The forest fire (part 3)

Naked girl with backpack

In three months time, Emma spent five weekends at a hotel in the area where she’d met the forester. She had always loved waking in those woods, but she knew the amount of money she was spending was excessive.
The reason for this behavior was of course him, the man who would spank her on each visit, before she’d even had the chance to misbehave.
As soon as she’d arrive at her hotel, she’d call him. He would visit and make sure she would behave during her walks by giving her a firm spanking. Her red bottom was a good reminder during her walks of why she had come here.
Twice she had met him again on one of her walks, on the second day of her weekend. She was sure he had followed her, because a chance meeting seemed just too unlikely in the vast forests. Both times, he had spanked her as well, right there in the forest. Not because she had misbehaved; but because he could and because she wanted it as well.
At the end of such a day, he would often show up at her hotel, where at her hotel-room, they would fuck. They didn’t talk much. Their relationship was a physical one, based mostly on their shared love of spanking, naughty outdoors activities and casual sex with a relative stranger.

While booking a room in one of her favorite hotels in the area, Emma wondered why she kept going back so often. She almost felt like she was getting addicted to sex with John.
It was so different from anything she’d experienced in the past. He was so dominant, not just when spanking her, but while fucking her as well.
She yearned for that hotel-room, for a place where she was no longer in charge, where she could give up control for a while. Even if it meant she would get spanked. Especially if it meant she would.
Yet at the same time, she felt she was looking for something more. These visits did not satisfy her completely. She kept going back, hoping to find that one thing that was still missing.
For a while, she thought she’d fallen in love with John. Perhaps she wanted more than just his hand on her ass or his cock in her pussy. She fantasized about going out with him on dates, meeting his family, staying at his place…
If she was his girlfriend, would he still spank her as often? Would he perhaps expect her to follow other rules as well and discipline her when she misbehaved?
The thought turned her on greatly and she realized perhaps it wasn’t love after all that she was looking for. It was discipline.
Of course, John spanked her whenever she was in the area, but those were just precautionary spankings. She had not done anything to deserve them. Not like the first two times they’d met, when he’d spanked her for starting that fire or skinny-dipping where it wasn’t allowed.
She wanted a spanking she’d earned.

As she realized this, she recognized how hard that would be. She did not want to do anything bad, like starting a fire; just naughty enough for John to realize she was doing it on purpose.
When she arrived however, John would already spank her just in case. It was weird to admit it to herself, but she knew she would not be in the mood for some sort of bratty prank when her bottom was already red. John was very good at putting her in a submissive mindset where all she wanted to do was please him and be a good girl.
This meant, she had to do it before letting her know she was staying at the hotel, or perhaps not let him know at all, which was a breach of the rules in itself. But then he wouldn’t know she was there for him to find and spank.

The last few days before the weekend passed, Emma spent her time thinking of how she could get in trouble with John in a way that made sure she got what she wanted.
She decided then not to tell him she was coming, not right away at least.
When she arrived at he hotel-room that weekend, it was odd, being in her room, knowing John wasn’t going to come in at any moment and spank her.
She felt naughty for keeping her presence a secret. Yet at the same time, she felt free. Free to do something naughty and get herself in trouble.
Emma laughed softly at herself. She had never before felt an urge to be naughty and had surely not associated it with being free. What’s the point of being spanked, if you can never be naughty? She thought.
The thought pleased her so much that she put it in a text and sent it to John. It would be a first cryptic message for him to find out what she was doing.

That afternoon, Emma went for a walk. Her bottom was still pale and unhurt, it was an odd sensation going out like this, nothing to remind her to behave.
I would’ve never thought of getting on trouble on purpose, if it wasn’t for those spankings, she thought. If she did now, it was John’s fault as much as her own.
She wore comfortable jeans and a t-shirt during her hike; but underneath she had swapped her normal comfortable underwear for something sexy. She did want to be caught and stripped to a bare bottom by the end of the day after all.
“The forest is great this time of year, isn’t it?” She texted to John. On her first message, he had only responded with a winking emoticon.
“It is. I wish you were out here to see it. The leaves are coloring red in fall, possibly my favorite color. But you knew that.” He replied.
“I know you like recreating it in places that are otherwise pale as cream; yet I think I prefer it on the trees. I just found a leaf, redder than a sunset.” Emma texted back.
“Are there many trees down in the city?” John replied.
“There are; but not as many as out here. I think I just passed that spot where you spanked me last week.” Emma texted back, admitting she was out there somewhere, breaking his rule.
“I do not remember giving you a spanking this week. Are you out there without my permission, young lady?” John replied.
Emma licked her lips, this was so fun and exciting at the same time. “I thought that if you were going to spank me again, at least this time I’d make sure I’d earned it.”
“Oh you definitely earned it. You should keep that leaf, when I find you we shall find out if I can make your bottom redder than a sunset as well.” John texted.

Emma blushed but did not reply to John’s latest text. She hadn’t lied when she said she passed the spot where he had spanked her last week. John would know where to look for her.
This must be what a hunted deer feels like, she thought with a chuckle. She had increased her pace, but there weren’t many roads in this area, no intersections where she could cover her tracks. For all she knew, she was running straight at him.
The thought of eventually being caught turned her on greatly. She hadn’t really given it much thought when she planned this. She’d focussed mostly on the part where he would catch her. Yet now she felt that this turned her on as well, the adrenaline of hiding, trying to get away with her misbehavior, yet at the same yearning for the punishment that would follow.

“Emma!” A loud voice suddenly echoed in the forest.
Emma looked over her shoulder and saw a man in uniform, coming in her direction.
Stay and face the consequences, or make a run for it? She thought.
She hadn’t come here today to be an obedient girl. She started to run.
Emma had quite a head start on the forester, but every time she looked over her shoulder, he seemed to be closer. Soon she could hear his footsteps closing in.
“Emma, stop!” The forester called.
She looked behind her again, he was but two steps behind her. She slowed down then, running was okay, but she didn’t want him to tackle her or anything.
“Why did you run?” The forester asked after placing his hand on her shoulder an pulling them both to a stop.
“I didn’t want to make it too easy on you.” Emma replied with a mischievous grin.
“So it’s not because you wanted to end our arrangement or because you were afraid?” John asked.
“No, of course not. I wouldn’t have texted you if that was the case.” Emma said.
“I’m just asking because I don’t want you to think you don’t have a choice in all this.” The forester said.
Emma understood how her actions might have made him think he had been taking advantage of her all this time, while in fact she’d wanted it as much as him.
“I just wanted to earn my spanking for once.” She explained. “Like the first time we met.”
The forester smiled. “Well you surely earned it this time.”
Emma blushed, he was going to spank her any moment now, but she felt she wanted to discuss it more.
“Perhaps we can skip those spankings in the hotel in the future and focus on those when I misbehave.” Emma said, she was sure now that she preferred these kind of spankings over those without a reason.
“How will I know when you misbehave.” The forester asked. “I can’t come out here and follow you all the time.”
“We’ll just have to spend more time together.” Emma said. She blushed, she hadn’t really thought about dating John since she’d booked the hotel. Did she really want more from him than just sex? And what would he think, would he avoid her if he thought she wanted more?
“I’d love to spend more time with you, Emma.” John replied. “In fact, I think it would be about time someone took charge of you and taught you to be a good girl for once.”
Emma blushed even deeper. What had he said? Take charge of her? Part of her wanted to bristle against that comment, but an other part grew warm and excited.
“I think I’ll start right now.” John continued. “You did your best to earn this spanking young lady, so I’m going to make sure you get exactly what you deserve.”
Emma bit her lip. This was exactly why she’d come out here, wasn’t it? Then why was she apprehensive now? She knew a spanking could hurt, she wanted it to hurt. But that didn’t mean it was going to be easy.
“Yes, Sir.” She replied.
“Take off your clothes.” John commanded.
Emma licked her lips and slowly began to undress. John had made her strip out here those past few times as well, ever since he had caught her skinny-dipping and escorted her back to her hotel naked.
When he noticed she was wearing something more sexual underneath her clothing than usual, he smiled but motioned for her to take it off as well.

Standing completely naked in the middle of the forest, Emma let John take her arm and guide her to a tree.
“Bend over.” He commanded.
Emma placed her hands to the tree and bent over for her punishment.
John’s hands were on her bottom, rubbing, squeezing. Emma moaned softly, deeply aroused.
The first smack echoed through the forest and Emma moaned deeply. Another smack followed the first and then another and another. Each of them loud and clear, spreading that familiar sting through her buttocks.
Emma’s heart was racing. Yes, this was the kind of spanking she wanted. Not because she was out here instead of in their room – though the thought of being outside where anyone could see certainly increased her arousal – but because she had earned it.
The pain started to built and Emma dug her hands into the bark of the tree. She shouldn’t reach back, but she hoped John would give her a break soon.
Then she remembered the threat he had made the very first time they’d met. “Don’t make me get the rope.”
Why was she so obedient, just because he had caught her? Wasn’t she trying to be a naughty brat today? She reached back with one hand to rub her bottom.
“Hands in front of you, young lady!” John said while smacking the part of her ass she could not reach.
Emma placed her hand back against the tree but now used the other to rub the other side.
“In front of you, Emma.” John said, pulling her hand to the side.
Emma just placed it back on her bottom again.
This was fun!
John pushed her hand aside and pressed himself against her, his crotch against her stinging bottom as he bent over and whispered in her ears. “Do you remember what I told you the first time we met?” He asked.
Emma moaned deeply, feeling John’s arousal as his erection pressed through his trousers against her pussy.
Why do you think I’m doing this? She thought to herself.
“Hands in front or I’m getting the rope.” John reminded her.
Emma placed her hands back against the tree and John stepped back. She only waited for a bit however, ten solid smacks and then she reached back to rub away the pain.
No other smack came, but Emma heard the forester walk away from her. She looked over her shoulder and saw him digging in his backpack. Her breathing grew ragged.
John returned with a length of strong, coarse rope. “Give me your wrists.” He commanded.
Emma held up her hands obediently, wrists held together, deeply excited.
John tied the rope around them and then looped it around the tree, forcing her to bend over again, this time with no way to reach back or escape her punishment.
She heard him take off his belt and licked her lips. This part would hurt the most, but she loved it all the same.
The crack of his belt on her bottom echoed through the forest. Emma squealed and moaned, but all she could do was endure her punishment.
The pain grew worse and worse as her bottom felt on fire, red like that leaf she had shown him before.

“So, are you going to try harder to follow my rules?” John asked her.
Emma was hanging against the tree, its bark rough against the bare skin of her breasts, she was completely out of breath.
“Yes, Sir.” She whispered. “Though I’m not sure I will be able to obey them all, because I don’t know all your rules yet.”
“How about we meet up at my cabin.” The forester said. “I’ll mark it on your map. We can discuss them there.”
Emma stood up against the tree, looking on as the forester searched for her map in her backpack and then drew a circle where his cabin would be.
“It’s deep into the forest.” He said. “No-one will hear us.”
What won’t they hear? Emma wondered, still tied to the tree. My screams? Her knees felt weak and her bottom was still burning, but already she longed for more.
“I’ll meet you there, Sir.” She said.
The forester smiled. “I have a small test for you, Emma. To see if you can be a good girl and follow my instructions. If you succeed, I’ll let you into my cabin and fuck you; but if you fail, you will be spanked first.”
Emma licked her lips. Spanked first, so fail or succeed, she’d get fucked either way. “What is the test?” She asked.
“You’re going to walk to my cabin, completely naked.” The forester said. “You can take your clothes with you and should you see or hear anyone you can put them on, but that’s the only exception. Take them off when they’re out of sight and continue your journey completely naked until you find me. I’m going to trust you to be honest in telling me whether you succeeded or not.”
Emma bit her lips, a naked hike to a destination she hadn’t been before? “I will try my best, Sir.” She replied.
“Oh, and you can keep on your shoes.” John said as he came close, taking her in his arms and kissing her deeply before untying the rope around her wrists.
Emma blushed at the intimate moment, naked in his arms. They had kissed before of course, but this was different, less lustful and more affectionate.
“Thank you, Sir.” She said.
She picked up her clothes and stuffed them in her backpack. John was already walking down the road. “See you later, Emma.” He called.
She was completely alone, naked and alone. So exciting. She could get dressed of course, but no, she could prove to him that she could do this. Truth was, she was very excited to be doing it.
Naked, with just her shoes on her feet and her pack on her back, Emma set out to find the cabin. She listened closely to hear any other hikers, but soon relaxed, surrounded by the sounds of the forest.
On my way to get fucked, she thought with a blush. I’m not even wearing any clothes, presenting myself naked to the man who is going to do it. And if I don’t he’s just going to spank me again. Her bottom was still burning.
The cabin was quite far from where the forester had caught her. At least a few hours walk if she read her map right.
She wondered if he was following her, silently spying on her to make sure she did not get dressed. He wouldn’t have to, she had no intention of failing the test.
Realizing he might be out there, Emma suddenly felt watched. Not just by John, but by anyone who could be out there, silently watching her without alerting her of their presence. The thought aroused her, yet at the same time made her increase her pace to reach the safety of his cabin sooner.
When she finally saw it between the trees, she stopped. Would John be waiting? She wondered. Would he take her inside and fuck her right away? Her excitement flared.
At least we know I can follow his rules, she thought; having succeeded in her test. Though she wondered, wouldn’t it be better if I had failed? The pain in her bottom was nearly gone and part of her would like it to be renewed before he fucked her.
She made her way to the cabin and knocked at the door.
I hope I have the right cabin, she suddenly thought. What if she was wrong and someone else opened, while she stood there naked as she was born.
No-one answered however and the thought went away. How many cabins like this could there be out here anyway. With her back against the door, she waited for John to arrive.
She opened her backpack to get a drink and rummaged through her clothes. The urge to put them back on and earn a spanking became greater and greater.
Just the panties and bra, she thought. I didn’t put on this sexy set this morning for no reason.
Moments later, dressed in just her lingerie, she watched John approach through the forest. She wondered if he had been waiting for her to put something on or whether it was a coincidence.
She blushed when he looked at her and noticed the underwear.
“I thought I told you to remain naked.” He said when he arrived.
“I was.” Emma said. “I walked the entire trail naked, until I reached the cabin like you asked.”
“I said until you find me, not until you find the cabin.” John said.
Emma blushed, she knew that, she was only pretending to have misunderstood.
“Oh, does that mean I failed, Sir?” She asked with a pout.
“I think it means you’re still trying to get in trouble on purpose, and that you’re getting another spanking on that naughty red bottom of yours.” John said.
Emma licked her lips. “Wouldn’t you rather just fuck me?”
John took some keys from his pocket and opened the door to the cabin. Emma followed him inside, wondering whether she’d get that spanking or not.
Inside all doubts were erased from her mind. One half of the cabin had a small kitchenette with an old stove, the other a four-poster bed with rope tied to the posts, chains on the ceiling and on the wall wooden paddles, switches and canes, floggers and whips.
Emma gasped.
“I’d like to get to know you better, Emma.” John said. “So I thought it’d be fair you got to know me better as well. Perhaps we can spend more time together in the city, we can go on a date and have some fun. When you’re naughty I will spank you of course, and even give you some rules to follow and turn you into a good girl. When you break those rules however and need more than just an ordinary spanking, we can return here, to the forest where we met and in my cabin I can teach you what it’s really like to be a good girl.”
Emma was shocked by what she saw, but not scared. She knew John well enough to trust him. He had brought her here to show her this, not to use it if she didn’t want it.
She was also extremely turned on by having a secret hide-out in the forest, full of kinky equipment to punish a naughty girl like herself.
“Only if you’re interested of course.” John said. “I can understand if this looks a bit overwhelming.”
Emma licked her lips. “I’m sure we’ll be spending a lot of time in here.” She said. “I’m going to need a lot of lessons before I can become a good girl.”
John smiled. “Don’t worry, you will and I’ll take things slowly. I won’t overwhelm you with these things.”
Emma laughed. “Like you did with your belt?” She asked.
John coughed.
“I’m sorry, I was just joking.” Emma said quickly. “I’m sure you won’t give me more than I can take, I trust you.”
John closed in on her and placed his hand on her bottom. “So, what do you want to start with?” He asked.
Emma bit her lip. “I still need a spanking for getting dressed, don’t I?”
“Perhaps one of the paddles?” John suggested.
Emma made her way to the wall and looked at the row of paddles. She picked up one of the larger ones, not wanting to seem afraid by picking a smaller one. “This one, Sir.” She said, handing him the spanking implement.
“Good choice.” John said. “Bend over and place your hands on the bed.”
Emma did as she was told, still wearing her lingerie as she bent over the bed in the forester’s cabin.
John placed the paddle against her pink backside.
Emma held her breath.
The paddle landed with a loud thwack across her bottom and Emma squealed softly.
“One!” John counted.
Again and again the paddle landed hard on her sensitive buttocks, Emma couldn’t help but squeal and dig her finger into the beds mattress.
John kept counting each stroke, though Emma didn’t know what he was counting to.
“Fifteen!” He shouted and Emma squealed again.
“I’m sorry, Sir.” he pleaded. “I’ll be a good girl, I promise.” He bottom felt on fire, swollen and red.
“Fifteen, not bad.” John said and Emma realized he’d been counting to see how many she could take.
“I think I can take a few more, Sir.” She said with a blush. She didn’t know why she said it. Her bottom was on fire and she was yearning for him to fuck her.
“How many?” John asked.
Emma licked her lips. “Five more, Sir.” Just like she proved she could follow his rules, she wanted to prove to him she could take this.
“Twenty in total does sound like a good place to start.” John agreed.
He placed the paddle back on her bottom and Emma dug her fingers into the mattress, ready for the rest of her spanking.
She was squealing by the time he reached twenty, her bottom bouncing beneath the impact of the paddle.
At twenty, John placed the paddle on the bed and pulled her up. “Good girl.” He said, hugging her tightly.
Emma rubbed her body against his, yearning for him.
John’s hands slid down her back, rubbing her sore bottom and pulling down her panties. He pushed her backwards until she felt the bed against the back of her legs. He unhooked her bra so she was completely naked once more.
“Would you tie me up like you did in the forest, Sir?” Emma asked.
“Great idea.” John agreed. “Lay down on the bed.”
Emma sat down on the mattress, wincing when she was reminded of the pain in her bottom.
John pulled some rope from around the beds posts and used it to tie her wrists to the head of the bed.
Completely naked, Emma looked up at the man who had spanked her and spread her legs.
“Did you at least bring the condoms today?” John asked.
“Yes, Sir.” Emma said. She had after all planned on getting spanked and fucked from the beginning.
John rummaged in her backpack until he found what he needed. He kept his uniform on like always and knelt between her legs.
He leaned forward and with his weight on her body and her hands tied behind her head, Emma could not get away as he finally pushed his cock inside of her.
The forester fucked her hard and rough, biting her ear, her neck and her nipples. Emma came even before he did, her body shaking uncontrollably in between pleasure and pain.

“Perhaps I shall keep you here tonight.” John said after he too had come. He had rolled off her and was throwing away the used condom. Emma was still tied to the bed.
“Well I couldn’t get away if I wanted to.” Emma replied, indicating the rope around her wrists.
“Though it’s a bit of a shame since you paid for your hotel-room.” John said.
“Yet from now on perhaps I could stay here when I want to go out hiking.” Emma said.
“Only if you promise to be a good girl.” The forester said.
“I can’t promise that.” Emma replied. “But you’ve got everything you need right here to deal with me when I misbehave.”
“Very well.” John said. “But I do want to do more than just spank and fuck you, Emma.”
Emma blushed. “How about we have dinner, somewhere in the city next week.” She suggested.
“That sounds great.” The forester said. “I’ll be able to see how well-behaved you are out in the civilized world.”
Emma smiled. “In case I disappoint, I don’t have this sort of equipment at my apartment, but I’m sure you can improvise.”
John laughed.
“So are you going to untie me yet?” Emma asked.
“No.” The forester replied. “I’m going to have some more fun with you first.”
This time, he did take off his uniform.

The forest fire (part 2)

Naked girl skinny dipping

A week had passed and Emma could not forget the man who had spanked and fucked her. She had booked a room at the same hotel she’d stayed in the weekend before; hoping to see him again. She wasn’t sure whether she wanted him to fuck her or spank her, maybe both.
She did not see him at the hotel and she realized he would be in the forest, doing whatever it is a forester does all day. She didn’t even know his name, so she could not ask anyone about him.
In the afternoon, Emma followed one of the abandoned hiking paths. She knew it would be impossible to search for one man in such a large forest. She would have to give up on finding him.
Instead, she enjoyed the outside air like she always did and fantasized about what might happen if they ever did cross paths again.
As time passed and her fantasies ran out, Emma realized that if they did ever meet again, chances were she’d just be walking along the road. It wouldn’t be anything like her fantasies or last weekend when she’d been caught in her underwear. If she wanted those fantasies to be real, she’d have to be the naughty girl that deserved those spankings.
She would have to be more risky out here where he could find her. Perhaps go skinny dipping or walk the empty road with less clothes on than she should. If she wanted a spanking, she should be naughty, she wouldn’t start a fire again, but there were other, harmless things she could do.
This idea of harmless but naughty behavior did not come from nowhere of course. Emma had been resting on a fallen log beside a small pond. To the side stood a small wooden post with a sign that read: “No swimming”.
After staring at that sign for a while, Emma found the courage to go through with her plan. She took off her clothes and placed them on the fallen log.
Even her bra and panties went off, until she was completely naked. She never considered herself an exhibitionist and surely never undressed where anyone could see, but the memory of her first encounter with the forester turned her on greatly. Out here, the risk of being caught was small enough to be overwhelmed by the excitement she felt.
She stood there for a while, completely naked like the animals that inhabited the forest. She stayed still, inviting them to look at her, hoping and fearing at the same time that perhaps it wasn’t just animals watching.
When she slowly descended into the pond, it felt like becoming one with the nature around her. She had almost forgotten the sign and her reason for doing this; instead she enjoyed the moment, thinking she should more often try experiencing nature as fully as this.
As she reached the deepest part of the pull, Emma was submerged to just below her breasts. She lowered herself into the water until it reached her chin. The water was cold, but it was a pleasantly warm day.
“What are you doing in there.” A man’s voice suddenly broke the idyllic scene.
Emma’s eyes shot open in surprise. She hadn’t even realized she’d closed them; but she had recognized the voice.
Had he really found her? She wondered. How was it possible, that in the vast forest, he just happened to stumble into her now?
She stood up in the water, trying to see the forester. Her bare breasts were visible above the pond’s surface, but he had seen them before. Emma was not embarrassed to be caught naked by him, the soft, wet skin off her bosom was part of her method to seduce him once more.
He arrived at the water’s edge from behind some trees, wearing the same dark uniform. It reminded her of their night in the hotel and made her blush.
“Swimming.” Emma replied, trying to sound innocent and naughty at the same time.
“You should come out of the water Emma, you know you’re not allowed to swim here.” The forester said.
“No.” Emma replied, trying for a bratty expression. “You just want me to come out so you can see me naked.”
“I’ve already seen you naked. Besides, I’ve been watching you for a while. You can’t tell me you didn’t see that sign over there while you were resting on that log.” The forester replied.
Emma bit her lip. He’d been watching her? Again she wondered how he had found her out here, a chance meeting seemed just too unlikely. “Did you follow me?” She asked.
“I did.” The forester admitted, without shame. “I saw you at the hotel and decided to make sure you didn’t get in trouble again and it turns out I was right to do so.”
Emma didn’t know whether she should feel upset by that or not. He had probably decided to follow her for the same reason she had decided to take a swim in this pound.
“I didn’t think it’d be that big of a deal.” She said.
“It is a big deal, Emma and the longer you stay in there, the more trouble you’re in.” The forester said.
Emma blushed, but slowly climbed out of the water. When she reached the forester at the bank, she was shivering. Her own nudity stood in sharp contrast to his well-tended uniform.
“I was just swimming.” She said.
“That sign isn’t placed there for no reason.” The forester explained. “Some animals that live by this pond are on the endangered species list and by swimming here, you’re disturbing their habitat.”
Emma blushed. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know.”
“There are dozens of ponds in this area that you’re free to go skinny-dipping, Emma. Why did you pick this one?” The forester asked.
Thoughts of being naughty or spanked were all gone as Emma felt truly guilty about what she’d done. “I just wanted to have some harmless fun. I thought some day, you might catch me and spank me again.”
Normally, she wouldn’t have admitted her true goals so easily, but her guilt forced her to come clean.
“You don’t have to feel too bad, Emma.” The forester said, realizing how upset she felt. “I doubt you leisurely swim disturbed anything. That sign was meant more for youngsters jumping and diving into the pond, making too much noice and damaging the plants near the water.”
“Thank you.” Emma mumbled, feeling instantly better when she realized she hadn’t made a huge mistake and the forester wasn’t truly angry at her.
“But you’re still going to get that spanking.” The forester said.
Emma licked her lips. She was still shivering, running her hands down her body to warm it up as her skin slowly dried. “Thank you, Sir. I’m sure I deserve that.”
The forester sat down on the fallen log and held out his hand. “I see that you’re cold. Come here, I’ll have you warm in no time.”

Emma let herself be guided across the forester’s lap. This position was much more intimate than the previous one, where she’d stood bent over against a tree. She felt his warm body against hers, his uniform soaking up some of the water that was still left on her skin; and just below her hips, the pressure of his erection, proof that he was just as turned on as she was to be spanking her again.
The smack of his hand on her wet bottom echoed through the forest and Emma squealed. The cold water on her stretched skin seemed to double the sting as each gentle smack hurt a lot more than she remembered from her previous punishment.
Emma looked down at the forest floor, grass and fallen leaves between her fingers as her bottom was spanked. She moaned and whimpered as the pain slowly increased and her bottom grew redder and redder.
“You can’t just go around breaking the rules, Emma.” The forester said. “Especially if you’re doing it on purpose just because you want to be spanked.”
“I know, I’m sorry.” Emma said.
The forester hooked his spare arm around her hip and Emma knew her spanking would now really start.
She squealed when the first full-armed swings landed on her stinging bottom. She moaned and struggled, but there was no escape from the forester’s firm grip.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” She plead, but the only reply was the echo of each smack on her bottom, vibrating between the trees.
Emma kicked her legs and wailed as her bottom bounced beneath the forester’s hand. Was this really what she wanted she wondered? Had she truly broken the rules on purpose, just to be punished like this again?
Yet she didn’t have to wonder. She needed just a moment to look past the pain, to evaluate her feelings and realize how aroused she was. How wet from excitement her pussy felt, something the forester surely knew and saw as well.
There was no cure for her excitement however, not yet. She wanted to be a naughty girl, wanted to be punished and yes, wanted the punishment to feel real. She didn’t want it to be over before she’d reached that point where she felt completely under his control.
“Stand up, Emma.” The forester suddenly said.
Emma took a breath and pushed herself off his lap. Was it over? She wondered. Her bottom felt on fire and relieved that the smacks had stopped coming. Yet a small part of her yearned for more, yearned to feel that complete loss of control.
“Have you learned your lesson yet, young lady?” The forester asked.
Emma bit her lips. “I have learned my lesson, Sir; but I think I can take a bit more.”
She stood before him completely naked, full of the realization that she was asking for more while her bottom already felt on fire.
“I wasn’t going to let you get away that easy, Emma.” The forester said. “Just because you learned your lesson doesn’t mean you’ve received all the punishment you deserve.”
Emma blushed.
The forester unclasped the belt from his uniform and slowly pulled it through the loops. He then folded it in half, holding it threateningly in one hand.
“Bend over and place your hands on the log, Emma.” He said.
Emma gasped. “Please Sir, not with the belt.”
“Do you want me to punish you or not, young lady?” The forester asked.
Emma blushed. That is what she wanted, but the belt it was just too… Scary, she realized; but was she scared of his belt, or scared of letting go? If she truly wanted to give up control, then she’d have to trust him not to punish her harder than she could endure.
Slowly, she bent over and placed her hands on the fallen log.
The forester moved behind her.
The belt whipped through the air in a wide arch. The cracking sound when it connected with her bottom echoed through the forest.
Emma squealed; but the pain was delicious.
It spread through her bottom, a deep thudding pain, more intense than that of his hand, but somehow more enjoyable too.
Again the belt whipped through the air and painted a broad red line across her buttocks.
Emma moaned in excitement.
The belt came again and again. The forester made sure to switch sides and to aim at every part of her bottom, even her thighs, until her entire lower backside was glowing red.
Though the pain had her in ecstasy, it quickly became too much to bear. Emma quickly realized that while she had been wrong to fear the belt, she had been right to assume she would not be able to take as much from it as from a regular spanking.
Emma begged the forester to stop, promises and offers of her body to distract him from the need to punish her. She could prove to him that’s she’d be a good girl again, just like he’d called her in the hotel room after he’d fucked her. Bent over as she was, her pussy wet and swollen from excitement, she begged him to fuck her right then and there.
She believed her request would be granted when the forester dropped his belt and placed his warm hand between her legs. She shivered from his intimate touch.
“I don’t normally bring a condom with me when I’m out here.” The forester said. “But I’d be happy to escort you back to your hotel and fuck you when we get there. That way, I can make sure you don’t get in any more trouble along the way.”
Emma moaned. “Yes, Sir.” She replied.

