Valentines gift

It was February fourteenth, or as most people know it, Valentines day. I was on my way to my girlfriend’s apartment with no real plans. We had been together for over six years now and while this day had seemed so important in the beginning of our relationship, it had turned into something more comfortable now.
I did not arrive with a bushel of roses, chocolates, tickets for a play and dinner reservations. I had however put on a nice suit and brought a gift. Today we would just spend time together and confirm our love for one another.

When I arrived, I knocked on the door before inserting my key into the keyhole, to give her a bit of a warning of my arrival. I was surprised to see her sitting in the sofa, her hair disheveled and wearing just a dressing gown.
“Oh hey baby, I did not expect you.” She said as I entered the room.
I felt a bit surprised, but confidently placed my gift at the coffee-table beside her. “Happy Valentines day, honey.” I said as I bent down to kiss her.
“Oh my god, is that today?” She exclaimed after our kiss. “I totally forgot!”
I laughed and picked up her gift, it was nothing like her to forget such a thing. “Here, open it.” I said.
She accepted the gift and slowly tore the wrapping paper from the box.
“They’re wonderful!” She exclaimed, discovering the red, ankle-high boots inside.
“Try them on. I’ve still got the receipt so you can trade them if they don’t fit.” I told her.
She did not need me to ask twice, but bent over to pull on her new shoes. I sat down on the footrest in front of her.
“They’re perfect.” She said, walking around, the small heels ticking on the wooden floors. Then she looked at me. “I’m so sorry, I completely forget it was Valentines day and did not get you anything.”
I raised an eyebrow. How could you forget when all the stores were filled with red ribbons and roses to announce this – quite commercial – holiday?
She walked around the sofa she’d been sitting on and promptly bent over its back, placing her hands on the seat. “I feel so guilty, I’ve been such a naughty girl. I think you should punish me.” She said.
I grinned. So she had not forgotten at all, it was just an act. As she bent over right in front of me, her dressing gown gaped open, offering me a view of her bare breasts dangling inside. She seemed not to wear anything at all underneath it.
She had planned it all, I realized. The disheveled look, as if she’d just gotten out of bed; the short dressing gown that barely covered any of her features; the forgotten present; they were all part of it.
This was not the first time she’d asked me for a punishment. I could not count the amount of times I’d had her across my knee or bent over some furniture to spank her bottom, sometimes she asked for it, sometimes she earned it.
Even after all this time though, I was instantly aroused by the prospect of spanking her. I could feel my excitement grow, pushing against its boundaries, pressuring the seams of my trousers.
I got up and rubbed my hands together. “You’re right, you do deserve a good spanking, young lady.”

