The first day of spring

Girl tanning in her bikini tthe park

The sun was bright in a cloudless sky and Sophie was all alone at the local park. It was a hot day, much more than usual for this time of year, this early in spring.
As she spread out her blanket on the green, springy grass, she felt upset about her being alone on this beautiful day. This afternoon had been marked in her calendar for a while and the same counted for her best friend Mia. It was just a picnic in the park of course, nothing special, but it was typical Mia behavior to blow it off last minute.

“Sorry, I’ll be a bit late. Did not wake in my own bed this morning.” Mia’s text read. Sophie had received it only half an hour ago.
As she sat down on her blanket, Sophie wondered whose bed her friend had found herself in this time. She knew Mia wasn’t seeing anyone; but her friend wasn’t against the occasional fling now and then. Sophie pulled up her shirt and wondered what it was like to be as free as her friend seemed to be. She’d never had a one-night-stand of any kind; she’d only had sex with two guys and both had been in a serious relationship with her at the time.
Underneath her clothes, Sophie wore a bright blue bikini. She sighed a breath of relief as she put away the warm shirt. The day was much too hot for ordinary clothing, so she pulled down her trousers as well. On a day like this, the bikini would suffice and she could even work on her tan in preparation of summer.
You should try it sometime. Sarah had told her on more than one occasion. You take sex way too seriously; just have some fun while you still can. Oh, but don’t do it with any of your friends; that can become awkward in the long run. Trust me, I’d know.
At least I take my friends seriously. Sophie thought bitterly as she waited alone. She had no idea how long it would take for her friend to arrive. Perhaps she should leave before she did. Would Mia believe she’d gone home with some stranger, like she’d so often suggested?

The sun was burning hot on her back, as Sophie lay on her belly. She’d been dozing for a while, trying not to think of her friend and just enjoying the warmth; until she realized she hadn’t used any protection.
With a sigh, she got up and checked her bag for sunscreen. It took her only a moment to realize she’d forgotten to bring any.
Mia might bring some, but she knew it would be a bad idea to wait in the sun. Perhaps she should leave. She looked up to see if her friend was perhaps just finding her, but the only people around where others enjoying the sun.
On a bench near the edge of the grass in the shade of some trees, a man sat looking at her.
Sophie blushed. She knew of course that in her scanty bikini, that she’d be an attractive sight. More than one passerby must’ve looked in her direction as she lay there dozing. The man’s appreciation of what he could see plainly read on his face however; it made her blush. When their gazes crossed, he politely averted his gaze, busying himself with a bottle of sunscreen to hide the fact he might have been staring.
Sophie had an idea.

It was bold, and nothing like her at all.
She got up and approached the man who had been watching her. He was quite handsome she realized and not that much older than herself. By the time she reached him, she’d chickened out of her plan. “Could I please borrow some of that?” She asked, pointing at the bottle of sunscreen. “I’ve forgotten mine.”
“Of course.” The man said, handing her the bottle with a smile.
Sophie returned to her spot in the sun; laughing at herself. Had she really thought she’d be able to approach a stranger and ask him to rub some sunscreen on her? Mia might have, but not her.
Back on her blanket she rubbed the sunscreen on her face, her shoulders and arms. She could somehow feel the man still looking at her. When she looked up at him, he did not look away this time. He had an excuse of course, she was using his sunscreen and he might just be waiting for her to return it.
Still, his gaze slightly turned her on. Not because of anything he did, but because of the idea she’d had when first approaching him.
Don’t be such a chicken. Sophie told herself in the words Mia would use. She applied some of the sunscreen on her belly and the upper-side of her legs. The man was still looking of course, she was afraid to stare back. When she applied the sunscreen on her chest, rubbing it over the top of her breasts, she raised her head to look back at him. This time he was staring at her intently.
Sophie got up, holding the opened bottle in one hand. Either I can do this, or I can’t. She told herself. Either way, she wanted to find out as she returned to the man.
As she reached him, they stared at each-other silently for a moment.
“Could you help me with my back?” Sophie finally asked.
The man smiled; surprised, but pleasantly so.
“Of course.” He said.
Sophie returned to her blanket in the sun, the man but a step behind her. Her skin was tingling all over, goosebumps appearing on her arms and legs.
She did not look at him as she lay down on her belly, afraid that she’d chicken out again. Mia might think it funny, but letting a stranger, even a handsome one, rub her back was much more intimate than Sophie would normally dare.
She heard the man kneel beside her. Rather than pour the sunscreen directly onto her skin, he rubbed it in his hands, warming it up before placing his strong hands on her back.
He was generous with the dosage, rubbing a thick layer on her shoulders and back, spreading it out as thinly as possible. He was strong and firm, it was almost more like a massage than anything. Already warmed by the sun, Sophie grew hot and bothered and as the man’s hands reached her lower back, just above her bikini-bottoms, that hotness grew into arousal.
“My legs too.” She asked when he seemed finished. She did not want this experience to be over yet and secretly she was wondering how far she was willing to let him go.
He started at her heels then; massaging her legs firmly as he applied the sunscreen. He worked his way up slowly, past her knees, onto her thighs. His thumbs traced the edge of her buttocks. Those bikini-bottoms covered perhaps only half of her bottom. The man’s thumbs massaged the lower end of her backside, waiting it seemed for her to protest. When she didn’t, his hands slid up slowly, massaging her bottom under the ruse of applying the sunscreen.
Sophie bit her lip, trying her hardest not to moan from the pleasure and arousal of such an act. She knew he’d be enjoying it as much as she was; as it seemed that her bottom needed more time than her entire back had before.
When he was finished, she looked over her shoulder. “Thank you.” She whispered, too shy to look at him for long.
The man returned to his place on the bench, his eyes still on her, Sophie was sure.