“Get up, take your clothes.” The forester commanded.
Emma straightened, taking a short moment to rub her tender backside.
“Don’t put them on yet.” The forester said. “This is the second time I catch you out here with no or next-to-no clothes on. If you like being naked so much, you can walk back like this.”
Emma blushed. “No, please…”
“Don’t worry.” The forester said. “I’ll ket you put them back on before we reach the more popular roads.”
Emma bit her lip, clutching the bundle of clothes against her chest. Swimming naked out here had excited her, and the idea of being escorted back naked turned her on as well. Though it was hard to reconcile that excitement with the thudding fear of someone actually seeing her, or worse: her red, obviously freshly spanked bottom.
“You walk ahead.” The forester said.
Emma swallowed. The man had followed her all this way without her noticing. He would spot anyone approaching them before they would. She just had to trust him to warn her and let her get dressed before they got anywhere near the more travelled routes.
As she walked down the path through the trees, Emma could hear the forester behind her. She was constantly aware of her nudity. It accompanied the pain in her bottom in such a way that it felt like part of her punishment. In a way it was, she was being escorted back to the hotel by the forester after her misdeeds. That thought turned her on greatly.
The forester in the meantime had broken off a branch from a small tree and was stripping it of its leaves and bark. When he was done, he swung it through the air, passing but inches from her bottom.
Emma gasped and looked behind her as she felt the cool wind against her backside.
“Perhaps this will help you realize that this is no leisurely walk, but that you’re in fact a naughty girl being sent to her room.” The forester said.
Emma’s eyes went wide open and the forester swung the switch again, this time hitting her bottom. She squealed softly as it left a bright red stripe across her backside. The pain from her punishment had nearly disappeared and only a soft pink was left of the earlier warm red coloring. The stinging stripes quickly set her bottom aflame again and reawakened the pain.
Naked and with her bottom switched along the way, Emma was escorted back to her hotel-room. But this treatment only turned her on even more. She hurried to reach the privacy of her room where her punishment would be over and the forester might fuck her again.
Yet every time she walked too fast or too far forward, the switch landed twice as hard, reminding her of who was in charge.

They were not far from the hotel when the forester finally allowed her to stop. They had gotten into popular territory and Emma had grown more nervous with the minute about being seen. Yet when she finally pulled on her clothes, she couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed that it was over and that she was finally safe from his switch.
They walked the rest of the way to the hotel as if they were just a pair of normal hikers. At the hotel’s lobby, she waited for the forester to get some condoms from the shop and then join her to her room.
“Have you learned a lesson today, Emma?” He asked her.
“Yes, Sir.” She replied. Her bottom was still glowing and sore from the switching on their way back.
“And you’re still willing to prove to me that you’ll be a good girl?” He asked.
“Yes, Sir.” She replied again.
“Start with taking off your clothes then.” He said. “You didn’t need them in the forest, you definitely don’t need them in the privacy of your hotel room.”
Emma licked her lips, slowly peeling off her clothes again.
“Bend over with your hands on the bed, pretend it’s that log beside the pond.” The forester told her, he had not taken off his uniform.
Emma obeyed.
“When you begged me to fuck you, your bottom was a lot redder than it is now.” The forester said. “I would’ve liked seeing that while I fucked you, a visual reminder of your well-earned punishment.”
Emma blushed. “You can spank me again, Sir. If that would please you.”
“That was exactly what I was going to do.” He replied. “But I’m glad you agree.”
He smacked her bottom again with his open hand. The sound echoing in the room and Emma wondered if out in the open forest, they might’ve actually had more privacy than here in her room.
The sting in her bottom quickly returned, making her moan and squeal at each smack; but so did the color and when her bottom was brightly red again, the forester put on one of his condoms and grabbed her hips to fuck her from behind.
Bent over like she was during her punishment, Emma moaned just like when she was being spanked, her arousal too great to contain. Her body shook and trembled several times, reaching an orgasm multiple times before the forester did.
The forester’s hips smacked against her sore buttocks, his cock grinding into her pussy, penetrating her deeply and easily finding her g-spot in this position.
She did not know where one orgasm ended and the next began, until finally the forester too stopped his thrusts to unload inside her, reaching his climax, only the condom stopping him from filling her up completely.

Emma rested on the bed while the forester straightened his uniform and threw away the condom. She wondered if he was just going to leave again, like last time.
“This can’t continue this way, Emma.” He said when he was done.
Emma blushed. Had he not enjoyed their time together?
“You can’t keep going out into the forest, misbehaving and hoping to get caught, just so I might spank you.” He said.
Emma blushed. Then what was she to do? Now that she had discovered how much she enjoyed this, how could she stop seeking it out?
“Someday, you’ll do something that’s actually dangerous or something actually goes wrong and it will be my fault for having encouraged you.” The forester explained.
“Then what do we do?” Emma asked. “You don’t want this to end this way, do you? I know you enjoy it as much as I do.”
“I do.” The forester admitted. “And that’s why I’m going to suggest the following. From now on, whenever you book a room at a hotel in this area, you will contact me. I will come over and give you a pre-emptive spanking. If you start out your weekend with a sore red bottom, you will surely not get into any more trouble.”
Emma blushed. “You want me to report to you for a spanking? Before I have done anything wrong?”
“We both know you would get into trouble anyway if you didn’t.” The forester replied. “This way at least you get what you want before anything goes wrong. Besides, you might find it a whole new experience, traveling these woods with an already well-spanked bottom.”
Emma bit her lip. Taking a spanking as the price to pay before being allowed to enter his forests. Why did that sound so exciting?
“Fine.” She said. “I guess that’s the best solution to our problem.”
The forester smiled. “I will of course also need some convincing that such a spanking reached its goal and that you are a good girl, before I let you out into the woods. You should make sure you have some condoms with you and perhaps take them out in the forest too. You never know when we might meet and decide to give you another reminder.”
Emma could feel the excitement between her legs, his words making her yearn for more, despite their earlier actions. Not only would she be spanked and fucked anytime she wanted to come for a walk again. She’d be out there knowing there was always a chance he’d show up and spank her, not because she was naughty, but just because he could. It made her wish she was out there now, realizing he would surely follow her like he had today, just to force those chance meetings.
“Of course, Sir.” She replied. “If our past meetings have taught me anything, it’s that I’m a naughty girl that needs to be kept on a tight leash.”
The forester laughed. “Just make sure you behave, Emma, or I might take that comment a bit more literal than you intended. I’m sure you’d look very cure in a leash.”
Emma blushed.
The forester grabbed something from his pocket. The motion reminded Emma of the fact that she was completely naked while he was still fully dressed. It truly enforced the idea of him being in control of the situation.
“Here, take this.” He said, handing her the business-card he’d taken from his pocket. “My phone number is on the back.”
Emma accepted the card and kept it close, on it was the number she’d have to call to ket her spanking and her permission to enter the forest.
“Until next time, Emma.” The forester said.
“Goodbye…” Emma replied, watching him leave.
She looked at the card as the door closed behind him. The phone-number wasn’t the only thing he had gifted her, on it was his name as well.

City trip spankings ( part 1)

Naughty girl with a bared red bottom in corner time

There was a clear sky above the city of Prague, but the streets seemed empty. Samantha was surprised that she was the only person present; this was supposed to be a busy shopping street after all. All the stores were closed too, despite it being a regular Wednesday.
When she took her phone from her purse and connected to the internet to search for an explanation, she found out this day was a holiday in the country she was visiting.
Samantha was quite annoyed at this discovery. She had planned to spend most of her day shopping. She was on this city-trip with two of her friends and none of them had known the shops would be closed this day. There hadn’t been any mentions of it at the hotel they were staying at either.
Her friends were still at the hotel. They were a married couple and had invited Samantha to join them on this trip. They shared a large hotel-room with two separate two-person bedrooms.
They had arrived on Monday and spent most of their time together. After those first two days however, her friends had subtly made her know they wanted some privacy. Samantha knew when she became a third wheel and had offered to spend the whole day by herself in town. They still had the rest of the week to spend together.
Her friends would have to get their privacy some other time, Samantha decided. She couldn’t spend a whole day outside if everything was closed. Still annoyed, she returned to the hotel.

Their room was on the third floor of the hotel. There was a do-not-disturb sign on the door, probably to stop the maintenance crew from coming in. When Samantha entered with her key, the room was empty however.
She was surprise for a moment, until she heard a sound coming from her friends’ bedroom. It was a strange noise, like a very slow applause, two hands slowly clapping. Samantha blushed, thinking she might be hearing the fleshy sound of sex; having run into her friends with their bodies intimately bumping into each-other.
What else had she expected? Samantha thought. What else would her friends be doing when she left them alone in their hotel-room for a day, offering them their privacy. She should leave now before they realized she had returned.
She could not. There was something off about the sounds she was hearing. She could not quite place it, but it did not sound like sex. Not like any she’d ever had. The rhythm was just too slow, the impact of flesh against flesh too perfectly clear. Her curiosity bound her to stay and find out what was going on.
Samantha moved closer to her friends’ bedroom door. As the sound became clearer, she could hear a faint moaning following each of the fleshy smacks.
When she neared the door, the sound suddenly stopped and Samantha froze, fearing they might have heard her.
“I’ve told you a dozen time before, Amy.” Her friend Cedric suddenly said, his voice loud and clear through the door. “You should not make such a mess of our room and just because we’re in a hotel-room instead of our apartment, that doesn’t change anything.”
Amy’s reply came in a muted voice. “Yes, Sir.” She said.
Samantha could barely hear her, but she recognized her friend’s voice. It felt odd hearing her address her husband as Sir; just like it was weird to hear him speak so sternly to her. They always seemed to get along so well.
She wondered if they were having a fight, she’d never seen them fight before; but no, this was different. When that sound that had attracted her attention before returned – even louder now – she suddenly realized what it was.
Her friend Amy was getting a spanking from her husband.
Samantha’s mouth dropped open. This was not what she had expected when leaving them alone for a day. Still, she could not say she was surprised. Somehow it made sense to her, if any of her friends were into such things, it would be Amy and Cedric.
She turned to leave, double concerned now that they found out she’d walked in on them. Discovering their secret like this would be worse than walking in on them having sex, she thought. She could not help but look around the room however.
Cedric was right. It was a mess. The suitcases were only half-unpacked and there were clothes everywhere. Even underwear and lingerie to her surprise. What he had not mentioned, was that at least half this mess was Samantha’s and not just Amy’s.
Samantha blushed deeply and fought back an urge to clean the room right away. She was not the one in trouble. She hadn’t married a man who would spank her for such untidiness, nor had she received ‘dozens’ of warnings as Amy had supposedly had.
She could not clean the room any way. Her friends might hear her and even if they didn’t, they would still wonder why she suddenly decided to clean. Instead, she forced herself to ignore the mess and the sounds behind her – the moaning was louder now too, pierced with the occasional squeal – and made her way out of the room.

The hotel had a bar, which luckily, was opened this day. Samantha ordered a hot drink there and sat down at an empty table. She could not keep her mind from thinking about what she’d heard.
Samantha was actually quite aroused by her discovery. She’d had fantasies of her own about being spanked for years. Ever since she’d read a book in which the lead character had received a spanking, she’d been on-and-off fantasizing about such things. It hadn’t even been erotica, the spanking hadn’t been an important part of the plot, just some fluff to spice up the story.
She realized with a grin that Amy had recommended that book to her. That must be a coincidence, she thought. In the book there was no mention of misbehavior or punishment, the spanking had been purely sensual. He friend’s spanking seemed much different, even though she wasn’t sure the moans she’d heard had been of pain or pleasure.
Probably both, she thought with a blush. Her own fantasies had made a very similar evolution, from purely sensual spankings, to imagined stories of misbehavior and erotic punishment.
Samantha was still blushing deeply, mesmerized by the memories of these fantasies when a man approached her table.
“Is this seat taken?” He asked her.
“No, it’s free.” She said. Distracted by her thoughts, she did not realize the man meant to take a seat at her table. Only when he sat down in front of her did she look up.
“I saw you sitting here alone and thought you might want some company.” The man said.
Samantha realized he wanted to hook up with her. The thought angered her for a moment, but then she realized he wouldn’t have known what she had been thinking about just now. There was nothing inappropriate about his approach. In fact, this might be one of the few situations she thought in which it was perfectly fine for a man to walk up to a woman and start a conversation.
“I’m sorry. My mind was elsewhere.” She replied when she realized she hadn’t replied immediately. She took a better look at him now. He was an attractive man, wearing a business-like suit. He was smiling and looked friendly, just a stranger looking for some company. Perhaps he could provide a distraction for her.
“I noticed.” He said. “You were blushing so beautifully, I couldn’t help but wonder what you were thinking about.”
Samantha frowned, pushing back the thoughts that had occupied her mind just moments ago. “Nothing very interesting.” She replied, the tone of her voice making it clear that her thoughts were private.
“Unfortunate. So why are you sitting alone at the bar on a beautiful day like this?” The man replied, completely dropping the subject at her request.
He rose in Samantha’s estimation immediately. She smiled broadly when she replied: “I was going shopping, until I learned all the stores are closed. I’m on a trip with friends, but we decided I’d give them some privacy today so I’m alone for now.”
The man nodded and Samantha wondered how much he might deduce from what she told him. Would he suspect she was single? Probably, she wouldn’t be alone, nor welcome his attention if she wasn’t. Would he suspect her friend’s privacy lay at the core of her blushes? Unlikely, there could’ve been a dozen other reasons for those.
“My name’s Carl by the way.” The man said. “Would you mind if I kept you company on this day when your friends are busy elsewhere?” He smiled. “Or at least for as long as you find me entertaining.”
“I’d certainly appreciate it.” Samantha answered. “We’ve had a bit of an unfortunate timing with this holiday, but I wouldn’t want to bother my friends right now.” A slight blush crept back on her cheeks remembering that. “I’m Samantha by the way.” She said quickly trying to cover it up.
“Your friends are a couple, I assume.” Carl asked her.
“They’re married.” Samantha confirmed.
Carl nodded as if that explained the situation perfectly. Perhaps it did.
“Were you planning to stay down here then for the rest of the day?” Carl asked. “The stores might be closed, but there should be plenty of other interesting things to do in the city.”
“I don’t know.” Samantha replied truthfully. How long could such a spanking last? She wondered. She had no idea of knowing how soon she’d be able to return to her hotel-room. The thought made her forget to finish the rest of her sentence.
“I actually come to Prague quite often for work.” Carl said. “I could show you some of the sights or some of my favorite museums. Most tourism-focussed establishments stay open even on the holidays.”
“That sounds great.” Samantha said. Anything to keep her mind from what was happening in her hotel-room would be welcome.

Carl took Samantha on some impromptu date through the city. The weather was fine as he guided her through the city and showed her its places of significance. She was having an unexpected good time and rarely thought of her friends again.
Shortly after noon, they were seated at a small coffee-house that was open on this holiday. They’d just finished lunch and were enjoying their beverages.
“What do you think your friends are up to right now?” Carl asked her.
Samantha bit her lip, trying not to come up with a cheeky remark.
“I’m sorry.” Carl said when she didn’t answer immediately. “I didn’t mean to pry on your or their business.
“It’s okay.” Samantha said. They’d talked about each-other this whole time. Some gossiping might be fun and bounding. She giggled. “If what I ran into this morning is any indication, they won’t be leaving their hotel-room for the rest of the day.”
Carl smiled. “Now that you mention it, I do remember you blushing when I first saw you. Did that have any relation to what they were doing?”
Samantha grinned. “Oh yes, that had everything to do with it.” It was odd how after spending some time with Carl, it felt much easier to talk with him and not find his questions intrusive.
“Well then, I guess we should leave the married couple have their privacy and not meddle with a husband and wife’s quality time together.” Carl joked.
Samantha licked her lips. “I don’t think they’d call it quality time; at least not the kind you’re imagining.” She said, not able to resist teasing him with the information.
Carl raised an eyebrow. “Oh? Then what did you run into this morning?”
Samantha blushed. “Sorry, I think I’ve said too much already.” She replied.
Carl laughed. “Come on, don’t leave me hanging now. I don’t even know who they are, you can tell me.”
Samantha grinned. It was a juicy secret of course, one that demanded to be shared. Who else could she tell but this man that none of them knew and would probably never see again when the week was over.
“Well, let’s just say my friend won’t be sitting comfortably after her husband is done with her.” Samantha said, trying to be cryptical.
Carl’s mouth dropped open in mock shock. “Really?” He asked. “Is she such a naughty wife, your friend?”
Samantha blushed when he caught the meaning of her words right away. Now that she had started sharing however, she lost any inhibition she’d had about her friends’ privacy.
“From what I heard.” She said. “Amy doesn’t often leave things tidy and our hotel-room was quite the mess this morning.”
“Amy is your friend?” Carl asked. “And her husband?”
“Well, Cedric is right to give his wife a firm spanking if she made a mess of the hotel-room they share with you. At least, that’s what I’m assuming happened.” Carl said with a cheeky grin.
“You guessed right.” Samantha replied, smiling just as broadly. “Though in Amy’s defense, at least half of the clutter was mine.”
“So what you’re saying is, you deserved that spanking just as much as she did?” Carl asked teasingly.
Samantha blushed. “No, that wouldn’t be fair. No-one ever told me to tidy up or that I would be in trouble if I made a mess. Amy knew what she risked and she’d had multiple warnings.”
Carl was grinning broadly. “No-one told you? Really? So your parents never told you to clean your room? When you’re at home, you never clean up and you’re never bothered by your own mess?”
Samantha bit her lip. “Well sure, but that’s not the same.”
Carl smiled. “No? I think you’re just lucky you didn’t bring a husband or boyfriend of your own or your bottom might be just as red as your friends.”
“Not everyone is into that kind of thing.” Samantha replied.
“But you are, aren’t you?” Carl said. “I can see it from the way you blush.
Samantha coughed, trying to hide those betraying red cheeks. “How would you know?” She asked. “How many women have you spanked then?”
“A few, not that many actually.” Carl replied. “But I’ve talked to enough of them to recognize them when I see them.”
“Oh.” Samantha didn’t now what to reply right away. What were the odds that she’d run into someone experienced in such things only moments after discovering her best friends were into it?
“It’s okay, I’ll stop teasing you.” Carl said. “We all find our way in these things at our own pace.”

In the afternoon, Carl took Samantha to an art museum. He also kept his promise and did not mention her friends or spanking again. Samantha caught herself thinking about it frequently however. Here she was, out with a man experienced in what was perhaps her best kept, secret fantasy. Not only did he know about her fantasy, he had also – subtly – let her know she might deserve this thing she fantasized about, for the same reasons her friend had found herself across her husband’s knee that morning. Which was another thing he knew about.
When they returned to their hotel later in the day, Samantha was wondering if she was throwing away an opportunity if she did not follow this date through fully. All she knew about Carl was his name, and while his accent suggested he was English like herself, she’d have no way of contacting him when she returned home. There were only a few days left of her trip for any possible second date too.
At the hotel-lobby, Carl offered her one last drink at the bar. Samantha took the opportunity to send a text to her friends. One drink with Carl would give her friends enough time to anticipate her return.
“Warning your friends that you’ve returned, so you don’t walk in on them again?” Carl asked.
Samantha smiled. “Yeah, I should have thought of that this morning.” She admitted.
“You know, you should tell them what you heard. It isn’t right to keep it a secret.” Carl told her.
He sounded strict when he said that. Samantha thought this might be the guy beneath his gentleman-exterior, the strict but fair man who would spank her if she misbehaved. She’d caught a few glimpses of him during their date, though Carl had done his best not to act too dominant around her. They were just strangers after all, and he had no right of control over her.
The way the tone of his voice aroused her, bolstered Samantha’s resolve. Nervously, she licked her lips. “Have you ever spanked anyone on a first date?” She asked.
“No. But I’m willing to make an exception.” Carl replied.
Samantha’s heart jumped to her throat. “I’m not the kind of girl normally to do such things on a first date either.” She said.
“Probably because you’re the kind of girl that keeps her clothes on on the first date. Which means you can’t use them to litter your date’s apartment.” Carl replied.
Samantha laughed as the joke broke the tension. “So do you still think I deserve as much as my friend has gotten?” She asked.
“Well, I don’t know exactly what occurred between her and her husband; but I do agree that a glowing red bottom would be quite appropriate.” Carl replied.
Samantha licked her lips again. “So, would you be willing to provide that for me? In your room perhaps?”
Carl smiled. “It would be my pleasure. We could go there now and discuss this with a bit more privacy.”
He stood up and held out his hand. Samantha’s heart was racing. There were a few people around them close enough that they might overhear their conversation, so Carl was probably right that they would want to continue in private. Still, she knew that if she followed him to his room, she would certainly end up with that red bottom. She stood up slowly. She wasn’t going to back out now, she was the one who had asked for it in the first place.
She took Carl’s hand and followed him to the elevators. Her bottom was tingling with anticipation. In the elevator, Carl pressed the number five, his room was up higher than hers. When they passed the third floor with her room and her friends, she licked her lips. It felt like going beyond the point of no return. As if her room was some sort of safe haven they’d now passed. It wasn’t of course, there was already one woman with a red bottom in there.
Carl’s room was smaller than theirs. There was no separate bedrooms, just a large two-person bed in the middle of the room. Carl sat down, Samantha stood beside him nervously.
“Am I right to assume you’ve never been spanked before, Samantha?” Carl asked.
“Yes, Sir.” Samantha replied, subconsciously using the same phrasing she’d heard her friend use.
Carl smiled. “You don’t have to call me that if you don’t want to. Though I’m happy you know at least some of the common practices.”
Samantha blushed. “It’s just what I overheard between Amy and Cedric.” She admitted.
“Let’s not focus on them.” Carl said. “This is all about you now. Have you ever fantasized about being spanked before?”
“Yes.” Samantha replied.
“Would you mind telling me about that?” Carl requested. “It might help me figure out what you’re expecting right now.”
Samantha blushed. “I’d rather not. If that’s okay.”
“Of course.” Carl replied. “Let’s just assume for now that you want a spanking because you’re curious about what it’s like after you heard your friends, and secretly you’re very aroused by the idea of being spanked. Am I right?”
“Yes, Sir.” Samantha said. She knew there was no use in denying any of those things.
“You probably feel a bit guilty too, knowing that your friend got punished for something that was partly your fault and sharing in her punishment seems only fair. You know you deserve a good spanking.” Carl continued.
“Yes, Sir.” Samantha repeated.
“I completely agree, of course.” Carl said. “In fact, even if your friend did not get punished, you still deserve a spanking for leaving your room the mess that it is.”
Samantha blushed. Carl had taken that strict tone again and she realized she was holding her hands and looking at her feet like a scolded child. “I understand.” She replied.
“You did a good thing in confessing to me.” Carl continued. “I know exactly how to deal with girls like you. But first we need to discuss some rules.”
Samantha looked up at him. At the bar, he’d said they would discuss things in his room, but right now it seemed things had already been decided for her. It was not about if she got spanked, but how. That made sense however. She had asked him to spank her, had suggested his room herself. He had agreed. All that remained was to set some limits and then go through with it.
“Since this is your first spanking and I don’t know what you’re expecting or how much you can take, I’ll give you a safe-word.” Carl continued. “In fact, I’ll give you two. They’re straightforward and easy to remember. The first one is ‘yellow’ which is your safe-word. You should use it when I’m doing something that makes you uncomfortable or you’re not sure you can take any more. When you do, I’ll give you the opportunity to stop me from continuing or let me go on. If you want, I will stop what I was doing and continue your spanking some other way. If you don’t, I will continue what I was doing. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Sir.” Samantha replied.
“The second one is ‘red’ which is your stop-word. If you use that, I will stop immediately and not continue your spanking in any way until we’ve discussed what happened and what made you want to stop. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Sir.” She repeated.
“Furthermore, during your spanking I will be the one who decides how hard and how long I spank you as long as you don’t use either of those words. I don’t mind it when you struggle and you can squeal and moan as loudly as you want to, just know that it won’t make a difference. I don’t like cursing however, so if I hear any of that, you’ll get extra and if you struggle so hard that you might hurt me or yourself, I will have to intervene.”
Samantha blushed, that sounded ominous yet straightforward. He would ignore any protests from her, unless they were the agreed upon words. She assumed that was for the best, it only seemed natural her body might protest its punishment.
“Do you have any limitations of your own you want to add?” Carl asked.
Samantha bit her lip, trying to remember what limits she should set. Most of the things she could come up with would not be relevant to a simple spanking. “I can’t come up with anything right now.” She said. “I’ll just use the safe-word if I have to.”
“Very well.” Carl said. “I’ll be counting on you to stop me when necessary.”
He moved back until his lower legs rested against the side of the bed. He patted the mattress beside him. “If you’re ready, it’s time to get across my lap, young lady.”
Samantha hesitated just a moment. They hadn’t forgotten anything, right? Then she knelt beside Carl on the bed. He was sitting back far enough that when she bent over his lap, her legs and upper body rested on the bed; her hips lay across his lap. She was wearing tight-fitting jeans that outlined her bottom very well, despite laying relatively flat.
When Carl placed his hand on her bottom, she swallowed. Despite all their previous conversation, this first intimate touch really got through to her that this was happening.
“Do you remember why you’re getting this spanking, Samantha?” Carl asked her, his hand clamped down on her bottom, grabbing her left buttocks firmly.
“Yes, Sir.” Samantha replied. “I did not keep a tidy room and I let my friend take all the blame.” It felt strange admitting the reason for her punishment. In reality, she thought she was getting this spanking mostly because she was curious and excited to try out her fantasy. It reminded her that she wasn’t just having a kinky experience, she also deserved to be spanked, at least a little.
“Exactly.” Carl said and smacked her bottom.
Samantha bit her lip, trying to control her excitement. It was really happening, she was really getting spanked. Her bottom bounced beneath Carl’s hand. It wasn’t as bad as she had thought, it didn’t really hurt at all, not with her jeans protecting her. After perhaps a dozen smacks she wondered if she should ask Carl to spank her harder.
“This isn’t going to do you much good.” Carl said before she could say anything. He placed his hand on her lower back, it felt warmer than before. “Stand up and pull down your trousers. We’ll have to get rid of some of this protection if you want to know what a real spanking feels like.”
Samantha got up eagerly. The spanking across her jeans had given her a taste of what a spanking might be like, she wanted the real thing now. She wondered if Carl had done it on purpose, to give her the opportunity to back out before his smacks could really hurt.
She undid the buttons of her jeans and then hesitated. For some reason she was nervous to bare herself for him. Don’t be silly. She told herself. With a blush she pulled down her jeans far enough to bare her bottom and reveal her panties.
They were plain white cotton panties. They didn’t seem sexy at all, they were practical, chosen for a day of shopping when she’d have to dress and undress a lot when trying on things to buy. Samantha hadn’t thought she’d go on a date or get spanked when she got dressed that morning.
“A bit further.” Carl said.
Samantha bit her lip and pulled the jeans down further, fully exposing her crotch to him.
Carl reached out and grabbed her jeans with both hands. A moment he waited and when she did not protest, pulled them down to her knees in one rough motion.
Samantha gasped, her thighs trembling from being freed so suddenly. Her jeans fell down around her ankles when Carl let go of them.
“That’s better, now get back across my lap, young lady.” He said.
Samantha blushed as she knelt beside him on the bed. This time Carl took her by the wrist and pulled her across his lap instead of letting her lie down herself. His stern voice and rough handling only turned her on even more. Now the spanking was really starting.
Carl smacked her bottom before she was well prepared for it. Her bottom bounced under the impact and a sting spread through her skin without the protection of her jeans. Samantha gasped and then moaned as more smacks made her cheeks tremble and a warm glow spread through her bottom.
Samantha couldn’t help but arch her bottom, stretching the white panties over her round bottom to beg for more of it. She moaned deeply and her whole body tingled while Carl warmed up her bottom.
She did not struggle or squeal as a gentle sting spread through her backside. All she could think of was how hot and horny she was. When Carl smacked her harder, she cooed in delight.
“What was that?” Carl asked.
“Nothing.” Samantha replied.
Carl smacked her harder again. “Oh no?”
Samantha moaned deeply.
Carl responded by landing a flurry of quick hard smacks. Samantha squealed in surprise.
“How’s that?” Carl asked her.
“Better.” Samantha replied cheekily.
“Better?” Carl asked, now gently stroking her bottom. “Do you mean it wasn’t good before?”
“Oh no.” Samantha replied. “I just meant … that started to feel more like a real spanking. What you were doing before was great, I was just thinking it was perhaps too enjoyable as far as punishments go.” She didn’t know why she was saying this. Did she really want him to spank her harder? She could’ve enjoyed that gentle spanking for the rest of the night.
Carl was still rubbing her bottom, only her panties separating his warm hand from her glowing backside. “Well if it’s a real spanking you want…” Carl said, then hooked his fingers behind her panties.
Samantha gasped as he slowly pulled them down. “Wait!” She said.
Carl continued, slowly baring her cheeks, inch by inch.
He wasn’t going to stop, Samantha realized, not unless… “Yellow!” She cried.
Carl stopped immediately. Her buttocks were bared, but her panties were still up high enough to spare the rest of her modesty. “Do you want me to stop?” He asked. “I can let you keep them on if you want.”
Samantha blushed. Why had she stopped him again? Had she ever had a fantasy in which her bottom wasn’t bared for her spanking? Now that Carl had stopped, it seemed silly of her to have panicked. Maybe she had just wanted to see if he really would stop if she said the word. Carl waited patiently for her response.
“No, it’s okay.” Samantha replied.
Carl’s hand lay on her back, he did not touch her panties or bared bottom. “Are you sure?” He asked.
“Yes, I’m sorry, I was just surprised.” Samantha explained.
“Don’t be sorry.” Carl said. “That’s what the safe-word is for.
He placed his hand on her bare bottom and then grabbed her panties to pull them down further. It took him a few hard tugs as they got stuck between her hips and his and then one smooth motion to pull them all the way to her knees.
Samantha licked her lips, now fully exposed to him, her punishment excited her even more. Carl placed his hand on her bared bottom, skin on skin. He stroked her gently, following the curve of her buttocks down to her thighs and back up, passing but inches from her soaking wet pussy. Samantha raised her hips, pushing her bottom into his exploring hand and moaning softly, Carl responded by squeezing her cheeks, the stroke of his hand becoming a massaging of her buttocks.
When Samantha raised her bottom even higher, Carl raised his hand. Samantha did not back down, welcoming her spanking. She squealed when his hand landed hard on her naked backside.
With a few smacks, Carl hammered her bottom back down against his lap until she could no longer move away from the sting raining down on her behind.
Samantha squealed and moaned at the increased intensity of her spanking. Yet she did not resist the building pain. This was what she had expected a spanking to be like, hot and painful, and completely out of her control.
Her bottom bounced beneath the smacks, the sting replaced by a deeper pain. Carl varied his speed well, slowing down to give her some time to breathe, some quick hard smacks to make her squeal, some gentle rubbing to ease the pain and prepare her for more.
Samantha’s mind went blank, she could not think of anything else than the throbbing of her backside, the glowing heat from her arousal and the constant sound of Carl’s hand connecting with her unprotected bottom.
Slowly the pain reached a threshold, a level that neared her limits. Samantha knew she’d have to communicate this to Carl, to let him know he would have to slow down soon. But she did not want him to stop, not yet. She couldn’t use the safe-word, she’d have to tell him some other way. How could she let him know the spanking should end soon?
She blushed when she realized the answer. A spanking wasn’t over until she’d learned her lesson. She hadn’t given the reason for her spanking any thought since its beginning. She’d been too aroused and excited, almost forgetting there was a cause for this punishment.
“I’m sorry.” She said. “I’ve learned my lesson.”
She didn’t sound convincing, not even to her own ears. Carl did not slow down, but spanked her sore bottom as hard as ever.
“I promise, I’ll be a good girl. I’ll clean my room.” She tried.
The spanking continued, hard smacks that made her squeal when she tried to say more.
“Fuck!” Samantha thought, she hadn’t known how hard it would be to beg him to stop, no matter that she’d fantasized about doing so dozens of times.
“What was that?” Carl asked.
Samantha blushed, realizing she’d said that out loud. “Nothing!” She said.
“What did I say about cursing, young lady?” Carl asked.
“It’s not allowed.” Samantha said with a pout.
Carl smacked her bottom extra hard and Samantha squealed. Still, she was enjoying their back-and-forth. She hadn’t imagined she’d find it fun to plead or beg, certainly not when those pleas were ignored. It turned her on more than ever, knowing Carl was in complete control of the situation. Had she thought that she was near her limit? Surely she could take more!
Swaying her bottom back and forth, she tried to avoid his smacks. She struggled not because she could not take the pain, but because she enjoyed making it difficult for him. Carl place his other hand on her lower back to hold her down, but this only made her struggle more.
“It seems there’s some life in you after all.” Carl said. “I think I’m getting through to you.”
Samantha tried not to laugh at that, the increased pain in her backside luckily helped with that. As the smacks kept coming at the increased pace, she started to wonder if perhaps it hadn’t been such a good idea to struggle against him after all. She kicked her legs as the pain became too much.
“I’ll be good, I’ll be good!” She cried out.
Carl slowed the speed at which he spanked her, but each smack still made her bottom burn and her buttocks bounce.
“I’ll be a good girl, I promise.” Samantha pleaded. “I’ll clean my room. I won’t get in trouble again.”
With each promise, Carl built down the intensity of her spanking, until he was gently rubbing her burning backside.
Samantha arched her back, welcoming the soothing sting of his hand on her tender bottom.
“I hope you really learned your lesson, young lady.” Carl said.
“I did, Sir.” Samantha promised.
Carl did not speak for a while, just rubbing her burning bottom, easing the pain he’d inflicted. Samantha fought hard not to moan and show her uncontrollable excitement.
“I have to admit, I’m impressed. For your first time, you took your punishment very well.” Carl said eventually.
“Thank you, Sir.” Samantha said with a blush.
Carl’s hand moved over her bottom, her thighs and finally, between her legs, hovering near her pussy, feeling its warmth. “I was even more impressed when you asked for your punishment yourself. It was very brave of you. I would like to reward you for your bravery today.”
Samantha moaned deeply. She could nearly feel Carl’s fingers on her lips. What was he waiting for? For her to say yellow, or even red? No chance, she had taken her punishment, she would definitely accept her reward as well.
“I would be very grateful for a reward, Sir.” She said, urging him to continue.
Carl’s hand pressed down on her pussy. She was soaking with with excitement and his fingers slipped between her lips immediately. Samantha moaned deeply when they grazed her clit.
With her bottom burning, across the lap of a man she’d only met that day, she moaned and gasped when he pushed two fingers inside of her, massaging the inner wall of her vagina. His thumb pressed down on her clit, pinching her pleasure-spots between his fingers.
Samantha shuddered and spasmed as the pleasure flowed through her body, contrasting the glowing pain in her backside as Carl rewarded her for her being a good girl and taking her spanking expertly. She shook and moaned when the orgasm took hold of her body. She could not stop it, just like she hadn’t been able to stop Carl when he punished her.
When he let go, she lay panting across his lap. Carl did not speak, but gave her time to recuperate. Samantha’s mind that had been focussed on her spanking and pleasure now went in overdrive. She thought of how she’d met him, how she’d let her curiosity convince her to try this, to let an almost stranger spank her. She did not regret it, not at all. She thought of how she had gotten here and of walking in on her friends. They would probably be waiting for her, it had been quite a while since she’d sent that text.
She didn’t know what to do now. She rarely fantasized about what happened after a spanking. “What do you think Amy and Cedric did after he spanked her?” She asked Carl, approaching the subject subtly.
Carl placed his hand on her bare, glowing bottom. Samantha blushed, the spanking was over, but as long as she stayed across his lap, she was under his control. She didn’t want to move just yet.
“If it was me, I’d have Amy clean up the room wearing nothing but her red bottom.” Carl said.
Samantha licked her lips, aroused by that idea and the touch of his hand on her bottom.
“There isn’t much in my room for you to clean however, so I’ll just have you stand in the corner for a while.” Carl continued.
Samantha blushed. Stand in the corner? She was trying to figure out what would be fun about that, until she realized it wasn’t supposed to be fun for her. It was fun for him, to see her standing there like the naughty girl she’d been. It was a smile price to pay for the spanking and reward he’d given her.
“Do you want me to go to the corner now, Sir?” She asked.
“Yes.” Carl said, removing his warm hand from her backside.
Samantha got up, bending over to pull on her panties and jeans.
“Leave those off.” Carl said. “I’d like to look at my handiwork for a while. Your bottom reddens very nicely.”
Samantha blushed and looked over her shoulder at her backside, she hadn’t looked at it yet. It was glowing and bright red, redder than she had imagined it could be. She thought it looked extremely sexy.
“Hands on your head.” Carl said as she hobbled to the corner. Her panties had joined her jeans around her ankles and she hopped the last few steps.

