Rekindling her relationship

Naked redhead spanked in the bath-tub

A warm hand, tucked beneath the waist-band of her pajamas, cupping the soft, cool flesh of her buttocks, was the spark that rekindled Samantha’s relationship with her husband Jonathan.
It wasn’t the start of a new sexual dynamic, not even the start of a sensual evening, just the start of an idea.
Samantha and Jonathan had been married for over five years and been in a relationship for over twice that long. They had a daughter, a little girl almost two years old now.
Their relationship had always been very intimate and highly sexual. From exciting outings in the woods, to being tied up in rope or spanked across her husband’s knee; Samantha had experienced more than most of her friends, or more than they’d admit to at least.
The past few weeks – or had it been months or even years? – that sexual energy seemed to have dwindled. Ever since their little girl had been born. After all the stress of trying to get pregnant, her difficult pregnancy, childbirth and the sleepless nights and lack for privacy with a baby or toddler in the house; it was easy to deduct how their kinky nights with rope, blindfolds and floggers had turned into sexless nights or quick and easy sex that was hardly inspiring, neither for her, nor her husband.
People said you got through that period, that you had to work for it or that it could take years for your sex-life to recover from having a baby.
Samantha didn’t want to wait for years. She still liked sex, wanted it nearly every day. Her sex-drive had diminished perhaps, but not as much as her husbands.
Jonathan rarely seemed interested in sex anymore. She had to work to seduce him. Walking around naked in their home, teasing him, baring her skin as they lay in the couch watching TV, yet they were all tactics that had only a mixed amount of success.
The safest bet was to seduce him to spank her, some naughtiness was usually enough to reach that goal and it was still Jonathan’s favorite fantasy. With a sleeping baby however, it wasn’t always feasible, a good butt-warming would surely wake up their little girl and that would end their evening early.
Lately, Samantha had begun to plan their nights more carefully. In the morning, she’d ask her husband whether he’d come to bed early that night, so that he had time to get in the right mindset, perhaps even fantasize a little during the day to prepare.
It felt vastly different from how their relationship had been before; when Jonathan had been in charge and pursued such activities proactively.

That warm hand on her bottom gave her a single thought, a seed that grew into a bigger idea: Was she trying too hard?
Usually, Samantha and her husband slept together naked. She loved feeling her husbands skin against hers, his chest against her back, his crotch against her buttocks, his cock slowly growing with excitement from her touch.
Lately she’d have to ask him for this however, else he’d just fall asleep on his side of the bed. So why had he placed his hand where it was now, gently warming her bottom?
She hadn’t said anything, hadn’t tried to seduce him while stripping down her clothes or pulling on these pajamas. She hadn’t wiggled her bottom to vie for his attention, hadn’t even touched him. She’d actually just wanted to sleep, if not for this unexpected hand that made her horny from just a single touch.
Samantha was even wearing pajamas. Winter had come and their central heating hadn’t been turned on yet, the room was cold. They weren’t even sexy pajamas.
Had she by not trying to seduce him, actually achieved what she couldn’t before? By covering up her body, had she challenged him to put his hand there, to reach what she’d hidden?
That was after all the idea behind such things as sexy lingerie or night-gowns; making them interested in what you were hiding underneath.

Samantha sometimes feared that her husband was not interested in her anymore. Yet the soft touch of his hand obviously pointed towards the opposite. She fell asleep with that touch, feeling its reassurance and the excitement it brought her.
She dreamt then of nights long ago, when things were different, when the two of them were younger.
Jonathan had chased her relentlessly. She had turned him down more than once before they became a couple. Sometimes she’d wondered why he’d never given up. Perhaps there was truth in those movies that portrayed the hunt as more exciting than the catch.
Yet when Jonathan had finally caught her, he had not stopped there. He had pulled her secrets out of her, discovered her kinky fantasies and made her live them, as well as introducing fantasies of his own.
She remembered the first time he had spanked her, baring her bottom without hesitation. She remembered the toy handcuffs they’d used and the first time he’d tied her up in rope, head-to-toe. And she remembered their times in the woods, their wedding vacation where he’d spanked her in some remote forest and the time she’d given him a blowjob while they heard other hikers not too far away from their hiding spot.
Samantha dreamed of the times he’d fucked her in their own bed, her wrists pinned to the bed as she playfully struggled, or his hand on her throat, capturing her breath as she moaned in pleasure.
She woke up wet and horny. She wished to turn over towards her husband, to have sex with him right then. He was usually more of a morning person, she might get lucky at this hour.
Their little girl was lying in between them however. Her husband must’ve brought her in, in the middle of the night. She was still too young to remain in her own room when she cried.
Samantha’s alarm would sound in a few minutes anyway and then the little girl would want to be breast-fed before she headed of to work.
Real life wasn’t anything like her dreams or memories.

The rest of that day, Samantha thought about her dreams. She wanted to text her husband, ask him whether he had time for her that night. Yet something stopped her.
In all those dreams and memories, Jonathan had been in control, either chasing her or dominating her. If she texted him now, it wouldn’t be like that.
The thought he had planted with his warm hand grew. Was it perhaps the challenge that he was missing? There were no more secrets to discover, and there were no boundaries to push. There was no chase when she was always a willing, eager participant.
Should she instead let him initiate things for once? The thought wasn’t very attractive. With how low Jonathan’s sex-drive seemed to be, it could take weeks before she’d get anything from him.
No, she shouldn’t just wait for him. She had to give him something to chase. Why had he courted her for such a long time when they were young? Not because she was waiting for him, but because she knew he was interested in her and denied him what he wanted.
She had to make him interested and then make him get it. Jonathan liked to feel in control, he wouldn’t get that if she didn’t submit to him. Lately she’d almost felt like she was the one dominating herself, forcing herself to be the perfect submissive, and thus not giving Jonathan the time or opportunity to do so.
Deep down she knew of course that the state of their relationship wasn’t her fault alone; but like many people she found it hard to lay part of the guilt at the feet of her partner and thought only of ways in which she could make things better herself.
With a laugh Samantha remembered the time she’d hidden all their cutlery as a bratty prank, hoping to earn a good spanking. That night they’d eaten with their hands while she sat with a bright red bottom on those hard, wooden kitchen chairs. Samantha had been offering herself on a golden platter lately, yet instead she’d have to make Jonathan get his hands dirty.
She grinned, there was some pleasing innuendo in that analogy.

In the end however, it was all just an idea, a theory. How could she make herself more interesting? They weren’t young lovers anymore, Jonathan didn’t have to chase her, not with that wedding ring around her finger and there weren’t any new fantasies of hers he could help her make real, ignoring her blushes and shy protests,
First, she’d want to test her theory. Perhaps it was just a silly idea after all, a straw she was grasping in trying to explain why things were different from how they used to be.
In the evening, after their little girl was sent to bed, she did not reveal her horny thoughts to her husband. She did not free her breasts from her dress in the hope of him touching them. She did not take any initiative, until they went to bed.
She pulled out one of her old night-gowns from her dresser. She hadn’t worn it in years, not since she’d taken up sleeping naked. She remembered it however from when the two of them had just started dating, when it had seemed important that she’d keep some dignity while dressing as sexy as possible for her boyfriend when he stayed the night.
Still, she didn’t do anything. She just pulled it on, saw how it was barely long enough to cover her hips, how the see-through fabric actually did nothing to hide her body, but only emphasized her curves.
She joined her husband in their bed, without telling him why she was wearing this thing, without making him give notice.
It did not take long for Samantha’s theory to be proven right. Just like the night before, her husbands warm hand rested on her bottom as they dozed off, this time pushing up her night-gown to gain full access to her bare bottom.
He didn’t do anything else, just touch her, but it was more than he had offered on his own accord in many previous nights. She didn’t react to it, didn’t take it as an invitation to have sex, Jonathan was in control and he was satisfied just feeling her up. She’d have to be satisfied with the same, for now…
From then on, Samantha wore her night-gown to bed every night. She never said anything about it and neither did Jonathan. Yet every night, she felt his warm hand on her backside as they went to sleep.

The third night after her discovery, Jonathan’s hand didn’t just rest on her bottom, it stroked and squeezed her buttocks. She felt his warm breath on her ear as he kissed her neck and nibbled her earlobe.
He pushed her night-gown up higher before straddling her hips. Samantha moaned deeply as she felt her husbands erection, poised ready between her buttocks. His hands pushed themselves between her thighs, his thumbs separating her lips before he pushed himself inside of her.
Her husband fucked her quick and hot, thrusting hard and fast, his cock deep inside of her. Samantha moaned and bit her pillow, almost managing to cum herself during that short, hot moment before Jonathan collapsed on top of her.
They hadn’t said a word. Samantha hadn’t had to ask him or seduce him, Jonathan had taken from her what he wanted.
She was at the same time happy and disappointed. Not because he hadn’t given her the opportunity to climax as well, but because perhaps she’d made it too easy for him again. The plan had been to make him work for it, yet as soon as she’d realized his arousal, she’d given in, greedy as she was.
Still, she counted the night a success. The night-gown was proof that gaining his interest worked. It would probably not always be enough, wearing sexy outfits or hiding that what he wanted behind a thin layer of clothing, but it was a good place to start.
It still had been ordinary sex of course. If she wanted the rough sex they’d had before, the spanking and bondage, she’d have to try harder.

She’d have to fight him, what else was the point of pinning her down on the bed or tieing her up? She’d have to misbehave, what else was the point of spanking her? She’d have to deny him her body, so that he would take what was his.

It wasn’t always easy to remember and even harder to implement. Samantha often caught herself trying to seduce Jonathan like she used to, wiggling her bottom as she lay beside him on the couch, taking off her clothes as she went for a shower.
When she kept her mind on it however, she waited to undress until the door was closed behind her. “Don’t come in, I’m getting undressed.” She’d say playfully.
It surprised her when that actually worked and he did come to take a peek, if only to tease her.
She didn’t have to wiggle her backside or bare her skin to attract his touch, when she lay naked from her shower, but completely covered by a blanket in their couch. ‘I’m naked beneath this blanket.’ Seemed very different from. ‘Look, a naked boob, please touch me.’
In a way she wondered why she hadn’t realized this before.

The hardest part was playing hard-to-get. When did she give in? When had she resisted long enough? She knew she was greedy, as soon as Jonathan showed interest in her, she was willing to give up all pretense of not wanting the same.
Yet that wasn’t what her husband wanted. He wanted to seduce her, or to overpower her. He wanted to threaten her with a spanking and – even though he knew she liked them – wanted her to take those threats seriously. He wanted her to obey some of the rules, and just occasionally be a brat and break them. Yet even then, he’d expect her to try and talk her way out of a spanking, pretending to not want what she wanted.
Samantha laughed, most people claimed women were hard to understand, but men seemed even more confusing.

Only a week after the idea had formed in her mind, Samantha tried her first big gamble.
She’d arranged for their little girl to stay the night with her parents and spent the evening with Jonathan at the movies after dinner at a fancy restaurant.
Just some time for themselves, she’d claimed. You could after all not take a two-year-old with you to the movies.
It was dark when they got home, but still early, it was winter after all. Samantha however claimed she wanted a shower and then head to bed.
When she arrived upstairs, hot and clean, Jonathan was waiting for her in their bed. He was naked underneath the covers. Samantha was wearing her bathrobe, which she now exchanged for a flimsy night-gown; pretending to ignore her husband’s eyes on her naked body.
“Don’t put that on yet.” Jonathan said.
“Why not?” Samantha asked, her heart-beat surging as she imagined what he wanted to do.
“Well, I thought you wanted to go to bed early to have some fun.” Jonathan replied.
That was true, it was what he would expect when she arranged for a night for the two of them alone. Yet Samantha didn’t want this to be one of those nights, she wanted Jonathan to chase her.
“No, I think I’ll just go to sleep.” Samantha replied, forcing her greedy thoughts down. She pulled the night-gown down over her head.
Jonathan looked surprised and Samantha realized how different from her normal self she’d acted, how he might be confused to what she wanted.
“There’s no rule against wearing a night-gown to bed, is there?” She asked as she crawled towards him hands and knees, winking as she said it.
“I could make it a rule.” Her husband said, grabbing her hand to stop her from pulling aside the blankets.
Samantha’s breath caught, feeling his firm grasp on her wrist. When was the last time he’d physically stopped her? Her actions the past week might’ve worked better than she anticipated, if he was this forward. It had been a long time since he’d been wanting instead of just willing.
“Well I’m still going to wear it, it’s cold.” She replied with a mischievous grin.
Jonathan got up from under the blanket and then pulled her towards him until they were kneeling face to face. “I know of a better way to keep you warm when you break the rules, young lady.” He said.
Samantha licked her lips. A spanking right now wouldn’t be too bad. It was the easiest way to seduce her husband, yet she was sure that this time it was more than that. Her tactics had worked.
“What way is that?” She asked playfully.
Her husband grabbed the hem of her gown that didn’t even reach the mattress while she kneeled and pulled it up. “You better take this off, or you will find out!”
Samantha gasped in surprise as he pulled the night-gown all the way to her armpits.
“No, I’m cold!” She protested and tried to pull it back down.
Her husband was stronger than her of course and the night-gown inevitably moved up past her arms. Samantha dropped herself on the bed to stop him from pulling it off, but this only allowed her husband to aim a few firm smacks on her exposed backside.
With a squeal she rolled over to her back to protect her bottom. Jonathan then straddled her chest, he was still completely naked of course and his cock stood fully erect between her breasts.
Samantha moaned deeply when he pushed her arms against the bed, pinning down her wrists with her own night-gown.
Jonathan leant forward as he held her down on the bed, placing his lips against hers. Samantha rolled her face to the side, but her husband bit her lower lip, pulling her back for a deeper kiss.
Samantha grunted in pleasure and rocked her body against her husbands, betraying her excitement despite her played protests.
Jonathan moved down, forcing her legs open with his knees without lessening the force that pinned down her wrists. Samantha struggled gently, not to escape, but to keep up the pretense. She kissed him deeply however, showing her willingness while her body pretended the opposite.
Then her husband penetrated her, at which point she could no longer continue the charade, but rocked her body eagerly with Jonathan’s rhythm as her husband fucked her.
She came twice before her husband collapsed on top of her. Only then did he let go of her arms, freeing her from his grip. Samantha could still feel his strength in her wrists as he rested on her chest.


Jonathan had made Samantha follow some rules in the past. It had been a part of their dynamic as they were just figuring out their relationship and their fantasies. When Samantha broke one of those rules, she’d get spanked.
It had been a great tool to explore dominance and submission; rules were rules after all. It gave Samantha a way to control when she might be spanked, but also gave full control to Jonathan when she did earn a punishment.
Over the years the rules had changed a lot, trying to conform better to them and their relationship. In the end however, the rules were dropped. It was too much of a hassle to keep track of them and deal with them in every possible circumstance. Instead, Jonathan would spank his wife whenever she was naughty, rules or not.
At least, that was the theory. More often than not, Samantha had to ask for a spanking if she wanted one. The problem of course was that she wasn’t a natural rule-breaker. As a submissive she wanted to please and thus had little opportunity to misbehave and actually earn a spanking.

As part of her plan to regain her husbands interest, Samantha had tried to obey those old rules once again. She tried to remember all the rules Jonathan had once placed on her and follow them as closely as possible.
Her plan was to be the submissive her husband wanted her to be. She wouldn’t break those rules, but earn her spanking in other bratty ways, like that one time with the cutlery.
The thing with rules however, is that when they’re not broken, they’re hardly noticeable. Samantha wondered whether Jonathan had even realized what a good submissive she was being, how well she was following his rules.
Until one night, when he ordered her with a strict voice to come to him and then firmly smacked her bottom before explaining anything.
“Your shoes belong in the hallway, young lady.” He told her.
Samantha licked her lips. She wanted to reply, but realized she shouldn’t. Too often she reacted defensively or indignated when he husband made such remarks; though she knew he didn’t mean them derogatory, but just as a playful act in their dominant-submissive relationship. Did she really want him to know she had a good reason for them being out of place? Or would she rather be a naughty girl and accept a smack on her bottom?
For once, she obediently cleared away her shoes without argueing. In her head she was celebrating. Her husband hadn’t been strict about such things in a long time; this must surely mean he was taking notice.
She wasn’t about to get spanked for breaking the rules of course. She still wished to be a perfect submissive. If Jonathan was settling back into his role of dominant however, she knew other ways to achieve that goal. It was time to be a brat again.

She planned her prank carefully, with their little girl already in bed and her husband in the shower.
Jonathan was one of those people that always complained about being cold. Especially when he was wet and just came from under the hot water in the shower.
Samantha joined him that evening. It had actually been quite a while since she’d done that. She knew her husband didn’t like sharing the hot water, but if she was going to be a brat, well then she’d be a brat.
“My turn.” She said as she stepped into the shower beside him.
Jonathan looked at her in surprise. Samantha hadn’t tried to seduce him so blatantly since her experimentation began. But this wasn’t that, she wasn’t seducing him, she actually did want him to leave the shower.
The fact that he grabbed her bottom on his way out only made things better.
“Where’s my towel?” Jonathan asked.
“Oh, I put that in the wash.” Samantha replied innocently.
“There aren’t any in the dresser either.” Jonathan replied, a note of annoyance in his voice.
“You’ll have to get one in the garage, there should be clean ones in the laundry.” Samantha replied. “Bring one for me too.” She had of course hid her own as well, so that Jonathan wouldn’t just steal hers.
Her husband muttered a curse but did leave to fetch their towels.
“There aren’t any!” He said when he returned, his voice now full of agitation. “Not with the clean laundry, and neither with the dirty ones!”
Samantha bit her lip, hidden from her husband by the showers panelling. She was getting a bit nervous. Her husband really hated being cold.
“Where did you put them?” He asked.
“I don’t know.” Samantha replied, she might be nervous, but somehow also trying hard not to laugh.
“Did you hide them?”
“Of course not.”
A short silence followed.
“You hid them didn’t you?” Jonathan asked.
Samantha didn’t reply.
“Young lady?” Jonathan’s voice climbed.
Samantha blushed, that tone meant the gig was up.
“Maybe.” She replied.
“Why?” Her husband asked.
“I thought it would be funny.” She said.
Suddenly Jonathan was back in the shower with her and he quickly turned off the running water. “Hands against the wall.” He said.
“Why?” Samantha asked.
“Because I didn’t think it was funny at all.” Her husband replied.
Samantha wanted to do as she was told, her bottom was tingling, eager to receive a spanking she’d actually earned. But she remembered that Jonathan would want her to pretend otherwise.
“It was just a joke.” She said, pouting.
“Hands against the wall, young lady.” Jonathan replied.
Now Samantha did as she was told, but still replied. “This isn’t fair.”
She hissed when her husband smacked her bare, wet bottom.
“What isn’t fair is that I had to go out wet and cold in search for the towels you hid.” He said before smacking her bottom a few more times.
Samantha didn’t reply, but bit her lips. This hurt more than she’d anticipated.
“Wait, stop.” She said after Jonathan landed another half-a-dozen or so smacks.
“Why?” He asked.
“It hurts.” Samantha pouted.
“It’s supposed to hurt.” Her husband replied.
“Can’t I dry off first?” She asked, thinking it hurt more because her bottom was wet.
“There aren’t any towels, remember?” Jonathan said and then smacked her bottom again.
Samantha nearly laughed, she hadn’t thought of that when getting herself into this. The sting in her bottom began to build as Jonathan spanked her sore, wet bottom. She tried to tell herself it hurt so much because it had been a long time since she’d gotten a good spanking, yet in truth it was probably because of her own stupid prank.
Still, despite the pain, Samantha did love to get spanked. Between her squeals and moans, she couldn’t stop her excitement from building, even as her bottom turned redder than red.
“Please, I won’t do it again, I promise.” She begged when the pain became nearly too great to bear. She told herself that she only begged because that’s what her husband liked. It was definitely not because she was actually learning a lesson, or actually realizing that liking a spanking didn’t mean it didn’t hurt and that perhaps pretending not to want them wouldn’t always be just pretending.
“If you do it again, I’ll be using the hairbrush.” Her husband said. “Understand?”
“Yes, Sir.” Samantha replied. She shivered and it wasn’t just from being cold and wet. The hairbrush would be handily nearby in the bathroom and when it came to spankings, Jonathan always made good on his threats.
“Now go get the towels from where you hid them.” He ordered.
Samantha got out of the shower before he could change his mind. She rubbed her sore, throbbing bottom as she made her way out of the bathroom; not just because her husband enjoyed that view, but because it actually did hurt.
Her prank on her husband was now a prank onto herself. While she wasn’t as susceptible to the cold as he was, she’d cooled down enough during her spanking to send shivers through her body. Luckily she knew where the towels were and returned them quickly.
When she returned to the bathroom, her husband was still in the shower, warming up underneath the hot water. Her eyes fell on his huge erection, she’d known he was excited while spanking her, he always was, but she hadn’t noticed before, not while her buttocks were bouncing beneath his hand.
She almost joined him again, but managed to stop herself just in time. Not only should she act more submissive right after a spanking, she’d also learned it was best to let Jonathan remain in control of the situation.
“I brought the towels, Sir. Is there anything else I can do to make up for my behavior?” She asked in a tone that hinted, not very subtly, at how aroused she was.
Her husband accepted the towel she offered him and quickly dried himself. “If you want to show me you can be a good girl now that I’ve turned your bottom red, you know what all good girls do for their husband when he’s aroused.” Jonathan said.
Samantha didn’t need more permission, but immediately knelt before her husband on the thick bathroom-rug. She kissed his warm, throbbing cock before taking it in her mouth.
She loved feeling him between her lips, loved feeling his excitement pulsing on her tongue, his heartbeat drumming against the roof of her mouth.
She licked and kissed, sucked and stared up at her husband through her eyelashes from her position at his feet. She noticed him looking down over her shoulder, at her red bottom, evidence that she’d been a naughty girl.
When he came, she swallowed all he offered her, licking the cum from the tip of his cock when he finished. She felt nearly as satisfied to have pleasured him as he must feel himself. Perhaps even more as she realized she’d behaved properly submissive and let her husband remain in control this whole time.
The fact that she hadn’t been able to cum herself didn’t bother her. That might change when they reached their bedroom, or it might not. It was up to Jonathan and now she could once again fully appreciate that, knowing he’d chase her as long as she provided something for him to chase after.

The leather outfit

Girl in leather BDSM outfit

The top compartment of the chest contained what seemed like a sexy, leather outfit. It wasn’t big, just a few leather straps, metal buckles and barely any fabric between them, more of a harness than an outfit really.
Jessie held it out in front of her, wondering whether she should feel embarrassed, amused or affronted.
She wasn’t supposed to be rummaging through her friend’s private property of course, there was no reason for her to be upset to discover he owned a thing like this, nor any of the others she’d found in that chest. While she did feel a bit embarrassed for finding this obviously private collection and amused for discovering his secret; she was mostly intrigued, turned on even.
When Jessie thought of her own sexual desires, she had to admit she shared some with her friend, without him knowing. She however did not own any leather outfits, wooden paddles, long-tailed whips, ball-gags or any of the other things she might discover in that chest.
She should just put it all back and forget she’d found it. She could also examine it further, knowing he’d never find out if she just put things back the way she’d found them. It was a bit of a shame, she thought, that he’d be returning home this evening. She’d been coming over to his house to feed his cat for a whole week now and she’d only discovered this today.
Still, there were many hours left before he’d be back. She eyed the outfit she was still holding in her hands, wondering if it would fit her.
Jessie blushed as she took off her clothes, undressing down to her skin in her friend’s bedroom, yet the piece was obviously meant to be worn with nothing underneath.
She felt a naughty surge of excitement to stand there naked, worried for a moment that he might return early. ‘Don’t be a chicken.’ She told herself. She’d helped him order those plane-tickets, she knew there was more than enough time before he got back.
The leather harness fit snugly, very snugly, she had to pull hard on the leather straps; watching in the standing mirror to fit them through the buckle on her lower back.
There was a small padlock in the front, but no keys to be found. Jessie wondered whether it was purely decorative or served an actual purpose. It only secured the narrow leather thong that ran from the leather cup against her crotch up between her buttocks, to the back.
It didn’t seem like it could do much harm that way as she played with it in her hands, daring herself…
With a click, the lock closed.


Several hours later, Matthew arrived home. It had been a long journey, he was tired and ready for bed.
To his surprise, the lights were on when he opened the door. His cat Whiskers greeted him at the door. He wondered if Jessie had forgotten to turn them off when she’d come to feed him.
Jessie however, was waiting for him as he rolled his luggage into his living-room.
“Hi Mat.” She said, for some reason blushing furiously.
“Hey Jessie.” He replied. “You’re here late, forgot to feed Whiskers today?”
“No, I mean, yes that’s why I was here, but then…”
Mat raised an eyebrow in confusion. Something was off about his friend, but he was too tired to see what it was. She was wearing a long coat as if she’d only just arrived or about to leave. Underneath her legs were bare, but it wasn’t really the right kind of weather to go outside without trousers or at least stockings underneath a short skirt.
He realized he was still standing in the doorway, so he pushed his luggage aside and dropped into his couch as Jessie began to explain.
“I couldn’t find Whiskers when I got here today.” She said. “I looked everywhere. You told me he never went outside and I began to panic, what if I’d left a window open, what if he was lost because of me…”
Matthew smiled. “Don’t worry, I just saw him in the hallway.”
Jessie blushed again. “Yeah I know, but I couldn’t find him at first, you have to believe me. I looked everywhere, in the craziest places, places I knew he couldn’t be, but I couldn’t stop myself from looking. The top shelves of the kitchen cabinets he can’t even reach, the small closet behind the toilet he can’t even fit in…”
Matthew laughed. “I know the feeling, I’ve done the same in the past. Even went so far as looking beneath the pillow-seats of the couch.”
Jessie bit her lip. “The chest in your wardrobe…”
Matthew’s laugh stopped. That was not where he’d expected this conversation to end. “I’m guessing you didn’t find him in there.” He said, trying to remain humorous about it.
Jessie smiled shyly. “No, and don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with owning such things. In fact, I would’ve just pretended to have never seen if I could…”
Matthew raised his eyebrow again. “But…” He said.
“But there was this outfit.” Jessie said, talking fast to get it out. “I couldn’t help myself, I tried it on and now I can’t get it off.” Her hands brushed her coat as if indicating that was what she was still wearing underneath.
Air whistled through Matthew’s pouted lips as he stared at his friend in surprise. “Why did you put it on?” He asked.
“I told you, I couldn’t resist.” Jessie replied with a blush. “I just wanted to know how it felt, please, can you just give me the key so I can take it off?”
“Wait here.” Matthew replied. He left for just a moment, to fetch the keys where he kept them in his room, separate and safe.