Mia arrived shortly after, yet Sophie did not tell her friend what had occurred. She would only try to persuade her to talk to the man again. She might even go talk to him herself. Sophie however felt like she’d stepped far enough out of her comfort-zone for one day.
She was surprised when the man suddenly approached the two of them and handed her the bottle of sunscreen she’d borrowed before.
“Here, in case you need it again later.” He said, before leaving them, not returning to his seat but disappearing from their view.
“What was that about?” Mia asked.
“Nothing.” Sophie said with a blush. “I just borrowed some of his sunscreen before.”
She looked at the bottle, a phone number had been written at the bottom.


John lay alone in bed, smiling up at the ceiling of his bedroom. He was thinking about the girl he’d met earlier that day, the one in the park. It was nearly midnight, yet he could not rest.
He lay there naked, for even at this late hour it was still much too warm to be dressed. He was also rock-hard, remembering the girl’s delicate body, her soft skin beneath her hands. He had no idea what had happened, why she’d asked him for his help and let him be so intimate with her, a complete stranger. He thought she might’ve been playing a game; but if she was, he felt that he was the winner, after what he’d gotten out of it.
John stroked his cock gently, thinking of her gleaming skin, moist with sunscreen, glittering in the sun; her buttocks soft and supple beneath his hands. He grabbed his erection more firmly, knowing he wouldn’t get any sleep before dealing with his arousal.
He was interrupted however, by the buzzing sound of his phone.
“John.” He said, picking up the call from an unknown number.
“Hey, this is Sophie.” A sweet girl’s voice replied. “I hope I didn’t wake you?”
“I was still up.” John replied. “Sophie who?”
“The girl from the park.” The voice replied.
“The one who borrowed my sunscreen?” John asked in surprise. He hadn’t really thought she’d call him, even after he’d found a way to subtly give her his number.
“Yes.” There was a short silence for a while. “I didn’t know how to make sure you were the same guy.” She then said. “But no-one else would know about the sunscreen I guess.”
“I was just thinking about you.” John said. He suddenly realized he still had his cock in his hand, even harder now that he was talking to the sweet girl he’d been fantasizing about.
“Me too.” The girl said, not realizing the possible implications of what he’d just said. Or did she? John wondered, if she had been as aroused by her actions that afternoon as he was, was she perhaps doing the same as he was right now? He touched himself softly, imagining that on the other side of this phone-call, this girl was doing the same.
“What can I do for you?” He asked.
“I just wanted to say, I don’t normally do this.” The girl said. “I just needed your help with something.”
John stopped what he was doing, slightly confused. “What is it?” He asked.
“If you come over, I’ll explain.” The girl said. “I’ll text you the address.”
John hesitated. Was she playing another game? What kind of help could she possibly need in the middle of the night? In some way, it seemed like some inexperienced way of flirting, yet it could all be just a trick of course. His arousal was too great however, the possible reward for visiting her too interesting to refuse. Besides, in the park she’d seemed like a much too innocent girl to be trying to con him.

