The Dominant’s 5 rules

Naked girl tied up with rope

Feet on a paddled stool, glass of wine in hand, reclined in his couch; Walt waited patiently for his guest to arrive. He was trying to seem patient, in control of his emotions. Today he was a professional Dominant, waiting for a female guest whom would benefit from his expertise.
The apartment was cleaned, his shirt freshly ironed and his hair combed back. The evening’s plans were stored firmly in his head. Mia, the woman who had made the appointment was mainly a bondage-lover. His rope was coiled and ready, the leather on his bondage-clear freshly polished and the metal in the chains shining brightly. He had left some room in his plans for discipline as well, Mia loved to be spanked and he knew her well enough to expect some misbehavior aimed to disrupt his plans.
The rules of their engagement were set rather strictly, even though Walt knew Mia’s limits and expectations very well; they had known each-other for years after all. Walt wasn’t really a professional and the woman he was waiting for was the only person he knew to enjoy these things. In fact, when the two of them weren’t roleplaying like tonight, they were man and wife.
During the role-play, that didn’t matter of course and setting these rules had been part of the fun. They’d practiced their roleplaying skills while meeting at a discrete café and quietly discussed the boundaries of their meeting.
The main activity of the evening was a bondage-session with erotic photography. His guest had agreed to be tied up in rope and other equipment and let her picture be taken in various erotic positions. She had agreed to be naked or partly naked for this shoot and that some sensual contact was inevitable during their play. Extra sexual contact that was unnecessary for the scene to progress however, was not tolerated without her explicit permission.
This was but one of many details they had discussed, but a very important one. The ban on excessive touching only made it all feel more realistic when Walt would have this lovely, naked woman fully under his control. Besides, he knew his wife well enough to inveigle the needed permission.
He’d set some rules of his own as well of course, mainly some guidelines for her on how to behave and opportunities for her to misbehave to make the evening more interesting. He wanted the role-play to seem like a very professional meeting. The first one of his rules, which was to arrive on time seemed to have been her go-to choice to break, as it was already seven minutes past their agreed upon meeting time when the doorbell finally rang.

Walt got up to open the door for his wife who he hadn’t seen since that morning. The time apart was to help them get comfortable in their roles. When he opened it however, he was speechless for a moment.
Mia stood there grinning. She wore some unattractive loose-fitting jogging-suit, no make-up and her hair was loose and uncombed. If not for her smile, Walt would have thought something was wrong; he could name at least three rules she’d already broken, by just looking at her.
“Come in.” He said, trying to stay in character and put some disapproval in his voice.
Mia licked her lips at his tone, seemingly nervous for a moment and then entered their apartment. She made her way to the living room without waiting for him and picked up his glass of wine, smelling it momentarily before taking a sip.
So that’s how it’s going to be, is it? Walt thought. His wife was even more in the mood for misbehavior than he had anticipated. He walked up to the woman pretending to be his guest and plucked the glass out of her hand.
“What’s the meaning of this?” He asked. “I thought we agreed upon some very specific rules.”
Mia smiled. “I’m sorry Sir, was there a rule about not drinking your wine?”
Walt took a deep breath and then settled in his role of dominant. “I was not talking about the wine, I was talking about your outfit. But now that you mention it, I did require you to behave like a proper, well-raised lady. Barging in here and drinking my wine is not a good start, young lady.”
His wife was still smiling. “Oh, I’m sorry Sir, I’m still very new at all this. What’s wrong with my outfit? Do you not find it attractive enough”
“No, in fact I do not.” Walt answered. “But beauty is subjective of course; which is why I gave you explicit instructions to wear a skirt or a dress.”
“Oh, I forgot about that.” Mia said meekly. “I guess you’re right, it’s just a tiny mistake though, isn’t it?”
“But it’s not just one mistake, is it?” Walt asked. “I told you to put your hair up in a braid, so that it would not get tangled in the ropes and you didn’t do that either.”
Mia blushed prettily and Walt got a sudden suspicion.
“Show me your hands.” He said, holding out his own.
Mia obediently placed her hands in his and Walt took but a quick look at them before saying: “I only gave you five rules to follow. You were already late, aren’t wearing the right outfit, are not wearing braids and there’s dirt under your nails so you did not wash before you came. Did you at least bring the accessory I asked you for the photo-shoot?”
“Oh that, I forgot about that too.” Mia said with a sly grin.
“And what did I tell you would happen if you broke any of those rules?” Walt asked.
“But I didn’t break any of the rules.” Mia answered. “I broke all of them.”