“Why did you lock it?” Matthew asked when he returned.
Jessie had tried to get it off of course, tried for hours. It was easy enough to undo the buckle on her lower back and to loosen the collar that went around her neck. To pull the harness on however, she’d had to pull that collar over her head and with the bottom of her outfit firmly clasped around her crotch, she could not lift it high enough, no matter how far she bended forward.
“I didn’t think it would matter.” She replied. “I thought maybe it was decorative or meant to attach other things.”
Matthew grinned. “Other things? Never mind, are you sure that’s the only reason?”
Jessie blushed. “What else?”
“Well, the outfit, like most things in that chest are meant to make you feel helpless, out of control. If you really wanted to know how it felt, to really feel out of control, you would’ve had to use that lock, otherwise you’d always have the opportunity to just take it off.” Matthew explained.
Jessie licked her lips. “Sure, I guess, that was part of it too. Can I please get the key now?”
“Of course.” Matthew said, holding out his hand to give them to her. “So did you like it?”
Jessie hesitated. “Like what?”
“Feeling helpless.”
“A little.” She admitted with a blush.
“Does it turn you on now?” Matthew asked. “Knowing that I’m in control and not you. That I’m literally holding the keys to your predicament?”
Jessie bit her lip. Her heart was racing, the leather harness was incredibly tight underneath her coat. She was excited, very excited. “It does.” She admitted again.
“What do you think I could do, while I have this control over you?” Matthew asked.
The keys were within her reach, Matthew still held them out as if offering them to her. Something made her keep talking however. “I don’t know.” She replied.
“It’s not often that a beautiful young woman such as yourself puts on that outfit, you know.” Matthew said. “Don’t you think I deserve to at least see how it fits you before I give you these keys?”
Jessie blushed even deeper. Matthew however still held the keys dangling in front of her. The choice was entirely hers. She could grab them. Instead, she began to unbutton her coat.
Matthew eyed her eagerly, hungry.
Jessie dropped her coat on the floor, she felt naked without it. The leather harness did very little to cover her body and nothing to hide her curves.
At the center of the broad collar around her neck, a narrow strip of leather rand down between her breasts. Attached to it were two leather straps, they widened a little where they covered her bosom, yet with plenty of bare skin visible all around. Narrowing again beside her breasts, the straps crossed first her back and connected to a metal ring at her belly-button. From this ring two more leather straps wrapped her body, secured by the metal buckle on her lower back. If you undid that buckle and unwrapped the leather straps, she’d be naked from her crotch all the way to her neck; or you could just undo the zippers at the center of the wider part that covered her bossom to free her breasts.
The narrow strip of leather that originated at her collar ran all the way to her crotch, passing underneath the broader straps that kept the upper part of the harness in place. It was just wide enough to cover her crotch before it split into two leather thongs that ran up between her buttocks. These split up through a knot in the back and ran back to the front over her hips, they connected to a small metal ring on the leather right above her crotch and were be secured by the padlock.
She couldn’t pull it down with the collar still around her neck and she could not pull that up while the padlock kept the thongs resting snugly between her butt-cheeks.
She blushed slightly, but twice as aroused as before now that Matthew was watching her. From the moment she’d heard the padlock close, she’d known it would end this way, with him seeing her like this.
“You look gorgeous.” Matthew said. “Absolutely perfect and sexy. Please turn around so I can see it completely.”
Jessie bit her lips, but did a slow twirl. She wondered how much more he was going to ask of her. But then again, he was still holding out those keys. She only did what she wanted to do. She blushed when she felt him staring at her bare bottom.
“Did you play with any of the other things you found in the chest?” Matthew asked when she still did not reach for the keys?
Jessie licked her lips. “No.” She replied. She’d almost forgotten those, preoccupied as she was with trying to get this thing off.
“Okay then. Well take the keys, you’ve earned them.” Matthew said, though his tone implied she’d earned more than that.
Jessie finally took them, finding the smallest key on the ring that she thought would fit this lock. She should turn away now, find some privacy to get dressed.
“Is it often that you find a woman willing to play with those other toys?” She asked him instead, mimicking what he’d said before.
“Not really.” Matthew replied. “And even less often one that truly deserves it, going around, fiddling with my private belongings and all.”
Jessie blushed, there was a challenge in his voice and not even a very subtle one. Where the leather outfit left her skin bare, her hair stood up in excited shivers. Her whole body tingled, her crotch and breast glowing beneath their snug confinement. She made her choice.
Jessie handed the keys back to Matthew. “Perhaps you shouldn’t give these to me until I’ve truly earned them.” She said.


Matthew licked his lips, his tiredness forgotten after his long journey home. Even his surprise at finding Jessie waiting for him, wearing the leather outfit he’d kept in a secret chest in his wardrobe had dwindled.
He’d fully expected her to take the keys right away when he’d offered. Yet she kept refusing to accept them, keeping their conversation going instead, even when he knew it embarrassed her to admit what she’d done and why.
His arousal, awakened by the idea of her wearing the outfit, surged when he watched her take off her coat, revealing her near-naked body clad in straps of leather.
And now, she’d given him back those keys. He tucked them away in his pocket, showing he was truly in control now.
“Since you seem to like going through my things.” He said. “You’ll go back upstairs now and choose something from that chest that I can use to teach you a lesson about respecting others’ private property, young lady.”
He’d given the command as a test to see how submissive she’d be and to give himself some time to think while she was out of his sight.
Jessie nodded and turned away, heading towards the stairs that were located between the living-room and his kitchen.
“Oh and Jessie, since you’re wearing that outfit, I want you to call me Sir from now on, until we’re done.” He called after her.
His friend froze and turned around with a blush. “Yes, Sir.” She said, before continuing on her way.
Matthew stared avidly at her bare bottom as she mounted the stairs. The way she moved could only be described in one way: eager. She was yearning to discover what would happen if she submitted to him.
It wasn’t really about teaching her a lesson, about being angry that she’d messed around with his personal belongings. It was two people discovering a shared interest; it was a fantasy that needed to be fulfilled, a desire in him and her that had to be met. They had to keep going, for if they stopped, when they had time to think, the opportunity might be lost.
When Jessie returned, bringing him a riding crop from his chest, she looked hesitant. Matthew wondered whether she’d had too much time to think after all, on her way upstairs.
Her arousal was too great however, it rushed her forward, pushing her own objections aside. That part of herself knew perfectly what it wanted.
“Will this do, Sir?” She asked, handing him the implement.
“It will do fine, Jessie.” He said, wondering why the riding crop was the implement of her choice.
“Have you ever been spanked before?” He asked her. There was no need to tell her that was what he was going to do. She’d known what items his chest contained before he’d send her to fetch one.
“No, Sir.” She confessed.
Matthew smiled. That had been his guess too. The riding crop certainly looked less wicked than the wooden paddles or leather whips in his collection. It would seem the safer choice for someone slightly nervous, no matter how excited she was.
He placed the riding crop on the small coffee-table beside his couch. “I’ll use only my hands to start.” He said. “To see how well you can take it; and if you can, that will be a good warm-up before we use the riding crop, understand?”
“Yes, Sir.” Jessie nodded excitedly.
“Now, you shouldn’t be smiling that much.” Matthew said, smiling himself to indicate he was only half-serious. “I really do intend to teach you a proper lesson, Jessie.”
“Yes, Sir.” Jessie said again, this time blushing and seemingly a bit more nervous.
“Now, get across my knee, young lady.” Matthew ordered as he sat back down on his couch.
Jessie came forward eagerly. She moaned softly as the leather harness dug into her skin when she bent forward.
Matthew placed his right hand on her bottom. The leather thongs did nothing to cover that; the leather outfit would offer no protection during this bare-bottom spanking. In fact, it left more of her body bare than not, something he was well aware of as he felt her weight settle across his lap.
He wondered if he should say something; but everything seemed to have been said. Jessie lay across his lap, ready to receive her punishment. He raised his hand and smacked her bottom gently.
Jessie moaned softly as he landed mild, gentle smacks all across her backside. He didn’t want to spank her too hard, not yet. He wanted to enjoy the feeling of her soft, delicate skin in the palm of his hand.
He tried a few firmer smacks, just to see her soft flesh ripple away from the impact, her buttocks bouncing when he hit them harder still.
Jessie squealed softly, more from surprise than anything else, when he landed that first really firm swat. The sound made Matthew’s heart race. He was no longer interested in caressing her soft skin, he wanted to hear her squeal again, to hear those sounds she was unable to hold back, those that showed that she was no longer in control of her reactions and her body.
Jessie did not squeal again immediately, even though he landed one firm swat after the other. She did moan loudly though as a pink glow began to appear in her backside, her bare bottom slowly warming up to her spanking.
Confident from her reactions, Matthew knew his friend could take more. Her moans were of pleasure more often than of pain; the movement of her body, rocking with the rhythm of her spanking, was not meant to escape the onslaught of his hand, but to invite his hand to punish her bottom again and again.
He spanked her harder again, landing firm, full-handed swats across her bare bottom. He swung his arm to full effect, the sound of each swat echoing in the room. This was what he considered a true spanking. Not the climactic conclusion, not yet, but the part where the spanking didn’t just sting, but began to actually hurt.
Jessie squealed now as often as she moaned, yet still rocking her body in an excited trance. Her bottom colored red, she even kicked her legs, but did not protest or fight against him while she did.
Matthew grunted, fighting his own excitement as he spanked his friend. He’d been ready to stop after those first few harder swats. Not everyone enjoyed pain, not even if they did enjoy a bit of sting and the thought of being dominated.
Combined with her loss of control and the sexy, revealing outfit she wore however, pain seemed to be the fitting third part to Jessie’s excited. Even while she squealed, her moans were deeper and longer.
The spanking continued, hard firm swats that made her squeal and moan, kick her legs and squirm were she lat across his lap. Matthew reveled in the sounds of her discomfort, enjoying the pain he was causing as much as the feeling of power over his helpless friend and her soft, glowing backside.
Even as she kicked her legs in pain, Jessie rubbed her near-naked body against his, yearning for that intimate touch. And this was the reason why Matthew finally stopped the onslaught on her backside. The sight of her bare, red bottom, bouncing beneath the palm of his hand, combined with her leather-clad body across his lap, rubbing against his crotch was nearly too much to bear.
“Get up.” He said, helping his friend stand up.
Her hair was disheveled from tossing her head. The leather harness dug into her skin, emphasizing the nakedness of her body. Her eyes were large, filled with excitement, yet her lips were glowing red, raw where she had bitten them to deal with the sting in her backside.
“I must say, you took your spanking very well, Jessie.” He said.
She blushed. “Thank you, Sir.”
“Unfortunately for you however, that means we’re not done yet. There is still that riding crop you brought me.” He paused for a breath. “Unless I’m wrong and you can’t take any more?”


Jessie bit her lip. Her bottom was on fire. She’d never thought a spanking could hurt this much. She’d never thought anything could hurt this much and she’d still be able to enjoy it. Yet the truth was, if Matthew hadn’t let her up, she’d still be squirming across his lap, taking every bit of what he had to offer without protest.
To be perfectly honest, she’d been slightly disappointed when he stopped. Yet at the same time, she was hesitant to admit she could take more. How much would that riding crop hurt, she wondered?
She didn’t have to, she realized. It had surprised her how much in control she was of what happened. Matthew had offered her a way out at every turn. Yet at the same time she’d felt like she had no control at all. Especially when she’d been across his lap, squealing and moaning. If he picked up that riding crop, it would be the same all over again.
“I can take a bit more, Sir.” She replied. She wasn’t surprised at her answer. She didn’t know how far she was willing to go, but after what she’d done so far, not much would surprise her still. This evening was just one long rollercoaster ride and she did not intend to get off before they reached the end.
“Stand by the couch.” Matthew ordered her. “Place your hands on the seat.”
Jessie did as she was told, bending over sharply, the leather-harness dug into her body, reminding her of how exposed she was.
Matthew placed his hand on her bottom, it felt like fire on her sensitive skin. “Spread your legs.” He said. “Your muscles are too taut; you’re bent over too far, it will hurt less if you can relax them a little.”
Jessie blushed and slowly began spreading her legs, until she found a position where she could still stand comfortably, but also relax the muscles in her backside.
“Better.” Matthew said, as he was now able to squeeze her sore bottom.
Jessie moaned, wondering how exposed the was at this moment. The leather harness covered her crotch, but she wasn’t sure where exactly the leather splut up into a pair of thongs running up between her buttocks. Bent over as she was, it might not be enough to cover her pussy completely. Did she really feel a gust of cool air against her lips when Matthew removed his hand, or was that only her imagination?
The thought strangely did not embarrass her and she nearly forgot about it as Matthew placed the leather tip of the riding crop against her backside. Why would a bit of nudity embarrass her after he’d already seen her in that much sexier, kinky, leather harness?
The riding crop moved downwards however, stroking her inner thigh, teasing her before he’d spank her. When it moved back up, there was no mistaking it, it touched the bare, wet lips of her pussy. Jessie bit her lip, okay perhaps she did still have some shame in being so exposed, but there was nowhere for her to hide.
Suddenly, the leather tip of the riding crop bit her bottom. A deep sting in a small, concentrated spot made her squeal. Dozens more followed, little fires lighting up all across her backside and even her upper thighs, re-igniting he pain she’d felt from before.
It was very different from the full, heavy swats of Matthew’s hand. It didn’t go as deep, nor did it make her bottom bounce. But the sting of each bite remained longer, glowing in concentrated spots on her backside, and more kept coming until her entire bottom felt aflame.
“Are you learning a lesson, young lady?” Matthew suddenly asked her. Some little flames winking out in her backside as he paused the torment of her bottom. There were still dozens left however.
“Yes, Sir.” She said and she realized she meant it. Not a lesson about respecting his property; but learning that a spanking could hurt, that if she wanted one, she’d have to accept the pain that would come with it, the price she had to pay for the pleasure that came with it. A price that was pleasure in itself in some way. She wondered if Matthew knew what she was thinking, ‘a lesson’ he had said, not indicating a particular one. He’d know she was enjoying this too much to feel any remorse for going through his things.
Jessie squealed when a sudden dozen or so swats landed across her backside and more aimed for her upper and inner thighs. Until suddenly Matthew dropped the riding crop on the couch, placing his hand back on her bottom.
He gave her two firm swats, and then said: “You can get up now.”
Jessie moaned, pushing her bottom against his hand. It was glowing hot on her sore backside, and much too close to her exposed, private parts. Yet she didn’t want for it to be over yet.
Matthew landed a few more swats on her stinging backside. “If you don’t get up, I’ll have to assume you want some more.” He said, followed by a few even harder ones that made her squeal.
Jessie bit her lower lip but did not protest.
Matthew’s finger ran alongside the leather thongs between her buttocks. Ending right on top of her pussy, just the narrow strip of leather separating them. “Or perhaps this is what you want?” He asked.
Jessie whimpered. “Yes, Sir.” She managed.
Matthew’s fingers pushed and slipped between the leather tongs, between her lips, thrusted into her wet pussy. Jessie moaned deeply. She’d been right, the leather harness hadn’t protected her modesty in the slightest.
Matthew played with her pussy, thrusting, stroking, finding the most sensitive spot inside of her.
Jessie shuddered, she was shaking on her legs, her bottom was on fire, her pussy filled with at least three of her friend’s fingers, the harness as tight as ever across her body.
She squealed as she came, shuddering and moaning. Matthew’s arm around her waist the only thing that kept her from collapsing on the couch.

“Now you’ve truly earned these.” Matthew said as Jessie finally pushed herself up from the couch and turned around.
She blushed as she accepted the keys, being reminded of how this had all begun. She’d just been curious about the outfit, just wanted to try it on. One thing had led to another, the more she discovered, the more excited she got and the more she’d wanted to do.
Nothing would be the same again between her and Matthew she realized; not after she’d let him spank her, after she’d felt his fingers inside of her.
They’d been friends for a long time, but never more. She’d never really seen him as a potential partner. It didn’t seem like they had that much in common. Yet at least this interest they shared. She wondered how much more she could discover, some maybe less secret, but just unknown.
With the key, she undid the padlock at the front of her crotch. When she’d been waiting for him to return home, all she’d wanted to do was get the key and hide somewhere, the bathroom perhaps, where she could take off this outfit. Now, she did not run, but pulled the leather tongs from between her buttocks, baring her pussy completely. She undid the buckle in her lower back that held the leather straps that circled her body, baring her breasts as they unwrapped. When she pulled the collar over her head, removing the harness completely, she stood naked in her friend’s living room. With just a burning red bottom to remind her of what had happened.
“I hope this wasn’t the last time I’m allowed to wear this, Sir.” She said, while handing it over to him.
Matthew smiled. “I usually only let girls wear this when we’re serious, a few dates at least.”
Jessie licked her lips. “If going on a date with you is what it takes, I guess it’s a price I’m willing to pay.” She teased.
Matthew grinned. She wondered whether he’d felt any uncertainty when telling her this or had just known what her answer would be.
“Talking about prices to pay.” Matthew said. “There’s one more thing I want. Some way for you to prove what an obedient girl you can be.”
Jessie blushed as he stepped forward to kiss her, pulling her naked body into his arms. He was surely confident about this and she melted away in his arms.
“Wait.” She said as he undid his pants, freeing the erection she’d felt pressing against her lower belly. She turned around when he stopped, placing her hands on the couch, her legs spread and red bottom up in the air, just like when he’d spanked her. “Fuck me like this, Sir.” She said.
Matthew slapped her bottom with a full-handed swat. “Stay!” He said, before quickly running up the stairs at the end of the living room.
Jessie wondered whether she’d been too forward. She was supposed to be submissive, not demand in which way he’d fuck her. Yet this had been al she could think of while he spanked her; when she’d discovered the leather outfit did not cover her pussy completely.
When Matthew returned, he did not carry another implement from his chest however, as she had feared. Instead, he’d gotten a condom and pulled it on as he stepped behind her.
Jessie moaned deeply, even before she felt his hands on her still sore bottom. She moaned deeper when his thumbs pulled her lips aside and he shoved his cock inside her.

The princess’ punishment

Spanking cross in a dungeon

Several tools of torture hung from rusty old hooks in the stone wall, hooks, pincers, whips and more. They hadn’t been used in years, just like the old stretching rack in the middle of the room and the stocks that were gathering dust in the corner.
The old dungeon had been abandoned when the new cell-block on the castle grounds had been built. It now only served as a place to scare children and adults alike when stories were told.
It certainly sent a chill up princess Anastacia’s spine as she stood in the gloomy, dusty room. The gritty stone walls stood in sharp contrast to her pristine, white dress.
She had changed out of her riding dress before coming here. The dress she wore now, with falls of lace down her sleeves and pearls on her bodice seemed much more demure than the one she wore before.
Anastacia wore all her jewelry, trying to appear as much as a princess as possible. The rings on her fingers chimed when she grasped her friends hand, clicking against the silver around her fingers.
Her friend Melinda wore a similar dress, appearing perhaps not as a princess, but certainly as nobility. She wasn’t though and it would probably not do any good for either of them.
The only other person in the room was a young guard named Alex. Though he might be young, he’d been the princess’ personal guard for several years.

“You’re both lucky I’m the one who found you.” The guard said. “Imagine what would’ve happened if people found out the two of you were gone and out there without a guard to protect you.”
The princess blushed. The country had been at war for several months now, and while the frontlines were far from their home, no-one was allowed to leave the castle without permission, not even she.
“I’m sorry Alex, it was just a short ride, nothing happened.” Anastacia said, using the guards name in an attempt to soften him.
“That’s not the point Anastacia. Just because nothing happened, that doesn’t mean nothing could have happened. Imagine if you were caught by spies by the enemy; or worse, common soldiers who wouldn’t recognize who you are. Imagine what they could’ve done to you.” The guard replied.
Anastacia blushed deeply. The guard didn’t have to mention any details, her mind painted a clear picture of what enemy soldiers could do to a helpless noblewoman.
“We’re sorry, Sir.” Her friend answered. “We promise it won’t happen again.”
Anastacia looked with a smile at her friend. She always was better at seeming remorseful and demure than she. She had good reason for it, though.
“I know you were only following the princess’ lead, Mel.” The guard said. “It isn’t your fault, but you could have at least tried to warn me some way.”
Anastacia blushed. The way the guard hadn’t used Mel’s full name like he had with her, made it obvious who he was most angry with. That he was prompting her friend to betray their secrets to him only added to her embarrassment. Luckily she knew that Mel would never tell on her.
“She doesn’t have to be here.” Anastacia said, trying to protect her friend. “You said it yourself, it wasn’t her fault.”
“You know the rules, princess.” The guard said. “You’re lucky it will be me dealing out the punishment. Do you know what happens to people who leave the castle without permission? They’re considered traitors, assumed to be running to the enemy. They would be tied up naked to a pole in the courtyard and flogged for everyone to see.”
The two women blushed deeply.
“We’ve been cooped up in here for months. We just wanted to have a bit of fun.” The princess protested.
“You could’ve asked me and I would have provided an escort for you.” The guard replied. “Mel, take off your dress.”
Anastacia bit her lip as she watched her friend undress at the guard’s sudden command. She wanted to say that it wouldn’t have been any fun to go out with an escort, but knew the argument wouldn’t sway the guard.
Melinda had trouble with the row of buttons down her back and eventually the princess had to help her friend undress for their punishment. She folded the dress and lay it across the stretching rack, the shiny silk garment seemed very out of place on the old torture device.
As Melinda pulled her shift over her head, the princess wondered how her friend could always seem so calm when accepting her punishment. She would have a fit if the guard got to see her naked, yet Melinda didn’t even blush and the worst was yet to come.


It was a bit chill in the old dungeon and the hairs stood up on her arms as Melinda stood naked beside the princess and in front of the guard.
She hadn’t said much since he had found them. She’d known this was coming ever since the princess had told her they’d go out on a ride. In fact, she’d been secretly looking forward to it.
It always went like this. The princess would have an idea, she’d play along and in the end she’d bear the punishment. It was very rarely one of her own ideas that got them into trouble. It had been that way ever since they’d met.

That had been over nine years ago, when she’d still been a simple miller’s daughter. Her parents held a few animals on their farm beside the mill, including two pigs. Melinda had been feeding them when a girl had approached her and asked whether she could pet them.
She thought it was odd that someone would want to pet a pig; but the girl was wearing such a nice dress that she was surely a noble and a simple peasant would never say no to a noble-born. Perhaps the girl had never seen a pig before.
The girl was surely enthusiastic when approaching the beasts, not caring about the stains that appeared on her dress; not even when the big boar gave her a push and she fell flat on her face in the mud.
The two girls were laughing when suddenly a regiment of men on horses appeared. “Princess!” One of them called.
Melinda gasped in shock, this girl was the princess?
At the same moment, her father exited the mill, having heard the arrival of the horses.
“What’s happening here?” One of the men in an impressive uniform bellowed.
“We were just playing.” Melinda told her father who appeared next to her.
“Anastacia, your dress, it’s ruined, that cost a fortune!” A female rider said.
Melinda hadn’t noticed the woman among the guards before. She wore a beautiful riding dress and sat sideways on her horse. Could she be the princess’ mother, the queen?
The girl she’d been playing with suddenly ran towards the horses to join them, leaving her and her father behind among the pigs.
“I won’t forget this, miller.” One of the men on horseback said as another picked up the princess and placed her in front of him in the saddle. The group began to turn.
“I’m sorry, my lord. I’ll make sure it won’t happen again.” Her father called after them.
He then knelt on one knee in the mud and pulled his daughter over the other. Melinda had just enough time to squeal in surprise and see the men look back over their shoulders as her father raised her dress and peppered her bottom.

It had taken days for Melinda to understand why her father had done that. It had seemed so unfair, but now she understood that he’d had to placate the nobles some way.
When they returned after a few days, Melinda feared that her embarrassing punishment hadn’t been enough to appease them; but instead, it was an invitation from the princess.
Melinda had been nervous, going to the castle for the first time, she’d never been before. The princess was still the friendly, happy girl she’d met before though and even apologized for getting her into trouble.
Over the next few weeks, she was invited to the castle more often to play with the princess, until one day the queen herself wanted to talk to her.
“I’ve never seen my little girl as well-behaved before she met you.” The queen told her after introductions were made.
Melinda was blushing and nervous, hardly able to talk to someone so important.
“I wanted to thank you for having such a good influence on her.” The queen continued.
Melinda blushed, hearing the queen thank her. “Ah, eh, I don’t think it’s really about me. She just seems to feel guilty for what happened the first time we met.” She tried to explain.
“Ah, yes.” The queen replied. “She saw how your father dealt with the situation. That could certainly be it. Seeing such a thing for the first time would certainly leave an impression on her.”
Melinda frowned in confusion. “Has she never seen someone get punished before?”
The queen shook her head. “She doesn’t play with any of the children in the castle, that’s why I was so glad you became her friend. And because she is the princess, no-one is allowed to harm her. My husband, the king, and I are too busy to discipline her. So she hasn’t experienced it herself either.”
Melinda gasped. “Not even when she’s naughty?”
The queen smiled. “No, not even then. Though you shouldn’t call her that, she is your princess after all.”
Melinda blushed.
“Seeing you get the punishment she deserved must’ve really made her feel guilty, huh. You know what, I have an idea. How would you like to live at the castle, Melinda?” The queen asked.
Melinda blushed. “Like, work in the kitchens or something? My mom always said I should try to get a job here when I’m older.”
“No, not in the kitchens. You could become Anastacia’s first court lady, as her friend you’d be treated like nobility and get a room right next to hers.” The queen explained.
Melinda gasped. “That would be amazing.” She said.
“There’s only one catch.” The queen said. “When Anastacia misbehaves, you will accept her punishment for her. Seeing her best friend get disciplined might help her see the consequences of her actions.”

It had been years since Melinda had accepted that deal. It had seemed like a fair trade, all the riches of the court in exchange for taking her friends place when she got punished.
She still thought the trade had been worth it now, the rich dresses, the amazing food, the parties in the castle and the fact that she hadn’t had to work a day in her life.
Most of the trouble the princess got in, she was part of herself anyway, many of the punishments she got, she’d partly earned.
It was the castle’s chamberlain who oversaw such punishment in the early years. Melinda had spent many evenings across the chamberlain’s knee in the princess’ bedroom, getting a spanking on her bare bottom with her friend watching.
Three years ago however, the chamberlain had retired and that duty had been taken over by the princess’ personal guard.
Melinda had always had a crush on the handsome young man and her punishments were suddenly a lot more embarrassing when she found herself bare bottomed across his knee.
What she hadn’t expected, as a young woman at sixteen years old, was that she’d also get so aroused by those spankings.
The guard wasn’t as leniant as the chamberlain either, he was inventive and knew that a child’s spanking wouldn’t suffice to teach a young woman a lesson. When he caught them out in the woods, he might take a switch to her bottom right there and in the privacy of their bedroom, his leather belt hurt a lot more than just his hand could.
It was half a year ago that he’d taken the two of them to this old dungeon for the first time. He knew that it shocked the princess to see her friend get punished here; but also knew that Melinda was secretly turned on by it all.


