The girl next door

Naked girl staring out the window

Summer-break was only two days old and Sophie was already bored out of her mind. What was a twenty-year-old girl to do all day out in the suburbs, living with her parents? All year, she’d live in the city, among friends; but these two months of summer were lonely and dull. That one week in August when she’d go on a trip with her friends seemed still far away.
The problem was of course, that nobody near her own age lived close-by. She had no-one to hang out with except her own parents.
There was the couple across the street however. They had moved in last year while she was in college. They were the closest to her age by a far margin, somewhere in their late twenties.
Still, Sophie didn’t think they’d have much in common. Anyone who freely choose to live a boring, dull life in the suburbs couldn’t possibly have anything to offer a city-girl like her.
They were her only hope though, and alone in her room, Sophie stared out the window at the house across the street. It was dark outside and she couldn’t see much; but a light was burning in a room on her neighbours second floor.
Sophie wondered if they’d just forgotten the light, or whether they would be returning. She had turned off her own light so they wouldn’t catch her peeking on them if they did. She knew it wasn’t polite to spy on her neighbours, but she was bored and had nothing else to do.
When the door to the empty room opened and her neighbours entered, Sophie blushed. The man was wearing only his boxer-shorts and the girl was completely naked.
Sophie turned away from the window, embarrassed for what she had seen. She could not help herself though and turned to watch again, shyly moving towards the window.
The couple was kissing. The man’s back was turned to the window, so she could no longer see his naked wife. Her hands were grabbing his shoulders, her fingers digging deep into her skin.
Sophie couldn’t avert her gaze. She hadn’t seen the couple before. The man was very handsome, with broad shoulders and a well-muscled back. His boxers were tight across his hips and firm buttocks.
For a moment, she imagined those hands on his shoulders to be hers. She had not seen much of his wife, but that short glimpse of her naked body told her they looked alike. That same slim built with firm breasts and wide hips; the same pale skin and long brown hair.
When the couple moved to the bed, Sophie wondered if they didn’t realize everyone could see them; or if they were just caught up in the act. Nobody ever came outside at night in this boring neighborhood of course; but with their curtains open and lights on they were in plain sights for peeping toms like Sophie.
When the man turned around to sit down on the edge of the bed, Sophie admired his broad chest before admiring his wife. Her pale skin looked soft and vulnerable in the light, looking in from the darkness.
She knelt on the bed, but did not straddle her husband like Sophie had expected. Instead, she bent down and draped herself across her husband’s lap. With her hips resting on her husband’s knees, her bottom was raised high in her air.
Sophie blushed when her neighbor spanked his wife. She watched in fascination how he raised his hand and smacked her upturned bottom; how his wife arched her back and rocked her hips, obviously enjoying the treatment.
As a college-girl, Sophie considered herself far from innocent; but she had not expected this boring, suburban couple to be so kinky. While she was adventurous herself, Sophie’s experiments with BDSM hadn’t gone farther than blindfolds and handcuffs. She’d certainly never been spanked.
Her neighbor’s spanking turned out to be more than just a few playful swats. Her husband’s hand kept raining down on her raised bottom while Sophie watched.
Sophie nearly pushed her face up against the window, trying to see what was happening. She wished she could hear them; she could imagine it lively: the sound of the spanking, the moaning and squealing of her neighbor.
She imagined she could see a trace of red on her neighbor’s bottom, even from this distance all the way across the street. Her poor bottom must hurt, but she did not show any signs of struggle except for the occasional kicking of her legs or shaking of her head.
When the woman slid down from her husband’s lap, Sophie wondered how long she had been sitting at her window, how long she’d been staring.
Now kneeling at her husband’s feet, Sophie could really see the shade of red on her neighbor’s bottom. She could not see what she was doing; but the motions were obvious when the woman bent forward, putting her face right in front of her husband’s lap, bobbing up and down as he grabbed her by the hair.
Sophie blushed as she witnessed her neighbor giving her husband a blowjob. Was she thanking him for her spanking, or making up for whatever it was that had gotten her spanked? She wondered.
The woman stood up at a command Sophie could not hear. She got a short glimpse of her neighbor’s erection now that his boxers were down, before his spanked wife straddled his lap.
When the man grabbed his wife’s sore red bottom in both hands, Sophie felt her own hands reaching down into her trousers. She gasped when she noticed how wet she was. Her panties soaked with arousal from watching her neighbor’s spanking.
She blushed deeply, but could not help herself as she touched her hot pussy and swollen clit.
After the long and sensuous spanking, the aftermath was quick. Her neighbor rode her husband roughly until – Sophie imagined – they both came with loud and shuddering orgasms. Sophie herself, who had been watching this whole time, had not enjoyed the same physical sensations; but she came just as quickly as they did. Shuddering uncontrollably, she moaned softly as she leaned against the window, still spying on her neighbors.

Two dull, boring days passed after that night and Sophie did not catch her neighbors having sex again. She looked out her window both nights; but either her neighbors had remembered to close the curtains, or they were just not doing anything.
She had not contacted them either. They might not be as boring as she had originally thought. But she wasn’t sure she could talk to them without blushing as she remembered what she’d seen.
On the third day since spying on them however, Sophie heard something as she passed by their house. She was just walking on the sidewalk on their side of the street and just as she was about to cross to her parent’s home, she heard it.
A soft noise, like someone slowly clapping their hands.
No-one who heard it would think about it twice. Unless, like Sophie, you had seen what happened in her neighbor’s bedroom.
Sophie walked past the hedge to their driveway, but all the curtains were closed. She hesitated for a moment, wondering if she should just ignore the sound and go home; but she was just so bored.
Slowly, Sophie walked up the driveway to the front-door. A small cobblestone path ran around the house and into the garden. Sophie followed it until she saw a large window on the side of the building.
The sound of a spanking seemed louder here and Sophie sneaked into the garden, hiding behind a large bush of roses. From her hiding space, she could see inside and was rewarded with a view of her neighbor’s bottom, red and draped across her husband’s lap.
Sophie blushed deeply. What was she doing? Spying on her neighbors, trespassing into their garden. But despite the slight shame she felt at peeping, she did not turn away.
They were not naked this time, except for her neighbor’s raised skirt and missing panties. The man was seated on a kitchen chair, his wife dangling across his knee. Her hands and feet rested on the kitchen floor.
This time, Sophie could hear the sounds of the spanking, the ringing smack when the man’s hand connected with his wife’s bottom and her squeals and moans in response. She could now see the look on their faces; the woman’s pain and distress and her husband’s strict gaze.
The woman’s bottom wasn’t just red, it was glowing. Sophie realized how much it must hurt from her kicking and squealing. She wondered if she had been wrong the other night, when she thought she was enjoying her spanking; but no, her motions and the sex that had followed had certainly indicated that she liked it.
Hidden behind the bush in her neighbor’s garden, Sophie raised her own skirt and rubbed her bottom. Already a bit of moisture was gathering in the fabric of her panties. She realized she might not be able to stay until after the spanking; she had to leave before they were done.
With one hand, she stroked her lips inside her panties, the other squeezing her backside as she imagined the pain of a spanking. It was exhilarating, standing in a stranger’s garden, touching herself. She felt naughty, spying on them like she was; it made the fantasy of getting a spanking much more realistic.
It was an odd contrast, her own pleasure, compared to her neighbor’s squeals of pain and discomfort. Sophie moaned softly, shaking on her legs as she fingered herself behind the rosebush.
When the spanking stopped and her neighbor got off her husband’s lap, Sophie bit her lip. She was not done yet, but they could see her any moment. Her fingers moved quickly, yearning for release before she was caught.
The man pointed at the corner of the room and the woman walked towards it, away from the window. Sophie sighed a breath of relief when her neighbor left the room, leaving his wife behind with her hands on her head; facing the corner unable to see out the window.
Sophie blushed as she spied on her neighbor standing in the corner like a naughty girl, her red bottom on display. No-one knew of course, except for her husband and Sophie who was peeping on them.
When she finally came, Sophie bit her hand, trying to smother her moans so that she\d not be heard. She blushed deeply, only now fully realizing she had been masturbating in her neighbor’s garden, while staring at his wife’s red, spanked bottom. Sophie quietly left the way she had come.

Sophie wasn’t usually this obsessed with the sex-lives of others; but there was just nothing else for her to do while she spent the summer at home. Every day, when she passed he neighbor’s home, she listened and hoped she might catch them at it again. She blamed her obsession on the spankings themselves, it was just so exotic, something she had never seen or experienced before.
Twice more in the following two weeks, Sophie sneaked into the garden to see her neighbor get spanked and each time, the spanking ended with her neighbor standing in the corner with a red bottom on display; and Sophie pleasuring herself, hidden behind the rosebush.
The guilt she’d felt at spying on them increased every time she did it; but she could not contain her curiosity whenever she heard those faint sounds of spanking coming from their home.
In the evening on the day she’d trespassed into their garden for the third time, Sophie was in her room when the doorbell rang. Curious, for they never got visitors, Sophie made her way downstairs, just as her mother answered the door.
It was her neighbor; the woman Sophie had witnessed getting a spanking just a few hours ago.
From atop the staircase, Sophie listened in on their conversation. It turned out that the woman was looking for her. Neighborly as her mother was, she invited her in and pointed her towards her daughter’s bedroom.
Blushing, Sophie ran to her bedroom and waited for her visitor. She was nervous, fearing that she might have seen her trespassing in her garden, spying on her when her husband spanked her.
“Enter.” She said when she knocked at her door.
The woman entered, she still wore the same flowery dress as before. It was short and barely covered her bottom. Sophie wondered if it was still red; was she wearing panties underneath or were those still off as well?
“Hello Sophie, my name’s Emma, I live just across the street.” She reached out to shake her hand.
Sophie blushed and took the woman’s hand. “Nice to meet you, Emma.” She said.
“Your mother told me you’d be coming home for the summer; but I never had the chance to come say hello.” Emma said.
“Oh, that’s okay.” Sophie said. “You must be busy.”
Emma smiled. “You must be bored, all alone out here. You should come visit me and my husband sometime. I imagine we’re the only ones anywhere close to your own age.”
Sophie nodded. “That would be great.” She said, all the while wondering if she could enter their home without blushing whenever she looked at them.
“Do you like flowers?” Emma asked. “We have a rose bush right outside our kitchen window. You can come and pick some of the flowers anytime you want. Just make sure you give us a heads-up first. We wouldn’t want to think you were trespassing or anything.”
Sophie blushed deeply. Was that a hint, did she know? The woman was staring at her intently. Sophie swallowed. “Of course.” She said.
The woman smiled again. “Great.” She said. “That’s settled then, well I have to be going. I hope you’ll come over and visit us soon.”
The woman left her room as suddenly as she had come. Sophie’s heart was racing. They must know, she thought. They must have seen her. Emma’s visit was obviously a warning.

That didn’t stop Sophie of course. Two days after Emma’s visit, she heard her get another spanking from her husband. It surprised her how often they did it. At least twice a week, Emma spent time across her husband’s lap; and that was only the times Sophie caught them.
Sophie hesitated at the edge of their property. Emma’s visit was still clear in her mind; but all she could imagine now was the same woman, dangling helplessly across her husband’s knee.
She just had to be careful, she told herself. Slowly, she made her way into the garden. As quietly as possible, she sneaked up behind the rosebush.
Her neighbors were in the now familiar position where Emma’s husband sat on a kitchen chair and her bare bottom raised in the air above his knee. Careful not to be seen, Sophie unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them down together with her panties; her bottom bared in their garden, just like Emma’s bottom was bared for her to see.
It almost felt like baring her bottom for a spanking; after Emma’s warning and out here in the open, she felt naughty and vulnerable.
Sophie had missed the start of Emma’s punishment, her bottom was already quite red. She preferred masturbating during the spanking; but she knew she had some time left while Emma stood in the corner.
She was still touching herself, her fingers digging deep into her wet pussy when she heard a voice. “You can stop hiding.”
Sophie had been so focused on watching Emma in the corner of the kitchen, that she had not noticed her husband entering the garden. With a deep blush, she pulled up her shorts and stepped out of her hiding place.
“I’m sorry.” She said. “I was just…”
“We know what you were doing.” The man said, interrupting her. He walked across the grass towards her and Sophie’s heart started racing. This was the man who spanked his wife. What was he going to do to her for spying on them?
“I’m sorry.” She said. “I didn’t mean to disturb you, I didn’t see anything.”
The man raised an eyebrow, he stood but an arm’s length away from her. He was quite intimidating, tall and strong as he was.
“You didn’t?” He asked. “This isn’t the first time I noticed you sneaking around. I even sent Emma to talk to you, and you still want me to believe you aren’t spying on us.”
Sophie looked at the grass around her feet. “I’m sorry. You’re right. I shouldn’t be here. I won’t so it again… ehm, what’s your name?”
“It’s Michael, but you can call me Sir.” He replied.
Sophie blushed. “Of course, Sir. I’m sorry for spying on you.”
“You know what Sophie, I’m not stupid, I realize how bored you must be out here with your parents. I don’t know how you found out about our secret; but I understand why you’d be curious. So, let’s make a deal. You can ask me three questions about anything you want and in return you promise me to never spy on us again, so we can forget this ever happened.” Michael said.
Still blushing, Sophie looked up at her neighbor. Was she really getting of that easy? “What kind of questions?” She asked.
“Anything.” Michael said. “I imagine you’re curious about what you’ve seen, aren’t you?”
Sophie nodded, taking a moment to think about she should ask. She looked over her shoulder, seeing Emma still standing in the corner.
“The first time I saw you.” She said. “I saw you have sex after you spanked Emma. But every other time, she has to stand in the corner and nothing else happens.”
Michael smiled. “When Emma’s been a good girl, she gets her spanking as a reward; but when she’s naughty, it’s a punishment and she has to stand in the corner. The latter kind of spanking is usually quite a bit harder than the former.
Sophie blushed. She had been wondering about this for a while. She had even thought it might be discipline, but she had not believed until Michael told her.
“Why does she let you discipline her … so often?” Sophie asked, quickly merging two questions into one.
Michael laughed. “Emma is very submissive and loves it when I’m in charge. She doesn’t just let me spank her, she has completely given up control to me and lets me decide when she’s been a good girl deserving of a reward, or a bad girl deserving a spanking. And to why she gets spanked so often, it’s because she likes to act a bit like a brat. She secretly loves getting disciplined by me, because it reminds her of who’s in control. Have you never felt that way, Sophie? Haven’t you ever done something that you thought was bad and you deserved to be punished, if only there was someone there to take charge and put you across their knee?”
Sophie blushed and looked away. “Maybe, but not the part about the spanking.” She admitted. Trespassing into her neighbor’s garden and spying on them had certainly been one of those moments.
“Well, I’m sure that’s what you’ll be thinking about, next time when you do something naughty.” Michael said.
Sophie bit her lip and wondered about her third question.
“What will you do, if I were to break my promise and spy on you again?” She asked.
Michael raised an eyebrow. “I will do what Emma suggested to me when we saw you in our garden today.” He said.
Sophie’s heart was racing. “What did she suggest?” She asked.
“Emma said, I should bring you inside so you could be spanked right alongside her.” Michael said.
Sophie swallowed.
“So, I better not see you out here again, am I clear?” Michael asked.
“Yes, Sir.” Sophie answered. “Can I leave now?”
Michael crossed his arms. “Aren’t you forgetting something?” Sophie blushed. “Your promise?” Michael reminded her.
Sophie folded her hands in front of herself. “I promise I won’t spy on you again, Sir.” She said.
“Thank you, Sophie.” Michael said. “You can go now.”

Several days passed and Sophie avoided going near Michael and Emma’s house. She was afraid that if she heard them, she would be unable to resist temptation and get caught. Part of her however, could not stop fantasizing about what would happen if she did break her promise.
These first few weeks of summer, her neighbor’s secret, kinky sex-life was all that had kept her from going insane with boredom. The truth was of course, that she was deeply curious to how it felt like to be spanked.
When she thought back about her time hiding behind the rosebush, masturbating while Emma got spanked by her husband; she remembered squeezing her cheeks while she heard the smacks on Emma’s behind, or pulling down her shorts to bare her bottom just like hers. It hadn’t just been the naughty feeling of spying or public masturbation that had her aroused; it was the spanking itself and the idea of submitting to a man to be punished that had her shuddering and yearning for the release of an orgasm.
Emma suggested it herself. Sophie argued with herself some days. She wouldn’t mind it, if her husband spanked a young woman who had been spying on them. It would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, something she’d never forget; and something she’d never have to repeat if she did not want to.
The idea of being spanked by Michael turned her on greatly. She knew that all she had to do was break her promise. She wondered if he thought that she would. Her third question had suggested it after all. There was no doubt in her mind that he would enjoy spanking her and was hoping to catch her spying on them again.
It was this thought that made Emma return to Emma and Michael’s garden. Michael didn’t really want her to keep her promise, she thought. It was more like an opportunity, a way for her to show that she wanted to be spanked by him.
She passed by her neighbor’s garden every day, hoping to hear the sounds of Emma’s punishment; and every day, she was afraid that today would be that day.
When she finally heard those now-familiar sounds of a spanking, she froze just outside their driveway. This was it, she thought. She could either turn around and never think about it again; or she could sneak inside and get caught.
Slowly, she made her way up the driveway. She had thought she was nervous when spying on them before, but it was nothing compared to what she felt now. It was also the most exciting thing that would happen all summer, so she pushed her fears aside and crept towards the rosebush, peeping through the window where Emma was face-down across Michael’s knee.
It wasn’t long after her entrance, that the spanking stopped. Sophie wondered if she’d been seen; Emma’s bottom wasn’t as red as it would usually be after her spanking. Too nervous to touch herself, she had just been standing there to watch.
“Sophie!” A voice called, Michael entered the garden.
With a blush, Sophie got out of her hiding place.
Michael approached with long, quick strides. “What are you doing here?” He asked. “You promised not to spy on us anymore.”
Sophie blushed deeply. “I’m sorry, but I…”
“No buts.” Michael interrupted her. “Emma and I both warned you not to spy on us. I even told you what would happen if I saw you here again. Are you going to tell me you didn’t understand what I said last time I caught you spying?”
“No.” Sophie said, staring at her feet.
“So, you know what’s going to happen now?” Michael asked.
Sophie blushed. “Yes, Sir.”
Michael was quiet for a moment, Sophie looked up at him and saw him staring down at her, his arms crossed in front of his chest.
“Very well.” He said. “Follow me, you knew what you were getting yourself into.”
Sophie bit her lip, but obediently followed Michael to the back of the house and in through the back door. She felt vulnerable suddenly, in his house with no way to escape. She followed him into the kitchen, where Emma was still standing in the corner.
Without the window separating them, Emma’s red bottom was suddenly much more real than it had been before. This wasn’t just some scene she was looking at, this was actually happening.
“Go stand in that corner.” Michael said, pointing at the opposite side of the room. “I know how much you like to watch, so you don’t have to face the wall. Take a good look, because you’re going to be next.”
Without a word, Sophie moved to the corner of the room.
Michael sat down on the chair. “Emma, you can come out now, we weren’t done yet.”
Emma turned around, her pussy suddenly catching Sophie’s eyes as she was holding her skirt in her hands. She blushed slightly when she saw Sophie staring at her. Submissively, Emma placed herself across her husband’s knee.
From across the street in her bedroom, to the garden outside the window and now just two steps away, Sophie had gotten ever closer to these spankings. Soon, she’d be so close that she’d be the one dangling over Michael’s knee.
The sound of the smacks was loud here in the same room of them, but even louder were Emma’s squeals. Sophie started to become nervous as she imagined how much her sore bottom must sting, how vulnerable she was with her legs fruitlessly kicking the air.
Michael was relentless and spanked Emma until her bottom was glowing red, until her squeals were replaced with sobs and whimpers; and all this time, Sophie could only stand and watch, knowing that she would be next.
“Get up.” Michael said.
Emma got up from her husband’s lap.
“Go back to the corner. Don’t face the wall, since Sophie has been spying on your punishments, I think it’s fair you get to see hers as well.”
Emma slowly moved to the corner and turned around to see the room. Sophie was blushing, waiting for Michael to tell her to come to him.
He made her wait, seconds seemed minutes in the completely silent room. Sophie’s fear was slowly being replaced by impatience. She deserved this spanking, didn’t she? Then what was he waiting for?
“Come here, Sophie.” Michael said.
Sophie flinched, caught off guard at the sudden command. He had been waiting for her to realize that he was in charge, not her. Slowly, she made stepped closer, standing in front of his chair.
“Raise your dress.” Michael said.
Sophie blushed, all this time, she had not considered this part of her punishment. Michael would definitely spank her on her bare bottom, just like he did his wife. She would be completely exposed.
Slowly she raised her dress. Michael waited patiently, as if he had all the time in the world for her to reveal her panties. They were black and covered in lace. Sophie had chosen them purposefully not to be embarrassed by them if she were to get caught; just like she’d been wearing skirts and dresses ever since she’d decided to go through with this. Emma always wore them as well.
Finally, with her dress raised all the way below her breasts, Michael raised his hands to stop her. He grabbed her panties between his index fingers and thumbs at her hips. Sophie blushed deeply as he pulled them down.
“Step out.” Michael said as he dropped her panties all the way to her ankles. When she did, he picked them up and tucked them into his pocket. Sophie blushed deeply, wondering if she’d ever see those panties again.
Michael was sitting up straight, now staring right at her pussy. “Get across my lap, young lady.” He said.
Sophie moved to the side of the chair, slowly lowering herself across Michael’s lap. She placed her hand on the ground to keep her balance while Michael grabbed her hips and shifted her forwards until her bottom was right above his lap.
She blushed deeply when she felt his erection pressing against her pubic bone. She had known he’ would be excited, but she hadn’t thought she’d feel it this intimately. She knew she’d be excited herself, she wondered how wet she was and how much of it Michael would see.
When Michael stroked her bottom with his hand, Sophie moaned softly in anticipation.
“I would’ve rather given you a good girl spanking, Sophie.” Michael said. “But a naughty girl like you, who breaks her promises and spies on people deserves a good hard spanking and a bright red bottom.”
Sophie blushed, but did not protest.
“Well, don’t you have anything to say for yourself?” Michael asked.
“No, Sir.” Sophie replied. “You’re right, I deserve to be punished.”
Michael raised his hand and smacked her bottom.
Sophie moaned softly. The pain wasn’t that bad. Just a slight stinging sensation spreading through her cheek. Michael smacked the other side and Sophie moaned again. The sting nicely balancing out the first.
Slowly, Michael built up the intensity of her spanking, alternating between cheeks and increasing the sting with each smack. He did not slow down our pause, only ever increasing the strength behind each swat with his big, strong hand.
Sophie moaned deeply, occasionally squealing softly as a particularly hard smack landed. The pain was building, but somehow still bearable, pleasurable even. It was like she had fantasized it would be. She imagined the excitement building between her legs, her pussy glistening wet and dripping down her thighs. She wouldn’t be able to hide it as she kicked her legs, dangling over Michael’s lap.
But the excitement didn’t last. The smacks kept coming, ever harder and the pain took over the excitement. Sophie’s moans became grunts and screams. She started to realize that she was in deep trouble and her spanking was long from over. She wondered if she’d made a mistake letting herself got caught; she no longer had any control of the situation.
There was no way to turn back now, she’d have to see this punishment through until the end; but above all, she realized she deserved this. Her behavior these last few days had led her to this, spying on people, trespassing on their property, ignoring their warnings and breaking her promise. What did she expect would happen? She could blame her boredom, the dull days at her parent’s house; but the decisions had been her own. Even the decision to get caught, because deep down she had known, she deserved to be punished for her misbehavior.
As the pain in her bottom mixed with shame and guilt, Sophie squirmed and whimpered. Her bottom was bright red and it felt like it was on fire. “I’m sorry.” She said. “I won’t do it again, I promise.”
Michael didn’t listen to her. Why would he? She hadn’t kept her last promise either. His hand kept raining down on her bottom and Sophie kicked and squealed.
Somewhere, Emma was watching. Sophie wondered if she was smiling, seeing her get punished for spying on her. Or was she excited, like Sophie had been while she was watching Emma go through the same thing. Was she perhaps touching herself right now, just like she had?
Even through the pain of her spanking, Emma blushed, feeling a drop of excitement at the thought of Emma touching herself while watching her. But no, Emma stood in the corner with her hands on her head, she would not be able to touch herself.
The thought disappeared as quickly as it had come. The pain in her bottom was all consuming. Again she begged Michael to stop, promising to be a good girl, promising to never spy on them again.
When he finally stopped, Sophie lay whimpering across his lap, tears rolling down her eyes. After a moment, Michael told her to stand.
Sophie slowly stood, afraid to look at Emma. She had never seen her cry; ashamed for her tears, she averted her eyes.
“I’m sorry I had to be this strict with you, Sophie.” Michael said. “But I needed you to understand this spanking was a punishment and not for fun.”
Sophie nodded.
“Don’t be ashamed of your tears.” He said. “Emma has cried across my lap more than once. When she gets spanked as hard as you did today, she always does.”
Sophie blushed and looked up at Michael. So, she had been spanked harder than Emma had. Of course, she had probably deserved it more. What had Emma been spanked for? Some bratty remark, perhaps? While Sophie had been spanked for spying, trespassing and breaking her promise. No wonder her bottom was twice as red as her neighbor’s wife’s.
“Now go stand in the corner next to Emma.” Michael said. “Keep your dress raised and your hands on your head until I return.”
Sophie blushed and made her way to stand next to Emma.
“Face the wall, both of you.” Michael said,
The two women turned.