She licked her lips as I said this. It always surprised me, even after all this time, how much she got turned on by those words.
I moved behind her and she obediently stayed bent over the sofa, awaiting her punishment. When I raised her gown, I saw that she was indeed not wearing anything underneath. Her plump bottom was invitingly pale and stood up high above her resting body, supported by the sofa’s back.
I rubbed it softly and then gave her a gentle smack. If she wanted a Valentines day spanking, I would make sure it was enjoyable and lasted as long as possible.
She did not protest when I smacked her bottom slowly and without much force. She understood why I was taking it slow. It gave me a thrill, knowing she had not only asked for this, but trusted that my way would be best for an enjoyable experience.
“Not only did you forget to buy me a present.” I said while landing a significantly harder smack. “You also look like you’ve just rolled out of bed.” Followed by another hard smack on the other cheek.
She moaned softly, the sting from both smacks softly diminishing as they were followed by another series of gentle pats.
“Did you see what I’m wearing? I’m not wearing a suit for no reason.” I continued with yet another hard swat. “I had hoped you would be wearing a nice dress and maybe some sexy lingerie underneath, but all I get is this lazy dressing-gown.” And again a second hard smack to balance the first.
“I’m sorry, Sir.” She said as I rubbed away the sting from those harder hits.
“Get up.” I commanded. “Take off that gown, it’s not appropriate for a day like today.”
She pushed up obediently and undid the knot that held the garment together. It slid from her naked body, revealing her bare skin and perfect hourglass figure.
I yearned to grab her, to fuck her right here and now. But first I would give her the spanking she wanted. She wore only the red boots I had bought her when she bent back over the sofa.
The next few swats were harder than before. She moaned and placed her hands on the seat to push her body up, her bottom higher, begging for more.
I forwent the gentle smacks and spanked her backside soundly. I loved to watch her bottom bounce or see the impact ripple through her buttocks.
Her bottom had rapidly turned pink and was now slowly taking on a redder color. She moaned and squirmed, but still begged for more with her swaying backside.
The sight turned me on immensely, the feeling of control, the visual of her vulnerable body under my hands, her bottom showing signs of the pain I was inflicting on it; all that combined with her moans of pleasure that assured me she enjoyed the pain and wanted more.
“Spread your legs.” I ordered, even while placing my hand on her inner-thighs to pull them apart myself.
As she opened them, I got to see her pussy, swollen and hot with excitement. A bit of moisture had gathered between her lips, betraying her arousal.
I spanked her again, even harder. The full armed swings helped me concentrate and forget about the urge to fuck her, for that was within my reach.
She moaned and even squealed as I assaulted her bottom. The pain must be becoming great, but it would not be a real spanking if it didn’t. I loved giving her more than she’d asked for, proving to her that I was the one in control.
I felt that she needed that as well, especially on days like today when she’d asked for it herself. She wanted confirmation that she had no say in this, that I would only stop when I was satisfied with the results.
She did not protest yet however, despite her squeals and kicking legs. Not that I would stop if she did. In the past few years I’d gotten quite a good understanding of when she really needed a break and when she could take some more.
“Are you starting to feel a bit better, or do you still feel guilty?” I asked her. Slowly I rubbed her bottom. I knew there was still much more to come and she did need a break occasionally. I wondered if she expected all I had planned, or if she would be surprised and wish she hadn’t gotten herself into this much trouble by the end. The thought aroused me greatly.
“A bit, Sir.” She said.
“Good, at least we’re getting somewhere.” I replied.
I rubbed her stinging backside a little longer, a reward for calling me Sir. But soon I continued her punishment. I landed one well-aimed smack after the other.
I took it more slowly this time, enjoying the view of her bottom bouncing beneath my hand, letting the echoes of her squeals fade away before I landed the next.
“You know, I don’t think you’re learning your lesson.” I said.
“What lesson, Sir?” She asked me, managing to sound cheeky even while I was spanking her.
“Your lesson about forgetting about your boyfriend on Valentines day, or did you forget what I was spanking you for as well?” I landed and extra sharp smack across the center of her behind.
She squealed before answering. “Of course not, Sir. But I am learning my lesson, I promise.”
“Than why haven’t I heard a single apology from you yet?” I asked.
“You probably didn’t hear because you were spanking me so hard.” She replied even more cheekily.
I stopped the slow onslaught of smacks and squeezed her sensitive bottom, which provoked a whole different kind of squeal. “Oh is that right?”
“Yes, Sir.” She said.
“Are you lying, young lady?” I asked with a deep voice.
“Yes, Sir.” She said again.
“And do you know what happens to naughty girls who lie?” I asked.
“They get spanked, Sir.” She replied.
I grunted softly. It was such a turn on hearing her say that. Of course not all naughty girls got spanked, most probably didn’t; but she did and hearing her admit that was the same as hearing her admit her submission to me.
“But I was already getting spanked anyway, so I didn’t think it could hurt.” She continued.
“Oh but it could always hurt a bit more.” I said, admiring her choice of words. “Perhaps I should take off my belt and see if that gets a proper reaction out of you.”
I slowly undid the buckle as I waited for her reaction. I had used plenty of tools on her backside before: a hairbrush, a paddle, a spoon, even a whip, but the belt was probably her favorite. Still, I gave her a warning every time I did to give her the opportunity to protest.
“Oh no Sir, please not the belt.” She pleaded.
I chuckled. The way her voice playfully dropped made it abundantly clear that this was no real protest. I pulled the belt through its loops in one smooth motion.
“Sorry, young lady. A naughty girl like yourself has no choice in the matter. Maybe next time you’ll think twice about telling such lies.” I placed the leather on her backside and was rewarded with a moan of anticipation.
I raised it up in the air and then swung it at her backside. It landed with satisfying smack and sent ripples of flesh through her buttocks. The sound was followed by her squeal.
I swung it again and again, raining down the smacks on her backside that was now coloring a deeper, darker red. She squirmed and squealed, not longer raising her bottom for me, but leaning heavily on the sofa.
Still, she kept her legs obediently spread and I could still see the excitement this spanking caused, despite the broad red stripes on her bottom.
“Please Sir, I’m sorry, I’ll be a good girl.” The first pleas came as the sting of the belt proved much greater than what my hand had inflicted before.
I only changed position and spanked her again. Her legs were trembling from the effort to keep in place, her squeals muffled as she pressed her face into the sofa’s seat.
“I’m sorry, I won’t do it again. I’m sorry, honestly.” She begged between moans.
I rested my hand on her back and felt her whole body was trembling. “Are you going to make up for it to me?” I asked her.
Her body calmed down, realizing it was over or that I was at least giving her a break.
“Yes, Sir, I promise, I’ll get you a gift too.” She replied.
There was no cheekiness in her voice, but no pain either. She was not looking for more, and while I knew she could probably take a bit more if I wanted too, I knew I had already reached my goal in giving her more than she bargained for.
“That won’t be necessary.” I said. “I already know what I want.”
“You can have anything, Sir. What do you want?” She asked me, eager to obey.
I placed my hand between her legs, cupping her pussy and feeling its wetness and warmth. “I want this.”
She moaned deeply. “It’s all yours, Sir.”
“Stay here.” I commanded. Quickly I made my way to her bedroom at the back of the apartment. I knew I’d find the condoms on her night-stand.
I took but a moment to enjoy the view of my girlfriend, completely naked and bent over the back of the sofa, her bottom bright red and awaiting my return.
I did not go through the trouble of undressing, but only freed my erection from its confines before pulling on the condom. Her bottom was up high again, glowing invitingly red.
She no longer struggled to stand and I suddenly wished her to be trembling like before, before I entered her. I smacked her bottom and she moaned softly.
She did not complain that I was spanking her again, instead of fucking her like she’d anticipated. She understood that I was in charge and would spank her if I wanted to.
Quickly the sting returned, I knew so from the sound of her squeals and the swaying of her backside. Her thighs trembled beneath my hand and I could no longer resist the vulnerable girl beneath me.
I grabbed her hips and pushed inside. There was barely any resistance, so excited was she. I pushed all the way in, until my hips reacher her searing hot bottom.
I pulled back and thrusted again, harder this time, smacking up against the sore, sensitive skin of her bottom. She moaned softly and I felt her trembling increase.
I fucked her, not slow, not fast, but steadily. Her moans became louder, her trembling became shuddering and I knew she would reach her climax soon. She must’ve been close to it from the start, after such a spanking.
I felt her muscles contract around my cock, setting her orgasm in motion. “Good girl.” I whispered.
Those words pushed her over the edge, shaking uncontrollably, moaning and gasping as I kept thrusting into her, pushing her further, unable to relax as the orgasm went on and on. Until I too reached my maximum. I grabbed her tightly by the hips and pushed as far in as I could, moaning deeply as I ejected my semen inside of her and reached a climax of my own.