“Hands over your head.” The guard said.
He had guided her to the other wall were an old wooden cross leaned slightly against the stones. As she raised her arms, he clasped the old leather shackles at the top of the cross around her wrists. Then he made her spread her legs and did the same to her ankles.
Spread-eagled and fully exposed, Melinda blushed, hoping that in this dark room, the princess wouldn’t see how aroused she was.
She looked over her shoulder to see the guard grabbing the flogger from his bag. This one wasn’t one of the old torture tools. It was new, the leather shone as if it was freshly waxed. The handhold was long and the leather falls even longer. She wondered where he had found it, or perhaps even made it himself.
“Please, you don’t have to do this.” The princess said.
“You know I have to, Anastacia.” The guard replied. “It’s the only way you will learn your lesson.”
Melinda bit her lip. It always made her feel naughty, hearing the princess plea for her, not knowing the pleasure she got from these punishments.
The sound of the leather falls traveling through the air reached her ears only a moment before the flogger landed on her bottom. Melinda squealed softly.
What had Alex said? If she were anyone else, she would’ve been tied to a pole in the courtyard for everyone to see. The thought inexplicably turned her on even more, before the second lash fell across her backside.
A flogging in the courtyard would be hasher of course and aimed at the victim’s back. Alex however aimed for her bottom, just like the spankings she’d always gotten.
Melinda moaned and squealed. She couldn’t move at all, tied to the cross as she was. All she could do was turn her head and howl as the flogger bit into her bottom.
A few strokes did land on her back and a couple more on her thighs as well. Her skin there tingled and burned, but it was her bottom that was truly on fire, blazingly red.
“Enough, please, stop.” The princess plead.
Melinda moaned as another stroke landed on her bottom.
“Are you learning your lesson, young lady?” The guard asked.
Melinda didn’t answer, this punishment wasn’t for her, it wasn’t her place to answer.
“Yes, I am. Please stop, I don’t think she can take much more.” The princess replied.
Melinda didn’t correct her. She could take a bit more, she thought, but the princess was right, she was nearing her limit.
“Very well.” The guard said, placing the flogger on the old stretching rack beside her dress. He turned to Melinda to undo the shackles around her wrists and ankles.
Melinda blushed, feeling him so close to her naked body. She loved the way he looked at her when she undressed, knew how aroused he was when punishing her. With her backside on fire and her pussy wet with excitement, she wanted to touch him, but she couldn’t. Not with the princess still here. She moaned softly when blood rushed back into her hands and feet.

“It’s probably time for you to return to your room, princess.” The guard said. “Before people begin to wonder where you are.”
“What about Mel?” The princess asked.
“I’ll have one of the physicians look at her bruises, after that she can join you.” The guard replied.
The princess looked pleadingly at her friend, who stood still naked between the two of them.
“It’s okay, Anna. I’ll be fine.” Melinda said.
The princess left, leaving her friend behind in the dungeon.
“Are you okay?” The guard asked her, his voice was no longer strict, but caring.
“Better now that we’re alone.” Melinda said, approaching him, hugging her naked body against his uniform.
The guard wrapped his arms around her. His hands gently tracing the stripes down her back, barely touching her as they felt the heat of her burning bottom. He kissed her.
“I’m sorry I didn’t warn you about the princess’ plan.” Melinda said after their kiss. She took his hands and placed them more firmly on her bottom, hissing softly as he squeezed the sensitive flesh.
“It’s okay, I’m sure you learned your lesson.” The guard said, pulling her even closer against him.
Melinda could feel his erection, proof that he was just as excited as her. She reached down to free it.
“Don’t.” Alex said. “You know we can’t.”
“Please.” Melinda replied. “Just once.”
“No.” Alex said. “What if you got pregnant, people would find out and we’re not married yet. You know you’re not allowed to have a husband before the princess has found herself a prince. Until she does, your full loyalty goes to her.”
Melinda pouted. “Fine, but you know I’m expecting your proposal as soon as she does.”
The guard laughed. “You know I’ll have to ask the princess’ permission to marry you, right. I’m not sure she’ll grant it after what she’s seen me do here.”
“I’ll make her understand.” Melinda said.
Alex grinned. “I’m looking forward to seeing the surprise on her face.”
Melinda grinned as well, then licked her lips and sank down on her knees.
“What are you doing?” The guard asked as she began to undo his trousers. He knew well enough though, this was always the way she thanked him for spanking her, for as long as he wasn’t allowed to fuck her.
“This can’t get me pregnant.” Melinda said, freeing his cock and taking him in her mouth.
The guard grunted softly as he leaned back against the stretching rack. It didn’t take long before his cock was pulsating with desire, his hips trembling in an effort not to thrust his erection too deep into her throat as he ejected his sperm, Melinda obediently swallowing all of it.
“Did you bring some of that ointment?” Melinda asked when she got up, still licking her lips. The princess would notice if she still hurt too much when she returned, and wonder whether a physician had really seen to her bruises.
“Of course.” The guard replied, taking out the clay pot he’d offered her after he’d first used a switch on her.
Melinda smiled, remembering how surprised he’d looked back then, when she’d asked him to apply the cool cream for her. It was almost tradition now and she willingly bent over the stretching rack to let the guards rough hand spread the ointment over her naked skin.
She moaned in delight when it cooled the burning skin of her back and her thighs and moaned in pleasure when he applied it to her burning bottom.
When two of his fingers, lubed up with the ointment, pushed into her waiting pussy, she thought she was probably the only person in history to enjoy such pleasure when laying down on this torture device.
Her moans grew louder, the guard’s hand moving faster and faster, until she lay trembling and shaking, unable to control the orgasm that took hold of her.

“You should put on your dress.” Alex said when she finally got up. “The princess will be wondering what’s keeping you.”
Melinda didn’t speak as she got dressed, enjoying the final moments of privacy with the man she loved.
“I hope you won’t be getting in any more trouble.” He said as they left the room together.
“Not today.” Melinda said. “Though the princess said she wanted to go skinny dipping in the pond behind the castle tomorrow. It’s inside the castle grounds and thus we wouldn’t be breaking any rules; but it’s hardly appropriate.” She grinned. “I suggest you wait a bit before catching us though, if you want to enjoy the show.”
The guard laughed. “I’ll be looking forward to it.”

The farmer’s wife

Stardew Valley - Haley Spanked

It had been three years since Dean had left his life at Joja-corp to become a farmer at his grandfather’s farm. Sometimes he still wondered how he had managed to leave the city behind and settle in this tiny town that counted barely three dozen or so members in its community.
He was used to waking up early now, with the sound of a rooster greeting the sun. After getting dressed and checking the weather report on the TV, he went outside, seeing his wife staring at the beautiful sunrise beside the small pond that bordered his fields.
The largest area was reserved for their crops, it was blueberry season currently. Yet there were also several farm-buildings that housed cows, pigs, sheep, chickens and ducks; and of course his wife’s favorites, the rabbits. So many lives that were dependent on him, yet when he had arrived, there had just been his grandfather’s farm house.
The farm hadn’t always looked this meticulous. The grounds had been overgrown with weeds and trees, littered with rocks and dead tree-branches. It had been a lot of work to clear it all away in his first year.
That was also the year when he’d met Haley, the girl he’d eventually marry. He’d been surprised to find someone like her in a small village like Pelican town. She seemed much more like a city-girl, a bit superficial and averse to hard work.
She’d always talked about shopping and going to the mall; or hanging around on the beach to get a tan. Yet as Dean got to know her, under his influence she came to adapt to the life in a small village, she had even donated most of her clothes to charity.
Once, a long time ago, Dean had walked in on his wife-to-be while she was arguing with her sister about who should clean up their house. The thought made him smile. Since moving in with him, Haley had become a real house-wife and kept their small farm-house spotless.
She hadn’t changed completely of course. She sometimes still had throwbacks to that unhappy city-girl trapped in rural life that she’d once been. Those days, when she lazed about on the beach to the south of the village, Dean had to remind her firmly of her responsibilities and all the chores that came with owning a farm.
Dean smiled as he refilled the fodder for his animals, it was the only task he had this early in the morning. The blueberry bushes were all in range of his sprinklers. He thought back with glee to the time when he had to water them all by hand with just a single watering-can.
When he lived in the city, working a boring-desk job at a major corporation, he had never believed himself to be the kind of man he had become. He enjoyed the peace and quiet of the country life; but he also understood the need for hard work and responsibilities. While most of his work was concentrated on the farm, while Haley took care of house-work and food, he was still the master of the house and she his obedient wife. It was an old-fashioned division of roles, but one that made the both of them happy.
Yet while the farm was Dean’s responsibility, and Haley took care of the house. The only exception to this rule were the rabbits. Dean had asked the local carpenter to build a coop for these animals because his wife had nearly begged him for them. She just loved how cute those little critters were. It was thus self-evidently Haley’s responsibility to keep the coop clean and healthy.
When Dean entered the rabbit’s home to feed them however, he found that the straw floor was littered with feces and their hay was old and moldy. He didn’t usually feed the rabbits and it was evident that Haley hadn’t seen to their needs in a while either.
He shook his head and quickly replaced most of the old hay with fresh fodder before letting the animals out to roam the farm.
Dean approached his wife as she was still seated on the wooden deck beside the pond.
“Good morning, honey.” She greeted him with a smile.
“Good morning.” He replied. “When was the last time you cleaned the rabbit’s coop, honey?” He asked.
Haley bit her lip as if in thought and looked at the rising sun. “Didn’t I clean them yesterday?” She asked.
“If you did, you did a very poor job.” Dean replied. “The floor is filthy and their food hadn’t been refreshed in several days.”
“It can’t have been very long.” His wife replied. “I can distinctly remember cleaning away those tiny rabbit droppings. Probably just this Saturday.”
“It is Saturday.” Dean replied. “Are you telling me you haven’t been in their coop for a whole week? Taking care for the rabbits is your only chore on the farm, young lady.” He made it sound strict.
Haley licked her lips and looked up at her husband with a blush. Somehow she managed to look apologetic and excited at the same time. She knew she was in trouble; though Dean knew she liked a bit of trouble now and then.
“Come with me.” Dean said, offering his wife a hand and then pulling her along back to the farmhouse.


Back inside the house, Her husband guided Haley to their bedroom. In there, he sat down on the bed and pulled her close.
“I’m sorry Sir, I didn’t mean to disappoint you.” She muttered with a blush.
“I know, honey.” Dean said. “But we all have our responsibilities and we have to deal with the consequences when we don’t uphold them.”
Haley smiled. “I know, I wouldn’t expect anything less from you, Sir.” She licked her lips, secretly more aroused by the prospect of an upcoming spanking than sorry for her behavior.
She did feel sorry for the rabbits she’d neglected and she’d certainly make it up to those cute little guys later; but even when a punishment was on firm grounds, she still could not help but be turned on by them.
Dean grabbed the hem of her skirt and raised it slowly. It was a short summer dress, not the farmer’s dress you’d expect, but she knew her husband preferred her dress like this. He had married the wannabe city-girl after all and not some farm-girl. Her panties weren’t fit for working on a farm either, made of soft, fragile lace; Dean gently pulled them down.
“Get over my knee, young lady.” He ordered.
The strict voice of her husband made her hands tremble as Haley placed herself across his lap on the bed. She was not afraid of her husband and knew he’d never hurt her, not more than she could take anyway; it’s just that she felt so vulnerable when submitting to his authority.
Haley had secretly looked up to Dean from the day they’d met. He came from the city and had experienced all the things she’d always wanted from life. At first she could not understand how someone could leave that life behind and choose this one instead. Not until Dean had shown her how to enjoy that life. She could still remember that day when they’d played in the mud with Marnie’s cows.
As her husband rubbed her unprotected backside, Haley wondered what life would have been like if she and Dean lived in the city. He might not be the strict and hard-working farmer he is now. Spanking his wife would surely not fit in their modern, urban lifestyle.
She smiled when her husband squeezed her bared bottom. In the end, she thought she was much happier being a farmer’s wife, red bottom and all.

“You’ve been very irresponsible lately, young lady.” Dean told her. “I didn’t say anything when I noticed you spending your days a the beach this week, for I assumed your chores were all done. How many more of them have you been neglecting this week?”
“None, Sir.” Haley replied. “Just the rabbit’s coop. You know how I can’t keep track of what happens on the farm.” It was true, the house was kept perfectly clean and Haley made sure there was fresh food on their table every night.
“One task is still one too many.” Her husband said. “You wanted those rabbits, so you have to take care of them.”
“Yes, Sir.” Haley said with a blush. She wished he’d just start spanking her. She didn’t need a scolding, that only made her feel more guilty. She wanted to think instead of how she’d make it up to him when they were done.
“At least you won’t be spending any time on the beach today.” Dean said. “Not while your bikinis would leave your red bottom on display.”
Haley blushed and then squealed when her husband suddenly smacked her bare bottom with the open palm of his hand.
He didn’t spank her hard, but not gentle either. Each smack on her bottom was firm as he alternated between buttocks.
Haley moaned and squirmed as each smack increased the sting she felt in her backside. Her bottom was beginning to glow and was surely turning a nice pink. She knew however that her punishment was far from over.
After a short break, more smacks landed on her backside, harder and faster than before. Dean swung with the full length of his arm and Haley’s moans turned into squeals as her bottom bounced beneath the impact of his hand.
Haley kicked her legs as her bottom now turned red. She did not protest however, she knew she deserved this punishment and found pride in accepting her due. Before she could enjoy the arousal that came with these punishments, she needed to first deal with the consequences of her actions.
“Are you learning a lesson, young lady?” Her husband asked, his hand resting on her bottom momentarily, gently squeezing her sore backside.
“Yes, Sir.” Haley replied.
“What lesson did you learn?” He asked.
“That I need to take better care of the rabbits, Sir.” Haley replied.
“And is the lesson clear or do you need me to continue?” Her husband asked.
“I could use some extra time across your knee, Sir.” Haley replied. “Just to make sure I remember.”
“That’s just what I thought.” Dean replied.
Haley blushed when her husband smacked her bottom with renewed vigor. She wondered why she nearly always asked for more, knowing how much it would hurt.
The pain in her backside had grown near to her limit and she knew her husband would’ve just as happily stopped if she’d asked. When she thought of those cute little rabbits however, their poor faces as they lived in the dirty coop that hadn’t been cleaned in days, she forced herself to endure the punishment she deserved.
She was also secretly wet with excitement, keeping her legs closed whenever she did not kick her feet, hoping in vain to hide her arousal from her husband. He knew of course that her guilt wasn’t the only reason why she always wanted just a little more, even when just could barely take the pain.
“I’m sorry, Sir. I won’t forget again.” She promised when that pain finally became too much.
Her husband landed another half-a-dozen or so smacks on her burning bottom, reminding her of who was in charge before placing his warm hand on her throbbing backside.
“Are you going to clean the coop?” He asked her.
“Yes, Sir.” Haley replied.
“Today?” He asked.
“Yes, Sir.” She replied again.
Dean let her up and Haley pushed herself into her husband’s arms. He held her close while she cuddled in his lap, squirming as her sore bottom rested against his strong, muscular legs.
“You better make sure it gets done, young lady.” Dean said when she pushed herself up, grazing his lips with her own even while he spoke.
The strict tone in his voice did not alarm her, she’d already gotten her spanking. It did make her shiver with excitement however.
“There’s still plenty of daylight hours left, Sir.” She whispered before kissing him.
Dean dropped backwards onto their bed and Haley eagerly followed. She winced, noticing his dirty farmer’s clothes on their clean linens, but somehow that turned her on as well. It was just another consequence of her naughty behavior that she’d have to clean up later.
She did not waste any more time than was necessary. Not because she had chores to do, but because she could barely contain her excitement. She straddled her husband and undid his trousers, revealing his huge erection. Proof that spanking his wife had been just as arousing for him as it had been for her.
She squealed when his rough farmer’s hands grabbed her tender, sore buttocks; but moaned when he pushed his cock deep inside of her. It had only been a few months since they’d thrown their condoms aside, deciding they were ready for a family. She loved feeling him inside of her, with nothing at all to separate them.
Haley rode her husband as his hands reached up underneath her dress, grabbing her breasts, squeezing and pinching. When they slid back down, grabbing her buttocks, he knew he was about to climax. She moaned deeply when he squeezed her red bottom, thrusting his cock as deep as he could to cum inside of her.
She continued to ride him, feeling the remainder of his erection inside her as she looked down at her satisfied husband. His one hand slid between her legs, his thumb found her clit and pressed upon it. His other hand suddenly smacked her bottom.
Haley moaned. He smacked her again and she began to tremble. A third smack re-enlightened the fire in her bottom and she began to shake and shudder uncontrollably, the orgasm taking over control until she landed on her husband’s chest, exhausted and truly satisfied.


Several hours later, Dean was inspecting his farm. He’d just finished repairing the roof of the greenhouse and noticed the door to the rabbit coop standing open.
With a smile he entered the small building and noticed his wife sitting on the ground, playing with the rabbits. The room smelled of fresh straw and waxed wood. It looked nearly as clean as their own home. It seemed as if his lesson had its desired effect.
“Look how cute they are.” Haley said.
“Very cute, dear.” Dean agreed.
“I promise, I’ll never forget about you again, never, ever.” Her wife said to the little creature in her arms.
“Do you want to make that a real promise?” Dean asked.
Haley looked up at him with a grin. “What did you have in mind?” She asked.
“Well, I was walking through the orchard earlier, and I was thinking.” Dean said. “We’re quite a bit away from the town and no-one ever comes here unannounced. There’s really no reason for me to always spank you indoors. If I were to make you find a stick in the orchard and then bend you over the fence beside the barn for a good switching; those poor rabbits could see the consequences of not keeping your promises. It’s only fair, really.”
His wife licked her lips and Dean could see in her eyes that the idea excited her. “I’m done with my chores today. We could try it out now, just as a test. You know, we want to make sure the cows don’t come and intervene when I really need a spanking.”
Dean laughed. “Sure, you asked for it. Get up and go find me a switch, young lady.”
His wife got up quickly with a broad smile, the rabbits at her feet already forgotten. Dean followed her outside and waited by the fence.
When Haley returned with a long, narrow stick, she was still smiling. Not all spankings were discipline of course and Dean had turned her bottom red just for fun on numerous occasions. He hadn’t know though how excited she’d be to try it out in the open. Perhaps there was more of a farm girl in her after all.
“Bend over.” He said when his wife placed her hands on the hard-wooden fence.
She obediently bent forward until she hang dangling over the fence, her bottom high up in the air. Dean raised her dress and noticed she had not pulled her panties back on after her punishment that morning; her bottom was still slightly pink.
“You naughty girl.” He said. “You’ll get some extra swats for that.”
Dean smacked his wife’s bottom experimentally with his hand, feeling how firmly her skin was stretched over her buttocks. He realized he’d have to be careful with how for she was bending over.
The switch was light however and when he swung it through the air, it landed with just a soft swat, though it did leave a bit of a pink stripe across her backside.
“How’s that?” He asked.
“Harder please.” Haley replied.
Dean put a bit more force behind his second swing and this time it left behind a deep red stripe across her buttocks. Haley squealed softly, the sound seemed louder outdoors.
“That’s one.” He said. “Just six more to go since it was a whole week since the last time you cleaned the coop.”
“Yes, Sir.” His wife whispered.
Each swing with the switch left a dark, red stripe behind on his wife’s bottom and each of her squeals was accompanied by the kicking of her legs and trembling of her bottom.
“Seven.” Dean said as the last stripe was painted alongside the first.
“Thank you, Sir.” Haley said right after her squeal reached his ears and her left foot had kicked up in the air.
“Now just seven more because you did not wear your panties.” Dean said.
His wife whimpered but did not protest. Even if she had not asked for this spanking herself, Dean could’ve still seen how much it excited her from the wet glistening between her legs.
Seven more times did he switch his wife’s bottom, seven squeals, gasps and moans, followed by a trembling bottom that made his cock push against the inside of his trousers, demanding to be released.
“Good girl.” He whispered, rubbing her sore, striped bottom. She moaned deeply when his fingers found her pussy and trembled again, this time because he pushed his fingers inside of her.
Dean had to keep his wife from tumbling over the fence with one hand, while the other steered her towards ecstasy. She was moaning and shaking when she finally came. Then, he undid his trousers, guiding his cock towards his own pleasure.
“Not out here.” His wife protested.
“Why not?” Dean asked. “I’ve always wanted to fuck you out in the fields like a real farm girl.”
“What about the cows?” Haley asked.
“What about them? We’ve seen them do much the same out here.” His wife was no longer protesting and he placed his cock against her pussy.
Haley spread her legs further, pushing her lips around the tip of his cock, inviting her husband to fuck her.
Dean pushed inside, grabbing the red, spanked bottom of his wife in both hands to stop her from tumbling forward and fucked her deeply. It felt great to fuck her out here, in the fields of his farm. He looked up, feeling the wind on his face, before looking down again at the girl he’d met and married. With a grunt he came, ejecting his sperm inside of her.
“Good girl.” He whispered, not sure why.

Celebrity Spankings – TV-show

A spanking tv-show

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to another episode of Celebrity Spankings. Tonight we have a very special guest, none other than Hollywood’s very own Juliet Styes. You may have seen her in Hollywood blockbusters such as: 10 Things I love about you, The Jason Born Series and Save the first dance.”
Enrico showed off his bright-white smile as one of the cameras panned in across the stage, past the well-known yet momentarily empty spanking horse and onto the two leather arm-chairs where he was seated, legs crossed and leaning back. He wore a tailor-fit black suit over a white shirt and green tie. His hair, combed to the side glowed darkly underneath the bright studio lighting.
“Tonight will be a very special episode. You must understand my enthusiasm for having someone as famous as Miss Styes in our studio. Many naughty celebrities have found their way onto my show, but none as famous or world-renown as our Juliet.”
Enrico paused for a moment as the camera centered on his face. He really needed his audience to be aware of how famous today’s guest was. So far on the show they’d had some minor celebrities, a musician perhaps from a lesser known band, some reality-show participants or a blogger or youtube-video maker. Most of them had seen his show as a way to increase their fame and the attention they were getting. Juliet Styes was none of those and definitely did not need his show to increase her celebrity.
“More recently than her movies, miss Styes has gotten some world-wide attention on her twitter-activity.” Enrico explained to the camera. “Some of her latest tweets were not well-received by some of our minority communities and while I am sure she meant no harm, she ended up in a true media-storm and ended up deleting her twitter-account.
“She has since then made a formal apology and when we contacted her with the suggestion to show her remorse with more than just mere words, she accepted our proposal. So please, welcome to our studio: Miss Juliet Styes!”

All six cameras turned towards the stage entrance. The double doors slowly opened inwards and smoke started billowing out as a silhouette became visible. Juliet entered the stage on high heels, wearing a black, strapless dress. Her only jewelry was some simple silver earrings, leaving her chest and shoulders bare. Her hair fell in slow, golden loops past her right shoulder and her eyes were covered in dark make-up, her lips carrying a provocative red. The professional actress smiled broadly at the camera and made her way up the stage towards Enrico, sparing but a quick glance at the empty spanking-horse.
“Miss Styes, welcome, welcome.” Enrico greeted her with a kiss on each cheek. “Please have a seat.”
The two of them each took one of the arm-chairs, facing each other.
“Miss Styes, may I call you Juliet?” Enrico asked.
“Of course.” She replied. “May I call you Enrico then?”
“For now.” Enrico replied. “But when we get started you will have to call me Sir. Those are the rules unfortunately.”
“I understand.” Juliet replied.
“Because you do know why you’re here, Juliet, don’t you? Please remind us all of what has been going on these past weeks.” Enrico asked her.
The actress blushed. “I made an unfortunate remark on social media.” She said, facing the camera. “Things got a bit out of hand after that.”
“What was this remark, if I may ask?” Enrico requested.
“I’d rather not repeat it.” Juliet said. “It was hurtful to some and I should’ve never made it in the first place.”
“Of course.” Enrico replied. “I understand; but you are sorry for saying those things. That’s why you’re here after all. You do know what we do in this show, don’t you?”
The actress blushed again and Enrico wondered for a moment whether this was acting or real. “I did some research after your studio called my agent; I watched some of your shows so I have a good idea.”
“And you agreed that it would be a good opportunity for yourself to participate as a way of showing your remorse?” Enrico asked.
“My agent actually disagreed rather firmly.” Juliet replied with a laugh. “She had almost not told me about the offer and thought it might ruin my career. I believe however that for every action you take, you must be ready to face the consequences.”
“Very well said.” Enrico replied. “That could be the motto for our show.”
The spotlight that had been aimed at his guest suddenly swiveled to the side, ending abruptly on the empty spanking-horse, leaving her in the dark.
“Well then, shall we get started?” He asked.


