silently in the dark, recovering from those waves of pleasure, she heard Matt roll over.
“I thought I told you not to wake me.” He said, while squeezing her sore bottom.
“I’m sorry.” Sophie replied, but Matt had already spanked her red bottom a few times more.
“Wait, it’s not a day of submission anymore.” Sophie protested.
“That’s no reason to misbehave.” Matt said, swatting her sore behind at least a dozen times more before mounting her from behind again.

The BDSM escape room

Sexy slavegirl tied up in a closet

Mia was a girl who liked things kinky and rough. She did not have a boyfriend, but a few play-friends who were more than enough to fulfill her sexual needs.
She’d met most of them online or at a BDSM-party or other gathering. They’d spanked her, tied her up, fucked her, tortured her and pleasured her.
Mia was submissive. She liked serving her friends, obeying their commands and being punished for failing them. She called them Sir, and did whatever they wished of her; for they knew her limits and she knew theirs.
Things had grown stale however. These scenes with her friends were still fun, but no longer original. It was hard to come up with another scenario or another role-play. Most of the time they didn’t even bother.
Online, Mia complained to her submissive friends that she missed the adventure. Now that she had experienced all her fantasies, there was nothing new for her. She missed not knowing what was going to happen, being nervous for a new experience.
This was when one of her friends suggested she contacted James. She did not want to say what was so special about James, but she’d had a great time and she was sure Mia had never experienced anything like what he had to offer before.
Mia contacted a few other friends and they too had heard of this James. He was a well-respected member of the community and everyone that had met him said he was a thrust-worthy person.
Mia sent a short email to this James, explaining she’d heard of him from her friends and wondered what it was he does.
James offered she visit him to find out herself.
Normally, Mia wouldn’t visit someone at their home on their first meeting. She’d prefer somewhere public for safety; but because he had the reassuring approval of multiple of her friends, she made an exception this once.
“It’s a game.” James explained.
Mia had arrived at his house on a Saturday afternoon. James lived in a clean, modern home. He was friendly, charming and quite handsome. Mia still had no clue what he did that her friend found so special, but even then she would not mind getting kinky with him.
“What kind of game?” Mia asked, intrigued.
“You could see it as a sort of test.” James said, not giving away too much. “If you successfully solve the test, you win. If you don’t, you lose.”
Mia bit her lip. She had played many kinky games in the past, not very different from this one she guessed. “So I assume that if I lose I get spanked, but if I win, I get fucked?”
James laughed. “Oh no, nothing quite as simple as that. You will provide me with a list of your limits. When you lose, I can do anything I want to you, as long as it’s not on that list. I will give you a similar list of my own. If you win, you can ask anything of me that’s not on mine.”
Mia licked her lips. Those were some high stakes to play with. “What kind of test? Will it hurt and does it involve sex? How do you decide whether I’ve failed or not?” She wanted a bit more detail before she’d agree to such terms.
“The fun part is you don’t know until after you’ve agreed.” James said with a sly grin. “But I can tell you this. You will have to use your brains to solve this test and it’s not up to me to decide whether you succeeded or not. That part is completely objective.”
Mia pouted, a test for her brain seemed boring. It was the bet that would make this interesting. She’d have to let him do anything he wanted if she failed and she didn’t even know what she’d be failing at yet. At least failing wasn’t subject to his opinion so he couldn’t just make her fail.
“That doesn’t sound very entertaining. She said.
“Oh don’t worry about that. I’m sure the test will have you hot and bothered while you’re busy trying to solve it.” James said mysteriously.
Mia raised an eyebrow. What could he possibly have planned for her? “Very well.” She said. “I’ll take the challenge.”
James got up and fetched a sheet of paper and a pen.
“Write down all your limits, please. He said. “Sign with your name and suggest a safe-word in case you wish to end the test early.”
“What happens if I end the test early?” Mia asked while trying to think of all those weird, disgusting or dangerous kinks others might like, but she definitely wanted to avoid.
“Nothing. Neither of us wins.” James explained. “The only reason you could have for finishing early is perhaps a panic attack. If that happens, I’m not going to make you do anything but help you relax.”
Mia blinked. A panic attack? What kind of test was this? Still, she wasn’t giving up now. She finished her list of limits and handed them to James.
“Great.” He said, reading it quickly. “This leaves plenty of room for some fun.”
Mia blushed.
“Now, you’ll need to undress before the test starts. I want you completely naked.” James said.
Mia smiled. Well this test was certainly starting out interesting. She got up out of the sofa she’d been sitting in, took one last sip from the drink James had offered her and then wriggled out of her dress.
She did not blush as James watched her undo her bra or even when she bent over to pull down her panties. She loved the way he looked at her naked body.
“I’m going to blindfold you now.” James said. “Then I will lead you to the room where you’ll play the game.”
Mia nodded, telling him she was ready.
Completely naked, except for the blindfold, she was guided through the door at the back of James’ living-room. At the end of the hall, he opened a door. Mia knew they were at the back of the house, but there was no cold air telling her they’d left the building. Reassured that he wasn’t leading her somewhere outside, away from the privacy of his home, she let him guide her into the room.
“Stand still.” James said.
Mia could hear him pick something up that sounded like a metal chain. Goosebumps appeared all over her body. She hadn’t been chained up in a long time.
James placed something against her throat and fastened it around her neck, a soft leather collar. Mia could feel the chain that was attached to it fall against her body, it felt cold between her breasts. Then it disappeared as James picked it up and attached it somewhere.
“When you hear the door lock, you can take off your blindfold.” James said. “You will then have one hour to escape from this room. If you don’t make it out in time, you lose. The things you find in here will give you some idea of what I plan on doing with you.”
Mia gasped. He was going to lock her up? His game was an escape room? She suddenly heard the door lock and quickly pulled off the blindfold.
She stood in the corner of what must be James’ private play-room. The floor and walls were dark, rich wood and there was little light in the room. In one corner stood a large metal cage with restraints. In the other corner a large, blood-red leather sofa. In the middle of the room stood a spanking bench, a small pedestal with a box and a chest. Against the furthest wall stood an old wooden desk.
The leash on her collar was fastened to the corner and all she could reach was the spanking bench, the mirror on the wall behind her and the chest beside the sofa…

This story has two possible endings. Either Mia escapes from the room, or she doesn’t …

Both endings are available on my website; but before you can read it, you need to play a game. You need to help Mia escape.

Only those who manage to escape from the room will be able to read the alternate ending!

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The spanking quiz

Hey everyone

I finished another game for the website. This one is a quiz based on popular IQ-tests; but with BDSM-themed questions.

You can select up to 50 questions, the longer you take to answer aquestion, the more smacks you will get in your spanking. Answering questions wrong will also increase the amount.

Try it out here. Then tell us your score and how your spanking (real or imaginary) turned out.

While you’re at it, try out the other games like the cardgame, battleships, the maze, hangman, wheel of fortune, set and memory.

The wedding ceremony

bare bottom in sexy lingerie, trying on her wedding dress

Most wedding ceremonies take place in front of your friends and family. For Scarlett, this was only the case for two out of three of hers.
She had started the day early. Her friend Emma had already been waiting at the front door while Scarlett was taking her morning shower. Emma was a beauty-specialist and had come to do her friends hair and make-up on her special day.
The early hours of the day had passed in a blur. Luckily, Scarlett had planned the day perfectly and anything she’d forget, would be rectified by the master of ceremonies she had hired.
It wasn’t long before she stood at the steps of city-hall, her hand resting in the crook of her fiancé’s arm. Their witnesses stood behind them, followed by their parents, family and friends.
Lucas wore a dark, sexy suit with a gleaming white shirt and shiny blue tie. Her own dress was perfectly white, with pearls along the bodice and a skirt that dragged a long way behind her.
Traditionally, a white dress meant that the bride was still a virgin on her wedding day. It’s an old tradition though, and like many modern brides, Scarlett had chosen to ignore that rule and go for white anyway.
The ceremony at city-hall was the least pompous of them all. The room was nicely decorated of course and the official was affable and occasionally funny; but this just felt like doing the paper-work.
When they left city-hall, they were officially married. At least as far as the state’s concerned.

The second ceremony was at a church. It was past noon by the time her father was leading her down the aisle. They’d had sandwiches and drinks for lunch before they arrived.
It felt a bit odd then, having her father hand her over to her husband, when they were technically already married. But that’s just one of those oddities when combining a state and church wedding.
The church ceremony made up for everything the previous one was lacking. The church was beautiful with stained glass windows, golden candlesticks and large burning candles. The guests stared at her as she walked down the aisle while a cousin of Lucas played the wedding march on her violin. She saw tears in more eyes than just those of her mother.
It might not mean anything official except perhaps in the eyes of God, but it was everything she had hoped for.
When she left the church, she wore a ring on her finger and everyone was eager for the wedding party. Little did they know that a third ceremony was planned.