Mia had to force herself not to laugh when she saw the expression on her husbands face. From their preparation, she’d known that Walt was going with a professional, no-nonsense, dominant character in their role-play. Putting a bratty, playful young woman against that seemed like a lot of fun.
She knew of course that she – or more accurately, her character – would have to pay dearly for her bratty behavior; but she knew her husband was into spanking even more than into bondage, so she loved giving him ample opportunity to put her across his lap.
She was most curious however, to how he would react to the tiny loophole she’d found in the wording of his threat.
“Well then, instead of spanking you for breaking any of my rules, we’ll just have to fix all the mistakes you’ve made before we can start with the things I’d planned for this evening.” Walt said eventually.
Mia raised an eyebrow in surprise. Was he really going to let her get away with it? She wondered. She felt slightly disappointed, she had been looking forward to her well-earned spanking a little. Then she remembered she was pretending to be a naive yet bratty young woman during her first visit to a dominant. “Of course, Sir.” She replied. “What can I do to make it right?”
“Let’s start with your outfit.” Walt said. “I was planning on some picture of you still fully dressed; some poses perhaps with a gag or only your wrists tied together, maybe a camera-angle that looks up your skirt as you bend over or down the unbuttoned neck of your blouse.”
Mia blushed slightly. That did sound sexy and she was almost disappointed that she was not wearing the outfit he’d asked her to.
“What you’re wearing right now is hardly appropriate for what I had in mind however, so you might as well take it off.” He continued.
“Right now?” Mia asked, slight tremor in her voice playing the part of a young woman who was – despite her bratty outside – nervous for meeting with a professional Dominant for the first time.
“Yes, right now.” Walt calmly commanded.
Mia stripped out of her jogging-suit. She tried to do it slow and sensual; but there was not much to be done after pulling the blouse over her head and letting the trousers drop to her feet. She wore sexy black underwear underneath, she had chosen a set with lace – her husbands favorite – to make up a bit for the rest of her outfit. It did look a bit silly with the sneakers she was still wearing.
“The shoes as well.” Walt told her. “Then go back out into the hallway so we can retry that entrance of yours.”
Mia blushed again. Go out in just her underwear? She realized that her husband wasn’t going to spank her, but instead provide a more subtle punishment for each of her crimes. She knew that their neighbors were never at home this time of the day and chances were slim that anyone would see her. Yet she now felt the nervousness she’d been roleplaying for real for the first time.
The question whether she’d do as she was told wasn’t hers to answer however. It was up to the girl she was roleplaying to be. That Mia might be a bit of a brat and act confident, she was also impressed by the Dominant man she was meeting. While she had ignored his instructions so far, now that they were face-to-face, she would surely obey him.
When the door closed behind her and she stood in the hallway in just her sexy lingerie, butterflies buzzing in her stomach, Mia realized that the girl she was pretending to be might even get turned on by the danger of her current situation.
Still, she did not wait long before knocking on the door again.
Yet while she waited, her husband did not answer.
The butterflies increased in number and intensity the longer he made her wait. She knocked a second time, again waiting nervously to be let back in.
When Walt finally opened the door, Mia halted herself before rushing back in. This was part of her punishment and she had to play it out fully. “May I enter, Sir?” She asked. The girl had learned her lesson after barging in and stealing his wine before.
“Yes, please go right ahead.” Walt answered, slowly closing the door behind her.
He followed her to the living-room, where she could see he had cleaned away her shoes and outfit as if she’d never shown up in those.
“Not what I’d asked for.” Walt said, looking her up and down. “But definitely an improvement from what you were wearing before.”
Mia blushed, imagining a young woman dressed like her, being eyed so by the man she was willing to submit to.
“Follow me.” Walt said.
Mia followed her husband upstairs and wondered if they were headed to their bedroom already. Instead, he took her to the bathroom.
“Take off the rest of your clothes and get in the tub.” Walt said. “I told you I wanted you to be clean before we start.”
Mia licked her lips and thought for a moment to how her character would react to such instructions. The nudity wouldn’t bother her, she decided, the implication that she was dirty however… “I am clean.” She said. “It’s not like I work in the mines or anything.”
Walt began running the water through the shower-head, ignoring her protests for a moment. “Not clean enough.” He replied. “I want your skin to look pale and smooth, I want to see each drop of sweat that comes from the pores of your skin as I tie you up.”
Mia bit her lip, but neither her, nor her character could resist when he talked that way. She took of her bra and slipped out of her panties before stepping into the tub.