John got dressed quickly. The girl’s address was only a few blocks away and the slightly cooler night air might cool him down enough to think straight as he went on foot.
He rang the doorbell when he arrived, slightly suspicious, but still too turned on by the memory of the afternoon in the park. He was buzzed in through the intercom; the girls voice telling him to come up to the third floor.
He took the stairs and when he arrived, the girl was waiting for him in the doorway. All she wore was a flimsy, nearly see-through night-gown. It was still warm of course, that could be the reason for her to wear something so revealing.
“Hey, come in.” She said.
“What can I help you with?” John asked. “Sophie, was it?” At the park they hadn’t even shared their names.
“Yes, your name was John, right? You mentioned it on the phone. My roommate is in her room by the way.” The girl replied, pointing at a closed door, presumably leading to the roommate’s bedroom.
John smiled, the girl was obviously nervous. Her roommate’s presence was a warning for him not to step out of line. He was pretty sure now that at the least she wasn’t trying to con him.
“What did you need help with?” John asked again.
The girl blushed, making her even more attractive. “It’s this weather.” She said. “My skin dries out completely when it’s so hot. I have to apply this lotion every night or my skin will just crackle and peel off. I was trying to do my back first but I could not reach it. That’s why I thought of you, how you helped me in the park.
John smiled. “You called me in the middle of the night to rub your back?”
The girl blushed. “Well it was kinda my friend’s idea. We talked a bit and she… well never mind that. I thought you’d want to.” She pouted.
John winked at her, wondering what kind of conversation might have occurred between the two girls after he’d left them. “Of course I would.” He said. “So, just your back?”
The girl bit her lip. “Well, now that you’re here. Why not just everything?” She let the night-gown slip from her shoulders as she said it, letting it fall to the ground to reveal her completely naked body.
Without waiting for his reply, she turned around towards the second door at the end of the room, this one presumably leading to her room.
John stared after her in shock, watching the sway of her hips an naked backside. That last sentence had been nothing like the girl he’d met in the park or talked to over the phone. Again, he wondered how much influence the girl’s friend had had on their conversation just now.
Was the roommate the same friend? John wondered. She would be listening too, he thought with a smile as he followed Sophie to her room.