Later that day, we were seated in the sofa, the same one that had seen to her spanking just hours before.
We were eating pizza and watching a romantic comedy. It wasn’t a special night, but it didn’t have to be. I just enjoyed having her near, especially seeing her naked as she had still not put on any clothing. She often squirmed in her seat, even though I knew most of the pain in her backside must’ve subdued by now. It was a show she put on for me.
We were nearly halfway through the movie, with our pizza’s finished, when she placed her hand on my crotch and slowly slipped inside my trousers.
I grunted appreciatively as she took hold of my cock. It had been semi-hard this whole time, with her naked beside me; now it quickly grew hard in her hand.
Gently she stroked it, while at the same time playing with her breasts for my visual amusement.
I raised an eyebrow.
“This movie is so dull and cliché, I thought we could spicen it up a little.” She said.
I smiled and leaned back, giving her more space inside my trousers. Still, she undid the buttons to be able to stroke me more effectively.
Her other hand slid down from her breasts, over her belly and onto her pussy. Her fingers slipped inside.
I placed my own hand on top of hers and pressed down, capturing her hand beneath mine. “What are you doing?” I asked.
“I thought I could get both of us off.” She replied, confusion painting her face.
I pulled her hand aside and placed mine on her pussy. “This is mine now, remember. You’ll have to ask me permission before playing with it.”
She suddenly blushed. “Permission?” She asked.
“Yes, from now on, you’ll need to ask my permission any time you want to play with yourself.” I explained.
“That’s not fair.” She protested.
I smiled, but kept my hand where it was. I had often controlled her orgasms during play, teasing her, denying her until she begged for it. This was different though and I knew that if I wanted it to be part of our dynamic, I couldn’t just enforce it without discussion.
“I though it might be fun.” I said. “Though if you really don’t want to, you can still buy me another present. You know the rules are always open for debate.”
She bit her lip. “It does sound hot.” She admitted. “But every time? Even when I’m stressed and just want to relax a little, or when I can’t sleep?”
I understood the problem. I knew my girlfriend had quite a high sex-drive. While many girls might ty to convince you they never played with themselves, this would be an even bigger lie for her.
“You know what, even though this is mine.” I said, while gently pressuring her pussy. “You’ll still have to take care of it for me; make sure it’s always clean and ready for me to use when I want it. So in return I’ll allow you to play with it up to three times a week without the need to ask for permission first.”
“Five times.” She retorted.
I chuckled. “Four.”
“Deal.” She said. “Now can I continue?” Her other hand was still in my trousers, grasping my cock.
“No.” I replied.
“But I still have four times left this week.” She protested.
“Yes, but it’s still mine, so my wishes take precedence over yours and right now, I want to play with it.” I replied.
That single oh was so laden with arousal that I felt a burst of excitement myself. I felt my cock grow in her hands and she gently stroked it as I let my fingers slip in between her lips.
The movie had continued quite a bit, but it was easy to pick up the simple plot as we played with each-other. My hand between my naked girlfriend’s legs, hers inside my trousers.
“Careful, I don’t want you making a mess on my clothes.” I warned her as I felt my excitement build. I was making slow, circular movements on her clit and felt her body squirm against me.
She stroked my cock lower then, focussing on the shaft instead of its tip, as I increased the pressure on her pussy.
She moaned and shook, coming ever nearer to another orgasm. The sight was too arousing for me and even with her hand so low on my cock, I could feel the same happening to me.
I closed my eyes, saving myself from the view, but at the same time, the excitement became too much for her. She had barely any control left over her hand and her strokes became erratic. Unfortunately that only turned me on even more, being proof of how I was affecting her.
I felt her body shaking beside me as she reached her orgasm, her hand still inside my trousers. I could not help myself and looked. I saw her naked breasts, bouncing up and down and grunted. I should not have looked, but it was too late. Her small hand moved up and down on my cock and pushed me over the edge, my semen staining my trousers and even my shirt as my cock came out from under the edge.
I rested with my eyes closed, ignoring the mess we’d mdae while she cuddled up against me.