After the church wedding, but before the wedding dinner, all the guests were expected to rest or check in at the hotel. The young couple would go to the local park to have their wedding pictures taken. Afterwards they would all gather for a reception, followed by dinner, cake and dancing.
No-one but Scarlett and Lucas knew that there was one hour of freedom between their photography session and the reception.
The last part of the day would take place in a hotel’s banquet hall. Most guests had rented a room at the hotel and so had the young couple, the brides’ suite to be exact.
After making sure no-one had seen them, they made their way to their room. This was where the third and last ceremony would take place.
Scarlett and Lucas shared a secret that none of their friends or family knew. Early in their relationship, they had discovered their mutual interest in kinky activities like spanking, bondage and submission.
They had planned this secret ceremony to incorporate their submissive versus dominant lifestyle into their wedding.

Scarlett was nervous and excited as they closed the door to their hotel-room. The room was gorgeous, with a large four poster bed complete with curtains; but she hardly saw any of it.
Lucas had spanked her before of course. He’d spanked her when she was naughty, when she was nice, when she needed the release and even when she’d been truly misbehaved. But he had never spanked her as a husband spanking his wife.
It was not the spanking itself that she was most nervous for. What scared her he most was that she did not know what was going to happen. Lucas had arranged this entire ceremony; she’d had little to say about it.
“Stay here.” Lucas said to her.
Standing by the door, Scarlett watched as Lucas walked through the room; moving a chair, opening the curtains to the bed. Then, he turned around.
“Come to me, slowly.” He said.
Scarlett swallowed and approached him as elegantly as she could. There was no music this time, no people watching, just the two of them and complete silence.
When they stood face to face, he spoke: “As your husband and dominant, I have arranged for this ceremony for you to pledge your submission to me and I shall in return make a pledge of my own. Are you ready?”
“Yes, Sir.” Scarlett answered.
“Then follow my instructions carefully. Turn around.” Her husband instructed.
Scarlett turned, her dress dragging around her feet. She did not look over her shoulder as Lucas slowly undid the long row of buttons down her back.
When the dress dropped to the floor, she carefully stepped out of it. She heard Lucas picking it up and attentively place it on the desk at the other side of the room. She was still going to need that later that day.
It took a while before Lucas spoke again. Scarlett knew he must be admiring the view. She had chosen her lingerie as carefully as she had the dress.
She wore a simple white bra with lace at the front, it left most of her breasts bare as she did not wish for it to be visible due to the dress’ ample cleavage. Her panties were of a matching white lace that barely covered a third of her voluptuous bottom. Above those, she wore a white garter belt with four clasps connected to her stockings, two at the front, two at the back. Her stockings were white as well, with a flower pattern running up her legs.
“Take off your shoes and turn around, please.” Lucas said when he had fulfilled his viewing pleasures.
Scarlett made to turn, but Lucas stopped her.
“In that order.” He said.
Scarlett blushed, but turned her back on her husband again. Knowing what he wanted, she bent at the waist and showed him her large, round bottom as she undid the clasps of her shoes and took them off, before turning to face him.
“Take off al your jewelry, except for your wedding ring.” Lucas commanded.
She took off her earrings and necklace and handed them to him.
“Now the belt.” Her husband commanded.
Scarlett smiled as she undid the clasps one by one and then pulled the belt down past her hips. Her stockings rolled down a little without its support. She was starting to understand that she would be completely naked for this ceremony.
Lucas picked up the chair he had moved at the start and placed it beside her. “Sit down and take off your stockings now.”
Grateful for the support of the chair, Scarlett sat down and did her best to take them of as sexily as possible.
“Now take off your bra.” Lucas said when her legs were completely bared.
Scarlett took it off with one swift motion and handed it to her husband. She was still sitting down for he had not told her to get up.
“Stand.” Her husband said as he moved behind her. He pulled away the chair when she did and then told her. “Take off those panties as well and then kneel with your hands in your lap.”
Scarlett pulled down her panties, not able to resist wiggling her bottom a little when she did. She knelt promptly, after placing them with the rest of her clothes.

Lucas stepped in front of his wife. It still felt odd calling her that, even in his mind.
She was completely naked. Oh, he’d seen her naked before, hundreds of times probably, in the years they’d been together. He’d seen her kneeling like this before and seen her in many more compromising positions as well.
Somehow this felt different. He didn’t know if it was because she was his wife now, or because she’d followed his instructions so meticulously.
“I asked you to prepare your pledge.” He said. “Did you memorize it or did you write it down?”
“I wrote it down, Sir.” His wife responded. “It’s in my purse.”
Lucas left her behind for a moment and went to look for it among the baggage that had been brought to their room earlier that day. He quickly found the neatly folded piece of paper where she had hidden it.
After taking his place back in front of his wife, he handed it to her. She was looking up to him. “If you are ready to make your pledge, read it aloud to me right now.”
Scarlett licked her lips, and then spoke:
“Lucas, you are the man I choose to be with for the rest of my life. You are not only my best friend, my lover and the one person I can always count on; but you are also my dominant, my master, my teacher, my Sir.
I have already promised to love you, cherish you, laugh with you, and cry with you. Now I also promise to always obey you, follow you and submit to you.
I will respect you as an equal, but surrender to you as your submissive. I will put your needs and desires ahead of my own and aim to always please you and never disappoint you.
I accept your rule and guidance, I equally welcome your wrath and discipline for bad behavior as I welcome your love and reward for good behavior.
I do this of my own free will and with no hesitation or doubt.
I am yours.”
Lucas swallowed, impressed by the words his wife had written down for him. He had always known she had a way with words, but still he was surprised by how well she had prepared her pledge.
Scarlett was still looking up at him, naked and waiting. She was smiling, knowing her words had stunned him to silence. It was time for his own pledge. His own words, he had memorized:
“Dear Scarlett. I choose you for who you are. I love what I know of you and trust in the things we have still to discover. For this, I do not want to change you; just to guide you and help you become the person you can be.
I offer you my guidance, my help and all my knowledge.
In return, I expect your full submission, your trust and your body as mine. I promise to protect and cherish what you’ve freely given to me.
I promise to use the power I have as your dominant to take care of not only my own desires, but yours as well. I will use you as I see fit, to ensure both of our happiness.
I will, like I have done in the past, discipline you or reward you, when these things are necessary or asked for.
Do you, Scarlett, accept me as your dominant, now and for ever?”
Lucas smiled, as it was Scarlett’s turn to look up at him in awe.
“I do.” She whispered, as she finally found the right words.