A second spotlight emerged as the actress got up from her chair and it followed her slow walk towards the brightly-lit spanking-horse. Enrico followed her slowly, his black suit hiding him in the dark, until Juliet reached the light, then the spotlight refocussed on him.
“Please, take your place.” Enrico asked her, waving towards the leather-clad horse. “Careful.” He warned, when she placed on knee on the padded bench and hoisted herself up.
Juliet Styes straddled the horse carefully and leaned forward to rest on hands and knees. The narrow bench pushed the skirt of her dress up, hinting at more to see while at the same time pressing her breasts together inside the snug dress.
Enrico did his usual stunt, waving his arms, directing the cameras to catch every angle. In reality it wasn’t him, but the producer and crew off-stage that did all the work; but it was important for the show and the viewers that he seemed to be in control of everything.
“Are you comfortable?” He asked.
“Yes.” Juliet replied, she was still smiling.
Enrico moved swiftly around the horse, securing broad leather straps over the actress’s fore-arms and calves. “Can you move?” He asked.
Juliet gave an experimental pull on her bonds and barely budged. “No, they’re quite tight.”
“They have to be.” Enrico said with a grin.
He then moved behind his victim, one camera following him before focussing on her backside, raised up in the air. Enrico grabbed the hem of her dress between his thumbs and forefingers and slowly pulled it upwards, baring her bottom.
Enrico swallowed, fighting to keep too much excitement from showing on his face. He had to seem steady and collected on camera, but he was always deeply aroused when acting his part. Today it was even worse, with a famous celebrity under his control and with such a magnificent bottom on display.
Juliet was wearing black panties with a broad band of lace that covered her hips, but let her buttocks bared. The participants were always allowed to keep their panties on, which helped with the age-rating of the show, but Juliet’s wouldn’t offer her any protection from what was to come.
“That is some very sexy underwear, Juliet. If you don’t mind me saying.” Enrico told her.
“Thank you.” She replied with a slight blush.
“Are you ready, do you remember your safe-word?” Enrico whispered. The audience at home didn’t know, but the participant could at any time end their spanking by using their safe-word. With the only regulation that if there was not enough footage, the episode wouldn’t be aired. So far, with the different camera angles, they’d always had enough cuts to push through.
“Yes, I’m ready.” Juliet replied.
Enrico smiled at the camera, a sign for his producer that the previous scene could be cut and that they were ready for the next. “It’s yes, Sir from now on, young lady.” He said, landing a quick smack on her upturned bottom.
Juliet produced a sound that held the middle between a moan and a squeal. Once again Enrico wondered how much was real with this professional actress.
One camera and spotlight followed him towards the large cabinet that stood beside the two arm-chairs. He flung open the double doors, revealing an immense collection of spanking implements. “What shall we use.” He mused, just loud enough for the sound-man to catch.
He took his time, deciding what he wanted to use. It had been Juliet however who had made the choice. Before each show, the participant was allowed to choose three implements from their collection. Enrico smiled when he thought about it. Whatever they chose, he always made sure their spanking hurt enough for them to regret their choice and wonder if another implement wouldn’t have hurt less.
It was all a show of course, but the spankings were as real as he could make them. He didn’t want to produce something fake. There were no practiced moans, no mock cries; even if there were tears, those were real as well. That’s why they had a safe-word of course.
There had been plenty of participants or would-be participants who hadn’t realized this when they signed up. The producers had to make it clear to them that they wouldn’t be using red make-up for their bottom or drawn-on mascara to resemble runny eyes. Some decided not to participate with that knowledge, a few did carry on. Today’s participant however had been one of the ones who hadn’t expected there to be any deception.
Enrico wondered if the actress had any experience with this sort of thing when he picked up the small-wooden paddle Juliet had chosen to start with. It was very light and its surface was shaped like a heart. It was perfect to start with. In fact, all three of her implements worked well together and would increase in intensity as the show progressed. It convinced him even more that she might have some personal experience with spanking.
When he returned to the spanking-horse, the actress looked a bit nervous. Enrico decided with a smile that the look was genuine and not acted. “A you’ve seen our show, you know that we don’t dally around, but get right to the point.” He said.
“Yes, Sir.” Juliet replied.
“But I can offer you a slight warm-up if you’d like.” He said. The warm-up was an audience-favorite – and for Enrico himself as well – the skin-to-skin contact was quite intimate and it usually produced a better episode as the participant would be able to take a longer spanking afterwards.
“Yes, please.” Juliet replied.
Enrico placed the paddle on the floor, just outside the spotlight, where it could be seemingly forgotten. He theatrically rolled up his sleeve while the participant and his cameras watched. Juliet nervously bit her lower lip as he walked behind her.
He landed a full-handed smack on her behind, firm but gentle and the sound echoed on stage.
Enrico forgot about the cameras, about the crew, the lights, the audience. This was where he shone. He landed one smack after the other, without hurting her but warming up the muscles in her backside. The actress’ bottom bounced beneath the onslaught and the camera-men rushed to get it on tape.
Enrico did not rush this part, nor did he increase the intensity with which he spanked her. This was not supposed to hurt, but he knew the sting would be building in her bottom as it slowly turned pink beneath his hands.
“I think we’re ready.” He said when he was rewarded with the first few moans from his victim. He placed his hand on her bottom, as if rubbing away a bit of the pain he had just caused and at the same time accentuating that intimacy for their viewers. He was smiling broadly, though mainly to keep the excitement from showing on his face.
“Yes, Sir.” Juliet replied.
A new, small spotlight appeared right on top of the paddle. Juliet turned her head to the light and a camera was ready to catch the anticipation and dread on her face.
Enrico picked it up and waved it around dramatically, before placing it on her glowing backside. The first smack was loud and firm and was responded to with a loud moan.
Enrico did not hold back, but quickly peppered her bottom with at least half a dozen smacks.
The way Juliet moaned told him that in comparison with his warm-up, these actually hurt. Enrico wanted them to hurt. All those stuck-up celebrities or supposed celebrities that thought to win some fame by coming on his show would learn what a real spanking was. He usually didn’t care about their so-called misdeeds, wanting to come on his show was reason enough in his eyes to earn a firm spanking. Fame did come with a price after all.
Juliet wasn’t participating for that reason of course, but that didn’t mean he was going to go any softer on her.
The paddle was light and swung fast and easy. While it did make her moan and turned her bottom a beautiful light red, it did not have much of an impact. After those first few smacks, many more landed to make the naughty girl moan and squeal.
“Is this teaching you anything, young lady?” He asked.
“Yes, Sir.” The actress whimpered.
Enrico smiled, they probably had enough footage for a full episode already, with how long the warm-up had taken. There were still two more implements to go however and Juliet seemed to be handling herself admirably. This might be one of those rare shows where they had to cut footage because they had too much. He was more sure than ever that this naughty actress had previous experience with the backside of a paddle.
He threw the small paddle aside, causing Juliet to flinch as it landed with a loud thud on the stage floor. “What else could we use.” He said while making his way back to the cabinet.
Knowing he didn’t have to waste time for the episode’s length, he quickly picked out the long wooden ruler that Juliet had chosen. It was as long as his fore-arm and quite a bit heavier than the paddle. Its weight would offer a deep thud which seemed perfect to follow up after the more stingy light paddle, especially as he would be able to hit both buttocks at the same time.
Enrico returned to his tied-up participant, swishing the ruler through the air as he walked around her. The camera’s caught every movement and every look of excitement and dread on her face.
“Are you ready?” He asked.
“Yes, Sir.” Juliet replied.
Enrico took a stance behind her, spreading his legs as if to prepare himself for the force with which he would swing the implement. He placed it carefully on her red bottom as if to aim and then swung.
In the show, this first swat would be shown in slow-motion, the ruler slowly approaching her sensitive backside; and then, when it landed, the ripples of slow flesh following the impact, overlayed by the sound of her first real squeal.
Enrico waited a moment, giving Juliet the opportunity to react to the pain. He knew the ruler would hurt more than the heart-shaped paddle and if she wanted to use her safe-word it would be just around this time.
Juliet didn’t say a thing though, responding only with a shake her bottom to deal with the sting. She couldn’t move a lot, the way she was tied down, but the trembling motion was caught perfectly on camera.
Enrico raised the ruler again and landed it for a second time on her backside, the loud thwack accompanied by her squeal. He spanked her slow and methodically, painting red stripes across her backside as the actress’s squeals echoed on the stage.
When he finally stopped, Juliet was panting. She was out of breath and her bottom burned bright red. Her skin shone with sweat and while she was securely tied to the horse, her struggles were plain. While her bottom had already been bared for her spanking to start and the dress had risen up further exposing her lower back, her breasts were now nearly as exposed, ready to escape the strapless dress.
“Are you learning anything, young lady?” He asked, as if her earlier answer to a similar question had not convinced him.
“Yes, Sir.” Juliet whimpered. “I’ll never say such a thing again, I promise.” Her voice was hoarse and Enrico knew it was not acted, she was really feeling the pain.
He slowly stepped away from the spanking-horse, dropping the ruler beside the smaller paddle. At the cabinet, he focussed on the left door, tricking the audience in thinking he was deciding on a leather implement to finish off this spanking. Juliet had chosen a simple, traditional leather belt. While it was heavy, it wasn’t as rigid as the ruler and would thus have a slightly lesser thud. That would however be made up by the increased sting it provided and just like the ruler it would reach the entire width of her backside in one swift swoop.
Enrico slowly plucked it from its hook, showing the audience his choice before returning to the spanking-horse and his red bottomed participant.
Juliet licked her lips when he showed her the belt. For a second she smiled.
Enrico smiled in return. She was in pain, but she was enjoying it too. He sometimes wondered how many of his participants were secret spanking-lovers that loved their punishments despite their squeals and promises. Juliet was definitely one of them, he surmised, he did not expect her to use her safe-word even for this last part.
The camera’s were in place, a slight red shade in the lighting made the actress’s bottom appear even redder than it was, without being too obvious; and Enrico swung the belt.
Enrico used the implement slowly and expertly. He painted a new layer of painful red stripes across Juliet’s already throbbing bottom. She in turn squealed and moaned, fighting against the leather straps that tied her down.
The camera’s caught every swishing movement of the belt as if flew through the air, every ripple of flesh as it landed on her bottom. Every expression of pain, anguish and arousal was recorded; a sound-man leaned forward, capturing the soft moans of excitement that went nearly unheard beneath her squeals.
Enrico paused for a moment, it had been enough and he wanted to give Juliet the opportunity to beg for mercy. Those were always real crowd-pleasers. His instincts were good, because she immediately spook up when her squeals subsided.
“Please I’ll be good.” The actress begged. “I won’t ever make that mistake again, I promise.”
“I believe you.” Enrico said. He placed his hand on her flaming hot bottom as if the glowing heat was the reason for him to believe that she had indeed learned her lesson. He then dropped the belt next to the other two implements and returned to untie the whimpering young woman.
As harsh as he’d been on her bottom, so gentle was he when undoing the leather straps. They’d left an indent on her skin, proof of how much she’d struggled and how real her punishment had been.
“Thank you.” Juliet whispered as he helped her get off the horse. Her knees were trembling as she stood on her high heels. Her mascara seemed intact, but her lipstick was smudged from biting or licking her lips.
Enrico smiled, knowing that cutting the footage would make it seem like she was thanking him for more than just helping her keep her balance. Perhaps she was.
Juliet blushed and pulled up her dress, covering her breasts even before pulling it down to cover her red bottom. She followed Enrico back to the arm-chairs.
Enrico took his seat and asked her to sit, smiling knowingly when she winced as her sore bottom suddenly needed to carry the full weight of her body.
“How do you feel.” Enrico asked.
“A bit sore.” The actress admitted with a smile.
“I meant about your behavior.” Enrico said with a wink.
The actress blushed. “I’ll definitely not make such a mistake again.” She said. “I’ve learned my lesson.”
Enrico smiled. “Shame.” He said. “You were one of the best participants we’ve had in a while, it will surely make for a great episode.”
Juliet laughed. “I just hope this will make people stop talking about that one stupid mistake I made.”
“I’m sure they’ll have something else to talk about now.” Enrico assured her with a grin.
The actress blushed.
“Well, I want to thank you for coming.” Enrico said. “I’m sure you want to head backstage now and sooth your bottom.”
They stood up and one of the camera’s circled them as Enrico gave her a kiss on each cheek before ushering her off stage. “Juliet Styes, everybody.” He said to the camera which then promptly followed the actress leaving the stage. Her hands were on her bottom, theatrically rubbing her backside as she made her exit.
“And we’ll see you next time.” Enrico said to the camera. “When another celebrity needs a good dose of old-fashioned discipline.”

The Dominant’s 5 rules

Naked girl tied up with rope

Feet on a paddled stool, glass of wine in hand, reclined in his couch; Walt waited patiently for his guest to arrive. He was trying to seem patient, in control of his emotions. Today he was a professional Dominant, waiting for a female guest whom would benefit from his expertise.
The apartment was cleaned, his shirt freshly ironed and his hair combed back. The evening’s plans were stored firmly in his head. Mia, the woman who had made the appointment was mainly a bondage-lover. His rope was coiled and ready, the leather on his bondage-clear freshly polished and the metal in the chains shining brightly. He had left some room in his plans for discipline as well, Mia loved to be spanked and he knew her well enough to expect some misbehavior aimed to disrupt his plans.
The rules of their engagement were set rather strictly, even though Walt knew Mia’s limits and expectations very well; they had known each-other for years after all. Walt wasn’t really a professional and the woman he was waiting for was the only person he knew to enjoy these things. In fact, when the two of them weren’t roleplaying like tonight, they were man and wife.
During the role-play, that didn’t matter of course and setting these rules had been part of the fun. They’d practiced their roleplaying skills while meeting at a discrete café and quietly discussed the boundaries of their meeting.
The main activity of the evening was a bondage-session with erotic photography. His guest had agreed to be tied up in rope and other equipment and let her picture be taken in various erotic positions. She had agreed to be naked or partly naked for this shoot and that some sensual contact was inevitable during their play. Extra sexual contact that was unnecessary for the scene to progress however, was not tolerated without her explicit permission.
This was but one of many details they had discussed, but a very important one. The ban on excessive touching only made it all feel more realistic when Walt would have this lovely, naked woman fully under his control. Besides, he knew his wife well enough to inveigle the needed permission.
He’d set some rules of his own as well of course, mainly some guidelines for her on how to behave and opportunities for her to misbehave to make the evening more interesting. He wanted the role-play to seem like a very professional meeting. The first one of his rules, which was to arrive on time seemed to have been her go-to choice to break, as it was already seven minutes past their agreed upon meeting time when the doorbell finally rang.

Walt got up to open the door for his wife who he hadn’t seen since that morning. The time apart was to help them get comfortable in their roles. When he opened it however, he was speechless for a moment.
Mia stood there grinning. She wore some unattractive loose-fitting jogging-suit, no make-up and her hair was loose and uncombed. If not for her smile, Walt would have thought something was wrong; he could name at least three rules she’d already broken, by just looking at her.
“Come in.” He said, trying to stay in character and put some disapproval in his voice.
Mia licked her lips at his tone, seemingly nervous for a moment and then entered their apartment. She made her way to the living room without waiting for him and picked up his glass of wine, smelling it momentarily before taking a sip.
So that’s how it’s going to be, is it? Walt thought. His wife was even more in the mood for misbehavior than he had anticipated. He walked up to the woman pretending to be his guest and plucked the glass out of her hand.
“What’s the meaning of this?” He asked. “I thought we agreed upon some very specific rules.”
Mia smiled. “I’m sorry Sir, was there a rule about not drinking your wine?”
Walt took a deep breath and then settled in his role of dominant. “I was not talking about the wine, I was talking about your outfit. But now that you mention it, I did require you to behave like a proper, well-raised lady. Barging in here and drinking my wine is not a good start, young lady.”
His wife was still smiling. “Oh, I’m sorry Sir, I’m still very new at all this. What’s wrong with my outfit? Do you not find it attractive enough”
“No, in fact I do not.” Walt answered. “But beauty is subjective of course; which is why I gave you explicit instructions to wear a skirt or a dress.”
“Oh, I forgot about that.” Mia said meekly. “I guess you’re right, it’s just a tiny mistake though, isn’t it?”
“But it’s not just one mistake, is it?” Walt asked. “I told you to put your hair up in a braid, so that it would not get tangled in the ropes and you didn’t do that either.”
Mia blushed prettily and Walt got a sudden suspicion.
“Show me your hands.” He said, holding out his own.
Mia obediently placed her hands in his and Walt took but a quick look at them before saying: “I only gave you five rules to follow. You were already late, aren’t wearing the right outfit, are not wearing braids and there’s dirt under your nails so you did not wash before you came. Did you at least bring the accessory I asked you for the photo-shoot?”
“Oh that, I forgot about that too.” Mia said with a sly grin.
“And what did I tell you would happen if you broke any of those rules?” Walt asked.
“But I didn’t break any of the rules.” Mia answered. “I broke all of them.”


Mia had to force herself not to laugh when she saw the expression on her husbands face. From their preparation, she’d known that Walt was going with a professional, no-nonsense, dominant character in their role-play. Putting a bratty, playful young woman against that seemed like a lot of fun.
She knew of course that she – or more accurately, her character – would have to pay dearly for her bratty behavior; but she knew her husband was into spanking even more than into bondage, so she loved giving him ample opportunity to put her across his lap.
She was most curious however, to how he would react to the tiny loophole she’d found in the wording of his threat.
“Well then, instead of spanking you for breaking any of my rules, we’ll just have to fix all the mistakes you’ve made before we can start with the things I’d planned for this evening.” Walt said eventually.
Mia raised an eyebrow in surprise. Was he really going to let her get away with it? She wondered. She felt slightly disappointed, she had been looking forward to her well-earned spanking a little. Then she remembered she was pretending to be a naive yet bratty young woman during her first visit to a dominant. “Of course, Sir.” She replied. “What can I do to make it right?”
“Let’s start with your outfit.” Walt said. “I was planning on some picture of you still fully dressed; some poses perhaps with a gag or only your wrists tied together, maybe a camera-angle that looks up your skirt as you bend over or down the unbuttoned neck of your blouse.”
Mia blushed slightly. That did sound sexy and she was almost disappointed that she was not wearing the outfit he’d asked her to.
“What you’re wearing right now is hardly appropriate for what I had in mind however, so you might as well take it off.” He continued.
“Right now?” Mia asked, slight tremor in her voice playing the part of a young woman who was – despite her bratty outside – nervous for meeting with a professional Dominant for the first time.
“Yes, right now.” Walt calmly commanded.
Mia stripped out of her jogging-suit. She tried to do it slow and sensual; but there was not much to be done after pulling the blouse over her head and letting the trousers drop to her feet. She wore sexy black underwear underneath, she had chosen a set with lace – her husbands favorite – to make up a bit for the rest of her outfit. It did look a bit silly with the sneakers she was still wearing.
“The shoes as well.” Walt told her. “Then go back out into the hallway so we can retry that entrance of yours.”
Mia blushed again. Go out in just her underwear? She realized that her husband wasn’t going to spank her, but instead provide a more subtle punishment for each of her crimes. She knew that their neighbors were never at home this time of the day and chances were slim that anyone would see her. Yet she now felt the nervousness she’d been roleplaying for real for the first time.
The question whether she’d do as she was told wasn’t hers to answer however. It was up to the girl she was roleplaying to be. That Mia might be a bit of a brat and act confident, she was also impressed by the Dominant man she was meeting. While she had ignored his instructions so far, now that they were face-to-face, she would surely obey him.
When the door closed behind her and she stood in the hallway in just her sexy lingerie, butterflies buzzing in her stomach, Mia realized that the girl she was pretending to be might even get turned on by the danger of her current situation.
Still, she did not wait long before knocking on the door again.
Yet while she waited, her husband did not answer.
The butterflies increased in number and intensity the longer he made her wait. She knocked a second time, again waiting nervously to be let back in.
When Walt finally opened the door, Mia halted herself before rushing back in. This was part of her punishment and she had to play it out fully. “May I enter, Sir?” She asked. The girl had learned her lesson after barging in and stealing his wine before.
“Yes, please go right ahead.” Walt answered, slowly closing the door behind her.
He followed her to the living-room, where she could see he had cleaned away her shoes and outfit as if she’d never shown up in those.
“Not what I’d asked for.” Walt said, looking her up and down. “But definitely an improvement from what you were wearing before.”
Mia blushed, imagining a young woman dressed like her, being eyed so by the man she was willing to submit to.
“Follow me.” Walt said.
Mia followed her husband upstairs and wondered if they were headed to their bedroom already. Instead, he took her to the bathroom.
“Take off the rest of your clothes and get in the tub.” Walt said. “I told you I wanted you to be clean before we start.”
Mia licked her lips and thought for a moment to how her character would react to such instructions. The nudity wouldn’t bother her, she decided, the implication that she was dirty however… “I am clean.” She said. “It’s not like I work in the mines or anything.”
Walt began running the water through the shower-head, ignoring her protests for a moment. “Not clean enough.” He replied. “I want your skin to look pale and smooth, I want to see each drop of sweat that comes from the pores of your skin as I tie you up.”
Mia bit her lip, but neither her, nor her character could resist when he talked that way. She took of her bra and slipped out of her panties before stepping into the tub.
The dominant she was meeting aimed the hot water at her chest as she chastely covered her breasts with her hands. She had not expected to end up so naked so quickly; well except perhaps for a bared bottom.
Walt put the shower-head on its attachment against the wall and picked up a sponge as the water streamed down her body. “Turn around he said.”
Mia turned without thinking to let her husband scrub her back. When his hands reached her bottom however, reaching between her buttocks and touching her intimately, she remembered her character and the rules they had agreed upon.
“Wait.” She said, stepping away from his touch. “We agreed, no touching.”
“No excessive touching.” The Dominant corrected her. “You agreed that it might be necessary for me to touch you during our play.”
Mia blushed, or well, her character did. “Yes, well I was thinking about touching while you tied me up. It would of course be impossible to do that without actually touching me. This however is not necessary at all, I can wash myself.”
“I think it’s perfectly necessary.” Walt replied. “I couldn’t trust you to wash yourself when I asked, so I have to do it myself to make sure things get done correctly.”
Mia blushed again, this was just another of his subtle punishments and if his arguments were not enough to convince the girl she was role-playing, the fact that she was deeply aroused by her situation would certainly convince her to continue.
After nodding and letting Walt continue washing her, Mia tried to distract herself with thoughts of what her character might do. Her husbands hands on her breasts, between her legs and on her bottom however made it hard to think.
“Why don’t you take off your shirt, Sir.” She said, letting her character regain some of her confidence. “It might get wet.”
“That won’t be necessary.” Walt said.
In response, Mia splashed some water in his direction.
Her husband cursed and aimed a quick swat at her bottom. Mia squealed and reach for her stinging backside, covered in water and soap that smack had hurt more than expected. When she looked at her husband however, she grinned, that shirt was coming off after all.
The girl couldn’t help but smile and moan as the handsome dominant with his muscled chest, explored every inch of her body under the guise of washing her. Then, he finished up by repeating the entire process with a towel to dry her off.
“Follow me.” Walt said, picking up her underwear and unplugging the hair-dryer from its socket in the wall.
Mia followed her husband back through the living-room into the kitchen. She blushed slightly, being paraded around naked in this supposedly stranger’s home. Still without her underwear, she sat down on the kitchen-chair Walt had placed for her.
The dominant she was visiting then plugged in the hair-dryer and gently began drying her hair, blowing the hot air over her face, water streaming down her chin and neck.
Mia moaned softly as his fingers combed her hair, massaging her scalp. She wondered how she had earned this gentle approach, even when he picked up comb and brush, he remained careful and tender.
Walt began separating her hair and she realized he was going to braid it for her. The girl she was roleplaying began to enjoy this care-giving aspect of the Dominant, until she realized he was not making just one braid down the back, but two, one behind each ear.
“Can’t you just make one braid?” She asked him.
“I think two is more fitting for a little brat who breaks all of my rules.” Walt replied.
Mia blushed but did not protest as her husband braided her har into two little-girls braids.


Walt looked at his wife sitting naked and demure on the kitchen-chair. With her hair in two braids and a blush on her face she looked very different from the improperly-dressed brat that had arrived at his door earlier. He hadn’t even had to spank her yet.
That was was about to change. He smiled inside as he wondered if his wife would see it coming, or if she really thought she’d get away with breaking all of his rules.
“We’re almost ready to get started.” He said. “We’re just missing the accessory I asked you to bring.”
“Do we really need that?” His wife asked in the brat’s voice. “Aren’t I pretty enough without accessories?”
“I wanted something to accentuate your beauty, dear.” Walt explained. “Something colorful and pretty to accompany your naked body tied up in my ropes. A fancy mask, a brightly colored scarf, … Luckily I know something we can use that would be a perfect fit for a little brat like you.” He paused a moment. “A bright red bottom.”
He could see the surprise in his wife’s eyes that she was going to get spanked anyway and had to suppress his mirth.
“But you were only going to punish me if I broke any of your rules.” She repeated her thin, bratty defense.
“Who said anything about punishment?” Walt asked. “A naughty brat with a red bottom is an interest subject for our photo-shoot. It’s just part of the scene we’re setting.”
His wife pouted and then suddenly smiled slyly. “So we could just use some make-up then.” She said.
Walt shook his head. “Oh no, young lady. I don’t want my pictures to look fake and tacky. It has to be a real spanking and to make sure the red color is deep and spread evenly, I’ll be the one to administer it.”
The girl licked her lips, admitting defeat; yet he could see the twinkle in his wife’s eyes that betrayed her arousal.
“You could’ve avoided this if you’d just followed my instructions.” He reminded her.
“Yes, Sir.” She replied demurely.