“Sorry.” She whispered.
The words triggered something inside me. “Naughty girl!” I replied.
She cuddled even closer.
I pulled myself away from her and stood up. “Stay here, I’m going to clean up.”
I made my way back to her bedroom. Luckily I always kept a change of clothing at her place. This time however I just took everything off and returned naked.
When I returned to my girlfriend, her eyes lit up to see me without my clothes. She licked her lips, seemingly insatiable after all we’d already done today.
“I warned you to be more careful not to make a mess.” I said.
She bit her lip.
I sat down beside her on the sofa. “Get over my lap.” I said.
She obediently placed herself across my lap. Her bottom was still pink to my surprise.
“Look at you.” I said. “It’s Valentines day and you’ve already earned a second spanking today.”
“I’m sorry, Sir.” She replied.
I smacked her bottom, wondering how much she’d be able to take so shortly after her earlier encounter with the belt. The moan she gave in respond told me I didn’t need to worry.
I did not start slowly this time, but smacked her bottom firmly. She moaned and squirmed, her naked body pressed against mine. I could feel my cock, pushed up against her lower belly, it quickly grew hard again. The excitement from spanking her trumping the exhaustion from two earlier orgasms.
The swaying motion of her body on my lap and the way it rubbed my cock would’ve gotten me in trouble if we hadn’t already fucked twice before.
Her bottom turned red quickly this time, regaining its old color and my girlfriend was quickly squealing like before. I wondered if she had underestimated how much a second spanking would hurt so shortly after the previous. Her discomfort turned me on, knowing that even if it was worse than she had expected, she had truly submitted and would not back out of it now.
I made sure she felt each smack, making sure she knew too that I was the one in control.
She moaned and struggled, not to get away, but to deal with the pain and understanding of the situation. Either way, I could see from the wet glow between her legs that she was equally aroused as she was in pain.
“Please Sir, I’ll be more careful next time.” She assured me, her pleas coming much earlier than before.
I spanked her a bit more, showing her that I wouldn’t stop just because she asked. But I knew this spanking was unlike the last. It was just a reminder of the one that had come before. She wanted to play the bad girl today and that meant she wanted the sting to last.
Once I had refreshed it, turning her bottom red once again, I let her back up. She was beaming with excitement.
I pulled her back on my lap, straddling me this time instead of bent over it. She guided my cock inside of her as she sat down and I kissed her breasts before her lips.
“I promise I’ll be a good girl from now on, Sir.” She said as she rode me. “No more spankings on Valentines day.”
“I don’t know.” I said. “I think I’ll have to send you to bed with a red bottom today, no matter what.”
“Even when I’m a good girl?” She asked with a mock surprised voice.
“Yes.” I replied, grabbing her bottom and increasing the speed with which she rode me.
“Does that mean I can be naughty, since I’ll be spanked anyway?” She asked cheekily.
“That depends.” I replied. “Do you want me to include the belt or not?”

There was no more need to talk, she rode me until we were both exhausted and satisfied. For the rest of the night, she was a perfectly well-behaved young lady; and when we went to bed, I took her across my knee once more, to give her that promised bed-time spanking.

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  1. Ken your Valentines Day spanking story is beautifully written. 😀 I felt like I was ‘there’ in the very naughty young lady’s place. 😀


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