Her knees hurt and her neck was stiff from looking up, but Scarlett didn’t feel any of those things as she looked up at her husband, her eyes full of love.
Eventually, he turned away, quickly grabbing a small box from their baggage.
“You can stand now.” He said.
Obediently, Scarlett stood, full of curiosity for what was in the box and anticipation for the next part of their ceremony. She was sure there would be more than just words. She had told Lucas plainly that she expected to get spanked at least.
Lucas held the box in front of her as if it contained a wedding ring and opened it. Inside was a smooth leather collar, completely black, with a single metal ring at the front.
Scarlett squealed in delight. She had always wanted a collar, but for some reason Lucas had always refused to buy one. She picked it up and looked it over. On the inside was a single word pressed into the leather: ‘yours’.
Scarlett blushed, it seemed very similar to their wedding rings. Unlike the traditional names of the couple, they had chosen to have the word ‘mine’ etched on the inside of their rings.
“This collar, will symbolize your submission to me.” Lucas explained. “You will wear it when you are disciplined, but also when we are just having fun. You will get it when I ask for it and then hand it over to me. By doing so, you will be saying: ‘I’m yours’, just like the rings we’re wearing say that you are mine, and I yours in return.”
Scarlett nodded.
“Now, hand it over to me.”
Scarlett blushed a she handed over her collar to her dominant.
“Turn around.” Lucas said.
She tuned and let her husband fasten the collar around her neck. It felt smooth and warm, soft against her neck. It was one of only two things she was wearing right now: the wedding ring around her finger and the collar around her neck.
“As your husband, I will use both pleasure and discipline to dominate you.” Lucas said as he walked around her. “Before we go back to our guests, I have prepared a sample of both for you to enjoy.”
Scarlett swallowed. The chair was still standing a short distance from where she had taken off her stockings. Lucas sat down on it.
“Get over my knee.” He said.
Obediently, Scarlett moved to lay across her husband’s knee. She was careful of his suit, for he still wore his wedding costume while she was fully naked.
When he placed his hands on her behind, she bit her lip. Slowly he started spanking her, using just his hand.
Scarlett moaned and squirmed. Each smack of her husband’s hand was harder than the previous and quickly her bottom was bouncing beneath every blow, stinging and glowing red.
She did not know how hard he was going to spank her; but she did not want him to stop too early. She felt like they had to make sure this was a spanking to remember, it was their wedding ceremony after all. If she was to be a good wife, he’d have to set a good example and give her a proper spanking.
Thus she did not beg him to stop, she did not plea or whine. She took every smack until her bottom was sore and raw. She did squeal and scream and kick her legs, for she knew her husband liked this; she just hoped the brides’ suite was well isolated.
It seemed like her husband had the same idea as her, for he did not stop her spanking as early as he could have. He spanked her properly and thoroughly, making sure that her bottom was red all over.
In the end, Scarlett promised her husband that she would be a good and obedient wife. She did not beg him to stop, but she let him know, in a whispered plea that she had gotten the message, that this spanking wasn’t just for fun, but that she really was supposed to do the things she’d pledged to him.
When Lucas finally stopped, Scarlett was out of breath. Her bottom was on fire, even her legs hurt from all her kicking. It would be a miracle if all her make-up was still in place. She’d have to come up with an excuse for what’d happened to her hair.
“Stand up, please.” Her husband said.
Scarlett stood, fighting the urge to rub her bottom.
“Go to the bed and wait for me.” He said.
Scarlett stood between the two posters at the back of the bed. She could not ignore the pain in her bottom, but neither could she ignore the excitement she felt, believing her husband was about to fuck her in their suite, even before the wedding party was over.
“Raise your hands.” Lucas said.
Scarlett did as she was told without question. She saw Lucas had taken four sets of leather shackles from where he had hidden them in their baggage. She moaned in surprise and pleasure as he fastened her wrists to the top of each pole, spreading her arms and then her ankles as well to the bottom.
She stood spread-eagled, staring down at the bed, but unable to reach the soft feather mattress. Behind her she heard Lucas take off his belt.
A thought came to her that made her swallow. That suit was tailor-made. He did not need a belt, unless…
“Twenty lashes.” Lucas said. “I could do more, but there is not much time left before we have to return to our guests.”
“Twenty will do fine, Sir.” Scarlett replied.
“Twenty-five.” Lucas said. “Since you seem so sure you can handle just twenty.”
Scarlett blushed and bit her lip. She shouldn’t have spoken, not to interrupt their ceremony. “Yes, Sir.” She said.
The belt whisked through the air and landed with a loud crack against her bottom. Scarlett screamed at the sudden pain.
Once more, twice more, twenty-five times in total did her husband lash her with his belt and each time Scarlett moaned, squealed or screamed. She could not move, tied up as she was; not to avoid the lashes, nor to rub her sore bottom.
She hissed through her teeth when Lucas squeezed her sore bottom. “Good girl,” he whispered. It was finally over.
He hugged her from behind then, his chest against her back, his hands on her breasts and his erection against her glowing behind. Scarlett relaxed in his arms. Held up as much by him as by the restraints that tied her to the bed.
One of her husband’s hands moved down her belly. His fingers played with the mound of hair above her pussy and then plunged between her lips.
She was soaking wet and moaned loudly as Lucas fingered her clit. She tried to hold back, tried to enjoy this for a little while longer, but she couldn’t. With a moan and a squeal, she orgasmed, mere moments after her spanking.
“Good girl.” Lucas replied. “I almost thought we might be late to our own wedding reception, but now we might just make it in time.”
Scarlett was gasping and wheezing while Lucas undid first the shackles that tied her to the bed and then the collar around her neck.
“The ceremony is over.” Her husband said. “You can get dressed again.”
Scarlett blushed, slightly confused. “What about you?” She asked.
“What about me?” Lucas asked.
“Don’t you want me to pleasure you as well?” She requested.
“There’s no need for that right now.” Lucas said. “You are now completely mine. When I want to be pleasured, all I need to do is ask or just reach out and take it. Why should I hurry for it now, when I can have it whenever I want?”
Scarlett blushed deeply. By not making her pleasure him, he had confirmed his dominion over her even more. She just hoped that he would wait to demand his rights until after the party tonight. Surely he would not be so inappropriate as to do so sooner?
“Of course, Sir.” She said, trying to not let any of those thoughts be heard in her voice.
Her husband sat down on the edge of the bed as she got dressed after the final ceremony. The soft, white panties contrasted harshly with her red bottom and she was glad that they did not cover the most sensitive parts. Sitting down to pull up her stockings was a torment and she was reminded that they still had a long dinner planned with multiple courses. The long wedding dress would hide her poor bottom from anyone who might see. But she would certainly be squirming in her seat for most of the night. She was already looking forward to the dance afterwards, at least then she wouldn’t have to sit down.
“Are you ready to great our guests?” Lucas asked when she was dressed and done with rearranging her hair.
“Yes, Sir.” Scarlett replied, taking his arm.
Together, they made their way to the banquet hall, husband and wife, but also dominant and submissive.

The hotel manager

girl in sexy lingerie

It was late in the evening when John Michaels arrived at his favourite hotel. He was visiting the city for work and ever since discovering this particular establishment, he’d always made sure to stay there when work sent him this way. It was named The third corner, after its location on the corner of third street.
John was greeted by the desk manager when he entered; a young woman who—he thought—must’ve been promoted not that long ago, he was sure he’d seen her working as a serving girl on one of his previous visits.
The girl clicked around nervously on her computer, after John had given her his name. It seemed like something had gone wrong with his reservation. She sighed eventually. “I’m sorry Sir, it seems like we’re overbooked.”
John raised an eyebrow. “That’s unacceptable, it’s not like I can go anywhere else this time of day…” He answered, slightly worried.
“One moment, Sir.” The girl said. She picked up the phone and discussed the situation with someone he couldn’t hear.
Just a moment later, an older woman entered the lobby. John recognized her as the owner of the establishment.
“I’ll start the night shift early, Sophie.” She said. “You can take Mr. Michaels to his room.”
“Yes, ma’am.” The girl replied. “Please Sir, if you’d follow me.” She said to John.
John followed he girl as she led him past the rooms that were taken, into the back of the building. There was a small room with a large two-person bed. It was quite similar to the rooms he’d stayed in before, but not as tidy or clean.
“What is this room?” He asked the girl.
She blushed. “It’s my room, Sir. I sleep here after my shift, so that I’m here early in the morning to serve breakfast.”
“So, you live here?” John asked.
“No, I only work evenings and mornings. After breakfast I go home. But I do sleep here most days of the week.” The girl replied.
John nodded. “Well, it’s not the standard that I’m used to, but I guess it’ll have to do.”
The girl blushed again. “I’m really sorry for the inconvenience we’ve caused you Sir. To make up for this, I will personally serve you for the rest of your stay; should you wish a late meal or anything else. If you wish to punish me for my mistake, I will gladly accept that as well.”
John raised an eyebrow in surprise. “Did your boss tell you to say that?” He asked.
“Only, the first part, Sir. That I should personally make sure you had everything you wished for.”
“So you added the last part of your own accord? And how do you think I would punish you?” John asked.
“I’m not sure.” The girl said. “I didn’t really think it through, it just felt right to say so.”
“What would you say if I told you I was going to spank you?” John asked her.
The girl blushed and looked at him in surprise, obviously wondering whether he was joking. John looked dead serious.
“I guess, that would be acceptable. I was after all the one who made the mistake with the reservations.” She said.
John smiled, he hadn’t known that. “So you don’t think it would be wrong for me to spank you? You don’t feel too old, or find it too perverted?”
The girl blushed. “No, I think neither of those things.”
“Very well.” John said. He sat down on the bed in the middle of the room and gestured her to come closer. “Take off your jeans.” He commanded.