Mia smiled as she stood up at the Dominant’s command. She was going to get her spanking anyway. Oh, her husband had played it perfectly, subtly punishing her for each of the rules she’d broken, without actually calling it a punishment. She was impressed with his inventiveness and knew the girl she was roleplaying would be even more.
When Walt sat down on the chair she’d vacated, she willingly let him pull her across his knee. She could just barely reach the tiled floor with her hands, her bare bottom up in the air and her feet dangling over the other side.
“Please, not too hard, Sir.” She said, pretending to be the nervous girl, yet knowing that the plea would not be heard.
“It will be as hard as it needs to be for your bottom to get a nice red color for the pictures, young lady.” Walt replied.
Mia licked her lips and her husband started to spank her bottom. He started of slow and gentle, to spread the sting and bring out an even color.
Mia moaned softly as the sting began to build. Each smack was slightly stronger than the former and she quickly found herself squirming with each loud swat on her bottom.
Walt did not pause or tease. Normally when he spanked her, he might massage her bottom, squeeze her thighs or touch her lips to feel how wet with arousal she was. Now however, such intimacy would not be allowed by the rules she’d set herself. Instead, the smacks kept coming, her bottom getting redder with each squeal and kick of her legs.
Suddenly, she felt the touch of cold wood on her backside as her husband stroked her sore bottom with the back of the hairbrush he’d used to brush her hair. She realized now why he’d taken her to the kitchen to dry her hair, instead of doing it in the bathroom.
“Please Sir, not the hairbrush.” She said. “Isn’t my bottom red enough yet?”
“It’s nice and red.” The Dominant admitted. “But we have to make sure it stays that way. You don’t want me to have to redo this halfway through our photo-shoot when the color fades, do you?”
Mia bit her lip. She hadn’t actually wanted him to stop, but getting a second spanking while half tied up? That sounded incredibly hot. But no, the girl she was roleplaying would agree with anything Walt said at this point.
“I guess you’re right, Sir.” She said, trying to sound meek.
“Of course I am.” Walt replied, raising the hairbrush and smacking it down firmly on her backside.
Mia squealed, kicking her legs with each smack that landed on her bottom. She squirmed across her husbands lap, cursing herself for breaking all of those rules. He might pretend not to be spanking her for those, but she knew better. Her bottom was on fire and a spanking this severe was not just to turn her bottom into a prop for his pictures; it was because she deserved it.
I’ll be a good girl. She wanted to say. I won’t break any more of your rules. But there would be no use. The reason for this spanking was to turn her bottom red and would thus only end when he was happy with the result.
The spanking went on for quite a while longer while she kicked and squealed, her bottom getting ever redder as her husband kept the fire going. Yet eventually he stopped and told her to get up.
Mia stood, reaching back to sooth her burning bottom.
“Don’t touch it.” Walt said. “You might rub some of the color off.”
Mia giggled, but kept her hands in front of her. Funny, how she could laugh so quickly now that it was over. Her bottom however, still felt on fire.
“Come with me.” Walt said.
This time he did take her to the bedroom. On the bed lay their collection of bondage-gear. Most of it was ropes, some shackles and chains and a few gags. The blinds were half-shut, keeping out spying eyes but letting in some soft light for a sensual mood in their photo’s.
“Put on your underwear and go stand in the corner.” Walt told her while grabbing his camera.
Mia noticed the underwear she’d taken off in the bathroom lay on the bed as well, she pulled it on and made her way to the corner. She put her hands on her head like she always did, then let them drop, thinking the girl she was roleplaying wouldn’t know this.
“That’s perfect.” The Dominant said. “That black lingerie contrasts nicely with your pale skin and red bottom.”
The panties she’d chosen covered most of her hips, but only a thin strip of lace would cover her bottom. None of the burning red skin would be hidden by it. She blushed slightly, imagining to see that in their pictures. If only she’d behaved, then she could now be making erotic and provocative poses, instead she stood in the corner with her hair in two braids and her bottom red like a naughty girl.
“Hands on your head.” Walt commanded.
Mia placed her hands as instructed, licking her lips as she heard the camera do its work.
“Very good. Now go to the bed, bend over and place your hands as if I’m going to spank you.” Her husband instructed.
Mia got into position, arching her back to raise her sore bottom for the camera.
“Lower your panties, but not too far.” The Dominant said.
She slowly lowered them, until they dangled around her knees, her bottom and pussy now bared for the camera.
“I said not too far.” Walt said. He stepped closer and Mia anticipated a smack on her bottom. Instead, he pulled her panties up to the bottom crease of her buttocks. With two fingers he secured it between her inner thighs so it would not drop.
The girl she was roleplaying blushed, feeling his hand so close to her most intimate place, yet arranging her outfit for their pictures was well inside the rules for what was necessary. Much more than that smack on her bottom would have been.
“Now take it off, your bra as well, and get on your hands and knees on the bed.” Walt instructed while picking up the bondage gear and putting it aside.
Mia did as he told her, tossing her underwear aside. During their first meeting she had agreed that some of the pictures could be done in the nude. Now she knew most of them would be; but that was her own fault for choosing to disobey the wardrobe rule.
“Crawl around a little.” The Dominant said.
Mia giggled softly and then tried to be sexy as she crawled around on the bed.
Walt suddenly put down the camera and joined her in the bed with a length of rope. “Give me your hands.” He instructed and then gently tied the rope around her wrists.
“Stay on your knees.” He said as he tied her to the head of the bed. “Like a naughty girl who couldn’t stay in position and needs to be tied up for her spanking.”
Mia blushed, but waved her red bottom that had become the center-piece of their photo-shoot in the air while Walt took his pictures. All she could do was play along with this scene. Perhaps next time she’d follow his instructions and she’d get a more sensual photo-shoot.
Again, Walt joined her in the bed. He placed a pillow in front of her and told her to lay down. Then he tied both of her feet to either corner of the bed, the rope firm around her ankles as she lay flat on her belly. Spread-eagled, with the pillow propping up her bottom, she was fully exposed.
Walt placed some of their spanking implements next to her on the bed – Mia feared for a moment that he was actually going to use them when he picked them out of their trunk – and took more pictures.
“That should do it for our would-be naughty girl.” Walt said. “Now that she’s had her spanking, I want her in leather cuffs and a collar, looking demure yet aroused. Can you do that?”
“Yes, Sir.” Mia replied.
The Dominant then untied the rope, replacing that around her wrists with dark leather cuffs and placing a collar around her neck. Mia bowed her head like a naughty, chastised girl, her eyes however looking up at the man who had spanked her, licking her lips in excitement.
“Perfect.” Walt said, taking another picture of his wife kneeling in the bed.
“Stand up.” He grabbed the chain that connected the leather cuffs and connected it to another that led to a discrete hook plugged into their ceiling.
Mia stood with her arms stretched above her head, her whole body on display, her red bottom no longer the center of attention as her husband took her picture from the front.
“Your excitement is getting the better of you.” He said. “The spanking you received makes you horny and excited.”
Mia bit her lips, trying to look the way the photographer was describing it to her. It wasn’t very hard, she really was horny and excited after all.
“Push out your chest a little.” Walt said. “I want to see your breasts prominently in these pictures.” He stepped closer to her. “I’m going to touch you for a moment if that’s okay, I want your nipples to be fully erect, oozing with excitement.”
“Yes, Sir.” Mia breathed, remembering just in time that she needed to give him permission for such intimate acts.
Walt placed his hands on her breasts, massaging them softly, more perhaps than was necessary. His thumb and forefinger however pinched her nipples, pulling and turning softly while Mia moaned.
“That’s better.” Walt said. Grabbing his camera again.
Yet two pictures later he returned. “I think it will be better if they’re a bit wet.” He said, followed by licking his fingers. “May I?”
Mia nodded.
Again Walt squeezed and fondled her breasts, pulling and squeezing her nipples until they were pink and erect. Yet he did not look satisfied. “It’s not quite enough.” He said. “I don’t think you will be able to see it in the pictures. Would you mind if I used my mouth?”
Mia blushed, how would the girl she played react to such a request? Hesitant maybe, but in the end convinced by the Dominant’s controlled assurance.
“Are you sure it will look better that way?” She asked.
“I’m positive.” Walt replied.
“Well, then go ahead, we agreed to whatever is necessary for the pictures.” Mia said.
Walt bent forward, placing his lips onto his guests breast, sucking it into his mouth and using his tongue to play with her nipple; then repeating the process with the second.
Mia moaned loudly seeing her breasts glisten with her husbands saliva as he moved back to take the camera.
Walt circled her then, taking pictures from every angle. Then he took a ball-gag and placed it in her mouth, adding yet another element to their scene.
“I’m going to tie you up in rope head to toe.” Walt said. “I’ve seen this nice star-shaped pattern I wanted to try out across your chest which I think will look wonderful in pictures.”
Mia moaned softly. This was what she’d been waiting for. The feel of rope all over her body, Walt’s hands securing and tightening, touching her flesh and balancing on the line between what was acceptable and what wasn’t between their two characters.
“There’s just one problem.” Walt said as he unhooked the chain from the ceiling.
Mia grunted questioningly, not able to reply with the gag spreading her jaws apart.
“It seems I did not spank you hard enough after all. Your bottom is still a lovely pink, but not as red as I wanted it to be,” Walt said.
Mia moaned softly, not able to reply anything else. Her bottom started to tingle, anticipating another spanking.
“I’m going to have to freshen up the color.” Walt said, sitting down on the bed and pulling her closer as if to do so right away.
He did not drag her down however, but let Mia place herself across his lap, as a way for the girl she was roleplaying to agree to this second spanking.
The smacks on her bottom came hard and fast. With her bottom already pink, her husband didn’t seem to think she needed another warmup. Luckily, here she had the pillow to bury her head into and bite when the sting became too great.
Her hands were still tied up with the leather shackles and she couldn’t even reach back to cover her bottom. She really should’ve just followed his instructions and gone for the erotic, sensual photo-shoot he had in mind, she thought as she lay squirming and moaning across the dominant’s lap.
When he finally stopped, the fire in her bottom was renewed. The sting went deep and made her squeal when he told her to sit up on the bed.
The pain in her bottom while sitting down was a distraction while Walt untangled the ropes he had tied her up with before. But as he began to twist and turn it around her chest, that became a background-sensation.
The rope began around her neck, pulled deep into her skin as a vague star-shaped pattern began to emerge across her chest. Walts hands were everywhere, smoothing the rope, lifting her arms, pushing her breasts in position. Yet each touch on her sensitive skin seemed calculated and necessary. He was not taking advantage of the young girl that wanted her first bondage experience with a professional dominant.
His restraint turned her on even more. Mia began to hope for him to make a mistake, to touch her out of desire rather than necessity, but it was his control that aroused her the most.
She spread her legs as Walt moved the rope down across her belly; but he pulled it gently over her pussy. His fingers dug into her thighs, but only to lift her legs and pull the rope underneath. Mia squealed softly as raising her legs put extra weight on her sore bottom; while Walt tied her legs together with line after line of rope.
When he was done, she lay halfway on her side, hands tied behind her back, legs tied together and breasts covered in that star-shaped pattern. Walt had picked up the camera again, taking pictures.
The Dominant then rolled her over, hog-tying her by tying her ankles to her wrists behind her back. “Your bottom contrasts nicely with the rope.” He said, before taking more pictures.
He then turned her over once more, untying her ankles. Each time he did, he placed his hands on her bottom, thighs or near her breasts; but with the excuse that it was the easiest way to help her roll over.
“Show me how turned on you are.” He said. “After your spanking, completely tied up and helpless, you must be nearly begging to be touched.”
Mia bit down on the ball-gag, trying to look as desperate and needy as she felt.
The dominant sat down on the edge of the bed, placing his hand on her belly between the rope. “I’m not seeing it.” He said. “Perhaps I should help you a bit.” His hand trailed down to her crotch, stopping with his fingers in her hair, just above her pussy. “May I?”
Mia and the girl she was roleplaying both nodded yes at the same time. She didn’t bother think of how the girl would react to such a request.
Her husbands hand slipped down. With her legs tied together, only a finger managed to reach between her lips, stroking her clit. It was enough. Mia moaned loudly, saliva dripping from her chin as the ball-gag kept her mouth open.
Yet before she could cum, her husband stopped. “Perfect.” He said before grabbing the camera. “Keep that pose.”
Several times, he fingered her, always stopping just in time to take another picture. Mia wanted to squeal, but couldn’t.
Then, the dominant began to untie her. Mia moaned softly, complaining that he hadn’t let her cum. Yet he did not untie her completely. Her legs were freed and the pattern across her chest had some holes in it, her wrists were still tied together however.
“Now for the after-shots.” Walt said. “The naughty girl, half-loose with some bare skin still bearing the marks of the rope, fully satisfied.
He took some more pictures and then placed his hand on her belly again. “Try to look more relaxed, a bit exhausted maybe, yet satisfied in the end.”
Mia moaned softly in her ball-gag, half protest, half assurance that she was trying.
Walt undid the ball-gag, freeing her mouth. “Do you want me to help you again?” He asked.
“Yes, Sir.” Mia replied.
“You have to say it.” Walt said. “I have to make sure I have your permission.”
“Please, help me sir.” Mia said.
“You’ll need to be more specific.” The Dominant said. “What do you want me to do, where do you want me to touch you?”
Mia blushed, imagining the bratty girl from before having to say these words. “Please touch my pussy, Sir. Finger me until I cum.”
“Good girl.” Walt said. His hand slid down her belly, pushing aside the discarded rope and digging into her pussy. With her legs freed, he managed to get two fingers inside of her, his thumb pressing on her clit.
Mia moaned deeply and it took her husband mere moments before she lay shuddering and shaking, the orgasm that he had been building towards the whole evening finally coming to fruition.
Then his hand disappeared. Mia’s eyes were closed, but she blushed hearing the sounds of the camera capturing her in this vulnerable moment.


Mia looked hungrily at her husband while he neatly arranged their gear, placing it back in the trunk. She was still fully naked, her bottom bright pink if not red and fresh rope-marks all over her body. He still wore no shirt and she watched the muscles underneath his skin with fascination. She wondered how long it would take for him to fuck her and what excuse he would come up with for the professional Dominant to take his guest in such a way.
When Walt was done however, he looked at his wife and smiled. “Come with me.” He said, leaving the bedroom and returning to the living-room.
“I hope you enjoyed your evening.” He said when Mia joined him.
“Yes, Sir.” Mia replied, trying to imagine how her character might feel after all they had done
“There’s just one more thing I wanted to discuss before you leave.” Walt said.
“What’s that, Sir?” Mia asked.
“Well, we already dealt with your outfit, your hair, your shower and the forgotten accessory. But we haven’t dealt with you being late.” He said.
Mia blushed. Had he kept one more punishment for the end? “But it was only five minutes.” She protested.
“Seven.” Walt corrected her. “And that was only when you arrived at my front door. By the time you were truly ready, after I had to wash you, braid your hair and spank you, a lot more time was wasted.”
Mia gasped. He couldn’t really count all that as being late, could he? Though she knew he did have a point, all of those things should’ve been ready before she arrived.
“The way I see it, you were well over an hour late; ninety-seven minutes to be exact.” Walt said.
Mia blushed. “I’m sorry, Sir.” She said, not knowing what to expect. Ninety-seven smacks on her bottom, or ninety-seven smacks from his belt perhaps?
“You know I did have plans, things to do after you left.” Walt said. “Now I won’t have time to do them and still have some time for myself this evening. I think it would be only fair if you get those things done instead.”
“What kind of things?” Mia asked, dreading the answer.
“There is still a lot of ironing to do. I suggest you begin with one basket of laundry and then start making dinner. That should fill up most of the time you owe me. I’ll be lenient and let you make enough for both of us so you can eat too.”
Mia blushed. Chores? “Yes, Sir.”
“Oh and Mia, you’ll have to work the way you are, I don’t want to see anyone in my home wearing that awful outfit you arrived in.” Walt continued.
Mia grinned. Naked chores. Now that she could get behind. “Yes, Sir.” She replied again.
She pulled the ironing board from its usual spot in the kitchen and placed it in the living-room so that Walt could watch her while she worked. The basket of clothes she placed on the ground so that she’d have plenty of opportunity to bend over for him.
Walt in the meantime watched TV, but most of his attention was on his guest, doing his ironing with her pink bottom and rope-marked skin on display.
When she finished with the laundry, he followed her into the kitchen, making no secret of the fact that he was watching while she prepared dinner.
“Finished just in time.” He said when they sat down to eat. “Only ten minutes left.” He could see his wife squirming softly, sitting on the hard wooden chairs.
“What do you want me to do in those last ten minutes, Sir?” Mia asked when they finished their meal.
Walt licked his lips. He’d had something in mind that would surely make the naughty brat his wife was playing blush. “What do you think I would’ve normally done after you left?” He asked her. “Before doing my ironing or preparing food?”
“I don’t know, Sir.” Mia replied.
“Don’t you think, that after having a beautiful women like yourself under my control, after spanking you, tying you up and making you cum; that I would’ve gone to my room and touch myself, thinking only of you?” He said.
Mia did blush and Walt wondered if it was his wife blushing or just roleplaying.
“Now that’s exactly what I’m going to do the next ten or so minutes. In the meanwhile, you can either clean up the kitchen or come and help. Your choice.” He continued.
Walt stood up without waiting for her reply and went back to their room. He knew his wife well enough to know she’d pick anything over cleaning up. Whether the brat she was role-playing thought the same wasn’t sure though. Luckily, he heard her coming right behind him.
She walked in on him as he was pulling down his trousers and boxers, sitting down fully naked on the bed. “How can I help you, Sir.” She asked.
“Come here.” He said, tapping the mattress beside him. He was fully erect and guided the girls hand to his cock. “Stroke it, but gently, we’ve still got ten or so minutes, remember.”
Mia began to stroke his cock and Walt leaned back, placing his hands behind him as he softly moaned. The girl took him literally and went slow and soft, stretching his arousal, his cock pulsating in her hand.
When she leaned a bit closer, he placed a hand on her thigh, softly squeezing and then sliding up, over her pussy, past her belly and then fondling her breasts.
“But Sir, I didn’t say you could touch me.” She protested.
“We agreed that it was allowed when necessary.” Walt said. “If you’re going to keep going this slow, it’ll definitely be necessary if we want to finish before those ten minutes are over.” He did not mention that it had been his idea to go slow in the first place.
The girl however did not speed up, which signed to him her consent in being touched by him.
“Mia, you’re really going to have to try harder.” Walt said as he looked at the alarm-clock on their night-stand. “Or else we won’t finish in time.”
His wife smiled, but kept stroking him slowly and softly. He then saw her watching the clock as well and realized she was having a last moment of bratty attitude, waiting for him to react.
“That’s it.” He said with only two minutes left on the clock. “Turn over and lay down on the bed.”
“But Sir, what are you doing?” The girl asked as he pushed her down on her belly.
“I already told you that if you don’t do a good enough job, I’ll do it for you.” Walt said. “I told you when I had to wash you, braid your hair and spank you. Now, I’m going to fuck you because if I don’t there’s no way you’ll get your work done in time.” He grabbed the condoms from the night-stand and began to pull one on.
“Sir, you shouldn’t, it isn’t professional.” Mia teasingly replied.
“Do you want me to fuck you?” Walt asked.
His wife blushed, not answering the question.
“Time’s running out, Mia. Do you want me to fuck you?” He asked again.
“Yes, Sir. Please fuck me.” His guest replied.
“Then it would be unprofessional not too.” Walt concluded. He grabbed his wife’s pink buttocks in both hands and buried his cock deep inside of her.
There was not much time left, but he didn’t need much, not after a night of spanking, bondage and teasing. Walt fucked his wife rough and fast, thrusting deep and hard until he came with a deep groan, collapsing on top of her.
“Just in time.” The brat whispered.


Mia followed her husband back to the living-room after that quick but hot fucking. She had put on her sexy underwear again while he cleaned up and felt like it was time for them to end their roleplaying.
“I hope you enjoyed your night, Mia.” Her husband said, apparently thinking the same. “Remember, you can call me any time if you want to do it again.”
“I will, Sir.” She said. “And I promise I will follow your instructions more closely next time.”
“I’m glad to hear that.” Walt replied as he picked up her outfit and shoes from the cabinet where he had hidden it earlier. “You can put these on when you’re outside.”
Mia blushed. It was as if whenever she thought her punishment to be over, he still had one last thing planned. She’d have to go into the hallway in her underwear, her bottom still pink and get dressed before anyone saw.
“Yes, Sir.” She replied, accepting the bundle of clothes and letting him close the door behind her.
As she pulled the loose trousers over her still stinging bottom, a thought came to her. Quickly she finished dressing and then knocked on the door.
“Hello honey.” She said, hugging her husband as he let her in. “How was your evening, did you enjoy the role-play?”
“It was great.” Her husband replied. “Though not exactly what I’d had in mind.”
“Was your guest a bit naughtier than you had anticipated?” Mia asked.
“Yes, exactly.” Walt replied, squeezing her sore bottom.
“Talking about being naughty.” Mia said. “Didn’t you say you didn’t want to see anyone in this outfit in your home?”
“I did say that.” Walt replied.
“Does that mean I’ve been a naughty girl?” Mia asked with a grin.
“It most certainly does.” Walt said, pulling his wife toward the couch. There, across his lap the color in her bottom could be brightened once more.

Happy father’s day

Sexy French maid

The following story was written by my lovely wife as a father’s day gift and she wanted all of you to enjoy it too.

“Go ask your father, dear.”
Carol’s daughter smiled and turned on her heels, her ponytail bobbing up and down as she ran through the house calling for “Daddy! Daaaaah-deeeee! Daddy!”

“Yes, Monkey?”
“Can I go to the zoo with Gabriella? They have a baby rhino and icecream and Charlotte and Lucy are coming too!”
“I don’t know, Monkey, will you be safe? Maybe they’ll try to catch you and put you in the cage with all the other monkeys!”
Emma scrunched up her face. “I’m not really a monkey, Daddy! Nobody will catch me, they can see I’m a girl!”
Joseph looked quizzically at his daughter, messing with her. “I don’t know darling… You do have a little monkey tail on your head, that could fool them!”
Emma started to look exasperated with her father, and she protested: “DAD-DY! Monkeys don’t have tails on their heads, they have tails on their BUTT!”

The last word came out really loud. Emma was taken aback at her own intensity. She was quiet for a brief moment as Joseph raised an eyebrow at her. Then, she started to giggle.
“I said butt, Daddy! Monkeys have tails on their butt! Hahahaha, butt!”
Joseph tried to keep a straight face, but he couldn’t help but grin. She is so adorable. “What’s the proper word, Emma? Where do monkeys have their tail?”
“On their behind, Dad. But it doesn’t matter, the zookeepers can tell I’m not a monkey, they won’t lock me up! Please, can I go? Please?”
“Go to the zoo. With Gabriella, Lucy and Charlotte?”
Emma nodded vigourously. “And the baby rhino!”
“And the baby rhino,” Joseph conceded. “And who’s taking you lot of girls there?”
“Gabriella’s mommies of course! They have the big car so we’ll all fit.”
“Sounds good. And when would you go?”
“Sunday afternoon.”

Joseph checked his mental calendar. “That’s on Father’s Day.”
Emma nodded. “U-huh. That’s why mommy made me ask you. Gabriella wanted to go say hi to the rhino’s daddy because she doesn’t have a daddy of her own to craft for and the baby rhino is too small to be able to paint something, so she made a gift for the Daddy rhino. It’s only the afternoon?”

Man, kids are precious. Crafting for daddy rhinoceros. I can’t refuse her that!
“It’s okay dear. I’ll call Gabriella’s mommies and you can go give the daddy rhino a gift. But you better believe that I want pictures!”
Joseph’s heart filled as he saw his daughter’s little face light up with glee.
“Thank you, Daddy! I’ll take ALL the pictures! You are the best!”


“So, Honey, that’s the kid out of your hair on Father’s Day. Shall I make myself scarce too, so you can have the house to yourself and do whatever the hell you want?” Carol asked her husband after he hung up on Gabriella’s mother.
Jospeh thought it over for a second. He was partway through a book that was nearly due back at the library. It had been a while since he’d had any decent stretch of gaming. Writing had fallen to the wayside too, and artistry had strayed even further…
Yet he told her: “No, dear. While an afternoon of peace and quiet does sound enticing, I’ll need you around if I’m to do whatever the hell I want. And watch your language, Emma was using crude words earlier too. Let’s reinstate that swear jar, 50 cent coin per slip-up. You owe two.”

Even though Carol was pretty sure she only owed one coin, and questionably so at that, she washed up an empty jam jar and put in two coins as directed.


By the time Father’s Day rolled around, the amount of coins in the swear jar had steadily risen, as had the number of paintings in the portfolio Emma and her friends would be gifting to Daddy Rhinoceros. The girls appeared to have made it their mission to wallpaper the entire rhino habitat at the zoo.

Carol had risen early with Emma, who had been unable to remain sleeping when she would be meeting a baby rhino in mere hours. She was bouncing off the walls, asking: “Mommy, mommy, can I please go give Daddy my gift? I can’t leave for the zoo until after Daddy gets my gift!”
“No sweetie, Daddy gets to sleep in today, there is still plenty of time for gift giving before Gabriella’s momma comes to pick you up. If he’s not up at 10, you can go wake him, but not before.”
“Can we make Daddy breakfast in bed to surprise him?”
Carol wanted to object, Joseph didn’t like having breakfast and he despised having crumbs in the bed, but her six year old’s energy needed to be redirected somewhere. Fulfilling the movie cliché would be a good outlet.
“Great idea Emma! Let’s bake some pancakes and make strawberry smoothies, that will be yummy.”

Cooking breakfast got them as far as 9.30, and then Emma could no longer be contained. They had to deliver the pancakes and the smoothie and the coffee and her gift to daddy now! They took the tray upstairs.

Joseph woke abruptly when Emma barged into the room. He was grouchy for a few seconds, but as the picture of his wife in her dressing gown and his daughter in her Pikachu pajamas got into focus, he smiled. Picture perfect.

“Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!”
“Thank you, Monkey. A very happy one indeed, if those are pancakes on that plate.”
“We baked them. Open my gift!”

Emma crawled into bed with her father and snuggled up to his chest. She helped him untie the ribbon and remove the sticky tape from the package. Out came a pair of cotton shopping bags. One said “Emma ♥ Daddy” with the heart formed by two pink footprints, the other said “I want to hold your hand.” and it was covered in a rainbow assortment of handprints.

“They’re wonderful, Monkey! Thank you very much.” Joseph hugged his daughter tight, and then proceeded to feed her most of the pancakes she’d baked for him. He really couldn’t stomach food before noon.


“Alone at last.” Carol said to Joseph as they were waving at the minivan that was headed for the zoo. “A short break from parenting is the best gift a parent can get, right?”
“Right near the top of the list, I’d say. Let’s make the most of it.” His left hand slid down from Carol’s hip to her behind. He gave it a firm, arousing squeeze and then guided Carol back inside.

Once in the living room, Joseph instructed his wife: “Go get the swear jar from the kitchen, dear.”
This puzzled Carol, but when they were alone, she followed his orders. Or at least, she tended to …
Carol handed the jar over to Joseph, who upended it over the coffee table. He’d tossed a throw pillow on the floor beside it.

“I want you to kneel and count those coins for me.” Carol assumed her position and started counting the money. “It’s thirteen euros fifty, Sir.”
“Twenty-seven swears. But that’s not what I asked. I wanted to know how many coins there are. Start over.”

Carol made neat stacks, ten coins each. It came out to twenty coins of €0,50, ten coins of €0,20, ten of €0,10 and fifty one cent coins.
“Ninety coins in total, Sir.”
“That means ninety minutes of chores for you, potty mouth, and ninety minutes of leisure for me. Gives me plenty of time to finish reading those last three chapters. Meanwhile, you get into your French maid uniform and go clean up the breakfast mess in the kitchen. And change the sheets, they’re crunching with the sugar Emma spilled.”

Carol didn’t even protest that not all coins were hers, or that the one cent pieces were an unfair addition of Joseph’s, but she went up to their room and changed into the very skimpy black dress, the black lace knickers, the ruched white apron and the stockings and garter belt that made up her uniform. At least now, the chores would be sexy.

Carol swapped out the dirty linnens for smooth satin sheets, and put the former in the washing machine. In the kitchen, she ran a load of dishes, she cleaned the stove and wiped up the dishes.
When she turned on the tap to fill a bucket of water to mop the floor, Joseph walked in from the living room. He took a scrubbing brush from the cupboard and told Carol: “This floor needs a deep clean, I want you scrubbing on your hands and knees. And I’m supervising, so don’t you dare skip an inch.”
“I won’t, Sir. Skip an inch I mean, I will scrub away. I’ll get right to it.” And let you enjoy the view of your lady slaving away, knickers no doubt peeking out from under my hemline. The thought titilated her even more than the previous chores had, and she really put on a show for her husband, who watched with greedy eyes.

When the 90 minute timer rang, Carol still had four tiles left unscrubbed. She could tell it would cost her dearly, because while Joseph was clearly very aroused, he had that strict disciplinarian look on his face.
“I thought I’d told you not to skip one inch, and yet here we are, the alloted time for chores is up and that must be at least forty square inches left untouched!”
“I’m sorry, Sir, I will finish up.”
“Of course you will, but it will cost you forty smacks on your behind, one for every square inch you skipped, and a lash of my belt for every extra minute you take to finish up. If you hadn’t wasted so much time wiggling your butt and showing off while you were cleaning, we could be having fun by now, slacker. Get your nose to the grindstone and stop wasting our precious time alone.”

It took another eight minutes total to finish scrubbing the floor, mop it dry and tidy up the cleaning supplies. Eight lashes of the belt. Carol was already anticipating their sting.