In the corner, Samantha could feel Carl’s eyes on her burning backside.
She tried to think of reasons why she shouldn’t have done what she’d done, but she couldn’t think of any. The spanking had been everything she could’ve dreamed of, a fantasy finally come true. That she didn’t know Carl very well or that some people might consider it wrong for a woman to desire punishment from a man, did not bother her at all. It was her own choice and she’d do it again if she could. It wasn’t even about the punishment after all, that was just the excuse.
“You can dress and come out now.” Carl said after a while.
Samantha pulled up her panties and jeans before she turned around. It was a bit late to protect her modesty, but she could not help trying. When the tight-fitting jeans settled against her sore, throbbing bottom, she winced.
“Thank you, Sir.” She said when approaching Carl. “I had a wonderful day.”
Carl nodded and Samantha wondered how he had imagined this evening ending. With her in his bed, for more than just a spanking? That certainly seemed possible. She laughed, when had it become ‘just a spanking’?
“It was my pleasure.” Carl replied. “If you’re ever in need of company again, don’t hesitate to ask me.”
Samantha giggled, company was the least of what he’d offered her today. Still, he was giving her an opening to leave without taking things further. She’d already done more than she’d ever imagined doing with some stranger in his hotel-room in a far-off country.
“I’m staying until Sunday, what about you?” She asked.
“Im here two more weeks.” Carl responded.
Samantha licked her lips. “Well I’ve got your room number, I know where to find you, should I need you.”
Carl smiled. “I’m sure you’ll remember. Bye Samantha.”
Samantha smiled in return. “Bye, Sir.”
She turned to leave and Carl did not stop her, she pulled the door to his room closed behind her. For a moment she stood there, outside his room, her heart racing. She was still not sure she completely understood everything that had happened that day.
There was a spring in her step, despite the pain in her bottom, as she made her way to the elevators. She smiled all the way to her own room. Amy and Cedric would be waiting for her there. She wondered if the room would be cleaned like Carl had predicted.

The stolen bikini (part 3)

bare bottom spanking at the pool

part 1
part 2

The day before, Sophia had walked the streets of a small town besides Michael. She’d been wearing only a bikini and a dress that was so see-through, that anyone might se that she’d been recently spanked, if they looked close enough.
Anytime someone looked at her, Sophia wondered if they noticed. At first, it made her blush; but as the day progressed, she started to feel excited by the idea of them seeing.
Sophia always told herself that she could enjoy these vacations so fully because no-one knew her. That’s why she did not mind people knowing she slept around with other guests at the hotel she was staying in. So why should she care if they knew she got spanked? Let them think what they want, they didn’t know her and she’d never see them again before she went home.
If she could show her red bottom unashamed, she could be proud at herself for her self-confidence, she thought. At home she’d never admit she liked to get spanked when she deserved it; but out here that admission was anonymous.
She asked Michael if they could spend the rest of that evening at the pool.

“Are you sure?” Michael asked her when they returned to the resort. “Most of the marks won’t have faded yet.”
“I am.” Sophia replied. “It’s like you said. I should be proud of them instead of hiding them. Let everyone at the pool see what happens to naughty girls.”
Michael laughed
When they arrived at the pool, many guests had left to have dinner at the resort. This meant there were chairs available for them.
Sophia hesitated for a few more moments and then pulled her dress over her head. She still wore the same bikini of the day before, the one which bottoms did not cover an inch of her behind.
She looked at her buttocks which were still slightly pink and bore some obvious bruises. With a blush, she laid down on her lounging chair. She turned over to lay on her belly, daring herself to show off her bottom.
Michael left to get some things from his room. All alone beside the pool, Sophia could feel dozens of eyes on her. The men always looked at her, the way she was dressed. She wondered what they were thinking now.
More and more people returned to the pool after dinner and as they passed her chair, Sophia noticed the look of surprise in their eyes as they passed her. It made her blush, but at the same time feel triumphant. Yes, she had gotten spanked and yes she was brave enough to let them see.
Michael returned from his room with two towels and sunscreen for the both of them. Sophia stood up to place on of those towels on her chair and then helped him apply the sun-screen.
When she laid back down on her chair, Michael did the same for her. His hands felt strong and cool on her back, her legs and bottom. She wondered how many other men were watching her get oiled up like this.

When they returned to Michael’s room at the end of the day, she noticed the room was still messy. They had not cleaned up after she’d gone through his thing or even after her spanking.
“Can I have a good girl spanking today?” She asked Michael as she stepped over his things.
“First, you’re going to clean up this mess, young lady.” He said.
Sophia blushed. She had kind of expected him to ask her this. Reluctantly she started clearing away his things.
“Take off your bikini first. You’ve been swimming and I don’t want all my clothes to get wet.” Michael said.
Sophie smiled when she took them off. She knew well enough that wasn’t the true reason he wanted her naked. She loved showing off for him however, so she finished cleaning his room naked.
“Come over here.” Michael said. “He was sitting on the bed, where he had placed a towel beneath himself for he was only wearing his wet swimming trunks.
Sophie approached him, swaying her naked body.
“You’ve been a very good girl today, at least after I had to spank you.” He said. “Would you like a good girl spanking before we go to bed?”
“Yes, please.” Sophia replied.
“Well then, get across my knee.”

Sophia always said men slept better after she’d spent the night with them, but the following morning she was the one that woke up last.
She rubbed her bottom dreamily, but it no longer hurt. The good girl spanking hadn’t left any marks, and those by the belt had mostly faded as well.
Michael had left her clothes this time, so she went to her own room for a clean dress and a fresh bikini.
Out at the pool, it was still calm, so she enjoyed her morning swim while she imagined Michael was still at breakfast with the other guests of the hotel.
She claimed a chair with her towel, but reserved a second one for Michael, hoping he’d come lie with her.
He arrived with a group of other guests. They all searched for a lounging chair of their own while Michael came to her.
“I hope you enjoyed your morning swim without any naughtiness.” He said.
“You weren’t here.” Sophie replied. “Who could I have been naughty with?”
Michael grinned. “There’s enough single men here for you to lure into that little cave.”
Sophia blushed. They were just two strangers that had some fun together, there was no reason they couldn’t sleep with other people; but Sophia had quickly learned to avoid the trouble that could come from jealous lovers. “Only one conquest at a time.” She said.
“Is that what I am?” Michael asked. “A conquest?”
Sophia smiled. “Well I guess in this case it might be he other way around.”
Michael nodded. “So you don’t mind if I sit with you today again?”
“Of course not. How else are you going to make sure I stay a good girl?” Sophia teased.
Michael grinned. “Well that I can do in my room; but if you want me close enough to step in on your naughty behavior right away, that can be arranged as well.”
Sophia blushed. What did he mean? Spank her right here at the pool? Surely not. “That’s not what I meant.” She said; but a slight thread of excitement formed at the idea of being spanked where everyone could see.
They had already seen her red bottom, hadn’t they? How much more exciting would it be if they actually saw her spanking?

Most of the day passed without incident. Sophia worked on her tan in the lounging chair while Michael read a book. Occasionally she’d go for a dip in the pool to cool off or grab a drink for the both of them.
Men still watched her as she walked around of course; but she did not approach them. Her vacation was nearing its end and Michael had only just arrived, he would be available to her until she left. Or more accurately, she’d be available to him.
It was at some point in the afternoon that she returned to their seats and Michael was gone. She had just gone for a swim and her towel was already wet from earlier in the day. Michael’s however was still mostly dry. It seemed like a good idea to use his to dry off. She laughed when thinking of his face when he’d return and find his towel all wet, it would be a great prank.
Michael did not agree of course.
When he returned and lay down on his towel, he cursed in surprise. “How did this get all wet?” He asked.
Sophia giggled.
“Did you steal my towel and use it instead of your own?” Michael asked.
“Yes.” Sophia admitted, smiling at his frowning face.
“That’s not very nice.” Michael said. “It’s very naughty actually.”
Sophia blushed. She had not anticipated that pranks might be considered naughty. Not very smart of her she realized.
“I think someone deserves a firm spanking, don’t you?” Michael asked when she did not reply.
“It was just a prank.” Sophie replied.
“I know. I’m not talking about using my belt on you again, Sophie; but you do deserve a trip across my knee for such naughtiness.” Michael said.
Sophia licked her lips. Okay, maybe she did deserve a few good swats from his hand for what she’d done. “I guess you’re right, I do deserve it a little.” She admitted.
“Well then, get across my lap.” Michael said, sitting down sideways on his lounge-chair.
Sophia blushed. “Right here? No way!”
“Why not?” Michael asked. “You told me yourself yesterday that you wanted the others to see what happened to a naughty girl.”
Sophie bit her lip. She had said that, but she’d meant letting them see her red bottom, not an actual spanking. Still, she’d been fantasizing about just that a lot while sunbathing.
“We can go inside if you want.” Michael said. “But I really think you deserve to be spanked right here where everyone can see.”
Sophia blushed again. “Yes, Sir.” She said, standing up and placing herself across Michael’s knee on his lounge-chair.
The bikini-bottoms she had on did not cover any part of her bottom that Michael would want to smack, so when his hand landed for the first time, the sound of skin on bare skin echoed across the pool-side. Sophie looked up sharply at the loud sound. She could see faces turning towards them.
With a blush she looked down, while Michael’s hand smacked her bottom again and again. The sting started to build, and she could not help moaning and squealing, even though she knew the sound would attract more eyes.
Even though the bikini-bottoms did not protect anything, Michael pulled them down after a few swats. Sophia blushed deeply, but did not protest as she was bared for the other guests to see, completely naked from the waist down.
The spanking continued for a little while longer, her bottom turning slowly sore and red. Until Michael stopped when a man approached them.
Sophia did not dare to look up as Michael explained to him that she was being spanked for stealing his towel.
“Are you okay, miss?” The man asked after the explanation.
Sophia blushed and turned around. It was a member of the hotel staff that had interrupted them.
“I’m fine.” She said. Well, her bottom hurt and she was starting to think maybe she shouldn’t have use Michael’s towel; but being spanked like this had been her own choice, so that was fine.
“Then may I suggest the two of you continue this in your room?” The man asked. “The other guests seem upset at what’s happening.”
Sophia blushed and Michael helped her up.
“You’re right, sir. Our apologies.” Michael said. “Sophia, go to my room and wait for me there.”
Sophia pulled her bikini-bottoms up from her ankles and made her way around the pool to the hotel. She could see all the people looking at her and her freshly spanked bottom. It turned her on greatly.

Michael arrived moments later. “The first time I spanked you, it was because you wanted to have sex in public.” He said with a smile. “I guess that means I shouldn’t have spanked you in public either.”
Sophia blushed. “It’s my fault, Sir. If I hadn’t been such a naughty girl, you wouldn’t have had to spank me.”
“That’s right.” Michael said. “We better continue where we left off.”
Sophia licked her lips. “Perhaps you should use your belt after all, Sir.” She said. “I’ve been very naughty after all.”
“If that’s what you want.” Michael said.
“If you only use your hands, I might think I’m getting a good girl spanking.” Sophia said. “You should always use your belt when I’ve been naughty.”
Michael nodded and went to his wardrobe to get his belt. “Get on the bed then, lie down on your tummy.” He said.
Sophia got on the bed, waiting for her punishment. She wondered why she had asked for the belt. She felt like she deserved to be punished maybe, but not as much as her previous punishments. Perhaps she was just starting to like being disciplined.
The belt hit her bottom hard after Michael swung I through the air. Sophia moaned and squealed each time it bit her bottom.
Michael did not hold back, despite that her transgression this time had not been as bad as those previous. Each smack was hard and precise.
Sophia sobbed and kicked her legs. Whimpering as the pain became too much to handle. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.” She said as Michael walked around the bed for another set of strokes from the other side.
The belt landed again, despite her promises.
Sophia squealed and begged. “I’ll be a good girl, I’ll be a good girl.” She repeated over and over again.
When the spanking was finally over, Michael sat beside her on the bed. “This wasn’t really about the towel, was it?” He asked her.
“No, Sir.” Sophia admitted. She knew now why she had asked him to use his belt.
“Then why did you need to be punished?” Michael asked.
“I felt guilty yesterday when you gave me a good girl spanking.” Sophia said. “For I had only been a good girl for a few hours. Before that, I’d been a bad girl for much longer. I think I need a lot more whippings from your belt before I deserve a good girl spanking.”
“How many more?” Michael asked. He was softly caressing her burning backside.
Sophia blushed, she hadn’t really thought of a number.
“I leave for home in four nights. So how about three more sessions with the belt and then a good girl spanking the night before I go home?” She asked.
“I like that.” Michael said. “I get three more nights to turn you into a good girl before sending you home as a reformed young lady.”
Sophia licked her lips. Three more spankings from his belt, and then she’d be a good girl. “Make them count.” She said. “I don’t have anyone at home to spank me, so those lashings will have to last a long time.”
“I will make sure you remember them.” Michael said.
“Where are you from anyway?” Sophia asked.
“Italy.” Michael replied.
“I’ve always wanted to go to Italy some day.” Sophia said. “Perhaps I’ll plan my summer vacation there next year.”
“If you do, I know a quaint village along the coast that’s beautiful this time of year.” Michael said. “The people there are a bit old-fashioned though. You might get in a lot of trouble if you wear the kind of outfits you’ve been wearing out here.”
“Then I hope there’ll be someone there to keep me out of trouble.” Sophia said.
“I’m sure there will be.”

The gentleman (part 3)

sexy bare bottom with stockings

part 1part 2

Two weeks passed before Samantha heard from Mike again. She still was absent-minded around her friends and had to admit to them she was seeing someone. The kind of relationship they had, she kept quiet about of course.
When Mike texted her, inviting her over for dinner, she replied immediately that she could. In a way, she was grateful that he had invited her to his place. Hers was a bit of a mess and she knew from his stories that he considered this a good enough reason to give a young woman a very red bottom.
On the night of her date, she did her best to dress as sexy as she could. She wore a short yellow dress, knowing Mike would love the stockings she wore underneath. She chose black lingerie, knowing it contrasted nicely with the light dress.
Preparing herself like this, she was reminded of the fact they’d agreed to have sex on their second date. It was a bit weird, going to a date having already agreed to that; but not as weird as being spanked for wanting it on the first.
When she arrived, Mike was wearing clean-cut jeans and a clean shirt. On top of that, he wore an apron. “Good evening my lady, please come in.” He said.
Sam blushed, feeling over-dressed for the occasion. Mike was obviously preparing dinner for her himself and wasn’t planning on taking her out.
“Please excuse me for just a moment.” Mike said after he guided her to his living-room. “The meal needs a few more touches and then I’ll join you.
Alone in the room, Sam looked around to see what she could discover about him. The room was clean and the furniture was modern. There were a lot of books, which meant Mike didn’t just write, but read as well. None of these were erotic at al though.
She could hear him in the kitchen and later somewhere deeper in the house going up some stairs. When he returned, the apron was gone and the jeans and shirt replaced by a suit.
“Excuse my earlier appearance.” Mike said. “I had not expected you so early.”
Sam blushed. “No Sir, excuse me for embarrassing you by arriving early.” She’d practiced a proper submissive attitude by reading as many of his stories as she could.
Mike smiled broadly. “I shall forgive you young lady, but only this once. Now please, join me at the table for dinner.”
Sam grinned broadly as she let Mike help her with her chair. She made a mental note not to arrive too early next time; for Mike might sound playful, there was no saying she might not end up over his knee the next time she caught him not ready for their date.
Mike served her perfectly prepared steak with steamed vegetables and baked potatoes. It was a simple, yet delicious meal. He offered her a glass of wine as well, but made her promise not to drink more than one so that she was sober enough to consent to his wishes when he took her up to his bedroom.
Sam only drank half her glass and had to force herself to touch the meal. She was too distracted about the anticipation of the things he might do to her.
When she finally cleared her plate, she shot Mike a challenging look. “Enough foreplay.” She said.

Mike stood up from his chair and moved briskly around the table. He grabbed her by the wrists and pulled her up so brusquely that her chair fell over backwards.
Sam gasped in surprise when Mike pulled her against him. His lust for her was immense and she realized he’d been wanting this as much as she did.
“Such a deviant smile for a lady.” Mike said.
“I thought you would be more gentle, like the gentleman you are.” Sam teased.
“Then I’ll show you just how gentle I can be.” Mike said.
His hand that had been holding her by the back of her neck let go of her hair and slid down her back. He rested just above her bottom.
“Would you follow me upstairs, my lady?” Mike asked her.
“Yes, Sir.” Sam breathed.
He guided her to his room. It was as clean as the rest of his home and the bed neatly made. He stopped her when she wanted to lay down on it.
Slowly, Mike undid the zipper on her back. His hands massaged her shoulders as he pulled her dress aside. It dropped down to her hips. Mike’s finger traced his spine and then gently pulled down her dress until her bottom popped out through the snug opening.
He let his fingers wander her body, gently caressing her along the lines of her underwear. Slowly, carefully, he undressed her, until she stood naked in his bedroom.
Samantha did not speak or argue. Even while being this gentle, there was no denying that Mike was in charge. When she was fully naked, she followed his wordless instructions to lay down on the bed.
She crossed her legs and place her hand on her breasts, feeling her brass nudity did not fit Mike’s gentle actions.
Slowly, he undressed himself. Sam enjoyed watching him bare his body for her. When she finally saw his large, throbbing erection, she longed to feel him inside of her.
Mike knelt beside her on the bed. Gently, his fingers probed her inner thighs, making her spread her legs. He moved to her feet, placing his head near her swollen, wet pussy. His tongue licked her along the entire length of her lips.
Sam moaned deeply.
Gentle and without any force, Mike licked her. His tongue slowly made its way in between her lips and over her clit.
Sam arched her back, yearning for more, but Mike did not offer any more strength than he already had.
Agonizingly slow, his tongue drove her crazy.
Her body begged for more, but when Sam grabbed her own breasts, squeezing them roughly, Mike stopped. He took her wrists and pushed her hands below the pillow under her head.
“Keep those there.” He said. “You wanted me to be gentle, remember?”
Sam moaned deeply but kept her hands behind her head.
Mike continued his torturous slow play with his tongue. IT seemed to take forever for Sam to reach a climax and again, she used her hands to help him a bit.
“Hands behind your head.” Mike said, stopping her pleasure once more. “Don’t make me tie you up.”
Sam blushed and placed her hands behind her head once more. It would be so hot to be tied up; but for some reason she felt even more excited to be restrained by only his words.
Mike moved up on the bed, no longer using his tongue to pleasure her, but just one finger. He placed it between her lips, right on top of her clit, and pushed softly.
“Is this gentle enough, Samantha?” He asked as she moaned.
“Yes, Sir.” She replied.
“And this?” He asked, leaning forward to lick her nipple.
“Hnng-yes.” Sam said.
“Do you want to cum?” Mike asked, pressuring her clit a bit more.
“Yes, please.” Sam said. Her body started convulsing. She’d thought she was still far from an orgasm after this gentle playing, but his words had pushed her right to the edge.
“Not yet.” Mike said, releasing the pressure. “Ask me first and nicely this time.”
Sam blushed, but Mike wasn’t going to touch her again until she asked for it. “Please Sir, can I cum?” She begged him.
“Good girl.” Mike said, his finger playing with her clit once again. “You may cum now.”
Sam’s body shook uncontrollably, she moaned and gasped as the orgasm came as soon as she had permission.
When it stopped and she saw Mike looking down at her, she blushed deeply. She saw his erection beside her thigh and could no longer wait. She released her hands from behind the pillow and gently grabbed hold of it.
“Please, fuck me, Sir.” She said.
Mike took her hands by the wrists and pushed them on the bed beside the pillow. “I thought I told you to keep these to yourself.” He said. He leaned forward, his wait on her pinned arms and kissed her roughly, biting her lower lip before he let go.
“Oww, Sir, that wasn’t very gentle.” Sam protested.
“I’ve been gentle enough.” Mike said. “If you can’t do as you’re told, I’ll just need to be a bit rough.”
Sam moaned deeply. Yes, rough was exactly what she wanted right now.
Mike leaned on top of her as he kissed her again, keeping her pinned against the bed.
Sam’s wrists hurt beneath his firm grasp, but she loved the pain.
“Stay here, I’m getting a condom.” Mike said.
He turned around to grab a box from the nightstand. While he was putting it on, Sam knelt behind him, wrapping her arms around him to press her breasts against his back and rub his chest with her arms.
With the condom firmly in place, Mike turned around. “I told you to stay down.” He said.
Sam smiled mischievously.
Mike roughly grabbed her shoulders and turned her around, pushing her face-down on the bed. With his open hand, he smacked her bottom roughly.
Sam moaned deeply.
After a few good swats and a pink bottom, Mike grabbed her by the hips and pulled her on her knees. He pushed his erection up against her pussy and slid it inside.
Mike fucked her roughly from behind, using one hand on her lower back to push her down and the other to give her bottom a few good smacks.
When he finally came, he held on to her hips with both hands, his fingers digging deep into her skin. Then, he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up. One hand he placed on her breast, the other on her throat right below her chin.
“So.” He whispered. “What did you like most, gentle or rough?”
“I’m not sure.” Sam replied. “Can we do it again so I can decide?”
Mike grunted and let go of her.
“Don’t be greedy.” He said while cleaning up the used condom. “Or I might have to spank you.
“That could be fun too.” Sam replied.
“Let’s keep that for some other time.” Mike said. “That way you still have something to look forward to.”
Sam pouted, but realized Mike might need a break. She wasn’t going anywhere, they could still have more fun later tonight.

After Mike got up from the bed, Sam stayed behind, staring at the ceiling of his bedroom. Despite wanting more, she’d really did feel satisfied. Wanting more just proved how good it had been.
Her feeling of wanting to get laid was certainly fulfilled.
When she got up and followed Mike downstairs, she felt really satisfied that she had not just picked up a one-night-stand to satisfy her urges. This was only their second date, but she already felt like Mike and she could be a lot more.
Mike, wearing a bathrobe, was resting in the sofa of his living-room. “Not dressed yet?” He asked her.
Sam blushed, swaying slightly as she made her way to him, showing off her naked body. “I thought I’d stay the night. If that isn’t presuming too much.”
“Not at all.” Mike replied. “In fact, I insist you stay. It’s much too late for a young girl like you to be out alone in the dark.”
Sam smiled. “In that case, I didn’t think I’d need my clothes. Unless of course, you think it would be unladylike of me to go around undressed like this.” She winked.
“On the contrary.” Mike said. “You should either wear something sexy or nothing at all when you’re here. A good girl wouldn’t want to deny her boyfriend the sight of her gorgeous body.”
“Well then, I guess I’ll be undressing as soon as I’m through your front door, the next time I’m over.” Sam said teasingly.
She sat down beside him on the sofa, placing her feet on his lap. Absentmindedly, Mike began massaging them as they spoke about other, every-day topics.