The dominant she was meeting aimed the hot water at her chest as she chastely covered her breasts with her hands. She had not expected to end up so naked so quickly; well except perhaps for a bared bottom.
Walt put the shower-head on its attachment against the wall and picked up a sponge as the water streamed down her body. “Turn around he said.”
Mia turned without thinking to let her husband scrub her back. When his hands reached her bottom however, reaching between her buttocks and touching her intimately, she remembered her character and the rules they had agreed upon.
“Wait.” She said, stepping away from his touch. “We agreed, no touching.”
“No excessive touching.” The Dominant corrected her. “You agreed that it might be necessary for me to touch you during our play.”
Mia blushed, or well, her character did. “Yes, well I was thinking about touching while you tied me up. It would of course be impossible to do that without actually touching me. This however is not necessary at all, I can wash myself.”
“I think it’s perfectly necessary.” Walt replied. “I couldn’t trust you to wash yourself when I asked, so I have to do it myself to make sure things get done correctly.”
Mia blushed again, this was just another of his subtle punishments and if his arguments were not enough to convince the girl she was role-playing, the fact that she was deeply aroused by her situation would certainly convince her to continue.
After nodding and letting Walt continue washing her, Mia tried to distract herself with thoughts of what her character might do. Her husbands hands on her breasts, between her legs and on her bottom however made it hard to think.
“Why don’t you take off your shirt, Sir.” She said, letting her character regain some of her confidence. “It might get wet.”
“That won’t be necessary.” Walt said.
In response, Mia splashed some water in his direction.
Her husband cursed and aimed a quick swat at her bottom. Mia squealed and reach for her stinging backside, covered in water and soap that smack had hurt more than expected. When she looked at her husband however, she grinned, that shirt was coming off after all.
The girl couldn’t help but smile and moan as the handsome dominant with his muscled chest, explored every inch of her body under the guise of washing her. Then, he finished up by repeating the entire process with a towel to dry her off.
“Follow me.” Walt said, picking up her underwear and unplugging the hair-dryer from its socket in the wall.
Mia followed her husband back through the living-room into the kitchen. She blushed slightly, being paraded around naked in this supposedly stranger’s home. Still without her underwear, she sat down on the kitchen-chair Walt had placed for her.
The dominant she was visiting then plugged in the hair-dryer and gently began drying her hair, blowing the hot air over her face, water streaming down her chin and neck.
Mia moaned softly as his fingers combed her hair, massaging her scalp. She wondered how she had earned this gentle approach, even when he picked up comb and brush, he remained careful and tender.
Walt began separating her hair and she realized he was going to braid it for her. The girl she was roleplaying began to enjoy this care-giving aspect of the Dominant, until she realized he was not making just one braid down the back, but two, one behind each ear.
“Can’t you just make one braid?” She asked him.
“I think two is more fitting for a little brat who breaks all of my rules.” Walt replied.
Mia blushed but did not protest as her husband braided her har into two little-girls braids.


Walt looked at his wife sitting naked and demure on the kitchen-chair. With her hair in two braids and a blush on her face she looked very different from the improperly-dressed brat that had arrived at his door earlier. He hadn’t even had to spank her yet.
That was was about to change. He smiled inside as he wondered if his wife would see it coming, or if she really thought she’d get away with breaking all of his rules.
“We’re almost ready to get started.” He said. “We’re just missing the accessory I asked you to bring.”
“Do we really need that?” His wife asked in the brat’s voice. “Aren’t I pretty enough without accessories?”
“I wanted something to accentuate your beauty, dear.” Walt explained. “Something colorful and pretty to accompany your naked body tied up in my ropes. A fancy mask, a brightly colored scarf, … Luckily I know something we can use that would be a perfect fit for a little brat like you.” He paused a moment. “A bright red bottom.”
He could see the surprise in his wife’s eyes that she was going to get spanked anyway and had to suppress his mirth.
“But you were only going to punish me if I broke any of your rules.” She repeated her thin, bratty defense.
“Who said anything about punishment?” Walt asked. “A naughty brat with a red bottom is an interest subject for our photo-shoot. It’s just part of the scene we’re setting.”
His wife pouted and then suddenly smiled slyly. “So we could just use some make-up then.” She said.
Walt shook his head. “Oh no, young lady. I don’t want my pictures to look fake and tacky. It has to be a real spanking and to make sure the red color is deep and spread evenly, I’ll be the one to administer it.”
The girl licked her lips, admitting defeat; yet he could see the twinkle in his wife’s eyes that betrayed her arousal.