A long time passed after Michael left when neither of them knew what to say.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t think he’d spank you this hard.” Emma said after a while.
Sophie blushed. “It’s okay. I probably deserved it.”
Emma looked at her and smiled. “I’m glad you think that way. You know, I’ve never had anyone to talk about these things with.”
Sophie looked at her in return. “Well, I don’t think I’ll try to get myself in trouble on purpose again after today.”
Emma laughed softly. “But you should, next time just make sure it’s something small. Some regular discipline is good for your mood, and it keeps you honest with yourself.”
Sophie blushed. “Don’t you find it weird to let your husband spank another woman?”
Emma smiled. “I have to admit, just a week ago I would have never considered it. But when we caught you spying, I got thinking about it. I really felt you deserved to be punished for it and who better to do it than my husband? It turned me on to be honest, the idea of Michael spanking another woman while I watched. That’s as much part of the reason I guess.”
“You got turned on while he spanked me?” Sophie asked, getting redder with the moment.
“Didn’t you?” Emma asked. “Didn’t you spy on us because it turned you on? Watching you across my husband’s lap, your bottom slowly turning red under his punishing hand. I was so wet, I felt it dripping down my thighs.”
Sophie swallowed. “I guess you’re right. I did enjoy watching you as well.”
Emma smiled. “Even while you were across his lap, even while you were begging for mercy, I could see how wet you were, how excited you were to be dominated by a strict man.”
Sophie blushed again. “I can’t help it.” She said. “Don’t you get turned on when he spanks you?”
“Of course.” Emma said. “Always.”
Sophie bit her lip. “But you never have sex when you get punished?”
Emma shook her head. “No, only good girls get that reward. But do you really need sex? Don’t you feel like what you’ve just experienced is just as good? It’s intimate, emotional, strong; it doesn’t need sex to be a complete experience.”
Sophie looked away. “You’re right I guess.” She said. “It’s just this feeling, this arousal, like I’m burning up inside, longing for that sweet release.”
Emma smiled. “But that’s part of it, part of the punishment because you’re not allowed to have it; part of the lesson because if you want it, you have to be a good girl; part of the submission, because he is in control, not just over pain, but pleasure as well.”
Sophie looked back at her neighbor. The way she talked, she could understand why she loved it so much, why she acted like a brat to get herself in trouble with her husband.
“That’s easy for you. But who is going to reward me, when I’m a good girl?” She asked.
Emma frowned in thought. “All good girls get rewarded in the end.” She said. “All you have to do is keep your promise.”
Sophie blushed. What was she suggesting? That she would let her husband reward her with a sensual spanking; and what, let him fuck her as well? It seemed impossible, but before she could ask her more, Michael returned to the kitchen.
“You can come out of the corner.” He said.
Both women turned around. Emma pulled down her dress from around her waist, Sophie followed her example. The weight of her dress on her bottom reminded her suddenly of her spanking and she winced at the sudden pain.
“Are you going to remember to behave more politely, Emma?” Michael asked.
“Yes, Sir.” Emma said.
Sophie blushed, she hadn’t realized Emma named her husband Sir as well.
“And you Sophie, are you going to keep our promise and stop spying on us?” Michael asked her.
“Yes, Sir.” Sophie said.
“Very well. Emma, you still have some chores to do. Sophie, it’s time you head home.” Michael said.
Emma stepped away from her and left to do her chores without question. Sophie blushed, there was no mention of returning her panties, she was still bared beneath her dress. She turned to the backdoor to leave.
She expected Michael to follow her out, but he didn’t. He was sure that she’d do as she was told. With her bottom still burning, she had no plans to be disobedient in any way.
Once outside, she checked to see if her dress covered her bottom properly and no redness was revealed, she wiped her face with her hands to hide her tears and pulled her hair in place with her fingers. No-one knows what just happened. She told herself. She repeated the phrase in her head as she crossed the street and headed home, avoiding her parents as she entered her room.
Finally alone, she raised her dress and looked at her red bottom in the mirror on her wardrobe. She touched herself, but then stopped. Michael would never find out if she masturbated; but she remembered what Emma had told her. It was part of her punishment, only good girls deserved an orgasm. She dropped her dress again and started cleaning her room. Doing chores, just like Emma was, would probably distract her enough from her stinging bottom and wet, glowing lips.

Several days passed and Sophie did not return to her neighbor’s garden to spy on them. Even when she heard the familiar noise of Emma being punished across her husband’s knee, she resisted the urge to have a look. The spanking was still too fresh in her mind, she remembered sleeping on her tummy that night, and not being able to sit comfortably the following day.
Still, there was a part of her that wished she would get spanked again someday; just like Emma had predicted. Not because it had been enjoyable; but because the idea that there would be consequences for her actions was somehow comforting. If only she had someone like Michael. Those regular spankings Emma got from her husband for being a brat were exactly what she wanted; not the harsh, severe spanking for spying and trespassing that she’d gotten herself.
More than a week passed and the boredom was slowly reasserting itself. Sophie had not visited her neighbors, for she was too embarrassed to confront them after her spanking. Luckily, the one week trip with her friends was just a few days away, giving her something to look forward to.
It was two nights before she would leave, when Emma visited her again. Just like the previous time, her mother answered the door, letting Emma in when she asked for her.
Nervously, Sophie waited in her room, wondering what Emma wanted. She knew there couldn’t be anything that had gotten her in trouble this time.
When Emma knocked her door and entered, she was smiling broadly. “Sophie! It’s been such a long time, why don’t you visit?”
Sophie blushed. Last time she saw Emma, they had talked about how wet and aroused they both got from being spanked by her husband. Both their bottoms had still been bared and red as they stood in the corner together.
“I don’t know.” She said. “I guess I felt a bit awkward after what happened last time.”
Emma still smiled. “Oh, don’t worry about that. When Michael puts you across his knee, all is forgiven and forgotten when it’s done. We’re not upset about your spying and trespassing. I won’t even mention it again.”
Sophie chuckled. It was the spanking itself that made her feel awkward, not the thought that they might still be angry. It was odd, she realized, that discipline was such a part of Emma’s life that she did not feel the same.
“I’ll see if I can come over sometime.” She said.
“Why not now?” Emma asked. “I know it’s a bit late, but Michael sent me to ask. He’s very pleased that you kept your promise and he thinks you deserve a reward.”
Sophie blushed again. She had seen what kind of rewards Emma got from her husband, a sensual spanking followed by making love. That’s not what he meant, was it? Emma couldn’t possibly approve of her husband fucking another woman; even if she didn’t mind him spanking one.
“Sure, I guess.” Sophie said, feeling confident that they had something else in mind. “Who would say no to a reward?”
Smiling, but nervous, she followed Emma out and across the street. Michael was waiting for them in the hallway.
“Sophie, I’m so glad you accepted our offer. I haven’t seen you spying on us in days, so can I assume you’ve been keeping your promise?” He asked.
“Yes, Sir.” Sophie said, blushing now that she was once more confronted with the man who had spanked her.
“After you left us last time, Emma told me that you felt left out because you knew that Emma, if she was a good girl, would be rewarded, while you only got punished for being naughty, but had no-one to reward you when being good. Is that true?” Michael asked.
Sophie blushed, she had not expected Emma to tell her husband what they had talked about.
“Yes, Sir, it’s true.” She admitted.
“Well, the last week, Emma has been very well behaved and while I planned to reward her, I thought of you. Since you joined her in one of her punishments, I thought why not let you join in one of her rewards as well.” Michael explained.
Sophie bit her lip. If she were to participate in one of Emma’s reward, then that did mean spanking and sex, didn’t it?
“Do you mean, I’d get a sensual spanking too and … what comes after?”
Michael smiled. “Emma and I have often talked about trying out a threesome; and with your submissive attitude and knowledge of our fetish, you would be a perfect third.”
Sophie blushed again. After days of thinking and dreaming of that one spanking, she was now offered another. This one however would be pleasurable, sensual. She felt the excitement in her groin, moisture already gathering between her lips, her bottom tingling with sensation for what was to come.
“I would like that.” She said. “But only if Emma agrees.”
Emma, who had been standing to the side, not talking, clapped her hands. “Of course, I agree!” She said, hugging Sophie. “I’ve been looking forward to this so much, ever since I saw you getting spanked by Michael I wanted us to do more together.”
“Well then, it seems I’ve got two good girls on my hands who deserve a reward.” Michael said. “Please, follow me upstairs, young ladies.”
Butterflies were doing summersaults in her stomach as Sophie followed her neighbors to their bedroom; her heart was beating in her throat and her body was tingling all over.
When they entered the room, she checked the window and was relieved to see the curtains were closed. She remembered vividly how she had seen them from across the street last time Emma got a reward.
“Take off your clothes please.” Michael said.
Emma started to undress and Sophie blushingly followed her lead. She wasn’t shy, but a bit embarrassed to undress at Michael’s command. Her experience in submissiveness so far was just to raise her skirt and accept a spanking she surely deserved.
Her neighbor did not slow down or stop, not even for her bra or panties. She took them off until she was completely naked. Sophie could only do the same, until she was completely exposed as well. Michael was staring at them both, his hungry smile touched something deep inside her, arousing her greatly.
When they were done, he took of his own shirt, his trousers and his socks. Only his boxers he kept on. His erection was plain however, stretching the fabric of his underwear. Sophie longed to touch it, even while his wife was there to see.
“Who wants to go first?” He asked.
Sophie licked her lips. She longed for this spanking, but Emma was his wife, so she waited for her to make the first move.
“I went first last time.” Emma said. “I think it’s Sophie’s turn now.”
Sophie’s heart jumped up again.
“Good, Sophie, come here please.” Michael said, while seating himself on the edge of the bed.
Sophie didn’t hesitate, but moved to the side of the bed, hungry for her reward. Her naked body right beside his.
“Across my lap, young lady.” Michael said.
Sophie blushed and knelt on the bed. He sounded so strict, even for a reward; and that only turned her on even more. She leaned forward across his lap. The bed supported her legs and upper body, which made the position a lot more comfortable than it had been when she was dangling across his knee on the kitchen chair.
Just like last time, she could feel his erection press up right against her pubic bone. This time there was only a thin layer of fabric separating her from its touch. The rest of his body was naked and warm against her flesh.
Softly, Michael rubbed her bottom. He used his hand to separate her legs and reveal her moist, dripping pussy. There was no way to hide her arousal from him.
Michael raised his hand and spanked her firmly. Swatting her bottom left to right. Sophie moaned and wiggled her behind, she arched her back, begging for more.
The smacks kept coming, building a warm sting in her bottom. They were softer than her previous spanking; but still pretty hard. The sting was real and slowly building into a numbing pain.
Sophie moaned or squealed after some particularly firm swat. Her bottom was glowing and sore; but it was an enjoyable pain. It was like a spicy meal, like a strong, painful massage, or a very hot shower; just on the edge of bearable.
“Can I help?” Emma asked.
Sophie looked over her shoulder. She had forgotten about Emma and how she had to witness her husband do this with another woman.
“Of course.” Michael said.
Sophie moaned deeply as Emma knelt next to her. Michael did not relent his spanking as his wife’s slender fingers trailed up Sophie’s inner thighs, following the trail of wet juices that had trickled down her legs.
She gasped when Emma’s fingers found her pussy and slipped between her lips, finding her clit. All the while, Michael’s hand kept raining down on her bottom.
Trapped between pain and pleasure, Sophie moaned and shook. Unable to control her body, she shuddered and moaned, driven to orgasm by Emma’s slender fingers and Michael’s strong hand.
Even then, Michael did not stop. Sophie squealed and moaned as he kept spanking her during her orgasm. Emma’s fingers slid down to the entrance of her pussy, and instead of relenting the pressure, she pushed them inside.
Sophie screamed.
Her body shook uncontrollably as a second orgasm took control of her body. Michael landed a few more firm swats, as she lay shaking across his lap. Then he finally stopped.
Gasping for breath, Sophie lay across her neighbor’s lap. Her bottom felt on fire, even while being massaged by Emma’s cool, soft hands. One large, warm hand lay on her lower back, Michael was holding her down still.
“Is it over?” She asked, wondering why he was holding her down.
“Only if you want it to be.” Michael said.
Sophie licked her lips. “I don’t think I could take anymore.” She admitted.
The pressure of Michael’s hand relented. “In that case, I know someone who is dying to take your place.”
With a grunt, Sophie got up from Michael’s lap. She looked at the couple with a blush; wondering how she could still be embarrassed around them after what they had just done.
Emma knelt beside her husband and took her place across his lap. Sophie stepped back, watching as she got a spanking from her husband.
This was the first time she could truly enjoy watching Emma get a spanking. She was invited, did not have to worry about being caught or fear she would be next. She enjoyed the vulnerability of Emma’s body across her husband’s lap, the slow coloring of her bottom, her moans and squeals, the movement of her body as she accepted the pleasure.
When Emma’s moans reached a higher pitch, Sophie remembered she should do more than just watch. “Can I?” She asked. Michael nodded.
Sophie had noticed Emma liked to kick her feet during her spanking, so she knelt behind her on the bed, straddling her legs so she could not move them. She bent down, to make sure she did not get in the way of Michael’s swinging arm.
She traced Emma’s inner thigh with her fingers, finding her pussy, just like she had done for her. She barely touched Emma, when her body already started to convulse. A few flicks against her clit and Emma was moaning and shaking uncontrollably.
Michael did not relent for his wife either, keeping the spanking going while Sophie brought his wife to orgasm.
Sophie pushed three fingers up her neighbor’s pussy, thrusting them deep. Emma’s body shook, but she could barely move with Sophie’s weight on her legs and her husband’s hand on her lower back.
Emma screamed and moaned as she got her good girl reward.

The two women stood together beside the bed; their bottom burning from their spankings.
“Did you like your reward?” Michael asked them.
“Yes, Sir.” The two women said in unison.
“And are you going to thank me for it?” He asked.
Sophie blushed, remembering what she had seen through her window. Emma on her knees, giving her husband a blowjob.
“How can we thank you, Sir?” Emma asked.
“I’d like to see my two girls kiss.” Michael said. “But not just any kiss. You have to kneel at my feet and include my cock in this kiss.”
Sophie licked her lips. She had given plenty of blowjobs before, but never at a command. Somehow that made it more exciting.
Emma knelt beside the bed at her husband’s feet and Sophie joined her at the other side. She had never kissed a woman before; but when Emma leaned forward and pressed her lips on hers, her excitement took over.
They kissed deeply, tongues in each-other’s mouths. Michael then pulled down his boxers to reveal his enormous erection. Sophie blushed as Emma softly grabbed his balls and licked his shaft from top to bottom.
Sophie copied her neighbor, licking Michael’s dick; their tongues moving up and down his shaft together. When they reached the tip and their lips touched, they kissed with Michael caught between them.
They played and kissed, licking and sucking each-other’s tongue, lips and Michael’s dick. with Michael’s moans and grunts in the background.
“Take it Emma, I’m going to cum.” Michael suddenly said.
Emma pulled her husband’s cock away from Sophie and took it in her mouth.
“Don’t swallow.” Michael said. “You have to share with Sophie.” He moaned deeply, shuddering as he came into his wife’s mouth.
When he dropped back on the bed, Emma turned to Sophie, leaning forward to kiss her again. This time when she pushed her tongue in her mouth, her husband’s juices came with it, mixing with their saliva as they kissed.
Sophie blushed, but accepted her share of Michael’s sperm. The taste mixed with that of Emma’s mouth as they kissed. When they let go, both women swallowed their share.
“Get on the bed.” Michael said.
The two women joined him, all three were now completely naked as they held each-other; Michael caught in between his two good girls.
“Before we send you home, Sophie, I have one more reward for you.” Michael said. “You can choose whether your next orgasm comes from a dick or a tongue.”
Sophie blushed. The kiss and blowjob had turned her on greatly. Her bottom was still sore and sensitive with Michael’s hand on it while they cuddled. She wanted him to fill her up, just like he had with his wife’s mouth.
“I’ll take the dick, please.” She said.

Michael got up and placed a pillow against the wall. “Sit over her please, Emma.” He said.
Emma moved up the bed and sat down with her back against the wall. She whimpered softly, having to sit down on her sore bottom.
“Since you want my cock, it’s going to be your responsibility that Emma gets her share of the pleasure, Sophie.” Michael said. “You’ve just proven to me how well you can use your tongue, so get on your hands and knees and use it.”
Sophie blushed. When Michael had mentioned a tongue, she had not thought it might be her, or Emma’s tongue that would do the pleasuring. She had never kissed a woman before tonight and she had definitely not licked one.
Emma spread her legs invitingly, waiting for Sophie to come. She was blushing too and Sophie wondered if she too had never had another woman do this to her.
Michael was sitting beside her, waiting. He was still in charge, the spankings might have been rewards, but he still expected their obedience. Sophie got up and knelt down before her neighbor.
She had never been this close to a pussy before she realized, not even her own. Up close like this, she could almost taste Emma’s excitement just by her smell.
Shyly, she licked Emma’s lips.
She moaned deeply.
Encouraged by her neighbor’s arousal, Sophie continued. Licking her up and down and then finding her clit. she started to play with it with her tongue.
She could feel Michael move and kneel behind her. She felt his hands on her sore bottom and his erection against her lips. When he pushed his cock into her, Sophie moaned deeply, her warm breath on Emma’s lips.
Sophie realized Emma was going to have to watch her husband fuck another woman, and while he did, she’d feel some of the pleasure herself.
It was not her fault, Sophie thought. She couldn’t have known Michael planned it this way when he asked her if she wanted a dick or a tongue.
Michael thrusted hard and firm, pushing her forward with Sophie’s face right up against Emma’s pussy. She could not moan with her tongue pressed firmly between Emma’s lips, doing her best to share the pleasure.
She could have been in Emma’s place, she thought. Comfortably leaning back, enjoying her tongue on her pussy while watching her get fucked by her husband.
That might have been the better option; but she had been greedy and chosen the cock; and now she was trapped between the couple, hardly able to breath and with her sore bottom being pounded by Michael’s hips.
Sophie pushed back, freeing her mouth to talk. “Please, spank me, Sir.” She said.
Michael grabbed her hips tightly. “Why should I spank you, young lady.” Michael said.
“Because I’ve been greedy.” Sophie said. “I should’ve chosen the tongue, so you could have fucked your wife.”
Michael smacked her bottom.
Sophie moaned deeply, before being thrusted up against Emma’s pussy again. Emma moaned in return as her tongue pushed up against her clit.
Caught between Emma’s juices on one side and Michael’s thrusting hips and punishing hand on the other, Sophie felt trapped and out of control.
Emma suddenly convulsed, shaking uncontrollable as Sophie’s tongue brought her to orgasm. She wondered if Michael had planned it this way. Had he known how much his wife liked watching him spank another woman? Did she perhaps enjoy watching him fuck her just as much?
Despite Emma’s squeals and moans, Sophie could not stop. As long as she was being fucked, her tongue ran up against Emma’s clit, making her squirm and shake.
Another smack landed across her bottom as a deep thrust filled up her pussy. Sophie moaned deeply, reaching an orgasm of her own as Emma’s juices still filled her mouth. She shook uncontrollably, unable to breath or move.
Michael kept spanking her and thrusting, ignoring her shaking body until he too reached his climax, not pulling out, but cumming deep inside of her.

The three of them lay exhausted on the bed.
“You didn’t need to ask for a spanking.” Emma whispered after a moment. “I loved watching.”
Sophie blushed. “But he is your husband.” She protested.
“We were all part of what happened.” Emma said. “Who cares what body part goes where?”
Michael placed his hand on Sophie’s bottom. “I think she wanted to watch herself.” He said. “She is a little voyeur after all.”
Sophie blushed. “Maybe.” She said.
“Next time.” Emma said.
“If you two prove you can stay good girls.” Michael added.
A long, blissful silence stretched as they rested on the bed.
“Do you want to come over next week?” Emma asked. “Just to hang out.”
“I can’t.” Sophie said. “I’m going away for a week.”
“But you’re coming back?” Emma asked.
“Yes, three more weeks until college starts again.” Sophie said.
“When you’re back, you should come over as often as you want.” Michael said. “If you want to earn another reward, I have to be sure you really deserve it.”
Sophie blushed. “If I can earn a reward; does that mean I could also earn a punishment?”
Michael turned to look at her. “Would you like that?” He asked.
Sophie bit her lip. It wouldn’t be fair, if she only got rewards for being good, but no punishments for being naughty. Today had been great; but those disciplinary spankings Emma got for being a brat, she wanted those too.
“I would.” She said.
Emma chuckled. “I’m looking forward to seeing Michael smack your ass for being a little brat.” She said. “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure the two of us get into plenty of trouble.”
“You better behave yourself.” Michael told his wife. “And you, Sophie, I’ll make sure you’re turned into a well-behaved young lady before school starts again.”

The fake appointment

girl with her panties down, crying after her spanking

Sitting outside in the waiting room, Emma was wondering how long one of these sessions could take. Her friend had left over half an hour ago and she was still waiting in this dull room, accompanied by only a handful of magazines.
Emma was here as a favour for her friend, even though her didn’t know it. Evelyn was now with the councillor, discussing her study habits. Her grades had gone into a freefall ever since she had broken up with her boyfriend, almost a year ago now.
Emma and her other friends had felt they had to intervene, to save her friend from throwing away everything she had worked for. Of course Evelyn had not believed she needed counselling, until Emma had lied to her and told her she came here every week herself. Emma had the best grades in their class, if she found help here, Evelyn had believed her she could as well.
Emma of course had better ways for spending her Saturday afternoons. She had never been here before. In fact, she was already dressed for a night out with her friends, a short black dress barely long enough to cover the top of her dark sheer stockings, high heeled boots, a touch of make-up and some curls to her hair.
She was slightly surprised when the assistant came in and told her the councillor was ready for her. She had almost forgotten she’d had to make an appointment for herself as well, to keep up with her story. Of course, for her the session couldn’t take as long. Emma had never had any problems studying, in fact in her twenty years of age she couldn’t remember ever needing to do more than just reread a subject before a test.
With a stack of tests and assignments under her arm – all she could find from the past month and all with high grades – she followed the young woman out of the waiting room.