After washing up, Sam returned to Mike’s bedroom. After the wild sex they’d had before, joining him to bed like this felt a bit odd; like a couple that’s been together for a while, sharing a bed like they do every day.
Mike was already beneath the sheets when she arrived. She assumed he was naked, just like she still was.
“Can I join you in your bed, Sir?” She asked.
“You may.” Mike replied.
Sam crawled under the blankets and blushed for having asked permission to do so. She had read it in one of his stories and it felt as sexy to do so for real as it had been reading about it.
Once underneath the blankets she reached for Mike’s body and felt that he was indeed naked. She reached for his crotch.
“Hmm, greedy girl.” Mike said.
Sam blushed, but felt that he had already put on a condom, he was ready for her. She crawled on top of him, straddling his legs. She could feel his erection between them, the tip of his penis against her clit. It felt amazing to grind against him.
Mike placed his hands on her hips and guided her motions, urging her to ride him slowly, building up the heat between them.
When Sam moaned loudly, he reached down and helped her get his cock inside of her. He placed his thumb between her lips and pressured her clit as she rode him.
His free hand let go of her hip and slapped her bottom once. Released from his control, Sam picked up speed. She rode him hard and fast, his cock deep inside of her and his thumb pressing on her most sensitive spot.
With a loud groan, Mike came; but Sam could not stop. Mike smacked her bottom, encouraging her to cum as she rode him, his thumb pressing hard, until she as well reached her orgasm, her body shivering, moaning deeply as she collapsed on top of him.
“Sleep well, my greedy girl.” Mike said, pushing her off of him.

Sam was not done yet however. While she did sleep at first, she woke often, distracted by the male body beside her in the bed. She hadn’t had to share a mattress in a long time.
A bit past midnight, she was awake and she could not help herself. She felt for Mike’s body and found he was sleeping on his back. She reached down and found his cock, it felt limp in her hands.
As she played with it, it slowly came alive. It was a weird feeling, how it slowly became bigger and harder, resisting her strength until she was unable to bend it like first.
“If you keep playing with that, I’m going to make you finish what you started.” Mike suddenly said.
Sam blushed, feeling caught in the act. “I don’t mind finishing it for you, Sir.” She said coyly, before rolling on top of him.
“Wait, we need another condom.” Mike said as she was already straddling him.
Sam could feel him reaching for his nightstand, fumbling in the dark. “Wait.” She said, rolling off him again. “Come lay against my back.” She didn’t want to waste time or turn on the light in the middle of the night.
Mike rolled over, pushing himself against her. She could feel his erection pressing against her buttocks.
Sam twisted her hips, catching his cock between her buttocks, when Mike thrusted forward, he was pushed firmly between them.
She moaned deeply as Mike fucked her bottom, without penetrating her. He reached around her with his free hand, finding her pussy wet and waiting.
Pinned between his cock between her buttocks and his fingers between her lips, Sam shuddered as Mike’s fingers brought on another orgasm. She pushed back against his thrusting hips, until he as well came, his warm juices spreading down her lower back.
When Sam woke the following morning. She could still feel the sticky mess on her back, they had not bothered to clean up in the middle of the night. She reached for Mike and to her surprise found he was still hard. Or hard again, with morning would, she surmised.
Thinking about his stories again, she wondered how a truly submissive girl would wake her boyfriend. The answer was obvious, so she crawled underneath the sheets and took him in her mouth.
Mike only woke up right before he came.
Sam was proud at how quickly she’d managed to make him cum using just her mouth. She swallowed all he offered her, thinking only for a moment that this time she’d forgotten the condom.
Mike pulled aside the blankets and looked at her with a smile. “Such a greedy girlfriend.” He said.
Sam blushed. How had she been greedy? She’d done this for him, hadn’t she?
“I want to have us both tested for STD’s.” She said.
“Not the most romantic morning greeting.” Mike replied.
“I just don’t want to keep bothering with those condoms every time.” Sam said. “I’m on the pill, so if we are both clean, we can have more fun without those things.”
Mike nodded. “I was thinking the same thing last night, though I wasn’t sure how to tell you. I guess giving you oral first might’ve worked.”
Sam giggled.

At the breakfast table, they spoke little. They could not stretch this second date much longer; but while Sam took a shower, she felt she could seduce him one more time. She had not received that good girl spanking yet after all.
Back downstairs, Mike still wore only a dressing gown, while she wore yesterday’s lingerie and stockings. Her dress she carried, folded in her arms.
“You know you can’t go out like that.” Mike said.
“I just thought you wanted to give me a proper goodbye.” Sam said.
Mike sighed. “What did I tell you about being greedy, Samantha?” He asked
Sam blushed. He hadn’t seemed to mind when she woke him in the middle of the night, or in the morning with her mouth.
“But I haven’t had any spanking.” She pouted. “I was so much looking forward to that.”
“I told you yesterday that you’ll have to wait for that a bit longer. You don’t have to get everything at once.” Mike said.
Sam pouted and put on her best puppy-eyes.
“I’m going to count to five and then you’re going to have this dress on, young lady.” Mike said.
Sam licked her lips.
There was no way she was going to let him scare her into putting it on.
Besides, if he was going to spank her, she’d get exactly what she wanted.
Although… That first date spanking was not something she wanted to have repeated, was it?
Fuck! Too late.
“That’s it young lady. You’ve been a good girl this whole date; but now I’m going to have to send you home with a red bottom.” Mike said.
Sam blushed, but did not protest.
Mike took her wrist and guided her to the sofa. He took her dress from her and placed it on the coffee table before putting her across his lap.
His hand landed hard on her behind.
Sam moaned softly. “Wait.” She said. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be naughty. I thought you would give me a fun spanking.”
Mike spanked her hard again. “I told you twice that I was not going to. Don’t pretend that you didn’t know you were going to be in trouble if you kept disobeying.”
Sam bit her lip. She had known, so why had she continued acting like she had?
Mike smacked her bottom again. “If you’re going to act like a greedy brat, that’s how I’ll treat you, Samantha.” He said.
Sam blushed. She had never considered herself a brat; but the way she had defied him during his countdown was obvious bratty behavior.
She squealed when Mike smacked her hard and fast. “Well, do you have anything else to say?” He asked.
Sam shook her head. “No, Sir.” She replied, admitting to herself that she had this coming.
Sam’s hand landed on her bottom again and again. Sending shocks of pain through her skin and buttocks. He pulled down her panties halfway through and landed the next volley of smacks on her bare bottom.
Sam moaned and squirmed. This wasn’t anything like the sensual spanking she wanted, yet still she felt excited for being spanked.
When Mike stopped to rub her bottom, she knew the warmup was over. Her bottom already stung. When he raised his hand again, she knew he was serious about this spanking.
Her bottom bounced beneath his hand. Sam kicked and squealed, her bottom felt on fire. She promised to behave, begged him to stop and vowed not to be this greedy on their next date.
Mike did not stop until she was sobbing and whimpering, tears on her face and body limp after all the fight had gone out of her.
When he let her up, he hugged her tightly.
“Thank you Sir, I’m sorry I was such a greedy brat.” Sam said.
“I hope you’ll do better next time, Samantha. This is two dates in a row that you end up with a red sore bottom. Now put on your dress.” Mike said.
Sam blushed as she put on her dress. When she pulled up her panties, they were painfully snug around her bottom.
When Mike showed her to the door, she wondered why she was already looking forward to their next date. True, she’d had fun on both dates, until she’d earned that spanking near the end. She realized then, that she wanted that strict disciplinary spankings as much as she’d wanted the sex before. She did not date this man despite him spanking her, she dated him because of it.
“I’m sorry I’m such a bad girl, Sir.” She said at the door. “I’ll try harder next time.”
Mike kissed her goodbye. “Make sure you do, your bottom will need some rest after these first two dates.”
Sam waved and walked away. Sorry, Sir. She thought. But you’re just going to have to spank me again. I am your naughty brat after all.

For research purposes only

redhead with a red bottom

The bright white light of a computer screen was all that illuminated Emma’s room while she worked on her book. It had been several weeks since she finished the last chapter and she was committed to finish at least another this night.
Emma wrote romance novels, but this book was going to be slightly different. Instead of her normal, soft-core sex-scenes, she wanted something hot and steamy.
Emma had many kinky fantasies of her own, but she had never incorporated them in one of her books before. In this chapter, one of her characters was going to get a spanking; which was one of Emma’s biggest fantasies.
It wasn’t going to be an erotic spanking however. The character in her book was an experienced submissive, with a strict, dominant husband. She would be getting a firm, disciplinary spanking for failing to follow his rules and keep up with her chores.
Her readers would join her main, female character who secretly witnesses this spanking. She would be highly aroused by what she sees and will—later in the book—experience a more erotic version of this spanking.
The whole scene was ready to begin. It was dark outside and the main character was hidden just below the window sill. Inside the light was on and the strict husband had just arrived home to see his wife lazing about while her chores remained undone.
She just didn’t know how to begin.
Emma had fantasized perhaps a hundred times about being spanked. She could imagine how the scolding would go and how the spanking would start. When she imagined what the naughty wife should feel however, she could only sense arousal and excitement. She had no realistic idea on how a true submissive would feel when being punished, not for fun but for real.
Worse, despite her fantasies, she had never actually experienced a spanking. She didn’t know how it would progress and it pain would feel.
She had some idea of these things. She could just write down how it felt in her fantasies; but she didn’t want her book to sound ridiculous if her imagination was too different from reality.
In a separate window on her computer, Emma was browsing a forum about kink and fetishes. Most men that contacted her on this website merely wanted a hook-up with a girl like Emma, single, attractive and interested in an array of fetishes. She had joined the forum a long time ago however and through weeding out the idiot’s she’d made a few close friends.
One of these was John. He was an experienced dom who had always treated her friendly and polite. He never asked her to meet or play together, even though she knew that in the time she’d known him, he’d had many dates with young women who wanted to feel what it was like dating a dom. Emma’s profile said she wasn’t looking and he respected that.
Emma didn’t know whether there was a reason those dates never worked out, or if John refused to commit to anything more serious. It did make him a reliable source to answer many of her questions when it came to her fantasies.
She had messaged him about her problem with the next chapter and was waiting for him to come online. John always answered her questions promptly. Emma knew he loved talking to her about these things. Discussing her fantasies must turn him on nearly as much as her. All thanks to the anonymity of the internet.
When John came online, his answer was short and simple: “Have you tried reading some stories from others about disciplinary spankings?”
Emma quickly replied that she had. It had been a chore; the forum was filled with such stories and most of them weren’t by very good authors. After weeding out those, she had to find those with the right topic and then those with a plot that was too ridiculous to be taken serious. The remaining selection had been very small.
“It might take some time, but if you find one written by an experienced submissive, that should give you a pretty accurate idea of how she feels. The physical reaction might be a bit hard to describe, but you could always try spanking yourself and see how it feels.” John replied to her rant.
Emma blushed at his proposal, but promised she’d think about it if she couldn’t find the right story to cure her writer’s block.
She sighed as she went back to the forum thread that listed the stories posted by all the members. She had already gone through this and felt very little courage to do so again.
Well, if you’re going to be lazy, you might as well do the self-spanking. She told herself. It will be good research and you deserve it for being a sloth. The fact that the idea greatly aroused her was certainly not the reason for choosing a more hands-on approach to her research.
Emma had spanked herself a few times in the past, trying to experience her fantasies by herself. She had always given up quickly, choosing simple masturbation over the inauthentic feel of a self-spanking.
Not this time, she told herself. This time she wasn’t trying it because she felt horny. She was doing research and she couldn’t back out early.
She knelt on her bed and looked down over her shoulder at her bottom, illuminated by her computer-screen on the desk. She only wore a t-shirt and panties this late at night, so there wasn’t much to protect her bottom when she aimed a swat at it.
A soft sting spread through her cheek and Emma raised er t-shirt before landing a few more.
As she enjoyed the glow that caused, she thought that the strict husband in her book would not spank his wife this gently. She gathered some pillows on her bed and dropped herself over them emulating the position his wife would be over his knee. She even pulled down her panties so that her bottom would be bare like hers.
In this lying position, she quickly realized it was too difficult to spank her own bottom effectively. She needed something to reach it better.
On her way back from the bathroom where she had picked up a hairbrush, she noticed John had sent her another message. She blushed, for she’d assumed no-one would know what she was doing; but John must surely suspect that her bottom was getting spanked by her own hand, right this moment. He might not now who she was or where she lived, but it embarrassed her none-the-less.
She ignored her computer—feeling too shy to answer any messages at this moment—and reassumed her position on the bed.
The smacks with the brush hurt a lot more, but that was to be expected from a disciplinary spanking. The hotter her bottom got however, the more aroused she got. Assuming that the pain would soon overtake her excitement, Emma continued her spanking. She was adamant that this time, she would not back out.
When she was done, her bottom was red and felt on fire. She’d never spanked herself this hard or this long, yet she felt disappointed. Her arm distracted her for it ached from the unfamiliar movement repeated again and again. At no point had she felt out of control of the situation, even though she’d forbidden herself to stop. Every smack she’d given herself, she’d known was coming. She knew exactly where it was aimed and how hard it would land.
She picked up her pillow and dropped it on her chair before sitting down behind her computer again.
“Remember you can ask me if you want a dom’s perspective on the spanking.” John’s message greeted her.
“Thanks for the offer, I’ll surely make use of it. The self-spanking wasn’t much of a success, though.” Emma replied, she blushed, admitting what she’d done to him; but she really needed his help if this book was going to be written.
“It wasn’t? Perhaps you need to try harder. I could instruct you if you want.” John messaged back.
Emma blushed deeply, imagining it vividly.
“Just an offer. I’m not trying to coax you into anything.” John quickly added to his message.
“I know.” Emma replied.
She thought about it for a moment, giving it some real consideration, but decided that was unlikely to work. It wouldn’t solve everything that made a self-spanking so different from a real one.
“I don’t think that’s going to do it. The only think I can think of that would actually work is a real spanking and that’s obviously not going to happen.” She replied.
“Why not? I’ve always wondered why you were on this forum, but never went further than just talking about your fantasies. We’ve talked about them often enough for me to know you really want to. Why are you so afraid to make that next step?” John answered her.
Emma blushed. “It just hasn’t happened. It’s not like I’m actively avoiding it.”
“I think perhaps you believe too much in your own stories, everything is easy in those romantic books you write. In real life things don’t happen by themselves. You have to go out and take what you want.” John replied.
Emma bristled at his tone. She always liked when John sounded a bit strict; she had accepted his soft rebuke after her rant about the stories on the forum; but sometimes it became a bit too personal.
“That’s easy for you to say. You don’t get an avalanche of messages when you post on your profile that you’re looking for someone.” She replied.
“That’s true, I don’t; but posting that you’re not looking will worsen your odds even more. Besides, do you think I enjoy going on dates with women, just to never hear from them again, or realizing they’re not really what I’m looking for?” John answered.
Emma took a deep breath. She knew John for a long time and knew he was not really after a one-night-stand when he went out on one of those dates. “You’re right. I’m sorry. I just don’t know how I would start looking without being overwhelmed by offers,” Emma replied honestly.
“Well, during your time here, you must’ve met some people you find appealing. Why not start with them.” John’s wrote.
“Are we still talking about research for my book, or about dating?” Emma asked.
“Whichever you like. Both are possible.”
Emma bit her lip as she stared at her screen. She didn’t want to message someone and ask for a date. She was too romantic for that. John might laugh at her, but she liked the way things happened in her books.
She wondered instead who of her friends she could trust to spank her for research purposes only, no further intentions. The answer was obvious of course and staring her right in the face.
“Would you like to help me with research for my book?” She messaged John.
He did not answer right away.
“How would I be helping you?” He asked.
“I want a firm, disciplinary spanking, just like the character in my book. No sex, no playing and no feelings; purely professional.” Emma answered, blushing deeply as she wrote this down.
“I don’t know. I’ve given disciplinary spankings before; but always to a girl I was dating. There were feelings because I cared for her.” John replied.
“Don’t you care for me as a friend?” Emma asked him.
Again, it took a long time for John to answer and Emma feared she might have made him angry with her manipulative tone.
“How about we go out for drinks first so we can discuss this in more detail. Let’s call it a preliminary meeting, since I know you wouldn’t be interested if I called it a date.” John replied.
Emma blushed at his offended tone, but agreed that his was a good idea. After a night’s rest and a face-to-face discussion, she might have second thoughts about letting herself get spanked.
“Okay, we’ll discuss it first. I’m free this Friday or the next. I guess we should meet somewhere public.” Emma replied.
“This Friday is fine. I know from your profile that you’re in the London area. I’ll meet you at Charing Cross Station, is that doable for you?” John asked.
“That’s perfect. Around seven?”
“Seven it is, see you then, Emma.”
“See you Friday, John.”

A few days later, Emma was on her way to their meet-up. She was nervous to see John in real-life. After they’d set the date, she’d often thought about chickening out and cancelling.
At night, she’d been thinking about everything John knew about her. She had told him everything, thinking they would never meet. John new all her fantasies and deepest desires. How could she face someone that knew all her secrets? In the morning, she told herself, she would message him and cancel their meeting.
She never did however. In the morning, she’d convince herself to stay strong, she could do it. John and she got along great on the forum, why wouldn’t they be able to talk face-to-face as well?
It was too late to back out now of course. It was five minutes to seven and he was probably already waiting for her at the station. Cancelling now would be extremely rude.
At this hour, the station was crowded. Emma had expected to find John quickly, but she spent at least ten minutes walking around looking for him. It was already fifteen minutes past their agreed upon time. She hoped he didn’t think she was late.
Then, she suddenly saw him, standing just to the side of the hall. She recognized him from the pictures on his profile: tall, handsome with sharp eyes and a friendly face.
He wasn’t looking, but that was because he didn’t know what to look for. Emma always kept her face carefully hidden when she posted a picture on the forum. It was up to her to approach him.
Suddenly shy, she walked toward him. When he looked at her, she couldn’t help but smile.
Seeing that smile on her face and her purposeful walk, he made the connection to who she was. “Hello, Emma?” He asked when she reached him.
“Hey John.” She replied. “Sorry I’m a bit late, I couldn’t find you.”
“That’s okay. Let’s go somewhere quieter.” John replied.
Emma followed him out of the station and down some busy streets until they found a bar where they could drink and chat. There were a few other patrons, but not too many.
“It’s nice to finally meet you in person.” John said as they sat down at a table.
“You too.” Emma agreed. This didn’t feel as awkward as she had feared.
“What would you like to drink?” John replied.
“I’ll have some tea; but I’d rather pay for myself. We’re not on a date remember.” Emma replied.
“I’ll get this one, you pay for the next, deal?” John answered.
Emma smiled. “Fair enough.” She said.
When John returned with their drinks, Emma tried to think of what to say. There wasn’t much use for idle chit-chat, they already knew each-others hobbies and interests from many online conversations. If this was going to be a meeting, best to just get straight to the point.
“As you know, I’m writing a book that contains a disciplinary spanking. To make sure that what I write sounds authentic, I want to experience such a spanking myself. I was hoping you could help me with this research, but first we need to discuss some terms and agreements.” Emma said.
John smiled. “There’s always some rules and agreements when it comes to this kind of thing, even when it’s not just research. But let’s start with the basics. I am willing to spank you, honoring any restrictions that are still to be discussed. Do you consent to being spanked by me, if these restrictions are met and for this one time only?”
Emma blushed. “Yes.” She said.
“Great.” John replied. “There wouldn’t be any point in going through the details if you didn’t. I have a few things I want to discuss myself, but let’s start with you. What do you want from this spanking and what are your limits?”
While licking her lips, Emma took a sheet of paper from her purse. “I wrote down everything I could think of, so that I wouldn’t forget any.” She said, placing the paper in front of her.
“Can I read that?” John asked, reaching out his hand.
Emma bit her lip, wondering if John realized how in charge he sounded, or whether that just came natural to him. “Of course.” She replied and handed him the paper.
“One: This is a disciplinary spanking, there will be no sex, or sexual acts of any kind. During the spanking you may only spank my bottom and my thighs, you hands may not wander anywhere else.” John read aloud.
Emma looked around seeing if anyone was listening. She would’ve talked a bit softer than that.
“What you mean to say is, I shouldn’t touch your pussy while you’re across my knee, is that right?” John asked.
Emma blushed and nodded.
“The rules should be clear and unambiguous, Emma” John said. He took a pen from his jacket and scratched out the last words of that sentence and replaced them with his own.
“I agree to no sex.” He said. “But you should consider leaving room for a hug after your punishment as you might need to be comforted.”
Emma blushed again. “I think a hug is acceptable.”
John wrote that down too.
“Two: When I use the safe-word ‘red’, you will immediately stop the spanking. We may continue if I feel up to it later.” John read.
“This isn’t a good idea. I don’t want you pausing the spanking every time it becomes a bit hard to take. Let’s use two words: ‘yellow’ and ‘red’. When you say yellow, I’ll know you’re at your limit, so I can adjust. When you say red, I’ll stop, but that’s final, we won’t start over later.”
Emma pouted. “But what if I don’t know if I can take any more? I don’t want to accidentally say red and then feel I could’ve taken more.”
“That’s when you say yellow.” John replied. “When you do, I’ll make sure you get a bit of a break, but it’ll be on my terms, not yours. Red should be more serious, something you only use if you really need to.”
Emma nodded. “We’ll try to do it your way.” She agreed.
“Three: The spanking will take place at a hotel-room. I will pay for this room and stay the night, but you must leave when the spanking is over.” John read.
“I want to pay for half.” John said. “The rest I agree with.”
Emma sighed. “Fine, we’ll each pay half.”
“Four: You will only spank me with your hand. At my request, you may also use a leather belt as this is what will be used in the book.” John read
“If it’s in the book, we should agree on at least twenty lashes with the belt. Then, depending on how you’ve reacted to the previous spanking, I may decide to give you more. You may of course always stop the spanking earlier by using your safe-word.” John said.
“Ten lashes.” Emma haggled, licking her lips. She couldn’t help it, but this negotiation was kinda hot, it turned her on.
“Ten.” John agreed,
“Five: You will not take any pictures or videos of what we do. Should you wish to tell your friends, you will not share my name or the name I use on the forum.” John read.
“I can agree to that.” He said. He had reached the end of the list. “But these are only limitations and things you don’t want. What is it you want from this experience, Emma?”
Emma blushed. “It’s research for my book.”
“And what do you want to learn from this research?” John asked.
“How a real spanking feels. How it feels to be a naughty girl. What it is like to be punished.” She replied.
“Well then, do you agree with my first rule; that I’m going to make you feel like a real naughty girl during this spanking and not a woman doing research?” John asked her.
Emma nodded, wondering how he was going to do that.
“My second rule is that once the spanking starts, I’m in control. We will have discussed all the restrictions so once these are in place, you will get no input on your punishment and have to accept what I decide upon. ” John said.
Emma blushed, biting her lip. “I agree.” She said, wondering if she’d made enough restrictions or she should come up with more.
“That also means you must obey my commands as long as they don’t contradict the restrictions.” John continued.
Emma nodded again.
“My third and final rule is that you stay honest with me. I’m your friend and above all I want you to be safe and learn something. Don’t be afraid to safe-word when you have to or tell me when something feels wrong.” John said.
Emma smiled. “I promise, I’ll keep that rule close to heart.”
“I do have some requests however, just like you.” John said. “Your goal is to do research for your book. Mine is to help a friend. To make sure we turn this into an even deal, I’m aiming to get as much enjoyment out of this as I can.” He paused for a moment. “You did not place any limitations on the way you would be dressed. This means I may require you to just bare your bottom or make you undress completely, depending on what I decide at the time.”
Emma blushed. She wanted to know how it felt not to be in control, so she had placed as few limitations as possible on the spanking itself. “That’s right.” She said.
“I will also expect you to be wearing a pleasing outfit, preferably a skirt or dress for a spanking. Lingerie if you have any, sexy or cute underwear otherwise.” John continued.
Emma nodded. She had already decided she’d have to look her best for this occasion.
“And for my last request, I want a free copy of your book when you’re finished with it.” John said with a grin.
Emma laughed. “Deal. I’ll even make sure I mention you in the acknowledgments.”

Two weeks passed between their initial meeting and the day of her spanking. Emma had arranged the hotel-room and contacted John through the forum for further arrangements.
Now she was waiting in the room they’d paid for. In her hand she had the sheet of paper from their initial meeting. John had kept editing it during their conversation and even added his own list of rules at the end. They hadn’t signed it or anything, something like this would never be considered an enforceable contract. It just made her feel safe that her limits would be respected.
She was extremely nervous, waiting for john; but excited as well for this would be her first experience with what was one of her biggest fantasies.
Before he arrived, she had texted some of her friends, letting them know where she was staying. On her computer at home she’d left as many details as she could so that she could be found if something happened. Not that she expected anything to go wrong. She’d known John for quite a while and trusted him to quite an extend; otherwise she wouldn’t be here right now. She just wanted to be completely safe, just in case.
When John arrived, her mental reciting of her safety measures was interrupted with a knock on the door.. With her stomach in her throat, Emma went to open the door.
“Hello John, come in.” She said when he waited for her permission to enter. When he did, she wondered if waiting for that invitation had been his way of granting her one last chance to back out.
“Hello Emma. I hope you’ve not been waiting too long. I’m sure you must be very nervous.” He replied.
“Just a bit.” Emma admitted. “I needed time to prepare myself.”
John looked her up and down. She wore a dress like he had requested. It was blue and very light. It wouldn’t give much protection against a spanking, but that wasn’t its purpose anyway. It was quite short and left most of her legs and thighs bare, John would have no trouble raising it to bare her bottom. The cleavage was quite deep too, framing her bosom nicely. She wore her hair up with several pins and had a light touch of make-up on her face. She was sure the lingerie she’d chosen would please him too.
“You look very attractive today, Emma.” He said. “I’m happy you remembered my request.”
Emma blushed. She had actually meant she’d needed to prepare mentally. “Thank you.” She replied.
Without another word, John walked past her. It wasn’t a very expensive room and the bed took most of the available place. When he sat down in the middle of it, he basically claimed the room to himself.
Emma had to either stand or sit down uncomfortably close to him. She chose the former.
“I’ve known you for quite a while Emma and I’ve believed for a long time that you could do with a good spanking.” John said. “I must say I’m happy to be the one who finally gets to give it to you.”
Emma felt a blush creeping up on her face and suspected that would probably stay there for most of the evening.
“Do you think you’re a naughty girl who deserves a spanking, Emma?” John asked her.
Emma licked her lips. “I don’t know.”
“You should probably address me as Sir now, young lady.” John corrected her.”
“I don’t know, Sir.” Emma said, a bit too loudly.
John grinned. “A bit defiant, are we? Then tell me, last week I got a message from you at three in the morning. What were you still doing up at that time of night?”
“I don’t know.” Emma repeated for the third time.
“I don’t know, Sir.” John corrected her again. “You stayed up for that long and you don’t even know why?”
“No, Sir.” Emma replied. “I mean, I guess I was watching TV.”
“Ah, binge-watching one of your favorite TV-shows instead of getting a good nights rest, is that it?” John asked.
Emma nodded.
“Answer me, girl.”
“Yes, Sir.” Emma replied.
“Not really good girl behavior, is it? What about two weeks ago, that picture you posted on your profile, that’s not really a good girl picture either, is it?” John asked her.
“What picture?” Emma asked, though she knew already which one he meant.
“The one with your bottom bare and glowing red; pretending to be a naughty girl that got spanked but at the same time showing off your half-naked body for the world to see.” John confirmed her assumptions.
It was the picture she’d taken after spanking herself at John’s suggestion,as research for her book. “You liked that picture!” She protested.
“Of course I did. Which dom wouldn’t enjoy the view of your bare bottom, nice and red. At least another dozen of your friends liked it and probably twice as many more masturbated to it without commenting on it. It’s not about us Emma, it’s about you and how a good girl shouldn’t share such pictures without a thought for her privacy or decency.” John replied.
“You can’t even see my face in it.” Emma replied. She always made sure she was unrecognizable in all her pictures.
“Do you think that would stop anyone from making your life miserable if they somehow found out?” John asked her.
Emma blushed. She wanted to say no-one would find out. But John already knew the face that went with those pictures, didn’t he? She trusted him, but in theory her secret identity was already out of control.
“What about the picture you posted before that, where you’re showing off that new skirt you bought?” John asked her.
Emma frowned. That skirt might be a bit short and quite tight, it still covered all the important parts. “That one’s not that bad, is it? I’m still dressed aren’t I?”
“It’s not about the skirt Emma, it’s about what else is in the photo.” John said.
Emma raised a questioning eyebrow.
“In the background, you could see your room and it’s a total mess. I don’t mean just a bit messy, but nearly unacceptable for a young girl to live that way.” John explained.
The blush in her face darkened a little. “I guess I can be a bit of a slob sometimes.” She admitted.
“What about the rant you posted last week when you got a speeding ticket?” John asked her. “If you hadn’t broken the rules, you wouldn’t have gotten the ticket. Even if you had, but had someone to spank you, you wouldn’t have posted such an embarrassing rant on the internet.”
“Alright, alright.” Emma said “I get it. I deserve to be spanked.”
John smiled. “I’m glad you’re starting to understand, Emma. So tell me honestly. Why are you here today, is it because you wanted to do research for your book, or because you secretly know you deserve to be spanked.”
Emma bit her lip. The research was certainly part of the reason; but perhaps John was right too. “Both.” She said
“No, I don’t think that’s completely right.” John said. “I think there’s a third reason, isn’t there?”
Emma huffed, annoyed at his trick question. “What other reason?” She asked.
“Why did you join the forum, Emma? Why are you writing that book? Because it turns you on. You told me the main character of the book is spying on the wife getting spanked and she gets turned on by it. You’re like your main character. You want to get spanked because it arouses you.” John explained.
Emma bit her lip. He was right, but where was he going with this?
“Did you get turned on when you posted that picture of your bare, red bottom, Emma?” John asked.
She nodded.
“How about that picture with the mess in the background? Most girls make sure every detail is perfect before they share a picture. Most men would’ve been distracted by your butt and fine legs; but you must’ve known the true doms would’ve immediately seen that mess. Did that turn you on as well?”
Emma bit her lip again. She wasn’t sure why she’d taken that picture in a way they could see her room, but she believed he might be right.
“And that rant. You must’ve known you were wrong to argue over that ticket. Did you post it so people could see what a brat you are and call you out on it?” John asked
Emma was trembling slightly. John had said he’d make her feel like a naughty girl. She just hadn’t expected him to be this thorough.
“I’m not going to spank you today because you’re doing research, Emma; but neither am I going to spank you because you’re a bit indecent, a brat or a slob. I’m going to spank you because you liked being those things.”
Emma licked her lips, slightly confused “But why?” She asked.
“What happens when you never get what you deserve? Will you break more rules? Will your home become even more than a mess? Will you forgo any sense of decency? You already admitted that you deserve this spanking, Emma. Now I want you to admit to me that you need it.”
Emma blushed deeply as she thought about his words. Was he right? Had she perhaps already been down that path a little? Her house hadn’t always been that bad and when she’d first joined the forum she hadn’t dared post such explicit photo’s/
The idea that she was here for research was completely gone from her mind when she agreed. “You’re right, I don’t just deserve one, I need a spanking.”