“All done, Sir!”
“And about time too. Get over my knee dear, so I can teach you the importance of keeping up the pace when you’re cleaning.”
Carol draped herself willingly over Joseph’s knee. She had butterflies in her belly, she loved this part. It had been too long since she’d properly been spanked.

Joseph rubbed his hand appreciatevely over Carol’s buttocks. They were round and full and on display, her lacy knickers hardly providing any coverage, and her skirt upturned the way he liked it. A very pretty picture indeed. He dug his fingernails into the flesh and squeezed, then started spanking.

With every smack, a contradictory wave of pain and pleasure reverberated through Carol’s body. At first the pain faded quickly, while the pleasure made Carol’s pussy glisten with arousal. After several handfulls of smacks on her behind, though, the pain started to linger.

Carol’s breathing was getting irregular, gasping for air as Joseph’s right hand swung down on her behind once again, sending electricity through her body.
“That’s part one of your punishment over with dear.” Joseph announced. “Forty smacks have been dealt. Go bend over the table to accept your lashes.”
“Yes, Sir.” was all she said, and she assumed the position.
“I think it’s time you said something other than <Yes, Sir>, so you’ll count eacht strike. Clear?”
Carol nodded, and braced herself.
“What was that, dear? I couldn’t hear you.”
“Sorry, Sir, I meant to say Yes, Sir. Should I count them before you strike or after?”
“Before I strike dear, so you can set the pacing. I don’t want to reach your limit just yet, we’ve still got a sea of time before the kids get back from the zoo.”
Joseph undid his belt buckle, and slipped the belt out of his trousers. He instructed Carol: “Start counting.”

“One.” The leather made contact, and felt like it might leave a stripe on Carol’s buttocks.
“Two.” It touched again, right beside the first sore spot.
“Three.” The echo of the cracking leather sent even more arousal to her groin.
“Four.” Carol gasped, that was an especially nasty blow.
“Five.” She gasped again, forever surprised how few strokes were needed to set her butt aflame.
“Six.” She missed her pillow to bite down on now.
“Seven.” Carol yelped in surprise, as Jospeh had struck her after the first syllable, not letting her finish the full number.
“Eight.” It seemed as if this one barely hurt, not because Joseph was softer (he wasn’t), but because she knew this was the final one, for now.

“Stand up straight, darling.”
Carol straightened her back and turned around to let Joseph’s gaze inspect her. Several locks of hair had freed themselves from her updo, and her already low-cut decolletage had slipped down even further, showing of her ample cleavage. She looked dishevelled and incredibly sexy.
“You took your discipline well, girl. Very well. Now I’d like you to strip, to shower and to meet me upstairs, in the bedroom. But first, ” Joseph pulled Carol against his chest and kissed her fiercely. He put both hands on her bum and pressed her body close to his, drinking in the aroma of arousal that hung aound his wife.

Joseph smacked Carol’s butt as if to say “Hop along, we don’t have all day” or possibly “Get in that shower before I fuck you right here on the table, I have bigger plans but myself control is straining at the seams.”

While Carol showered, Joseph brought out ropes, a blindfold, watercolours, a small easle and a canvas. It got him a slightly confused look from his wife when she arrived upstairs.
“I’ve been meaning to do some painting again.” Joseph explained. “And it would have been the perfect thing to do while home alone, but I realised I lacked a subject to paint. And since I so enjoy subjecting you, I decided to keep you home to model for me.”

This made Carol blush. Joseph was a decent artist, she’s admired many of his sketches and paintings from art class, but she’d never been in one. She didn’t think she had the looks to be a nude model, even though she was plenty satisfied when she looked in the mirror.

“Let’s get you prepped for posing.” said Joseph, and he picked up a length of rope. “I want to capture you gagged and bound. I’m thinking pentacle chest harness, wrists and ankles tied to spreader barrs, the red ball gag, and a blindfold. How does that sound?”
If anything, Carol had an even bigger fetish for bondage than for spanking, so she responded: “That sounds incredibly hot, Sir.”

Joseph wrapped Carol up in the ropes softly, and with great precision, realining the strands from time to time to get a more aesthetically pleasing composition. Carol moved to his every indication, getting shivers down her spine as the rope scraped her skin as Joseph secured ties, her pussy swelling with renewed desire. She’d have to wait until Joseph was done painting before her pussy would be granted any relief though, because her wrists had now been tied to the first spreader bar, and she would not be able to physically stimulate herself anymore.

Joseph positioned Carol on the bed before the tied her ankles to the second spreader bar, then he slipped a blindfold over her face and made her open her mouth to accept the ball gag between her teeth. He fastened the buckle, and then could help himself: he licked her breasts briefly, sucked on a nipple and ran his tongue teasingly over her pussy.
“Stay wet for me darling, I’ll want to have another taste of you soon enough.” Carol moaned in what sounded like an affirmation, and she pushed her pussy closer to Joseph’s face. Only thanks to the utmost amount of self control did Joseph manage to tear himself from his wife and take up pencil and paintbrush. If daddy rhino was getting pretty pictures today, this daddy would get some pretty pictures too.

What a delight, Joseph thought as he was painting. This is the composition I’d been looking for, not those chaste poses from art class. He really had missed painting and subjugating his wife. Combining the two like this fullfilled him.

From time to time, Joseph would describe Carol which part of her body he was painting now, keeping her arousal up along with his own.
“Doing those perky nipples now, they’re nice and erect, begging me to suck on them, to twist them, bite them, anything really, as long as it’s stimulating.They’ll have to wait.”
“I’m painting the curve of your inner thigh, that soft pillow where I like to rest my head when I’m eating you out, the curve along which I like to trail my index finger when I’m trying to delay your orgasm.”
“I’m trying to get the tightness of the rope around your ankles across right on the canvas. I want you to be able to see what the rope marks will look like when we untie you.”

Carol couldn’t do much beyond moan and bite down on her gag, and notice how her arousal was emanating from every pore in her skin. She hoped Joseph wouldn’t take too much time painting, so that there’d be enough time to wrap up their scene properly before Emma would innundate them with stories from the zoo and the baby rhino.

Joseph had just described a finishing touch he had made on a curl in her pubic hair, when he decided it was enough, he wouldn’t touch the painting anymore, he’d go back to touching his wife. He walked over to the bed and softly undid the buckle of the ball gag and removed it from Carols mouth. He then tenderly kissed her lips.
“You were the best model I’ve ever had, darling.” He kissed her jaw, which had been forced apart that whole while. “A real champ, and so hot. I’d like to fuck you now, if you want me to.”
Carol licked her lips and whispered: “Ladies first, Sir, and don’t bother to untie me.”
Joseph grinned. “Good thing today’s lesson wasn’t about greed, darling.” He kissed her neck, and bit her earlobe. “As you wish, so it shall be.” Joseph explored Carol’s breasts with his mouth, licking, biting and sucking, as he finger fucked her slippery pussy. He moved the kisses down her belly, past her navel, and proceeded to lick her clit while still pounding her pussy with his fingers. It didn’t take much more for his tied up wife to shudder with an intense orgasm, and Joseph did briefly rest his head on Carol’s iner thigh.

“Thank you, Sir. I’m ready to be fucked now.” Carol encouraged Joseph to take his own orgasm from her body in turn. He didn’t bother to fully undress, but instead unzipped his pants, slipped his cock out of his boxers and slid it in Carol’s widespread pussy. He pounded her, filling her completely, his cock fully enveloped in her wetness. He didn’t need much to climax after such an intense afternoon.

Joseph had carefully freed Carol of his bondage, they’d cuddled in the bed together some more, and then made sure to pack away the evidence of their escapade. They couldn’t keep the satisfaction off their faces when Gabriella’s mom (or was it Gabriella’s mama) had asked if they’d enjoyed their afternoon, and would giggle about the look of realisation settling on said mom’s face. Emma, of course, was oblivious to it all, and only wanted to show all of her pictures on the TV-screen and would not stop talking about the rhino family. It was, decided Joseph, the best Father’s Day so far.

A spanking not meant for her

An otk spanking for a naughty girl on her bare bottom

Eric and I were just friends at first, best friends if you can imagine such a thing between a man and a woman. We’d known each-other since preschool, we’d even tried dating in our early teens though we were probably too young to take it serious back then.
He had moved on from then, I’d seen his flings and girlfriends pass during high-school and college. I tried it myself, but those relationships never lasted long. Eric’s last girlfriend lasted three years. I’d stayed single all that time, wondering whether I had missed my chance with him.
Now that I’d gotten a bit older, I was able to admit to myself the feelings I had for him. I couldn’t tell him of course, I’d risk our lifelong friendship. Besides, he was in a committed relationship.

When that relationship as over, I knew I had to take my chance. Though the start of our own relationship was different than anything I’d ever imagine.
I was at his apartment, three months after his break-up. As his friend I offered him my support, I understood it must be hard to separate after such a long time. Secretly however, I was wondering whether three months was long enough for me to make my motives clear. After such a long friendship, how could I make it clear to him that I wanted to be more than just friends?

The conversation naturally moved to the topic of his ex. It did most often during those days. I knew I had to steer him away from it, or if that was not possible, help him get over it myself.
“What would you tell her if Sarah was here, instead of me?” I asked him.
“I wouldn’t take her back, if that’s what you mean.” Eric said. “She’s hurt me too much.”
I smiled at him apologetically. His ex had cheated on him, more than once. She’d always been a bit loose when it came to fidelity, flirting with other men, dancing provocatively; yet he had always believed it never went further than that.
“Then what? Do you want to curse her? Yell at her? Tell her how much she’s hurt you?” I asked, knowing he was usually the silent type. Knowing him, he’d kicked her out of his life with barely a word to spare.
“Maybe.” He said. “You know I’m not like that, though.”
“It might help you feel a bit better though. If you don’t want to confront her, perhaps you could yell at me. I’ll pretend to be Sarah for a while.” I offered, thinking it a brilliant idea.
“Nah.” Eric replied. He smiled at me, it was a look I recognized as him avoiding the subject. He was going to make a joke and then steer the conversation somewhere else. “I wouldn’t want to just yell at her anyway.”
“Then what would you do?” I asked.
He grinned. “I’d give her a good spanking. That sounds much better than yelling.”
I couldn’t stop myself from giggling, imagining him taking his ex across his lap for a firm spanking. “Did you guys really do that sort of thing?” I asked him.
I was genuinely curious. I had read all the popular erotic fiction that described such things; but that’s just what it was, things that happened in books. I knew of course some people actually participated in such activities, but no-one I knew personally, right? Certainly not the man I’d known my whole life and had a crush on for years.
“No.” He replied honestly. “Sarah wasn’t into that kind of thing.”
But he was, that implied. I suddenly felt slightly excited. Not just because I had discovered a kinky secret about my friend; but because I had recently offered to role-play the person who would deserve such treatment.
The more I thought about it, the more it turned me on. It might help him get over his break-up, it would be a very interesting experience and if I didn’t like it, I would never have to do it again. Yet if I did like it, it would surely be proof of how much I cared for him and might reoccur should we become more than just friends.
I couldn’t think of any negative consequences. Well except of course that it might hurt, but that as well turned me on more than it turned me off.
“Well, my offer still stands.” I said. “If a spanking is what it takes to make you stop talking about your ex, then I’ll gladly assume her role.”
He raised an eyebrow in surprise. “What are you saying? You want me to spank you and pretend you’re Sarah?”
I blushed slightly, hearing him say it so straight-forward. “Yes.”
I could see the surprise in his eyes, but also the excitement. It had probably been a long term fantasy of his to spank a woman. He’d probably preferred it to be his girlfriend and not just a friend, but it was an opportunity he could not ignore.
“Okay, how do you want to do it?” He asked.
“I’ll go outside and knock on the door. From that moment on, I’ll be Sarah; we’ll just see how things go from there, okay?”
“Sure.” He replied, so I got up and walked out of his apartment.

So this was how our relationship would start, with a spanking that wasn’t even meant for me.
Nervously I stood just outside the door. I was thinking of what I wanted to say, trying to get into character; but I was too distracted by what I knew was going to come, by my excitement and trepidation.
Finally I knocked and moments later he opened the door.
“Sarah.” He said. “What are you doing here?”
“I needed to see you.” I replied. “I wanted to talk.”
“There’s nothing to talk about.” He said. “We’re over.”
I blushed, feeling the venom in his words, though I knew they weren’t really meant for me. Would Sarah beg him to take her back? No, I didn’t want him onto that line of thinking.
“Can I at least come in?” I asked, playing on his sense of politeness.
He stepped aside and gestured me to enter. “I don’t know what you think of accomplishing here.” He said.
I blushed again. “I came to apologize.” I said. “I know things will never be right again, but I feel guilty about what I’ve done. I need you to know that.”
“But I didn’t need to know that.” He replied. “I didn’t need to see you again after all this time. This apology isn’t for me, it’s for yourself. Just like it’s always been.” He said.
I bit my lip. “Maybe you’re right.” I said. “But it’s all I can offer you right now.”
“I don’t need you to offer me anything. You’re just trying to soften your guilt. If you really cared, you’d known an apology isn’t enough. You did something wrong Sarah, there should be real consequences.”
I breathed deeply, we were getting close to the point. “Then what can I do?” I asked. “What consequences are there for my actions?”
He paused for a moment. “Perhaps a punishment is more fitting than a mere apology.” He said.
I blushed, imagining Sarah’s reaction to such words of anger. “If you want to punish me, go ahead.” I said. “I know I deserve it.” Words the real Sarah would probably never use.
I stood staring at the floor, pretending to be demure. Before we started I’d thought I’d have to stop myself from laughing. Imagining Sarah agree to a punishment was laughable for sure, and our acting wasn’t that great, our conversation felt a bit over the top. Yet the excitement and arousal I felt left little room for humor. If I had been the one in trouble, I could definitely see myself submitting to Eric like this. Though perhaps not for something as serious as cheating.
As I was not looking at him, I hadn’t seen him approach. I squealed softly in surprise when Eric suddenly took my hand and pulled me towards the sofa.
“What are you going to do?” I asked, with a slight tremor in my voice even though I already knew the answer.
“I’m going to put you over my knee and treat you like the bad girl you are.” He replied.
My heart jumped to my throat and I wanted to protest thatI hadn’t been bad at all; but no it wasn’t me he was talking to, it was Sarah.
I didn’t know what to say to that threat and I was pretty sure that Sarah wouldn’t either. So I was silent as Eric sat down and pulled me across his lap. As soon as I was down, his hand landed on my bottom in a furry of smacks. My skirt absorbed most of the blow but there was a tingling sensation of more to come.
“Do you think this will help with your guilt?” Eric asked. “Even when I’m about to spank you, I think I’m doing it more for you than for myself.”
I blushed, wondering about the truth of that statement.
“Well, aren’t you going to answer my question?” He asked, smacking my bottom another half-a-dozen times or so.
I blushed. “What question?” I asked, too distracted by what he was doing to me.
“Do – you – think – this – will – help – with – your – guilt?” He repeated, underlining each word with a sharp smack on my bottom.
I winced slightly, those smacks were a lot firmer than that flurry of strokes from before, some sting was already building in my bottom and we’d barely started. I began to worry I had gotten myself into more than I had bargained for. “Yes, Sir.” I replied, not sure what else to say.
“Very well, lets begin then.” Eric said and he raised my skirt.
I blushed deeply. I had known this would be part of the spanking, but still felt aroused and embarrassed by being exposed like this. I wore see-through black panties with lace around the edge. I felt mortified that the man whom I had a crush on got to see them and at the same time hoped that he found them sexy and arousing.
The next few smacks were steady and firm. Without the protection of my skirt, I could really feel the sting and moaned softly after each smack.
“You’ve had this a long time coming, Sarah.” Eric said as he steadily increased the pace and strength of the spanking.
My backside grew hot, I squirmed and whimpered across his lap. A quick look over my shoulder showed me how my bottom bounced beneath his hand, it was already turning red at the edges of my panties.
When Eric stopped for a moment, I sighed a breath of relief. He stroked my bottom gently, his hand warm on the sensitive flesh. It was so gentle and intimate, my arousal spiked. I wanted him to touch me more, even if it was just more of that spanking.
When his thumb hooked behind my panties and slowly pulled them down, I gasped. “No, wait!” I protested.
Eric stopped, my panties halfway down, the upper half of my bottom bared. “What? Have you changed your mind? Do you no longer think you deserve this punishment, Sarah?”
He emphasized her name and I knew he was really asking me. If I wanted him to stop, all I had to do was become myself again and stop role-playing his ex. I did not want him to stop of course, I just wanted to protect my dignity. How could I let the man who’d been my friend for so long bare my bottom, see all there is to see and all the excitement I felt that would surely be visible by the wetness between my legs? Yet it would be the prize I had to pay for this spanking to continue, I realized. Across his knee, Eric would be in charge and that meant letting him bare my bottom for this spanking.
“I haven’t changed my mind.” I said, not knowing what else to say. I secretly began to suspect myself from wanting him to bare my bottom. Those thoughts of submission or a prize to pay were just excuses I made for myself.
Eric waited just a moment longer and then pulled my panties down, now in one swift motion.
I blushed deeply, but he didn’t say a word; no mention of how red my bottom was, how wet with excitement my pussy. He just placed his hand on my backside and spanked me again.
I moaned softly. I didn’t think the panties could’ve offered much protection, but with my bottom bared I felt even more vulnerable and the smacks even more painful. I squealed and squirmed as each hard, measured stroke landed on my backside.
The pain started to build something fierce, my bottom felt on fire. It became nearly unbearable, but I knew I had to do this, for him. I told myself it was a preview of the worst that could happen, should I submit to him as his girlfriend. Surely it’d never be as bad as this, for I’d never do the things Sarah had done.

I was kicking and squealing, focussed more on the pain in my bottom than the reasons why I had agreed to this, wondering when it would stop and cursing myself for ever coming up with this idea; when Eric finally stopped.
He didn’t stop abruptly, but more and more time came in between each smack, until he was gently stroking my bottom. I lay across his lap, still aroused, yet mostly enjoying the soothing sensation of his hand on my backside; wondering, hoping it was over.
“You should probably go now.” Eric said.
I blushed before I realized again that he was talking to Sarah. I got up from his lap, bending awkwardly to pull up my panties that were dangling around my ankles.
“I’m sorry for what I did. I hope you can someday forgive me.” I offered him the words Sarah never would.
We walked to the door together and as he opened it, I stepped aside, breaking my role and letting pretend-Sarah leave so he could close the door behind that part of his life.

“Are you okay?” He asked as we sat down in the sofa.
I winced as and squirmed a bit as I sat down. “Not sitting very comfortably, but otherwise feeling great.”
We looked at each-other for a while. There was a bit of an awkward silence after what we’d done.
“I can’t believe we just did that.” Eric said. “But you were right, I do feel better.
I smiled. “You know I’d do anything for you.” I said.
Eric smiled and then I saw the realization dawn on his face. I’d said too much.
“How long?” He asked.
I blushed. “I’ve always liked you.” I admitted. “How long have I wanted that to be more than just friendship? For a year, maybe two, I guess.”
Eric looked dumbfounded, he obviously didn’t know what to say.
“I thought you knew.” I lied.
“Then today?” He asked, not finishing the sentence.
“I thought if I helped you get over your ex, I might finally get my chance.” I replied, trying brute honesty.
Eric placed his hand on my knee. “You know, you were the one who broke up with me in high-school.” He said. “Ever since then I thought we were better of as friends.”
“I didn’t know better back then.” I said with a smile. “If I’d known I’d risk a spanking by hurting you, I’d never done such a thing.”
“Well than, perhaps we both got something out of today.” Eric replied.
I blushed and leaned forward to kiss him, trying to smother the idea I had somehow earned this spanking instead of it just being a role-play. Our lips touched for a mere moment and then he pushed forward, kissing me deeply.
“Well, now you know how I feel, what are you going to do about it?” I asked.
“First, I’m going to show you I feel the same, we’ll have to make up for all the time we lost being just friends.” He replied.
I smiled. “I’d like that.”
“But you better behave.” He said. “For I also know what to do when you don’t.”
I blushed. “I’d like that too.”

The first day of spring

Girl tanning in her bikini tthe park

The sun was bright in a cloudless sky and Sophie was all alone at the local park. It was a hot day, much more than usual for this time of year, this early in spring.
As she spread out her blanket on the green, springy grass, she felt upset about her being alone on this beautiful day. This afternoon had been marked in her calendar for a while and the same counted for her best friend Mia. It was just a picnic in the park of course, nothing special, but it was typical Mia behavior to blow it off last minute.

“Sorry, I’ll be a bit late. Did not wake in my own bed this morning.” Mia’s text read. Sophie had received it only half an hour ago.
As she sat down on her blanket, Sophie wondered whose bed her friend had found herself in this time. She knew Mia wasn’t seeing anyone; but her friend wasn’t against the occasional fling now and then. Sophie pulled up her shirt and wondered what it was like to be as free as her friend seemed to be. She’d never had a one-night-stand of any kind; she’d only had sex with two guys and both had been in a serious relationship with her at the time.
Underneath her clothes, Sophie wore a bright blue bikini. She sighed a breath of relief as she put away the warm shirt. The day was much too hot for ordinary clothing, so she pulled down her trousers as well. On a day like this, the bikini would suffice and she could even work on her tan in preparation of summer.
You should try it sometime. Sarah had told her on more than one occasion. You take sex way too seriously; just have some fun while you still can. Oh, but don’t do it with any of your friends; that can become awkward in the long run. Trust me, I’d know.
At least I take my friends seriously. Sophie thought bitterly as she waited alone. She had no idea how long it would take for her friend to arrive. Perhaps she should leave before she did. Would Mia believe she’d gone home with some stranger, like she’d so often suggested?

The sun was burning hot on her back, as Sophie lay on her belly. She’d been dozing for a while, trying not to think of her friend and just enjoying the warmth; until she realized she hadn’t used any protection.
With a sigh, she got up and checked her bag for sunscreen. It took her only a moment to realize she’d forgotten to bring any.
Mia might bring some, but she knew it would be a bad idea to wait in the sun. Perhaps she should leave. She looked up to see if her friend was perhaps just finding her, but the only people around where others enjoying the sun.
On a bench near the edge of the grass in the shade of some trees, a man sat looking at her.
Sophie blushed. She knew of course that in her scanty bikini, that she’d be an attractive sight. More than one passerby must’ve looked in her direction as she lay there dozing. The man’s appreciation of what he could see plainly read on his face however; it made her blush. When their gazes crossed, he politely averted his gaze, busying himself with a bottle of sunscreen to hide the fact he might have been staring.
Sophie had an idea.

It was bold, and nothing like her at all.
She got up and approached the man who had been watching her. He was quite handsome she realized and not that much older than herself. By the time she reached him, she’d chickened out of her plan. “Could I please borrow some of that?” She asked, pointing at the bottle of sunscreen. “I’ve forgotten mine.”
“Of course.” The man said, handing her the bottle with a smile.
Sophie returned to her spot in the sun; laughing at herself. Had she really thought she’d be able to approach a stranger and ask him to rub some sunscreen on her? Mia might have, but not her.
Back on her blanket she rubbed the sunscreen on her face, her shoulders and arms. She could somehow feel the man still looking at her. When she looked up at him, he did not look away this time. He had an excuse of course, she was using his sunscreen and he might just be waiting for her to return it.
Still, his gaze slightly turned her on. Not because of anything he did, but because of the idea she’d had when first approaching him.
Don’t be such a chicken. Sophie told herself in the words Mia would use. She applied some of the sunscreen on her belly and the upper-side of her legs. The man was still looking of course, she was afraid to stare back. When she applied the sunscreen on her chest, rubbing it over the top of her breasts, she raised her head to look back at him. This time he was staring at her intently.
Sophie got up, holding the opened bottle in one hand. Either I can do this, or I can’t. She told herself. Either way, she wanted to find out as she returned to the man.
As she reached him, they stared at each-other silently for a moment.
“Could you help me with my back?” Sophie finally asked.
The man smiled; surprised, but pleasantly so.
“Of course.” He said.
Sophie returned to her blanket in the sun, the man but a step behind her. Her skin was tingling all over, goosebumps appearing on her arms and legs.
She did not look at him as she lay down on her belly, afraid that she’d chicken out again. Mia might think it funny, but letting a stranger, even a handsome one, rub her back was much more intimate than Sophie would normally dare.
She heard the man kneel beside her. Rather than pour the sunscreen directly onto her skin, he rubbed it in his hands, warming it up before placing his strong hands on her back.
He was generous with the dosage, rubbing a thick layer on her shoulders and back, spreading it out as thinly as possible. He was strong and firm, it was almost more like a massage than anything. Already warmed by the sun, Sophie grew hot and bothered and as the man’s hands reached her lower back, just above her bikini-bottoms, that hotness grew into arousal.
“My legs too.” She asked when he seemed finished. She did not want this experience to be over yet and secretly she was wondering how far she was willing to let him go.
He started at her heels then; massaging her legs firmly as he applied the sunscreen. He worked his way up slowly, past her knees, onto her thighs. His thumbs traced the edge of her buttocks. Those bikini-bottoms covered perhaps only half of her bottom. The man’s thumbs massaged the lower end of her backside, waiting it seemed for her to protest. When she didn’t, his hands slid up slowly, massaging her bottom under the ruse of applying the sunscreen.
Sophie bit her lip, trying her hardest not to moan from the pleasure and arousal of such an act. She knew he’d be enjoying it as much as she was; as it seemed that her bottom needed more time than her entire back had before.
When he was finished, she looked over her shoulder. “Thank you.” She whispered, too shy to look at him for long.
The man returned to his place on the bench, his eyes still on her, Sophie was sure.

Mia arrived shortly after, yet Sophie did not tell her friend what had occurred. She would only try to persuade her to talk to the man again. She might even go talk to him herself. Sophie however felt like she’d stepped far enough out of her comfort-zone for one day.
She was surprised when the man suddenly approached the two of them and handed her the bottle of sunscreen she’d borrowed before.
“Here, in case you need it again later.” He said, before leaving them, not returning to his seat but disappearing from their view.
“What was that about?” Mia asked.
“Nothing.” Sophie said with a blush. “I just borrowed some of his sunscreen before.”
She looked at the bottle, a phone number had been written at the bottom.


