Happy father’s day

Sexy French maid

The following story was written by my lovely wife as a father’s day gift and she wanted all of you to enjoy it too.

“Go ask your father, dear.”
Carol’s daughter smiled and turned on her heels, her ponytail bobbing up and down as she ran through the house calling for “Daddy! Daaaaah-deeeee! Daddy!”

“Yes, Monkey?”
“Can I go to the zoo with Gabriella? They have a baby rhino and icecream and Charlotte and Lucy are coming too!”
“I don’t know, Monkey, will you be safe? Maybe they’ll try to catch you and put you in the cage with all the other monkeys!”
Emma scrunched up her face. “I’m not really a monkey, Daddy! Nobody will catch me, they can see I’m a girl!”
Joseph looked quizzically at his daughter, messing with her. “I don’t know darling… You do have a little monkey tail on your head, that could fool them!”
Emma started to look exasperated with her father, and she protested: “DAD-DY! Monkeys don’t have tails on their heads, they have tails on their BUTT!”

The last word came out really loud. Emma was taken aback at her own intensity. She was quiet for a brief moment as Joseph raised an eyebrow at her. Then, she started to giggle.
“I said butt, Daddy! Monkeys have tails on their butt! Hahahaha, butt!”
Joseph tried to keep a straight face, but he couldn’t help but grin. She is so adorable. “What’s the proper word, Emma? Where do monkeys have their tail?”
“On their behind, Dad. But it doesn’t matter, the zookeepers can tell I’m not a monkey, they won’t lock me up! Please, can I go? Please?”
“Go to the zoo. With Gabriella, Lucy and Charlotte?”
Emma nodded vigourously. “And the baby rhino!”
“And the baby rhino,” Joseph conceded. “And who’s taking you lot of girls there?”
“Gabriella’s mommies of course! They have the big car so we’ll all fit.”
“Sounds good. And when would you go?”
“Sunday afternoon.”

Joseph checked his mental calendar. “That’s on Father’s Day.”
Emma nodded. “U-huh. That’s why mommy made me ask you. Gabriella wanted to go say hi to the rhino’s daddy because she doesn’t have a daddy of her own to craft for and the baby rhino is too small to be able to paint something, so she made a gift for the Daddy rhino. It’s only the afternoon?”

Man, kids are precious. Crafting for daddy rhinoceros. I can’t refuse her that!
“It’s okay dear. I’ll call Gabriella’s mommies and you can go give the daddy rhino a gift. But you better believe that I want pictures!”
Joseph’s heart filled as he saw his daughter’s little face light up with glee.
“Thank you, Daddy! I’ll take ALL the pictures! You are the best!”


“So, Honey, that’s the kid out of your hair on Father’s Day. Shall I make myself scarce too, so you can have the house to yourself and do whatever the hell you want?” Carol asked her husband after he hung up on Gabriella’s mother.
Jospeh thought it over for a second. He was partway through a book that was nearly due back at the library. It had been a while since he’d had any decent stretch of gaming. Writing had fallen to the wayside too, and artistry had strayed even further…
Yet he told her: “No, dear. While an afternoon of peace and quiet does sound enticing, I’ll need you around if I’m to do whatever the hell I want. And watch your language, Emma was using crude words earlier too. Let’s reinstate that swear jar, 50 cent coin per slip-up. You owe two.”

Even though Carol was pretty sure she only owed one coin, and questionably so at that, she washed up an empty jam jar and put in two coins as directed.


By the time Father’s Day rolled around, the amount of coins in the swear jar had steadily risen, as had the number of paintings in the portfolio Emma and her friends would be gifting to Daddy Rhinoceros. The girls appeared to have made it their mission to wallpaper the entire rhino habitat at the zoo.

Carol had risen early with Emma, who had been unable to remain sleeping when she would be meeting a baby rhino in mere hours. She was bouncing off the walls, asking: “Mommy, mommy, can I please go give Daddy my gift? I can’t leave for the zoo until after Daddy gets my gift!”
“No sweetie, Daddy gets to sleep in today, there is still plenty of time for gift giving before Gabriella’s momma comes to pick you up. If he’s not up at 10, you can go wake him, but not before.”
“Can we make Daddy breakfast in bed to surprise him?”
Carol wanted to object, Joseph didn’t like having breakfast and he despised having crumbs in the bed, but her six year old’s energy needed to be redirected somewhere. Fulfilling the movie cliché would be a good outlet.
“Great idea Emma! Let’s bake some pancakes and make strawberry smoothies, that will be yummy.”