The office she was brought to was quite large. There was a sitting area to her right with a single leather sofa and a large floor-to-ceiling window on her left, looking out on an indoor-garden.
In the middle of the room stood a large wooden desk and behind it sat a man, quite handsome, probably not more than half a decade older than her, in his early thirties. She approached his desk and sat down on one of the wooden chairs after shaking his offered hand.
“Good afternoon. I’m Alex. You must be Emma.” He greeted.
There was no questioning tone to his voice, but Emma answered anyway. “I am. Nice to meet you.” She held her stack of papers in front of her, unsure how to handle them.
Alex smiled. “Nice to meet you too. Emma.” He reached for the tests. “You can give those to me, let me have a look.”
Emma hadn’t expected the straight forward approach. But then again, she didn’t need any explanations or boring introductions. The faster she was out of here, the faster she could have some real fun.
The councillor, Alex, had placed the stack neatly in front of him and examined the pages slowly, one by one. It seemed to take forever even though it couldn’t have been more than a minute or two and for some unknown reason Emma was suddenly slightly nervous.
“Those are some very impressive grades, Emma.” Alex said after turning the last page. “Very good.”
Emma smiled, she knew they were good, but it was always nice to hear someone else say it. “Thank you.” She replied.
“I’m only a bit surprised by these French assignments.” He continued. “You seem to get persistent scores at around seventy percent, while in your other subjects you’re always around eighty and even ninety.”
Emma raised an eyebrow. Did that really matter? Seventy was still good. “It’s still at the top of the class average.” She replied.
“We don’t care about class averages here miss.” The councillor said with a smirk. “This session is only about you. I’m sure you didn’t book this session, thinking all your grades were perfect…”
“Actually, I came for my friend.” Emma answered, deciding to explain. “She wouldn’t have come if I hadn’t told her I would come as well. Besides, isn’t seventy good enough?”
“Ah your friend. Was that the girl who came in before you? Evelyn, right? She did mention you, said you came here every week, even though I’ve never seen you before.”
Emma blushed, caught in her lie.
“Well, we don’t settle with good enough here, Emma. We teach you to get better and aim higher than just good enough.” He paused the short lecture to take a sip of his glass of water. “How much do you study when you get a test for French?”
Emma blushed slightly, she barely studied at all. “As much as for my other classes.” She replied.
“And why not study more for a class you’re getting lower grades on?”
“Why should I?” Emma replied. “Seventies are already decent. I call that smart time management.”
“So you fail to reach your potential because you’d rather be doing something else? We don’t call that smart Emma, we call that lazy. If you had actually come here before, you’d know what happens to lazy girls in my office.”
Something in his voice made Emma feel threatened. “What’s that?” She asked, unsure she wanted to know the answer.
Alex stood up behind the desk. “They get a good spanking.” He said, moving around the desk in small steps. “First with this hand.” He placed it on the desk as he walked around it. “And then with a sturdy wooden paddle.” He had almost reached her. “And if they’re very lazy even a few strokes of my broad leather belt.” The last words were almost whispered as he stood next to her chair, staring down at her.
Emma sat shocked to silence in her chair, unable to answer, unable to even breathe. Suddenly Alex turned away from her and took a few quick steps to the leather sofa. “Come here.” He said as he sat down.
She had turned her head as he moved, her eyes following him across the room. She had no doubt what would happen if she went to him. He had seated himself in the middle of the sofa, there would be no room for her, unless it was across his lap.
To the right was the door of his office. She stood up and took two small steps, keeping the middle between him and the exit. “What stops me from leaving right now?” She asked.
“Nothing.” Alex replied. “You are here of your own free will of course.”
Emma took two more steps towards the door.
“I’m just wondering however. What will you tell Evelyn next week? When she comes back for her second session and you’re not joining her. What would I have to tell her? That her friend who had advised her to come here; who had gotten her spanked; had then chickened out of her own spanking herself?”
Emma really blushed now. Had Evelyn really let the councillor spank her? It explained why her session had seemed to take so long. Evelyn had probably believed that Emma got such spankings regularly. Which would explain why she’d have the courage to go through with this.
If Evelyn found out that had been a lie; she might never forgive her. Emma looked from the door to Alex and back again. If Evelyn could take the spanking, it couldn’t be that bad, could it? She took a few more steps towards the sofa.
If Evelyn could do it, then why couldn’t she?
When she came to a standstill she stood right by Alex’ side. Up to that point she had been unsure where she was going, but when he took her hand she knew it was too late to run away.

Alex pulled her towards him and down, slowly guiding her across his lap. A voice in her head wanted to know what she was doing. She hadn’t come here for a real session, and even if she had, she didn’t think she deserved to be spanked, not for her grades nor any so-called laziness.
But there was no better alternative and she blushed from embarrassment as she positioned herself somewhat comfortably over the councillor’s lap.
Alex flipped up her short dress easily, revealing her sexy lace panties. “These look very nice, Emma.” Alex said. “Though most girls wear something more protective when they visit me.”
Emma swallowed a cheeky remark as she imagined him staring at her behind. His fingers stroked her bottom, following her curves, the edge of her panties, exploring the area he was about to assault.
Emma focussed on how unfair this treatment was. The councillor might claim this was for her own good. But he had practically blackmailed her, threatening to tell her friend the truth. But that didn’t explain why she felt excited. The councillor’s strong hands on her back, her vulnerability and complete lack of control aroused her greatly. She knew that beneath those panties he was admiring, she was increasingly wet. turned on by the prospect of being spanked.
The first smack sent a chill through her spine and left a stinging sensation in her left buttocks. Emma moaned softly, though it didn’t hurt. A second one followed on the right, leaving a similar feeling.
Slowly those smacks followed each-other, not painful in themselves, but building up on the sting left by the previous ones. Though she could not see, her bottom had turned a rosy pink and while she had stayed nearly silent at the start, the continuously growing sting had her moaning at each smack by the time they reached thirty – not that she had counted of course.
Satisfied by her reaction to his warmup Alex quickly increased the speed and strength with which he chastised her bottom. Each smack was no longer just an addition to the sting, but a strong blow in itself. In short succession Emma’s moans were replaced by squeals and hisses, until she begged him to “please stop”.
Alex’s hand came to a stop, her bottom showing pink between his fingers. “Stop? But we’ve barely even started.”
His fingers hooked behind her panties and – too fast for Emma to reach behind her to stop him – pulled them in one swift motion to her knees.
“Wait, you can’t!” Emma argued when his hand returned to her behind. She wanted to struggle free, but his strong arm pushing on her back already told her that would be useless. Completely under his control, Emma had no way of hiding her arousal now that her red bottom was bared to his sight.
Alex didn’t even waste any words arguing and instead continued the assault on her behind. He’d slowed down the speed with which he spanked, but without diminishing the strength behind each smack, making sure she felt every one of them.
Emma struggled softly across his knee, keeping her legs closely together in a vain – yet futile – attempt to keep her modesty. As the pain increased, so did her arousal. You could not tell whether her moans were of pleasure or discomfort.
Finally, when his hand stung and he’d made sure the bright pink colour was spread even across Emma’s whole bottom, Alex paused.
“I think that’s enough for the first part. Are you leaning anything?” He asked it while softly rubbing her stinging bottom.
“Yes.” Emma replied quickly.
“Yes?” Alex answered in surprise. “What have you learned?”
“I’ve been lazy and need to study harder for French.”
Alex hand squeezed her more strongly, massaging her stinging bottom as he questioned her. The intimate gesture made her squirm beneath his touch.
“This is not the first time I’ve spanked a naughty young lady, Emma. I know when they’re lying to get out of their punishment. Are you lying Emma?”
Emma blushed. “Yes.”
“That’s what I thought.” Alex replied. But instead of continuing her spanking like Emma had feared he continued massaging her bottom, using both hands even.
His warm kneading hands brought the feeling of excitement to a new level. “Please stop.” She said, while her body begged for the opposite, her back arching to push up her behind, revealing her arousal to the man who had spanked her. “You’re taking advantage of me.”
Alex did stop. “I was just trying to prepare you for the second part, by rubbing away some of the sting before we started. But if you want I could take the paddle right now…”
With a groan Emma raised her bottom. “No, sorry. Not yet, please.” Alex continued his slow massage and Emma moaned softly as he did.

Emma felt hot and sweaty as she lay across the councillor’s lap. Her bottom was warm, the sting mostly gone. But while her growing excitement was too embarrassing to bear, she did not want to ask after the paddle because that would be even less desirable.
In the end, Alex made the decision for her. He reached for the drawer under the small stand beside the sofa, picking out a flat wooden paddle. Emma had a quick look at it over her shoulder before he placed the cool surface on her bottom. It was about two hand widths in length and half of that in width. It covered the majority of her right buttocks as he pressed it down.
When Alex placed his left arm on her lower back to hold her down, Emma blushed, realising she hadn’t struggled or tried to escape during the small break. The first smack erased that thought as it propelled her forward, leaving a hot stinging area on her behind. The smacks came slowly like before, not as sharp and stinging but heavy and deep.
Her whole body was pushed forward with each smack, grinding against the leather sofa and across Alex’ lap. The hardest of them made her squeal.
The sting he had rubbed away came back multiplied and Emma struggled vainly to get away. But after each move she made Alex held her tighter and the paddle landed harder. She tried to give up her struggles, groaning at each smack, holding on to the sofa’s armrest as if it was her best friend. But she could not halt the kicking of her legs, the swinging of her hips or the bouncing of her bottom beneath the paddle.
She hadn’t thought of Evelyn since the spanking had started, but wondered now if she’d gone through the same and whether she’d ever forgive her for it. As a particularly hard swat made her squeal, Emma imagined maybe she didn’t deserve this for her grades, but she definitely did for what she’d done to her friend. Somehow that thought made it easier to bear as she raised her bottom to welcome more of the heavy stinging smacks that had turned her warm pink bottom in a sore hot red.
When she did, Alex slowed down a trifle, taking his time to ask her a question as he made sure each smack landed perfectly. “It seems to me you’re starting to learn, aren’t you?”
Emma groaned softly, timing her answer between two smacks, arching her back so her bottom stayed perfectly available as she answered. “Yes, sir.” Though she was not learning what he was trying to teach.
“Are you going to study harder?” He asked.
Emma blushed and failed to answer before the paddle landed with another echoing smack, making her squeal instead. For a moment, caught in her own fantasy, she had forgotten what she was actually being spanked for. “Yes sir.” She quickly replied, before he could land another.
Her bottom felt sore and throbbing, but it seemed her answer had been enough. Alex dropped the paddle next to her and told her to stand up.
As she stood her dress dropped down, covering her nudity, reminding her how exposed she had been before. It brought a blush to her face knowing how she had acted in that position.
“I told you I know when you’re lying Emma.” Alex said when she finally found the courage to look at him. Her hands were clasped firmy around her bottom. “You were not thinking about studying, were you?”
Emma blushed and looked away, but she knew it would be a bad idea to lie to him. “No sir.” She replied.
“I thought so.” Alex sighed. “While I’m glad you seemed at least to be learning something, I’m going to have to ask you to go to my desk and bend over it.”
Emma’s eyes widened. “That’s not fair, I told you the truth.”
“Only after I caught you in the lie Emma. Now do as you’re told.”
Emma could feel the heat of her bottom through her dress, her bottom felt sore when she softly rubbed it. She didn’t want to bend over the desk for more. “Are you going to use your belt?” She asked.
“Yes.” Alex nodded. “And the longer you make me wait, the worse it’ll get.”
Emma blushed deeply, but moved quickly to the desk. She didn’t know why, but even the fear of his belt could not diminish her arousal. In fact, it turned her on even more.
The desk was quite high and she almost had to stand on her toes to bend over it, pushing her bottom high in the air. For a moment, she wondered if it was designed for specifically that reason. She heard the councillor stand up and slowly approach her from behind.
“Lift your dress.” He said as he pulled away the chair she had sat on before. Emma blushed deeply, she had only just been reminded of how exposed she was during the spanking.
This time, he wouldn’t hold her down while raising her dress, she had to do it herself and offer her bare bottom to him. Showing him how excited she was.
Her panties had been lost on the way to her new position. Slowly she reached back and pulled the soft fabric onto her back, once more baring her sore red behind and gleamingly wet pussy. She hadn’t even heard him take off his belt as she did, but suddenly felt the cool leather against her behind. A thought came to her before the first hit.
“Wait. Aren’t you going to rub away the sting first?” She asked.
“Not this time, young lady.” The councillor answered. “But I have some oil in my desk, you can have some of that when we’re finished. Would you like that?”
“Yes.” Emma replied, she would love to sooth the sting in her bottom, she could only imagine needing it even more after feeling his belt.
“Ok then, now get ready.”
Emma did, grasping the other side of the desk with the tips of her fingers and arching her bottom up in the air. Still she was not prepared for that first smack. It landed across her buttocks pushing her flat against the desk. A squeal had barely escaped her lips when the second one followed.
Alex wasn’t going to give her any time to adjust or escape as those first few strokes landed quick and crisp, making her howl and – when he stopped – beg. “Please no more.” She said. “I’ll study, I promise.”
“Not yet.” Alex replied as he moved to her other side. The belt landed with a loud thwack before she could come up with any other promises. A few more smacks, accompanied by her squeals and groans painted her bottom an even brighter red.
When he walked away Emma made no move. Panting she lay on the desk, the only thing holding her up. She felt out of breath, but could barely think over the stinging sensation in her behind.
A moment later she felt his warm hands on her bottom again, spreading some cool oily substance. Was it then finally over?
“You looked as if you would be unable to use this yourself.” The councillor said as he rubbed on the oil with deep massaging strokes.
Emma blushed, her spanking was over, she should cover herself and regain some of her dignity. But like before his hands felt too soothing, slowly massaging away the pain.
Letting him do it for her couldn’t hurt she thought, she could not possibly be embarrassed more than she’d already been when over his knee.
The oil trailed down her bottom as he rubbed it on in thick layers; dripping down her inner thighs and mixing with her own juices as she got increasingly wetter with arousal. She moaned deeply and arched her back, raising her bottom and begging his hands to stray from her sore, tender backside.
When the councillor stopped, she felt it was too early. Her bottom still felt sore and her light dress chafed. She blushed when she realised she had been hoping he might fuck her, or at least use his hands to rid her of the arousal that had her in its grip,
She blushed again when he handed her her panties. She waited until he turned around to put them in her purse, they would feel too snug on her sore, stinging bottom.
“Here.” Alex said as he handed her the tests he had picked up from his desk. “I hope next week these will be less disappointing.”
Emma blushed as she accepted them. She did not want to leave yet, her session had been so exciting, how could it end so quickly and disappointingly?
“Is there anything else?” alex asked.
“No, sir.” Emma said with a blush, quickly she left his office.
The assistant was waiting for her outside. “The councillor informed me you’ll want another appointment next week?”
Emma blushed. Another appointment would probably mean another spanking. She tried to tell herself she was doing this to help Evelyn; but when she confirmed with the assistant thatshe was indeed coming back, she knew it was because she had secretly enjoyed the spanking.
The assistant led her out the office through a different door than where she’d come in. Evelyn was waiting for her there, which explained why she hadn’t seen her come out.
Emma blushed, wondering how to explain to her friend why she had advised her to see a canceler that would spank her.
“Hey.” She greeted her as she approached. “So how did it go?” She tried to act as if the past afternoon for both of them had been completely natural.
“It was great.” Evelyn replied. “I thought I’d just get some boring speech about studying and responsibilities. But Alex seems to really understand me.”
Emma blushed. Great? Alex understood her? That didn’t sound like the reaction she was expecting. “Really, what did you do then?”
“Oh, at first we just talked about me, nothing school related, so he’d get to know me. Then we went through all my tests, to find my strengths and weaknesses. That seemed to take forever, but for everything we found Alex had some tip or trick I could learn… Isn’t that what he does with you?”
Emma blushed. “Yes, well only the first few times of course.” Had he had not spanked Evelyn? She wondered. “It’s different now.”
Evelyn smiled. “Oh right, of course. Are you going again next week?”
“Yes.” Emma replied without thinking… How had her friend with her abysmal school results escaped a spanking, while her almost perfect scores would have her sitting gingerly on the ride home?

One week later.
Emma had rehearsed what she would say in the waiting room. But when Evelyn’s session was over and she made her way back to the office where she’d been spanked only a week ago, her nerves got the better of her. “You lied to me.” She said as soon as she saw Alex sitting behind his desk.
Alex smiled. “Yes, I did.” He almost seemed proud of it. “But I did it to help you. Just like you helped Evelyn when you lied to her.”
Emma blushed. “I didn’t get her spanked by lying to her and she really needed the help.”
“So did you.” Alex replied. “Did you really believe we spank those that come for our help? We would run out of customers quickly.”
“I can’t understand why I believed you!” Emma replied. “I should have known Evelyn would have never let you spank her. You just made that up so you could spank me.”
“Well Emma, perhaps you believed me, just so you could let me spank you.”
Emma blushed. “That’s ridiculous.”
“Is it? I distinctly remember you learned a valuable lesson by the end. Even if it wasn’t the lesson I had intended. You even bared your own bottom for the last part.” Emma’s blush reached a whole new shade of red. “And even if you did not learn a lesson, you were definitely enjoying it, I haven’t often seen a girl as wet as you were.”
Emma blushed deeply, unable to deny the truth of what he was saying.
“Did you at least bring me some better grades this week? Or do you secretly wish for another spanking?” The councillor asked.
“I do not!” Emma gasped for breath. “Besides, we didn’t have any assignments for French this week. So I couldn’t bring you anything new.”
The councillor smiled. “Well, did you at least study harder, like I told you?”
Emma stared at him confused for a moment. “I didn’t have anything to study for, we didn’t get any assignments.”
Alex raised an eyebrow at her. “That doesn’t mean you have nothing to study for, young lady. This is exactly the way of thinking I’m trying to cure you off.”
He stood up from behind his desk, Emma was still standing near the doorway like she had just entered.
“Instead of being lazy when you come home from school, you should review and study the topics you saw earlier that day and prepare for the next lesson. I think you should join me on the sofa again, so I can make sure I get through to you.”
Emma blushed. “No way, I’m not letting you spank me again.”
Alex had made his way to the sofa and sat down. “Then why are you here? You could’ve send me an angry letter instead of coming over. That would have been a lot safer. No, I think I was right before, when I said you wanted me to spank you.”
Emma looked at the door behind her. She had said what she wanted to say, she should just leave now and never come back. So why was she hesitating? Was he right and did she actually want this? The arousal she could already feel building between her legs seemed to indicate so.
“If you leave now, you’ll never know what you really wanted.” The councillor said reading her mind. “But if you take your punishment now, you can still decide to never come back or make a weekly appointment.”
Emma blushed, she didn’t believe she wanted a weekly appointment to have her bottom tanned. But she made her way to the sofa anyway. “Only if you’re honest too. You’re not just doing this to help me. You could help me like you help other clients; but you know I don’t really need your help. You just enjoy spanking me.”
“Take off your pants.” Alex commanded.
Emma’s face flushed. Had she unconsciously chosen the more protective jeans over last week’s dress for this meeting? Lowering it for him made the whole situation another degree of embarrassing, but her choice was made and slowly she removed her pants.
“You’re right of course.” Alex said. “I loved spanking you and I’ll love doing it again every time you choose to come back for more. Maybe you don’t need my help, but you can surely use some of it anyway.”
A single thought occupied Emma’s mind when Alex admitted this. As she bent over his lap she promised herself: This time she wasn’t leaving before he fucked her.

A quick update

yes, daddy? panties

Hello everyone,

It’s been nearly a month since my last new story, so I wanted to give you guys a quick update on what’s going on in my life.

A little over a week ago, my wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Which means, as a daddy I’ve had my hands full with changing diapers, soothing tummy aches and helping mummy with everything I can. It also means I haven’t written a single story in all this time.

I’ll soon be going back to work and aim to start writing again as a sort of routine starts to return to our lives. You can expect new stories in the next few weeks; or I might write something now while she’s sleeping…

All the best

The dream

Naked woman in a forest

The following story will likely be the start of a new novel. I decided to share it, to see what people think of it before I commit the time to dive deeper into this idea.