“You could’ve avoided this if you’d just followed my instructions.” He reminded her.
“Yes, Sir.” She replied demurely.


Mia smiled as she stood up at the Dominant’s command. She was going to get her spanking anyway. Oh, her husband had played it perfectly, subtly punishing her for each of the rules she’d broken, without actually calling it a punishment. She was impressed with his inventiveness and knew the girl she was roleplaying would be even more.
When Walt sat down on the chair she’d vacated, she willingly let him pull her across his knee. She could just barely reach the tiled floor with her hands, her bare bottom up in the air and her feet dangling over the other side.
“Please, not too hard, Sir.” She said, pretending to be the nervous girl, yet knowing that the plea would not be heard.
“It will be as hard as it needs to be for your bottom to get a nice red color for the pictures, young lady.” Walt replied.
Mia licked her lips and her husband started to spank her bottom. He started of slow and gentle, to spread the sting and bring out an even color.
Mia moaned softly as the sting began to build. Each smack was slightly stronger than the former and she quickly found herself squirming with each loud swat on her bottom.
Walt did not pause or tease. Normally when he spanked her, he might massage her bottom, squeeze her thighs or touch her lips to feel how wet with arousal she was. Now however, such intimacy would not be allowed by the rules she’d set herself. Instead, the smacks kept coming, her bottom getting redder with each squeal and kick of her legs.
Suddenly, she felt the touch of cold wood on her backside as her husband stroked her sore bottom with the back of the hairbrush he’d used to brush her hair. She realized now why he’d taken her to the kitchen to dry her hair, instead of doing it in the bathroom.
“Please Sir, not the hairbrush.” She said. “Isn’t my bottom red enough yet?”
“It’s nice and red.” The Dominant admitted. “But we have to make sure it stays that way. You don’t want me to have to redo this halfway through our photo-shoot when the color fades, do you?”
Mia bit her lip. She hadn’t actually wanted him to stop, but getting a second spanking while half tied up? That sounded incredibly hot. But no, the girl she was roleplaying would agree with anything Walt said at this point.
“I guess you’re right, Sir.” She said, trying to sound meek.
“Of course I am.” Walt replied, raising the hairbrush and smacking it down firmly on her backside.
Mia squealed, kicking her legs with each smack that landed on her bottom. She squirmed across her husbands lap, cursing herself for breaking all of those rules. He might pretend not to be spanking her for those, but she knew better. Her bottom was on fire and a spanking this severe was not just to turn her bottom into a prop for his pictures; it was because she deserved it.
I’ll be a good girl. She wanted to say. I won’t break any more of your rules. But there would be no use. The reason for this spanking was to turn her bottom red and would thus only end when he was happy with the result.
The spanking went on for quite a while longer while she kicked and squealed, her bottom getting ever redder as her husband kept the fire going. Yet eventually he stopped and told her to get up.
Mia stood, reaching back to sooth her burning bottom.
“Don’t touch it.” Walt said. “You might rub some of the color off.”
Mia giggled, but kept her hands in front of her. Funny, how she could laugh so quickly now that it was over. Her bottom however, still felt on fire.
“Come with me.” Walt said.
This time he did take her to the bedroom. On the bed lay their collection of bondage-gear. Most of it was ropes, some shackles and chains and a few gags. The blinds were half-shut, keeping out spying eyes but letting in some soft light for a sensual mood in their photo’s.
“Put on your underwear and go stand in the corner.” Walt told her while grabbing his camera.
Mia noticed the underwear she’d taken off in the bathroom lay on the bed as well, she pulled it on and made her way to the corner. She put her hands on her head like she always did, then let them drop, thinking the girl she was roleplaying wouldn’t know this.
“That’s perfect.” The Dominant said. “That black lingerie contrasts nicely with your pale skin and red bottom.”
The panties she’d chosen covered most of her hips, but only a thin strip of lace would cover her bottom. None of the burning red skin would be hidden by it. She blushed slightly, imagining to see that in their pictures. If only she’d behaved, then she could now be making erotic and provocative poses, instead she stood in the corner with her hair in two braids and her bottom red like a naughty girl.
“Hands on your head.” Walt commanded.
Mia placed her hands as instructed, licking her lips as she heard the camera do its work.
“Very good. Now go to the bed, bend over and place your hands as if I’m going to spank you.” Her husband instructed.
Mia got into position, arching her back to raise her sore bottom for the camera.
“Lower your panties, but not too far.” The Dominant said.