“Then let’s get started. I’ve scolded you enough I think.” John said. “Kneel beside me on the bed and place yourself across my lap.”
Getting on the bed beside him, Emma realized her nervousness was gone. Realizing she needed this to happen had given her a sense of purposefulness. She placed herself across John’s lap.
John placed one hand on her lower back, pushing her down further and ensuring she stayed in place. The other started at her knee and slowly slid up her leg, pushing up her skirt along the way.
Emma shivered as his fingers caressed her bottom and revealed her panties. Though he stayed a safe distance from her pussy, as they had agreed upon.
The first smack was a surprise. It wasn’t hard and not soft either, but just hard enough to make her feel it. He landed about a dozen of those, practicing his aim on her bottom and letting her get used to effect of his hand on her bottom.
Emma bit her lip and ignored the soft sting that accompanied the smacks, knowing worse was to come. She felt excited too, but feared that as well would change when the spanking became more serious.
When the smacks increased in intensity, Emma moaned softly. She could no longer ignore the stinging sensation, yet neither could she deny the growing heat between her legs.
John spanked her on and on, sometimes slow, sometimes fast; but never hard enough to make her squeal or forget the arousal she felt. Her moans were slowly changing from discomfort to pleasure.
When the pressure of his hand on her lower back suddenly disappeared, Emma looked over her shoulder at the man spanking her.
“There is a mirror in the bathroom.” John said. “Go have a look at your bottom and then come back.”
“Yes, Sir.” Emma said. She slowly got off his lap and made her way to the bathroom, wondering why he made her do so.
She raised her skirt and looked at her bottom in the mirror, it glowed pink, a nice and sexy color and contrasted brightly with her lace, black panties. It turned her on even more knowing she had not done it herself this time.
“Are you ready to begin?” John asked her when she returned.
Realizing this had only been a warm-up, Emma nodded.
“Take off your dress and then come back across my knee.”
Emma blushed, yet she had promised to obey his orders and she had made no limitations about what clothes she could keep on. She pulled off the dress and dropped it on the floor, revealing her sexy laced bra and panties.
“Not on the floor, young lady!” John said angrily.
Emma blushed and when she bent over to pick it up, John’s hand swung widely and smacked her on the behind. She nearly fell forward. “Sorry, Sir.” She stammered, before placing the dress on a chair.
“Now, get back over my knee.” John said.
Emma quickly put herself in his control again, before she could make any more mistakes.
John did not start spanking her immediately however. He traced the edge of her panties with one hand. It made her shiver when he followed the fold of her buttocks, but he retreated before reaching forbidden territory.
“I like your choice of panties, Emma. Well done.” He said.
Emma blushed, but John obviously did not expect her to answer as the next smack landed soundly on the middle of her bottom. A lot harder than before, his hand rained down on her behind.
Emma clenched her teeth and braved the onslaught on her backside. The stinging pain multiplied as John spanked her again and again. Yet she refused to make a sound for she knew she deserved what she was getting.
John however did not seem impressed by her silence and kept on the assault on her bottom until she was red and sore. Slowly but surely her resolve weakened and when a particularly mean smack landed on her bottom, she squealed loudly.
Encouraged by the effect of his work, John doubled his efforts and made her bottom bounce beneath his hand. Giving up her resistance, Emma kicked her legs, squealed and moaned.
Despite the pain, Emma never considered using the safe-word during this moment, not even ‘yellow’. She felt she was getting exactly what she’d needed. She felt embarrassed that it taken her so long to realize what she was doing and how naughty she’d been.
When John finally stopped, she felt it was way too early.
She shouldn’t have worried.
“Stand up.” John commanded.
Obediently, Emma rose, fighting the urge to caress her bottom.
“Take off the rest of your clothes, and your shoes too.” John told her.
Emma blushed. During the weeks before her spanking, she had thought about him telling her to undress completely. She had imagined her reaction in many ways: indignant, pouting, bartering, … With her bottom sore as it was however, there was only one possible reaction: Obey promptly.
She took off her shoes, then her bra and finally her panties. Standing naked before him, she realized how truly vulnerable she was. There was some arousal too, but that was firmly pushed to the background by her embarrassment and eagerness to please.
John stood up.”Bend over, place your hands on the bed and spread your legs.”
Emma did as she was told, placing her feet at shoulder-width and placing her hands on the mattress.
“Wider.” John commanded.
Emma blushed, completely exposing herself as she placed her legs even wider. John moved to stand behind her where he could see everything. He wasn’t going to touch her, but he was making sure he got a good look.
Suddenly his hand landed on her bottom after a full-armed swing.
Emma shrieked in response, her hands on the bed the only reason she hadn’t toppled over.
He smacked her again, and again. Each smack a full swing of his arm, with plenty of time between each to let the pain settle in her backside.
Emma cursed and squirmed. In this position she could not struggle or kick. She had to try her hardest to stay in position for each of his smacks. When her body swayed too much to the side or she threatened to fall over on the bed, John sternly commanded her to keep her bottom up.
When the pain became unbearable and her legs hurt from her bent-over position, Emma muttered. ‘Yellow.”
John placed his hand on her bottom. “Get on the bed, on your hands and knees.” He said.
With a sight of relief, Emma climbed on the bed, taking her weight off her legs.
John joined her, kneeling beside her. He placed one hand on her back and the other on her bottom. He started spanking her again.
Emma moaned softly, but the smacks weren’t too hard. They felt like those he’d used as a mere warm-up, but on her already sore bottom they hurt a lot more. Still, after she had nearly given up after those full-armed swings, she now felt that she could take a lot more.
John’s other hand now rested on her ribs, close to her exposed breasts. She had not explicitly forbidden him to touch those; but doing so would be too sexually intimate. If she’d been a good girl he might’ve played with them a bit; but by keeping his distance he once again confirmed what a naughty girl she’d been.
The constant gentle smacks of his hand on her sore bottom kept her alert, so she wasn’t surprised when he said: “Brace yourself.”
Emma clenched her teeth and leaned forward on her elbows. The bed’s pillows came within reach and when John’s hand hit her bottom full force, she reached for one and bit down on it.
Again and again he smacked her, while Emma squealed and squirmed. She pulled the pillow from between her teeth and begged him: “Please, I’ll be a good girl. I’ll clean my room, I won’t take anymore naughty pictures. I won’t act like a brat. I promise.”
John kept going, make her repeat that promise again and again, while Emma squirmed and whimpered. The fact that he ignored her promises solidified his control over her and the belief that she had all of this to blame on herself. The pillows caught some of her tears as she sobbed into them.
Knowing the lesson had finally gotten through to her, John eased up on the spanking,going back to the gentle smacks on an already tortured behind.
“Are you learning a lesson, Emma?” He asked her.
“Yes, Sir.” She replied.
“And are you going to try harder at being a well-behaved young lady?” He asked.
“Yes, Sir.” Emma replied again.
John got up from the bed, leaving her alone for a moment. Emma breathed a sigh of relief now that the pain was no longer constantly refreshed. She still trembled where she knelt in the middle of the bed.
“You still have at least ten lashes from my belt to go.” John reminded her. “But you can have ten minutes rest first.”
Emma bit her lip. She had completely forgotten she had agreed to that. “Could it be fifteen minutes, Sir?” She asked.
“Fifteen, but then I’ll up the lashes to fifteen as well.” John replied.
Emma groaned, but did not argue the exchange. “Thank you, Sir.”
“You may lay down on your belly while you rest.” John responded.
Gratefully, Emma sank onto the mattress, relaxing all her muscles. Time passed slowly as she lay there, thinking about her spanking. The only thing she could feel was her blazing bottom and that meant all she could think about was how she had ended up with it. It was hard to be confronted with your behavior this way and fifteen minutes was long when you were waiting for something.
“Perhaps ten minutes was enough after all.” Emma said when the pain had diminished and her mind kept going in circles.
“If you want to change the time again, I’m adding another five lashes.” John said.
Emma blushed. That was hardly fair, he had added the first five when she added the time she was now subtracting. Why would she agree with more smacks to shorten her time?
“Never mind, then.” She said, deciding to wait the full fifteen minutes.
The minutes passed slowly and several times, Emma thought those extra lashes might be worth it if she just didn’t have to wait any longer. Yet the closer they got, the more she feared how much those lashes would hurt. This made it easier to wait just a little longer.
“Time’s up.” John said. He took up position beside the bed and was already holding a leather belt, folded in half. “You can stay where you are.” He told Emma who was still lying in the same position.
Emma grabbed one of the pillows and bit down on it in preparation to the first swing. She heard the belt swoosh through the air and land on her bottom with a loud crack. Hr squeal was muffled by the pillow.
Six more times, John landed that wicked belt over her backside, before he walked around the bed. The pain was great, but Emma felt she welcomed it. The spanking she’d gotten had confirmed to her the need for this discipline. The belt now erased all her guilt and embarrassment. Each stroke meant she was one step closer to being a good girl. She needed those smacks and embraced them, even as her body squirmed and screamed.
Seven more times, the belt landed on her bottom and then one last, extra hard smack. Emma squealed loudly.
“Are you okay?” John asked.
“Yes, Sir.” Emma whimpered, she had made it and the belt hadn’t been as bad as she’d feared.
“Do you think you can take some more?” John asked.
Emma shivered. Say no! Her body demanded, but she wouldn’t lie. “I can.” She said.
“Another fifteen then.” John said as he walked around the bed to start over.
Again, Emma squealed and squirmed at each smack; but even more did she welcome them. These she had asked for herself. She could have ended her punishment with head held high; but she knew she could take more and she deserved all she could take.
When John reached fifteen, her backside was a blazing bonfire.
“No more, please.” She whimpered.
John placed the belt next to her on the bed. “Are you sure?” He asked.
“Yes, Sir.” Emma replied.
“Okay. I must admit Emma, you can take quite a spanking, especially for someone with no experience. I’m quite impressed.” John congratulated her.
She blushed. “Thank you, Sir.”
“You can get up now if you wish.” He said.
“I think I’ll stay here for a bit.” Emma replied.
John sat down on the bed. “That’s okay too.”
There was a short silence as they didn’t know what to say now that the spanking was over.
“Normally I’d offer to massage your bottom softly to take away some of the pain.” John said. “But I’m not sure if that would be breaking the rules.”
“Better not.” Emma said. She would’ve loved the gently touch of his hands to take away the pain; but she also feared that with that her arousal would return.
“Would you like me to leave or stay a bit longer?” John asked.
“Stay a bit.” Emma said. “I think I’m going to take you up on that hug you mentioned.”
“I’ll be here.” John said.
Emma rested in the bed, the pain faded ever so slowly, but in her mind, she felt better than she had for a long time. Eventually, she got up, taking care not to sit on her sore bottom as she did. She held out her arms and John embraced her tightly.
She did not care that she was naked, that her breasts pressed against his broad chest and that his hands rested just above her bottom. In his hug, she felt forgiveness for the naughty girl she’d been.
“Thank you.” She whispered when she let go.
“Will you be okay?” John asked her as he readied himself to leave. “I’ll log into the forum when I’m home. You can reach me there if you need anything.”
“Thanks. I’ll be fine.” Emma said.
She waited for him to leave before dropping back down on the bed. She did not dress again, preferring the cool air on her burning bottom. She softly caressed her sore backside for a moment and then took her phone to message her friend that her date had left and she was safe and sound.
Then, she grabbed her laptop from her backpack under the bed and started writing the next chapter.

The boss’ pet (a rainy day part 3)

naked girl

This is the last part of this series,you can reread the first two parts here:
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“That’s the same skirt you were wearing yesterday, isn’t it?” John asked.
Emily blushed. It was the same skirt, or at least one of the same size as the one she’d been wearing the last two weeks.
Every day, she entered her boss’ office before going to her own desk and every day he’d mention her skirt was at least five inches short. Starting the day of with five solid smacks on her behind made her so horny, excited, happy even, that she never hesitated when he told her to bend over.

A little over two weeks ago, Emily had spent a day in the office without skirt or trousers. It had been an accident, but one with unforeseen consequences.
She had not expected how aroused she’d be, sitting behind her desk, half-naked for her co-workers to see. She wouldn’t have believed she’d had the nerve to walk among them in her panties; but she had.
She had enjoyed teasing them, loved the attention it had gotten her. Until, her boss had spanked her for such inappropriate behaviour.
That wasn’t why she was in his office now however. Ever since the incident, Emily had enjoyed teasing her co-workers. She’d begun wearing sexy, revealing outfits to work every day.
When her behaviour became unacceptable, her boss spanked her again. This time, he did not wait for her colleagues to hear and thus they had all heard what happened to her and how much she enjoyed the punishment.
Now, she was to submit to an inspection of her skirt every day before work. An inspection she failed every day.
She tried not to tease her colleagues anymore, but at that she wasn’t very successful either. Her boss had spanked her four more times in his office in those two weeks. He always fucked her after her punishment was over, but Emily would have to wait until after hours before she was granted the same release.

“Take them off.” John said.
Emily froze, she had already bent over halfway, ready for her five smacks to begin the day. Slowly, she pulled up the tiny skirt, revealing her sexy panties and the garter belt holding up her stockings.
“Did I ask you to pull them up?” Her boss asked. “Take them off.”
Emily blushed and straightened from her bent over position. She undid the zipper of her skirt and pulled them down; wondering what his plan was.
“Take off your blouse as well.” John said.
Emily undid the last of the buttons one by one, still blushing as he asked: “What are you doing?”
“It’s been two weeks, Emily.” Her boss replied. “And we’ve made no progress. If you can’t wear an appropriate outfit to work, you might as well wear nothing at all.”
Emily bit her lip as she placed her blouse on a chair. She remembered vividly sitting behind her desk in her panties. Was he going to make her do that again, this time in just her underwear? Her heart was racing with anticipation.
“Now your belt and stockings.” John continued.
Emily blushed as she sat down on the chair, slowly pulling off her stockings. How much was he going to let her keep on? Surely he didn’t really mean it when he said ‘nothing at all’?
“And your bra and panties, please.” Her boss said.
Emily gasped. “No, please.” She begged.
“Take them off, Emily.” Her boss said. “Maybe this will help you remember to put on something decent tomorrow.
Emily’s hands were shaking as she unclasped her bra. He was just punishing her. She thought, He would let her put them back on before she went to the office she shared with her colleagues.
She blushed deeply as she placed her bra with the rest of her clothes. Her boss might have fucked and spanked her, but he had never seen her fully nude before.
When she’d pulled down her panties, she stood completely naked and vulnerable before him.
“I thought of sending you to your office like this, young lady.” Her boss said. “But you would be too much of a distraction for the others.”
Emily sighed in relief. He wasn’t going to make her do it after all.
“So that’s why I moved your computer to my office. So you can work in here today.” John continued.
Emily gasped. The whole day in her boss’ office and without any clothes on. She’d have screamed of embarrassment if she hadn’t felt so excited at the same time.
“Your desk is in the corner. You can get to work now.” Her boss said.
“Yes, Sir.” Emily replied, blushing as she sat down behind her desk.
“Oh and Emily. Since you’ll be working here. I’m giving you a couple extra tasks.”

It was almost noon, Emily was sitting behind her desk, still completely naked. She could still feel the taste of her boss’ cum in her mouth. One of her new tasks had her kneeling beneath his desk only recently.
Emily would have been outraged by the requests he made of her, if she hadn’t been so willing and exciting to perform them. She loved how he was taking advantage of her and making her his.
She swallowed deeply when someone knocked at the door, but she could not get rid of the taste completely. One of her colleagues entered.
He quickly saw Emily sitting at her desk in the corner. His eyes opened wide, but he did not say anything.
“Michael, I just printed the paperwork you were asking for.” Their boss said. “That’s what you were after, isn’t it?
“Ehm, yes, thank you.” Michael said, tearing his eyes off his naked co-worker.
“Emily, be a darling and grab them from the printer.” John said.
Blushing deeply, Emily did not move. Just her panties, or a revealing outfit she could handle; even completely naked she’d been fine when it had been just her boss, the man who had spanked and fucked her. But in front of her colleague, she was too embarrassed to move.
“Emily!” Her boss prompted again.
Emily didn’t reply and looked down at her desk as she heard Michael walk towards the printer in the other corner of the room. He left before their boss could say anything else.

“Are you deaf?” John asked, he was standing right beside her desk.
“No, Sir.” Emily replied.
“Then why didn’t you do what I told you?” He asked.
Emily blushed. “I was too embarrassed, Sir.”
“You weren’t too embarrassed to run around in that short skirt or less, these last couple of weeks.” John said.
Emily bit her lip. “No, Sir.”
“Come with me, bend over my desk.” Her boss said.
Emily’s heart raced. Was he going to spank her again? She hoped so. Despite her embarrassment, she felt deeply aroused from her encounter with Michael.
When she bent over her boss’ desk, she wondered, was he going to punish her for being disobedient, or for failing to overcome her embarrassment?
Today she had felt like John no longer wanted to smother her exhibitionistic tendencies, but cultivate them instead. He was training her to be his little pet, his obedient, naked submissive.
When the first smack landed on her behind, she knew. He wanted her to fully experience her fantasies and go farther than she had dared before.
That did not mean the spanking was gentle of course. On the contrary, her boss made sure that her cries and moans would be heard in the other offices; complimented by the fact that Michael would be telling everyone that Emily would be naked as she received yet another punishment.
Emily was dripping wet, even as her bottom was glowing red. She loved that her boss was doing this to her. She promised herself that she would not fail him again. She would overcome her embarrassment and fully expose herself to anyone her boss wanted her to.
When she heard John take off his belt, Emily moaned softly. “I’m sorry I disappointed you, Sir.” She said.
“I know you are, young lady.” John said. “But I can see how wet you are and how much you’re enjoying your spanking. At least for this you’re not too embarrassed to fully enjoy what you love.
Emily bit her lip. He was right. Ever since that first time, she’d fully submitted to the spankings. She hadn’t fought back, not even the first time he’d used his belt on her. But submitting was easier when you weren’t the one in control.
The belt hit her bottom and she screamed.
To fully enjoy her exhibitionism, she’d have to give up that control as well, she realized. She was no longer the one in charge of how she was dressed. If John wanted her to parade around naked, there was nothing she could do.
Another smack landed an after the initial squeal, she promised herself to try her hardest to submit to that level of control.
More smacks landed with the belt and thinking became hard as her bottom became a throbbing mess of pain and bruises. Emily squirmed and squealed, sobbing and moaning between each lash of the belt.
When her boss grabbed her stinging, red behind with both hands, she shrieked. His erection slid into her effortlessly.
Emily gasped and moaned as his thrusts slapped against her sore bottom, until her boss eventually came deep inside of her.
Exhausted, she lay bent over his desk.
“Back to work.” John said.
Emily got up, blushing as she went back to her desk. There was no pillow in her seat to dampen the pain. She sat down and got back to work.
It wasn’t long for the seat to become wet with her boss’ juices as well as her own excitement; but she knew she’d have to wait until after hours to pleasure herself. Such things were not to be wasted time on during working hours.

Emily’s bottom was still red and sore in the afternoon.
No-one else had entered her boss’ office and she had eaten her lunch at her desk. John could’ve made her eat that at the kitchen, she told herself, but he hadn’t.
She knew their time alone would soon come to an end however. John had warned her this time. One of their clients was coming over for a meeting.
Emily was deeply nervous. They would be having this meeting while she was right there, completely naked. John would probably even ask her things like getting coffee or grabbing things from the printer.
She wondered how the client would react. What would he think of seeing a naked woman, serving her boss and him? What would that look like, professionally?
When the man finally came, he did not even notice her immediately. He burst into the office and hugged John after a short handshake and a loud laugh.
Emily understood he was not just a client, but a close friend. Which was probably why John wasn’t nervous about him seeing her. That did not make her any less nervous though.
“Emily, can you bring Eric and me some coffee, please?”
The man, Eric, turned around and Emily blushed deeply when his eyes widened as he noticed her state of undress.
“Yes, Sir.” Emily replied. I can do this, I can do this. She encouraged herself.
Slowly she got up. The eyes of the two men followed her as she went to the small kitchenette in her boss’ office. Her boss smiling broadly, the client trying to look as if what he was seeing was a normal, every day thing.
“We’re out of coffee.” Emily said, unsure what to do now.
“Get some from the kitchen then.” John said.
Emily blushed and looked at the door to the hallway. The kitchen was three doors down, past the shared office where she used to work, were all her colleagues were working.
Nothing I can do, it’s not my choice. She told herself. John in in control, I am not. Besides, everyone will be working, no-one will see me.
She walked briskly towards the door, passing Eric. Once outside, she ran naked through the hallway as hard as she could, grabbed a bag of coffee from the kitchen and ran back.
Eric had just sat down at her boss’ desk when she returned. There was a bit of privacy in here, but not much. A stranger looking at her instead of a co-worker; but any of those might come in at any time as well.
She blushed as she made the coffee for their client and offered it to him as well as her boss.
John did not ask her to get up from her desk again as they discussed their business. Emily was at the same time relieved, and yet a bit disappointed that he did not test her any further.
Now that Eric had seen her naked and knew she was there, she started to crave his looks, she wanted to tease him, just like she had teased her colleagues.
It was up to her she realized. With a blush she stood up and walked to her boss’ desk. They both looked up at her when she did.
“Do you want some more coffee?” She asked, noticing their cups were empty.
“I would love some.” Her boss replied.
Emily looked at Eric, who had been too occupied with looking at her naked body to reply. “Ehm yes, me too please.” He said.
Emily bent over deeply as she reached over the desk to grab her boss’ mug; presenting her bottom to the client as she did, but looking straight at John, it was his approval that she was after.
He smiled broadly. “Good girl.” He said.
Emily smiled in return. She hadn’t known for sure if she was allowed to play and tease or if she should’ve refrained from distracting them. She’d made the right choice after all.

After Eric left, John came to stand next to Emily as she worked at her desk.
“You did very well, Emily. I’m very proud of you.”
Emily blushed, not sure why his praise meant so much to her.
“I was only going to have you work in my office every once in a while.” John said. “But as a reward, I’m going to let you decide when and if you want to do this again.”
Emily blushed, but there was no hesitation in her answer. “I want to work in your office every day from now on, Sir.” She said.
John smiled. “I’m very glad to hear that.” He said. “There will of course be times when that’s not possible, not all of our clients are as understanding as Eric.”
Emily bit her lip. “I could hide while they are here.” She said.
John laughed. “While I have to admit I thought of having you hide below my desk, that only seems possible for shorter meetings. I can’t have you waste too much of your time however, so if the meeting is going to take a while, you’ll have to return to your old desk.”
Emily blushed. Did he mean he’d send her to the shared office, completely naked? Her heart was racing when she nodded. Earlier that day, she couldn’t have imagined accepting such an order, but now she knew that she was no longer in control of such decisions.
“I understand, Sir.” She said.
“Good.” John replied. “I’ll let your behavior decide then how much of your cloths you can put back on before sending you back to your co-workers.”
Emily blushed, that meant she’d have a bit of a reprieve; but she knew a day would come, when John would send her to work among them completely naked.
“Now, come sit on my desk before you get dressed and go home for the weekend. I want to fuck you one last time and you’ve deserved to quit early and get some release yourself. You must be dripping right now.
Emily blushed deeply. He was right, the seat of her chair was soaked.
“Yes, Sir.” She replied, obediently following him to his desk.

The girl next door

Naked girl staring out the window

Summer-break was only two days old and Sophie was already bored out of her mind. What was a twenty-year-old girl to do all day out in the suburbs, living with her parents? All year, she’d live in the city, among friends; but these two months of summer were lonely and dull. That one week in August when she’d go on a trip with her friends seemed still far away.
The problem was of course, that nobody near her own age lived close-by. She had no-one to hang out with except her own parents.
There was the couple across the street however. They had moved in last year while she was in college. They were the closest to her age by a far margin, somewhere in their late twenties.
Still, Sophie didn’t think they’d have much in common. Anyone who freely choose to live a boring, dull life in the suburbs couldn’t possibly have anything to offer a city-girl like her.
They were her only hope though, and alone in her room, Sophie stared out the window at the house across the street. It was dark outside and she couldn’t see much; but a light was burning in a room on her neighbours second floor.
Sophie wondered if they’d just forgotten the light, or whether they would be returning. She had turned off her own light so they wouldn’t catch her peeking on them if they did. She knew it wasn’t polite to spy on her neighbours, but she was bored and had nothing else to do.
When the door to the empty room opened and her neighbours entered, Sophie blushed. The man was wearing only his boxer-shorts and the girl was completely naked.
Sophie turned away from the window, embarrassed for what she had seen. She could not help herself though and turned to watch again, shyly moving towards the window.
The couple was kissing. The man’s back was turned to the window, so she could no longer see his naked wife. Her hands were grabbing his shoulders, her fingers digging deep into her skin.
Sophie couldn’t avert her gaze. She hadn’t seen the couple before. The man was very handsome, with broad shoulders and a well-muscled back. His boxers were tight across his hips and firm buttocks.
For a moment, she imagined those hands on his shoulders to be hers. She had not seen much of his wife, but that short glimpse of her naked body told her they looked alike. That same slim built with firm breasts and wide hips; the same pale skin and long brown hair.
When the couple moved to the bed, Sophie wondered if they didn’t realize everyone could see them; or if they were just caught up in the act. Nobody ever came outside at night in this boring neighborhood of course; but with their curtains open and lights on they were in plain sights for peeping toms like Sophie.
When the man turned around to sit down on the edge of the bed, Sophie admired his broad chest before admiring his wife. Her pale skin looked soft and vulnerable in the light, looking in from the darkness.
She knelt on the bed, but did not straddle her husband like Sophie had expected. Instead, she bent down and draped herself across her husband’s lap. With her hips resting on her husband’s knees, her bottom was raised high in her air.
Sophie blushed when her neighbor spanked his wife. She watched in fascination how he raised his hand and smacked her upturned bottom; how his wife arched her back and rocked her hips, obviously enjoying the treatment.
As a college-girl, Sophie considered herself far from innocent; but she had not expected this boring, suburban couple to be so kinky. While she was adventurous herself, Sophie’s experiments with BDSM hadn’t gone farther than blindfolds and handcuffs. She’d certainly never been spanked.
Her neighbor’s spanking turned out to be more than just a few playful swats. Her husband’s hand kept raining down on her raised bottom while Sophie watched.
Sophie nearly pushed her face up against the window, trying to see what was happening. She wished she could hear them; she could imagine it lively: the sound of the spanking, the moaning and squealing of her neighbor.
She imagined she could see a trace of red on her neighbor’s bottom, even from this distance all the way across the street. Her poor bottom must hurt, but she did not show any signs of struggle except for the occasional kicking of her legs or shaking of her head.
When the woman slid down from her husband’s lap, Sophie wondered how long she had been sitting at her window, how long she’d been staring.
Now kneeling at her husband’s feet, Sophie could really see the shade of red on her neighbor’s bottom. She could not see what she was doing; but the motions were obvious when the woman bent forward, putting her face right in front of her husband’s lap, bobbing up and down as he grabbed her by the hair.
Sophie blushed as she witnessed her neighbor giving her husband a blowjob. Was she thanking him for her spanking, or making up for whatever it was that had gotten her spanked? She wondered.
The woman stood up at a command Sophie could not hear. She got a short glimpse of her neighbor’s erection now that his boxers were down, before his spanked wife straddled his lap.
When the man grabbed his wife’s sore red bottom in both hands, Sophie felt her own hands reaching down into her trousers. She gasped when she noticed how wet she was. Her panties soaked with arousal from watching her neighbor’s spanking.
She blushed deeply, but could not help herself as she touched her hot pussy and swollen clit.
After the long and sensuous spanking, the aftermath was quick. Her neighbor rode her husband roughly until – Sophie imagined – they both came with loud and shuddering orgasms. Sophie herself, who had been watching this whole time, had not enjoyed the same physical sensations; but she came just as quickly as they did. Shuddering uncontrollably, she moaned softly as she leaned against the window, still spying on her neighbors.