Sophie blushed deeply as she stood in front of the guest. She hadn’t really thought this would work. What was the chance that this man offered to spank her when she asked him to punish her? When that was exactly what she had hoped for. She’d always dreamed and fantasized about being spanked.
There could’ve been a hundred different things he’d made her do; but here she stood, slowly lowering her jeans in front of him. Her black silk panties stuck between her thighs, already wet from excitement for a dream finally coming through.
“Over my knee, Sophie.” The man said.
Sophie swallowed and bent over the knee of the man who was going to spank her. Her heart was racing. He was sitting on the edge of the bed, but did not let her rest on the mattress. With her hips over his lap, her legs and upper body dangled down either side of his body beside the bed. Her bottom arched and a big, round target.
When he placed his hand on her bottom, Sophie bit her lip to make sure she made no noise that could betray her excitement. When the first smack came down softly, she could not stifle a moan.
John spanked her slow and steady. Sophie’s soft panties crawled up between her buttocks, revealing more and more bare skin with each smack.
She moaned and whimpered every time his hand connected with her bottom. Slowly it had turned pink and warm, filled with a pleasant stinging sensation.
“These aren’t giving you that much protection anymore, are they?” John said, grabbing the panties that had buried all the way between her buttocks. The soft, wet fabric rubbed against her swollen pussy as he pulled them up even further.
“No, Sir.” Sophie agreed, admitting how vulnerable she had become to his smacks.
“All they’re doing now is blocking what I imagine must be a wonderful view.” John said. This time, he pulled them down.
Sophie gasped, but could not reach back to stop him in time as John pulled down her panties all the way to her knees.
“These are soaking wet.” John said as he let go of them. “Have you been enjoying this, young lady?”
Sophie blushed deeply. She was embarrassed that he had found out; but it seemed a bad idea to lie to the man who was spanking her. “I got turned on a little, Sir.” She admitted.
“A little?” John asked, placing a hand on her thigh and pulling her legs apart, clearing the view on her pussy. “You are dripping wet.”
Sophie bit her lip, too embarrassed to respond.
“It doesn’t matter.” John said. “I’m sure you’ll learn your lesson anyway.” And followed those words with an unexpected flurry of hard smacks on her now bared bottom.
Sophie squealed in surprise. She had expected John’s discovery of her arousal to change things, but the spanking continued as if nothing had happened; now with her panties dangling around her knees.
Well, that wasn’t completely true, something had changed. The smacks were a lot harder now. Sophie not only moaned and whimpered; she squealed and cursed. Her bottom went from a soft pink to a bright red and the sensual stinging sensation turned into a sharp, biting pain.
Sophie realized suddenly that they had made no agreements about her punishment whatsoever. Not how long it would take or how hard he would spank her. She was completely in his control. When the pain became too much, she kicked her legs and screamed: “Enough, enough!”
To her surprise, John stopped spanking her when he heard those words. “Do you think you’ve had enough?” He asked.
“Yes please, thank you.” Sophie said, thinking it was over.
“I disagree.” John said. “I haven’t even heard you apologize yet.” He spanked her red bottom again.
Sophie squealed and kicked her legs. She wanted to do as he asked and apologize to him; but she had asked for this punishment herself. She’d always dreamed of being spanked. Did she want it to be over already? Was this all she could take? In her fantasies, she’d always been able to take whatever she was given.
Gritting her teeth, Sophie bared her punishment. She could take this, she was sure of it. The pain blossomed in her bottom; she kicked her legs, squealed and cursed; but she did not ask him to stop again.
When the spanking slowed, each smack now a well-aimed, deliberate swat, Sophie kicked off the panties that had dropped down to her ankles. “I’m really sorry, Sir.” She said.
“Do you mean that, or are you just saying it because you want your punishment to be over?” John asked her without stopping spanking her.
Sophie blushed. “I mean it, Sir. You don’t have to stop until you think I got what I deserved. I just wanted you to know I’m sorry.”
“I’m glad to hear it, Sophie.” John said. “Now that you’re being honest with me. How about you tell me how much you liked being spanked. I can still see you’re wet after all.”
Sophie blushed. “It was just a fantasy.” She admitted. “I’ve never been spanked before. I didn’t really think you’d do it either. But when you did, it was like a dream coming through.”
John smiled. He still did not stop spanking her. Each smack of his hand renewing the sting in her sore, red bottom. “So, was it anything like in your fantasies?” He asked.
“Yes.” Sophie admitted. “I always dreamed of being spanked across someone’s knee.”
“Just a hand spanking then?” John asked. “Never anything more imaginative?”
Sophie blushed. “I guess, sometimes I imagined being spanked more roughly too.
“How?” John queried.
Sophie swallowed, afraid to answer; but another sharp smack on her behind reminded her that she was in no position to be petulant. “Sometimes I imagined a leather belt, or something similar.” She told him.
John placed his hand on her sensitive bottom. “Then I suggest we end this with ten lashes from my belt.”
Sophie blushed deeply. The spanking had already hurt more than in her fantasies. She wasn’t sure whether she could handle the belt. “What if I can’t take it?” She asked.
“Would you rather we continue like we are now?” John asked. “We could, but my hand won’t stop at ten.”
Sophie swallowed. She had proven to herself that she was strong enough before. She felt sure she’d be strong enough now as well. “I’ll take the belt, Sir.” She said.

John helped the girl stand. The unpleasant surprise from his room being overbooked had turned into a pleasant one with this girl willingly being spanked by him. It had been a long time since any woman had let him do so.
He was rock hard inside his trousers, hoping this night would end with more than just a spanking; but first he needed to finish her punishment.
“Take off your shirt please.” He said when she bent over the bed. “It covers your bottom too much.”
The girl did not turn, but pulled the shirt over her head where she stood. She was now only wearing her bra and shoes. Her bottom was glowing brightly red, and when she bent over, her could see her pussy, glistening wet with excitement.
“Count them for me, please.” John said as he took off his belt. He folded it in half and stood behind the girl.
Slowly, she counted each stroke, gasping and squealing between each of them. “One … Two … Three … “
When they reached ten, the girl stood shaking on her legs, her bottom covered in broad, glowing red stripes.
“Go stand in the corner.” John said.
Obediently, the girl moved to the corner of the room. John then undressed himself. He did not tell her what he was doing or what he had planned. This was his room now, he was just getting ready for bed.
When he was naked, he sat down on the edge of the bed again, his erection stood up proudly.
“Turn around.” He said.
The girl blushed as she saw him, nearly as naked as she was.
“While I think it’s appropriate that you got punished for your mistake, that doesn’t mean I’ve gotten proper compensation for getting this second rate room.” John said.
The girl nodded. “You’re right, Sir.” She said. “Is there anything I could do to make your stay here more pleasant?”
“I have something in mind. All you have to do is get on your knees and get your cute little mouth working for me.” John replied.
The girl blushed as she knelt in front of him. “Of course, Sir.” She said, before taking his erection between her lips. She sucked him softly, licking him with the tip of her tongue.
“No foreplay.” John said. “Spanking you was just as arousing for me as it was for you. This shouldn’t take long.”
The girl blushed, but obediently bent over further to take him completely in her mouth; her lips brushing his balls while the tip of his penis pushed against her throat.
John moaned deeply as she sucked on him, moving her tongue alongside his shaft. He looked past her pleading eyes, over her nearly naked body, letting his gaze linger on her freshly spanked bottom. “Get ready.” He warned her.
With a loud grunt, he ejaculated inside the girls mouth. She held him in, bravely swallowing all he could give her, sucking out the last drop.
“Thank you very much.” John said, pulling out of the girls mouth, dropping down on the bed.
“Glad to be of assistance, Sir.” The girl replied with a blush.
John waited for the girl to make the next move, or get up and leave. He was not averse of returning the favor, he knew how aroused she was after all; but he was the customer. If she wanted more, it was up to her to ask for it.
“Sir, could I ask you a favor?” The girl asked.
John smiled, thinking he already knew what she would ask of him. “Of course.” He said.
“I have nowhere to sleep tonight, would you be so kind to share your room with me?”
John looked up in surprise. He had nearly forgotten that it was the girls room he was staying in. “Perhaps, but I must warn you, I sleep naked.”
The girl blushed. “So do I.”
John grinned broadly. “Very well, you can sleep here, but if you do, I am going to fuck you.”
The girls blush deepened as she bit her lip. “I would like that.” She said, taking off her bra and shoes.
“Turn off the light, please.” John said before she got to his bed.