Tall, dark trees surrounded Emily as she woke. Their bare branches seemed to be reaching down towards her, grasping, flailing. She did not know where she was. It was dark and the forest that surrounded her was unfamiliar; there seemed to be nothing but trees wherever she looked. The light by which she could see seemed to be coming from nowhere. Emily had vague memories of going to bed in her home in the city; but out here, her only bed was a soft mound of moss. It was strangely warm, in this empty, silent place. This unnatural silence and the strange darkness hiding behind the trees scared her. Emily was afraid to move from where she had been sleeping; but the longer she waited, the more vulnerable she felt. She was naked. She remembered taking off her clothes before going to bed; another vague memory that did not align with her current situation.
An eerie, deep voice suddenly broke the silence. “It is okay. You can come out now.” It said. Emily blushed and covered her naked body with her hands; but there was nowhere to hide from this strong, masculine voice. “Don’t be afraid, nothing can hurt you here.” It appealed. Emily turned around, facing the direction the voice seemed to come from. The trees seemed less menacing there; their branches lush and covered with leafs. She chose to follow the warm, welcoming voice rather than fleeing into the dark row of trees. The forest lost some of its warmth as Emily left the mound of moss and strode towards the greener part of the woods. “That’s it.” The voice said. “Come to me.” A silhouette appeared between the trees ahead of her.
Emily stopped. With one arm, she covered her breasts, the hand on the other her crotch. “Who are you?” She asked. “Where am I?”
“Don’t be ashamed.” The voice said. “I am here to help you.” The silhouette moved towards her through the trees. It was a man of indistinguishable age; broad at the shoulders and narrow at the hips. His hair was long and black as the night sky, his eyes nearly as dark. He was as naked as she was, his skin was dark and stretched taut across his muscles. A tuft of dark black hair grew above his member; it was as large as only the most well-endowed of men could boast. He stepped towards her, unashamed of his nudity.
“Please.” Emily said; still frantically trying to cover her own nudity. “What’s going on?”
The man reached her and placed his hands on her shoulders. “It’s okay.” He said. “I know this must be confusing for you; but you can trust me.” He looked down into her eyes. His hands were warm and welcoming.
Looking up at this man, his naked body so close to hers, Emily felt oddly comforted. She relaxed, her arms slipping down as she gave up her effort in hiding her body from sight. It felt hypocritical to hide her nudity while he flaunted his. “What’s your name?” She asked him.
The man let go of her arms. “My name can be whatever you want it to be.” He said. “I am here only for you. I came to guide you to the other side.”
“The other side of what?” Emily asked. The man moved away from her, expecting her to follow him. “Do you really not have a name? What shall I call you then?” She called after him.
“Call me whatever you like.” The man said as he looked over his shoulder. “I am here to serve you after all.”
The man moved silently through the forest. Emily followed him hesitantly. He was the only thing she knew was real, she had felt his warm hands on her shoulders. The rest: the trees, the ground, the dark sky; it all seemed far away, somehow disconnected from the two of them and their short journey. She did not give him a name, not until she knew what he was.
The darkness changed. Light was shining somewhere up ahead. There were voices too, people moving between the trees, for now still too far for them to see her. Emily slowed, afraid of these strangers. The man she followed had led her to a dark, deep river. “They can’t see you.” The man said. “They don’t know where you are.” Emily approached the river. The others turned to watch her, but they did not come closer. She wondered if they were naked like her, but she could not see them clearly in the darkness. “You must swim across.” The man told her. “It’s the only way you can reach the other side.”
Emily reached out to touch the water. It was cold, very cold. “The other side of what?” She asked.
“The other side of everything.” The man said.
Emily was sweating. “Am I dead?” She asked the man. “Is this the way to the other side of life? What happens if I don’t cross this river?”
“You will remain her forever.” The man said. “Trapped in the darkness, wandering the forest between past and future. You need to cross the river and let its water clean the sins of your past.”
Emily bit her lip. The man only answered half her questions, but she could guess the answer to the others. If she really was dead, she could not remember how it had happened. She felt a tang of regret for the things that could have been, the plans that would forever be unfulfilled, the people she’d miss. But if she were to believe this man, there was no turning back; only eternal torment in the dark. “Are you an angel?” She asked the man.
“I will protect you.” He answered. “I will guard you with my life so you may reach the other side.
Emily decided what this man’s name was: ‘Angel’. For that is what she believed he must be, her guardian-angel. She only wished he could be more straight-forward in his answers. “Very well.” She said. “I trust you.” She stepped out into the river.
The water was cold; Emily was submerged in seconds. There seemed to be no current and she swam easily to the other side. The light came closer the further she swam. It was a large glowing sphere, floating in the air just beyond the bank. Angel was standing below it, reaching out his hand. Emily took it and he pulled her out of the river. He guided her towards the light; but it did not warm her. Water kept streaming down her body, blocking the heat from touching her skin.
“It’s not enough.” Angel said. “You need to atone for your sins before being welcomed by the light.”
Emily nodded. She understood. She had not been perfect in life, no-one was. If there was a final judgement when your life was over, it could not be washed away by the cold water of even the clearest river.
“Will you accept your penance before being granted the mercy of the light?” Angel asked.
“Yes.” Emily said. “I will accept what is my due.”
“Raise your hands towards the light.” Angel said before he walked away from her.
Emily raised her hands; water was still streaming down her arms, seemingly coming out of nowhere. There were still people around and she blushed that these strangers would be witnesses of her final judgement. There is no shame, she told herself, in submitting to the light and confessing your sins.
When Angel returned, he carried a switch, carved from the trees in the forest. Emily’s breath caught at the sight of the sharp, wicked implement. She had not believed her punishment could have been physical, not in this after-life, a world beyond the physical realm. With her hands raised towards the light, her naked body was vulnerable and exposed as Angel switched her across her backside. She bit back a yelp of surprise. “Do not stray from the light.” Angel said. “You must accept this punishment and reach for the light.”
Emily strained to keep her hands up in the air, almost able to grasp the light. As she did, Angel switched her behind, again and again. The sting in her bottom grew sharply as the switch left long red stripes across her pale buttocks. The pain felt wrong, like part of the world she had left behind, how could pain like this be part of the beautiful light she was trying to find? Tears ran down her cheeks as the pain became almost unbearable; but still the cold water streamed down her skin, enhancing the sting of her burning, red bottom. It was more than she could take. She knew she was not without sin, but this seemed too much, too unfair. She turned away from the light, tried to move her hands to protect her tortured backside. She could not, she could not move her hands from where they were enveloped by the light. “What’s going on?” She shrieked. “What are you doing?”
“I am only helping you.” Angel said as he relentlessly switched her bottom. “Years of sin cannot be erased in just a few moments of pain.”
“No!” Emily screamed. “No, this can’t be real! You can’t be an angel.”
“I never said I was.” Angel said. He hit her again, the sharp switch biting deeply into her bottom.
Emily noticed a tree on the bank of the river, one she hadn’t noticed before. Its branches reached towards the light. From one of them a length of rope extended downwards towards her hands, tied tightly around her wrists. “No!” She cried. “Why are you doing this to me?” The man – he was no angel – did not answer. He never touched her, only used the switch to make her beg and plead. “This can’t be real.” Emily said in-between sobbing cries. “You can’t be real.”
“I am real.” The man said. “As real as the light, the trees and the river.”
Emily looked behind her. The river, how could that be real; with the water still streaming down her body long after she had climbed out of it. There was no river, the water fell from the sky, like rain, continuously soaking her skin with its wet cold. The tree, was it real or not? Emily looked up at its branches, biting back the pain of the switch, fighting to see what was really there. Its bark was smooth and it had only one branch, the one to which she was tied. The branch reached out for the light, cupping it, carrying it. It was a lantern, the light nothing more than a streetlamp beside the road outside her home. None of it was real. The cold rain streamed down her naked body and the pain in her bottom abated as the merciless whipping of the switch stopped. Emily looked around her, but the man was nowhere to be seen.
It had not all been a dream. The red welts on her bottom were painfully real. Her skin was cold and sensitive as she stood naked in the rain. The rope was real as well, it tied her hands to the lantern, mere feet from her front door. The door was open, she must have wandered through it in a trance, woken from her bed by the man who had done this to her. The street was empty, devoid of strangers. She wondered if anyone had seen what had happened, if the people in her dream had been real or not. Emily struggled in her restraints. She feared that if she did not escape, daylight would come soon. How long until people would come out in the rain and find her like this? Naked and tied to a pole, her bottom covered in red marks from the switch. She blushed furiously, the shame she had forgotten in the forest, returning in full effect.
“How did you escape?”
Emily screamed, afraid that the man had returned.
“Please, I will not hurt you.” A man said as he approached her, a different man. He was fully dressed; the rain ran down his long, wet coat. He looked real, like part of this world.
Emily struggled in her bonds as he came closer, ashamed of her nudity, unable to hide herself. “No, please.” She said.
“You don’t know how lucky you were.” The man said. “I’ve never seen anyone…” Emily turned her back to him as he came closer. “Never mind.” The man said, his warm breath right by her neck as he reached for the rope. “This is not the time.” There was a sudden tug and suddenly her hands were freed. Blood rushed back through her wrists, her numb hands burning with returned sensations. “I will find you again.” The man said. “We’ll talk when you’re ready.”
Emily turned around again, her hands instinctively covering her body even though the man had already seen all there was to see. He was gone. She stood shivering, alone in the cold, dark rain. It took her a moment to realise she was free. With a squeal, she turned and ran to her front door; she slammed it shut behind her.
There was no sign in her home of a forced entrance. The short walk from the front door to her bedroom showed no signs of her passing. The blankets on her bed were thrown aside from where she had lain, but there was no sign of a struggle. It all seemed like she had walked out into the cold on her own. The only remaining signs of what had happened were the marks of rope on her wrists and the long, red welts on her bottom. Afraid to fall asleep again, Emily locked all the doors and then turned on all the lights in her house. When all was done, she locked herself in the bathroom and waited for the sun to rise.

Dark fantasies

chased in a dark alley

It was a cold and dark night; clouds obscured the moon and stars, leaving the streets in total darkness. Emily was on her way home from visiting her friend. She was late. It was a work night, which meant she would have to get up early the next day. The rules stated that she must be home before eleven on such a night. It was now ten forty-five. If she had taken her normal route home, she would not be able to make it in time. There was a different way however; a series of short-cuts through dark alley-ways through the backstreets of the neighbourhood. Unlike the brightly-lit city-streets of her normal route, there were no lights in these alleys. Emily walked in nearly complete darkness; unable to see the ground beneath her feet. She wasn’t worried about tripping however, the ground was relatively even. Instead, she was worried about who else could be out in the streets, hidden from her in the darkness. Some of these alleys had an unsavoury reputation. Using this route was breaking another rule; her boyfriend Mike worried for her safety when she was out alone at night. This transgression she could conceal however, unlike being late. Her heart rate – which was already increased from imagined dangers in the darkness – shot up as she imagined what he’d do if he found out.
Emily’s footsteps echoed eerily in the narrow streets. Her worry that Mike would spank her – after finding out she’d disobeyed his rules – was replaced by a new one as she imagined those echoes were the footsteps of someone following her. She looked over her shoulder when she turned the corner into a slightly wider street; but it was too dark to see more than the faint silhouettes of the buildings that surrounded her. When she stopped, and listened to hear whether she could hear anyone behind her, there was only silence. She laughed at her own fear, thinking her imagination was running away with her. In the next narrow alley, she stopped again, but this time the echoing footsteps did not halt as she did. Emily looked around but could not see anyone near. She continued walking, her own steps now echoing those of the stranger. ‘Just because someone is out there, doesn’t mean they’re following you.’ She told herself. The sound came closer and closer and Emily’s fear got the upper hand over her rational thought. She increased her pace, walking faster; but the stranger’s steps increased as well. Coming ever closer. ‘I should run.’ Emily thought. But just then a man embraced her from behind, Emily screamed.
“Be quiet.” A low voice whispered. “If you scream I will have to hurt you.”
Emily froze, too afraid to move or reply.
“That’s better.” The low voice said. “You don’t need to be afraid, I just want to have some fun.” He pulled her coat so roughly that she heard it rip before the buttons popped free. Still Emily was too scared to scream. The stranger’s hands reached for her breasts, squeezing them roughly, pulling and kneading them through the thin fabric of her shirt. “Let’s go somewhere more private.” The man said. He dragged her to the side of the road. There was an opening there, a dark area too small to be an alley, just a narrow corridor between two buildings. Emily started struggling then, but the man was too strong for her. Still, she did not scream. He pushed her against the wall face-first. His hand reached down as he pressed himself against her back. His warm breath was right by her ear as he pulled up her skirt. “This will soon be over.” He whispered.
Adrenaline rushed through Emily’s body and with it came an idea, the split moment decision that saved her. She kicked backwards and up, bending her leg at the knee for a quick upward thrust. The heavy heel of her shoe hit her intended target, the man’s crotch, just below the erection she’d felt him push against her bottom. The man screamed and let go instantly. Emily ran.

She ran as fast as she could. Soon the man would be behind her she knew. She wouldn’t be able to outrun him, not in the dark, not on these heels. She could already hear his footsteps. He was so fast, already closing in on her. She knew, this time he would hurt her. But then there was a light; not street-lights, but the moving beams of a car’s headlights. Emily ran towards it, the footsteps behind her receded, the man had given up the chase now that potential witnesses were nearby.
The tears running down her face and her ripped coat told an unmistakable story. As the strange car got closer, Emily hid her face and ran past it. She did not want the driver to see her, to ask her questions of what had happened. She kept running until she reached her own street, brightly lit with street-lights. Finally safe, she ran home and locked the door behind her. She did not stop to take off her coat or shoes, but found her boyfriend waiting for her. For a moment, she wondered whether it was past eleven already. It did not matter, she hugged him fiercely, just holding him without an explanation.
Mike guided her to the sofa. He sat down and let her sit on his lap, wrapping his arms around her. Only now did she truly feel safe. “What happened?” He asked as some time had passed.
Between whispers and sobs Emily told him how she’d taken the short route because she was late; about the man that had attacked her and how she’d escaped.
“We should call the police.” Mike said.
“No.” Emily replied. “That guy is long gone. What can they do? I didn’t even see his face in the dark.”
Mike did not know what else to say. He just held her close. Slowly Emily’s breathing returned to normal. ‘I’m safe.’ She told herself. ‘I escaped. Nothing happened.’ Warm and comforted she rested on her boyfriend’s lap. As the anxiety left her, it was replaced with anger. Not at the man who had attacked her, but at herself. She’d known it was unsafe to use the short route through the dark alleys. It was against the rules for just that reason. And she’d done it anyway. “It’s my fault.” She said.
“No.” Mike said fiercely. “It’s never your own fault for being attacked like that.”
“I shouldn’t have gone through the alleys in the dark.” Emily said. “You said so yourself, it’s even in the rules.”
“Just because a woman is alone in the dark, doesn’t make it justified for a man to attack her.” Mike said.
Emily blushed. “So you aren’t angry that I disobeyed the rules?” She asked.
“I am.” Mike said. “But right now I’m more angry at the person who attacked you and just worried about you.”
Mike was right, Emily knew. She should not blame herself for being attacked. But that did not mean she did not feel guilty for endangering herself by breaking the rules. “I’m fine.” She said. “No need to worry.” She felt comforted that Mike did not blame her, but at the same time she wished he did. She felt as if she deserved his anger. She had broken the rules after all. “Forgot about that guy.” She continued. “He’s gone now. You should be thinking about me and how naughty I’ve been.” She blushed as she said it. Those words sounded silly compared to the gravity of what had just happened to her. But she wanted Mike to punish her. She knew it would feel right. It had felt right the first time he’d done it and every time since. Mike often spanked her, mostly for fun or pleasure, but once in a while as an actual punishment. None of her boyfriends before him had ever done this to her. When Mike proposed it that first time, she’d thought he was crazy. After those first few experiences she had started to believe this was what had been missing in her previous relationships. She loved submitting to Mike. She’d feel lost without his rules; they defined his expectations of her. The punishments were a way to deal with her guilt that she’d never had before and offered a clean start whenever she needed it. It was what she needed right now. Across his lap she knew she’d be able to forget this horrible evening.

Emily could feel Mike’s hesitation. She knew he wanted to do as she asked. While they were punishments for her; for Mike they were pleasure. He enjoyed disciplining her. At first this had scared her; she didn’t understand how he could derive pleasure from such an act. She still did not understand, but she had accepted it as a part of who he was. It added another layer to her punishment, her sexual submission an embarrassing component beside the pain of a spanking. “It will help me take my mind of things.” She explained
Convinced by her argument, Mike let go of her. The loss of his embrace was difficult, but Emily knew she’d have to go through with this. “Very well.” He said. “I want you to stand up and go stand in the corner. Take some time to think about why you were late today.”
Emily got up promptly and moved to the left-most corner of the room. In her mind, she called it the punishment-corner. It was where she always stood before or after a spanking. There was no specific reason why she chose this corner, it was just the one she’d picked the first time and then ever since. She placed her hands on her head, obeying Mike’s orders perfectly. She wanted him to see she had no doubts about wanting to be disciplined. He told her to think about why she was late. She realized then that was what had gotten her in trouble in the first place. If she hadn’t been late, she wouldn’t have taken the short route and none of this would’ve happened. It was just typical that Mike had reasoned that out before her. She had spent too much time with her friend, not bothering to check the time. It was a responsibility she’d ignored. It was only right that she’d have to pay for it.
She heard Mike get up from the sofa and move behind her. She felt his warm hands on her shoulders as he pushed down her arms grabbed her coat; she hadn’t taken it off yet. “Do you think you can fix this?” He asked as he pulled it off. There was a long tear along the shoulder and a few buttons were missing.
“I think so.” Emily said, she placed her hands aback on her head. Mike left the room, hanging her coat on a hanger in the hallway while she waited for his return.
When Mike returned, he reached around, placing his hands on her breasts. He was soft and gentle, a sharp contrast with the rough hands that had assaulted her before. The memory made her blush. Mike’s sensual touch turned her on. It made her realize there might be another reason why she deserved this spanking. A small part of her, a part she tried to deny, was turned on by the memory of the short assault. She didn’t want to admit it, but the thought did not go away. It felt so wrong, if she was going to be spanked, then it was as much for that feeling as it was for being late or taking the forbidden short route. “Was he rough with you?” Mike asked
Emily moaned softly, unable to hide her excitement at his touch. “Yes.” She whispered. Mike pulled up her shirt, moving it over her head and past her arms. When he reached down and undid the zipper of her skirt, Emily was reminded of how that other man had tried to pull it up. A wave of excitement rippled through her skin as it dropped to the floor. There was no denying it was as much from excitement of having Mike undress her and remembering the rough treatment by the stranger in the alley. She did not understand herself, surely she did not have such dark fantasies as what had nearly happened to her. She knew she had not felt a drip of excitement when those things were happening. It was only now, in the safety of Mike’s presence that those memories got skewed. Soon she’d be across his lap and those vile thoughts would be banished from her mind.
Her bra followed her shirt’s trajectory to the floor. Her breasts were sensitive from their earlier rough treatment when Mike caressed them gently. Lastly, Mike pulled down her panties and let them drop inside her skirt, puddled around her feet. Fully naked, she felt as vulnerable as she had been outside in the dark, alone and with no-one to help her. This time however the only danger was Mike, and his hand which was now caressing her bare bottom. He smacked her softly, the first of many.
Mike did not start spanking her immediately however. Instead, he wrapped his arms around her, hugging her naked body. He pushed his crotch against her bottom. Emily could already feel his growing excitement. His hands slid down her belly after playing with her breasts, down to her lips. He touched them softly, slipping a finger inside of her. “What are you doing?” She moaned.
His finger softly massaged her clit. “What does it look like I’m doing?” He asked.
Emily bit her lip. This felt so wrong; Mike’s sensual play after what had nearly happened to her; her own excitement not only from his dominance, but from the remembered danger as well. She did not want to feel like this, not after what had happened. “But I’ve been bad, I should be punished.” She whispered.
“Soon.” Mike said, increasing the pressure on her clit. “Right now I’m proud of you for realizing how naughty you’ve been. I’m rewarding you for asking for this punishment yourself.”
Emily moaned deeply. She stood up straight with her hands on her head – not allowed to interfere with Mike’s touch – but her body shivered in excitement. She tried not to think of the man who had attacked her in the street, only to focus on Mike. But she could not stop her mind fantasizing about what had happened and what could have happened. Her body slumped down in his arms, her knees too weak to carry her. Mike held her up right as she trembled and moaned in her orgasm.
“Stand up straight.” Mike said.
Emily straightened her legs, her body still gently shaking.
Mike softly smacked her bottom “I’ve told you a dozen times.” He said. “You know how much I worry when you’re not home on time.” He smacked her bottom firmly, but not very hard. This was just a scolding; the actual spanking would take place across his knee.
After seven or eight smacks, it wasn’t her bottom, but her face that was blushing scarlet. Her previous arousal made place for guilt for making her boyfriend feel this way. “I’m sorry.” Emily said. “I won’t do it again.”
“I know you won’t.” Mike said. “He took her by the arm and guided her to the sofa. Emily followed him willingly, placing herself across his lap for this well-deserved punishment. “Lift your legs.” Mike said. “I don’t want you to wear these shoes when you start kicking.”
Emily blushed as Mike undid the laces and pulled off her shoes. Mike probably hadn’t meant it that way, but his mention of kicking had reminded her of how she had escaped her assaulter in the street. With her shoes off she was completely naked and vulnerable, unable to protect herself in any way.
Mike smacked her bottom firmly and Emily moaned softly. These smacks weren’t the soft strokes for a scolding, but hard quick swats. Her bottom bounced under Mike’s strong hand, the sting quickly building. Emily didn’t respond much beside the occasional squeak or moan. She’d need to save her breath for what was to come.
Slowly Emily’s bottom coloured bright pink as Mike spanked her relentlessly. He did not offer her any breaks and the pain quickly built up. Emily found herself moaning and squealing at each smack, struggling softly in Mike’s firm grip. This wasn’t some fun pleasure spanking; it was punishment and it supposed to hurt. Despite her struggles and her protesting body, the pain felt right. She deserved this and did not complain when Mike increased the pace and strength even more. Her hips buckled underneath the onslaught, her legs kicked and her breath grew ragged. She cried out when the pain became unbearable, tears streaming down her cheeks. Her bottom was bright red when Mike finally stopped.
Softly Mike stroked her bottom as Emily slowly came to her senses. The pain was fierce, a glowing hot presence on her behind, ranging from her lower back down to the back of her thighs and the soft, sensitive area between her legs.
“Are you going to try harder to be home on time in the future?” Mike asked.
“Yes.” Emily said. She meant it, not because the spanking had been that bad, but because she did not want Mike to worry about her more. In fact, she didn’t really want the spanking to be over so soon, she felt like she deserved a lot more than she had gotten thus far. How long she got spanked and how hard was Mike’s decision however.

She hadn’t needed to worry; Mike wasn’t done with her yet. “Get up.” He said. “Go get the hairbrush from the bathroom.”
Emily got up, softly rubbing her bottom as she left the room. Only a moment ago she’d thought she deserved more, but now she feared of what was to come. The hairbrush was wicked. She moved slowly, giving her bottom time to recuperate before Mike took her across his lap again.
Mike waited for her downstairs. He looked her up and down as she handed him the hairbrush; drinking in her nudity. It made her blush and remember her embarrassment. Obediently she let him take her across his lap again. “This one is for taking the short route home after dark.” Mike said, placing the cool hairbrush on her hot skin. “You know it’s not safe.”
Emily blushed. She did know, if anything this night had proven how right Mike had been to set that rule and how wrong she’d been for breaking it. Still, Mike apparently felt that what had happened was not punishment enough, so he raised the hairbrush and smacked her bottom hard.
The hairbrush hurt a lot. Emily moaned and squealed as her boyfriend peppered her bottom, changing the bright pink colour into a flushed red. Now that her punishment focussed on the rule about the dangerous route, she could not help but be reminded of what had happened and what could have happened. She kicked and screamed, fighting Mike like she’d fought that man that had attacked her. He did not let her escape however; he did not let her get away with her misbehaviour. Still, she told herself, no matter how much this hurt, it wasn’t as bad as what would could have happened. It was a fair trade and it was only right that she be punished for her irresponsible acts. The spanking reminded her of the assault in more ways than one. While she often felt excited when the spanking was over, remembering her own vulnerability, the pain and Mike’s control over her; she felt none of that now. Just pain, embarrassment and guilt. Just like the assault had not turned her on, only the memory of it. This time she did not ban the thought as soon as it came; instead she reminded herself that this feeling was as much reason for this punishment as the rule she’d broken.
The spanking went on for long minutes. Most of the time Emily was not able to think or categorize her feelings like she had at the start. All she could do was kick and moan as tears ran down her cheeks and her bottom glowed bright red in pain. Feelings and thoughts ran through each other until she no longer knew what she was feeling or thinking. When Mike finally stopped, it took her a long time to get them all in their proper place again.
“I hope you will never again use those short-cuts at night.” Mike said.
“I promise.” Emily whispered, her throat too hoarse to respond clearly.
Mike massaged her bottom softly, it was a flaming mass of pain and she could no longer feel where the red swollen skin started or ended. It felt so right, lying across his lap after her spanking, Emily thought. This was the only way things should have ended after her misguided decision of taking the short route home. The only proper way things could have ended. Still, one tiny detail nagged at her. She hadn’t told Mike about the feeling of wrongness, of her unwanted excitement when she thought back on the assault. It was a confession too embarrassing to share. But something told her the punishment didn’t really count until she had told him.
Emily argued with herself whether to tell him or not. But Mike’s hand on her bottom, slowly rubbing away the most intense part of the pain lulled her into indecisiveness. She wanted to just lay down and let him take care of all her worries.
He did not give her a lot of time. “Get up.” Mike said, his voice still full of authority. “Go to our room and wait for me there.”
Emily got up, wincing as the muscles in her bottom worked to stand. She blushed as she made her way to their room. Already the arousal was returning to her body. A small dose of excitement after the intimacy of a spanking, the sexuality of the act of submission and naughtiness of the kinky situation. Their bedroom had a punishment corner of its own and Emily took place in it with her hands on her head, now fully naked and her exposed bottom bright red. Her excitement built slowly as Mike made her wait. Her punishments were never purely about the pain of a spanking. Mike’s enjoyment of disciplining her always culminated in his sexual claim on her body. It was embarrassing for her to let him indulge his lust after disciplining her. But the embarrassment was an exciting factor in itself. She’d grown accustomed that her physical submission to Mike was exploited in more ways than one. She had started to like it herself in a way.
“Get on the bed.” Mike said as he entered the room. Emily sat down obediently, wincing softly as her sore bottom hit the mattress. “On your belly, facing the wall.” Mike said.
Emily stretched herself on the bed. She moaned softly as Mike climbed on top of her, unable to contain herself. Mike straddled her legs and grabbed her red, sore buttocks in both hands. Emily grunted at the sudden pain. Mike massage her roughly, spreading her cheeks as he did, his thumbs right at her pussy. Emily was dripping wet, ready for him to take her.
“So if nothing had happened, you would have arrived on time and forget to mention you had taken the short route, right?” Mike said, suddenly smacking her bottom firmly.”
Emily squealed. “Ouch! Yes.” She admitted. “I didn’t want you to know I was late.”
Mike smacked her sore bottom again. “So we need to add lying to your list of misdeeds.” He said.
Emily blushed. She hadn’t lied, only planned to. But if she hadn’t tried to deceive Mike, she wouldn’t have gotten herself in danger either. “I guess so.” She said.
“Stay down.” Mike said as he got off her. “You’re getting ten lashes with the belt for trying to cover up being late.”
Emily bit her lip, then grabbed her pillow, she’d need something to bite in. She could already her Mike undoing his belt. “Wait.” She said.
Mike folded the belt with a snap. “What?” He asked.
Emily blushed, though Mike couldn’t see that. She’d have to tell him now; it was too late to back out. “Can I have a few more?” She asked.
“Why do you want more?” Mike asked her curiously.
“I…” Emily gathered her courage. “When you were touching me and when I was in the corner just now, I got turned on. Not just from you or the spanking, but from imagining what could have happened to me if I had not escaped.” She blushed deeply. “It feels so wrong, but I can’t help it. You should punish me for having such misguided, dirty thoughts.”
She could feel Mike sitting down on the bed next to her, He placed his hand on her behind. “Were you turned on when he attacked you?”
“No, of course not.” Emily said.
“Of course not.” Mike repeated. “Because what happened, what almost happened is not something anyone wants to happen. But the feeling of vulnerability, the loss of control, the embarrassment and adrenaline; those are all things that can be very arousing. Some fantasies are just fantasies; they’re not meant to be real. But that doesn’t mean it’s wrong to think about them. Some things can only be enjoyed in your mind, because in reality they’re nothing like in your dreams.” He paused for a moment, softly rubbing her sore behind. “Only ten strokes.” He said.
Emily breathed slowly as Mike got up from the bed. She didn’t care about the belting she was about to get. She felt a lot better. Just like that, Mike had set her at ease. It was one of the greatest benefits of submitting to him. She could accept his judgement on right or wrong. She might still have her doubts, but just because he thought it was okay to fantasise about these things, made it a lot easier for her to accept it herself as well.
When the belt hit her tender behind, Emily bit the pillow, muffling her squeal. Okay, she had lied. She did care about the belt. Four more times the belt whisked through the air and landed across her bottom, making her squeal, her saliva drenching her pillow. ‘Why did I ever think it was a good idea to try and lie to him?’ She thought while Mike walked around the bed. It was too late for regrets now though, as five more times the belt swung through the air and painted a bright red stripe across her bottom.
Emily turned the pillow over, finding a dry surface for her face as Mike again took position behind her, straddling her legs. He was gentle this time, softly rubbing her behind; it felt like fire. “Have you learned your lesson, young lady?” He asked.
“Yes.” Emily whimpered.
Mike suddenly plunged two fingers inside of her and Emily gasped. She was still wet. She did not know when he had taken off his trousers, but she could feel him place his rock-hard erection at her entrance. She had just been punished like a naughty girl and now she was going to be fucked; her vulnerable, naked body was at her boyfriend’s disposal. To do with as he pleased. Mike pushed inside of her. Emily moaned deeply; the pain, the embarrassment, Mike’s hands on her sore bottom, none of it mattered; she could not deny her arousal at her boyfriend’s claim on her body.
Someone else had tried to claim it that night, but had not succeeded. Again, Emily’s mind wandered to the idea of what would had happened if he had. What if it wasn’t Mike behind her right now, pumping slowly, his erection pulsing, moving up and down inside of her. She blushed. “Can we turn over, please?” She asked. “I want to see that it’s really you.”
Mike pulled out. “Turn around.” He said. Emily turned over and looked up at the man who so thoroughly owned her. He spread her legs and knelt between them His erection was big and wet with her juices. When Mike lifted her by the hips it slid inside of her easily. “I thought I told you it was okay to fantasise about that.” He said. Emily blushed. “Put your hands beneath your pillow.” Mike said. “You’re not allowed to use them. Emily placed her hands below her head. Tied down, not by rope or force, but by his words. Mike grabbed her breasts with his hands, playing with them roughly. He did not fuck her, he just sat on his knees with his erection deep inside of her. When he had enough of her breasts, he pulled off his shirt and folded it. He placed it across her eyes, blindfolding her effectively as her hands were not free to remove it. “You said he was rough, didn’t you?” He whispered. His hands grabbed her breasts again. His fingers dug into her skin as he started fucking her.
Emily moaned deeply. Mike not only found it okay for her to have these fantasies. He was now encouraging her to think about them as he fucked her. She knew what he was doing. He wanted her to acknowledge her desires, to make peace with those dark fantasies. It was dark beneath his shirt, a dark alley in which she was blind for the danger surrounding her. Her hands she held firmly behind her head, held aside so she was unable to escape. She was naked and vulnerable, her coat ripped, the buttons spilled on the floor and her skirt raised by dirty hands. The mattress she lay on was not soft, against her sore, spanked bottom it hurt, it was rough like the cold stone wall in an empty street. There was a man between her legs, fucking her, he was rough and she couldn’t see him, it could be anyone, a stranger in an alley.
Emily screamed, her body convulsing and shuddering as the orgasm rippled through her body. Mike held her down firmly, His teeth at her breasts, biting the soft flesh as he too reached a climax, coming inside of her.