Cooking breakfast got them as far as 9.30, and then Emma could no longer be contained. They had to deliver the pancakes and the smoothie and the coffee and her gift to daddy now! They took the tray upstairs.

Joseph woke abruptly when Emma barged into the room. He was grouchy for a few seconds, but as the picture of his wife in her dressing gown and his daughter in her Pikachu pajamas got into focus, he smiled. Picture perfect.

“Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!”
“Thank you, Monkey. A very happy one indeed, if those are pancakes on that plate.”
“We baked them. Open my gift!”

Emma crawled into bed with her father and snuggled up to his chest. She helped him untie the ribbon and remove the sticky tape from the package. Out came a pair of cotton shopping bags. One said “Emma ♥ Daddy” with the heart formed by two pink footprints, the other said “I want to hold your hand.” and it was covered in a rainbow assortment of handprints.

“They’re wonderful, Monkey! Thank you very much.” Joseph hugged his daughter tight, and then proceeded to feed her most of the pancakes she’d baked for him. He really couldn’t stomach food before noon.


“Alone at last.” Carol said to Joseph as they were waving at the minivan that was headed for the zoo. “A short break from parenting is the best gift a parent can get, right?”
“Right near the top of the list, I’d say. Let’s make the most of it.” His left hand slid down from Carol’s hip to her behind. He gave it a firm, arousing squeeze and then guided Carol back inside.

Once in the living room, Joseph instructed his wife: “Go get the swear jar from the kitchen, dear.”
This puzzled Carol, but when they were alone, she followed his orders. Or at least, she tended to …
Carol handed the jar over to Joseph, who upended it over the coffee table. He’d tossed a throw pillow on the floor beside it.

“I want you to kneel and count those coins for me.” Carol assumed her position and started counting the money. “It’s thirteen euros fifty, Sir.”
“Twenty-seven swears. But that’s not what I asked. I wanted to know how many coins there are. Start over.”

Carol made neat stacks, ten coins each. It came out to twenty coins of €0,50, ten coins of €0,20, ten of €0,10 and fifty one cent coins.
“Ninety coins in total, Sir.”
“That means ninety minutes of chores for you, potty mouth, and ninety minutes of leisure for me. Gives me plenty of time to finish reading those last three chapters. Meanwhile, you get into your French maid uniform and go clean up the breakfast mess in the kitchen. And change the sheets, they’re crunching with the sugar Emma spilled.”

Carol didn’t even protest that not all coins were hers, or that the one cent pieces were an unfair addition of Joseph’s, but she went up to their room and changed into the very skimpy black dress, the black lace knickers, the ruched white apron and the stockings and garter belt that made up her uniform. At least now, the chores would be sexy.

Carol swapped out the dirty linnens for smooth satin sheets, and put the former in the washing machine. In the kitchen, she ran a load of dishes, she cleaned the stove and wiped up the dishes.
When she turned on the tap to fill a bucket of water to mop the floor, Joseph walked in from the living room. He took a scrubbing brush from the cupboard and told Carol: “This floor needs a deep clean, I want you scrubbing on your hands and knees. And I’m supervising, so don’t you dare skip an inch.”
“I won’t, Sir. Skip an inch I mean, I will scrub away. I’ll get right to it.” And let you enjoy the view of your lady slaving away, knickers no doubt peeking out from under my hemline. The thought titilated her even more than the previous chores had, and she really put on a show for her husband, who watched with greedy eyes.

When the 90 minute timer rang, Carol still had four tiles left unscrubbed. She could tell it would cost her dearly, because while Joseph was clearly very aroused, he had that strict disciplinarian look on his face.
“I thought I’d told you not to skip one inch, and yet here we are, the alloted time for chores is up and that must be at least forty square inches left untouched!”
“I’m sorry, Sir, I will finish up.”
“Of course you will, but it will cost you forty smacks on your behind, one for every square inch you skipped, and a lash of my belt for every extra minute you take to finish up. If you hadn’t wasted so much time wiggling your butt and showing off while you were cleaning, we could be having fun by now, slacker. Get your nose to the grindstone and stop wasting our precious time alone.”