Two dull, boring days passed after that night and Sophie did not catch her neighbors having sex again. She looked out her window both nights; but either her neighbors had remembered to close the curtains, or they were just not doing anything.
She had not contacted them either. They might not be as boring as she had originally thought. But she wasn’t sure she could talk to them without blushing as she remembered what she’d seen.
On the third day since spying on them however, Sophie heard something as she passed by their house. She was just walking on the sidewalk on their side of the street and just as she was about to cross to her parent’s home, she heard it.
A soft noise, like someone slowly clapping their hands.
No-one who heard it would think about it twice. Unless, like Sophie, you had seen what happened in her neighbor’s bedroom.
Sophie walked past the hedge to their driveway, but all the curtains were closed. She hesitated for a moment, wondering if she should just ignore the sound and go home; but she was just so bored.
Slowly, Sophie walked up the driveway to the front-door. A small cobblestone path ran around the house and into the garden. Sophie followed it until she saw a large window on the side of the building.
The sound of a spanking seemed louder here and Sophie sneaked into the garden, hiding behind a large bush of roses. From her hiding space, she could see inside and was rewarded with a view of her neighbor’s bottom, red and draped across her husband’s lap.
Sophie blushed deeply. What was she doing? Spying on her neighbors, trespassing into their garden. But despite the slight shame she felt at peeping, she did not turn away.
They were not naked this time, except for her neighbor’s raised skirt and missing panties. The man was seated on a kitchen chair, his wife dangling across his knee. Her hands and feet rested on the kitchen floor.
This time, Sophie could hear the sounds of the spanking, the ringing smack when the man’s hand connected with his wife’s bottom and her squeals and moans in response. She could now see the look on their faces; the woman’s pain and distress and her husband’s strict gaze.
The woman’s bottom wasn’t just red, it was glowing. Sophie realized how much it must hurt from her kicking and squealing. She wondered if she had been wrong the other night, when she thought she was enjoying her spanking; but no, her motions and the sex that had followed had certainly indicated that she liked it.
Hidden behind the bush in her neighbor’s garden, Sophie raised her own skirt and rubbed her bottom. Already a bit of moisture was gathering in the fabric of her panties. She realized she might not be able to stay until after the spanking; she had to leave before they were done.
With one hand, she stroked her lips inside her panties, the other squeezing her backside as she imagined the pain of a spanking. It was exhilarating, standing in a stranger’s garden, touching herself. She felt naughty, spying on them like she was; it made the fantasy of getting a spanking much more realistic.
It was an odd contrast, her own pleasure, compared to her neighbor’s squeals of pain and discomfort. Sophie moaned softly, shaking on her legs as she fingered herself behind the rosebush.
When the spanking stopped and her neighbor got off her husband’s lap, Sophie bit her lip. She was not done yet, but they could see her any moment. Her fingers moved quickly, yearning for release before she was caught.
The man pointed at the corner of the room and the woman walked towards it, away from the window. Sophie sighed a breath of relief when her neighbor left the room, leaving his wife behind with her hands on her head; facing the corner unable to see out the window.
Sophie blushed as she spied on her neighbor standing in the corner like a naughty girl, her red bottom on display. No-one knew of course, except for her husband and Sophie who was peeping on them.
When she finally came, Sophie bit her hand, trying to smother her moans so that she\d not be heard. She blushed deeply, only now fully realizing she had been masturbating in her neighbor’s garden, while staring at his wife’s red, spanked bottom. Sophie quietly left the way she had come.

Sophie wasn’t usually this obsessed with the sex-lives of others; but there was just nothing else for her to do while she spent the summer at home. Every day, when she passed he neighbor’s home, she listened and hoped she might catch them at it again. She blamed her obsession on the spankings themselves, it was just so exotic, something she had never seen or experienced before.
Twice more in the following two weeks, Sophie sneaked into the garden to see her neighbor get spanked and each time, the spanking ended with her neighbor standing in the corner with a red bottom on display; and Sophie pleasuring herself, hidden behind the rosebush.
The guilt she’d felt at spying on them increased every time she did it; but she could not contain her curiosity whenever she heard those faint sounds of spanking coming from their home.
In the evening on the day she’d trespassed into their garden for the third time, Sophie was in her room when the doorbell rang. Curious, for they never got visitors, Sophie made her way downstairs, just as her mother answered the door.
It was her neighbor; the woman Sophie had witnessed getting a spanking just a few hours ago.
From atop the staircase, Sophie listened in on their conversation. It turned out that the woman was looking for her. Neighborly as her mother was, she invited her in and pointed her towards her daughter’s bedroom.
Blushing, Sophie ran to her bedroom and waited for her visitor. She was nervous, fearing that she might have seen her trespassing in her garden, spying on her when her husband spanked her.
“Enter.” She said when she knocked at her door.
The woman entered, she still wore the same flowery dress as before. It was short and barely covered her bottom. Sophie wondered if it was still red; was she wearing panties underneath or were those still off as well?
“Hello Sophie, my name’s Emma, I live just across the street.” She reached out to shake her hand.
Sophie blushed and took the woman’s hand. “Nice to meet you, Emma.” She said.
“Your mother told me you’d be coming home for the summer; but I never had the chance to come say hello.” Emma said.
“Oh, that’s okay.” Sophie said. “You must be busy.”
Emma smiled. “You must be bored, all alone out here. You should come visit me and my husband sometime. I imagine we’re the only ones anywhere close to your own age.”
Sophie nodded. “That would be great.” She said, all the while wondering if she could enter their home without blushing whenever she looked at them.
“Do you like flowers?” Emma asked. “We have a rose bush right outside our kitchen window. You can come and pick some of the flowers anytime you want. Just make sure you give us a heads-up first. We wouldn’t want to think you were trespassing or anything.”
Sophie blushed deeply. Was that a hint, did she know? The woman was staring at her intently. Sophie swallowed. “Of course.” She said.
The woman smiled again. “Great.” She said. “That’s settled then, well I have to be going. I hope you’ll come over and visit us soon.”
The woman left her room as suddenly as she had come. Sophie’s heart was racing. They must know, she thought. They must have seen her. Emma’s visit was obviously a warning.

That didn’t stop Sophie of course. Two days after Emma’s visit, she heard her get another spanking from her husband. It surprised her how often they did it. At least twice a week, Emma spent time across her husband’s lap; and that was only the times Sophie caught them.
Sophie hesitated at the edge of their property. Emma’s visit was still clear in her mind; but all she could imagine now was the same woman, dangling helplessly across her husband’s knee.
She just had to be careful, she told herself. Slowly, she made her way into the garden. As quietly as possible, she sneaked up behind the rosebush.
Her neighbors were in the now familiar position where Emma’s husband sat on a kitchen chair and her bare bottom raised in the air above his knee. Careful not to be seen, Sophie unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them down together with her panties; her bottom bared in their garden, just like Emma’s bottom was bared for her to see.
It almost felt like baring her bottom for a spanking; after Emma’s warning and out here in the open, she felt naughty and vulnerable.
Sophie had missed the start of Emma’s punishment, her bottom was already quite red. She preferred masturbating during the spanking; but she knew she had some time left while Emma stood in the corner.
She was still touching herself, her fingers digging deep into her wet pussy when she heard a voice. “You can stop hiding.”
Sophie had been so focused on watching Emma in the corner of the kitchen, that she had not noticed her husband entering the garden. With a deep blush, she pulled up her shorts and stepped out of her hiding place.
“I’m sorry.” She said. “I was just…”
“We know what you were doing.” The man said, interrupting her. He walked across the grass towards her and Sophie’s heart started racing. This was the man who spanked his wife. What was he going to do to her for spying on them?
“I’m sorry.” She said. “I didn’t mean to disturb you, I didn’t see anything.”
The man raised an eyebrow, he stood but an arm’s length away from her. He was quite intimidating, tall and strong as he was.
“You didn’t?” He asked. “This isn’t the first time I noticed you sneaking around. I even sent Emma to talk to you, and you still want me to believe you aren’t spying on us.”
Sophie looked at the grass around her feet. “I’m sorry. You’re right. I shouldn’t be here. I won’t so it again… ehm, what’s your name?”
“It’s Michael, but you can call me Sir.” He replied.
Sophie blushed. “Of course, Sir. I’m sorry for spying on you.”
“You know what Sophie, I’m not stupid, I realize how bored you must be out here with your parents. I don’t know how you found out about our secret; but I understand why you’d be curious. So, let’s make a deal. You can ask me three questions about anything you want and in return you promise me to never spy on us again, so we can forget this ever happened.” Michael said.
Still blushing, Sophie looked up at her neighbor. Was she really getting of that easy? “What kind of questions?” She asked.
“Anything.” Michael said. “I imagine you’re curious about what you’ve seen, aren’t you?”
Sophie nodded, taking a moment to think about she should ask. She looked over her shoulder, seeing Emma still standing in the corner.
“The first time I saw you.” She said. “I saw you have sex after you spanked Emma. But every other time, she has to stand in the corner and nothing else happens.”
Michael smiled. “When Emma’s been a good girl, she gets her spanking as a reward; but when she’s naughty, it’s a punishment and she has to stand in the corner. The latter kind of spanking is usually quite a bit harder than the former.
Sophie blushed. She had been wondering about this for a while. She had even thought it might be discipline, but she had not believed until Michael told her.
“Why does she let you discipline her … so often?” Sophie asked, quickly merging two questions into one.
Michael laughed. “Emma is very submissive and loves it when I’m in charge. She doesn’t just let me spank her, she has completely given up control to me and lets me decide when she’s been a good girl deserving of a reward, or a bad girl deserving a spanking. And to why she gets spanked so often, it’s because she likes to act a bit like a brat. She secretly loves getting disciplined by me, because it reminds her of who’s in control. Have you never felt that way, Sophie? Haven’t you ever done something that you thought was bad and you deserved to be punished, if only there was someone there to take charge and put you across their knee?”
Sophie blushed and looked away. “Maybe, but not the part about the spanking.” She admitted. Trespassing into her neighbor’s garden and spying on them had certainly been one of those moments.
“Well, I’m sure that’s what you’ll be thinking about, next time when you do something naughty.” Michael said.
Sophie bit her lip and wondered about her third question.
“What will you do, if I were to break my promise and spy on you again?” She asked.
Michael raised an eyebrow. “I will do what Emma suggested to me when we saw you in our garden today.” He said.
Sophie’s heart was racing. “What did she suggest?” She asked.
“Emma said, I should bring you inside so you could be spanked right alongside her.” Michael said.
Sophie swallowed.
“So, I better not see you out here again, am I clear?” Michael asked.
“Yes, Sir.” Sophie answered. “Can I leave now?”
Michael crossed his arms. “Aren’t you forgetting something?” Sophie blushed. “Your promise?” Michael reminded her.
Sophie folded her hands in front of herself. “I promise I won’t spy on you again, Sir.” She said.
“Thank you, Sophie.” Michael said. “You can go now.”

Several days passed and Sophie avoided going near Michael and Emma’s house. She was afraid that if she heard them, she would be unable to resist temptation and get caught. Part of her however, could not stop fantasizing about what would happen if she did break her promise.
These first few weeks of summer, her neighbor’s secret, kinky sex-life was all that had kept her from going insane with boredom. The truth was of course, that she was deeply curious to how it felt like to be spanked.
When she thought back about her time hiding behind the rosebush, masturbating while Emma got spanked by her husband; she remembered squeezing her cheeks while she heard the smacks on Emma’s behind, or pulling down her shorts to bare her bottom just like hers. It hadn’t just been the naughty feeling of spying or public masturbation that had her aroused; it was the spanking itself and the idea of submitting to a man to be punished that had her shuddering and yearning for the release of an orgasm.
Emma suggested it herself. Sophie argued with herself some days. She wouldn’t mind it, if her husband spanked a young woman who had been spying on them. It would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, something she’d never forget; and something she’d never have to repeat if she did not want to.
The idea of being spanked by Michael turned her on greatly. She knew that all she had to do was break her promise. She wondered if he thought that she would. Her third question had suggested it after all. There was no doubt in her mind that he would enjoy spanking her and was hoping to catch her spying on them again.
It was this thought that made Emma return to Emma and Michael’s garden. Michael didn’t really want her to keep her promise, she thought. It was more like an opportunity, a way for her to show that she wanted to be spanked by him.
She passed by her neighbor’s garden every day, hoping to hear the sounds of Emma’s punishment; and every day, she was afraid that today would be that day.
When she finally heard those now-familiar sounds of a spanking, she froze just outside their driveway. This was it, she thought. She could either turn around and never think about it again; or she could sneak inside and get caught.
Slowly, she made her way up the driveway. She had thought she was nervous when spying on them before, but it was nothing compared to what she felt now. It was also the most exciting thing that would happen all summer, so she pushed her fears aside and crept towards the rosebush, peeping through the window where Emma was face-down across Michael’s knee.
It wasn’t long after her entrance, that the spanking stopped. Sophie wondered if she’d been seen; Emma’s bottom wasn’t as red as it would usually be after her spanking. Too nervous to touch herself, she had just been standing there to watch.
“Sophie!” A voice called, Michael entered the garden.
With a blush, Sophie got out of her hiding place.
Michael approached with long, quick strides. “What are you doing here?” He asked. “You promised not to spy on us anymore.”
Sophie blushed deeply. “I’m sorry, but I…”
“No buts.” Michael interrupted her. “Emma and I both warned you not to spy on us. I even told you what would happen if I saw you here again. Are you going to tell me you didn’t understand what I said last time I caught you spying?”
“No.” Sophie said, staring at her feet.
“So, you know what’s going to happen now?” Michael asked.
Sophie blushed. “Yes, Sir.”
Michael was quiet for a moment, Sophie looked up at him and saw him staring down at her, his arms crossed in front of his chest.
“Very well.” He said. “Follow me, you knew what you were getting yourself into.”
Sophie bit her lip, but obediently followed Michael to the back of the house and in through the back door. She felt vulnerable suddenly, in his house with no way to escape. She followed him into the kitchen, where Emma was still standing in the corner.
Without the window separating them, Emma’s red bottom was suddenly much more real than it had been before. This wasn’t just some scene she was looking at, this was actually happening.
“Go stand in that corner.” Michael said, pointing at the opposite side of the room. “I know how much you like to watch, so you don’t have to face the wall. Take a good look, because you’re going to be next.”
Without a word, Sophie moved to the corner of the room.
Michael sat down on the chair. “Emma, you can come out now, we weren’t done yet.”
Emma turned around, her pussy suddenly catching Sophie’s eyes as she was holding her skirt in her hands. She blushed slightly when she saw Sophie staring at her. Submissively, Emma placed herself across her husband’s knee.
From across the street in her bedroom, to the garden outside the window and now just two steps away, Sophie had gotten ever closer to these spankings. Soon, she’d be so close that she’d be the one dangling over Michael’s knee.
The sound of the smacks was loud here in the same room of them, but even louder were Emma’s squeals. Sophie started to become nervous as she imagined how much her sore bottom must sting, how vulnerable she was with her legs fruitlessly kicking the air.
Michael was relentless and spanked Emma until her bottom was glowing red, until her squeals were replaced with sobs and whimpers; and all this time, Sophie could only stand and watch, knowing that she would be next.
“Get up.” Michael said.
Emma got up from her husband’s lap.
“Go back to the corner. Don’t face the wall, since Sophie has been spying on your punishments, I think it’s fair you get to see hers as well.”
Emma slowly moved to the corner and turned around to see the room. Sophie was blushing, waiting for Michael to tell her to come to him.
He made her wait, seconds seemed minutes in the completely silent room. Sophie’s fear was slowly being replaced by impatience. She deserved this spanking, didn’t she? Then what was he waiting for?
“Come here, Sophie.” Michael said.
Sophie flinched, caught off guard at the sudden command. He had been waiting for her to realize that he was in charge, not her. Slowly, she made stepped closer, standing in front of his chair.
“Raise your dress.” Michael said.
Sophie blushed, all this time, she had not considered this part of her punishment. Michael would definitely spank her on her bare bottom, just like he did his wife. She would be completely exposed.
Slowly she raised her dress. Michael waited patiently, as if he had all the time in the world for her to reveal her panties. They were black and covered in lace. Sophie had chosen them purposefully not to be embarrassed by them if she were to get caught; just like she’d been wearing skirts and dresses ever since she’d decided to go through with this. Emma always wore them as well.
Finally, with her dress raised all the way below her breasts, Michael raised his hands to stop her. He grabbed her panties between his index fingers and thumbs at her hips. Sophie blushed deeply as he pulled them down.
“Step out.” Michael said as he dropped her panties all the way to her ankles. When she did, he picked them up and tucked them into his pocket. Sophie blushed deeply, wondering if she’d ever see those panties again.
Michael was sitting up straight, now staring right at her pussy. “Get across my lap, young lady.” He said.
Sophie moved to the side of the chair, slowly lowering herself across Michael’s lap. She placed her hand on the ground to keep her balance while Michael grabbed her hips and shifted her forwards until her bottom was right above his lap.
She blushed deeply when she felt his erection pressing against her pubic bone. She had known he’ would be excited, but she hadn’t thought she’d feel it this intimately. She knew she’d be excited herself, she wondered how wet she was and how much of it Michael would see.
When Michael stroked her bottom with his hand, Sophie moaned softly in anticipation.
“I would’ve rather given you a good girl spanking, Sophie.” Michael said. “But a naughty girl like you, who breaks her promises and spies on people deserves a good hard spanking and a bright red bottom.”
Sophie blushed, but did not protest.
“Well, don’t you have anything to say for yourself?” Michael asked.
“No, Sir.” Sophie replied. “You’re right, I deserve to be punished.”
Michael raised his hand and smacked her bottom.
Sophie moaned softly. The pain wasn’t that bad. Just a slight stinging sensation spreading through her cheek. Michael smacked the other side and Sophie moaned again. The sting nicely balancing out the first.
Slowly, Michael built up the intensity of her spanking, alternating between cheeks and increasing the sting with each smack. He did not slow down our pause, only ever increasing the strength behind each swat with his big, strong hand.
Sophie moaned deeply, occasionally squealing softly as a particularly hard smack landed. The pain was building, but somehow still bearable, pleasurable even. It was like she had fantasized it would be. She imagined the excitement building between her legs, her pussy glistening wet and dripping down her thighs. She wouldn’t be able to hide it as she kicked her legs, dangling over Michael’s lap.
But the excitement didn’t last. The smacks kept coming, ever harder and the pain took over the excitement. Sophie’s moans became grunts and screams. She started to realize that she was in deep trouble and her spanking was long from over. She wondered if she’d made a mistake letting herself got caught; she no longer had any control of the situation.
There was no way to turn back now, she’d have to see this punishment through until the end; but above all, she realized she deserved this. Her behavior these last few days had led her to this, spying on people, trespassing on their property, ignoring their warnings and breaking her promise. What did she expect would happen? She could blame her boredom, the dull days at her parent’s house; but the decisions had been her own. Even the decision to get caught, because deep down she had known, she deserved to be punished for her misbehavior.
As the pain in her bottom mixed with shame and guilt, Sophie squirmed and whimpered. Her bottom was bright red and it felt like it was on fire. “I’m sorry.” She said. “I won’t do it again, I promise.”
Michael didn’t listen to her. Why would he? She hadn’t kept her last promise either. His hand kept raining down on her bottom and Sophie kicked and squealed.
Somewhere, Emma was watching. Sophie wondered if she was smiling, seeing her get punished for spying on her. Or was she excited, like Sophie had been while she was watching Emma go through the same thing. Was she perhaps touching herself right now, just like she had?
Even through the pain of her spanking, Emma blushed, feeling a drop of excitement at the thought of Emma touching herself while watching her. But no, Emma stood in the corner with her hands on her head, she would not be able to touch herself.
The thought disappeared as quickly as it had come. The pain in her bottom was all consuming. Again she begged Michael to stop, promising to be a good girl, promising to never spy on them again.
When he finally stopped, Sophie lay whimpering across his lap, tears rolling down her eyes. After a moment, Michael told her to stand.
Sophie slowly stood, afraid to look at Emma. She had never seen her cry; ashamed for her tears, she averted her eyes.
“I’m sorry I had to be this strict with you, Sophie.” Michael said. “But I needed you to understand this spanking was a punishment and not for fun.”
Sophie nodded.
“Don’t be ashamed of your tears.” He said. “Emma has cried across my lap more than once. When she gets spanked as hard as you did today, she always does.”
Sophie blushed and looked up at Michael. So, she had been spanked harder than Emma had. Of course, she had probably deserved it more. What had Emma been spanked for? Some bratty remark, perhaps? While Sophie had been spanked for spying, trespassing and breaking her promise. No wonder her bottom was twice as red as her neighbor’s wife’s.
“Now go stand in the corner next to Emma.” Michael said. “Keep your dress raised and your hands on your head until I return.”
Sophie blushed and made her way to stand next to Emma.
“Face the wall, both of you.” Michael said,
The two women turned.

A long time passed after Michael left when neither of them knew what to say.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t think he’d spank you this hard.” Emma said after a while.
Sophie blushed. “It’s okay. I probably deserved it.”
Emma looked at her and smiled. “I’m glad you think that way. You know, I’ve never had anyone to talk about these things with.”
Sophie looked at her in return. “Well, I don’t think I’ll try to get myself in trouble on purpose again after today.”
Emma laughed softly. “But you should, next time just make sure it’s something small. Some regular discipline is good for your mood, and it keeps you honest with yourself.”
Sophie blushed. “Don’t you find it weird to let your husband spank another woman?”
Emma smiled. “I have to admit, just a week ago I would have never considered it. But when we caught you spying, I got thinking about it. I really felt you deserved to be punished for it and who better to do it than my husband? It turned me on to be honest, the idea of Michael spanking another woman while I watched. That’s as much part of the reason I guess.”
“You got turned on while he spanked me?” Sophie asked, getting redder with the moment.
“Didn’t you?” Emma asked. “Didn’t you spy on us because it turned you on? Watching you across my husband’s lap, your bottom slowly turning red under his punishing hand. I was so wet, I felt it dripping down my thighs.”
Sophie swallowed. “I guess you’re right. I did enjoy watching you as well.”
Emma smiled. “Even while you were across his lap, even while you were begging for mercy, I could see how wet you were, how excited you were to be dominated by a strict man.”
Sophie blushed again. “I can’t help it.” She said. “Don’t you get turned on when he spanks you?”
“Of course.” Emma said. “Always.”
Sophie bit her lip. “But you never have sex when you get punished?”
Emma shook her head. “No, only good girls get that reward. But do you really need sex? Don’t you feel like what you’ve just experienced is just as good? It’s intimate, emotional, strong; it doesn’t need sex to be a complete experience.”
Sophie looked away. “You’re right I guess.” She said. “It’s just this feeling, this arousal, like I’m burning up inside, longing for that sweet release.”
Emma smiled. “But that’s part of it, part of the punishment because you’re not allowed to have it; part of the lesson because if you want it, you have to be a good girl; part of the submission, because he is in control, not just over pain, but pleasure as well.”
Sophie looked back at her neighbor. The way she talked, she could understand why she loved it so much, why she acted like a brat to get herself in trouble with her husband.
“That’s easy for you. But who is going to reward me, when I’m a good girl?” She asked.
Emma frowned in thought. “All good girls get rewarded in the end.” She said. “All you have to do is keep your promise.”
Sophie blushed. What was she suggesting? That she would let her husband reward her with a sensual spanking; and what, let him fuck her as well? It seemed impossible, but before she could ask her more, Michael returned to the kitchen.
“You can come out of the corner.” He said.
Both women turned around. Emma pulled down her dress from around her waist, Sophie followed her example. The weight of her dress on her bottom reminded her suddenly of her spanking and she winced at the sudden pain.
“Are you going to remember to behave more politely, Emma?” Michael asked.
“Yes, Sir.” Emma said.
Sophie blushed, she hadn’t realized Emma named her husband Sir as well.
“And you Sophie, are you going to keep our promise and stop spying on us?” Michael asked her.
“Yes, Sir.” Sophie said.
“Very well. Emma, you still have some chores to do. Sophie, it’s time you head home.” Michael said.
Emma stepped away from her and left to do her chores without question. Sophie blushed, there was no mention of returning her panties, she was still bared beneath her dress. She turned to the backdoor to leave.
She expected Michael to follow her out, but he didn’t. He was sure that she’d do as she was told. With her bottom still burning, she had no plans to be disobedient in any way.
Once outside, she checked to see if her dress covered her bottom properly and no redness was revealed, she wiped her face with her hands to hide her tears and pulled her hair in place with her fingers. No-one knows what just happened. She told herself. She repeated the phrase in her head as she crossed the street and headed home, avoiding her parents as she entered her room.
Finally alone, she raised her dress and looked at her red bottom in the mirror on her wardrobe. She touched herself, but then stopped. Michael would never find out if she masturbated; but she remembered what Emma had told her. It was part of her punishment, only good girls deserved an orgasm. She dropped her dress again and started cleaning her room. Doing chores, just like Emma was, would probably distract her enough from her stinging bottom and wet, glowing lips.