A peculiar gift

naked over armrest for her spanking

It had all started out so innocent for Anna. As a young woman with a healthy sexual appetite, she had been interested, but not experienced in a more adventurous sex-life. She was not a virgin, but her experiences thus far had been very vanilla while her fantasies were much kinkier than what her few partners had offered. To satisfy her curiosity, she had joined an online community that focused on anything kinky, from BDSM and exhibitionism, to activities she’d never heard of before. She made her own private profile, making sure all her personal details were hidden. Anna was the type of girl who was very confident with her own sexuality and her body. When the website asked her to add a picture to her profile, she chose one where she was wearing a provocative dress: very short and with deep cleavage. It was the type of thing she liked to wear in real life as well. Anna quickly made friends on this community, as a single girl in her twenties and with a broad array of interests, she was very popular. Some of her new friends were quite imposing, but she quickly learned which of them were genuine and who just wanted to use her for their own fantasies. Still, one of the requests she got most often was for her to post more pictures. Early on, Anna had realized that her provocative picture was actually quite tame compared to those of the other users. Nudity was accepted and often encouraged. Strengthened by the examples of others, Anna soon added more pictures of herself, wearing less in each, even posing in just her underwear. The response was immense. She got more friends and all her pictures got positive comments. Some of the things people said made her blush, but Anna truly loved the attention she received. While she had always been too shy to do anything remotely exhibitionistic, Anna felt safe in the anonymity of the internet. The community kept asking and Anna kept delivering. Soon she took off her bra as well, covering her breasts with her hands. Her panties disappeared as well, her nudity only hidden by sensual poses or strategically placed hands or objects. Anna knew at that point that some men were using her pictures while pleasuring themselves. The idea turned her on greatly, she loved the image of their greedy eyes on her naked body. She showed them more and more, just a finger covering her nipples to show off her breasts and then not even that; later spreading her legs to show a full frontal picture of her pussy or bending over to show her bum-hole. Her friends-list became too long to count, but only a small part of them reacted to her pictures, most just wanted to watch. An even smaller part messaged her privately, those were her closest friends.

Anna enjoyed those private chats even more than the comments on her pictures. Often she would get requests for a certain kind of picture and she’d do her best to please her friends. Oddly, while her pictures had evolved into a fully undressed, sexual repertoire; many of her friends requested pictures in sexy lingerie or kinky attributes. While exhibitionism might seem very kinky to most; pictures of young naked females are abundant on the internet, and her friends were looking for something closer to their own fantasies. Anna had a few sets of lingerie in her wardrobe, but nothing extremely sexy. When some of her friends offered to give her money to buy more, she refused. She did not want to seem like she was selling her body for money. One of her friends came with the solutions that he could buy a set for her as a gift. Still hesitant, but persuaded by the idea of owning such a sexy set of lingerie and showing it off to all her friends in the community, Anna accepted. She told her friend her measurements and her address to send the gift to. She was slightly worried about sharing this information, but still felt safe as most of her friends were from different countries than hers and her closest friends she trusted. The gift arrived nearly two weeks later, a sexy black set of lingerie with many extra ribbons and clasps. It was much kinkier than anything she’d owned before. She took dozens of pictures while posing with the set and shared the best of them on her profile. When she mentioned the set had been a gift from her friend, others started offering to buy her things as well. Overjoyed with the sexy set she owned now and desiring more of the same, she gave out her information to more friends. They did not all buy her lingerie, some bought whole costumes that fueled their fantasies. Anna posed for her friends as a naughty maid or a sexy nurse. Some send her leather shackles, rope or even a ball-gag. The kinkier each picture she posted, the more inventive her friends became with the things they send her. Some gifted her toys as well, Anna let them see how she played with a vibrator or showed them the sparkling butt-plug in her bottom. When someone send her a wooden paddle, she showed them how red her bottom had become from a self-spanking. She was now truly experiencing some of the kinkier fetishes in the community.

It didn’t stop there of course, the more Anna gave, the more her online friends asked of her. It didn’t bother her at all. In fact, she was always looking for that next thing with which she could surprise and delight them. They suggested she filmed herself as she played, so they could see her reaction to their gift. When discovering a gift and taking pictures of herself, Anna no longer just imagined the men masturbating should they see her; more often than not she played with herself as well, pleasuring herself before sharing the pictures on the internet. The idea of sharing this with her friends turned her on even more, and Anna started to share her first video’s with her friends. She had received a list of toys: implements she spanked herself with so her friends could see her bottom slowly turning red and toys she pleasured herself with afterwards so they could see how much she had enjoyed it. The positive feedback kept coming with each video and often some tips on how she could do it differently next time or things they wished she’d done. Some of the tips they gave her made Anna wish she’d known them beforehand to make her video even better. She joined a small platform where she could stream live video’s and invited her friends from the kinky community to come and watch. She never asked any money for her shows, but received even more gifts now that her friends knew they would be able to see her play live with anything they bought for her. Anna even scheduled weekly video’s now, at least once on Saturday afternoon and more on other days when she was particularly horny or interested to try out something new. It was around this time that she received a peculiar gift.

The gift came in a typical mailing box. Anna didn’t realize it at the time, but this indicated that the gift hadn’t come internationally. As always, she opened the box immediately, curious to see what her online friends had bought her now. It contained a large leather strap. The leather was black and wider than her hand, split in two down the middle. It felt fairly heavy, and was as long as from the tips of her fingers to her elbow. She had gotten many spanking implements before, the self-spankings were one of her favorite fetishes she had discovered and it had seemed like her friends had picked up on that fact. None of them were as big as this one however, it seemed too unwieldy for a self-spanking. Sometimes a letter accompanied the gift with an explanation or request, but his one only bore a short message: “See you this Saturday”. Anna guessed the mysterious gift-giver would be watching the live video stream she would have as usual; she decided to ask him how to use it then. She stored the strap in her chest with all the other gifts and forgot about it until then.
Anna had planned something fun for her show that Saturday afternoon. One of her online friends had gifted her a something very cute: a fox tail attached to a butt-plug. Butt-play was not one of Anna’s favorite experiences. She just wasn’t going to get really into anal any time soon, but a plug felt different, in a good way. It just sat there, a bit of pressure in a very sensitive area. When she started up her laptop and made ready to start her show, she already had a long list of viewers. Anna turned on some slow music and rewarded the early birds with a striptease before the real fun could begin. It wasn’t long until she was completely naked, showing off her curves to her friends. The list of viewers had doubled in the short time it had taken her to get out of her clothes. She continued with the routine of showing her viewers the gifts she had received since her last appearance, this time the fox-tail and the heavy leather strap. She made sure to thank the people who had sent them to her and expressed how thankful she was for their gift. From her collections-chest, Anna took a diadem with fox-ears and placed it on her head, a gift she’d gotten a few weeks earlier. The mysterious giver of the strap hadn’t turned up yet, so she decided to play with the fox-tail first. With the ears in place, she placed her laptop on her bed and rolled over in front of the camera, showing off both her breasts and buttocks. When enough viewers begged her to put the tail in, she turned around so that the camera was aimed directly at her bottom. On her back and with her legs up in the air, her friends had a full view of her pussy and butt. She grabbed the fox-tail and with the help of a bit of lube, she slid it into her bum in front of the eyes of her viewers. She moaned deeply as it locked into place, filling her up. After a second to let her friends enjoy the view, she turned over and started to crawl on the bed like a little fox. Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

Anna turned over in surprise. She wasn’t expecting anyone. “One moment, guys.” She said to the camera. “Seems this little fox girl has to go open the door.” Still deeply aroused by her play and the feeling of dozens of eyes watching her, Anna ran naked through her apartment. At the front door she grabbed a jacket that was too short to fully cover her bottom. Despite her new online experiences, she still hadn’t experimented with her exhibitionistic tendencies in the real world yet. Highly excited for what she was about to do, she opened the door, knowing she wore nothing underneath her jacket except for the tail peeking out down the back and the ears an obvious presence on her head. She did not immediately recognize the man who stood in front of her. “Can I help you?” She asked.
“Anna, it’s Frederic. Can I come in?”
With his name, Anna knew who he was. Frederic was one of her brother’s friends. His best friend actually. He’d spent a lot of time at their home when she was younger. “Of course.” She said, flustered. Anna’s brother was eight years older than she was, and as a little girl she’d been mightily impressed by her brother’s friends. She remembered having a huge crush on Frederic. Having him show up on her doorstep when she was as good as naked and in the middle of playing with her online friends made those memories come crashing back. Frederic entered her apartment and seated himself in her couch. Anna returned to her bedroom where the sultry striptease music was still playing. She turned the music off and took her laptop with her. She placed it close-by in the sitting area, but did not turn it off. She felt very naughty letting her online friends listen in on their conversation. They would be excited, knowing she was still nearly naked while entertaining a visitor.
Anna winced when she sat down opposite Frederic as the fox-tail butt-plug was suddenly pressed deeper inside of her. “What is that you’re wearing?” Frederic asked.
Blushing deeply Anna wondered if it had been a bad idea to let him in. He was a friend of the family, what if he discovered what she’d been doing? She realized just in time he was probably just talking about the fox ears. “Oh, just having a bit of silly fun.” She said, taking them off and carefully placing them out of his reach.
Frederic was smiling for some reason, Anna still had no idea why he had come. “I meant that jacket. Do you always wear that indoors?”
Anna bit her lip. Grabbing that instead of a dressing gown might not have been the best idea, it wasn’t the kind of jacket anyone wore indoors. “I wasn’t expecting any visitors.” She explained. “I wasn’t dressed.”
Frederic’s smile broadened. “I remember when you were a little girl.” He said. “You were constantly running around the house half-naked, leaving clothes everywhere. No matter how often your brother made you put them back on.”
“No way, I would never run around naked when his friends were over! And I certainly don’t remember him dressing me.” Anna was blushing, perhaps she should’ve turned off the live stream after all.
“No, not when you were older of course.” Frederic said. “I’m talking about when you were much younger, when your brother had to babysit you when your parents were out… Though I do remember he still had to spank your bottom quite a bit when you were older too.”
Anna blushed deeply. “He did no such thing!” She said affronted.
Frederic crossed his arms, suddenly looking quite imposing. “Maybe he should have.” He said. “What do you think he would say if he saw his little sister now? Running around naked on camera, letting strangers on the internet buy her stuff, live-streaming as she played with herself for their enjoyment?”
Anna wanted to sink into the floor. He knew. Fuck! Was that why he had come? “What is it to you?” She asked. “It isn’t any of your business.”
Frederic shrugged. “You’re right of course. It’s just a shame, seeing that cute girl I knew growing up get so perverted and abused by strangers on the internet.” He smiled softly. “I just hoped maybe there was still a bit of that girl inside who thought perhaps that the things she was doing were not right. Don’t you ever feel a bit guilty about your behavior?”
Anna was finding her self-confidence again. “No.” She said. “Why should I? I’m enjoying myself. No-one forced me to do this, I just love doing it.”
“Then why have you been spanking yourself so often?” Frederic asked. He was grinning.
Anna blushed again. Not only did he know, he had been watching her video’s. Suddenly her friends on the internet had a face. They weren’t just anonymous strangers; they could be anyone. She stood eye-in-eye with someone who had seen her do the kinkiest, sexiest acts. How many more people like him had seen her like that? “I just like it.” She said, no longer able to concentrate on their conversation.
“I think, deep inside, you think you’re a very naughty girl.” Frederic said. “Somewhere, there’s a part of you that thinks she deserves to be spanked for all the naughty things she’s been doing.” He smiled. “Have you never wished someone would give you a good spanking, or are you satisfied just doing it by yourself?”
Anna did not know how to respond. Of course she’d thought about that. But that didn’t mean she thought she deserved it. She just liked spanking. Her body was tense right now, tingling, hot and excited. Part of her was already fantasizing about being spanked by Frederic. But that didn’t mean she deserved to be, did it? It was just a fantasy. “No.” She said. “I don’t know. I don’t think it’s wrong to enjoy myself like this.”
Frederic laughed out loud. “Of course it isn’t wrong.” He said. “Everyone should be allowed to enjoy themselves in a way that turns them on as long as it’s safe and consensual.” He smiled slyly. “But that doesn’t mean it’s not naughty.”
Anna blushed, as she came to a sudden understanding. She had been too scared of his disapproval and the consequences should he tell anyone she knew. Frederic was not chastising her for her lifestyle however. He was participating. The thought made her arousal soar. “I guess you could call it naughty.” She said. In fact, if she’d known he didn’t disapprove of her actions, she’d have admitted this a long time ago. She was a very naughty girl after all. “What are you going to do about it?” She asked, confident know that she knew the role she was playing.
“Well I thought I’d participate in your little games.” Frederic said. “I sent you a gift last week. I’m sure it will help to teach you a little lesson about your improper behavior.”

With the strap in her hand, Anna returned from her bedroom to the sitting area. Frederic had told her to get it and she had obeyed without question. She felt like one of the girls in the video’s she roleplayed for her friends or the stories she read online. Only this time it wouldn’t end with a self-spanking and masturbation in front of the camera. This time she wouldn’t be in control at all. She was both ecstatic and deeply afraid.
Frederic was still waiting for her, he looked stern and amused at the same time; still the handsome man she’d had a crush on as a little girl. “Were you doing your show when I arrived?” He asked.
Anna blushed. “Yes.” She said, then realized the stream was still going. “I haven’t turned it off yet.”
“You can turn it off if you want to.” Frederic said.
Hesitantly, Anna moved to the laptop. She could close it, her online friends would be disappointed, but most would understand. She could also let them watch. She had let them see all the naughty things she’d done, so why not let them see the consequences as well? The idea was so arousing that she turned the laptop so that the built-in camera had a perfect view of Frederic sitting in her couch and the lap she would soon be bent over. “I think they deserve to see what happens to naughty girls.” She said.
Frederic smiled broadly. “Perfect.” He said. “There must be a good girl hiding deep inside you after all. It will be my pleasure to bring the two of you closer together.”
Anna smiled shyly and moved closer to Frederic, the camera behind her. Used to being the one in charge when streaming her videos, she was now unsure of how to proceed.
“Let’s continue where you left off.” Frederic said, taking over control so she wouldn’t have to think. “I believe you were wearing one set of fox ears and one fewer jacket.” He grinned broadly.
Still blushing, Anna took the fox-ears back and placed them on her head. She wondered if Frederic had seen the tail and what he thought of it. Though it was unlikely he had missed it while she had been moving around. Normally she’d take off her jacket in a twirl, but she was suddenly shy now that the only other people in the room weren’t numbers on a computer-screen. Slowly she took off the jacket, until she stood fully naked, not just on camera, but with a real man right in front of her. She’d been naked with men before of course, but only with lovers, not with one of her online friends turned real.
Frederic was smiling encouragingly. “You look even better in real life than you do on my computer, Anna.” He said. “So what was it you were doing before I so rudely interrupted? Playing a fox, I presume?”
Anna nodded. She felt Frederic’s eyes – real eyes – on her body. Just like before, the thought of him seeing her like this turned her on, the thought of a man seeing her without clothes was what had gotten her into this in the first place. Slightly more confident she dropped onto hands and knees on her carpet. “Yes.” She said. “Showing off my new tail like this.” She crawled around and rolled on the carpet to demonstrate.
“Crawling around naked for all to see and with such perverted attributes. It seems I got here just in time.” The strict tone of Frederic’s voice seemed to belie the smile on his lips. “Stop that at once, young lady!”
Anna sat up. “Why?” She asked, confident once again now that they were playing. “What are you going to do about it?”
“I’m going to spank that bare bottom and you’ll be lucky if it is any less red than that tail you’re wearing.”
Anna flinched back as Frederic stood up, suddenly towering above her. She had however chosen to play the bratty, disobedient girl, so she couldn’t capitulate right away. Instead she crawled away from him on hands and knees.
Frederic took two steps and grabbed the fox ears with one hand. The diadem came off easily, but Anna squealed as if he had actually pulled her ears like a naughty child. She looked up at him pleadingly when he dropped the diadem to the side and placed two hands on her bare shoulders. “Get back here, you.” He said.
Anna didn’t fight back as Frederic pulled her up until she stood on two feet, his fingers were digging into her shoulders. Standing straight, she could see into his eyes and see the arousal and hunger inside of them, they were reflected in her own. She thought he would touch her then, let his hands run down her naked, vulnerable body. But he didn’t. He guided her back to the couch, pulled her across his lap and moved her until she lay comfortably across his knees.
“Raise your bottom, young lady.” Frederic said. “Make sure your friends get a good look.”
Anna blushed, remembering the laptop that was streaming these events live to her online friends. She raised her bottom as instructed however, arching her back so that her behind curved perfectly across Frederic’s lap. When he grabbed the fox tail, she felt a soft tug in her bottom that made her moan deeply. When he lifted the tail she knew her pussy must be visible between her legs with how far she was bent over.
“I have never seen anything as naughty and perverted as this thing.” Frederic said, pulling softly on the tail.
Anna moaned deeply. She wanted to tell him it was just a gift. She didn’t like butt plugs that much anyway, it was more for the roleplay than anything else. But gift or not, she had chosen to wear it herself, so she did not complain when he landed a few firm smacks on her bottom while holding onto her tail.
“This is going to get in the way.” Frederic said. And with an excruciatingly slow pull, he removed the toy. Anna moaned deeply as her muscles clenched and contracted. When the tail was gone she suddenly felt more naked than before. She was no longer roleplaying, she was now fully naked and just another naughty girl getting a spanking.

Frederic started off slowly, each smack aimed perfectly and planted firmly on her behind. The sting was comparable to her self-spankings, but more evenly spread out across her whole bottom. Anna moaned deeply as he spanked her, fully enjoying the sting and arousal from her first real spanking. As the pain built up she yelped and squealed, but always she kept her back arched and her bottom up as instructed, for she wanted more. Sometimes, when she remembered her friends watching, she screamed louder, to make sure they heard her.
It did not take long however, before the difference between spanking herself and getting spanked by Frederic became obvious to her. When her bottom was glowing and the sting burning in her skin, she would’ve normally stopped for a bit. She would’ve teased her friends, rolled around on her bed and just generally taken a little pause before continuing. Frederic didn’t stop. He just spanked her harder. The longer he went on, the more the smacks stung and Anna’s yelps and squeals were no longer played. She didn’t have to pretend to scream loudly so her friends would hear, because she was screaming loud enough without trying. Her bottom felt on fire, hurting more than it ever had even when she used an implement on herself. She cursed herself for getting into this mess, for letting anyone do this to her. But she had no control of the situation, not even her own body as her legs were kicking madly and her pussy still wet as if to belie the pain she was feeling.
When Frederic finally stopped, he placed a warm hand on her sore behind. “Do you want a little break?” He asked, he hadn’t said a word during her spanking, the scolding had been done before and the sounds of her squeals would have drowned out the words anyway.
Anna laughed aloud, surprised that she could still laugh. A break? She wanted this to be over. But with Frederic’s warm hand on her bottom, her own wet arousal and his erection that she could feel against her lower belly; she could remember the fun things she sometimes did during a pause. “Yes, please.” She replied.
Frederic’s soft fingers, rubbing her sore red skin and travelling down her inner thighs quickly made Anna forget how much she had wanted the spanking to be over. He teased her softly, never touching her in the most sensitive spots. When she moaned as his fingers got near them, he always stopped and placed them somewhere else. Just when she was starting to think she might like to be spanked a bit more, he reminded her of something she’d completely forgotten. “I believe that fox tail wasn’t the only gift you’ve received this week.” He said. “I think it’s time we tried out the other.”
Anna move slowly as she walked to the table with her laptop, she had left the strap beside it. It was just a few steps, but she managed to make them last a long while. Frederic’s spanking had hurt more than anything she’d done by herself and only with his hands. She thought now that she could enjoy more of that, the pain compensated by the arousal of being spanked by someone other than herself. But the strap looked wicked. That thing would hurt like hell. She took a quick look at her laptop and noticed her viewer count had risen a lot. It was now at least twice as high as she’d ever seen before. She wondered where all those people had come from. How many of them would be new and not her regular friends? It didn’t scare, nor embarrass her however. It encouraged her. With so many people watching her, she couldn’t back out now. Most of the comments below the stream were the derogatory nonsense she was used to, things she had learned to ignore. Some however were friendly, encouraging even, as if they knew how scared she was. They told her she could do it, that it wouldn’t be that bad, some seemed sure she would enjoy it. Strengthened by her friends, Anna took the strap and returned it to Frederic. When he ordered her to kneel on the carpet and then bent over the couch’ armrest, she obeyed without struggle. The brattiness she’d shown before was gone after that warmup spanking.
“Good girl.” Frederic said. His voice came from behind her as he stood between her and the audience. “Tell me, how long have you been doing these naughty live streams now?”
Anna had to think for a moment. Her sore red bottom stuck up high in the air as she hung over the side of the couch. Any moment now Frederic could land that strap across her already stinging behind and all the while a long list of strangers were watching. It was hard to think. “About twelve weeks.” She replied eventually.
“Perfect.” Frederic said. “As it’s your first time, twelve smacks should be plenty to turn you into a good little girl instead of the naughty one you’ve been.”
Anna smiled. Twelve didn’t sound too bad. But she squealed loudly when the first one landed across her behind, drawing a broad red stripe across her bottom.
“You’ll need to count them for me, naughty girl.” Frederic said. “You don’t want me to lose count, do you?”
Anna blushed, but complied. “One.” She said.
“Louder please.” Frederic said. “Your friends need to hear you too.”
Anna grumbled but said it again more loudly. Just then the strap landed across her bottom. She bit off the word and squealed loudly. “Two.” She howled as a second red stripe burned hotly across her bottom.
Frederic didn’t give her time to plead or beg as each stroke of the strap landed quickly after she counted each previous one. All Anna could do was squeal and count them. By the time they reached twelve, she was whimpering and sobbing softly. Angry red welts crossed her bottom which she still held up in the air even though the count was over.
“Good girl.” Frederic said as he knelt beside her. His hands on her bottom felt like fire that made her moan and shiver. “I think that’s enough for today… Unless you still feel like being a naughty girl?”
“No.” Anna said, her voice was hoarse. “I’ll be a good girl.”
“Good.” Frederic replied. “I think you’ll want to rest for a bit. Go stand in the corner so your bottom can cool down and you can think about your behavior.” Anna pushed herself up from the couch and moved to the corner. “Not that one.” Frederic said. “Over there, make sure your friends can see you.” Blushingly, Anna moved to the corner of the room that would be visible on her live stream.