It took another eight minutes total to finish scrubbing the floor, mop it dry and tidy up the cleaning supplies. Eight lashes of the belt. Carol was already anticipating their sting.

“All done, Sir!”
“And about time too. Get over my knee dear, so I can teach you the importance of keeping up the pace when you’re cleaning.”
Carol draped herself willingly over Joseph’s knee. She had butterflies in her belly, she loved this part. It had been too long since she’d properly been spanked.

Joseph rubbed his hand appreciatevely over Carol’s buttocks. They were round and full and on display, her lacy knickers hardly providing any coverage, and her skirt upturned the way he liked it. A very pretty picture indeed. He dug his fingernails into the flesh and squeezed, then started spanking.

With every smack, a contradictory wave of pain and pleasure reverberated through Carol’s body. At first the pain faded quickly, while the pleasure made Carol’s pussy glisten with arousal. After several handfulls of smacks on her behind, though, the pain started to linger.

Carol’s breathing was getting irregular, gasping for air as Joseph’s right hand swung down on her behind once again, sending electricity through her body.
“That’s part one of your punishment over with dear.” Joseph announced. “Forty smacks have been dealt. Go bend over the table to accept your lashes.”
“Yes, Sir.” was all she said, and she assumed the position.
“I think it’s time you said something other than <Yes, Sir>, so you’ll count eacht strike. Clear?”
Carol nodded, and braced herself.
“What was that, dear? I couldn’t hear you.”
“Sorry, Sir, I meant to say Yes, Sir. Should I count them before you strike or after?”
“Before I strike dear, so you can set the pacing. I don’t want to reach your limit just yet, we’ve still got a sea of time before the kids get back from the zoo.”
Joseph undid his belt buckle, and slipped the belt out of his trousers. He instructed Carol: “Start counting.”

“One.” The leather made contact, and felt like it might leave a stripe on Carol’s buttocks.
“Two.” It touched again, right beside the first sore spot.
“Three.” The echo of the cracking leather sent even more arousal to her groin.
“Four.” Carol gasped, that was an especially nasty blow.
“Five.” She gasped again, forever surprised how few strokes were needed to set her butt aflame.
“Six.” She missed her pillow to bite down on now.
“Seven.” Carol yelped in surprise, as Jospeh had struck her after the first syllable, not letting her finish the full number.
“Eight.” It seemed as if this one barely hurt, not because Joseph was softer (he wasn’t), but because she knew this was the final one, for now.

“Stand up straight, darling.”
Carol straightened her back and turned around to let Joseph’s gaze inspect her. Several locks of hair had freed themselves from her updo, and her already low-cut decolletage had slipped down even further, showing of her ample cleavage. She looked dishevelled and incredibly sexy.
“You took your discipline well, girl. Very well. Now I’d like you to strip, to shower and to meet me upstairs, in the bedroom. But first, ” Joseph pulled Carol against his chest and kissed her fiercely. He put both hands on her bum and pressed her body close to his, drinking in the aroma of arousal that hung aound his wife.

Joseph smacked Carol’s butt as if to say “Hop along, we don’t have all day” or possibly “Get in that shower before I fuck you right here on the table, I have bigger plans but myself control is straining at the seams.”

While Carol showered, Joseph brought out ropes, a blindfold, watercolours, a small easle and a canvas. It got him a slightly confused look from his wife when she arrived upstairs.
“I’ve been meaning to do some painting again.” Joseph explained. “And it would have been the perfect thing to do while home alone, but I realised I lacked a subject to paint. And since I so enjoy subjecting you, I decided to keep you home to model for me.”

This made Carol blush. Joseph was a decent artist, she’s admired many of his sketches and paintings from art class, but she’d never been in one. She didn’t think she had the looks to be a nude model, even though she was plenty satisfied when she looked in the mirror.

“Let’s get you prepped for posing.” said Joseph, and he picked up a length of rope. “I want to capture you gagged and bound. I’m thinking pentacle chest harness, wrists and ankles tied to spreader barrs, the red ball gag, and a blindfold. How does that sound?”
If anything, Carol had an even bigger fetish for bondage than for spanking, so she responded: “That sounds incredibly hot, Sir.”

