A little black dress - cover

A little black dress

In a world where kings are still powerful, princesses still innocent and spankings still common practice; a little black dress is the mark of the children of the gods. While they are human, just like you and me, the children of the gods are set apart by their role in society. They are required to serve anyone and everyone in any way they can. Like children they can be disciplined and corporal punishment is common practice, no matter their age.

This story focuses on a young woman who wears the telling little black dress. She has no memory of how she became one of the children. We follow her on a journey to discover her past; we witness her embarrassing experiences and arousing adventures in search of the truth.

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Discipline for Charlotte - cover

His House, His Rules

After she is evicted by a sleazy landlord, Charlotte Harps is left homeless and desperate, but fate intervenes when Frederic Vandenburg–a man she has never met before–sees her sleeping on a park bench and offers her a place in his home until she can get back on her feet.

While she gratefully accepts his offer, Charlotte cannot help wondering if Frederic has ulterior motives for his generosity, and her fears seem to be confirmed when she snoops in his closet and discovers wrist cuffs and a variety of spanking implements. Frederic continues to act as a gentleman, however, and in the end Charlotte feels so guilty about her invasion of his privacy that she confesses to him and nervously asks if he will give her the spanking she deserves.

After a discussion of her naughty behavior, Frederic puts Charlotte over his knee and spanks her soundly, then establishes a set of rules she will be expected to obey while she lives under his roof. Yet even though her petulant attitude frequently leaves her with a bright red, well-punished bare bottom, Charlotte finds herself longing for Frederic to take her in his arms and claim her properly. But will she ever be able to overcome the trials of her past and learn to trust him fully?

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