She slowly lowered them, until they dangled around her knees, her bottom and pussy now bared for the camera.
“I said not too far.” Walt said. He stepped closer and Mia anticipated a smack on her bottom. Instead, he pulled her panties up to the bottom crease of her buttocks. With two fingers he secured it between her inner thighs so it would not drop.
The girl she was roleplaying blushed, feeling his hand so close to her most intimate place, yet arranging her outfit for their pictures was well inside the rules for what was necessary. Much more than that smack on her bottom would have been.
“Now take it off, your bra as well, and get on your hands and knees on the bed.” Walt instructed while picking up the bondage gear and putting it aside.
Mia did as he told her, tossing her underwear aside. During their first meeting she had agreed that some of the pictures could be done in the nude. Now she knew most of them would be; but that was her own fault for choosing to disobey the wardrobe rule.
“Crawl around a little.” The Dominant said.
Mia giggled softly and then tried to be sexy as she crawled around on the bed.
Walt suddenly put down the camera and joined her in the bed with a length of rope. “Give me your hands.” He instructed and then gently tied the rope around her wrists.
“Stay on your knees.” He said as he tied her to the head of the bed. “Like a naughty girl who couldn’t stay in position and needs to be tied up for her spanking.”
Mia blushed, but waved her red bottom that had become the center-piece of their photo-shoot in the air while Walt took his pictures. All she could do was play along with this scene. Perhaps next time she’d follow his instructions and she’d get a more sensual photo-shoot.
Again, Walt joined her in the bed. He placed a pillow in front of her and told her to lay down. Then he tied both of her feet to either corner of the bed, the rope firm around her ankles as she lay flat on her belly. Spread-eagled, with the pillow propping up her bottom, she was fully exposed.
Walt placed some of their spanking implements next to her on the bed – Mia feared for a moment that he was actually going to use them when he picked them out of their trunk – and took more pictures.
“That should do it for our would-be naughty girl.” Walt said. “Now that she’s had her spanking, I want her in leather cuffs and a collar, looking demure yet aroused. Can you do that?”
“Yes, Sir.” Mia replied.
The Dominant then untied the rope, replacing that around her wrists with dark leather cuffs and placing a collar around her neck. Mia bowed her head like a naughty, chastised girl, her eyes however looking up at the man who had spanked her, licking her lips in excitement.
“Perfect.” Walt said, taking another picture of his wife kneeling in the bed.
“Stand up.” He grabbed the chain that connected the leather cuffs and connected it to another that led to a discrete hook plugged into their ceiling.
Mia stood with her arms stretched above her head, her whole body on display, her red bottom no longer the center of attention as her husband took her picture from the front.
“Your excitement is getting the better of you.” He said. “The spanking you received makes you horny and excited.”
Mia bit her lips, trying to look the way the photographer was describing it to her. It wasn’t very hard, she really was horny and excited after all.
“Push out your chest a little.” Walt said. “I want to see your breasts prominently in these pictures.” He stepped closer to her. “I’m going to touch you for a moment if that’s okay, I want your nipples to be fully erect, oozing with excitement.”
“Yes, Sir.” Mia breathed, remembering just in time that she needed to give him permission for such intimate acts.
Walt placed his hands on her breasts, massaging them softly, more perhaps than was necessary. His thumb and forefinger however pinched her nipples, pulling and turning softly while Mia moaned.
“That’s better.” Walt said. Grabbing his camera again.
Yet two pictures later he returned. “I think it will be better if they’re a bit wet.” He said, followed by licking his fingers. “May I?”
Mia nodded.
Again Walt squeezed and fondled her breasts, pulling and squeezing her nipples until they were pink and erect. Yet he did not look satisfied. “It’s not quite enough.” He said. “I don’t think you will be able to see it in the pictures. Would you mind if I used my mouth?”
Mia blushed, how would the girl she played react to such a request? Hesitant maybe, but in the end convinced by the Dominant’s controlled assurance.
“Are you sure it will look better that way?” She asked.
“I’m positive.” Walt replied.
“Well, then go ahead, we agreed to whatever is necessary for the pictures.” Mia said.
Walt bent forward, placing his lips onto his guests breast, sucking it into his mouth and using his tongue to play with her nipple; then repeating the process with the second.
Mia moaned loudly seeing her breasts glisten with her husbands saliva as he moved back to take the camera.
Walt circled her then, taking pictures from every angle. Then he took a ball-gag and placed it in her mouth, adding yet another element to their scene.