John lay alone in bed, smiling up at the ceiling of his bedroom. He was thinking about the girl he’d met earlier that day, the one in the park. It was nearly midnight, yet he could not rest.
He lay there naked, for even at this late hour it was still much too warm to be dressed. He was also rock-hard, remembering the girl’s delicate body, her soft skin beneath her hands. He had no idea what had happened, why she’d asked him for his help and let him be so intimate with her, a complete stranger. He thought she might’ve been playing a game; but if she was, he felt that he was the winner, after what he’d gotten out of it.
John stroked his cock gently, thinking of her gleaming skin, moist with sunscreen, glittering in the sun; her buttocks soft and supple beneath his hands. He grabbed his erection more firmly, knowing he wouldn’t get any sleep before dealing with his arousal.
He was interrupted however, by the buzzing sound of his phone.
“John.” He said, picking up the call from an unknown number.
“Hey, this is Sophie.” A sweet girl’s voice replied. “I hope I didn’t wake you?”
“I was still up.” John replied. “Sophie who?”
“The girl from the park.” The voice replied.
“The one who borrowed my sunscreen?” John asked in surprise. He hadn’t really thought she’d call him, even after he’d found a way to subtly give her his number.
“Yes.” There was a short silence for a while. “I didn’t know how to make sure you were the same guy.” She then said. “But no-one else would know about the sunscreen I guess.”
“I was just thinking about you.” John said. He suddenly realized he still had his cock in his hand, even harder now that he was talking to the sweet girl he’d been fantasizing about.
“Me too.” The girl said, not realizing the possible implications of what he’d just said. Or did she? John wondered, if she had been as aroused by her actions that afternoon as he was, was she perhaps doing the same as he was right now? He touched himself softly, imagining that on the other side of this phone-call, this girl was doing the same.
“What can I do for you?” He asked.
“I just wanted to say, I don’t normally do this.” The girl said. “I just needed your help with something.”
John stopped what he was doing, slightly confused. “What is it?” He asked.
“If you come over, I’ll explain.” The girl said. “I’ll text you the address.”
John hesitated. Was she playing another game? What kind of help could she possibly need in the middle of the night? In some way, it seemed like some inexperienced way of flirting, yet it could all be just a trick of course. His arousal was too great however, the possible reward for visiting her too interesting to refuse. Besides, in the park she’d seemed like a much too innocent girl to be trying to con him.

John got dressed quickly. The girl’s address was only a few blocks away and the slightly cooler night air might cool him down enough to think straight as he went on foot.
He rang the doorbell when he arrived, slightly suspicious, but still too turned on by the memory of the afternoon in the park. He was buzzed in through the intercom; the girls voice telling him to come up to the third floor.
He took the stairs and when he arrived, the girl was waiting for him in the doorway. All she wore was a flimsy, nearly see-through night-gown. It was still warm of course, that could be the reason for her to wear something so revealing.
“Hey, come in.” She said.
“What can I help you with?” John asked. “Sophie, was it?” At the park they hadn’t even shared their names.
“Yes, your name was John, right? You mentioned it on the phone. My roommate is in her room by the way.” The girl replied, pointing at a closed door, presumably leading to the roommate’s bedroom.
John smiled, the girl was obviously nervous. Her roommate’s presence was a warning for him not to step out of line. He was pretty sure now that at the least she wasn’t trying to con him.
“What did you need help with?” John asked again.
The girl blushed, making her even more attractive. “It’s this weather.” She said. “My skin dries out completely when it’s so hot. I have to apply this lotion every night or my skin will just crackle and peel off. I was trying to do my back first but I could not reach it. That’s why I thought of you, how you helped me in the park.
John smiled. “You called me in the middle of the night to rub your back?”
The girl blushed. “Well it was kinda my friend’s idea. We talked a bit and she… well never mind that. I thought you’d want to.” She pouted.
John winked at her, wondering what kind of conversation might have occurred between the two girls after he’d left them. “Of course I would.” He said. “So, just your back?”
The girl bit her lip. “Well, now that you’re here. Why not just everything?” She let the night-gown slip from her shoulders as she said it, letting it fall to the ground to reveal her completely naked body.
Without waiting for his reply, she turned around towards the second door at the end of the room, this one presumably leading to her room.
John stared after her in shock, watching the sway of her hips an naked backside. That last sentence had been nothing like the girl he’d met in the park or talked to over the phone. Again, he wondered how much influence the girl’s friend had had on their conversation just now.
Was the roommate the same friend? John wondered. She would be listening too, he thought with a smile as he followed Sophie to her room.

The girl was seated on the edge of her bed, her legs crossed as she looked up at him when he entered. She handed him a bottle of oil.
John smiled, gazing at the girl’s naked body as she waited expectantly. The only light in the room came from the doorway he was standing in and a street-light right outside the window. The soft light played beautifully on her bare skin.
“All right, lay back.” John said.
The girl did not hesitate to move back on the bed; but from the blush on her face and the quick lick of her lips, John could discern she was nervous. His first assessment of her seemed to have been right. She really wasn’t the kind of girl that did this normally. Which begged the question, why was she doing it now? Had her friend talked her into this?
While she was obviously nervous and shy, the girl tried her best not to show it. Her legs were spread slightly, her pussy only hidden by the darkness of the room. Her breasts sagged to the sides as she lay on her back, but her nipples were erect and captured the light.
John sat down beside her on the bed, he yearned to touch her but held himself back. He wanted to do this slowly, letting the girl grow accustomed to his touch. If he went too fast, her nerves might get the better of her. He became more and more convinced that she was using him to push her boundaries. John wasn’t a guy who’d sleep with just anyone; but he did like to have fun and was quite good at controlling a scene like this.
He rubbed some of the oil between the palms of his hands and then took the girl’s left hand between his. He massaged her softly, spreading the oil between her fingers, his thumb applying just enough pressure on the palm of her hand.
The girl was staring at him, biting her lip. Even this innocent touch on her hand was enough to turn her on.
John continued, spreading the oil onto her fore-arm, over her elbow and her biceps. He went slowly, massaging her muscles as he made his way to her shoulder. When he reached the top of her arm, he stood up and walked around the bed, taking her other hand to start over.
Neither the girl or he talked. When he applied the oil to her chest, just above her collar-bones, she arched her neck, letting him gently stroke her throat. Then he moved down, reaching the top of her breasts. He did not skip them and save them for later like he could’ve done; but grabbed he flesh of her breasts in both hand, squeezing and rubbing in a thick layer of oil. It was a way of showing that he was in charge.
The girl gasped in surprised and then moaned deeply. John focussed on her nipples pinching and rolling them until she squealed. He was taking things slow, but he did not want her to mistakenly think that all this was nothing more than a massage. As long as she did not protest, he would increase the sensuality of their scene. Her moaned replies betrayed her arousal and understanding.
When he moved down from her breasts, over her belly, the girl’s labored breathing calmed down just a little; recuperating now that he was past her sensitive bosom.
John quickly reached an even more sensitive area however; and he could feel the girl tremble slightly, wondering whether he would take her pussy as relentlessly as he had her breasts.
This time though, he stopped right at the trimmed patch of hair, just above her pussy. He moved down on the bed, taking a long time massaging her feet. The girl relaxed, enjoying the firm touch of his fingers on tired feet and legs. Her fiery arousal cooled down to glowing cinders, ready to be kindled into a raging fire once more when he’d finally reached her pussy.
John applied a thick layer of oil on her legs, massaging her calves and thighs. He picked up her legs as he stroked them, putting them down further apart when he was done. Some light now played on the lips of her pussy.
He got ever closer, reaching her hips first and then placing two fingers on the mound above her pussy. The girl buckled, arching her back and John did not anticipate any protest. He slid his fingers between her lips; her only response a deep moan.
The girl was wet with arousal, John barely needed the residual oil on his fingers to push both of them inside her pussy. He curved his fingers, pressuring the sensitive part at the top of her vagina, his hand moving back and forth.
He knew some girls could orgasm from this alone, but he really didn’t know anything about Sophie. So he slid his thumb between her lips, pressuring her clit; his hand almost like a claw, holding the girl’s pussy in his grasp. He was rewarded with a deep grunt followed by a long moan.
The girl started shaking, shuddering. He could feel her muscles clenching around his fingers, her body reacting instinctively as she came. She squealed softly, yet John did not stop, as long as her body kept shaking, his fingers kept up the pressure. He wanted to give her an orgasm she wouldn’t soon forget. The squeals kept coming and he was sure she’d already cum more than once.
“Please, stop.” The girl begged.
John relaxed the pressure of his fingers and the girl visible relaxed, a few tremors still occasionally shaking her body.

John sat silently next to the girl he’d only met earlier that day. Her skin glowed with oil and sweat, her hair was in disarray as she stared up at the ceiling. He wondered if the night was going any way she’d expected.
After a while, she looked up at him, a broad smile decorated her face. She pushed herself to a sitting position and still without talking, reached for his trousers, eager to free the erection that had been hiding there for all this time.
“Wait.” John said. “We still have to do your back.”
The girl licked her lips. “Okay.” She said, before turning over and laying down on her belly. The dim light of the room caught the curve of her buttocks beautifully.
John sat up and straddled the back of the girl’s legs; the bulge in his trousers but an inch away of her round, curvy bottom. It was buried between her buttocks when he bent forward to apply the oil on her back.
Again, John took plenty of time to massage the oil into her skin. Slowly he made her way down to her lower back and then onto her bottom. He was reminded of their meeting at the park, there was no bikini covering part of her lovely backside this time.
As he massaged the crease below her bottom and the top her thighs, John’s thumbs pushed their way to the girl’s pussy, hidden in the darkness between her legs. He wondered what she’d planned when reaching for his trousers earlier. A hand-job? A blowjob? Or did she want him to fuck her? He’d prefer the last, but just because he was in control now, did not mean he was fully in charge of the situation.
“Do you have any condoms?” John asked. If she said no, he could still let her pleasure him the way she wanted to.
“On the night stand.” The girl replied.
John got up to grab one. Good girl. He thought.
He looked down at the girl as he pulled down his trousers. She lay in the middle of the bed, her head on her hands, turned to the side as she watched him. Her back was now glowing with oil, her bottom arched up and glistening. For a moment he wished to spank her, but he knew she was much too innocent for his usual fantasies.
With the condom around his cock, he knelt back behind her. The girl moaned deeply as he pushed himself into her pussy. She was still as wet as before, letting him in deep.
He grabbed her smooth, glistening buttocks and thrusted firmly. He did not fuck her slowly, just like the massage, he was firm and steady; not rough, but strong enough to display his control and dominance.
The girl moaned and arched her back as John increased his pace. He was almost surprised when he felt the tightening of her muscles around his cock, reaching yet another orgasm before he did. But before he could contemplate that fact, he reached a climax of his own. He grabbed her buttocks tightly, thrusting as deep as he could, the condom the only thing preventing his cum from being deposited deep inside of her.

John sat down on the edge of the bed after he’d thrown away the condom. The girl sat with folded knees in the middle of the bed , still completely naked.
She blushed when he looked at her. “Ehm, thanks for your help.” She said.
John smiled broadly. It was obvious that she was still a little shy and had no idea what to say to him after what they’d done. “You’re welcome.” He replied. “I guess I should head home now.”
“Yeah.” The girl said licking her lips. “Thanks again.” She repeated, not knowing what else to say.
“I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.” John tried.
The girl looked at him without understanding.
“You did say you needed your skin treated every day with this weather, didn’t you? I believe they forecasted this heat for at least the rest of the week.” John teased.
The girl blushed. “Oh, yeah, of course. See you tomorrow.”
John raised an eyebrow in surprise. He had not really expected her agreement on that. He got up quickly, before she could change her mind.
He paused on his way out to look at the roommate’s bedroom-door. What had she thought of the girl’s loud moans and little squeals? He wondered.


The following day, Sophie met with her friend Mia for coffee. She had slept well after John left; but today she was in a constant state of wonder, not really believing what she’d done the night before.
“It was amazing.” She was telling her friend. “I did exactly as you told me, told him he could apply the oil everywhere and dropped my gown before leading him to my bedroom.”
Mia laughed. “Really? I didn’t think you’d have the nerve for that.”
Sophie blushed. “It made me feel more secure, actually.”
“So you really let him rub you down completely?” Mia asked.
“Yes.” Sophie licked her lips. “He did not miss an inch.”
“I’m impressed.” Mia replied. “And a bit jealous; most of my one-night-stands result in a quicky. Still, I have to say I told you so; nothing wrong with a bit of fun now and then.”
Sophie grinned. “I’m not sure it was a one-night-stand, though. He’s supposedly coming back tonight.”
Mia frowned. “Really? Did you invite him over?”
“No, it kinda just happened.” Sophie replied.
“Men do that.” Mia said. “You have to be careful or they’ll think you’re a free booty-call. They’ll become possessive and think they have some kind of claim on you. It can become messy when you decide you’re not interested in them any more or want some fun with someone else.”
“Do you think I should’ve said no?” Sophie asked.
“That would’ve probably been better.” Mia agreed.

Sophie called John after her talk with Mia. If she’d let him come over to rub her with oil every night, like he had planned; things would definitely go out of hand. Her friend was right.
She had trouble explaining such things over the phone however, so she asked him to meet her at the park where they’d first met.
When she saw John arrive, she blushed remembering what they’d done the night before.
“Hello hun, what’s up?” John asked.
“It’s about tonight.” Sophie said. “I think you shouldn’t come over after all.”
“Oh, did something come up?” He asked.
“No.” Sophie replied. “I just wasn’t looking for something serious. I just wanted to have some fun and I think we should leave at this one time. Just to make sure there are no misunderstandings.”
“Of course, I understand.” John said. “So it’s not about me, is it? Not something I did?”
“No, no, of course not. You were great.” Sophie replied.
John smiled and the two of them looked at each other in silence for a while, unsure of what to say.
“So who’s going to rub your back now, when it gets all dried out in this weather?” John asked jokingly to break the silence.
“Oh, I don’t really need that every night. I was just exaggerating to get you into my bed.”
John laughed and then frowned for a short moment.
“What?” Sophie asked.
“Nothing.” John said. “I just thought of something.”
“What?” Sophie asked again.
“Just something I would’ve done if we were not just strangers having just one night together. I probably shouldn’t tell you.” He replied mysteriously.
“Please, just tell me.” Sophie said.
“Well, if you were my girl, I’d give you a good spanking for lying to me like that.” John said.
Sophie blushed. “Oh!”
“I shouldn’t have told you.” John said.
“No, it’s fine.” Sophie replied. “I guess I’ll see you later some time.”
“Yes, see you around, Sophie.”

John had been right the night before; when he thought Sophie was too innocent to be involved in his usual fantasies. She had never experienced anything remotely kinky.
Yet after her conversation with John at the park, his mention of a spanking and the accompanying imagery that came with it popped up in her mind at the most unexpected moments.
Getting a spanking wouldn’t be very different from having a one-night-stand. She thought to herself. They were both things she’d never done before; and both things she thought she’d never do. The one-night-stand had been surprisingly enjoyable, despite the small bit of guilt she felt at letting herself be influenced thus by her friend Mia.
Perhaps trying out something more kinky than usual could be an equally pleasant surprise.
The idea came to her more than once during the rest of her day. Some times she’d even grabbed her phone and selected John’s number on the screen before chickening out again. It was late, the sun low on the horizon; when she finally convinced herself to call him.
“Hey John, it’s Sophie again.” She said when he picked up.
“Hello hun, what’s up?” He replied.
“Do you still think I deserve that spanking?” Sophie asked.
There was a momentary silence.
“Even a girl as innocent a you are might enjoy a good spanking when she deserves one.” John replied.
“I wasn’t that innocent last night, was I?” Sophie replied, trying to sound naughty.
“No you weren’t.” John said.
“Though I could hardly ask you to spank me for having sex with me.” Sophie said.
“I was talking about lying to me.” John replied. “But if you’re feeling guilty about sleeping with some stranger, we can talk about that too if you want.”
Sophie blushed. “Do you wanna come over?”
“I’ll be right there.” John replied.

Sophie waited nervously for John to arrive. Luckily, her roommate was at home and like last night she’d be able to intervene if anything went wrong.
When John arrived, the hair on her skin stood on end and her stomach was making somersaults.
“How are you doing, Sophie?” John asked as he entered.
“Nervous.” She replied honestly.
“You don’t have to be.” John said. He sat down on the couch and Sophie took the sofa opposite of him. “We’re not going to do anything you don’t want.”
Sophie blushed.
“So why did you want me to come over?” John asked.
“I wanted you to spank me.” Sophie whispered. Telling the truth felt like the best way to calm her nerves.
“Because you lied to me, or because you slept with me?” John asked. “You did say you never did that sort of thing.”
“I just let my friend talk me into it.” Sophie said. “That sort of thing just isn’t me.”
“Or maybe you just want to get spanked because the idea of it turns you on, is that it?” John asked.
Sophie blushed. “I don’t know.”
“Do you really think you deserve a spanking for just one night? Especially if that spanking is from a stranger as well?” John asked.
Sophie bit her lip. “I guess I do get turned on by the idea; I’m doing the exact same thing I did last night, aren’t I? But I do think there should be consequences for your actions.”
“Well, I for one don’t think you’ll feel as guilty about a spanking as you did about sex. The punishment should balance out the guilt.” John said.
“Unless I enjoy it too much.” Sophie replied.
“I suspect that you will.” John said. “So what will it be. Do you want to stick to your values or enjoy another night with me?”
“What do you want to do?” Sophie asked.
“I’ve wanted to spank that cute bottom of yours ever since you let me rub it in sunscreen.” John replied honestly.
Sophie blushed. “Perhaps I should just enjoy this night and re-evaluate my values in the morning. They might not be as strict as I thought them to be.”
John smiled. “Good, I wouldn’t want you to feel guilty about being with me.” John said. “But you’re still getting a spanking for lying to me.”
Sophie bit her lip and nodded.
“It’s ‘yes, Sir’ when you’re in trouble, young lady.” John said.
Sophie giggled. “Yes, Sir.”
“Let’s go to your room, so that no-one walks in on us.” John said.
This time, Sophie was the one following him into her room.

John turned on the light in her room and sat down on the edge of the bed.
“Get on the bed and across my knee.” He commanded her.
Sophie knelt on the bed and then placed herself across his lap. She was still wearing her dress and it rode up significantly as she bent forward, revealing the bare skin of her thighs.
The fluttering in her stomach returned when John placed a hand on her bottom and her skin began to tingle as he gently rubbed her backside. She was still fully dressed and only the night before she’d let him rub oil all over her naked body; yet this felt at least as intimate as that had been.
John smacked her bottom, softly and on her dress. She could barely feel the impact of his hand, as if he was only trying to get the aim right.
Sophie pressed her face into the mattress and pushed her bottom up a bit higher. The next smacks came a bit stronger, firm but not painful at all. The skin of her bottom tingled from the sensation.
John continued this slow and steady rhythm of gentle but firm smacks and Sophie could feel her bottom gradually warm up.
When he pulled up her skirt, the air felt cool against her glowing bottom.
“Not the best choice of panties for a spanking.” John said.
Sophie blushed. She hadn’t given it any thought and was still wearing thongs. The dress she wore was tight and she did not want to show any panty-lines. It didn’t cover an inch of her bottom and would thus offer no protection at all.
John now smacked the bared cheeks of her bottom and without the protection of her dress, the firm, gentle smacks left a bit of sting behind in her backside.
Sophie moaned softly.
“Is your roommate around today?” John suddenly asked, using the opportunity to caress her bare bottom.
“Yes.” Sophie replied, wondering why he wanted to know. “Why?”
“I was just wondering whether she might interfere if I took this punishment a bit more seriously.”
Sophie blushed. He meant that she would hear if he spanked her any harder and might barge in on them. “I think I better talk to her first.” She said.

John let her up and Sophie pulled her dress back over her bottom before leaving her room. She knocked at her roommate’s door shortly.
“Everything all right?” Her friend asked. She knew Sophie had a guy over of course.
“Yes, everything’s fine. I just wanted to say … you might hear some things, I just mean, you don’t have to intervene or anything, everything’s fine.” Sophie said.
There was a short silence.
“Okay, have fun.” Her friend replied.
Sophie blushed as she returned to her room. What would her roommate think was going on? She wondered. Well she’d know soon enough when Sophie entered her room.
“Take off your panties before you get back across my knee, young lady.” John said after she closed the door. “They’re not offering you any protection any way.”
Sophie blushed, but raised her dress to pull down her panties before taking her position over John’s lap again.
She bit her lip when he placed his hand back on her bottom, expecting some harder smacks right about now.
John continued the firm, gentle smacks from before however. Sophie’s bottom steadily grew warm again and she moaned softly as the nervous butterflies in her stomach turned into smoldering cinders of excitement. She arched her bottom more, practically begging for him to spank her some more; and gradually the smacks increased in force.
The glowing sting that had slowly spread across her bottom began to burn and each smack now made it even hotter. Each smack echoed in her room, followed by her moans of pleasure. The first time she squealed, she felt glad she’d warned her friend not to intervene.
Sophie’s bottom had quickly turned red and now it was glowing with intensity. Her buttocks bounced beneath John’s hand and she was unsure whether her squeals were caused by pleasure or pain.
“I’m sorry, Sir.” She said. “I’ll be a good girl I promise. I’ll never lie to you again.” Not because she wanted him to stop, but because it felt like the right thing to say.
“Don’t make promises you can’t keep, young lady.” John replied.
“I’m sorry, please.” Sophie replied as his hand kept raining down on her bottom.
“Please what? Are you begging me to stop?” John asked.
“No, Sir.” Sophie replied, unable to say more as another smack landed squarely across her bottom.
“Good, because I’m not going to, not until you’ve learned your lesson.” John said.
Sophie moaned and squealed, her bottom felt on fire. A few more times she promised to be a good girl; not because she wanted John to stop, but because she knew he wouldn’t; so she could feel herself being in his control.
Finally, when Sophie was kicking her legs and burying her head in the mattress, John stopped. He placed his hand on her burning bottom and rubbed it gently. “I think that’s enough for now, isn’t it.”
Sophie blushed, her bottom was on fire. Only now that he’d stopped she really felt how much it hurt. Still, she told him that she felt like she could’ve taken more.
“I know you probably could.” John said. “But it’s only your first time, it’s better to be careful. Next time we can give you a safe-word and find out where your limits truly lie if you want.”
“Next time?” Sophie asked.
“I never spank a girl I’m not serious about, Sophie.” John said. “Though perhaps I should take you out for dinner some time first.”
Sophie blushed. “This is the weirdest position in which anyone’s ever asked me on a date.” She said.
“Is that a yes?” John asked.
“Yes, Sir.” Sophie replied.

Valentines gift

It was February fourteenth, or as most people know it, Valentines day. I was on my way to my girlfriend’s apartment with no real plans. We had been together for over six years now and while this day had seemed so important in the beginning of our relationship, it had turned into something more comfortable now.
I did not arrive with a bushel of roses, chocolates, tickets for a play and dinner reservations. I had however put on a nice suit and brought a gift. Today we would just spend time together and confirm our love for one another.

When I arrived, I knocked on the door before inserting my key into the keyhole, to give her a bit of a warning of my arrival. I was surprised to see her sitting in the sofa, her hair disheveled and wearing just a dressing gown.
“Oh hey baby, I did not expect you.” She said as I entered the room.
I felt a bit surprised, but confidently placed my gift at the coffee-table beside her. “Happy Valentines day, honey.” I said as I bent down to kiss her.
“Oh my god, is that today?” She exclaimed after our kiss. “I totally forgot!”
I laughed and picked up her gift, it was nothing like her to forget such a thing. “Here, open it.” I said.
She accepted the gift and slowly tore the wrapping paper from the box.
“They’re wonderful!” She exclaimed, discovering the red, ankle-high boots inside.
“Try them on. I’ve still got the receipt so you can trade them if they don’t fit.” I told her.
She did not need me to ask twice, but bent over to pull on her new shoes. I sat down on the footrest in front of her.
“They’re perfect.” She said, walking around, the small heels ticking on the wooden floors. Then she looked at me. “I’m so sorry, I completely forget it was Valentines day and did not get you anything.”
I raised an eyebrow. How could you forget when all the stores were filled with red ribbons and roses to announce this – quite commercial – holiday?
She walked around the sofa she’d been sitting on and promptly bent over its back, placing her hands on the seat. “I feel so guilty, I’ve been such a naughty girl. I think you should punish me.” She said.
I grinned. So she had not forgotten at all, it was just an act. As she bent over right in front of me, her dressing gown gaped open, offering me a view of her bare breasts dangling inside. She seemed not to wear anything at all underneath it.
She had planned it all, I realized. The disheveled look, as if she’d just gotten out of bed; the short dressing gown that barely covered any of her features; the forgotten present; they were all part of it.
This was not the first time she’d asked me for a punishment. I could not count the amount of times I’d had her across my knee or bent over some furniture to spank her bottom, sometimes she asked for it, sometimes she earned it.
Even after all this time though, I was instantly aroused by the prospect of spanking her. I could feel my excitement grow, pushing against its boundaries, pressuring the seams of my trousers.
I got up and rubbed my hands together. “You’re right, you do deserve a good spanking, young lady.”

