A little black dress - cover

A little black dress

In a world where kings are still powerful, princesses still innocent and spankings still common practice; a little black dress is the mark of the children of the gods. While they are human, just like you and me, the children of the gods are set apart by their role in society. They are required to serve anyone and everyone in any way they can. Like children they can be disciplined and corporal punishment is common practice, no matter their age.

This story focuses on a young woman who wears the telling little black dress. She has no memory of how she became one of the children. We follow her on a journey to discover her past; we witness her embarrassing experiences and arousing adventures in search of the truth.

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Discipline for Charlotte - cover

Discipline for Charlotte

Charlotte is a normal girl with normal dreams and aspirations. When she finds herself in trouble, in need of help; she meets Frederic, her knight in shining armour. In our modern world, these two ordinary people meet each-other in extra-ordinary circumstances. With Frederic’s strict guidance, Charlotte changes her life and Frederic’s as well. Together they improve their relationship through discipline and obedience. Consent and trust are hallmarks of their love and ever present in their thoughts. Frederic uses his dominance and experience to guide and protect this young woman; while she, willingly learns to submit to the man she loves and discovers her own desires in this way of life.

This book contains a love story that proves it is possible for two ordinary people – as normal as you and me – to enjoy a life of dominance and submission. Its characters are human and neither of them are perfect, they make mistakes and learn from them while they enjoy a relationship with spanking and BDSM. There is no need for wealth and riches or dark and mysterious pasts to explain Charlotte and Frederic’s urges. It is a story that has no need of grey morals and instead relishes the idea of consent, even in a tumultuous, BDSM-centred relationship.

Read chapter 1 and chapter 2 here.
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