Fondle twister and other games

Play fondle twister

Hello everyone

I’ve again spent some time perverting games and making them playable online, hope you enjoy the following games:

Fondle twister

In fondle twister you place your hands on your favorite body parts instead of some colored plastic circles. One person volunteers to replace the twister-mat and the players must place their hands on their body assigned by the spinning disc.

play for free

Play fondle twister

Naughty minesweeper

While this game is inspired by minesweeper, it isn’t anything like it.
It is your task to avoid all the traps that were set by your partner to reach the other side of the board.

play for free

Play naughty minesweeper

(the above image depicts the game when it’s over; during the game all traps wil be invisible)

Tic tac smack!

Play a classic game of tic-tac-toe in a kinky visual style and set some punishment or reward for the winner/loser.

play for free

play tic tac smack

These new games are unfortunately not yet ready for mobile and have no options to differentiate between male and female players.

For more of my games, visit my website at

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