Several days passed and Sophie did not return to her neighbor’s garden to spy on them. Even when she heard the familiar noise of Emma being punished across her husband’s knee, she resisted the urge to have a look. The spanking was still too fresh in her mind, she remembered sleeping on her tummy that night, and not being able to sit comfortably the following day.
Still, there was a part of her that wished she would get spanked again someday; just like Emma had predicted. Not because it had been enjoyable; but because the idea that there would be consequences for her actions was somehow comforting. If only she had someone like Michael. Those regular spankings Emma got from her husband for being a brat were exactly what she wanted; not the harsh, severe spanking for spying and trespassing that she’d gotten herself.
More than a week passed and the boredom was slowly reasserting itself. Sophie had not visited her neighbors, for she was too embarrassed to confront them after her spanking. Luckily, the one week trip with her friends was just a few days away, giving her something to look forward to.
It was two nights before she would leave, when Emma visited her again. Just like the previous time, her mother answered the door, letting Emma in when she asked for her.
Nervously, Sophie waited in her room, wondering what Emma wanted. She knew there couldn’t be anything that had gotten her in trouble this time.
When Emma knocked her door and entered, she was smiling broadly. “Sophie! It’s been such a long time, why don’t you visit?”
Sophie blushed. Last time she saw Emma, they had talked about how wet and aroused they both got from being spanked by her husband. Both their bottoms had still been bared and red as they stood in the corner together.
“I don’t know.” She said. “I guess I felt a bit awkward after what happened last time.”
Emma still smiled. “Oh, don’t worry about that. When Michael puts you across his knee, all is forgiven and forgotten when it’s done. We’re not upset about your spying and trespassing. I won’t even mention it again.”
Sophie chuckled. It was the spanking itself that made her feel awkward, not the thought that they might still be angry. It was odd, she realized, that discipline was such a part of Emma’s life that she did not feel the same.
“I’ll see if I can come over sometime.” She said.
“Why not now?” Emma asked. “I know it’s a bit late, but Michael sent me to ask. He’s very pleased that you kept your promise and he thinks you deserve a reward.”
Sophie blushed again. She had seen what kind of rewards Emma got from her husband, a sensual spanking followed by making love. That’s not what he meant, was it? Emma couldn’t possibly approve of her husband fucking another woman; even if she didn’t mind him spanking one.
“Sure, I guess.” Sophie said, feeling confident that they had something else in mind. “Who would say no to a reward?”
Smiling, but nervous, she followed Emma out and across the street. Michael was waiting for them in the hallway.
“Sophie, I’m so glad you accepted our offer. I haven’t seen you spying on us in days, so can I assume you’ve been keeping your promise?” He asked.
“Yes, Sir.” Sophie said, blushing now that she was once more confronted with the man who had spanked her.
“After you left us last time, Emma told me that you felt left out because you knew that Emma, if she was a good girl, would be rewarded, while you only got punished for being naughty, but had no-one to reward you when being good. Is that true?” Michael asked.
Sophie blushed, she had not expected Emma to tell her husband what they had talked about.
“Yes, Sir, it’s true.” She admitted.
“Well, the last week, Emma has been very well behaved and while I planned to reward her, I thought of you. Since you joined her in one of her punishments, I thought why not let you join in one of her rewards as well.” Michael explained.
Sophie bit her lip. If she were to participate in one of Emma’s reward, then that did mean spanking and sex, didn’t it?
“Do you mean, I’d get a sensual spanking too and … what comes after?”
Michael smiled. “Emma and I have often talked about trying out a threesome; and with your submissive attitude and knowledge of our fetish, you would be a perfect third.”
Sophie blushed again. After days of thinking and dreaming of that one spanking, she was now offered another. This one however would be pleasurable, sensual. She felt the excitement in her groin, moisture already gathering between her lips, her bottom tingling with sensation for what was to come.
“I would like that.” She said. “But only if Emma agrees.”
Emma, who had been standing to the side, not talking, clapped her hands. “Of course, I agree!” She said, hugging Sophie. “I’ve been looking forward to this so much, ever since I saw you getting spanked by Michael I wanted us to do more together.”
“Well then, it seems I’ve got two good girls on my hands who deserve a reward.” Michael said. “Please, follow me upstairs, young ladies.”
Butterflies were doing summersaults in her stomach as Sophie followed her neighbors to their bedroom; her heart was beating in her throat and her body was tingling all over.
When they entered the room, she checked the window and was relieved to see the curtains were closed. She remembered vividly how she had seen them from across the street last time Emma got a reward.
“Take off your clothes please.” Michael said.
Emma started to undress and Sophie blushingly followed her lead. She wasn’t shy, but a bit embarrassed to undress at Michael’s command. Her experience in submissiveness so far was just to raise her skirt and accept a spanking she surely deserved.
Her neighbor did not slow down or stop, not even for her bra or panties. She took them off until she was completely naked. Sophie could only do the same, until she was completely exposed as well. Michael was staring at them both, his hungry smile touched something deep inside her, arousing her greatly.
When they were done, he took of his own shirt, his trousers and his socks. Only his boxers he kept on. His erection was plain however, stretching the fabric of his underwear. Sophie longed to touch it, even while his wife was there to see.
“Who wants to go first?” He asked.
Sophie licked her lips. She longed for this spanking, but Emma was his wife, so she waited for her to make the first move.
“I went first last time.” Emma said. “I think it’s Sophie’s turn now.”
Sophie’s heart jumped up again.
“Good, Sophie, come here please.” Michael said, while seating himself on the edge of the bed.
Sophie didn’t hesitate, but moved to the side of the bed, hungry for her reward. Her naked body right beside his.
“Across my lap, young lady.” Michael said.
Sophie blushed and knelt on the bed. He sounded so strict, even for a reward; and that only turned her on even more. She leaned forward across his lap. The bed supported her legs and upper body, which made the position a lot more comfortable than it had been when she was dangling across his knee on the kitchen chair.
Just like last time, she could feel his erection press up right against her pubic bone. This time there was only a thin layer of fabric separating her from its touch. The rest of his body was naked and warm against her flesh.
Softly, Michael rubbed her bottom. He used his hand to separate her legs and reveal her moist, dripping pussy. There was no way to hide her arousal from him.
Michael raised his hand and spanked her firmly. Swatting her bottom left to right. Sophie moaned and wiggled her behind, she arched her back, begging for more.
The smacks kept coming, building a warm sting in her bottom. They were softer than her previous spanking; but still pretty hard. The sting was real and slowly building into a numbing pain.
Sophie moaned or squealed after some particularly firm swat. Her bottom was glowing and sore; but it was an enjoyable pain. It was like a spicy meal, like a strong, painful massage, or a very hot shower; just on the edge of bearable.
“Can I help?” Emma asked.
Sophie looked over her shoulder. She had forgotten about Emma and how she had to witness her husband do this with another woman.
“Of course.” Michael said.
Sophie moaned deeply as Emma knelt next to her. Michael did not relent his spanking as his wife’s slender fingers trailed up Sophie’s inner thighs, following the trail of wet juices that had trickled down her legs.
She gasped when Emma’s fingers found her pussy and slipped between her lips, finding her clit. All the while, Michael’s hand kept raining down on her bottom.
Trapped between pain and pleasure, Sophie moaned and shook. Unable to control her body, she shuddered and moaned, driven to orgasm by Emma’s slender fingers and Michael’s strong hand.
Even then, Michael did not stop. Sophie squealed and moaned as he kept spanking her during her orgasm. Emma’s fingers slid down to the entrance of her pussy, and instead of relenting the pressure, she pushed them inside.
Sophie screamed.
Her body shook uncontrollably as a second orgasm took control of her body. Michael landed a few more firm swats, as she lay shaking across his lap. Then he finally stopped.
Gasping for breath, Sophie lay across her neighbor’s lap. Her bottom felt on fire, even while being massaged by Emma’s cool, soft hands. One large, warm hand lay on her lower back, Michael was holding her down still.
“Is it over?” She asked, wondering why he was holding her down.
“Only if you want it to be.” Michael said.
Sophie licked her lips. “I don’t think I could take anymore.” She admitted.
The pressure of Michael’s hand relented. “In that case, I know someone who is dying to take your place.”
With a grunt, Sophie got up from Michael’s lap. She looked at the couple with a blush; wondering how she could still be embarrassed around them after what they had just done.
Emma knelt beside her husband and took her place across his lap. Sophie stepped back, watching as she got a spanking from her husband.
This was the first time she could truly enjoy watching Emma get a spanking. She was invited, did not have to worry about being caught or fear she would be next. She enjoyed the vulnerability of Emma’s body across her husband’s lap, the slow coloring of her bottom, her moans and squeals, the movement of her body as she accepted the pleasure.
When Emma’s moans reached a higher pitch, Sophie remembered she should do more than just watch. “Can I?” She asked. Michael nodded.
Sophie had noticed Emma liked to kick her feet during her spanking, so she knelt behind her on the bed, straddling her legs so she could not move them. She bent down, to make sure she did not get in the way of Michael’s swinging arm.
She traced Emma’s inner thigh with her fingers, finding her pussy, just like she had done for her. She barely touched Emma, when her body already started to convulse. A few flicks against her clit and Emma was moaning and shaking uncontrollably.
Michael did not relent for his wife either, keeping the spanking going while Sophie brought his wife to orgasm.
Sophie pushed three fingers up her neighbor’s pussy, thrusting them deep. Emma’s body shook, but she could barely move with Sophie’s weight on her legs and her husband’s hand on her lower back.
Emma screamed and moaned as she got her good girl reward.

The two women stood together beside the bed; their bottom burning from their spankings.
“Did you like your reward?” Michael asked them.
“Yes, Sir.” The two women said in unison.
“And are you going to thank me for it?” He asked.
Sophie blushed, remembering what she had seen through her window. Emma on her knees, giving her husband a blowjob.
“How can we thank you, Sir?” Emma asked.
“I’d like to see my two girls kiss.” Michael said. “But not just any kiss. You have to kneel at my feet and include my cock in this kiss.”
Sophie licked her lips. She had given plenty of blowjobs before, but never at a command. Somehow that made it more exciting.
Emma knelt beside the bed at her husband’s feet and Sophie joined her at the other side. She had never kissed a woman before; but when Emma leaned forward and pressed her lips on hers, her excitement took over.
They kissed deeply, tongues in each-other’s mouths. Michael then pulled down his boxers to reveal his enormous erection. Sophie blushed as Emma softly grabbed his balls and licked his shaft from top to bottom.
Sophie copied her neighbor, licking Michael’s dick; their tongues moving up and down his shaft together. When they reached the tip and their lips touched, they kissed with Michael caught between them.
They played and kissed, licking and sucking each-other’s tongue, lips and Michael’s dick. with Michael’s moans and grunts in the background.
“Take it Emma, I’m going to cum.” Michael suddenly said.
Emma pulled her husband’s cock away from Sophie and took it in her mouth.
“Don’t swallow.” Michael said. “You have to share with Sophie.” He moaned deeply, shuddering as he came into his wife’s mouth.
When he dropped back on the bed, Emma turned to Sophie, leaning forward to kiss her again. This time when she pushed her tongue in her mouth, her husband’s juices came with it, mixing with their saliva as they kissed.
Sophie blushed, but accepted her share of Michael’s sperm. The taste mixed with that of Emma’s mouth as they kissed. When they let go, both women swallowed their share.
“Get on the bed.” Michael said.
The two women joined him, all three were now completely naked as they held each-other; Michael caught in between his two good girls.
“Before we send you home, Sophie, I have one more reward for you.” Michael said. “You can choose whether your next orgasm comes from a dick or a tongue.”
Sophie blushed. The kiss and blowjob had turned her on greatly. Her bottom was still sore and sensitive with Michael’s hand on it while they cuddled. She wanted him to fill her up, just like he had with his wife’s mouth.
“I’ll take the dick, please.” She said.

Michael got up and placed a pillow against the wall. “Sit over her please, Emma.” He said.
Emma moved up the bed and sat down with her back against the wall. She whimpered softly, having to sit down on her sore bottom.
“Since you want my cock, it’s going to be your responsibility that Emma gets her share of the pleasure, Sophie.” Michael said. “You’ve just proven to me how well you can use your tongue, so get on your hands and knees and use it.”
Sophie blushed. When Michael had mentioned a tongue, she had not thought it might be her, or Emma’s tongue that would do the pleasuring. She had never kissed a woman before tonight and she had definitely not licked one.
Emma spread her legs invitingly, waiting for Sophie to come. She was blushing too and Sophie wondered if she too had never had another woman do this to her.
Michael was sitting beside her, waiting. He was still in charge, the spankings might have been rewards, but he still expected their obedience. Sophie got up and knelt down before her neighbor.
She had never been this close to a pussy before she realized, not even her own. Up close like this, she could almost taste Emma’s excitement just by her smell.
Shyly, she licked Emma’s lips.
She moaned deeply.
Encouraged by her neighbor’s arousal, Sophie continued. Licking her up and down and then finding her clit. she started to play with it with her tongue.
She could feel Michael move and kneel behind her. She felt his hands on her sore bottom and his erection against her lips. When he pushed his cock into her, Sophie moaned deeply, her warm breath on Emma’s lips.
Sophie realized Emma was going to have to watch her husband fuck another woman, and while he did, she’d feel some of the pleasure herself.
It was not her fault, Sophie thought. She couldn’t have known Michael planned it this way when he asked her if she wanted a dick or a tongue.
Michael thrusted hard and firm, pushing her forward with Sophie’s face right up against Emma’s pussy. She could not moan with her tongue pressed firmly between Emma’s lips, doing her best to share the pleasure.
She could have been in Emma’s place, she thought. Comfortably leaning back, enjoying her tongue on her pussy while watching her get fucked by her husband.
That might have been the better option; but she had been greedy and chosen the cock; and now she was trapped between the couple, hardly able to breath and with her sore bottom being pounded by Michael’s hips.
Sophie pushed back, freeing her mouth to talk. “Please, spank me, Sir.” She said.
Michael grabbed her hips tightly. “Why should I spank you, young lady.” Michael said.
“Because I’ve been greedy.” Sophie said. “I should’ve chosen the tongue, so you could have fucked your wife.”
Michael smacked her bottom.
Sophie moaned deeply, before being thrusted up against Emma’s pussy again. Emma moaned in return as her tongue pushed up against her clit.
Caught between Emma’s juices on one side and Michael’s thrusting hips and punishing hand on the other, Sophie felt trapped and out of control.
Emma suddenly convulsed, shaking uncontrollable as Sophie’s tongue brought her to orgasm. She wondered if Michael had planned it this way. Had he known how much his wife liked watching him spank another woman? Did she perhaps enjoy watching him fuck her just as much?
Despite Emma’s squeals and moans, Sophie could not stop. As long as she was being fucked, her tongue ran up against Emma’s clit, making her squirm and shake.
Another smack landed across her bottom as a deep thrust filled up her pussy. Sophie moaned deeply, reaching an orgasm of her own as Emma’s juices still filled her mouth. She shook uncontrollably, unable to breath or move.
Michael kept spanking her and thrusting, ignoring her shaking body until he too reached his climax, not pulling out, but cumming deep inside of her.

The three of them lay exhausted on the bed.
“You didn’t need to ask for a spanking.” Emma whispered after a moment. “I loved watching.”
Sophie blushed. “But he is your husband.” She protested.
“We were all part of what happened.” Emma said. “Who cares what body part goes where?”
Michael placed his hand on Sophie’s bottom. “I think she wanted to watch herself.” He said. “She is a little voyeur after all.”
Sophie blushed. “Maybe.” She said.
“Next time.” Emma said.
“If you two prove you can stay good girls.” Michael added.
A long, blissful silence stretched as they rested on the bed.
“Do you want to come over next week?” Emma asked. “Just to hang out.”
“I can’t.” Sophie said. “I’m going away for a week.”
“But you’re coming back?” Emma asked.
“Yes, three more weeks until college starts again.” Sophie said.
“When you’re back, you should come over as often as you want.” Michael said. “If you want to earn another reward, I have to be sure you really deserve it.”
Sophie blushed. “If I can earn a reward; does that mean I could also earn a punishment?”
Michael turned to look at her. “Would you like that?” He asked.
Sophie bit her lip. It wouldn’t be fair, if she only got rewards for being good, but no punishments for being naughty. Today had been great; but those disciplinary spankings Emma got for being a brat, she wanted those too.
“I would.” She said.
Emma chuckled. “I’m looking forward to seeing Michael smack your ass for being a little brat.” She said. “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure the two of us get into plenty of trouble.”
“You better behave yourself.” Michael told his wife. “And you, Sophie, I’ll make sure you’re turned into a well-behaved young lady before school starts again.”

Student job (part 3)

NAked woman tied to a store sign in a shopping street

Sophie stood stock-still in the store’s basement while the customer fastened a black leather collar around her neck. Ever since her boss – the owner of the sex store she worked at – had given his friend permission to spank her; she’d been helping out the customers in various different ways. She had gotten a few spankings since then, but not many realized her offer to help went as far as that. She had also let someone tie her up with ropes to test their strength and had showcased various sets of lingerie for some very happy customers; it did look better on a real girl than on picture on the box after all. One shy girl had asked her how one of the vibrators worked, so Sophie had shown her in the privacy of the changing rooms and another customer had wanted to try out the various types of nipple clamps on her. The more work Sophie had done, the more confident she had become; she was no longer shy about her nudity or arousal. She had started to serve the customers out in the store, leaving the changing rooms available for other couples. This had also lowered the sexual tension in the store as customers would be less shy about entering a sex store when such activities could be openly discussed and even practiced. They were also more inclined to participate and thus buy things when they were aroused by Sophie’s aid or even just seeing her help another customer. It reminded Sophie at times of the tasty samples at large stores that lured you into buying their products. Two other people were looking at her today, while she was trying on collars for this customer. She wouldn’t be surprised if they as well would be considering how their partner would look like with one of these collars on.
“Perhaps I should take off my shirt.” She said as the customer was still hesitant after she’d worn nearly a dozen different collars. “It’ll give you an idea of how it will look like against bare skin.”
The customer raised an eyebrow. “Eh, sure.” He said, obviously surprised as the offer. “I guess I’ll make her wear it more often without clothes after all.”
Sophie smiled as she started undoing the buttons of her shirt. She didn’t really think this would help him make a choice; but seeing her nearly naked would certainly arouse the customer greatly. His desire would certainly speed up the deciding process. To make sure her plan worked, she unhooked her bra as well to uncover her breasts. The other customers came closer to have a look, no longer hiding their interest.
Sophie did not blush when the customer licked his lips as he stared at her. “Could you try on this one again?” He asked while handing her one of the other collars.
“Of course, sir.” Sophie replied; replacing the collar she was wearing with the one he offered. Truth be told, she was deeply aroused to be bared in front of these strangers. It was odd to realize she hadn’t known this aspect of herself until a few weeks ago.
“Yes, that’s perfect. I’ll take this one.” The customer said.
“A great choice, sir.” Sophie said. “I like this one as well.” She handed him the collar she was wearing and started to dress again. ‘Success!’ She thought. Just one glimpse of her breasts and the choice was made. The customer looked disappointed for a moment when she started to dress again. He must’ve just realized he could’ve asked her to try on the others as well; to be able to enjoy the view for just a bit longer.
The other customers closed in on her, probably itching to ask her for her help now that they knew how helpful she could really be. But before they could ask their questions, a voice came from upstairs: “Sophie, could you come up here for a moment, please?” It was her boss.

After excusing herself to the customers, Sophie made her way up the stairs. Her boss did not often call for her during work. He had not spanked her since that first time either. But ever since, she had that slight feeling of dread whenever he called. Had she perhaps done something wrong, was she perhaps in trouble and would she be spanked again? So far, she hadn’t, sometimes she felt disappointed that it hadn’t come to that again. “How can I help you, sir?” She asked. Her boss was waiting for her by the register.
“I wanted to ask you a favor, Sophie.” Her boss said.
Sophie smiled while holding back a sigh; still no new spanking. “Anything I can do to help out.” She said.
Her boss smiled. “I was hoping you’d say that. I don’t know if you know, but this weekend is the store’s fifteenth anniversary. For this once I’m keeping the store open on Sunday for a special celebration. I want you to come too and help out. I have something special planned actually.”
“Sure.” Sophie replied. “I don’t have anything planned yet, I’d love to help out. So, what do you want me to do, just help the customers like regularly?”
Her boss handed her a piece of paper. “Here, I’ve written it all down. You should read it carefully and sign it if you want to participate. It’s a bit different from usual, so I understand if you don’t want to. If you don’t, it’s ok if you just come over and help the customers like on a normal day.”
Sophie took the paper and read it slowly. A blush crept on her face the farther she read. Yes, this definitely was different from usual. She tried to look at the proposal from different angles. If she did not do it, her boss would be disappointed, he might find her lack of enthusiasm to help the store reason to spank her again. But it wasn’t the fear of another spanking that made her consider accepting the proposal. Just reading about her boss’ plans had her wet with arousal. She already knew she was going to go through with it; it was just a bit embarrassing to admit that she would do it because she wanted to do it; because it turned her on. “Do you have a pen?” She asked her boss, before signing at the bottom of the page.

On Sunday, a bright banner flew outside the sex store, announcing its 15th anniversary. Sophie stood outside the door, it was her job to lure as many customers as possible. A short piece of rope tied her hands above her head, firmly attached to the store’s welcome sign. She wore not a stitch. Completely naked, she smiled at the passerby’s. The sex store was not located in a busy street, but there were still plenty of people, just outside the city’s busy shopping center. As the sun rose to its midday-peak, more and more people entered the shaded street, word was getting around of the sex-store’s marketing stunt. Sophie blushed as the potential customers passed her on the street. She felt vulnerable with her hands tied above her head; she’d been unable to defend her naked body from the strangers inching past her. So far, no-one had tried to touch her and she knew her boss was keeping a close eye out to protect her if they did. But that did not make it any less scary or exciting. More than a few men and women came looking at her without actually entering the store; but she knew that inside it was crowded as well. They already had more customers today than they would normally in a week. She had lost count on how many; she wondered how long it would take until the lucky winner arrived and whether they would actually get one hundred and fifty customers on a single day.
It was well past noon and Sophie’s arms and legs were getting tired – despite the few short breaks – from standing tied up at the front door. The street was still much busier than usual, when an older gentleman entered the store and the sounds of celebration suddenly became a lot louder. A short time later, her boss came out. “It’s time.” He said. “Are you ready?”
Sophie blushed. “Yes, sir.” She said. “Happy to get out these ropes and out of plain view.” She blushed again as she entered the store. The room was totally packed with customers and people browsing. In here, people made less of a secret of staring at her. In the privacy of the store, her nudity somehow became more intimate than it had been outside. Especially since she was the only one naked in a dense crowd. The man who had entered the store just before her was standing beside one of the desks in the middle of the room. Normally the desk held a collection of cheap sex toys for sale. It was empty for today’s occasion. This man was today’s lucky winner; he was older, with some grey in his hair, but quite attractive. He was smiling, Sophie’s boss must’ve already explained to him what he’d won by being the one hundredth and fiftieth customer. He was holding a long, rectangular paddle; aptly named ‘the birthday paddle’.
Sophie stepped up to him and kissed him three times on his cheeks; nearly rubbing her naked body against his. “Congratulations.” She said.
“Thank you.” The man said. “When I saw you outside, I couldn’t help but come in and see what else this store had to offer. I wouldn’t have dreamt it’d come to this however.”
Sophie smiled. “Are you ready to help us celebrate our anniversary, sir?” She asked.
“Ready when you are.” He said.
All eyes followed Sophie as she made her way towards the empty desk. No one pretended to be browsing the products as they watched her bend over it, arching her bottom high up in the air. Her boss must have made the announcement not just to the winner, but out loud for everyone to hear. Before being fully bent over, she noticed some people at the windows, looking in but too shy to come inside. She blushed as she suddenly felt a hand on her bottom.
“It’s going to be one hundred and fifty smacks for this fifteen year anniversary.” The winner said, his hand softly squeezing her bottom. “Are you ready?”
Sophie bit her lip. She’d gotten a few spankings since working here, but nothing too serious. Normally she’d ask for a warmup before letting a customer try out an implement. “Ready.” She said.
The paddle came down with a loud thump and Sophie squealed softly. The man wasn’t holding back, not even this early in her paddling. “One!” She counted out loud, biting back the pain. She knew her boss would interfere if things got too rough. The paddle came down firmly against her backside, again and again. Sophie moaned and whimpered, counting out each stroke loud enough that everyone could hear. By the time she reached twenty, her bottom was red and glowing. At forty her moans were replaced by soft squeals. She kicked her legs and wiggled her bottom back and forth, but there was no escape from the large paddle. The smacks kept coming until she screamed out “Seventy-five!”
For a moment, the pain stopped coming. A hand was placed on her behind. “Who thinks we should give this brave girl a little pause?” The man who had been paddling her asked. Opinions in the store were divided, some wanted him to continue until the end, to make her scream and beg; others agreed that she deserved the pause for how well she had accepted the paddling thus far. The winner seemed to agree with the second half; he softly massaged her bright red bottom, rubbing away some of the pain. Sophie moaned deeply at the stranger’s intimate touch. She did not care for the other customer’s giggling remarks and snide comments as they noticed her arousal. Unfortunately, it did not take long for the winner to take up the paddle again and announce it was part for the second half.
Sophie braced herself as the paddle sunk into her bottom for the fifty-sixth time. She counted again and this time the crowd counted with her. After every smack, they cheered the number as she said it, their noise drowning out her squeals and moans. Sophie bathed in their enthusiasm, for a while it even pushed back the pain. But when the count reached the hundred mark, Sophie’s squeals rivalled their cheers. The last twenty or thirty smacks, she screamed and sobbed as loud as the customers celebrated. But the end was near. The last ten smacks came slowly as the customers counted down to zero. Each smack landed firmly across her fiery red bottom. And then, it was over. The crowd cheered and the winner handed the birthday paddle back to her boss. Sophie remained bent over the desk. The pain in her bottom to severe to stand up.
“You did great, Sophie.” Her boss said as he walked up to her. “Near the end, I thought I might need to end it early, but you held on remarkably.” He massaged her bottom softly as he spoke to her. The pain slowly diminished, until she felt like she could stand again. Her boss picked up a chair and placed it on the desk. Sophie climbed on top of the table and blushed as she saw the hard-wooden surface. “Can I have a pillow please?” She asked.
Her boss smiled and threw one up at her. “A pillow for your throne.” He said and then handed her a paper crown as well. Sophie winced as she sat down – even with the pillow – and placed the crown on her head. “An applause for Sophie, please.” Her boss said and the customers broke into applause.
Sophie blushed as she sat in the middle of attention, still fully naked and now with a bright red bottom. As a reward for taking the anniversary spanking, she now resided as queen over the store for the rest of the day; receiving drinks and snacks from her boss and customers alike.

At the end of the day, when all the customers had left and Sophie had helped her boss clean up after the busy celebration; Sophie approached her boss again. She was still fully naked, for after a full day of nudity in front of so many people, she did not see why she should be embarrassed to be naked still. There was still one job Sophie had to do today; one part that was not mentioned in the paper she had signed; even her boss knew nothing of it. But just like everything else today, it was very different from anything she had ever done before for her job. “I still have a gift to give you, sir.” She said.
Her boss smiled at her. “You didn’t have to get me anything.” He said. “Everything you did today was more than enough.”
Sophie smiled. “But I wanted to.” She said. Her bottom was still glowing and sore as she knelt down in front of her boss. He did not protest when she undid his trousers; his dick was hard and ready for her when she freed it and took it in her mouth. She took him deep and sucked him inside. Her boss moaned deeply, rocking his hips back and forth. Today’s events must have had their influence on him because it did not take long for him to cum with a massive groan and ejaculate onto her waiting tongue and lips. Sophie stood up after swallowing all she could. “Did you like your gift?” she asked with a grin.
“I loved it.” Her boss replied with a broad smile, resting his hands on her naked body.
“We could do it more often.” Sophie said. “That is if you don’t mind dating an employee.”
“I wouldn’t mind at all.” Her boss said with a grin. “Though I don’t know how I feel about my girl getting too intimate with my customers.”
Sophie blushed. “I still have a job to do, of course.” She said slyly. “But if it gets too out of hand, you can always just spank me for it.”
Her boss smiled broadly. “Then it is agreed.” He said. “But there is one last thing you need to know it you are to date me.”
“What’s that?” Sophie asked.
“I always make sure to reciprocate and reward my girl for her efforts.” Her boss said as he pulled her closer and pushed her over his desk. His hand moved down her red bottom, between her thighs and two fingers slid inside of her. Sophie squealed in surprise and moaned deeply as her boss finger-fucked her. Just like him, the intense day had her turned on to such a degree that she came squirming after just a few thrusts. “Please, I want you!” she begged as her boss kept thrusting even after her first orgasm. Her boss entered her shortly after, thrusting his dick deep inside of her as he fucked her. Sophie came again before he did. “Happy anniversary,” she said to the sounds of his hips smacking against her sore, red bottom.

The forest fire (part 1)

outdoors in her underwear

The sound of insects in the tall grass and the twittering of birds in the treetops was all that accompanied Emma’s footsteps on the narrow dirt path. She was all alone, deep in the forest, her map and compass the only thing to guide her way. She wasn’t lost of course, Emma had walked this path a dozen times before. Emma loved this part of the country, the large forests and nature nearly unmarked by civilization. If you knew your way, you could walk for days without coming across any village or road. Emma knew her way, she had stayed at nearly every hotel available in the area. Once or twice a month she stayed the weekend to take these long, relaxing walks. Today, she had taken one of her favourite routes. It was a narrow path that climbed quickly along the side of the hill. On her left, on the side of hill, were huge grey boulders that had stood there for such a long time that they had trees growing in them. On her right, the forest plunge down into a narrow canyon with a calm, but deep river. Emma had often found wildlife in this spot, deer and other animals that would climb down towards this calmer part of the river to drink. She therefore kept a close eye on the forest to her right, hoping to see one today. What she did not notice was the growth of blackberry brambles that had overgrown the narrow path. The blackberry vines served as trip wires as they lay across the path; and Emma quickly lost her balance as she walked into them unawares. With a cry, she fell forwards; but when she grabbed the brambles, she recoiled from their sharp thorns. She rolled down to the right and with a shriek, she started to slide down the steep hill. With nothing to grab onto during her fall, her speed increased until she was no longer able to stop herself. Miraculously, she managed to reach the bottom without hitting a tree; even though her clothes were dirty and ripped from all the mud and bushes she had passed through. She made it all the way into the river; deep enough to swallow her whole.
Spluttering, Emma surfaced. She quickly swam to the shore and climbed out of the cold water. She was drenched, her ripped clothing soaked through and through. There was no way out of the canyon except for climbing the steep hill back up to the path; but first she needed to rest. She knew there was very little chance that anyone would find her, not many people passed on these small, forgotten roads. Besides, she was certain she could save herself. It was only a short walk back to the hotel if she reached the path.
From her backpack, Emma fished her emergency package. She unfolded the emergency blanket on the forest floor and placed her shoes on top. It was a warm day, so she decided to undress to help her clothes dry. Her trousers and t-shirt she hung on the lower branches of one of the trees. Her underwear she kept on. No-one would find her here, but she still didn’t want to go fully naked out in the open. She used some of her bottled water to clean out the scrapes on her arms from her fall. The deeper cuts she cleaned with alcohol and protected with some band aids. She had a few bruises on her ribs; but all in all, she’d gotten of lucky after such a fall. After taking care of herself, Emma wondered how long she’d have to wait for her clothes to dry. It was warm, but beneath the shadow of the trees, it could take a long time. Eventually she decided to make a small fire to speed up the process. With the tools in her emergency package it did not take long until she had a small, warm fire going. While her clothes slowly dried, Emma at her lunch at the bottom of the canyon.

“Who is down there?” A voice suddenly questioned.
Emma looked up in surprise. She had really not expected anyone to pass by here. “Down here! I fell off the path.” She yelled, before realizing she was still half-naked beside the fire.
The sound of someone climbing down the steep hill was quickly followed by the figure of a man scrambling down the side of the hill. He had attached a rope somewhere up by the path and quickly reached the bottom where Emma was waiting. It was a handsome man, wearing some kind of uniform. He looked surprised to see Emma sitting in her underwear. “Are you okay?” He asked.
Emma blushed as the man looked her up and down. He made no secret of his appreciation of the view. “Yes, fine.” Emma said. “I took a plunge in the river, but I wasn’t hurt, just some scrapes and bruises.”
“Are you sure?” The man asked. “Do you need any help getting back up the hill?”
“No, no.” Emma said blushingly. She didn’t need any help, she wasn’t some helpless tourist after all. “I can manage on my own.”
“Well, in that case, I should tell you that you can’t start a fire here.” The man said, crossing her arms
Emma looked at the fire, surprised at his strict tone. “My clothes got wet in the river. I was just drying them quickly.” She explained.
“I understand why you were doing it.” The man said. “But it’s not allowed. I’m the forester that is responsible for this part of the woods. When I saw your fire, I immediately came here. You will have to put it out.”
Emma blushed, but did not argue. She kicked up the dirt around the fire to quickly put it out. “Sorry, I didn’t know it wasn’t allowed.” She said.
The forester nodded. “I’ll need to know your name and the hotel where you’re staying. I’ll have to make a report of this. You’ll get a copy of it when it’s done. You’ll probably just get a warning because it’s your first violation. But a fine is possible too. It depends on the mood of my supervisor. If it happens a second time, you’ll be banned from the area.”
Emma gasped. “What? No, please. I love this place, I don’t want to be banned. Honestly, I didn’t know, I just wanted to dry my clothes.”
The forester looked down at her. She must’ve look pitiable and cute, still half-naked and disheveled from her fall. “You don’t need to worry about that. Just make sure it doesn’t happen again.” He said. “I really need to make a report, I can’t let you of with just a warning.”
Emma blushed. “Don’t let me of with just a warning then. But don’t make a report either. I’m sure we can solve this in some unofficial way.”
The forester smiled. “Well, unless you’re willing to accept a spanking, I suggest you let me write this report.”
Emma blushed. The suggestion had sounded like a joke; but she would do anything to avoid being banned from her walks. “I’ll take it.” She said. The fact that she had often fantasized about spanking as a more adventurous sex-life obviously helped form the decision as well. “You can spank me. I promise I’ll be a good girl and learn my lesson. I’ll never make a fire again.”
The forester raised an eyebrow. “Are you sure?” He asked. “It’s just a report.”
Emma blushed again. This time it did not sound like a joke. “Yes.” She said. “I’m sure.”