“I’m going to tie you up in rope head to toe.” Walt said. “I’ve seen this nice star-shaped pattern I wanted to try out across your chest which I think will look wonderful in pictures.”
Mia moaned softly. This was what she’d been waiting for. The feel of rope all over her body, Walt’s hands securing and tightening, touching her flesh and balancing on the line between what was acceptable and what wasn’t between their two characters.
“There’s just one problem.” Walt said as he unhooked the chain from the ceiling.
Mia grunted questioningly, not able to reply with the gag spreading her jaws apart.
“It seems I did not spank you hard enough after all. Your bottom is still a lovely pink, but not as red as I wanted it to be,” Walt said.
Mia moaned softly, not able to reply anything else. Her bottom started to tingle, anticipating another spanking.
“I’m going to have to freshen up the color.” Walt said, sitting down on the bed and pulling her closer as if to do so right away.
He did not drag her down however, but let Mia place herself across his lap, as a way for the girl she was roleplaying to agree to this second spanking.
The smacks on her bottom came hard and fast. With her bottom already pink, her husband didn’t seem to think she needed another warmup. Luckily, here she had the pillow to bury her head into and bite when the sting became too great.
Her hands were still tied up with the leather shackles and she couldn’t even reach back to cover her bottom. She really should’ve just followed his instructions and gone for the erotic, sensual photo-shoot he had in mind, she thought as she lay squirming and moaning across the dominant’s lap.
When he finally stopped, the fire in her bottom was renewed. The sting went deep and made her squeal when he told her to sit up on the bed.
The pain in her bottom while sitting down was a distraction while Walt untangled the ropes he had tied her up with before. But as he began to twist and turn it around her chest, that became a background-sensation.
The rope began around her neck, pulled deep into her skin as a vague star-shaped pattern began to emerge across her chest. Walts hands were everywhere, smoothing the rope, lifting her arms, pushing her breasts in position. Yet each touch on her sensitive skin seemed calculated and necessary. He was not taking advantage of the young girl that wanted her first bondage experience with a professional dominant.
His restraint turned her on even more. Mia began to hope for him to make a mistake, to touch her out of desire rather than necessity, but it was his control that aroused her the most.
She spread her legs as Walt moved the rope down across her belly; but he pulled it gently over her pussy. His fingers dug into her thighs, but only to lift her legs and pull the rope underneath. Mia squealed softly as raising her legs put extra weight on her sore bottom; while Walt tied her legs together with line after line of rope.
When he was done, she lay halfway on her side, hands tied behind her back, legs tied together and breasts covered in that star-shaped pattern. Walt had picked up the camera again, taking pictures.
The Dominant then rolled her over, hog-tying her by tying her ankles to her wrists behind her back. “Your bottom contrasts nicely with the rope.” He said, before taking more pictures.
He then turned her over once more, untying her ankles. Each time he did, he placed his hands on her bottom, thighs or near her breasts; but with the excuse that it was the easiest way to help her roll over.
“Show me how turned on you are.” He said. “After your spanking, completely tied up and helpless, you must be nearly begging to be touched.”
Mia bit down on the ball-gag, trying to look as desperate and needy as she felt.
The dominant sat down on the edge of the bed, placing his hand on her belly between the rope. “I’m not seeing it.” He said. “Perhaps I should help you a bit.” His hand trailed down to her crotch, stopping with his fingers in her hair, just above her pussy. “May I?”
Mia and the girl she was roleplaying both nodded yes at the same time. She didn’t bother think of how the girl would react to such a request.
Her husbands hand slipped down. With her legs tied together, only a finger managed to reach between her lips, stroking her clit. It was enough. Mia moaned loudly, saliva dripping from her chin as the ball-gag kept her mouth open.
Yet before she could cum, her husband stopped. “Perfect.” He said before grabbing the camera. “Keep that pose.”
Several times, he fingered her, always stopping just in time to take another picture. Mia wanted to squeal, but couldn’t.
Then, the dominant began to untie her. Mia moaned softly, complaining that he hadn’t let her cum. Yet he did not untie her completely. Her legs were freed and the pattern across her chest had some holes in it, her wrists were still tied together however.
“Now for the after-shots.” Walt said. “The naughty girl, half-loose with some bare skin still bearing the marks of the rope, fully satisfied.
He took some more pictures and then placed his hand on her belly again. “Try to look more relaxed, a bit exhausted maybe, yet satisfied in the end.”
Mia moaned softly in her ball-gag, half protest, half assurance that she was trying.
Walt undid the ball-gag, freeing her mouth. “Do you want me to help you again?” He asked.