The girl was seated on the edge of her bed, her legs crossed as she looked up at him when he entered. She handed him a bottle of oil.
John smiled, gazing at the girl’s naked body as she waited expectantly. The only light in the room came from the doorway he was standing in and a street-light right outside the window. The soft light played beautifully on her bare skin.
“All right, lay back.” John said.
The girl did not hesitate to move back on the bed; but from the blush on her face and the quick lick of her lips, John could discern she was nervous. His first assessment of her seemed to have been right. She really wasn’t the kind of girl that did this normally. Which begged the question, why was she doing it now? Had her friend talked her into this?
While she was obviously nervous and shy, the girl tried her best not to show it. Her legs were spread slightly, her pussy only hidden by the darkness of the room. Her breasts sagged to the sides as she lay on her back, but her nipples were erect and captured the light.
John sat down beside her on the bed, he yearned to touch her but held himself back. He wanted to do this slowly, letting the girl grow accustomed to his touch. If he went too fast, her nerves might get the better of her. He became more and more convinced that she was using him to push her boundaries. John wasn’t a guy who’d sleep with just anyone; but he did like to have fun and was quite good at controlling a scene like this.
He rubbed some of the oil between the palms of his hands and then took the girl’s left hand between his. He massaged her softly, spreading the oil between her fingers, his thumb applying just enough pressure on the palm of her hand.
The girl was staring at him, biting her lip. Even this innocent touch on her hand was enough to turn her on.
John continued, spreading the oil onto her fore-arm, over her elbow and her biceps. He went slowly, massaging her muscles as he made his way to her shoulder. When he reached the top of her arm, he stood up and walked around the bed, taking her other hand to start over.
Neither the girl or he talked. When he applied the oil to her chest, just above her collar-bones, she arched her neck, letting him gently stroke her throat. Then he moved down, reaching the top of her breasts. He did not skip them and save them for later like he could’ve done; but grabbed he flesh of her breasts in both hand, squeezing and rubbing in a thick layer of oil. It was a way of showing that he was in charge.
The girl gasped in surprised and then moaned deeply. John focussed on her nipples pinching and rolling them until she squealed. He was taking things slow, but he did not want her to mistakenly think that all this was nothing more than a massage. As long as she did not protest, he would increase the sensuality of their scene. Her moaned replies betrayed her arousal and understanding.
When he moved down from her breasts, over her belly, the girl’s labored breathing calmed down just a little; recuperating now that he was past her sensitive bosom.
John quickly reached an even more sensitive area however; and he could feel the girl tremble slightly, wondering whether he would take her pussy as relentlessly as he had her breasts.
This time though, he stopped right at the trimmed patch of hair, just above her pussy. He moved down on the bed, taking a long time massaging her feet. The girl relaxed, enjoying the firm touch of his fingers on tired feet and legs. Her fiery arousal cooled down to glowing cinders, ready to be kindled into a raging fire once more when he’d finally reached her pussy.
John applied a thick layer of oil on her legs, massaging her calves and thighs. He picked up her legs as he stroked them, putting them down further apart when he was done. Some light now played on the lips of her pussy.
He got ever closer, reaching her hips first and then placing two fingers on the mound above her pussy. The girl buckled, arching her back and John did not anticipate any protest. He slid his fingers between her lips; her only response a deep moan.
The girl was wet with arousal, John barely needed the residual oil on his fingers to push both of them inside her pussy. He curved his fingers, pressuring the sensitive part at the top of her vagina, his hand moving back and forth.
He knew some girls could orgasm from this alone, but he really didn’t know anything about Sophie. So he slid his thumb between her lips, pressuring her clit; his hand almost like a claw, holding the girl’s pussy in his grasp. He was rewarded with a deep grunt followed by a long moan.
The girl started shaking, shuddering. He could feel her muscles clenching around his fingers, her body reacting instinctively as she came. She squealed softly, yet John did not stop, as long as her body kept shaking, his fingers kept up the pressure. He wanted to give her an orgasm she wouldn’t soon forget. The squeals kept coming and he was sure she’d already cum more than once.
“Please, stop.” The girl begged.
John relaxed the pressure of his fingers and the girl visible relaxed, a few tremors still occasionally shaking her body.

John sat silently next to the girl he’d only met earlier that day. Her skin glowed with oil and sweat, her hair was in disarray as she stared up at the ceiling. He wondered if the night was going any way she’d expected.
After a while, she looked up at him, a broad smile decorated her face. She pushed herself to a sitting position and still without talking, reached for his trousers, eager to free the erection that had been hiding there for all this time.
“Wait.” John said. “We still have to do your back.”
The girl licked her lips. “Okay.” She said, before turning over and laying down on her belly. The dim light of the room caught the curve of her buttocks beautifully.
John sat up and straddled the back of the girl’s legs; the bulge in his trousers but an inch away of her round, curvy bottom. It was buried between her buttocks when he bent forward to apply the oil on her back.
Again, John took plenty of time to massage the oil into her skin. Slowly he made her way down to her lower back and then onto her bottom. He was reminded of their meeting at the park, there was no bikini covering part of her lovely backside this time.
As he massaged the crease below her bottom and the top her thighs, John’s thumbs pushed their way to the girl’s pussy, hidden in the darkness between her legs. He wondered what she’d planned when reaching for his trousers earlier. A hand-job? A blowjob? Or did she want him to fuck her? He’d prefer the last, but just because he was in control now, did not mean he was fully in charge of the situation.
“Do you have any condoms?” John asked. If she said no, he could still let her pleasure him the way she wanted to.
“On the night stand.” The girl replied.
John got up to grab one. Good girl. He thought.
He looked down at the girl as he pulled down his trousers. She lay in the middle of the bed, her head on her hands, turned to the side as she watched him. Her back was now glowing with oil, her bottom arched up and glistening. For a moment he wished to spank her, but he knew she was much too innocent for his usual fantasies.
With the condom around his cock, he knelt back behind her. The girl moaned deeply as he pushed himself into her pussy. She was still as wet as before, letting him in deep.
He grabbed her smooth, glistening buttocks and thrusted firmly. He did not fuck her slowly, just like the massage, he was firm and steady; not rough, but strong enough to display his control and dominance.
The girl moaned and arched her back as John increased his pace. He was almost surprised when he felt the tightening of her muscles around his cock, reaching yet another orgasm before he did. But before he could contemplate that fact, he reached a climax of his own. He grabbed her buttocks tightly, thrusting as deep as he could, the condom the only thing preventing his cum from being deposited deep inside of her.

