So I got into an accident with my bicycle.

wind blows up theskirt of a girl on her bike

Last week, I was on my way to work on my bike, like every day. Until suddenly a little boy ran from behind a car just two metres in front of me.

All I could do was pull on my breaks and I managed to narrowly avoid hitting him. But as a result I was catapulted across my handlebars and slammed into the street.

I broke both my elbows and had to have surgery on one of them.

So there will probably be no new stories for a while.

5 thoughts on “So I got into an accident with my bicycle.

  1. So sorry to know of your bicycle 🚲 accident. I hope that your recovery is quick for your sake. Take care of you ok 👌


  2. If you are pulling my leg then you deserve a very through spanking.



  3. Well, the surgery went perfectly okay, I’m still in some pain occasionally and can’t exert strength with either of my arms, nor lift heavy objects, but I can move them quite well.

    I did start working again today (luckily all I need is a mouse and keyboard for that); so hopefully I’ll have some time for new stories soon.


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