“Yes, Sir.” Mia replied.
“You have to say it.” Walt said. “I have to make sure I have your permission.”
“Please, help me sir.” Mia said.
“You’ll need to be more specific.” The Dominant said. “What do you want me to do, where do you want me to touch you?”
Mia blushed, imagining the bratty girl from before having to say these words. “Please touch my pussy, Sir. Finger me until I cum.”
“Good girl.” Walt said. His hand slid down her belly, pushing aside the discarded rope and digging into her pussy. With her legs freed, he managed to get two fingers inside of her, his thumb pressing on her clit.
Mia moaned deeply and it took her husband mere moments before she lay shuddering and shaking, the orgasm that he had been building towards the whole evening finally coming to fruition.
Then his hand disappeared. Mia’s eyes were closed, but she blushed hearing the sounds of the camera capturing her in this vulnerable moment.


Mia looked hungrily at her husband while he neatly arranged their gear, placing it back in the trunk. She was still fully naked, her bottom bright pink if not red and fresh rope-marks all over her body. He still wore no shirt and she watched the muscles underneath his skin with fascination. She wondered how long it would take for him to fuck her and what excuse he would come up with for the professional Dominant to take his guest in such a way.
When Walt was done however, he looked at his wife and smiled. “Come with me.” He said, leaving the bedroom and returning to the living-room.
“I hope you enjoyed your evening.” He said when Mia joined him.
“Yes, Sir.” Mia replied, trying to imagine how her character might feel after all they had done
“There’s just one more thing I wanted to discuss before you leave.” Walt said.
“What’s that, Sir?” Mia asked.
“Well, we already dealt with your outfit, your hair, your shower and the forgotten accessory. But we haven’t dealt with you being late.” He said.
Mia blushed. Had he kept one more punishment for the end? “But it was only five minutes.” She protested.
“Seven.” Walt corrected her. “And that was only when you arrived at my front door. By the time you were truly ready, after I had to wash you, braid your hair and spank you, a lot more time was wasted.”
Mia gasped. He couldn’t really count all that as being late, could he? Though she knew he did have a point, all of those things should’ve been ready before she arrived.
“The way I see it, you were well over an hour late; ninety-seven minutes to be exact.” Walt said.
Mia blushed. “I’m sorry, Sir.” She said, not knowing what to expect. Ninety-seven smacks on her bottom, or ninety-seven smacks from his belt perhaps?
“You know I did have plans, things to do after you left.” Walt said. “Now I won’t have time to do them and still have some time for myself this evening. I think it would be only fair if you get those things done instead.”
“What kind of things?” Mia asked, dreading the answer.
“There is still a lot of ironing to do. I suggest you begin with one basket of laundry and then start making dinner. That should fill up most of the time you owe me. I’ll be lenient and let you make enough for both of us so you can eat too.”
Mia blushed. Chores? “Yes, Sir.”
“Oh and Mia, you’ll have to work the way you are, I don’t want to see anyone in my home wearing that awful outfit you arrived in.” Walt continued.
Mia grinned. Naked chores. Now that she could get behind. “Yes, Sir.” She replied again.
She pulled the ironing board from its usual spot in the kitchen and placed it in the living-room so that Walt could watch her while she worked. The basket of clothes she placed on the ground so that she’d have plenty of opportunity to bend over for him.
Walt in the meantime watched TV, but most of his attention was on his guest, doing his ironing with her pink bottom and rope-marked skin on display.
When she finished with the laundry, he followed her into the kitchen, making no secret of the fact that he was watching while she prepared dinner.
“Finished just in time.” He said when they sat down to eat. “Only ten minutes left.” He could see his wife squirming softly, sitting on the hard wooden chairs.
“What do you want me to do in those last ten minutes, Sir?” Mia asked when they finished their meal.
Walt licked his lips. He’d had something in mind that would surely make the naughty brat his wife was playing blush. “What do you think I would’ve normally done after you left?” He asked her. “Before doing my ironing or preparing food?”
“I don’t know, Sir.” Mia replied.
“Don’t you think, that after having a beautiful women like yourself under my control, after spanking you, tying you up and making you cum; that I would’ve gone to my room and touch myself, thinking only of you?” He said.
Mia did blush and Walt wondered if it was his wife blushing or just roleplaying.
“Now that’s exactly what I’m going to do the next ten or so minutes. In the meanwhile, you can either clean up the kitchen or come and help. Your choice.” He continued.