“Show’s over folks.” Frederic said just before he closed the laptop after he had allowed Anna to leave her spot in the corner. “I must admit I enjoyed the idea that everyone got to see your punishment, Anna.” He explained. “But as I hope I just thought you, good girls don’t show off their naked bodies on the internet. So I had to turn it off. You do want to be a good girl now, don’t you?”
Anna had spent somewhere between five and ten minutes in that corner and while it didn’t seem as if the pain in her bottom had lessened at all, she had had time to think. Well, not think as much as realize at how turned on she still was and how much she wanted Frederic to participate in the things she normally did after a self-spanking. She had also realized that she no longer wanted to act naughty. Not that she would stop her naughty online streaming and pictures of course. But right now, all she wanted to be was a good and obedient girl for Frederic. She could always be naughty again tomorrow. “Yes, sir.” She said. “I want to be a good girl.”
“And what do good girls do after they’ve been punished?” Frederic asked her.
Dozens of answers ran through Anna’s mind from all the stories she’d read online. Her body hungered for sexual release and she could only hope this was what Frederic was aiming for as well. She gave the answer that would cover most of those possible scenario’s. “She apologizes.” She said. “Then she makes amends and shows how grateful she is for getting a second chance and for the lesson she’s been taught.”
“That sounds perfect.” Frederic said. “I knew there was a good girl hiding in you. So how about you apologize first and then we’ll see about making amends, shall we?”
Anna blushed. It all sounded so sexy and exotic in her head. But actually apologizing when she hadn’t really done something wrong still felt weird. Only the stinging pain in her bottom and willingness to be a good girl for Frederic, made her step closer to him to look up to his eyes. “I’m sorry.” She said.
“What for?” Frederic asked.
Anna blushed again. “For being a naughty girl and for doing naughty perverted things and showing my friends.”
“And are you going to do it again?” Frederic asked her.
Anna bit her lip, hesitantly. She knew she would do it again and so did he. She didn’t want to lie; she was trying to be a good girl. Then she realized he didn’t want her to lie. “Yes.” She said. “Because I’m a naughty girl. But I’ll try to be a good girl for you.”
Frederic smiled. “I’m glad you didn’t lie to me, Anna.” He said. “I know you’re a naughty girl and when I see you doing those naughty things again I will have to spank you again. Do you think that’s fair?”
Anna was smiling broadly. Of course that was fair. To experience what she had today again, even if that meant harder and longer spankings with that dreaded strap, would be a dream. “Yes, sir.” She said. “It’s the only way you can make sure I’ll be a good girl after all.”
Frederic placed a hand on her breast. It was the first sensual touch he had given her excepting those on her bottom and thighs during her spanking. “Let’s agree then that this is your way of making amends for your behavior: to accept a spanking from me for all the naughty, perverted things you might do.” He smiled. “Now, let’s see how you can thank me for this important lesson.”
Anna licked her lips. “I have an idea.” She said, then knelt down in front of him. If she’d learned anything from her online friends, it was that this was most dominant men’s preferred way to be thanked for their services. Frederic didn’t last long after she took him in her mouth. After the long and exciting spanking, he was ready to burst. It wasn’t long however after Anna swallowed his semen that he was ready for more. This time he took her back to the couch, not to lay her across his knees, but to let her straddle his lap. His fingers dug deeply into her sore bottom as he penetrated her, but Anna didn’t mind. She moaned deeply even as she squealed when the pain mixed with pleasure and she rode him hard and fast. If only her friends could have seen this part, she thought. How jealous they would have been.

The delivery girl

naked girl corner-time

‘Delivery within 30 minutes or you spank our delivery girl.’

Mike traced the text on the pizza box with a finger and imagined if anyone ever got to spank one of those girls. Probably not, he thought. It was just a sales tactic after all. He had discovered the pizza company online about two months ago. At first he’d thought it was a joke, or a promotion for a porn-company. But when he ordered a pizza anyway, not fifteen minutes later it had been delivered. The delivery girl even wore the same skimpy outfit as seen on the website: a low-cut, tight-fitting shirt covering her large breasts and an embarrassing short skirt.
Mike had ordered perhaps ten times since then. Their marketing strategy was obviously working. He knew he was being played of course, but couldn’t help himself. What does it even matter? He thought. He had to eat anyway, he decided to order another one today, not knowing it would be his lucky day.

Sarah had been working for the pizza company for a mere two weeks. She worked together with about a dozen other girls. She had been afraid at first, of the rule that she should let customers spank her if she was late. But with over a dozen girls, each delivering ten to twenty pizza’s a day; only two had reported being late in a month. With such good odds – and a salary twice than what was normal for a delivery girl – it was a chance she was willing to take. Especially, since she secretly had quite a few kinky fantasies of her own and got excited by the thought of actually getting spanked.
That didn’t mean of course, that she didn’t run as if the devil was on her heels when her bike broke down one day. She was on her last delivery of the evening, just a single pizza in the heavy bag she now carried over her shoulders. She was breathing heavily and sweating all over when she rang the bell at Mike’s apartment. “You’re late.” The man said who opened the door.

It was true, Mike realised/ She was late, at least ten minutes even. “I’m sorry, sir”. The delivery girl said. “My bike broke down.”
Mike looked the girl up and down. He got to spank her now, right? He really hoped so, she looked gorgeous, blushing and out of breath. Her breasts – visible in the low-cut top – were shiny with her sweat. “I didn’t think the girls from your company were ever late.” He said.
The girl blushed. “It happens, but only very rarely.”
“Have you ever been late before?” Mike asked.
“No, sir.”
“So you haven’t been spanked before?”
She blushed even deeper and shook her head in denial.
“Well you best come in then.” He said, trying to sound confident.

Sarah followed the man inside. Her heart was racing in her chest. She was afraid, but at the same time highly aroused as well. This was really happening.
“So what are the rules?” The man asked her.
Sarah bit her lip as she tried to remember what she’d been told when signing her contract. “We have to accept a spanking.” She said. “The customer can decide what he spanks us with, how long and how hard. But we have to agree on a safe-word first.” She blushed. “We have to do everything he says, but we do not have to do anything sexual.”
The man smiled broadly. “Good, very good. Well then, I know just what we’ll do.” He placed the pizza he’d ordered on the table in front of his couch and sat down. “Take off your clothes.” He said. “I want you to be completely naked when I spank you.”
Sarah blushed. He couldn’t make her do that, could he? Was undressing something sexual she could refuse, or just part of her punishment? After a few seconds of hesitation she had to admit to herself she would have to do as he said. Blushing furiously, but at the same time strangely aroused, she undressed as he watched.

Not believing his eyes, Mike stared as the delivery girl undressed in his living room. She wore cute white panties and nothing underneath that tight-fitting top, just a pair of fun-sized breasts. When her panties came off and she showed him her clean-shaven pussy, he felt his erection throbbing painfully in his jeans. He’d imagined how this would go a dozen times, never truly believing he’d ever get his pizza late. But now that it had, he knew exactly what to do and say. “Go stand in the corner.” He ordered her. “Put your hands on your head. You’ll wait there while I eat my pizza.”
The girl pouted. “How long must I wait?” She asked.
Mike wondered how much time they had – she probably had to get back to work – that might mess with his plans. “Do you have to do more deliveries today?” He asked.
“No.” The girl answered. “You were my last.”
Mike smiled. “Perfect.” He said. “Then get in the corner and stay there until I’ve finished my pizza. You were already late, I’m not going to let it get any colder just to spank your naughty bum first.”

Silently Sarah stood in the corner of the room, completely naked in a stranger’s house. She could feel his eyes on her as he slowly ate his pizza. The thought of him staring turned her on. Soon she would be at his mercy, when he would spank her. Despite her fantasies, the kinky stories she’d read in books, she had never thought she’d get this aroused. Her excitement was literally dripping from her lips, leaving wet trails on her inner thighs.
When the customer ordered her to come to him, she obeyed eagerly. Her heart hadn’t stopped racing since she rang his doorbell. He guided her across his lap and remarked how wet she was. “So excited to be spanked.” He said. “Now I understand why a girl like you would want to work for such a company.”
Sarah blushed because it was true. When he smacked her bare bottom with his hand, she moaned softly. He didn’t spank her softly, but not too hard either. Each smack was firm and alternated between her buttocks. She moaned softly after each of them as her bottom slowly turned hot and stinging.

“You’re enjoying this a bit too much, I think.” Mike said as the girl was wriggling in his lap. Her excitement was plain and he couldn’t really believe things were working out this way. His own erection was pressing strongly against her lower belly and he was sure she must feel it. He spanked her harder and the girl yelped in surprise. He suddenly realised they’d forgotten to set a safe-word. “Let’s make sure you know what a real spanking feels like.” He said. “Your safe-word shall be ‘pizza’”. He continued spanking her with full swings of his arm.
The girl no longer moaned and whimpered. She squealed and yelped as her bottom turned from pink to red, as the sting turned to pain. Her buttocks bounced beneath his hand and Mike felt in ecstasy. She begged him to stop, promising him never to be late again. But Mike knew she could take more, he spanked her harder. He got the reaction he hoped for: the uncontrollable kicking of her legs, tossing of her head. “Please, please.” She begged. “I’ll never be late again.”

Finally he stopped. Sarah lay over his lap panting, her breath coming quick and shallow. Her bottom felt on fire. Her customer was rubbing it softly. “You’re still wet, you naughty girl.” The man said.
Sarah blushed, she’d never imagined how painful it could be, but even now he was right, after begging him to stop, she had loved every second of it. His hand wandered to her thighs, his fingers tracing her wetness to her lips. He touched those as well. ‘No’ Sarah thought, she shouldn’t do anything sexual. But when his fingers slid inside her she moaned deeply. She didn’t have to, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t if she wanted to.
The man fingered her slowly, Two of his fingers playing with her clit as he pushed his thumb inside of her. “You naughty girl.” He said when she moaned deeply.
Sarah blushed. “Spank me, sir.” She whispered, even though her bottom still hurt. He did, using his other hand to spank her sore red cheeks while his fingers brought her to a climax.

“Can I get up?” The girl asked after she’d cum shuddering across his lap.
Mike let her up and smiled at her. He wasn’t sure if he should’ve done that last part. She’d said nothing sexual, but she could hardly pretend she hadn’t enjoyed it. The girl however wiped away all such thoughts when she straddled him on the couch and started to fumble at his jeans. “You naughty girl.” He repeated while grabbing her hot glowing bottom.
The girl winced at his touch right before she managed to free his erection. “What’s your name?” She asked him.
Mike smiled, realizing he had just spanked and fingered a girl without even knowing her name. The thought was strangely arousing. “My name is Mike.” He said, while she was softly stroking his dick with both hands. “What is yours?”
“It’s Sarah.” The girl answered.
Sarah whimpered softly as he squeezed her sore behind and pulled her close. “Come here, Sarah.” He said, positioning her on top of his dick and then slowly lowering her down onto it. “I’ll be sure to ask for you next time I order a pizza.” He said when he filled her completely.
“I’ll do my best to be on time next time, sir.” She promised as she started to ride him.
“You better be.” Mike said before kissing the naked girl’s breasts. With his erection inside of her and his hands on her red bottom, he let the delivery girl serve her final delivery, his orgasm between her legs as a fitting dessert after a pizza and a spanking.

Shout-out to Dave Wolfe for the inspiration to this story:

Pizza delivery girl spanked
Pizza delivery girl spanked

The domme’s apprentice (part 1)

naked otk spanking

It all started with a simple email in which Erika asked the following:

Mistress Anna

Before I ask for your help, I wanted to say I’m a big fan of your work and your video’s. Your professional attitude in what you do is what convinced me in contacting you.

My name is Erika. I’m twenty-four years old and I’ve been in a strong relation with another girl my age for over three years now. Her name is Sophie. Early on in our relationship we’ve discovered each other’s interest in BDSM. We have experimented together, spending plenty of time across each other’s knees, just like the women in your videos. As things progressed, we started to fall into more specific roles, where I would more often be the one dominating, while my girlfriend would submit.

My girlfriend is the one who showed me your video’s for the first time. Video’s in which such spankings aren’t just part of a sexual experience, but a lifestyle encompassing discipline. We have discussed making the step from fun to discipline a lot, but we feel insecure as how this would influence our relationship and how to make that first step. This is why I hoped you could help us. Perhaps you could share some of your knowledge and give us some tips on how to move forward with such a relationship.

Kind regards

She had sent this email just a week ago. Mistress Anna had answered not two days later. Her answer had been short, but had included an invitation to come meet her in person and talk face to face about their desires. This is why Erika and her girlfriend Sophie – whom Anna had explicitly said should attend as well – drove up the lane to the front door of the large mansion where mistress Anna lived.
Nervously the two girls walked up the short flight of stairs to the large double doors. Mistress Anna opened these shortly after they rang the bell. She looked just like in her video’s: her hair was put up with not a strand out of place, her make-up was subtle and accentuated her face, her dress hugged her body and was almost short enough to reveal the lace at the top of her stockings. In short, she was beautiful. Her broad smile made the girls immediately feel welcome when she invited them in and led them to the sitting room. When Erika recognized the room from several of the video’s she’d watched, she realized many of Mistress Anna’s films were recorded in her own home. The realization woke the butterflies in her stomach. A quick look at Sophie told her she recognized the space as well, she was blushing deeply, they had probably both fantasized visiting this room and its owner, but for other reasons then just talking.
They sat down on the sofa on which many naughty girls had cried their eyes out as mistress Anna offered them something to drink. Fidgeting and unable to look at each other they waited for her to return.

Still smiling Anna returned to them and placed the drinks on a low table as she sat opposite them in a high-backed wooden chair. “Well then.” She said. “It’s very nice to meet you. I don’t often get a chance to talk to some of my fans.”
“It’s nice to meet you to mistress Anna.” Erika managed to reply, Sophie seemed too shy to talk.
Anna’s smile broadened. “Anna is fine, please. No need to call me mistress, you’re not here for a session after all.”
“No.” Erika replied, as Sophie shook her head.
“Well then. I can see you’re both nervous, so let me do the talking for a bit. I have a couple of questions for you.” She looked at Erika as she asked: “I assume you’re the one who send me that email asking for my help?” Erika nodded. “Then you must be Sophie. Tell me, did you know about the email Erika send me?” Sophie shook her head. “I thought so.” She looked back at Erika. “Why didn’t you tell your friend you were looking for help? In your email you told me you two talked about this before. What did you talk about?”
Erika blushed, mistress Anna was good at making you feel bad about your actions, even though she hadn’t considered it necessary to inform Sophie she was sending that email. “We talked about using discipline in our relationship, about maybe setting some rules for Sophie to follow, things like that.” Erika said. “I told her about the email when you replied, I just didn’t think it was necessary to tell her before in case we got no reply.”
“It seems to me you’ve been talking about the wrong things.” Mistress Anna replied. “Discipline and rules are great, but they are not a whole, more a means to reach an end. What is the goal you wish to reach with these rules?” Without waiting for an answer she looked at Sophie. “How did you feel when you learned Erika had sent such a mail without telling you?”
Sophie looked at Erika and then back at Anna. “Embarrassed.” She answered.
“Of course you felt embarrassed.” Anna agreed. “The most important thing between a sub and her Domme is trust. You should be able to trust her with all of your feelings and secrets.” She looked back at Erika. “Do you think you might have betrayed Sophie’s trust by telling her secret – her interest in BDSM – to a complete stranger on the internet, by sending that email?”
Erika was now blushing as deeply as Sophie was before. She had come here hoping to get some tips on being a better Domme; but instead she started to feel more and more like a misbehaving submissive. “Yes.” She replied, her head held down. “I’m sorry.” She said to Sophie.
Mistress Anna smiled again and clapped her hands. “Very good.” She replied. “It’s important to know Erika that being a Domme doesn’t mean you can’t make mistakes. By apologizing to Sophie you’ve shown to me that you can respect her as a good sub deserves. I think you just made your first step in becoming a good mistress.”

When Anna got up to refill their drinks, Erika and Sophie looked at each other. “I wasn’t really upset you sent that email.” Sophie said.
Erika smiled. “For a moment I was worried mistress Anna was going to spank me for that.” Both girls sat giggling when the mistress returned.
“I see you’re both starting to relax.” She said. “When I read your email Erika, I had an idea, a proposal for you. While it is important for a Domme to respect her sub, and that respect is earned by obedience and willingness to please; it is equally important for the sub to respect her Domme. This respect is a bit harder to earn however.” She looked at Sophie. “Now, I know you’re thinking you already respect your friend. But just wait until she has disciplined you a few times, those feelings might change if she doesn’t act like a proper Domme at those times.” She returned her attention to Erika. “You spoke earlier about setting rules for Sophie. What you actually should be doing is setting rules for he both of you. How can Sophie respect you, if you can’t follow the same strict rules she has to? The difficulty is of course that no one will punish you should you break those rules. It is up to you to have the self-discipline to set a good example and the wisdom to know when the rules can be broken. There are a lot more things like this I could teach you. Being a Domme is a lot more than just being in charge. But it is too much to share or learn in a single afternoon. This is why I was considering the idea of making you my apprentice.” The two girls sat quietly, unsure what exactly was being offered. “I would let you come in person to watch and learn from the sessions with my clients.” Anna explained. “I would perhaps set you assignments to teach you how to act as a proper Domme and as you make progress even let you participate in some of the sessions. What do you think?”
“That would be… interesting.” Erika replied.
“And what do you think?” Anna asked Sophie. “It would mean Erika got to spank other women and might get a few spankings from me herself when her work disappoints me.”
Erika blushed, she hadn’t been told she risked being spanked herself. But Sophie replied before she could complain. “I think I can accept that.” Her friend said. “She is doing it for me after all, but… I want to know all about it, no secrets.”
Mistress Anna smiled her broad smile again. “Great.” She said. “I’ll make her keep a journal in which she must record all her lessons and experiences.” She looked back at Erika. “So, do you want to do this for Sophie, Erika?”
Suddenly Erika felt trapped. The way the request was worded would make it very awkward to decline now. She had started all this and declining now just because she might get spanked herself would seem very selfish. That wasn’t why she agreed however. Whatever the price, she really did wish to learn more about being a Domme and building the perfect relationship with Sophie. From that day on, she would be mistress Anna’s apprentice. Her first lesson? Just a day away.

Erika said nervously on a high stool in the corner of mistress Anna’s sitting room. She had slept little the previous night after their first meeting. She’d been nervous for her first lesson today. She had arrived a few hours earlier. Anna had made her dust the furniture, sweep the floor and refill the fridge with drinks from the basement. Erika had done these tasks as best she could, knowing it was fitting for an apprentice to do such menial tasks. Anna had explained to her that the room should look perfect as it would help put the submissive at ease. A Domme should always seem in control, that included the area she worked and lived in.
When Anna returned to the sitting room she was wearing a new dress. This one was white with a pattern of flowers, it reached halfway to her knees. She had taken her stockings off as well, leaving her legs bare. Erika had always wondered why in some of her video’s she wore such friendly-looking outfits, while in others she was dressed in leather or kinky lingerie. She proposed to ask her about it later. For now, she sat up in attention as the doorbell rang. Anna had timed her arrival perfectly.
Anna went to open the door herself and returned followed by a woman perhaps ten years older than Erika. The woman immediately saw her and blushed. “I’m sorry.” She said. “Am I early?”
Erika blushed in turn, the woman obviously thought she was another of mistress Anna’s clients. Mistress Anna took the woman’s arm and guided her into the room. “It’s ok Samantha, you’re not early. Let me introduce you to Erika.” Erika got off her stool and met them halfway, holding out her hand for Samantha to shake. The woman was obviously confused. “Erika is my apprentice.” Anna explained. “Now, I know you normally want our sessions to be private. But Erika would very much like to watch us so she can learn to be a Domme herself. Do you think that would be okay?”
The woman blushed deeply and Erika suddenly realized there was no camera set up. Apparently not all of mistress Anna’s sessions were filmed and available on the internet. “She will only watch?” Samantha asked.
“Yes.” Anna said firmly. “She will be sitting over there.” She pointed at the stool and Erika returned to her place to sit and watch. “And not do anything else.” It seemed as much a warning for Erika as a reassurance for the woman.
“I guess that’s ok.” Samantha said. “You’ve done so much for me mistress, I would love to do something in return and let your apprentice watch.”
Mistress Anna smiled that big smile of hers. “If you want to help, I’m sure we can teach her a few things today. But first, would you like a drink?”
The woman nodded and Anna left them alone for a moment as she retreated to the kitchen. The two of them looked nervously at each other. The woman was wearing a simple clean shirt and a long sweeping skirt. It seemed the kind of outfit you wore at a family party. You didn’t wear anything too casual or lazy when visiting Anna, not unless you wanted to be in even deeper trouble than you already were. She broke off her stare as Anna returned. “Let me ask you a question before we start Samantha.” Anna said. “What do you think about Erika’s outfit?”
Erika blushed as the woman gave her the same look she had given her before. “It’s okay.” She said. “A bit plain if you ask me… and her shoes are dirty.”
Anna smiled. “Do you think she looks like a Domme?”
The woman shook her head. “No mistress.” Erika blushed, she hadn’t tried to look like a Domme and her shoes had probably gathered dirt from Anna’s basement.
“How old do you think I am, Erika?” Anna asked.
Surprised to be suddenly included in the conversation, Erika hesitated. “Ehm, in your early thirties, mistress?” She gambled.
Anna laughed and looked at the other woman. “Samantha?” She asked.
“You’re forty-two, mistress.” She promptly replied.
“The way you dress and take care of yourself is very important, Erika.” Mistress Anna said. “As a Domme you must look your best all the time, how else can you expect your sub to do the same or wish to please you. Next time you will bring a spare set of clothing that is fitting for a Domme’s apprentice.”
“Yes, mistress.” Erika replied.
“Now.” Anna said turning to Samantha. “I have someone else to scold as well.” The woman blushed visibly.

Erika watched as Samantha sat down in the sofa and Anna sat in the chair opposite her, just like they’d been seated the day before. Anna had actually told her a bit about Samantha before, to explain why she came to these sessions. Samantha was a single mother with three young boys to raise. She worked a full-time job and did extra work in the weekends. It was an enormous task to keep up with her agenda and she often had to fight to stop herself from breaking down completely. Still, there were times when she started to doubt herself, when it all became too much, days when the laundry gathered in piles, the house remained dirty, the dishes remained undone and family dinners were replaced with fast-food ordered over the phone. In those days she contacted mistress Anna. During her sessions, Samantha was finally able to give up control, even for just an afternoon. For a short time, she was not depended on by anyone and she could let her emotions run freely. Mistress Anna would discipline her for her laziness, for her slacking in chores and dodged responsibilities. And when it was over, Samantha could start over with a clean sheet. Today was one of those days.
Erika listened as Samantha told Anna about how things had started to go wrong. Anna replied to her kindly but firm. She supported her and made sure she understood how hard things were for her, but at the same time she was unforgiving when it came to Samantha’s mistakes. Erika started to understand what Anna had said the day before. Discipline alone wasn’t enough, it had a purpose as well.