Sophie blushed as she made her way to her bed in the dark, after her spanking and pleasuring him; her body was yearning for more.
She bumped into the mattress and carefully crawled into the bed, under the blanket. Her body shivered with anticipation of meeting Johns.
When it did, I was sudden, his hand placed on her thigh, as if he knew exactly where she was. “Lay down.” He whispered, his voice suddenly close to her face, the warmth of his breath on her cheek.
She could feel him towering above her when she rolled on her back. The touch of his hips against her thighs was soft; but his hands on her breasts were rough.
When his hands grabbed her wrists and pinned them against the bed above her head, she moaned deeply. The pressure against her thighs increased and she felt him, already erect again, entering her wet, swollen pussy.
“Please be gentle.” She said when he pushed himself deep inside of her.
“I said I was going to fuck you.” John replied. “What made you think I was going to be gentle?”
Sophie squealed when his teeth pinched her breasts, biting around her nipple. His hips thrusting, fast and hard. Her red bottom chafed against the bed, reminding her of her spanking. The taste of his cum was still in her mind from pleasuring him and now she felt him again, deep inside of her.
It was more than she could take; her body was shaking beyond her control, but still pinned down by his hands and hips. She gasped and moaned as she came, shuddering, squealing.
But John did not stop. It was not her pleasure he was pursuing, but his own. He bit her hard again, this time taking her nipple between his teeth. Her convulsions hadn’t ended yet when another orgasm took hold of her body as John fucked her.
She was still shaking when John stopped with a groan, his hips pressed forward, cumming deep inside of her before he collapsed on top of her.
Exhausted, they lay in each others arms, until John finally rolled off of her. “Good night.” He whispered.
“Good night.” Sophie replied. She blushed, not knowing what else to say to the man she had only just met, but who had spanked and fucked her.
In the morning when John woke, she was gone, back to her task of serving breakfast for the guests.

Several days later. Sophie sat behind her desk at night, her shift was almost over. All the guests were in their rooms. When the phone rang.
“This is The third corner hotel, how may I help you?” She answered.
“This is John Michaels, I’d like to make a reservation for this weekend.”
“Certainly, Sir.” She replied, not immediately recognizing the name. “Do you have any preferences for your room?”
“I’d like your room again, Sophie.”
Sophie blushed, now recognizing the voice. “Of course, Sir. I’m sure that can be arranged.”
“Very good, I’ll be there on Saturday.” John said. “I hope you’ve been a good girl, Sophie.”
Sophie blushed. “Sorry John, I’ve actually been a very naughty girl; but I’m sure that can be mended when you get here. I’ll be eagerly awaiting your arrival. See you then.”
“Until then, young lady.” John replied. “I’ll bring my belt.”

The fake appointment

girl with her panties down, crying after her spanking

Sitting outside in the waiting room, Emma was wondering how long one of these sessions could take. Her friend had left over half an hour ago and she was still waiting in this dull room, accompanied by only a handful of magazines.
Emma was here as a favour for her friend, even though her didn’t know it. Evelyn was now with the councillor, discussing her study habits. Her grades had gone into a freefall ever since she had broken up with her boyfriend, almost a year ago now.
Emma and her other friends had felt they had to intervene, to save her friend from throwing away everything she had worked for. Of course Evelyn had not believed she needed counselling, until Emma had lied to her and told her she came here every week herself. Emma had the best grades in their class, if she found help here, Evelyn had believed her she could as well.
Emma of course had better ways for spending her Saturday afternoons. She had never been here before. In fact, she was already dressed for a night out with her friends, a short black dress barely long enough to cover the top of her dark sheer stockings, high heeled boots, a touch of make-up and some curls to her hair.
She was slightly surprised when the assistant came in and told her the councillor was ready for her. She had almost forgotten she’d had to make an appointment for herself as well, to keep up with her story. Of course, for her the session couldn’t take as long. Emma had never had any problems studying, in fact in her twenty years of age she couldn’t remember ever needing to do more than just reread a subject before a test.
With a stack of tests and assignments under her arm – all she could find from the past month and all with high grades – she followed the young woman out of the waiting room.

The office she was brought to was quite large. There was a sitting area to her right with a single leather sofa and a large floor-to-ceiling window on her left, looking out on an indoor-garden.
In the middle of the room stood a large wooden desk and behind it sat a man, quite handsome, probably not more than half a decade older than her, in his early thirties. She approached his desk and sat down on one of the wooden chairs after shaking his offered hand.
“Good afternoon. I’m Alex. You must be Emma.” He greeted.
There was no questioning tone to his voice, but Emma answered anyway. “I am. Nice to meet you.” She held her stack of papers in front of her, unsure how to handle them.
Alex smiled. “Nice to meet you too. Emma.” He reached for the tests. “You can give those to me, let me have a look.”
Emma hadn’t expected the straight forward approach. But then again, she didn’t need any explanations or boring introductions. The faster she was out of here, the faster she could have some real fun.
The councillor, Alex, had placed the stack neatly in front of him and examined the pages slowly, one by one. It seemed to take forever even though it couldn’t have been more than a minute or two and for some unknown reason Emma was suddenly slightly nervous.
“Those are some very impressive grades, Emma.” Alex said after turning the last page. “Very good.”
Emma smiled, she knew they were good, but it was always nice to hear someone else say it. “Thank you.” She replied.
“I’m only a bit surprised by these French assignments.” He continued. “You seem to get persistent scores at around seventy percent, while in your other subjects you’re always around eighty and even ninety.”
Emma raised an eyebrow. Did that really matter? Seventy was still good. “It’s still at the top of the class average.” She replied.
“We don’t care about class averages here miss.” The councillor said with a smirk. “This session is only about you. I’m sure you didn’t book this session, thinking all your grades were perfect…”
“Actually, I came for my friend.” Emma answered, deciding to explain. “She wouldn’t have come if I hadn’t told her I would come as well. Besides, isn’t seventy good enough?”
“Ah your friend. Was that the girl who came in before you? Evelyn, right? She did mention you, said you came here every week, even though I’ve never seen you before.”
Emma blushed, caught in her lie.
“Well, we don’t settle with good enough here, Emma. We teach you to get better and aim higher than just good enough.” He paused the short lecture to take a sip of his glass of water. “How much do you study when you get a test for French?”
Emma blushed slightly, she barely studied at all. “As much as for my other classes.” She replied.
“And why not study more for a class you’re getting lower grades on?”
“Why should I?” Emma replied. “Seventies are already decent. I call that smart time management.”
“So you fail to reach your potential because you’d rather be doing something else? We don’t call that smart Emma, we call that lazy. If you had actually come here before, you’d know what happens to lazy girls in my office.”
Something in his voice made Emma feel threatened. “What’s that?” She asked, unsure she wanted to know the answer.
Alex stood up behind the desk. “They get a good spanking.” He said, moving around the desk in small steps. “First with this hand.” He placed it on the desk as he walked around it. “And then with a sturdy wooden paddle.” He had almost reached her. “And if they’re very lazy even a few strokes of my broad leather belt.” The last words were almost whispered as he stood next to her chair, staring down at her.
Emma sat shocked to silence in her chair, unable to answer, unable to even breathe. Suddenly Alex turned away from her and took a few quick steps to the leather sofa. “Come here.” He said as he sat down.
She had turned her head as he moved, her eyes following him across the room. She had no doubt what would happen if she went to him. He had seated himself in the middle of the sofa, there would be no room for her, unless it was across his lap.
To the right was the door of his office. She stood up and took two small steps, keeping the middle between him and the exit. “What stops me from leaving right now?” She asked.
“Nothing.” Alex replied. “You are here of your own free will of course.”
Emma took two more steps towards the door.
“I’m just wondering however. What will you tell Evelyn next week? When she comes back for her second session and you’re not joining her. What would I have to tell her? That her friend who had advised her to come here; who had gotten her spanked; had then chickened out of her own spanking herself?”
Emma really blushed now. Had Evelyn really let the councillor spank her? It explained why her session had seemed to take so long. Evelyn had probably believed that Emma got such spankings regularly. Which would explain why she’d have the courage to go through with this.
If Evelyn found out that had been a lie; she might never forgive her. Emma looked from the door to Alex and back again. If Evelyn could take the spanking, it couldn’t be that bad, could it? She took a few more steps towards the sofa.
If Evelyn could do it, then why couldn’t she?
When she came to a standstill she stood right by Alex’ side. Up to that point she had been unsure where she was going, but when he took her hand she knew it was too late to run away.

