So I got into an accident with my bicycle.

wind blows up theskirt of a girl on her bike

Last week, I was on my way to work on my bike, like every day. Until suddenly a little boy ran from behind a car just two metres in front of me.

All I could do was pull on my breaks and I managed to narrowly avoid hitting him. But as a result I was catapulted across my handlebars and slammed into the street.

I broke both my elbows and had to have surgery on one of them.

So there will probably be no new stories for a while.

10 thoughts on “So I got into an accident with my bicycle.

  1. So sorry to know of your bicycle 🚲 accident. I hope that your recovery is quick for your sake. Take care of you ok 👌


  2. If you are pulling my leg then you deserve a very through spanking.



  3. Well, the surgery went perfectly okay, I’m still in some pain occasionally and can’t exert strength with either of my arms, nor lift heavy objects, but I can move them quite well.

    I did start working again today (luckily all I need is a mouse and keyboard for that); so hopefully I’ll have some time for new stories soon.


    1. I enjoy your stories and sorry to hear of your accident. Two words….Dragon software…you won’t even need to type. Nice art of you on the bike. BTW


      1. I don’t think I’d look that pretty wearing a skirt 😛

        Thanks for the idea, though I’d feel a bit weird speaking my stories out loud wondering who might be listening, lol.


  4. Well in that case you do deserve to be thoroughly spanked until you are begging and pleading for mercy young man……. 😉 🙂 😛


  5. I’ve always enjoy and frequently find that I read out loud to myself; whether it’s a print book, Kindle or a website. If my wife hears me, I just say that I’m talking or singing to myself. If we’re not watching TV, the radio is always on by my computer. She ‘knows’ my interests and proclivities so she just says ‘okay dear’. Remember ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. I see you have a new post…keep up the good work.


    1. Thank you, I’d say I’m 98% better right now, still sometimes get a pain-twinge in my elbows and they can feel numb after a tiring day; but I can once again do all day-to-day things 🙂


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