The conversation had slowly shifted until Samantha was no longer talking, but just listening to Anna’s scolding tone. She was blushing deeply and Erika felt nervous in her stead. She was surprised that when Anna was finished talking, Samantha stood up and started to undress. She had seen many of Anna’s video’s in which the submissive was either just bared at the bottom, half undressed or completely naked. She had expected Anna to be one of the first, her skirt lifted with just her bottom bared. Instead, she undressed completely until she stood stark naked in the middle of the room. Erika could not help but watch her, she had always been fascinated with the female body, even before she knew she didn’t like men. Samantha looked gorgeous naked, with fair skin and soft curves. She wondered if Anna was ever aroused when disciplining her clients.
When Anna turned the chair she was sitting on, the woman blushed and looked at Erika staring at them from her corner of the room. Had she forgotten she was there? The chair had turned so she would have a better view of the spanking Samantha was about to receive.
Mistress Anna sat down and took Samantha’s hand, expecting no complaints against this slight adjustment. Samantha let herself be guided across her lap. Anna truly was in control now.
The spanking started of slowly. Anna used her hand in slow measured smacks, dividing her attention evenly between Samantha’s cheeks. The woman looked down at the floor, accepting her punishment without comment. From her vantage point, Erika could clearly see the impact on her bottom, they were strong smacks, Samantha’s flesh bounced with each of them. Quickly her pale cheeks had colored a light pink as mistress Anna made sure her entire bottom was covered. She did not talk, she’d said everything necessary during her scolding, the only sound was that of the spanking and Samantha’s soft moans and grunts in response as the smacks increased in strength.
When Anna increased her speed, Samantha did not try to hide her discomfort, but squealed and moaned loudly as the pink quickly changed into a soft red. She did not struggle however, as her bottom bounced under mistress Anna’s open palm.

Several minutes had passed when Anna finally ordered Samantha to stand. The woman stood and looked embarrassed at her own feet. Her bottom was bright red and her hair was in disarray. Erika could not see her face. “I think we’ll use the hairbrush today Samantha.” Anna said. “Go get it please.”
Samantha flinched at the order, but obediently moved to the cabinet right next to Erika. As she opened one of its drawers, she could see a large collection of spanking implements before Samantha picked out a heavy wooden hairbrush. She returned to her place across mistress Anna’s lap.
Erika winced at Samantha’s cries as the hairbrush landed across her bottom. She no longer kept docile as she received her spanking, but kicked her feet and threw up her head. her hair flying wild. Each smack landed with a loud thwack as Anna mercilessly peppered her bottom. When Erika caught a glimpse of Samantha’s face, she could see streaks of tears running through her make-up. This must be, Erika thought, what it meant to lose control and let her feelings run freely. The first spanking had just been a warm-up; this was what Samantha had come for. It made her blush realizing she not only willingly accepted this torment, but had sought it out herself. Was this what her friend Sophie wanted from her?

Anna approached her while Samantha stood in the corner of the room. The woman was still naked, her hands rested on her head and her bottom was blazingly red. When she had gotten up from the hairbrush spanking there had been no hiding she had cried, even when she turned her face in embarrassment. Her time in the corner would help her regain control of herself and contemplate the experience, Erika assumed.
“So, what are you thinking?” Anna asked her.
Suddenly Erika felt unsure, she had been engrossed in the experience, she should’ve been paying attention however to what she could learn. She wasn’t sure now what that was. “It looks a lot more intense in reality.” She said, voicing her latest thought.
Mistress Anna smiled. “I’m sure it does. And Samantha is one of my softest clients.”
It was true, Erika thought. She’d seen Anna spank for much longer and harder. Some of the people in her videos would consider such a hairbrush spanking a mere warm-up for what was to come, another difference she’d need to learn. “I actually had a couple of questions I wanted to ask.” She said, remembering the thoughts she had before.
Anna showed her that beautiful smile of hers. “Great. I would’ve been disappointed if you hadn’t. We’ll sit together and discuss everything you learned today after Samantha has left.” She turned around then and told the woman she could leave her spot in the corner and get dressed. After she’d been offered some tissues and she had cleaned her face, Samantha looked up at Erika. To her surprise, the woman was smiling. She quickly dressed, wincing when her skirt touched her sore behind and whimpering softly as she pulled on her panties over her swollen bottom. Still, she kept her smile and talked amicably with Anna. There had been a change to the woman’s demeanor, she seemed happier than before. The session had served its purpose.

Later that evening, Erika sat down with Sophie in the sofa in their small apartment. She’d told her everything she had seen that day, the questions she’d asked of Anna and the answers she’d been given. It surprised her how aroused her friend became the more she told her. Her body language changing obviously, until she was practically rubbing herself against Erika as she continued her story. “Can you spank me like that?” Sophie asked when she was done.
“Not yet.” Erika asked. “Mistress Anna made me promise not to be hasty. She said I shouldn’t try anything myself until she says we’re ready.”
“Please.” Sophie begged, draping herself across Erika’s lap, raising her bottom high.
“No.” Erika repeated, smacking her bottom anyway. “If I’m going to be your Domme, you’ll have to learn to accept when I say no.”
Sophie got up from her lap with a big pout on her face. It took all Erika’s willpower not to rip her clothes off right then and kiss her. “Anna gave me other assignments.” She said. “Like coming up with a list of rules we could use in our relationship.” She smiled. “Let’s do that now, it will be fun.”
“Ok.” Sophie replied, meanwhile slowly taking off her clothes. “One.” She said. “I’m not allowed to wear clothes in our apartment after ten pm.”
Half naked in just her underwear she wriggled on Erika’s lap, grinning from ear to ear. “Hmm, I guess I could enforce that.” Erika said. “Two. We’ll make a list of chores that need to be done before the weekend. If you’ve forgotten, you will have to do those naked as well.”
Sophie meanwhile had taken off her bra and panties as well. Straddling Erika naked she kissed her. “Let’s do the other rules tomorrow.” She said before slipping her tongue between Erika’s lips. “Let’s think of rewards I might get when I’ve been a good girl.”
“I think I already know of one.” Erika replied even as their lips pressed together. She turned and pushed Sophie down on the couch. With her girlfriend laying there naked and willing she no longer had the strength to fight her urges. She leaned down on top of her, tasting the flesh of her breasts, licking and biting her nipples. Slowly she made her way down her belly with kisses. “Let me show you what a good girl can get.” She said as she buried her face between Sophie’s thighs. Her tongue quickly found her clit, stimulating her girlfriend until she screamed in pleasure.
Somehow Sophie’s screams reminded her of Samantha’s. Erika felt a slight stab of guilt. Mistress Anna had told her to keep her arousal separate from her studies as a Domme. Someday she would have to punish Sophie and not mix pleasure with discipline. She was allowed to have sex with her girlfriend of course, but it was obvious that their current state of arousal had originated in her apprenticeship. She wondered whether she should tell mistress Anna about it and what she would do. Those thoughts were cut short luckily, when Sophie helped her out of her clothes so she could return the favor.

A few lengths of rope

girl in bondage on a leash

This is a story about a young woman. You have met her before, though you didn’t know it at the time. The first time you saw her, you were too distracted by one of her friends. We’ll make up for that now by giving all her all of our attention. This young woman is dark of skin with long and silky raven-black hair. She’s wearing a dress of gold and green, complemented by large golden hoops in her ears. The dress is cut deeply and a glittering gold necklace draws the eye to her generous cleavage. It is short as well, leaving her long legs bared on this warm spring day. I could go on and on, telling you about the softness of her skin and her perfectly manicured nails, but I think you’ve got the idea. This lovely young woman’s name is Sophia. Let me tell you a little secret about Sophia, something … intimate. There is a little box on Sophia’s night stand at home. Inside this box you can find two large marble-sized balls, connected by a string. Today however, this box on her night stand is empty.
Let’s start the story when Sophia meets up with her friends for an afternoon in the city. Now, when someone was to look at Sophia as she made her way to her friend in a local shop; they might think her slow, measured walk is caused by the high heels she is wearing. We – knowing about the empty state of the box in her room however – know better. Her friend might have noticed something of course, knowing how experienced Sophia normally walks in those heels. But she seems distracted herself, absorbed in the mundane task of choosing which wooden spoon to buy of all things. Her other friend is distracted by thoughts of her own but that is another story for another time, and thus Sophia’s secret is safe.

As the afternoon progressed, the little balls Sophia ‘carried’ inside her, kept her constantly distracted yet alert at the same time. With her mind elsewhere, she had to try her best to seem supportive and interested when her friend told her about her problems in college. Later, during drinks the pressure of the balls had her on the edge of her seat. Her friend was bragging about a date with her husband, a seemingly very romantic picnic at the nearby nature reserve. The thought of the things she wanted to do if her boyfriend ever took her out into the woods, combined with her already increased state of arousal made her sweat. Ignoring her friends as they spoke of foods that were fitting for a picnic, she sent a quick text to her boyfriend.
“We’re at the bar. I can’t take it anymore. The restroom should be private, if I have your permission?”
Nervously she waited for a reply. Minutes passed and Sophia tried to distract herself by participating in the conversation. She knew he had read her message, he was making her wait. You might think that would make her upset. But the opposite is true, it only made her need greater. It took ten minutes before she got a reply from her boyfriend.
“No. You do not have permission. But if you really have to, you can take them out and have a fifteen-minute break.”
Now, you might be wondering, was Sophia asking her boyfriend’s permission to orgasm? And you would be right. I could even tell you it hadn’t been her own choice to open that box before she left home.

The choice was her boyfriends. His name is Erik. You might wonder what kind of man decides whether his girlfriend is allowed to cum or not. You might think Erik is some kind of control freak, but you would be wrong. In fact, it wasn’t even his idea. Erik can be perfectly described in a single word: a tease. He is the kind of guy that hides his girlfriend’s clothes when she’s in the shower just so she’d have to run around naked to find them. He’s the kind of guy that pinches her bottom when they meet in the street and she hasn’t noticed him yet. He’s the kind of guy that, when pleasuring his girlfriend, stops just before she orgasms, dragging it on and on until she begs him for it.
Sophia is the kind of girl that loves to be teased. She was the one to suggest to take her boyfriend’s control on her orgasms to the next level. Occasionally she curses herself for ever coming up with the idea, but from that moment on she was only allowed to cum with Erik’s permission. Not that she didn’t cheat of course, but when she did, somehow her orgasms no longer felt as great as they used to. With permission, they felt ten times better. Luckily, Erik wasn’t stingy and almost always granted her permission. Except of course, when he was in a teasing mood like today.
Erik knew his girlfriend well. He knew she wasn’t going to take that fifteen-minute break. She would see it as a failure and refuse to give up. He smiled broadly at the image of his girlfriend sitting with her friends, deeply aroused, her fidgeting only making matters worse. He already had a reward planned in case she managed to succeed.

Since I told you before that it was Sophia’s idea to arrange their relationship in this way, you might wrongly assume Erik had no previous interests in such kinky experiences. Erik’s fetishes however were of a similar kind and when he acquired this power over the sexual side of their relationship, he took full advantage to explore them. Let’s say he surprised Sophia with his ideas, in a good way, everything he had tried so far had set her begging for his permission.
While Sophia was out with her friends, Erik was preparing for an eventful night. The ben-wa-balls had just been a warm-up, something to make his girlfriend ready for what was to come. While she was out with friends enjoying herself, he prepared for something which was probably both their favourite kind of play. He had just finished making reservations at a local restaurant and was now studying the colourful illustrations in a small book they kept hidden in their bedroom wardrobe. They were instructions and illustrations of many different kind of knots you could make to effectively tie up a person. Erik skipped a few pages until he found photographs of the nearly naked models, tied up in rope from their shoulders to their ankles. He took his time to select one he liked and made some necessary adjustments in his head. He memorized the instructions and prepared the rope. It would be a while before Sophia returned. But when she did he would have her tied up and at his mercy to tease and torture as he pleased.

Now, I know what you are hoping for, Sophia arrives at home and we get straight to the part where she gets tied up by her boyfriend. Unfortunately, she hasn’t gotten home yet. After drinks with her friends, Sophia did not immediately return to her boyfriend. First, she went to the local supermarket, to buy this week’s groceries. The thing is, Sophia doesn’t just like to be teased. She loves it so much that she does it to herself, setting herself the challenge of walking down the isles before returning home and being freed of those little balls she carried inside her.
Right away when she arrived she called her boyfriend. She called him to ask if he needed anything from the store. But in reality, she just wanted him to know what she was doing, that he knew how she was pushing her limits. Erik didn’t mention or praise her courage of course, but just offered a few suggestions for vegetables she could buy. Later however, when she was looking at the various different prices of cucumbers, she received his text.
“Pretend I’m standing behind you right now. Fondling your breasts.”
Sophia blushed and looked around, there wasn’t anyone near. She dropped the phone in her purse and grabbed her breasts with both hands, squeezing them softly. She could almost feel the warmth of Erik’s breath in her neck, his erection pressed against her bottom. After another look to make sure no-one had seen she continued her way down the aisle. It wasn’t long before she got another text.
“Wait until you’re at the freezer station, make sure your hands are cold. Put them underneath your dress until your nipples are hard enough to notice through the fabric.”
Already having passed the freezer department, Sophia turned around and made her way back there right away. There, she pretended to be looking through the many bags of frozen vegetables until there was no-one nearby and her hands were freezing cold. She slid one down her deeply cut dress and found her already erect nipple beneath her lacy bra. She played with it for a bit while anxiously keeping a lookout for any other shoppers. As she was using her other hand on her other breast, she already got a third message from Erik.
“Show me.”
One last look around and Sophia quickly took a picture with her camera phone. Her nipples pointed and proudly present. She sent the picture to Erik. His reply was immediate.
“Good girl. You have permission when you’re done shopping and are back safely in your car.”
Sophia continued her shopping, going through the store like a whirlwind. Her nipples were throbbing, the balls inside of her a constant pressure as she waited impatiently to pay and carry her goods to the car. She made her way to the underground parking lot, placed her groceries in the trunk and dropped in the driver’s seat breathing heavily. She counted to three and looked through the windows to be sure of her privacy before she lifted her skirt. Her hand was already warm again when she slid it inside her panties. She threw her head back against the seat as her fingers slipped between her lips and immediately found her clit. She rubbed it slowly and carefully, but that didn’t help. She’d been building up to this orgasm the whole afternoon. Her fingers caressed it once, twice, three times before she let out a long moan and came to a shuddering climax.

Erik smiled as he stared at the picture his girlfriend had sent him. Her nipples pushing through visibly in her thin dress and the lacy bra beneath. He could imagine her walking through the aisles, heads turning as she passed, it would be hard to miss what was going on. Of course, no-one else would know he’d been the one to turn her on in this way. He saw her now, sitting in the car, reaching the orgasm he’d granted her, one he had guided her to oh so slowly. Soon it would be his own hands that reawakened her desires. He’d granted her this one knowing she’d be too hot to handle if he started with the ropes while she was so close to the edge. He’d make her work for the next one, just like she’d worked for this one of course. He half toyed with the idea of pushing her over the edge today, tease and pleasure her until she couldn’t take it anymore. And then, when she’d be unable to control herself, when she’d cum without his permission, that was when the real fun could start.
You might think it cruel of Erik to desire his girlfriend to fail him just so he could take advantage of it afterwards. But it wouldn’t be the first time. If Sophia always succeeded in staying in control, where was the challenge? Every time Erik managed to push her over that edge, she experienced the most earth-shattering orgasms of all and learned even more control when it was all over. If she did succeed the next time, she knew it wasn’t because Erik had gone easy on her, she would know she had earned it. She didn’t know it yet of course. But today would be one of those days where Eric pushed until she gave way.

When Sophia got home they didn’t talk about what happened. They didn’t need to, it was normal that Erik had controlled her in this way, it was how their relationship worked. There was nothing to talk about. Perhaps Sophia could’ve thanked Erik for granting permission, but that wasn’t necessary either. Erik would tell her when and how he wanted her to show such gratitude.
We know of course part of what Erik had planned and it didn’t take long before he took her up to the bedroom with him. Sophia followed him willingly. When she saw the lengths of rope, laid down in organized lines on the bed, a shiver of excitement ran through her body. “I was surprised to receive your text today.” Erik said. He didn’t need to specify which one. “I didn’t think you’d beg for my permission so quickly. It seems you’ll need some further training.”
Erik walked around her, seemingly inspecting her dress as he talked. Sophie blushed but didn’t reply. It had hardly been begging, just a single text. Erik stopped behind her and she could feel his warm breath in her neck, he stood so close to her. With one hand he took the zipper at the back of her neck and pulled it down all the way to her lower back. Sophia closed her eyes and breathed out slowly as he placed his hands on her shoulders and then slid down the dress, bearing her body with his warm hands. The upper part snagged briefly at her hips until Erik pulled it down with a sharp tug. Her bottom bounced slightly as she popped out of her dress and Erik smacked it appreciatively.
Standing half-naked in their bedroom Sophie waited for whatever Erik had planned for them. He took his time – he always did – running his hands over her bare skin before he reached for the clasp of her bra. Deftly he unhooked it and pulled the bra down her arms, freeing her breasts for his greedy hands. Erik played with them roughly, squeezing and pulling her nipples. Sophia moaned and struggled not to be overwhelmed by her arousal. She knew Erik was only getting started, she’d need to preserve her stamina.
When Erik’s hands slid down her belly into her panties, Sophia obediently spread her legs to grant him access. She only got a short teasing touch before his hands grabbed the soft fabric and pulled it down to the floor. Erik stepped back as she stood there naked, waiting. Their bedroom wasn’t large, but he managed to stroll around, eying her from every angle. He ended up right in front of her, looking into her eyes. “Did you remove them yet?” He asked.
Sophia blushed and shook her head. “No.”
Erik smiled and returned to his spot behind her. He put one hand on her lower back and pushed her softly. “Bend over.” He said. Sophia bent until her hands hit the bed. Erik’s teasing hand stroked the inside of her thighs and then found her soft, wet lips. His fingers grasped the string connected to the two little balls and pulled it softly. Sophia moaned deeply as he pulled it out slowly. “Good girl.” He told her as he handed her the balls she’d been carrying inside of her the whole day. “Go wash these and then come back here.”

Erik dropped on the bed as Sophia ran off to the bathroom. His hands were shaking. It had taken all his self-control not to straight up fuck her when she bent over in front of him like that. He used the time alone to catch his breath and organize his thoughts. He made a small mental adjustment to his plans, if he was to survive the night he’d have to demand release for himself a bit earlier, just like he’d granted her in the car before.
When Sophia returned he made her stand in the same spot. The first length of rope went around her neck and down between her breasts across her belly. Needlessly Erik arranged the two strings, making sure the back of his hands touched her breasts as he put several small knots in the rope. At her crotch he braided the rope until it was as wide as his hand, he wanted it to sit comfortably. The rest of the rope went up between her buttocks like a G-string and connected to the rope at her neck. A second length of rope was tied to the first one. Sophia obediently lifted her arms as Erik pushed them up and then ran the two strings of rope along either side of her body. He hooked them behind the rope between her breasts and then pulled back to her back where he secured them with more knots. He repeated the process several times between each knot at the front of the rope. Each stretch of rope pulled the two front strings into a diamond-shaped pattern and pulled the rope-harness tighter, the rope digging in her skin, pressing against her sex and up between her buttocks. When Erik was finished, Sophia was breathing raggedly, while she still had full freedom of movement, she felt effectively tied up.
“Turn around.” Erik said. He couldn’t help but smile at seeing how flushed with excitement his girlfriend looked. He took her hands and brought them to the front, wrist against wrist. He took a third length of rope and wrapped it around her lower arms, effectively and quickly tying her hands.
Now, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’d forgotten I mentioned Erik had made arrangements in a local restaurant. Now that I’ve reminded you, you might be wondering if Erik had forgotten as well. He hadn’t. He’d waited for just this moment to tell Sophia of his plans: “I was going take you to a nice restaurant today.” He told her with a smile. “This rope harness instead of your normal choice of underwear will be perfect to train your endurance.” His fingers traced the rope around her breasts as he spoke. “Though now that I think of it, you’ll have a hard time eating anything with your hands tied up like this. Do you want me to untie them?”

Sophia’s head was spinning. It was hard to think while she felt the rope everywhere on her body. She felt too aroused to think clearly. He wanted to take her out while she wore the rope? That wouldn’t be the first time. But why had he then tied up her hands? “Yes, please.” She said, she didn’t understand his plans, but didn’t want to go out with her hands tied together so obviously.
“Sit down.” Erik told her as he pushed her toward the bed. Sophia recognized the look in his eyes and suddenly understood. Of course, she’d have to pay a price for the freedom of her hands. She let herself drop on the bed. Erik pushed her down until she lay on her back and climbed on top of her. His hands took the rope at her wrists and tied it to the bed. Sophia was breathing deeply, now really tied up and at Erik’s mercy. Quickly Erik removed his trousers and boxers. When he straddled her again, his erection stood firmly between her breasts, pressing against her alongside the rope. His weight on her chest made it hard to breathe until he moved forward leaning with his hands against the wall. His erection was right in front of her face and with her hands tied behind her head all she could do was open her mouth to allow him inside. Tied to the bed, with Erik’s weight holding her down, she sucked his dick, he filled her mouth completely. She could feel his heartbeat against her lips, taste him on her tongue. It wasn’t long before he climaxed. She took his seed and swallowed it all.
Erik rolled off her shortly after. “Good girl.” He said to her and started untying her wrists. Sophia wanted nothing more but to stay where she was and let him fuck her. Tied up as she was, however, she knew that wasn’t going to happen. Also she was secretly looking forward to going out with the rope hidden beneath her dress.

A short time later we find Erik and Sophia ready to leave. Sophie is now wearing nothing more than a pair of shoes, her dress and the rope hidden beneath. Pressed firmly against her skin, the rope isn’t visible, but the softness of her breasts, hanging loosely in the dress’ fabric leaves no doubt that she’s not wearing a bra. The dress falls loosely around her body, the fabric so soft that whenever Erik fondles her bottom or breasts, she could just as well be wearing nothing at all. Just before they head out through the hallway he stops her. “Wait, I almost forgot.” He said, taking Sophia’s hand. “Bend over, please.” He told her and Sophia eagerly bent over with her hands on the staircase. Erik pulled something from his pocket – proof that he hadn’t forgotten at all – and flipped up Sophia’s skirt. He admired for a moment the rope between her buttocks and the braided part between her legs. Then he pulled it aside and pushed a small egg inside of her. Sophia moaned softly as Erik pulled the rope back in place where it would make sure the egg would not be lost. “Let’s go.” He said and when Sophia stood up to follow him, he let her see how he pressed the button on the remote control and let the egg vibrate inside of her.
As the evening progressed, Erik teased her non-stop. Fondling her through the thin layer of her dress, turning the vibrating egg on and off again: this while looking for a parking-spot, right when the waiter asked her what she’d like to order, or as she was about to take a sip of her wine. But instead of telling you about each and every one of these moments, lets skip right to desert.

