About KC-Perrin

Hello everyone,

My name is Perrin, I’m an author, husband, lover, dom and father; not necessarily in that order. I write mostly erotic short stories focussed on spanking, bondage and exhibitionism. Most of these stories are available on this blog and as e-books on amazon. Aside from my short stories I write short erotic novels as well, read the prologue and first chapter to ‘my little black dress‘ now and find the full story on amazon later.


Before I started writing about it, I’ve been interested in BDSM since an early age, in fact I think my spanking fantasies came almost as early as my first (normal) sexual fantasies.
Spanking – and the necessary internet research – led me deeper into the BDSM scene. My experience however is limited to a single relationship. I was lucky to meet a wonderful girl when I was 17 – and started dating at 19 – who shares these fantasies. She’s the girl I lost my virginity to, married and hope to spend the rest of my life with. We discovered and explored these fantasies together, and thus compliment each-other almost perfectly.

If you have any questions about my stories, any ideas you’d like to share or even requests for a story you’d like me to write; feel free to contact me. Personal questions are welcome as well, my mailbox is always open.