John sat down on the edge of the bed after he’d thrown away the condom. The girl sat with folded knees in the middle of the bed , still completely naked.
She blushed when he looked at her. “Ehm, thanks for your help.” She said.
John smiled broadly. It was obvious that she was still a little shy and had no idea what to say to him after what they’d done. “You’re welcome.” He replied. “I guess I should head home now.”
“Yeah.” The girl said licking her lips. “Thanks again.” She repeated, not knowing what else to say.
“I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.” John tried.
The girl looked at him without understanding.
“You did say you needed your skin treated every day with this weather, didn’t you? I believe they forecasted this heat for at least the rest of the week.” John teased.
The girl blushed. “Oh, yeah, of course. See you tomorrow.”
John raised an eyebrow in surprise. He had not really expected her agreement on that. He got up quickly, before she could change her mind.
He paused on his way out to look at the roommate’s bedroom-door. What had she thought of the girl’s loud moans and little squeals? He wondered.


The following day, Sophie met with her friend Mia for coffee. She had slept well after John left; but today she was in a constant state of wonder, not really believing what she’d done the night before.
“It was amazing.” She was telling her friend. “I did exactly as you told me, told him he could apply the oil everywhere and dropped my gown before leading him to my bedroom.”
Mia laughed. “Really? I didn’t think you’d have the nerve for that.”
Sophie blushed. “It made me feel more secure, actually.”
“So you really let him rub you down completely?” Mia asked.
“Yes.” Sophie licked her lips. “He did not miss an inch.”
“I’m impressed.” Mia replied. “And a bit jealous; most of my one-night-stands result in a quicky. Still, I have to say I told you so; nothing wrong with a bit of fun now and then.”
Sophie grinned. “I’m not sure it was a one-night-stand, though. He’s supposedly coming back tonight.”
Mia frowned. “Really? Did you invite him over?”
“No, it kinda just happened.” Sophie replied.
“Men do that.” Mia said. “You have to be careful or they’ll think you’re a free booty-call. They’ll become possessive and think they have some kind of claim on you. It can become messy when you decide you’re not interested in them any more or want some fun with someone else.”
“Do you think I should’ve said no?” Sophie asked.
“That would’ve probably been better.” Mia agreed.

Sophie called John after her talk with Mia. If she’d let him come over to rub her with oil every night, like he had planned; things would definitely go out of hand. Her friend was right.
She had trouble explaining such things over the phone however, so she asked him to meet her at the park where they’d first met.
When she saw John arrive, she blushed remembering what they’d done the night before.
“Hello hun, what’s up?” John asked.
“It’s about tonight.” Sophie said. “I think you shouldn’t come over after all.”
“Oh, did something come up?” He asked.
“No.” Sophie replied. “I just wasn’t looking for something serious. I just wanted to have some fun and I think we should leave at this one time. Just to make sure there are no misunderstandings.”
“Of course, I understand.” John said. “So it’s not about me, is it? Not something I did?”
“No, no, of course not. You were great.” Sophie replied.
John smiled and the two of them looked at each other in silence for a while, unsure of what to say.
“So who’s going to rub your back now, when it gets all dried out in this weather?” John asked jokingly to break the silence.
“Oh, I don’t really need that every night. I was just exaggerating to get you into my bed.”
John laughed and then frowned for a short moment.
“What?” Sophie asked.
“Nothing.” John said. “I just thought of something.”
“What?” Sophie asked again.
“Just something I would’ve done if we were not just strangers having just one night together. I probably shouldn’t tell you.” He replied mysteriously.
“Please, just tell me.” Sophie said.
“Well, if you were my girl, I’d give you a good spanking for lying to me like that.” John said.
Sophie blushed. “Oh!”
“I shouldn’t have told you.” John said.
“No, it’s fine.” Sophie replied. “I guess I’ll see you later some time.”
“Yes, see you around, Sophie.”