Alex pulled her towards him and down, slowly guiding her across his lap. A voice in her head wanted to know what she was doing. She hadn’t come here for a real session, and even if she had, she didn’t think she deserved to be spanked, not for her grades nor any so-called laziness.
But there was no better alternative and she blushed from embarrassment as she positioned herself somewhat comfortably over the councillor’s lap.
Alex flipped up her short dress easily, revealing her sexy lace panties. “These look very nice, Emma.” Alex said. “Though most girls wear something more protective when they visit me.”
Emma swallowed a cheeky remark as she imagined him staring at her behind. His fingers stroked her bottom, following her curves, the edge of her panties, exploring the area he was about to assault.
Emma focussed on how unfair this treatment was. The councillor might claim this was for her own good. But he had practically blackmailed her, threatening to tell her friend the truth. But that didn’t explain why she felt excited. The councillor’s strong hands on her back, her vulnerability and complete lack of control aroused her greatly. She knew that beneath those panties he was admiring, she was increasingly wet. turned on by the prospect of being spanked.
The first smack sent a chill through her spine and left a stinging sensation in her left buttocks. Emma moaned softly, though it didn’t hurt. A second one followed on the right, leaving a similar feeling.
Slowly those smacks followed each-other, not painful in themselves, but building up on the sting left by the previous ones. Though she could not see, her bottom had turned a rosy pink and while she had stayed nearly silent at the start, the continuously growing sting had her moaning at each smack by the time they reached thirty – not that she had counted of course.
Satisfied by her reaction to his warmup Alex quickly increased the speed and strength with which he chastised her bottom. Each smack was no longer just an addition to the sting, but a strong blow in itself. In short succession Emma’s moans were replaced by squeals and hisses, until she begged him to “please stop”.
Alex’s hand came to a stop, her bottom showing pink between his fingers. “Stop? But we’ve barely even started.”
His fingers hooked behind her panties and – too fast for Emma to reach behind her to stop him – pulled them in one swift motion to her knees.
“Wait, you can’t!” Emma argued when his hand returned to her behind. She wanted to struggle free, but his strong arm pushing on her back already told her that would be useless. Completely under his control, Emma had no way of hiding her arousal now that her red bottom was bared to his sight.
Alex didn’t even waste any words arguing and instead continued the assault on her behind. He’d slowed down the speed with which he spanked, but without diminishing the strength behind each smack, making sure she felt every one of them.
Emma struggled softly across his knee, keeping her legs closely together in a vain – yet futile – attempt to keep her modesty. As the pain increased, so did her arousal. You could not tell whether her moans were of pleasure or discomfort.
Finally, when his hand stung and he’d made sure the bright pink colour was spread even across Emma’s whole bottom, Alex paused.
“I think that’s enough for the first part. Are you leaning anything?” He asked it while softly rubbing her stinging bottom.
“Yes.” Emma replied quickly.
“Yes?” Alex answered in surprise. “What have you learned?”
“I’ve been lazy and need to study harder for French.”
Alex hand squeezed her more strongly, massaging her stinging bottom as he questioned her. The intimate gesture made her squirm beneath his touch.
“This is not the first time I’ve spanked a naughty young lady, Emma. I know when they’re lying to get out of their punishment. Are you lying Emma?”
Emma blushed. “Yes.”
“That’s what I thought.” Alex replied. But instead of continuing her spanking like Emma had feared he continued massaging her bottom, using both hands even.
His warm kneading hands brought the feeling of excitement to a new level. “Please stop.” She said, while her body begged for the opposite, her back arching to push up her behind, revealing her arousal to the man who had spanked her. “You’re taking advantage of me.”
Alex did stop. “I was just trying to prepare you for the second part, by rubbing away some of the sting before we started. But if you want I could take the paddle right now…”
With a groan Emma raised her bottom. “No, sorry. Not yet, please.” Alex continued his slow massage and Emma moaned softly as he did.

Emma felt hot and sweaty as she lay across the councillor’s lap. Her bottom was warm, the sting mostly gone. But while her growing excitement was too embarrassing to bear, she did not want to ask after the paddle because that would be even less desirable.
In the end, Alex made the decision for her. He reached for the drawer under the small stand beside the sofa, picking out a flat wooden paddle. Emma had a quick look at it over her shoulder before he placed the cool surface on her bottom. It was about two hand widths in length and half of that in width. It covered the majority of her right buttocks as he pressed it down.
When Alex placed his left arm on her lower back to hold her down, Emma blushed, realising she hadn’t struggled or tried to escape during the small break. The first smack erased that thought as it propelled her forward, leaving a hot stinging area on her behind. The smacks came slowly like before, not as sharp and stinging but heavy and deep.
Her whole body was pushed forward with each smack, grinding against the leather sofa and across Alex’ lap. The hardest of them made her squeal.
The sting he had rubbed away came back multiplied and Emma struggled vainly to get away. But after each move she made Alex held her tighter and the paddle landed harder. She tried to give up her struggles, groaning at each smack, holding on to the sofa’s armrest as if it was her best friend. But she could not halt the kicking of her legs, the swinging of her hips or the bouncing of her bottom beneath the paddle.
She hadn’t thought of Evelyn since the spanking had started, but wondered now if she’d gone through the same and whether she’d ever forgive her for it. As a particularly hard swat made her squeal, Emma imagined maybe she didn’t deserve this for her grades, but she definitely did for what she’d done to her friend. Somehow that thought made it easier to bear as she raised her bottom to welcome more of the heavy stinging smacks that had turned her warm pink bottom in a sore hot red.
When she did, Alex slowed down a trifle, taking his time to ask her a question as he made sure each smack landed perfectly. “It seems to me you’re starting to learn, aren’t you?”
Emma groaned softly, timing her answer between two smacks, arching her back so her bottom stayed perfectly available as she answered. “Yes, sir.” Though she was not learning what he was trying to teach.
“Are you going to study harder?” He asked.
Emma blushed and failed to answer before the paddle landed with another echoing smack, making her squeal instead. For a moment, caught in her own fantasy, she had forgotten what she was actually being spanked for. “Yes sir.” She quickly replied, before he could land another.
Her bottom felt sore and throbbing, but it seemed her answer had been enough. Alex dropped the paddle next to her and told her to stand up.
As she stood her dress dropped down, covering her nudity, reminding her how exposed she had been before. It brought a blush to her face knowing how she had acted in that position.
“I told you I know when you’re lying Emma.” Alex said when she finally found the courage to look at him. Her hands were clasped firmy around her bottom. “You were not thinking about studying, were you?”
Emma blushed and looked away, but she knew it would be a bad idea to lie to him. “No sir.” She replied.
“I thought so.” Alex sighed. “While I’m glad you seemed at least to be learning something, I’m going to have to ask you to go to my desk and bend over it.”
Emma’s eyes widened. “That’s not fair, I told you the truth.”
“Only after I caught you in the lie Emma. Now do as you’re told.”
Emma could feel the heat of her bottom through her dress, her bottom felt sore when she softly rubbed it. She didn’t want to bend over the desk for more. “Are you going to use your belt?” She asked.
“Yes.” Alex nodded. “And the longer you make me wait, the worse it’ll get.”
Emma blushed deeply, but moved quickly to the desk. She didn’t know why, but even the fear of his belt could not diminish her arousal. In fact, it turned her on even more.
The desk was quite high and she almost had to stand on her toes to bend over it, pushing her bottom high in the air. For a moment, she wondered if it was designed for specifically that reason. She heard the councillor stand up and slowly approach her from behind.
“Lift your dress.” He said as he pulled away the chair she had sat on before. Emma blushed deeply, she had only just been reminded of how exposed she was during the spanking.
This time, he wouldn’t hold her down while raising her dress, she had to do it herself and offer her bare bottom to him. Showing him how excited she was.
Her panties had been lost on the way to her new position. Slowly she reached back and pulled the soft fabric onto her back, once more baring her sore red behind and gleamingly wet pussy. She hadn’t even heard him take off his belt as she did, but suddenly felt the cool leather against her behind. A thought came to her before the first hit.
“Wait. Aren’t you going to rub away the sting first?” She asked.
“Not this time, young lady.” The councillor answered. “But I have some oil in my desk, you can have some of that when we’re finished. Would you like that?”
“Yes.” Emma replied, she would love to sooth the sting in her bottom, she could only imagine needing it even more after feeling his belt.
“Ok then, now get ready.”
Emma did, grasping the other side of the desk with the tips of her fingers and arching her bottom up in the air. Still she was not prepared for that first smack. It landed across her buttocks pushing her flat against the desk. A squeal had barely escaped her lips when the second one followed.
Alex wasn’t going to give her any time to adjust or escape as those first few strokes landed quick and crisp, making her howl and – when he stopped – beg. “Please no more.” She said. “I’ll study, I promise.”
“Not yet.” Alex replied as he moved to her other side. The belt landed with a loud thwack before she could come up with any other promises. A few more smacks, accompanied by her squeals and groans painted her bottom an even brighter red.
When he walked away Emma made no move. Panting she lay on the desk, the only thing holding her up. She felt out of breath, but could barely think over the stinging sensation in her behind.
A moment later she felt his warm hands on her bottom again, spreading some cool oily substance. Was it then finally over?
“You looked as if you would be unable to use this yourself.” The councillor said as he rubbed on the oil with deep massaging strokes.
Emma blushed, her spanking was over, she should cover herself and regain some of her dignity. But like before his hands felt too soothing, slowly massaging away the pain.
Letting him do it for her couldn’t hurt she thought, she could not possibly be embarrassed more than she’d already been when over his knee.
The oil trailed down her bottom as he rubbed it on in thick layers; dripping down her inner thighs and mixing with her own juices as she got increasingly wetter with arousal. She moaned deeply and arched her back, raising her bottom and begging his hands to stray from her sore, tender backside.
When the councillor stopped, she felt it was too early. Her bottom still felt sore and her light dress chafed. She blushed when she realised she had been hoping he might fuck her, or at least use his hands to rid her of the arousal that had her in its grip,
She blushed again when he handed her her panties. She waited until he turned around to put them in her purse, they would feel too snug on her sore, stinging bottom.
“Here.” Alex said as he handed her the tests he had picked up from his desk. “I hope next week these will be less disappointing.”
Emma blushed as she accepted them. She did not want to leave yet, her session had been so exciting, how could it end so quickly and disappointingly?
“Is there anything else?” alex asked.
“No, sir.” Emma said with a blush, quickly she left his office.
The assistant was waiting for her outside. “The councillor informed me you’ll want another appointment next week?”
Emma blushed. Another appointment would probably mean another spanking. She tried to tell herself she was doing this to help Evelyn; but when she confirmed with the assistant thatshe was indeed coming back, she knew it was because she had secretly enjoyed the spanking.
The assistant led her out the office through a different door than where she’d come in. Evelyn was waiting for her there, which explained why she hadn’t seen her come out.
Emma blushed, wondering how to explain to her friend why she had advised her to see a canceler that would spank her.
“Hey.” She greeted her as she approached. “So how did it go?” She tried to act as if the past afternoon for both of them had been completely natural.
“It was great.” Evelyn replied. “I thought I’d just get some boring speech about studying and responsibilities. But Alex seems to really understand me.”
Emma blushed. Great? Alex understood her? That didn’t sound like the reaction she was expecting. “Really, what did you do then?”
“Oh, at first we just talked about me, nothing school related, so he’d get to know me. Then we went through all my tests, to find my strengths and weaknesses. That seemed to take forever, but for everything we found Alex had some tip or trick I could learn… Isn’t that what he does with you?”
Emma blushed. “Yes, well only the first few times of course.” Had he had not spanked Evelyn? She wondered. “It’s different now.”
Evelyn smiled. “Oh right, of course. Are you going again next week?”
“Yes.” Emma replied without thinking… How had her friend with her abysmal school results escaped a spanking, while her almost perfect scores would have her sitting gingerly on the ride home?