She licked her lips as I said this. It always surprised me, even after all this time, how much she got turned on by those words.
I moved behind her and she obediently stayed bent over the sofa, awaiting her punishment. When I raised her gown, I saw that she was indeed not wearing anything underneath. Her plump bottom was invitingly pale and stood up high above her resting body, supported by the sofa’s back.
I rubbed it softly and then gave her a gentle smack. If she wanted a Valentines day spanking, I would make sure it was enjoyable and lasted as long as possible.
She did not protest when I smacked her bottom slowly and without much force. She understood why I was taking it slow. It gave me a thrill, knowing she had not only asked for this, but trusted that my way would be best for an enjoyable experience.
“Not only did you forget to buy me a present.” I said while landing a significantly harder smack. “You also look like you’ve just rolled out of bed.” Followed by another hard smack on the other cheek.
She moaned softly, the sting from both smacks softly diminishing as they were followed by another series of gentle pats.
“Did you see what I’m wearing? I’m not wearing a suit for no reason.” I continued with yet another hard swat. “I had hoped you would be wearing a nice dress and maybe some sexy lingerie underneath, but all I get is this lazy dressing-gown.” And again a second hard smack to balance the first.
“I’m sorry, Sir.” She said as I rubbed away the sting from those harder hits.
“Get up.” I commanded. “Take off that gown, it’s not appropriate for a day like today.”
She pushed up obediently and undid the knot that held the garment together. It slid from her naked body, revealing her bare skin and perfect hourglass figure.
I yearned to grab her, to fuck her right here and now. But first I would give her the spanking she wanted. She wore only the red boots I had bought her when she bent back over the sofa.
The next few swats were harder than before. She moaned and placed her hands on the seat to push her body up, her bottom higher, begging for more.
I forwent the gentle smacks and spanked her backside soundly. I loved to watch her bottom bounce or see the impact ripple through her buttocks.
Her bottom had rapidly turned pink and was now slowly taking on a redder color. She moaned and squirmed, but still begged for more with her swaying backside.
The sight turned me on immensely, the feeling of control, the visual of her vulnerable body under my hands, her bottom showing signs of the pain I was inflicting on it; all that combined with her moans of pleasure that assured me she enjoyed the pain and wanted more.
“Spread your legs.” I ordered, even while placing my hand on her inner-thighs to pull them apart myself.
As she opened them, I got to see her pussy, swollen and hot with excitement. A bit of moisture had gathered between her lips, betraying her arousal.
I spanked her again, even harder. The full armed swings helped me concentrate and forget about the urge to fuck her, for that was within my reach.
She moaned and even squealed as I assaulted her bottom. The pain must be becoming great, but it would not be a real spanking if it didn’t. I loved giving her more than she’d asked for, proving to her that I was the one in control.
I felt that she needed that as well, especially on days like today when she’d asked for it herself. She wanted confirmation that she had no say in this, that I would only stop when I was satisfied with the results.
She did not protest yet however, despite her squeals and kicking legs. Not that I would stop if she did. In the past few years I’d gotten quite a good understanding of when she really needed a break and when she could take some more.
“Are you starting to feel a bit better, or do you still feel guilty?” I asked her. Slowly I rubbed her bottom. I knew there was still much more to come and she did need a break occasionally. I wondered if she expected all I had planned, or if she would be surprised and wish she hadn’t gotten herself into this much trouble by the end. The thought aroused me greatly.
“A bit, Sir.” She said.
“Good, at least we’re getting somewhere.” I replied.
I rubbed her stinging backside a little longer, a reward for calling me Sir. But soon I continued her punishment. I landed one well-aimed smack after the other.
I took it more slowly this time, enjoying the view of her bottom bouncing beneath my hand, letting the echoes of her squeals fade away before I landed the next.
“You know, I don’t think you’re learning your lesson.” I said.
“What lesson, Sir?” She asked me, managing to sound cheeky even while I was spanking her.
“Your lesson about forgetting about your boyfriend on Valentines day, or did you forget what I was spanking you for as well?” I landed and extra sharp smack across the center of her behind.
She squealed before answering. “Of course not, Sir. But I am learning my lesson, I promise.”
“Than why haven’t I heard a single apology from you yet?” I asked.
“You probably didn’t hear because you were spanking me so hard.” She replied even more cheekily.
I stopped the slow onslaught of smacks and squeezed her sensitive bottom, which provoked a whole different kind of squeal. “Oh is that right?”
“Yes, Sir.” She said.
“Are you lying, young lady?” I asked with a deep voice.
“Yes, Sir.” She said again.
“And do you know what happens to naughty girls who lie?” I asked.
“They get spanked, Sir.” She replied.
I grunted softly. It was such a turn on hearing her say that. Of course not all naughty girls got spanked, most probably didn’t; but she did and hearing her admit that was the same as hearing her admit her submission to me.
“But I was already getting spanked anyway, so I didn’t think it could hurt.” She continued.
“Oh but it could always hurt a bit more.” I said, admiring her choice of words. “Perhaps I should take off my belt and see if that gets a proper reaction out of you.”
I slowly undid the buckle as I waited for her reaction. I had used plenty of tools on her backside before: a hairbrush, a paddle, a spoon, even a whip, but the belt was probably her favorite. Still, I gave her a warning every time I did to give her the opportunity to protest.
“Oh no Sir, please not the belt.” She pleaded.
I chuckled. The way her voice playfully dropped made it abundantly clear that this was no real protest. I pulled the belt through its loops in one smooth motion.
“Sorry, young lady. A naughty girl like yourself has no choice in the matter. Maybe next time you’ll think twice about telling such lies.” I placed the leather on her backside and was rewarded with a moan of anticipation.
I raised it up in the air and then swung it at her backside. It landed with satisfying smack and sent ripples of flesh through her buttocks. The sound was followed by her squeal.
I swung it again and again, raining down the smacks on her backside that was now coloring a deeper, darker red. She squirmed and squealed, not longer raising her bottom for me, but leaning heavily on the sofa.
Still, she kept her legs obediently spread and I could still see the excitement this spanking caused, despite the broad red stripes on her bottom.
“Please Sir, I’m sorry, I’ll be a good girl.” The first pleas came as the sting of the belt proved much greater than what my hand had inflicted before.
I only changed position and spanked her again. Her legs were trembling from the effort to keep in place, her squeals muffled as she pressed her face into the sofa’s seat.
“I’m sorry, I won’t do it again. I’m sorry, honestly.” She begged between moans.
I rested my hand on her back and felt her whole body was trembling. “Are you going to make up for it to me?” I asked her.
Her body calmed down, realizing it was over or that I was at least giving her a break.
“Yes, Sir, I promise, I’ll get you a gift too.” She replied.
There was no cheekiness in her voice, but no pain either. She was not looking for more, and while I knew she could probably take a bit more if I wanted too, I knew I had already reached my goal in giving her more than she bargained for.
“That won’t be necessary.” I said. “I already know what I want.”
“You can have anything, Sir. What do you want?” She asked me, eager to obey.
I placed my hand between her legs, cupping her pussy and feeling its wetness and warmth. “I want this.”
She moaned deeply. “It’s all yours, Sir.”
“Stay here.” I commanded. Quickly I made my way to her bedroom at the back of the apartment. I knew I’d find the condoms on her night-stand.
I took but a moment to enjoy the view of my girlfriend, completely naked and bent over the back of the sofa, her bottom bright red and awaiting my return.
I did not go through the trouble of undressing, but only freed my erection from its confines before pulling on the condom. Her bottom was up high again, glowing invitingly red.
She no longer struggled to stand and I suddenly wished her to be trembling like before, before I entered her. I smacked her bottom and she moaned softly.
She did not complain that I was spanking her again, instead of fucking her like she’d anticipated. She understood that I was in charge and would spank her if I wanted to.
Quickly the sting returned, I knew so from the sound of her squeals and the swaying of her backside. Her thighs trembled beneath my hand and I could no longer resist the vulnerable girl beneath me.
I grabbed her hips and pushed inside. There was barely any resistance, so excited was she. I pushed all the way in, until my hips reacher her searing hot bottom.
I pulled back and thrusted again, harder this time, smacking up against the sore, sensitive skin of her bottom. She moaned softly and I felt her trembling increase.
I fucked her, not slow, not fast, but steadily. Her moans became louder, her trembling became shuddering and I knew she would reach her climax soon. She must’ve been close to it from the start, after such a spanking.
I felt her muscles contract around my cock, setting her orgasm in motion. “Good girl.” I whispered.
Those words pushed her over the edge, shaking uncontrollably, moaning and gasping as I kept thrusting into her, pushing her further, unable to relax as the orgasm went on and on. Until I too reached my maximum. I grabbed her tightly by the hips and pushed as far in as I could, moaning deeply as I ejected my semen inside of her and reached a climax of my own.

Later that day, we were seated in the sofa, the same one that had seen to her spanking just hours before.
We were eating pizza and watching a romantic comedy. It wasn’t a special night, but it didn’t have to be. I just enjoyed having her near, especially seeing her naked as she had still not put on any clothing. She often squirmed in her seat, even though I knew most of the pain in her backside must’ve subdued by now. It was a show she put on for me.
We were nearly halfway through the movie, with our pizza’s finished, when she placed her hand on my crotch and slowly slipped inside my trousers.
I grunted appreciatively as she took hold of my cock. It had been semi-hard this whole time, with her naked beside me; now it quickly grew hard in her hand.
Gently she stroked it, while at the same time playing with her breasts for my visual amusement.
I raised an eyebrow.
“This movie is so dull and cliché, I thought we could spicen it up a little.” She said.
I smiled and leaned back, giving her more space inside my trousers. Still, she undid the buttons to be able to stroke me more effectively.
Her other hand slid down from her breasts, over her belly and onto her pussy. Her fingers slipped inside.
I placed my own hand on top of hers and pressed down, capturing her hand beneath mine. “What are you doing?” I asked.
“I thought I could get both of us off.” She replied, confusion painting her face.
I pulled her hand aside and placed mine on her pussy. “This is mine now, remember. You’ll have to ask me permission before playing with it.”
She suddenly blushed. “Permission?” She asked.
“Yes, from now on, you’ll need to ask my permission any time you want to play with yourself.” I explained.
“That’s not fair.” She protested.
I smiled, but kept my hand where it was. I had often controlled her orgasms during play, teasing her, denying her until she begged for it. This was different though and I knew that if I wanted it to be part of our dynamic, I couldn’t just enforce it without discussion.
“I though it might be fun.” I said. “Though if you really don’t want to, you can still buy me another present. You know the rules are always open for debate.”
She bit her lip. “It does sound hot.” She admitted. “But every time? Even when I’m stressed and just want to relax a little, or when I can’t sleep?”
I understood the problem. I knew my girlfriend had quite a high sex-drive. While many girls might ty to convince you they never played with themselves, this would be an even bigger lie for her.
“You know what, even though this is mine.” I said, while gently pressuring her pussy. “You’ll still have to take care of it for me; make sure it’s always clean and ready for me to use when I want it. So in return I’ll allow you to play with it up to three times a week without the need to ask for permission first.”
“Five times.” She retorted.
I chuckled. “Four.”
“Deal.” She said. “Now can I continue?” Her other hand was still in my trousers, grasping my cock.
“No.” I replied.
“But I still have four times left this week.” She protested.
“Yes, but it’s still mine, so my wishes take precedence over yours and right now, I want to play with it.” I replied.
That single oh was so laden with arousal that I felt a burst of excitement myself. I felt my cock grow in her hands and she gently stroked it as I let my fingers slip in between her lips.
The movie had continued quite a bit, but it was easy to pick up the simple plot as we played with each-other. My hand between my naked girlfriend’s legs, hers inside my trousers.
“Careful, I don’t want you making a mess on my clothes.” I warned her as I felt my excitement build. I was making slow, circular movements on her clit and felt her body squirm against me.
She stroked my cock lower then, focussing on the shaft instead of its tip, as I increased the pressure on her pussy.
She moaned and shook, coming ever nearer to another orgasm. The sight was too arousing for me and even with her hand so low on my cock, I could feel the same happening to me.
I closed my eyes, saving myself from the view, but at the same time, the excitement became too much for her. She had barely any control left over her hand and her strokes became erratic. Unfortunately that only turned me on even more, being proof of how I was affecting her.
I felt her body shaking beside me as she reached her orgasm, her hand still inside my trousers. I could not help myself and looked. I saw her naked breasts, bouncing up and down and grunted. I should not have looked, but it was too late. Her small hand moved up and down on my cock and pushed me over the edge, my semen staining my trousers and even my shirt as my cock came out from under the edge.
I rested with my eyes closed, ignoring the mess we’d mdae while she cuddled up against me.

“Sorry.” She whispered.
The words triggered something inside me. “Naughty girl!” I replied.
She cuddled even closer.
I pulled myself away from her and stood up. “Stay here, I’m going to clean up.”
I made my way back to her bedroom. Luckily I always kept a change of clothing at her place. This time however I just took everything off and returned naked.
When I returned to my girlfriend, her eyes lit up to see me without my clothes. She licked her lips, seemingly insatiable after all we’d already done today.
“I warned you to be more careful not to make a mess.” I said.
She bit her lip.
I sat down beside her on the sofa. “Get over my lap.” I said.
She obediently placed herself across my lap. Her bottom was still pink to my surprise.
“Look at you.” I said. “It’s Valentines day and you’ve already earned a second spanking today.”
“I’m sorry, Sir.” She replied.
I smacked her bottom, wondering how much she’d be able to take so shortly after her earlier encounter with the belt. The moan she gave in respond told me I didn’t need to worry.
I did not start slowly this time, but smacked her bottom firmly. She moaned and squirmed, her naked body pressed against mine. I could feel my cock, pushed up against her lower belly, it quickly grew hard again. The excitement from spanking her trumping the exhaustion from two earlier orgasms.
The swaying motion of her body on my lap and the way it rubbed my cock would’ve gotten me in trouble if we hadn’t already fucked twice before.
Her bottom turned red quickly this time, regaining its old color and my girlfriend was quickly squealing like before. I wondered if she had underestimated how much a second spanking would hurt so shortly after the previous. Her discomfort turned me on, knowing that even if it was worse than she had expected, she had truly submitted and would not back out of it now.
I made sure she felt each smack, making sure she knew too that I was the one in control.
She moaned and struggled, not to get away, but to deal with the pain and understanding of the situation. Either way, I could see from the wet glow between her legs that she was equally aroused as she was in pain.
“Please Sir, I’ll be more careful next time.” She assured me, her pleas coming much earlier than before.
I spanked her a bit more, showing her that I wouldn’t stop just because she asked. But I knew this spanking was unlike the last. It was just a reminder of the one that had come before. She wanted to play the bad girl today and that meant she wanted the sting to last.
Once I had refreshed it, turning her bottom red once again, I let her back up. She was beaming with excitement.
I pulled her back on my lap, straddling me this time instead of bent over it. She guided my cock inside of her as she sat down and I kissed her breasts before her lips.
“I promise I’ll be a good girl from now on, Sir.” She said as she rode me. “No more spankings on Valentines day.”
“I don’t know.” I said. “I think I’ll have to send you to bed with a red bottom today, no matter what.”
“Even when I’m a good girl?” She asked with a mock surprised voice.
“Yes.” I replied, grabbing her bottom and increasing the speed with which she rode me.
“Does that mean I can be naughty, since I’ll be spanked anyway?” She asked cheekily.
“That depends.” I replied. “Do you want me to include the belt or not?”

There was no more need to talk, she rode me until we were both exhausted and satisfied. For the rest of the night, she was a perfectly well-behaved young lady; and when we went to bed, I took her across my knee once more, to give her that promised bed-time spanking.

The enchanted spoon

Harry potter spanking ginny weasley

The wizarding world was different from anything Katie had ever known. The young student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry came from a non-magical family. or as the wizards call them: muggles.
Even after seven years at the school, she was still often surprised by how little the wizarding families knew about modern technology and muggle society.
They did not need such technology of course, thanks to their magic; but she often wondered how much could be achieved if muggle sciences and wizarding magic were combined.
Unfortunately, there were still too many wizards that found muggles to be inferior to them. Every year when she returned to the school, it was like she went back in time a few hundred years.

Katie loved Hogwarts however, she loved the things she’d learned, her magic and her friends. In fact, she liked how things seemed so old-fashioned in the ancient castle. It was like living in a fairy-tale.
One of the older customs that interested her most were the archaic forms of discipline. Physical punishment for students that stemmed from the time of her great-grandparents seemed very appropriate in the antiquated wizarding society.
Oh, it was supposedly not to happen anymore, as if the wizarding world had only recently caught up with modern values; but wizards seemed able to reach great age. She liked imagining some of the oldest professors had once, in their younger years, spanked the most misbehaving of their students.
There was barely any supervision when it came to discipline and professors seemed to be able to punish students with relative impunity. How could she know if the more old-fashioned of them did not still hold on to their old ways?

Katie had never risked any such punishment of course. She was a model student and in seven years she’d had no negative run-ins with a professor.
Still, she had often fantasized about her less well-behaved classmates and the punishments they might endure during detention.
These fantasies went so far, that the past two years, she’d worked on a new magical spell, one she had invented in secret all by herself. She wanted to bewitch an ordinary tool like a hairbrush or a wooden spoon, to give her a spanking.
Katie had spanked herself before. On those rare nights when her dormitory was empty, she’d used a wooden spoon on her own bottom. She’d stolen the spoon from the school kitchens, the only naughty thing she’d ever done.
While she enjoyed those private moments of fulfilling her fantasy, she was never satisfied with the experience. A spanking was about the loss of control, being at the mercy of another. When spanking herself, she could still decide how hard she spanked and how long it would last.
If her spell worked, that would change.

It was on an evening that most students were away to visit Hogsmeade – a local wizarding village – that she decided to finally try out her spell.
Katie had stayed behind, telling her friends that she wanted to focus on her N.E.W.T.S. the final terms for Hogwarts seventh year students.
The dormitories were empty, just as she had hoped, so Katie made her way to her bed. She pulled the curtains aside from the four-poster bed and took the wooden spoon from its hiding spot beneath her mattress.
She raised her wand, flicked it with practiced precision and spoke the magic incantation: “Castigatio Rufus Natis.”
The curtains on the bed came to life as if the wind had blown through the bedroom and the spoon stood up straight on the bed.
Katie licked her lips and stepped forward. She bent forward and placed her hands on the posts to the side of the bed. The curtains whirled around and en-coiled her arms and wrists, tying her down.
Katie had foreseen this as part of her spell. She wanted to withhold herself the ability to escape her punishment, simulating a spanking where she was not in control.
The enchanted spoon floated up off the bad and flew through the air, making several rounds around her until it stopped behind her, just out of sight.
Katie bit her lip, and then, with a magical whoosh, the spoon landed on her backside. Katie moaned softly.
The sound of the spoon spanking her round bottom filled the dormitory as the magic spoon swung again and again.
Katie leaned firmly against the bed where her hands were tied. She kept her back arched, her bottom up in the air for her punishment. She moaned deeply as her bottom grew hot and sensitive.
Her excitement was surging, this was much more like the spanking she had dreamed about. Without the need to swing the spoon herself, but just letting it happen to her, it was much easier to focus on the spanking itself.
Her wand was resting on the mattress, out of her reach, but she did not need it for the second part of her spell. Whispering the words should be enough: “Denudo!”
The spoon halted in the air and dropped to the floor.
For a moment it was silent and Katie wondered if her spell had failed. Then she felt the spoon pushing its round head against her lower leg. It rose up in the air, sending shivers through her spine as it caressed the bare flesh of her legs.
When it reached her uniform’s skirt, the spoon continued without hesitation, pulling the fabric up and onto her back, baring her bottom and the white cotton panties as it slid over her bottom.
With her skirt resting on her back, the spoon slid down again, making the same journey in reverse. It’s round head hooked behind her panties, mercilessly puling them down to the floor and baring her bottom completely.
Katie blushed, standing half-naked in the middle of the dormitory. She had no way to reach her panties or her wand on the bed while her hands were still tied to the bed-posts. But it should still be many hours before the other students returned from their trip.
The enchanted spoon rose from the ground and with a magical whoosh, resumed its earlier work.
Katie squealed as it landed with a loud thwack on her now unprotected bottom. When creating her spell, it had been difficult to gauge how hard the spoon would hit. All she could do now was look over her shoulder as it landed one solid smack after the other.
Her bottom slowly turned from pink to red as Katie moaned and squirmed. Her arousal grew in equal amounts as the pain in her backside, but tied up as she was, she was unable to touch herself to relieve the excitement.
The enchanted spoon did not slow down, it did not give her a break and would not listen to pleas. Katie had no way to control it, just as she had wanted it.
She was hopping on her feet as the pain became unbearable, but there was no way to escape the onslaught. If this was a self-spanking she might have already stopped to deal with her excitement in some other way.
Time for the third part of her spell, she thought. Katie had not foreseen a way to stop the spanking. She wanted no such control after all. But less she be spanked forever, she had to invent some way to end it.
She whispered the words: “Tardo incantatem.”
The spoon did not stop.
Katie had not expected it to. The enchantment should not stop immediately, it would slowly diminish.
For now however, the spoon did not stop its assault on her bottom. Katie squealed and moaned. She had done all she could, now she could only wait an endure her punishment.
The spoon kept going, not ever slowing down.
Katie squirmed and moaned. She tried pulling free, but the magically enhanced curtains did not let go. Her bottom was on fire and she was starting to fear the final part of her spell had failed.
It should have at least slowed down by now, shouldn’t it?
The smacks kept echoing in the empty dormitory and Katie looked over her shoulder at the unstoppable spoon. Her bottom was blazingly red.
If only I could cast a spell, she thought, I could stop it. But her wand lay out of her reach. She tried them anyway:
“Accio!” To call her wand towards her.
“Finite incantatem!” To counter her own spell.
“Obliviate!” To destroy the enchanted spoon.
Yet none of them worked. Katie had never been strong at casting spells without a wand and was too distressed now to make them work.
She bit her lip, trying to hold on for longer, but the smacks kept coming and she was sure now that the final part of her spell had failed. The spoon would never stop.
She had to cal for help. Perhaps one of the house-elves, magical creatures that worked in the ancient castle, would hear her and come to her aid.
“Help!” She called. “Make it stop.”
The spoon kept going, smacking her poor bottom and no-one seemed to her.
“Help!” She called again.
The door to the dormitory suddenly opened. If it had been a house-elve, it would have just magically appeared. This would be one of her fellow students.
Katie blushed furiously, but the sound of the spoon spanking her bottom led the unwelcome rescuer straight to her.
“Katie! What’s going on?” A male voice suddenly cried.
Katie blushed even deeper. Why of all people did it have to be Oliver finding her?
“Please help me.” She begged.
Oliver and Katie had been dating since their fifth year at Hogwarts. While it was difficult for couples to find privacy on school-grounds, it was hardly the first time he saw her naked. Yet never in a situation as embarrassing as this, Katie had never told him about her spanking fetish.
He spoon had just kept spanking her while her boyfriend stared.
“Finite incantatem!” Oliver yelled and the wooden spoon abruptly fell to the floor. The curtains around her wrists loosened and Katie freed herself.
She dropped her skirt before pulling up her panties, blushing all the time as Oliver watched.
“Who did this to you?” Oliver asked.
“I did.” Katie admitted with a blush. “I was just trying out a spell.”
“Why would you try a spell that could turn a spoon against you like that? What kind of spell did you even try that could turn into something like this when it goes wrong?” Oliver asked.
Katie licked her lips. She rubbed her sore bottom as she turned towards Oliver. She was kinda turned on, now that her secret was revealed to him.
“It didn’t fail.” She said. “It did exactly what I wanted it to do… I just couldn’t stop it once it started.”
Oliver raised an eyebrow. “Really? That’s not something I’d expect from you.”
Katie bit her lip. She was still very excited by her experiment, even if the ending had been far from what she’d planned. With her boyfriend standing before her, she suddenly wanted nothing more than being fucked by him.
“There’s a lot about me you don’t know.” She said, trying to sound sexy. “I’m not the good girl I seem on the outside, you know.”
“Well next time you’ve been a bad girl, you should just come to me.” Oliver said.
“And what would you do?” Katie asked with a husky voice.
“Instead of letting you experiment with dangerous magic, I would’ve given you the spanking myself.” Oliver replied. “Perhaps you got exactly what you deserved for being so reckless.”
“Perhaps I did.” Katie said, they were standing very close now.
Oliver grabbed her in a hug, raising the skirt of her uniform as they kissed. His hands on her sore bottom made Katie moan from excitement.
“Or perhaps I should’ve come later, so that the spoon had more time to finish the lesson.” Oliver said.
“I’d rather have you finish the lesson.” Katie replied.

Oliver pulled her along and sat down on the side of her bed.
Katie’s heart was raising. She was finally getting spanked for real. She felt so foolish, why had she never considered just talking to her boyfriend about it, instead of risking the use of magic?
Oliver dragged her across his lap.
Not only was she going to finally feel what a real spanking was like; she had also truly deserved this one. That only made it that much more exciting.
Her boyfriend raised her skirt again and pulled down her panties to bare her bottom.
“You know, I had stayed behind to surprise you.” Oliver said. “I thought we might have some privacy while the others were out on a trip. Yet I could not find you anywhere.”
He placed his hand on her still glowing, bare bottom.
Her boyfriend couldn’t have found her in the girls’ bedroom of course, boys were not allowed in here. He’d only come in because he’d heard her scream. Yet Katie did not mind his presence here now. What was the alternative, be spanked in the common room where anyone could walk in on them, or worse, the boys’ dormitory? They should still have some time before the others returned from Hogsmeade, but in the worst case, it would be better to be caught by fellow female students than the boys.
“Sorry.” She said. “I didn’t know, I wanted to try out my new spell while the others were gone.”
“Apparently.” Oliver said. “I hope you’re going to be more careful in the future.”
His hand landed soundly on her backside.
Katie moaned deeply. The pain was still fresh from her self-inflicted spanking. Oliver smacked her slow and firm. Not as hard as the spoon, but his hand was much larger and her bottom was already sore and sensitive. He made her squirm and squeal.
“You know, I’ve always wanted to spank you, Katie.” Oliver said. “I just never knew how to breach the subject.”
Katie blushed deeply. Oliver had wanted to spank her? He came from a fully wizarding family of course, perhaps such things were more prevalent in their world.
“I wish you told me earlier.” She said between moans as her boyfriend’s hand colored her bottom bright red again.
“Well let’s make up for lost time now, then.” Oliver said.
The next series of smacks came hard and fast. Katie squealed, but at the same time realized she could take even more. After the mishap with the spoon, she thought she had reached her limit; but now, under control of someone she trusted and loved, she felt it easier to submit to the pain.
She squealed and kicked her legs, but at the same time relished the experience. When Oliver paused and gave her bottom time to cool down she thought about how this would influence their relationship. Would he pull her across his lap regularly from now on? She thought about how ridiculous it was that she liked this and did not want him to stop even while her body seemed to scream for mercy. Most of the time however, she thought about how much she loved feeling this helpless, loved being in his control, loved him.
When he did not pause however, when his hand relentlessly smacked her sore, red bottom, she squealed and begged. She promised to be a good girl, to do anything he wanted, to never be so naughty again.
Her bottom was bright red and throbbing when Oliver finally stopped. He let her up and Katie winced as her skirt fell against her sensitive bottom.
“Wow, I’m glad we don’t have classes today.” Katie said with a smirk. “I won’t be sitting down any time soon.”
Oliver laughed, happy to see her good-natured reaction to her punishment, relieved that she had enjoyed it like he had hoped.
“Well you’re lucky now, but you better not misbehave on weekdays, for I won’t hold back just because this old castle has hard wooden benches in most classrooms.” Oliver teased.
“You wouldn’t!” Katie replied.
“Oh, you better believe I would.” Oliver replied.
Katie laughed and then clambered on the bed, straddling her boyfriends lap. “I’m going to hold you to that.” She said.
Oliver stroked her legs with both hands, sliding into her skirt and onto her bottom. One hand discovering her wet excitement as she had not pulled her panties back on.
Katie bit her lip as he pushed a finger inside of her, then pushed him own on the bed. “My turn to do the heavy lifting.” She said.
She moved down for a moment, pulling down Oliver’s trousers and releasing his enormous erection. He slid inside her easily as she straddled him again.
When she dropped her skirt back down, you could hardly see that either of them were undressed, the uniform was long enough to cover her red bottom and any other bared flesh.
Katie moaned deeply, riding her boyfriend. The boyfriend who had spanked her for being such a naughty girl. His hands on her sore backside were a constant reminded of that fact. It took mere moments before she was shuddering, moaning and out of breath as her body shook uncontrollably as her body gave into the orgasm. Oliver came moments later, spurting his semen inside of her.
Katie had a short moment of dread, like most muggle-borns, before remembering condoms were unnecessary in this magical world.
When it came to spankings however, she’d keep those magic-free from now in. Her boyfriend would see to that.