John had been right the night before; when he thought Sophie was too innocent to be involved in his usual fantasies. She had never experienced anything remotely kinky.
Yet after her conversation with John at the park, his mention of a spanking and the accompanying imagery that came with it popped up in her mind at the most unexpected moments.
Getting a spanking wouldn’t be very different from having a one-night-stand. She thought to herself. They were both things she’d never done before; and both things she thought she’d never do. The one-night-stand had been surprisingly enjoyable, despite the small bit of guilt she felt at letting herself be influenced thus by her friend Mia.
Perhaps trying out something more kinky than usual could be an equally pleasant surprise.
The idea came to her more than once during the rest of her day. Some times she’d even grabbed her phone and selected John’s number on the screen before chickening out again. It was late, the sun low on the horizon; when she finally convinced herself to call him.
“Hey John, it’s Sophie again.” She said when he picked up.
“Hello hun, what’s up?” He replied.
“Do you still think I deserve that spanking?” Sophie asked.
There was a momentary silence.
“Even a girl as innocent a you are might enjoy a good spanking when she deserves one.” John replied.
“I wasn’t that innocent last night, was I?” Sophie replied, trying to sound naughty.
“No you weren’t.” John said.
“Though I could hardly ask you to spank me for having sex with me.” Sophie said.
“I was talking about lying to me.” John replied. “But if you’re feeling guilty about sleeping with some stranger, we can talk about that too if you want.”
Sophie blushed. “Do you wanna come over?”
“I’ll be right there.” John replied.

Sophie waited nervously for John to arrive. Luckily, her roommate was at home and like last night she’d be able to intervene if anything went wrong.
When John arrived, the hair on her skin stood on end and her stomach was making somersaults.
“How are you doing, Sophie?” John asked as he entered.
“Nervous.” She replied honestly.
“You don’t have to be.” John said. He sat down on the couch and Sophie took the sofa opposite of him. “We’re not going to do anything you don’t want.”
Sophie blushed.
“So why did you want me to come over?” John asked.
“I wanted you to spank me.” Sophie whispered. Telling the truth felt like the best way to calm her nerves.
“Because you lied to me, or because you slept with me?” John asked. “You did say you never did that sort of thing.”
“I just let my friend talk me into it.” Sophie said. “That sort of thing just isn’t me.”
“Or maybe you just want to get spanked because the idea of it turns you on, is that it?” John asked.
Sophie blushed. “I don’t know.”
“Do you really think you deserve a spanking for just one night? Especially if that spanking is from a stranger as well?” John asked.
Sophie bit her lip. “I guess I do get turned on by the idea; I’m doing the exact same thing I did last night, aren’t I? But I do think there should be consequences for your actions.”
“Well, I for one don’t think you’ll feel as guilty about a spanking as you did about sex. The punishment should balance out the guilt.” John said.
“Unless I enjoy it too much.” Sophie replied.
“I suspect that you will.” John said. “So what will it be. Do you want to stick to your values or enjoy another night with me?”
“What do you want to do?” Sophie asked.
“I’ve wanted to spank that cute bottom of yours ever since you let me rub it in sunscreen.” John replied honestly.
Sophie blushed. “Perhaps I should just enjoy this night and re-evaluate my values in the morning. They might not be as strict as I thought them to be.”
John smiled. “Good, I wouldn’t want you to feel guilty about being with me.” John said. “But you’re still getting a spanking for lying to me.”
Sophie bit her lip and nodded.
“It’s ‘yes, Sir’ when you’re in trouble, young lady.” John said.
Sophie giggled. “Yes, Sir.”
“Let’s go to your room, so that no-one walks in on us.” John said.
This time, Sophie was the one following him into her room.