Walt stood up without waiting for her reply and went back to their room. He knew his wife well enough to know she’d pick anything over cleaning up. Whether the brat she was role-playing thought the same wasn’t sure though. Luckily, he heard her coming right behind him.
She walked in on him as he was pulling down his trousers and boxers, sitting down fully naked on the bed. “How can I help you, Sir.” She asked.
“Come here.” He said, tapping the mattress beside him. He was fully erect and guided the girls hand to his cock. “Stroke it, but gently, we’ve still got ten or so minutes, remember.”
Mia began to stroke his cock and Walt leaned back, placing his hands behind him as he softly moaned. The girl took him literally and went slow and soft, stretching his arousal, his cock pulsating in her hand.
When she leaned a bit closer, he placed a hand on her thigh, softly squeezing and then sliding up, over her pussy, past her belly and then fondling her breasts.
“But Sir, I didn’t say you could touch me.” She protested.
“We agreed that it was allowed when necessary.” Walt said. “If you’re going to keep going this slow, it’ll definitely be necessary if we want to finish before those ten minutes are over.” He did not mention that it had been his idea to go slow in the first place.
The girl however did not speed up, which signed to him her consent in being touched by him.
“Mia, you’re really going to have to try harder.” Walt said as he looked at the alarm-clock on their night-stand. “Or else we won’t finish in time.”
His wife smiled, but kept stroking him slowly and softly. He then saw her watching the clock as well and realized she was having a last moment of bratty attitude, waiting for him to react.
“That’s it.” He said with only two minutes left on the clock. “Turn over and lay down on the bed.”
“But Sir, what are you doing?” The girl asked as he pushed her down on her belly.
“I already told you that if you don’t do a good enough job, I’ll do it for you.” Walt said. “I told you when I had to wash you, braid your hair and spank you. Now, I’m going to fuck you because if I don’t there’s no way you’ll get your work done in time.” He grabbed the condoms from the night-stand and began to pull one on.
“Sir, you shouldn’t, it isn’t professional.” Mia teasingly replied.
“Do you want me to fuck you?” Walt asked.
His wife blushed, not answering the question.
“Time’s running out, Mia. Do you want me to fuck you?” He asked again.
“Yes, Sir. Please fuck me.” His guest replied.
“Then it would be unprofessional not too.” Walt concluded. He grabbed his wife’s pink buttocks in both hands and buried his cock deep inside of her.
There was not much time left, but he didn’t need much, not after a night of spanking, bondage and teasing. Walt fucked his wife rough and fast, thrusting deep and hard until he came with a deep groan, collapsing on top of her.
“Just in time.” The brat whispered.


Mia followed her husband back to the living-room after that quick but hot fucking. She had put on her sexy underwear again while he cleaned up and felt like it was time for them to end their roleplaying.
“I hope you enjoyed your night, Mia.” Her husband said, apparently thinking the same. “Remember, you can call me any time if you want to do it again.”
“I will, Sir.” She said. “And I promise I will follow your instructions more closely next time.”
“I’m glad to hear that.” Walt replied as he picked up her outfit and shoes from the cabinet where he had hidden it earlier. “You can put these on when you’re outside.”
Mia blushed. It was as if whenever she thought her punishment to be over, he still had one last thing planned. She’d have to go into the hallway in her underwear, her bottom still pink and get dressed before anyone saw.
“Yes, Sir.” She replied, accepting the bundle of clothes and letting him close the door behind her.
As she pulled the loose trousers over her still stinging bottom, a thought came to her. Quickly she finished dressing and then knocked on the door.
“Hello honey.” She said, hugging her husband as he let her in. “How was your evening, did you enjoy the role-play?”
“It was great.” Her husband replied. “Though not exactly what I’d had in mind.”
“Was your guest a bit naughtier than you had anticipated?” Mia asked.
“Yes, exactly.” Walt replied, squeezing her sore bottom.
“Talking about being naughty.” Mia said. “Didn’t you say you didn’t want to see anyone in this outfit in your home?”
“I did say that.” Walt replied.
“Does that mean I’ve been a naughty girl?” Mia asked with a grin.
“It most certainly does.” Walt said, pulling his wife toward the couch. There, across his lap the color in her bottom could be brightened once more.

3 thoughts on “The Dominant’s 5 rules

  1. Spank you very much for writing such an engaging and very erotica story. 😀 My vivid imagination will be in overdrive for quite awhile….. WOOHOO!!


    1. Hey, no she’s not. I just often re-use the same names for characters, it makes it easier when writing many stories without making mistakes in their names.


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