One week later.
Emma had rehearsed what she would say in the waiting room. But when Evelyn’s session was over and she made her way back to the office where she’d been spanked only a week ago, her nerves got the better of her. “You lied to me.” She said as soon as she saw Alex sitting behind his desk.
Alex smiled. “Yes, I did.” He almost seemed proud of it. “But I did it to help you. Just like you helped Evelyn when you lied to her.”
Emma blushed. “I didn’t get her spanked by lying to her and she really needed the help.”
“So did you.” Alex replied. “Did you really believe we spank those that come for our help? We would run out of customers quickly.”
“I can’t understand why I believed you!” Emma replied. “I should have known Evelyn would have never let you spank her. You just made that up so you could spank me.”
“Well Emma, perhaps you believed me, just so you could let me spank you.”
Emma blushed. “That’s ridiculous.”
“Is it? I distinctly remember you learned a valuable lesson by the end. Even if it wasn’t the lesson I had intended. You even bared your own bottom for the last part.” Emma’s blush reached a whole new shade of red. “And even if you did not learn a lesson, you were definitely enjoying it, I haven’t often seen a girl as wet as you were.”
Emma blushed deeply, unable to deny the truth of what he was saying.
“Did you at least bring me some better grades this week? Or do you secretly wish for another spanking?” The councillor asked.
“I do not!” Emma gasped for breath. “Besides, we didn’t have any assignments for French this week. So I couldn’t bring you anything new.”
The councillor smiled. “Well, did you at least study harder, like I told you?”
Emma stared at him confused for a moment. “I didn’t have anything to study for, we didn’t get any assignments.”
Alex raised an eyebrow at her. “That doesn’t mean you have nothing to study for, young lady. This is exactly the way of thinking I’m trying to cure you off.”
He stood up from behind his desk, Emma was still standing near the doorway like she had just entered.
“Instead of being lazy when you come home from school, you should review and study the topics you saw earlier that day and prepare for the next lesson. I think you should join me on the sofa again, so I can make sure I get through to you.”
Emma blushed. “No way, I’m not letting you spank me again.”
Alex had made his way to the sofa and sat down. “Then why are you here? You could’ve send me an angry letter instead of coming over. That would have been a lot safer. No, I think I was right before, when I said you wanted me to spank you.”
Emma looked at the door behind her. She had said what she wanted to say, she should just leave now and never come back. So why was she hesitating? Was he right and did she actually want this? The arousal she could already feel building between her legs seemed to indicate so.
“If you leave now, you’ll never know what you really wanted.” The councillor said reading her mind. “But if you take your punishment now, you can still decide to never come back or make a weekly appointment.”
Emma blushed, she didn’t believe she wanted a weekly appointment to have her bottom tanned. But she made her way to the sofa anyway. “Only if you’re honest too. You’re not just doing this to help me. You could help me like you help other clients; but you know I don’t really need your help. You just enjoy spanking me.”
“Take off your pants.” Alex commanded.
Emma’s face flushed. Had she unconsciously chosen the more protective jeans over last week’s dress for this meeting? Lowering it for him made the whole situation another degree of embarrassing, but her choice was made and slowly she removed her pants.
“You’re right of course.” Alex said. “I loved spanking you and I’ll love doing it again every time you choose to come back for more. Maybe you don’t need my help, but you can surely use some of it anyway.”
A single thought occupied Emma’s mind when Alex admitted this. As she bent over his lap she promised herself: This time she wasn’t leaving before he fucked her.

A quick update

yes, daddy? panties

Hello everyone,

It’s been nearly a month since my last new story, so I wanted to give you guys a quick update on what’s going on in my life.

A little over a week ago, my wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Which means, as a daddy I’ve had my hands full with changing diapers, soothing tummy aches and helping mummy with everything I can. It also means I haven’t written a single story in all this time.

I’ll soon be going back to work and aim to start writing again as a sort of routine starts to return to our lives. You can expect new stories in the next few weeks; or I might write something now while she’s sleeping…

All the best

The dream

Naked woman in a forest

The following story will likely be the start of a new novel. I decided to share it, to see what people think of it before I commit the time to dive deeper into this idea.