John turned on the light in her room and sat down on the edge of the bed.
“Get on the bed and across my knee.” He commanded her.
Sophie knelt on the bed and then placed herself across his lap. She was still wearing her dress and it rode up significantly as she bent forward, revealing the bare skin of her thighs.
The fluttering in her stomach returned when John placed a hand on her bottom and her skin began to tingle as he gently rubbed her backside. She was still fully dressed and only the night before she’d let him rub oil all over her naked body; yet this felt at least as intimate as that had been.
John smacked her bottom, softly and on her dress. She could barely feel the impact of his hand, as if he was only trying to get the aim right.
Sophie pressed her face into the mattress and pushed her bottom up a bit higher. The next smacks came a bit stronger, firm but not painful at all. The skin of her bottom tingled from the sensation.
John continued this slow and steady rhythm of gentle but firm smacks and Sophie could feel her bottom gradually warm up.
When he pulled up her skirt, the air felt cool against her glowing bottom.
“Not the best choice of panties for a spanking.” John said.
Sophie blushed. She hadn’t given it any thought and was still wearing thongs. The dress she wore was tight and she did not want to show any panty-lines. It didn’t cover an inch of her bottom and would thus offer no protection at all.
John now smacked the bared cheeks of her bottom and without the protection of her dress, the firm, gentle smacks left a bit of sting behind in her backside.
Sophie moaned softly.
“Is your roommate around today?” John suddenly asked, using the opportunity to caress her bare bottom.
“Yes.” Sophie replied, wondering why he wanted to know. “Why?”
“I was just wondering whether she might interfere if I took this punishment a bit more seriously.”
Sophie blushed. He meant that she would hear if he spanked her any harder and might barge in on them. “I think I better talk to her first.” She said.

John let her up and Sophie pulled her dress back over her bottom before leaving her room. She knocked at her roommate’s door shortly.
“Everything all right?” Her friend asked. She knew Sophie had a guy over of course.
“Yes, everything’s fine. I just wanted to say … you might hear some things, I just mean, you don’t have to intervene or anything, everything’s fine.” Sophie said.
There was a short silence.
“Okay, have fun.” Her friend replied.
Sophie blushed as she returned to her room. What would her roommate think was going on? She wondered. Well she’d know soon enough when Sophie entered her room.
“Take off your panties before you get back across my knee, young lady.” John said after she closed the door. “They’re not offering you any protection any way.”
Sophie blushed, but raised her dress to pull down her panties before taking her position over John’s lap again.
She bit her lip when he placed his hand back on her bottom, expecting some harder smacks right about now.
John continued the firm, gentle smacks from before however. Sophie’s bottom steadily grew warm again and she moaned softly as the nervous butterflies in her stomach turned into smoldering cinders of excitement. She arched her bottom more, practically begging for him to spank her some more; and gradually the smacks increased in force.
The glowing sting that had slowly spread across her bottom began to burn and each smack now made it even hotter. Each smack echoed in her room, followed by her moans of pleasure. The first time she squealed, she felt glad she’d warned her friend not to intervene.
Sophie’s bottom had quickly turned red and now it was glowing with intensity. Her buttocks bounced beneath John’s hand and she was unsure whether her squeals were caused by pleasure or pain.
“I’m sorry, Sir.” She said. “I’ll be a good girl I promise. I’ll never lie to you again.” Not because she wanted him to stop, but because it felt like the right thing to say.
“Don’t make promises you can’t keep, young lady.” John replied.
“I’m sorry, please.” Sophie replied as his hand kept raining down on her bottom.
“Please what? Are you begging me to stop?” John asked.
“No, Sir.” Sophie replied, unable to say more as another smack landed squarely across her bottom.
“Good, because I’m not going to, not until you’ve learned your lesson.” John said.
Sophie moaned and squealed, her bottom felt on fire. A few more times she promised to be a good girl; not because she wanted John to stop, but because she knew he wouldn’t; so she could feel herself being in his control.
Finally, when Sophie was kicking her legs and burying her head in the mattress, John stopped. He placed his hand on her burning bottom and rubbed it gently. “I think that’s enough for now, isn’t it.”
Sophie blushed, her bottom was on fire. Only now that he’d stopped she really felt how much it hurt. Still, she told him that she felt like she could’ve taken more.
“I know you probably could.” John said. “But it’s only your first time, it’s better to be careful. Next time we can give you a safe-word and find out where your limits truly lie if you want.”
“Next time?” Sophie asked.
“I never spank a girl I’m not serious about, Sophie.” John said. “Though perhaps I should take you out for dinner some time first.”
Sophie blushed. “This is the weirdest position in which anyone’s ever asked me on a date.” She said.
“Is that a yes?” John asked.
“Yes, Sir.” Sophie replied.

One thought on “The first day of spring

  1. Thankyou very much for a spankingfully and painfully awesome story. Your story really turned me on to the extent that I’m wishing I was that lucky young lady. 😉 @):- 🙂


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