I don’t have to tell you that Sophia was bursting with anticipation, wet to the point that threatens her dress with no panties to protect her – in fact, Erik had chosen a table in the corner of the restaurant, with a padded leather bench against the wall. This allowed Sophia to hide in the corner and pull up her dress to evade any such fluids. The leather pressed warmly against her bare skin. – she was almost visibly quivering each time Erik turned that vibrating egg on again. So when they finally finished their dinner, she was ready to head home. When the waiter came to ask if everything had been to their satisfaction and ask them if they desired desert, she was ready to decline. But Erik had other plans. Of course.
He calmly ordered ice-cream for himself as if he was in no hurry at all and did not allow her to order anything for herself. A short moment later when the dessert was brought to them he looked her straight in the eyes and turned the vibrating egg on again. Then placed both hands on the table as if signalling ‘I’m no longer holding the remote, it won’t be turned off again in a while’.
Sophia bit her lips and tried to ignore the vibrating sensation inside of her. She was warm and wet, the rope pressed her swollen clit and she couldn’t make a sound as Erik slowly scooped up the ice-cream with the single spoon and offered the scoop to her. Blushing she opened her mouth to let him feed her, but before she could take a bite he pulled it back. “Hands above the table, young lady.” He said. Sophia realized she’d been pressing them on her belly and between her legs, as if the pressure could help against the all-consuming arousal. She did as she was told and accepted the first spoonful of ice-cream.
It was too much to bear. With her hands on the table, with nothing protecting her from the vibrating egg’s relentlessly purring, she was about to lose control. “Please.” She begged. “I can’t hold it much longer.”
Erik grinned, he had such an evil grin sometimes. “Not until we’ve finished dessert.” He said.
Sophia groaned and then, startled at the sound, looked around to see if anyone had heard. They’d only finished about a third of the ice-cream so far and Erik was taking all the time in the world. He had the only spoon, so there was no way she could speed up the process. “Please,” she begged as they reached the halfway point. She was now visibly fidgeting in her seat, desperately pressing her legs together. But all Erik said in return was “open up”. And when she did, he lifted another spoonful of desert to her lips. Sophia’s thoughts became heavy, she feared she would fail, she would disappoint him and cum without permission. Such a horrible, yet at the same time uncontrollably arousing feeling. She could barely hear what Erik was telling her and when he told her to open up again, she wasn’t sure whether he meant her mouth, or her legs. Her knees parted slightly then, her legs opening on their own accord. She felt a bit of fluid sliding past the rope and connecting with the leather seat. She gave up then, letting go of her control. She shook slightly as she came, biting down on the cold desert in her mouth, but barely making any sound. Being with Erik had thought her to orgasm silently and almost unnoticeably if she had to, very useful in public locations such as this.
Erik of course noticed right away. He smiled at her, an evil self-satisfied grin. “You naughty girl.” He said. “Cumming without permission and in such a public location as well. Anyone could have seen what a naughty girl you are, how you can’t control yourself.”
Sophia blushed. She knew she hadn’t had any choice in cumming. Erik had pushed her to the edge and then over. If it was anyone’s fault, it was his. But still, she felt that maybe, if she had tried harder… It didn’t matter of course; she had given him the authority and it was his right to test her like this. A test she had failed, just like he’d planned. “I’m sorry.” She said, whispering even more softly than Erik had, afraid that anyone might have heard his words.
“No more ice-cream for you, young lady.” Erik said as he put down the spoon. Sophia leaned back in her chair, catching her breath. She hadn’t even noticed when Erik had turned the egg off again. Instead she pouted as she was forced to watch him eat the rest of their dessert. As far as punishments go, this one was just plain evil.

The story doesn’t end here of course. After dinner Erik and Sophia head back home, where Sophia will get her deserved punishment for cumming without permission. But first a small note of interest. After Sophia and Erik had left the restaurant, the waiter returned to their table to clean up. What he found on the leather bench was quite the surprise: the wet imprint of Sophia’s buttocks and thighs, pressed into the leather.
Unaware of this embarrassing fact Sophia was standing in the corner of their living room with her hands on her head. She wore nothing more than the rope harness that still fitted her body perfectly. Erik sat in the sofa, looking at her, waiting. “So, how do you feel about your behaviour today?” He asked when he felt he’d made her wait long enough.”
“Sorry, Sir.” Sophia answered.
“You feel sorry? Do you think it was in anyway appropriate what you did today Sophia?” He asked.
“No, Sir.” She replied.
“Neither do I.” Erik said. “Luckily, I know the perfect way to let you feel how naughty you’ve been. Go to the bedroom and wait for me there.” Erik watched her go, her near-naked body swaying as she passed him on her way to the stairs. Erik swatted her bottom in passing. The first soft “oww” of the evening.

Sophia stood waiting for Erik in the corner. It was strange, she thought, how nearly every room in the house had a specific corner she’d wait in if Erik wanted her to. When she had given him the authority to rule her orgasms, she hadn’t ever considered discipline as part of the agreement. But that first time she had accepted it readily. It had felt only natural that if you failed to obey, you could get punished. She had come to love those punishments just as much as she loved submitting to Erik.
When Erik finally joined her in the bedroom, she readily followed him to the side of the bed. She let him tie the rope around her wrists like he had earlier today. Erik climbed on the bed and knotted the end of the rope to a small hook in the ceiling, placed discretely beside the lamp where no one would notice it. Sophia’s arms were high above her head, her feet barely touching the ground. She couldn’t step sideways as her feet wouldn’t reach the floor. Stretched out as she was, she was completely at Erik’s disposal. And still the rope pressed against her upper body and crotch. Erik let her stand for a while – oh how he loved making her wait – and went to get something from a chest on his side of the bed. Two tiny clasps connected by a heavy metal chain. Sophia moaned as he put them on her nipples, the sudden pinching pain wrecking through her body. With a grin Erik took hold of the chain and pulled on it softly. Groaning Sophia stood up on her toes, trying to follow where he pulled, but her legs were too short. Instead her breasts were pulled up by the clasps on her nipples, making her squeal softly. When Erik dropped them again she breathed out heavily, the pain did not abate however as the weight of the chain pulled at her. Once more Erik returned to his chest and this time he took out a long and thin horse-riding crop. He walked around her slowly and every time, just as he appeared out of the corner of her eyes, the crop would flick against her bottom in a loud thwack. The stinging pain sent her swinging in her ropes, but without the possibility of escape. Eric surprised her with a few swats on the back of her thighs and then a few on the inside as well. Stretched out and with her bottom stinging and tortured nipples, Sophie found it hard to breath. When Erik ran the length of the crop between her legs, pressing the hot leather end against the rope that still cupped her lips, she fought for every breath. Whatever she did tonight, she should not cum again without his permission.
Erik moved closer to her then. No longer using the crop’s leather end, but the thin and supple rod on her bottom. Each soft swish through the air was followed by a soft squeal and a swollen reddening of her flesh in a straight line parallel to the others.
“Please. I can’t take it anymore.” Sophia begged when her bottom was a collection of bright red stripes. “My arms are growing numb.”
As always, careful of their play, Erik stopped and climbed on the bed to untie the ropes. Freed from her standing position Emily still could not do anything about the pain in her bottom as long as her wrists were tied to each other. Slowly, Erik started undoing the rope harness she’d been wearing all this time. “Oh. I didn’t mean that.” Sophia said with a blush.
“I’m not doing this for you.” Erik replied. “I just want easier access to some more interesting areas.” He said it just as he pulled the braided rope from between her legs, emphasizing exactly what he meant. When the harness was gone, and only the rope around her wrists remained; Eric bent her over the back of the bed. He looped the rope loosely around the metalwork and then connected it to the metal chain that hung from her nipples. The rope wasn’t pulled taut and Sophia felt she was able to move a little; giving her arms and shoulders some rest. But if she moved too much, she would only hurt herself as the chain pulled on her breasts.
Erik did not pick up the riding crop again, but instead smacked her bottom with his bare hands. Sore from his earlier work with the riding crop and now bending over with her skin stretched across her bottom, these smacks seemed to hurt even more. Emily moaned and squealed, fighting to hold still while she was being punished, because every time she did move, the chain pulled painfully on her nipples. When Erik finally stopped, her bottom felt on fire. His hands however were between her legs, rubbing her pussy, spreading her own juices across her clit and making her moan loudly and deeply. “You’re not allowed to cum, young lady.” He warned her.
Erik made her beg then, several times, each time he drove her to the edge of an orgasm and each time she begged him to stop or begged him to give her permission to cum, he slowed down again. He never really stopped however, just slowing down to a teasing constant pressure on her clit. Five times, he pushed her like that and then he stopped completely, not allowing her to cum in the end. “No.” He told her when she begged. “You already had your orgasm, right in front of everyone at the restaurant.” He then untied her wrists and led her around the bed where he told her to lay down on her back. Sophia winced as she sat down, complaining softly at the pain in her bottom before she lay down on her back. Erik had removed all the ropes, their impressions on her skin the only sign they’d been there. He knelt on top of her again. Removing the chain on her nipples and then softly massaging her breasts. He had taken off his pants before and pressed her erection between them. Sophia looked up at him, her eyes begging him to turn her over and fuck her. She knew he wouldn’t of course. He knew the risk was too great that if he did, she might receive that orgasm he had denied her. Instead her pushed his dick between her breasts, her sensitive nipples crushed by his firm grasping hands as his hips rocked back and forth. It wasn’t long before he shot his hot, sticky sperm across her breasts, the warm fluid dripping down her neck. Shuddering from his own orgasm, he dropped down beside her. Both lay panting for a while. “I hope you learned a lesson today, young lady.” Erik said as he took some tissues and cleaned up her chest.
“Yes Sir.” Sophia replied. It hadn’t been the spanking of course, that hadn’t been nearly as bad as being denied her release…

I could end here, with both characters blissfully resting in their bed. But there is one small part, one final ending I should tell you about. It was later that night, when Erik was deeply asleep. Sophia however was unable to follow him into the land of dreams. Erik had been strict and denied her that release even after her punishment was over. She was still wet and horny when they went to bed and now he was asleep while she lay awake. He’ll never know. She told herself when her hands slipped between her thighs. It wasn’t fair of him after all, she had only given him permission to rule her orgasms with the idea that in the end he would always permit her. Not doing so wasn’t fair at all. Still, she kept as quiet as possible as she fingered herself, quickly building herself to reach the orgasm she had been denied. She didn’t make a sound, but couldn’t help herself shuddering and shaking in the bed.
“Naughty girl.” Erik said.
Sophia blushed. How had he heard? How long had he been awake? Or was he only dreaming?
“First thing tomorrow, when I’ve gotten some sleep, you’re going to the bathroom, shower and brush your teeth and then bring me your hairbrush so I can turn your bottom bright red again.”
Biting her teeth, Sophia turned on her side, her bottom still hurt from her previous spanking. “Yes, Sir.” She said.
“And maybe later we can go to the store and see if they have any chastity-belts that fit you.”

The naughty art model

hot naked art model

The sound of brushes, pencils and charcoal filled the otherwise silent room. For a second, Sam imagined they were touching her, following the curves of her naked skin instead of the canvas they left their mark on. Ticklish as she was, she shivered at the thought. Goose bumps stood out on her flesh despite the heat of the room, warmer than usual for her comfort. Over a dozen pairs of eyes measured her curves, translating every inch of her bare, naked skin to lines and colours on a piece of canvas. The room was divided quite evenly between men and women and while they all had acted quite professionally, the smiles on the men’s faces had betrayed their joy at today’s art class subject.
The art teacher himself, James, was a close friend of Sam. Just a week ago they had been talking about his work. Sam had asked him then if he ever used nude models in his class. The subject was of interest to her, because despite her fantasies of exhibitionism and public nudity, she had always been too shy to actually expose herself in public. Sam was a frequent visitor of public pools, sunny beaches, and mixed sauna’s, any place where she could indulge her fantasy in a safe and socially accepted setting. Nude modelling seemed like one of these, but instead of indulging the casual glances and secret stares; she’d be the centre of attention. In fact, she’d be the only naked person in the room; it would be a lot closer to her actual fantasies.
James had told her then, that it wasn’t nearly as sexy or exotic as popular media made you believe. He did use nude models in his advanced classes; but he always had trouble finding willing participants. Often the models he did find were women – or men – with low self-esteem. They longed for confirmation, positive feedback on their body. While many of them were far from ugly, the silent concentration in the room made them unsure of their attractiveness and made for poor body language and poor modelling.
Sam had none of these problems. She was proud of her body and willing to show it off. She had gladly offered Sam to model for his class. She showed his students her smile, her perfect hourglass figure, her full breasts, and her round bottom. Not only her own heart beat at an increased rate that day.

When the class was over and the students had left, Sam got dressed while James cleared away the mess some of his students had left behind. “Did I do good?” She asked him.
“You were perfect.” James complimented her. “I was itching to … to pick up a pen myself.” Sam smiled broadly, imagining what he had wanted to say before correcting himself. “I told you all our models are volunteers and don’t get paid.” Her friend said after she had pulled her dress over her head and smoothed it over her hips. “But we usually offer them a gift for their trouble. Is there anything you’d like?” He asked. “I’ll probably be able to pull some strings, so I can bribe you to come model more often.”
Sam pretended to think as she bent over to put on her shoes. She had already thought of asking a favour in return for her work. “Well, I’ve always wanted a large nude painting of myself to hang in my bedroom.” She said with a cheeky grin.
James raised an eyebrow and asked: “Why in your bedroom? Why not just put it in your living room, or the kitchen maybe? Anyway, I can’t give you any of the student’s work.”
Sam laughed. “I could put it in my living room.” She said. “But I’d have to hide it every time my parents came to visit. So, does that mean you’ll have to … pick up a pen yourself?”
“I could.” James answered her. “Are you free this Saturday? You could come to my place and do some private modelling. I’ll make you a painting you’d be proud to show off, even to your parents.”

Three days later, Sam knocked on the door of James’ apartment. She was slightly nervous, anticipating undressing in front of him with no one else around. In his classroom she’d had the protection of being in a public situation. Today, they would be alone. She didn’t fear that her friend would hurt her of course. She knew James well enough to trust him. She was nervous because she feared he wouldn’t pick up on her signals, that he wouldn’t realise she was hoping he took at least some advantage of their situation. She and James were close friends and both singles. She had no romantic interest in him, but he was attractive. If she’d learned anything from his art class – even though she hadn’t been a student – it was that the undivided attention of an artist towards her body was a major turn on.
James appeared at the door wearing a shirt and jeans covered in old paint stains. He invited her in and offered her coffee. After a drink and some idle chatting about the past few days, he said: “Let’s get started.”
“Don’t worry. I put on clean sheets.” Her friend said as he guided her to his bedroom. “A full naked painting you said, so I thought you’d want something sexy.” He smiled. “I’ll go get my things while you get undressed. Lie down on the bed when you’re ready.”
Nervous and excited Sam undressed herself in her friend’s bedroom. She carefully folded her dress and underwear, putting them on a chair to the side before lying down on his bed. Unsure which position would be best, she rolled around: Should she lie on her side like this? Or on her back to show off her breasts? James returned just as she was laying on her back with her legs stretched up in the air, thinking she’d never hold that position long enough to be painted.
“Sexy.” James said. “But I had something else in mind.” Blushingly, Sam lowered her legs. Suddenly shy she covered herself with both hands. “Turn around until you’re facing the mirror.” James ordered her. “Lie on your stomach.” Turning around, Sam noticed the mirror beside the wardrobe and admired her own soft skin on the pale white sheets beneath the soft bedroom lighting. “Good.” James continued. “Now, lift your legs, bent at the knees and push yourself up so you’re resting on your elbows.” He stepped closer as Sam followed his instructions. She took in a surprised gasp of breath when she suddenly felt his warm hands at the back of her neck. Carefully he gathered her long dark hair and arranged it down her shoulders and across her back. “What do you think?” He asked when he moved to the back of the bed and took hold of her feet, slightly adjusting the angle at which they bent.
“Hot.” Sam agreed, not sure if she was talking about herself or James’ warm hands as they slid down the back of her upper legs.
He grabbed her legs just above the knee and pulled them apart slightly. “Better.” He said, taking a moment to enjoy the view of her clean-shaven pussy. “Push up a bit higher.” He said. “I want your nipples just barely touching the sheets.” Sam obediently pushed herself up higher. “If you get tired holding this position, give me a sign.” He said. “I’ll let you have a short break.”

Sam looked at herself in the mirror as James’ worked on her painting. She looked sexy, hot, and sultry; like a wench ready to be fucked. What would James be thinking? She wondered. Having a hot woman lying in his bed like this? Didn’t he want to just throw away his tools and jump her? Sam blushed as she realised she was getting turned on by looking at her own body. Her skin felt hot where James had touched her and cold everywhere else.
“Up, Sam!” James suddenly said, and not for the first time.
Sighing, she pushed herself up until her breasts were no longer resting on the mattress. She was getting tired; who knew lying still for so long could be such hard work. It wasn’t long until James suddenly stood up from behind his work and crossed over to the bed. Sam looked up him questioningly, but did not change her position. He couldn’t be ready yet, could he?
“Do you want to take a break?” James asked her.
“Not yet.” She replied. “I think I can hold a bit longer.”
“Fine.” James said as he put his hands on her shoulders. “But you should stay like this:” His hand suddenly slid down past her armpits and grabbed both of her breasts. Sam gasped in surprise as he pulled her up again into the proper position. “Can you stay like that for a bit longer?” He asked her.
“Yes.” Sam replied with a blush as her friend let go of her breasts. They now felt warm and sensitive, her nipples stood erect against the cool sheets.

“Can I have a look?” Sam pleaded as she sat on the edge of the bed.
“No.” James replied for the third time in a row. “Not until it’s finished.” Sam had asked for a break when she heard the impatience in James’ voice when he told her for the dozenth time to keep in position. She just didn’t understand why she couldn’t see the work he had done so far. James looked at her threatingly when she stood up and came closer. “You’ll see it when it’s done.” He said. With a pout, Sam turned around and dropped down on the bed. “And you better be smiling again when we start.” James said. “Unless you want your painting to look sad too.”
Sam looked up at her friend and smiled. The longer James had been working on the painting, the more dominant he had become. As was proven in the end when he had used actions instead of words to pull her back up into position. She realised she liked this side of him. As his model, she obediently followed his instructions. Meanwhile she imagined him ordering her to do more than what was necessary for the painting., more than what was appropriate When he said it was time they continued, Sam let him help her get back into the right position. She enjoyed the warmth of his hands as he lifted her feet by her ankles; spread her legs at her thighs; his hand sliding past her buttocks on his way to her shoulders where he rearranged her hair. She lied down low so he could grab hold of her breasts again and pull her up close to his chest and whisper in her ear: “Up. Like this.”
Sam knew she wasn’t a perfect model. She was being a bit of a bothersome one even. She just couldn’t help herself when she moved slightly, always inviting James to get up and reposition her. The touch of him on her naked skin was intoxicating She was disappointed when he suddenly got up and asked her what she thought, turning the painting so she could see. Not disappointing at the painting of course. It was marvellous, sexy and provocative. She just wanted to enjoy this a bit longer. “I love it.” She said. “But…”
She blushed when she saw the disappointed look at James’ face at her ‘but’. “What is it he asked.”
“I thought it would be a bit more colourful.” Sam replied, hoping to win a bit more time.
She felt guilty when James turned around. The tiny lie hadn’t even gotten her what she wanted; he barely focussed on her as he adjusted the colours on his painting.
“What about this?” He asked.
Sam bit her lip. It was actually even hotter now. “How about the hair?” She said. “Can you make it a bit more wild?” Hoping of course that he would come over and put his warm hands on her neck and down her back to adjust it. James set off to work after fulfilling her wishes and when he was done, the painting looked perfect: her smile was inviting, her breasts round and supple in the shade of her upper body, her bottom round and soft in the light, her hair wild as if she’d just been rolling around in the bed doing naughty things. “I love it.” She said. “Maybe…”
“Maybe what?” James said standing up. “I thought you loved it?”
“I do.” Sam said with a blush. “It’s just that…”
“Just what?” James asked her as he closed the distance towards the bed. “More colour? An even wilder hairdo? Do you know how hard it is to make a painting for someone and then only getting buts and maybes?”
Sam blushed deeply. “Sorry.” She said, feeling guilty at her deception. “I didn’t mean those things. It’s perfect.”
James sat down beside her on the bed. He still looked upset. “Then why did you say them?” He asked. “Or were you just fishing for more attention?”
Ashamed as she felt, Sam didn’t know what to say to him.
James raised his eyebrows. “You were, weren’t you? Playing with my feelings while I’ve been working so hard for you.”
Sam bit her lip and placed her hand on James’ knee. “I’m sorry.” She said. “Let me make it up to you.” The look she gave him left nothing to guess about her intentions.
“I have a better idea.” James said as he placed his hand on her wrist. “You wanted more colour. Well, how about I put you across my knee right now and add some colour to the subject myself.”
James’ hand felt like iron on Sam’s wrist, offering no escape. She had no other choice but to be pulled across his lap or blow this whole thing over right now. Her heart was racing, her mind scared and denying the possibility of letting him do such a thing. Her body however had made its own decision, tingling with excitement of the modelling experience, warm still where his hands had touched her before, wet of anticipation between her legs. She got up and let her friend pull her across his knees.

James smacked her suddenly; the impact of his open hand on her bottom set her staggering. Tense with excitement and anticipation she squealed loudly. Then, slowly and firmly James spanked her. Each smack sent a wave of warmth and pain through her buttocks. Slowly he picked up the pace, spanking her faster and faster, until she wasn’t just moaning, but squealing and kicking her legs.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” She cried as the sting built in her bottom.
The spanking stopped and James’ hand squeezed her sensitive bottom. “You’re barely pink.” He told her, letting his fingers slip between her legs. “I want a nice shade of red for my painting.” But he did not spank her again right away. Instead his fingers played with her pussy, slipping between her lips and showing her how wet she was. Aroused, by the spanking or his fingers she didn’t know, Sam pushed up her bottom again, begging for more. James spanked her then. The slow measured strokes of before. Sam moaned long and deep as each smack vibrated through her. The pain was now encapsulated in its pleasure. Just a finger, she thought. Just one of James’ long and warm fingers between my lips and I’ll explode. He didn’t touch her again, but the smacks kept coming. They came until she squealed, until she kicked her legs, until she begged and pleaded for mercy.
When he finally stopped, Sam lay panting across his lap. “I’m sorry.” She mumbled again.
“It’s okay.” James said. “I forgave you a long time ago… I just couldn’t help myself.”
Sam blushed, but pushed up her bottom as he stroked her hot sensitive buttocks. “Please.” She begged. His fingers suddenly slipped between her lips and found her clit. With her back arched and legs trembling Sam moaned loudly as she orgasmed almost immediately.

“Stay still.” James said as Sam lay in position again. He was adding the shades of red to his painting. Sam had begged him not to. She’d be embarrassed to display herself as a naughty, spanked little girl, even in the privacy of her own bedroom. James had insisted however and told her it would be a deserved reminder on how to behave.
“Something is missing.” Sam said when he showed her the customized version of his painting. James raised his eyebrows in surprise that she’d dare argue again. Sam blushed and looked over her shoulder at her red bottom. She pointed at the glistening, wet stickiness of James’ cum that was sprayed on her sore bottom. Because after he had spanked her and thrown her on the bed; James had mounted her, straddling her bottom after pulling down his own jeans. Before putting her back into the position for the painting., he rode her roughly and moaned deeply as he sprayed his semen across her bottom and lower back.
“I didn’t think you’d want that on it.” James said.
“Of course I do.” Sam replied. “It was an important – and I admit quite enjoyable – part of the experience.” She grinned. “Perhaps you could use this…” She wiped away some of the stickiness. “Instead of paint… I’ll help you make some more.”
“Are you sure?” James asked as Sam was already unbuttoning his trousers again. He seemed surprised she’d enjoyed that part of their experience. He shouldn’t have been.
Sam nodded. “It would be a very original way of putting down your signature.” She said as she freed his erection from his boxers. “Very personal too.” She laughed.
“One moment then.” James said. He grabbed the picture frame and laid it beside her on the bed. “Let’s make sure we get this right. “ Then, he allowed Sam to take him in her mouth. She took him in deeply, sucking and licking. Was she thanking him for the painting? She wondered. Or the spanking? James’ hands gripped her hair tightly as she sucked him, his hips rocking softly. “Let go.“ He suddenly moaned.
Sam pulled back in surprise as James turned and the sound of something wet hitting stretched canvas followed. James groaned loudly. Sam looked at the painting her friend had made for her, his fluids covering the red strokes that depicted her bottom. “Wow,” she grinned. “Good aim.”
James laughed. “Thanks…” He said, then putting the painting back on its standard. His fluids dripped down the canvas just like they had dripped down her hips and lower back. “Well.” He continued. “I expect to see my work hanging proudly against your bedroom wall should I visit.”