Tall, dark trees surrounded Emily as she woke. Their bare branches seemed to be reaching down towards her, grasping, flailing. She did not know where she was. It was dark and the forest that surrounded her was unfamiliar; there seemed to be nothing but trees wherever she looked. The light by which she could see seemed to be coming from nowhere. Emily had vague memories of going to bed in her home in the city; but out here, her only bed was a soft mound of moss. It was strangely warm, in this empty, silent place. This unnatural silence and the strange darkness hiding behind the trees scared her. Emily was afraid to move from where she had been sleeping; but the longer she waited, the more vulnerable she felt. She was naked. She remembered taking off her clothes before going to bed; another vague memory that did not align with her current situation.
An eerie, deep voice suddenly broke the silence. “It is okay. You can come out now.” It said. Emily blushed and covered her naked body with her hands; but there was nowhere to hide from this strong, masculine voice. “Don’t be afraid, nothing can hurt you here.” It appealed. Emily turned around, facing the direction the voice seemed to come from. The trees seemed less menacing there; their branches lush and covered with leafs. She chose to follow the warm, welcoming voice rather than fleeing into the dark row of trees. The forest lost some of its warmth as Emily left the mound of moss and strode towards the greener part of the woods. “That’s it.” The voice said. “Come to me.” A silhouette appeared between the trees ahead of her.
Emily stopped. With one arm, she covered her breasts, the hand on the other her crotch. “Who are you?” She asked. “Where am I?”
“Don’t be ashamed.” The voice said. “I am here to help you.” The silhouette moved towards her through the trees. It was a man of indistinguishable age; broad at the shoulders and narrow at the hips. His hair was long and black as the night sky, his eyes nearly as dark. He was as naked as she was, his skin was dark and stretched taut across his muscles. A tuft of dark black hair grew above his member; it was as large as only the most well-endowed of men could boast. He stepped towards her, unashamed of his nudity.
“Please.” Emily said; still frantically trying to cover her own nudity. “What’s going on?”
The man reached her and placed his hands on her shoulders. “It’s okay.” He said. “I know this must be confusing for you; but you can trust me.” He looked down into her eyes. His hands were warm and welcoming.
Looking up at this man, his naked body so close to hers, Emily felt oddly comforted. She relaxed, her arms slipping down as she gave up her effort in hiding her body from sight. It felt hypocritical to hide her nudity while he flaunted his. “What’s your name?” She asked him.
The man let go of her arms. “My name can be whatever you want it to be.” He said. “I am here only for you. I came to guide you to the other side.”
“The other side of what?” Emily asked. The man moved away from her, expecting her to follow him. “Do you really not have a name? What shall I call you then?” She called after him.
“Call me whatever you like.” The man said as he looked over his shoulder. “I am here to serve you after all.”
The man moved silently through the forest. Emily followed him hesitantly. He was the only thing she knew was real, she had felt his warm hands on her shoulders. The rest: the trees, the ground, the dark sky; it all seemed far away, somehow disconnected from the two of them and their short journey. She did not give him a name, not until she knew what he was.
The darkness changed. Light was shining somewhere up ahead. There were voices too, people moving between the trees, for now still too far for them to see her. Emily slowed, afraid of these strangers. The man she followed had led her to a dark, deep river. “They can’t see you.” The man said. “They don’t know where you are.” Emily approached the river. The others turned to watch her, but they did not come closer. She wondered if they were naked like her, but she could not see them clearly in the darkness. “You must swim across.” The man told her. “It’s the only way you can reach the other side.”
Emily reached out to touch the water. It was cold, very cold. “The other side of what?” She asked.
“The other side of everything.” The man said.
Emily was sweating. “Am I dead?” She asked the man. “Is this the way to the other side of life? What happens if I don’t cross this river?”
“You will remain her forever.” The man said. “Trapped in the darkness, wandering the forest between past and future. You need to cross the river and let its water clean the sins of your past.”
Emily bit her lip. The man only answered half her questions, but she could guess the answer to the others. If she really was dead, she could not remember how it had happened. She felt a tang of regret for the things that could have been, the plans that would forever be unfulfilled, the people she’d miss. But if she were to believe this man, there was no turning back; only eternal torment in the dark. “Are you an angel?” She asked the man.
“I will protect you.” He answered. “I will guard you with my life so you may reach the other side.
Emily decided what this man’s name was: ‘Angel’. For that is what she believed he must be, her guardian-angel. She only wished he could be more straight-forward in his answers. “Very well.” She said. “I trust you.” She stepped out into the river.
The water was cold; Emily was submerged in seconds. There seemed to be no current and she swam easily to the other side. The light came closer the further she swam. It was a large glowing sphere, floating in the air just beyond the bank. Angel was standing below it, reaching out his hand. Emily took it and he pulled her out of the river. He guided her towards the light; but it did not warm her. Water kept streaming down her body, blocking the heat from touching her skin.
“It’s not enough.” Angel said. “You need to atone for your sins before being welcomed by the light.”
Emily nodded. She understood. She had not been perfect in life, no-one was. If there was a final judgement when your life was over, it could not be washed away by the cold water of even the clearest river.
“Will you accept your penance before being granted the mercy of the light?” Angel asked.
“Yes.” Emily said. “I will accept what is my due.”
“Raise your hands towards the light.” Angel said before he walked away from her.
Emily raised her hands; water was still streaming down her arms, seemingly coming out of nowhere. There were still people around and she blushed that these strangers would be witnesses of her final judgement. There is no shame, she told herself, in submitting to the light and confessing your sins.
When Angel returned, he carried a switch, carved from the trees in the forest. Emily’s breath caught at the sight of the sharp, wicked implement. She had not believed her punishment could have been physical, not in this after-life, a world beyond the physical realm. With her hands raised towards the light, her naked body was vulnerable and exposed as Angel switched her across her backside. She bit back a yelp of surprise. “Do not stray from the light.” Angel said. “You must accept this punishment and reach for the light.”
Emily strained to keep her hands up in the air, almost able to grasp the light. As she did, Angel switched her behind, again and again. The sting in her bottom grew sharply as the switch left long red stripes across her pale buttocks. The pain felt wrong, like part of the world she had left behind, how could pain like this be part of the beautiful light she was trying to find? Tears ran down her cheeks as the pain became almost unbearable; but still the cold water streamed down her skin, enhancing the sting of her burning, red bottom. It was more than she could take. She knew she was not without sin, but this seemed too much, too unfair. She turned away from the light, tried to move her hands to protect her tortured backside. She could not, she could not move her hands from where they were enveloped by the light. “What’s going on?” She shrieked. “What are you doing?”
“I am only helping you.” Angel said as he relentlessly switched her bottom. “Years of sin cannot be erased in just a few moments of pain.”
“No!” Emily screamed. “No, this can’t be real! You can’t be an angel.”
“I never said I was.” Angel said. He hit her again, the sharp switch biting deeply into her bottom.
Emily noticed a tree on the bank of the river, one she hadn’t noticed before. Its branches reached towards the light. From one of them a length of rope extended downwards towards her hands, tied tightly around her wrists. “No!” She cried. “Why are you doing this to me?” The man – he was no angel – did not answer. He never touched her, only used the switch to make her beg and plead. “This can’t be real.” Emily said in-between sobbing cries. “You can’t be real.”
“I am real.” The man said. “As real as the light, the trees and the river.”
Emily looked behind her. The river, how could that be real; with the water still streaming down her body long after she had climbed out of it. There was no river, the water fell from the sky, like rain, continuously soaking her skin with its wet cold. The tree, was it real or not? Emily looked up at its branches, biting back the pain of the switch, fighting to see what was really there. Its bark was smooth and it had only one branch, the one to which she was tied. The branch reached out for the light, cupping it, carrying it. It was a lantern, the light nothing more than a streetlamp beside the road outside her home. None of it was real. The cold rain streamed down her naked body and the pain in her bottom abated as the merciless whipping of the switch stopped. Emily looked around her, but the man was nowhere to be seen.
It had not all been a dream. The red welts on her bottom were painfully real. Her skin was cold and sensitive as she stood naked in the rain. The rope was real as well, it tied her hands to the lantern, mere feet from her front door. The door was open, she must have wandered through it in a trance, woken from her bed by the man who had done this to her. The street was empty, devoid of strangers. She wondered if anyone had seen what had happened, if the people in her dream had been real or not. Emily struggled in her restraints. She feared that if she did not escape, daylight would come soon. How long until people would come out in the rain and find her like this? Naked and tied to a pole, her bottom covered in red marks from the switch. She blushed furiously, the shame she had forgotten in the forest, returning in full effect.
“How did you escape?”
Emily screamed, afraid that the man had returned.
“Please, I will not hurt you.” A man said as he approached her, a different man. He was fully dressed; the rain ran down his long, wet coat. He looked real, like part of this world.
Emily struggled in her bonds as he came closer, ashamed of her nudity, unable to hide herself. “No, please.” She said.
“You don’t know how lucky you were.” The man said. “I’ve never seen anyone…” Emily turned her back to him as he came closer. “Never mind.” The man said, his warm breath right by her neck as he reached for the rope. “This is not the time.” There was a sudden tug and suddenly her hands were freed. Blood rushed back through her wrists, her numb hands burning with returned sensations. “I will find you again.” The man said. “We’ll talk when you’re ready.”
Emily turned around again, her hands instinctively covering her body even though the man had already seen all there was to see. He was gone. She stood shivering, alone in the cold, dark rain. It took her a moment to realise she was free. With a squeal, she turned and ran to her front door; she slammed it shut behind her.
There was no sign in her home of a forced entrance. The short walk from the front door to her bedroom showed no signs of her passing. The blankets on her bed were thrown aside from where she had lain, but there was no sign of a struggle. It all seemed like she had walked out into the cold on her own. The only remaining signs of what had happened were the marks of rope on her wrists and the long, red welts on her bottom. Afraid to fall asleep again, Emily locked all the doors and then turned on all the lights in her house. When all was done, she locked herself in the bathroom and waited for the sun to rise.