Joseph wrapped Carol up in the ropes softly, and with great precision, realining the strands from time to time to get a more aesthetically pleasing composition. Carol moved to his every indication, getting shivers down her spine as the rope scraped her skin as Joseph secured ties, her pussy swelling with renewed desire. She’d have to wait until Joseph was done painting before her pussy would be granted any relief though, because her wrists had now been tied to the first spreader bar, and she would not be able to physically stimulate herself anymore.

Joseph positioned Carol on the bed before the tied her ankles to the second spreader bar, then he slipped a blindfold over her face and made her open her mouth to accept the ball gag between her teeth. He fastened the buckle, and then could help himself: he licked her breasts briefly, sucked on a nipple and ran his tongue teasingly over her pussy.
“Stay wet for me darling, I’ll want to have another taste of you soon enough.” Carol moaned in what sounded like an affirmation, and she pushed her pussy closer to Joseph’s face. Only thanks to the utmost amount of self control did Joseph manage to tear himself from his wife and take up pencil and paintbrush. If daddy rhino was getting pretty pictures today, this daddy would get some pretty pictures too.

What a delight, Joseph thought as he was painting. This is the composition I’d been looking for, not those chaste poses from art class. He really had missed painting and subjugating his wife. Combining the two like this fullfilled him.

From time to time, Joseph would describe Carol which part of her body he was painting now, keeping her arousal up along with his own.
“Doing those perky nipples now, they’re nice and erect, begging me to suck on them, to twist them, bite them, anything really, as long as it’s stimulating.They’ll have to wait.”
“I’m painting the curve of your inner thigh, that soft pillow where I like to rest my head when I’m eating you out, the curve along which I like to trail my index finger when I’m trying to delay your orgasm.”
“I’m trying to get the tightness of the rope around your ankles across right on the canvas. I want you to be able to see what the rope marks will look like when we untie you.”

Carol couldn’t do much beyond moan and bite down on her gag, and notice how her arousal was emanating from every pore in her skin. She hoped Joseph wouldn’t take too much time painting, so that there’d be enough time to wrap up their scene properly before Emma would innundate them with stories from the zoo and the baby rhino.

Joseph had just described a finishing touch he had made on a curl in her pubic hair, when he decided it was enough, he wouldn’t touch the painting anymore, he’d go back to touching his wife. He walked over to the bed and softly undid the buckle of the ball gag and removed it from Carols mouth. He then tenderly kissed her lips.
“You were the best model I’ve ever had, darling.” He kissed her jaw, which had been forced apart that whole while. “A real champ, and so hot. I’d like to fuck you now, if you want me to.”
Carol licked her lips and whispered: “Ladies first, Sir, and don’t bother to untie me.”
Joseph grinned. “Good thing today’s lesson wasn’t about greed, darling.” He kissed her neck, and bit her earlobe. “As you wish, so it shall be.” Joseph explored Carol’s breasts with his mouth, licking, biting and sucking, as he finger fucked her slippery pussy. He moved the kisses down her belly, past her navel, and proceeded to lick her clit while still pounding her pussy with his fingers. It didn’t take much more for his tied up wife to shudder with an intense orgasm, and Joseph did briefly rest his head on Carol’s iner thigh.

“Thank you, Sir. I’m ready to be fucked now.” Carol encouraged Joseph to take his own orgasm from her body in turn. He didn’t bother to fully undress, but instead unzipped his pants, slipped his cock out of his boxers and slid it in Carol’s widespread pussy. He pounded her, filling her completely, his cock fully enveloped in her wetness. He didn’t need much to climax after such an intense afternoon.

Joseph had carefully freed Carol of his bondage, they’d cuddled in the bed together some more, and then made sure to pack away the evidence of their escapade. They couldn’t keep the satisfaction off their faces when Gabriella’s mom (or was it Gabriella’s mama) had asked if they’d enjoyed their afternoon, and would giggle about the look of realisation settling on said mom’s face. Emma, of course, was oblivious to it all, and only wanted to show all of her pictures on the TV-screen and would not stop talking about the rhino family. It was, decided Joseph, the best Father’s Day so far.

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  1. Thank you very much for publishing a VERY SEXY Father’s day story. Please thank your wife for me too as I really enjoyed reading her story.


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