The forester took off his backpack and sat it down on Emma’s emergency blanket on the forest floor. “Very well.” He said. “I’ll make sure you’ll remember to read the forest guidelines the next time you want to talk a walk.” He took Emma’s wrist and pulled her towards the tree that was serving as a clothesline for her wet trousers and shirt. “Bend over and put your hands against the tree.” He said.
Emma obediently bent over, placing her hands against the rough bark. Butterflies were fluttering in her stomach. she did not really feel embarrassed or ashamed of starting a fire in the forest; she felt excited for what was about to happen.
The forester moved behind her. Emma felt his hands on her hips, slowly sliding down the side of her legs. She had to stifle a moan at the intimate touch. She gasped in surprise when he firmly grasped her ankles and pulled them apart. “Spread.” He said and Emma obediently spread her legs. Bent over and with her legs apart, she had no choice but to lean on the tree to keep her balance. “Keep your hands in front of you.” The forester said. “I still have some rope left and I won’t hesitate to tie you up if I have to.”
Emma blushed and bit her lip, wondering what she had gotten herself into. When the forester smacked her bottom with an open hand, she moaned softly. The sting spread through her buttocks quickly; not protected by the thin fabric of her panties. He landed a flurry of smacks across her bottom, not very hard, but imprinting a sting all over her behind. Emma squealed softly when the next smack was suddenly harder. Her cheeks bounced under the impact of the forester’s full-armed swings and her cries echoed in the forest. The birds in the trees had gone silent. The sting now quickly built up to real pain as the blows kept coming. Emma’s fingers dug into the tree’s bark, trying to stop herself from reaching back. The forester did not talk; but landed one solid smack after the other. He did not need to scold her, Emma knew well enough what she was being punished for. She blushed then, realizing her excitement might have been misplaced. She should’ve been embarrassed for risking a fire in the forest. As the realization that she deserved this punishment got through to her; her cries and curses were replaced by moans and pleas.
“It seems like I’m starting to get through to you.” The forester said. He took a small break from assaulting her bottom. Instead he rubbed it softly, his firm strong hands squeezing her sensitive, sore buttocks.”
“Yes, sir.” Emma said. “I’m really sorry for my actions.”
The forester hooked a finger behind Emma’s panties. “Time for the second part then.” He said and he slowly pulled them down.
Emma shrieked and reached back with one hand, grabbing hold of her panties before he could bare her bottom and worse with her spread legs not able to hide anything more.
“Hands in front of you, young lady!” The forester said. “Don’t make me get the rope.”
Emma mumbled something unintelligibly.
“Now!” The forester said.
Emma blushed, but pulled back her hand, letting the forester pull down her panties. Her bared bottom was bright red and her pussy still dripping with excitement, despite the pain and embarrassment.
“Close your legs.” The forester commanded. Emma obeyed and he pulled her panties all the way down and off. “Now get back in position.”
Blushingly, Emma spread her legs again, showing of her excitement. The forester placed his hand on her now bare bottom, stroking it softly. When he raised his hand, Emma braced herself for the second part of her punishment. The smacks came down hard, but slowly. The forester made sure her whole bottom was covered in a deep red sting. Emma moaned and squealed at each painful stroke. She begged and pleaded. She promised she’d be a good girl, that she’d never start a fire again. The forester relentlessly spanked her defenseless bottom until Emma stood shaking on her feet. When he finally stopped, she was out of breath and her bottom was a swollen mass of red glowing skin.
“It’s getting late.” The forester said. “You should probably be heading back to your hotel.”
Emma blushed. At the end, she had been begging him to stop. She had promised him she’d do anything to end the pain. When she looked at the forester, still fully dressed in his uniform, she was reminded of her own nudity; all her clothes gone except for her bra. She had been kind of expecting him to take advantage of her offered pleas. Her own excitement should have been plainly visible to him. “Can I get dressed?” She asked, slightly confused.
“You can walk back naked.” The forester said.
Emma blushed deeply.
“But that’s your own choice of course. If I were you I would get dressed first.”
Emma blushed even more deeply, but quickly picked up her panties from where the forester had dropped them. They felt rough against the sensitive skin of her bottom; but they were nothing compared to her trousers. Those were still damp and fit snuggly on her bottom on a normal day. Now, with her bottom swollen and sensitive, they were agonizingly tight. After pulling on her shirt over her head, Emma tried to pretend not to feel her trousers constant reminder of her recent punishment.
“Do you want a hand up the hill?” The forester asked.
“Yes, please.” Emma replied, no longer sure she’d make it up there by herself.
“You go first.” The forester said, pointing at the rope that was still hanging down the incline. “I’ll come after.”
With her backpack on her shoulders, Emma grabbed the rope and started the climb. The unusual movement made her trousers stretch even more, making her wince and whimper as she climbed up the hill. The forester had to help her often; shoving her upwards with a hand placed firmly on her sore, sensitive bottom. When she reached the top, the fire in her bottom was as fresh as right after her punishment. It would be a long walk back to the hotel.

A few hours later, Emma sat alone in her hotel room. She had reached the hotel safely, with no further incidents. In her room, she had stripped out of her wet, dirty clothes and taken a long, hot shower. Her bottom was still brightly pink and sore from her punishment. She did not remember much of how guilty she had felt for starting a fire; but she id remember the excitement and arousal. She was still disappointed that the forester had not taken things further. After putting on a dress – with a loose skirt that did not irritate her sensitive behind – she made her way to the hotel room’s bar.
Emma’s walk had been cut short and she still had quite some time to spend before she could retire to her room for the night. In the bar were a few soft-cushioned, lazy couches that would be a perfect place to relax after the day’s events. Sitting there, letting her bottom rest and enjoying a drink while thinking of what had happened; she suddenly noticed a familiar figure. The forester was in the bar at her hotel room. Emma blushed and ducked down deeper into the couch. She did not know if it was coincidence or if he had somehow found out where she stayed. Inevitably, the forester saw her. He smiled and waved. Emma waved back, wondering if he would come sit with her or not. She did not know whether she wanted him to or not. When he did, the butterflies in her stomach raised up again.
“Hello again.” The forester said. “I didn’t know you were staying here.”
Emma blushed. “Really? So, you didn’t follow me.”
The forester laughed. “No, but I could have.” He smiled. “I hope you’re not angry with me. You asked for what happened yourself, I could have just written the report; and you did deserve it.”
Emma blushed even deeper. “I know.” She said. “I’m not upset. But let’s not talk about it here where anyone can hear.”
The forester kept smiling. “Good. I’m glad to hear it. I won’t speak of it again. I just wanted to make sure you were okay.” He stood up. “I’ll leave you alone now.”
“No wait. Stay for a bit.” Emma said.
The forester raised an eyebrow and sat down again. “You still want my company after what I did to you?”
Emma bit her lip. “I wanted a lot more actually; when I said that I’d do anything I thought you’d want more too.”
The forester looked surprised. “You would’ve said anything to make me stop.” He said. “I didn’t think you’d actually want more…” He hesitated for a moment. “Though now that I think about it, you did look wetter than a plunge in the river could explain.”
They were both silent for a moment, Emma looking around to see if anyone might be listening in on their conversation.
“So, do you still feel that way?” The forester asked.
Emma still blushed as she nodded her head. “I guess I still need to thank you for helping me climb that hill.” She said. “And apologize thoroughly for starting that fire.”
Back in her room, Emma let the forester undo the zipper on her back. He pulled the dress over her head, revealing the sexy lingerie she wore underneath. “This looks nice.” He said.
Emma smiled. “Out in the forest I wear something more practical; but indoors I like to look pretty.”
“Very pretty.” The forester agreed, even while he was unclasping her bra. “I did not get the chance to see these in the forest.” He said as he grabbed her breasts in both hands after dropping her bra to the floor. Emma moaned softly as he squeezed and pinched her nipples; then let his hands explore her body while he kissed the soft skin of her breasts. When he reached her panties, he pulled them down for the second time that day. This time Emma did not object. This time she stood fully naked in front of him.
“Keep the uniform on, please.” She said when the forester started to undo the buttons of his shirt.
He smiled. “Do you like it?” He asked.
“Yes.” Emma replied, letting him embrace her, his hands exploring her body again. Her bottom was still sore beneath his greedy hands.
The forester pushed her on the bed and knelt between her legs. Emma moaned softly when his knee forced her legs apart. He unclasped his belt buckle and undid the buttons of his trousers; revealing his large erection, but otherwise staying fully dressed. He leaned forward, kissing her; his erection pressing against her lips. Emma moaned deeply when he pushed inside her.
His thrusts were quick and strong and they reminded Emma of the spanking he had given her. She moaned and whimpered as the forester fucked her. She came to a shuddering orgasm at the same time he did.
Later, when they were rested, the forester got up. He fixed his uniform as he looked smiling at Emma’s naked body. “You have convinced me that you’ll be a good girl.” He said. “Just make sure not to forget the lesson you learned today.”
“Yes, sir.” Emma said. Then the forester left.

The inheritance (part 3)

naked and tied up young woman

Just one more contract, Sophie was looking forward to it actually. After her rather innocent date with Eric and the kinky roleplaying with George, she had taken a liking to her aunt’s work. Sure, the realization that she was taking money for sex was still embarrassing – and the fact that she was enjoying it even more so – but it hadn’t been as bad as she’d feared it would be. Now she only needed to fulfil the last contract and all the money would be hers. She’d be able to shut down the company, sell the assets and put all the money on her own account. Unless she decided to keep doing it and sign new contracts of course. Sophie blushed, she’d had that thought a few times now, since her evening with George. He’d made her realize that any possible future contracts would be on her terms. Right now, she was bound by whatever her aunt had agreed upon; but if she made the contracts herself, she could decide what was acceptable and what not. Two week ago, she would have never considered signing a contract that required her to have sex with someone; now the thought aroused her. Like usual, she forced the idea to the back of her head. She had no reason to sell herself for money; she certainly wouldn’t need it once the last contract was done and she got all of her inheritance. The only reason to do it was because she enjoyed it, and that realization was just too embarrassing to think about. Sophie focussed instead on the task ahead of her. She still had no access to her aunt’s safe and thus didn’t know anything about this customer or the contract. Nervously she wondered whether he’d be more like Eric, someone who wanted her company and lusted for the touch of a female; or George, who wanted to experience his perverted fantasies with her.
Sophie had contacted this last client and agreed to meet him after work. It was the last day before the weekend, so she hoped to fulfil the contract within the next few days. Next week, this would all be over. She was still slightly nervous, despite looking forward to their meeting. Mostly in case he was like George and wanted to do something that hurt, like spank her. They had agreed to meet at a local bar.

Wearing a short white dress and a long red scarf by which her aunt’s customer should recognize her, Sophie sat alone at a table. She had already ordered a drink and was waiting for the man to arrive. It wasn’t long before a young man approached her table. “Are you Sophie?” He asked as he sat down at her table.
Sophie looked up, confused that this man new her name. “I am.” She said. “Sorry, but I’m waiting for someone.”
“That would be me, I’m Michael.” The man said. “You called me earlier?”
Sophie blushed. This man was much younger than she had anticipated. Unlike Eric and George, he must be near her own age, maximum three or four years older. After her previous contracts, she had not expected the man she was meeting to be so young. “I’m sorry.” She said. “You’re not what I was expecting.”
“Sorry to disappoint.” The man said with a smile. “So what can I help you with.”
Sophie bit her lip. He did not disappoint, not at all. He was handsome in a rugged sort of way, broad shoulders, wavy black hair and dark eyes. He was exactly the type of man she’d go out with. And he had a contract with her about who knows what. She blushed deeply. “It’s about my aunt.” She said, giving him the same news she’d given the others. Like them, Michael offered his condolences at her passing and acted surprised at her offer to take her aunt’s place to fulfil the contract. “I have to admit though, that I don’t know what the contract is about. I do not have access to a copy right now.” Sophie finished.
Michael picked up his bag and pulled out a single piece of paper. “I brought it along just in case.” He said. “Since I didn’t know what this meeting was about.” He handed it to her. “Go ahead and read it, I’m sure you’ll have no trouble taking your aunt’s place. In fact, such a beautiful girl like yourself will be an improvement. There’s definitely no need for much experience.”
Sophie quickly scanned the contract. There was no mention of sex or roleplaying. She was at the same time relieved that this young man did not contract her aunt for such things and disappointed that he wouldn’t be able to demand it from her either. The feeling made her blush. All this man wanted to do was use her as a model. It wasn’t as simple as just photography of course, Sophie would be modelling nude and there was a fetish aspect to it as well. For most of the pictures, she’d be severely tied up. The whole experience seemed very sensual and interesting, the fact that it would be done by an attractive, young man made it even more arousing. She smiled nervously, even though he was just going to take pictures, he would still have to touch her to tie her up, she’d still be naked and at his mercy. A thought suddenly struck her. “What do you do with the pictures you take?” She asked.
“I sell them, of course.” Michael said. “Imagine them as paintings, people buy them to decorate and I sell each picture only once, so they stay unique.”
Sophie blushed deeply. She couldn’t do that. Some stranger would have her picture, completely naked, tied up or not, on the wall of his home. “No, please.” She said. “You can’t sell them.”
The young man smiled. “Don’t worry.” He said. “The pictures aren’t rude or crass; they’re very artistic and sensual.” He picked up his bag again. “Here, I have some of my work with me, have a look.”
Sophie looked through the pictures George handed her. She blushed, hoping no one else in the bar would be able to see what she was looking at. He was right, the pictures were very sensual; but they were still explicit. The women were completely naked and often tied up, the rope digging into their skin. Sometimes they were even hanging from hooks in the ceiling. She imagined her own face there instead of these women, and while she blushed, her arousal at seeing these pornographic images did not diminish. “I don’t know.” She said. “I wouldn’t want a picture like this of me hanging in someone’s living room.”
The man laughed. “I don’t think they usually end up in the living room.” He said. “But I understand. I’ll make you a deal. I’ll show the pictures to you first and you can decide which ones I sell and which not.”
Sophie hesitated and bit her lip. “What if I don’t want you to sell any?” She asked.
“Then I won’t sell any.” Michael said.
“But you’re paying me.” Sophie said. “Why would you pay me if you can’t sell any of the paintings?”
The young man smiled. “I’m not just doing it for the money.” He said. “I could just take family pictures if I needed that. I like having control over my model; stripping her of her clothes and protection so she’s naked in front of my lens. I love the touch of her body beneath my hands and the rope as I tie her up until she is completely at my mercy. The pictures are part of the process of course, but selling them is only a small part of the enjoyment. One that will be easily compensated by having such an attractive young female as yourself as my model.”
Sophie was blushing, but if she could decide which pictures – if any – would be sold, she did not mind fulfilling this contract. In fact, it sounded a lot more fun than the previous two. “Okay.” She said. “I’ll do it.” She blushed. “And thank you. I appreciate you doing this for me. You didn’t have to; the contract was already signed after all.”
The young man smiled again. “No worries.” He winked. “I’m just confident that once you see the pictures you’ll change your mind.”

Sophie was quite nervous the next day when she arrived at Michael’s house. She didn’t think she’d change her mind about the pictures of course; it was the prospect of being tied up that frightened her. It felt a bit like the contracts come to life. Up to this point she’d been tied up by words, required to fulfil a contract, to have sex with strangers for money or letting them spank her for their enjoyment. Now these words would be replaced by rope and she’d be literally tied up. She’d be even more at the mercy of this stranger. In a way, the words that had sold her to these men, now protected her from them. She’d be completely in Michael’s control and he would not be allowed to do anything with her. The contract only mentioned the taking of pictures and nothing more. Part of her was slightly disappointed in that, maybe even hoping that he’d violate the contract.
Michael welcomed her to his home with a smile and guided her to a room in the back where they would work. Sophie wore a colourful blouse and a short white skirt and Michael started by taking her picture while she was still fully dressed. He played with the lighting, her position in the room and tried to get a feel for his new model’s behaviour and facial expressions. Slowly, these positions became more explicit, Sophie was to raise her skirt as to expose her bare legs to the camera, bend over to present her round ass or smile flirtingly at the camera. She was already getting turned on by Michael’s demands.
On one wall in the room was a long shelve with hooks. Hanging from these were various ropes, chains and leather cuffs. “Time to have some fun.” Michael said as he went over and grabbed a length of rough hemp rope. “Place your wrists together.” He said as he brought it to Sophie. Nervously, Sophie held her hands in front of her. “If at any time it starts to hurt, or you lose feeling in your fingers, tell me right away.” Michael said. “I will take if off immediately.”
Sophie nodded.
“If the pain is really great, tell me and I will take the scissors instead.”
Sophie bit her lip nervously. “I will.” She said.
Michael smiled encouragingly. “Don’t worry.” He said. “That’s rarely ever necessary. I just want you to know the possibility is there and that you’ll be completely safe. You are much more valuable than my equipment.”
Sophie nodded again, much more confident this time.
“Now, hold your hands in front of you so I can see the ties. Try pouting a bit too, you’ve just been tied up after all.” Michael took a few more pictures of Sophie, wandering around in his room with her hands tied together. He did not wait long however, to take the length of rope dangling from her wrists and attach it to a hook in the ceiling. Michael stood close to her as he tied a knot in the rope, with her arms above her head and his body so close to his, she felt very vulnerable. So close to him, she could smell him, he smelled like sex, power and lust. When he walked away, she could no longer move freely through the room. With her wrists tied above her head and attached to the ceiling, all she could do was turn on the spot. Michael followed her movements and made pictures of her discomfort. When he approached her again, he undid the top buttons of her blouse, her cleavage was provocative in her defenceless position. Just a few pictures and then Michael took it a step further, pulling up her blouse and bra so that they were gathered just below her chin. His warm hands slid up her body as he did so, sending a shiver down her spine. Her breasts were now bared for his eye and camera. Sophie blushed and Michael encouraged her. He loved the idea of a model so innocent that she blushed in his pictures. He moved her blouse and bra up further, gathering them around her tied wrists and thus completely baring her upper body. Her skirt he pulled down and told her to step out after taking off her shoes. Sophie was now only wearing her panties.
Michael took more pictures before removing those. When he did, he also undid the rope that tied her to the ceiling. For a moment Sophie was freed while the photographer undid the tangle of rope and her blouse and bra. Free, but naked she waited for further instructions. Michael gave her only a short time to rest her aching arms, before tying her wrists in the same position above her head. For the next set of pictures she was completely nude. Michael moved around her as he took them, taking shots of her back and soft, pale bottom, as well as the front with her breasts showing erect nipples and a small tuft of hair above her crotch. When he grabbed another piece of rope from his collection, Sophie took a deep breath. She wondered nervously how he would tie her up even further. Michael knelt in front of her, his head embarrassingly close to her exposed sex. He grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs apart. Sophie blushed deeply as she was spread open as far as she could. Her body was pulled taut between the rope bound to the ceiling and her feet pulled far apart. Michael wound the rope around her ankles and tied them each to a ring in the floor. Sophie couldn’t move more than her head or a slight wiggling of her upper body. She moaned softly as her body accepted the uncomfortable position. “You okay?” Michael asked
“Yes.” Sophie whispered. “I can handle it.” She blushed deeply as Michael picked up his camera and moved around her again to find the best angle. None of the pictures he’d shown her had been this explicit, Sophie thought. She’d never let him sell these, not with how exposed she was. She wondered if he was doing it on purpose, to compensate for the fact she might not let him sell any of them. The thought made her blush deeply. He was well in his right to use her like this. The contract had not mentioned any limitations in how he was allowed to tie her up.
After just a few pictures, Michael untied her ankles again. Sophie groaned as she was able to stand straight again, the stretched-out position had been hard on her muscles. Michael now tied her ankles together, saying he thought she’d be able to hold this position much longer. He did not connect the rope to the floor this time, but wrapped it around her legs. His hands moved slowly up, putting knots in the rope at set distances, tying her legs firmly together. He went up all the way to her thighs, his warm hands stroking her legs before pushing in between them and pulling the rope through. It dug into her skin firmly but not uncomfortable. When he stepped aside, Sophie was bound thoroughly, all she could do was hop. She could feel he warmth of her sex in her excitement, the drop of moisture on her inner thigh after Michael had touched her so intimately.
Michael continued adding more rope. He tied up her upper body, the rope digging into her skin and pushing up her breasts. Each strand of rope that he tied around her slid across her sensitive skin, the small vibrations were torturous. His warm hands would follow, arranging the rope in artistically perfect lines and at the same time taking advantage to feel the softness of her skin with his fingers and cupping her breasts in his hands. A double line of rope was pulled taut right atop Sophie’s breasts, covering her nipples. Michael pulled them apart softly until her nipples popped out, caught between the rope. Sophie squealed softly when Michael tied them up in the back, pulling on the rope so that her erect nipples were pinched between the rope. Lastly, Michael connected the knots around her legs to those on her upper body. He weaved the strands between her legs, the rough rope sliding between the wet lips of her throbbing pussy. Sophie moaned softly as each move she made pulled the rope tighter in her crotch and between her buttocks. Michael once more stopped touching her and gathered the evidence of her discomfort and arousal on his camera.

Sophie feared she might cum, reaching an orgasm just from the touch of the rope. But Michael did not let it get that far. He strolled up to her and casually undid the knot that tied her wrists to the ceiling. Sophie nearly collapsed on him, now that she was no longer held up by the rope. She hadn’t realised how much she’d been hanging in her restraints.
Michael moved a small table to the centre of the room and helped her sit down on its padded surface. Sophie laid down on her back and then rolled over, following his instructions. Behind her back, she could not see what he was doing. She felt him pull up her legs, bending them at the knee to tie the rope around her ankles to a knot in her lower back. Her hands were tied behind her back as well, making it impossible for her to move. Michael wrapped more rope around her, unashamed to touch her naked body as he did. “Ready?” He asked when there was so much rope, Sophie thought this must be what it felt like to be caught in a spider’s web.
“Yes.” She said, not knowing what she should be ready for.
Michael grunted as if pulling on something heavy and Sophie suddenly felt herself rising off the table. She squealed softly in surprise as the rope suddenly dug into her skin in different places than before. It did not hurt, it was just tight. She had thought she was tied up and unable to move before. But now, with her body being held up by the rope, she was really unable to do anything, completely controlled by the rope that had her dangling a few feet above the table. When Michael moved it away, she was scared of how high she hung above the ground. So far she had trusted him not to hurt her, to keep to the confines of the contract. Now she had to thrust him with her safety as well. But oddly enough she did not feel afraid. The harness he had tied her in felt secure. It wasn’t comfortable of course, but she felt she had as little chance of falling to the floor as she had if she’d been sitting in a chair. For the first time, she wondered what she looked like in her precarious position. She was looking forward to the pictures he was taking. It was strangely exhilarating to giving up this much control.

After Michael lowered her back down to the table, he started undoing all the knots he’d tied her up with. “You looked beautiful.” He said to Sophie. He softly massaged every part of her body after removing the rope that had covered it. “I’m sure you’ll love the pictures.”
Sophie didn’t reply, but moaned softly, content to let him massage her aching muscles and roughened skin. His touch was sensual and soft, but Sophie felt this arousing massage was an important part of the session. It was needed for her body to relax again after the heavy strain it had been under. She squealed softly when the rope that pinched her nipples was removed, but did not complain when his hands softly massaged her breasts. The rope between her buttocks and lips he removed last. After untying the knot, Michael pulled it down softly, the whole length of rope sliding down between her lips and clit. Sophie moaned deeply, her body shuddering and convulsing. She squealed softly as that orgasm she’d been denied earlier suddenly made her shake and spasm.
Michael knelt behind her on the table, softly massaging her buttocks. “That sounds like that last bit of rope might have been a bit too tight. I hope I didn’t hurt you.”
Sophie blushed deeply. “It’s okay.” she said. “I didn’t mind.” She moaned softly as Michael kept squeezing and prodding her bottom. This was the moment he would violate the contract, she thought. Not while she was tied up and at his mercy, but exhausted from their play and too excited to protest.
To her surprise however – and disappointment – he did not do such a thing. Michael stood up and started tidying away the ropes. “When you’re ready, you can get up and get dressed.” He said.
Sophie sat up on the table. Michael’s erection was obvious in his loose trousers as he moved around. “Are we done?” She asked.
“Yes.” Michael answered. “But take it slowly, your body will need to adjust.”
“I had a feeling you wanted to do something more in the end.” Sophie said. She blushed slightly, sitting naked on the edge of the table.
Michael turned around and smiled. “That’s not in the contract.” He said.
“Why not?” Sophie answered. “I mean, the other contracts did have sex included. Why didn’t you ask for it?”
Michael grinned. “I guess your aunt wasn’t really my type.”
Sophie blushed. “Would you have added it to the contract if you’d known it was me?”
“Yes.” Michael said.
Sophie licked her lips. “Well, you changed your part about selling the pictures. Perhaps it is only fair if I changed my part as well.” She was blushing deeply. She didn’t need to do this, but her body was burning fiercely, longing for his touch, craving to feel him inside her after the intense play with rope and his warm hands on her body.
Michael smiled. “I guess you’re right.” He hung a set of rope from one of the hooks. “Wait here for a moment.” He left Sophie alone in the room for a moment. She tried not to think of the fact she had just offered him to have sex with her. She was too excited not to look forward to it, despite the circumstances. Michael returned with a piece of paper and a pen. “I was going to do it informally.” He said. “But if we’re both changing the details of the agreement, I think we should put it on paper.”
Sophie blushed deeply as Michael sat down next to her on the table. She watched him write down that he would not sell her pictures without her consent and in return, Sophie would agree to let him fuck her at the end of their session. Her words, now not just a spoken promise, but written down, reminded her of what she was doing. Michael was still just a customer. She took the pen when he handed it to her and placed her signature next to his. It was her first mark on such a paper, the others of course had been signed by her aunt. She blushed deeply when she laid down on the table like before. Looking over her shoulder, she could see Michael undress. He knelt behind her and placed his arm hands on her buttocks again. He moaned softly as he penetrated her from behind. Sophie moaned as well, forgetting the contract, forgetting her shame when she finally felt him inside of her.

Sophie sat alone in Michael’s living room. He was in the kitchen, getting her a drink. He’d fucked her short and rough. Too excited from playing with her, it hadn’t taken him long to cum, but Sophie had enjoyed every moment of it. The contract she’d signed to let him do this lay on the coffee table. It wasn’t really a contract of course, just an amendment to an existing contract. An amendment she had signed herself. She blushed again. She had been so sure she would not be persuaded to sign any new contracts. This small piece of paper came very close to being just that. The fact that she’ signed it herself made it that much more exciting. While it made her feel more embarrassed because she could not hide behind the fact that she had no choice but to follow the contract; it made her more ashamed because she had made the exact choice she had been hiding from. When Michael returned with her drink and she looked up at the man who had done this to her, she felt no regrets, if she had to make the choice again, she would not change what she’d done. She would do it again.
“You know, your aunt always specified that the photoshoot should take place indoors.” Michael said as he sat down next to her. “But I’ve always wanted to take one of my models out into the woods. I’d love to see you surrounded by nature, your naked body complementing the trees and plants; the pure sunlight on your skin. If I’d tie you up to a tree outside, it would feel like capturing and controlling a part of nature itself.”
Sophie licked her lips. She could already imagine herself outside, vulnerable and naked. The thrill of perhaps being caught, of being in Michael’s control again. She did not know what to say.
“I was hoping perhaps you would be more open for that?” Michael continued. “For a new contract perhaps.”
Sophie was blushing. Would she really do that? Sign a new contract? Her aunt wouldn’t have done this thing, not outside. But she wasn’t her aunt, she didn’t have to make the same kind of contracts. She could choose her own customers; of course, most wouldn’t be like Michael, but older like Eric and George, but she didn’t mind that too much. She could choose herself what was acceptable and what not. She could let them pay her to do things she enjoyed herself as well. The idea was so arousing that she barely felt the embarrassment of that last thought. “Sure.” She said. “But let’s write down the contract another time. Right now I’m not feeling like myself.”
“Of course.” Michael replied. “I’m sure we can come to a satisfying agreement later.”

Sophie was on her way home, butterflies in her stomach. Michael had shown her the pictures he’d taken on his computer. Still rough drafts, but obvious enough for her to make a choice. She’d chosen three for him to sell. This was not what made her so embarrassed however, the fact that her picture would be hanging in some stranger’s room; her body naked and tied up for their pleasure. What did embarrass her was what she had agreed to before that. She had agreed to another contract. She wasn’t going to shut down the company; she was going to get more customers to pay her for sex, to spank her and abuse her. She felt highly aroused and ashamed of herself at the same time. She still had George’s number in her contact-list. He had said he’d love to spank her for any reason, no matter the story. She wondered what he’d think of this story, not roleplay, but real. She selected his number. “Hello, George?” She said as he picked up. “I’ve been a very naughty girl today. If you’re still interested, we could perhaps arrange a new contract…”