The forest fire (part 3)

Naked girl with backpack

In three months time, Emma spent five weekends at a hotel in the area where she’d met the forester. She had always loved waking in those woods, but she knew the amount of money she was spending was excessive.
The reason for this behavior was of course him, the man who would spank her on each visit, before she’d even had the chance to misbehave.
As soon as she’d arrive at her hotel, she’d call him. He would visit and make sure she would behave during her walks by giving her a firm spanking. Her red bottom was a good reminder during her walks of why she had come here.
Twice she had met him again on one of her walks, on the second day of her weekend. She was sure he had followed her, because a chance meeting seemed just too unlikely in the vast forests. Both times, he had spanked her as well, right there in the forest. Not because she had misbehaved; but because he could and because she wanted it as well.
At the end of such a day, he would often show up at her hotel, where at her hotel-room, they would fuck. They didn’t talk much. Their relationship was a physical one, based mostly on their shared love of spanking, naughty outdoors activities and casual sex with a relative stranger.

While booking a room in one of her favorite hotels in the area, Emma wondered why she kept going back so often. She almost felt like she was getting addicted to sex with John.
It was so different from anything she’d experienced in the past. He was so dominant, not just when spanking her, but while fucking her as well.
She yearned for that hotel-room, for a place where she was no longer in charge, where she could give up control for a while. Even if it meant she would get spanked. Especially if it meant she would.
Yet at the same time, she felt she was looking for something more. These visits did not satisfy her completely. She kept going back, hoping to find that one thing that was still missing.
For a while, she thought she’d fallen in love with John. Perhaps she wanted more than just his hand on her ass or his cock in her pussy. She fantasized about going out with him on dates, meeting his family, staying at his place…
If she was his girlfriend, would he still spank her as often? Would he perhaps expect her to follow other rules as well and discipline her when she misbehaved?
The thought turned her on greatly and she realized perhaps it wasn’t love after all that she was looking for. It was discipline.
Of course, John spanked her whenever she was in the area, but those were just precautionary spankings. She had not done anything to deserve them. Not like the first two times they’d met, when he’d spanked her for starting that fire or skinny-dipping where it wasn’t allowed.
She wanted a spanking she’d earned.

As she realized this, she recognized how hard that would be. She did not want to do anything bad, like starting a fire; just naughty enough for John to realize she was doing it on purpose.
When she arrived however, John would already spank her just in case. It was weird to admit it to herself, but she knew she would not be in the mood for some sort of bratty prank when her bottom was already red. John was very good at putting her in a submissive mindset where all she wanted to do was please him and be a good girl.
This meant, she had to do it before letting her know she was staying at the hotel, or perhaps not let him know at all, which was a breach of the rules in itself. But then he wouldn’t know she was there for him to find and spank.

The last few days before the weekend passed, Emma spent her time thinking of how she could get in trouble with John in a way that made sure she got what she wanted.
She decided then not to tell him she was coming, not right away at least.
When she arrived at he hotel-room that weekend, it was odd, being in her room, knowing John wasn’t going to come in at any moment and spank her.
She felt naughty for keeping her presence a secret. Yet at the same time, she felt free. Free to do something naughty and get herself in trouble.
Emma laughed softly at herself. She had never before felt an urge to be naughty and had surely not associated it with being free. What’s the point of being spanked, if you can never be naughty? She thought.
The thought pleased her so much that she put it in a text and sent it to John. It would be a first cryptic message for him to find out what she was doing.

That afternoon, Emma went for a walk. Her bottom was still pale and unhurt, it was an odd sensation going out like this, nothing to remind her to behave.
I would’ve never thought of getting on trouble on purpose, if it wasn’t for those spankings, she thought. If she did now, it was John’s fault as much as her own.
She wore comfortable jeans and a t-shirt during her hike; but underneath she had swapped her normal comfortable underwear for something sexy. She did want to be caught and stripped to a bare bottom by the end of the day after all.
“The forest is great this time of year, isn’t it?” She texted to John. On her first message, he had only responded with a winking emoticon.
“It is. I wish you were out here to see it. The leaves are coloring red in fall, possibly my favorite color. But you knew that.” He replied.
“I know you like recreating it in places that are otherwise pale as cream; yet I think I prefer it on the trees. I just found a leaf, redder than a sunset.” Emma texted back.
“Are there many trees down in the city?” John replied.
“There are; but not as many as out here. I think I just passed that spot where you spanked me last week.” Emma texted back, admitting she was out there somewhere, breaking his rule.
“I do not remember giving you a spanking this week. Are you out there without my permission, young lady?” John replied.
Emma licked her lips, this was so fun and exciting at the same time. “I thought that if you were going to spank me again, at least this time I’d make sure I’d earned it.”
“Oh you definitely earned it. You should keep that leaf, when I find you we shall find out if I can make your bottom redder than a sunset as well.” John texted.

Emma blushed but did not reply to John’s latest text. She hadn’t lied when she said she passed the spot where he had spanked her last week. John would know where to look for her.
This must be what a hunted deer feels like, she thought with a chuckle. She had increased her pace, but there weren’t many roads in this area, no intersections where she could cover her tracks. For all she knew, she was running straight at him.
The thought of eventually being caught turned her on greatly. She hadn’t really given it much thought when she planned this. She’d focussed mostly on the part where he would catch her. Yet now she felt that this turned her on as well, the adrenaline of hiding, trying to get away with her misbehavior, yet at the same yearning for the punishment that would follow.

“Emma!” A loud voice suddenly echoed in the forest.
Emma looked over her shoulder and saw a man in uniform, coming in her direction.
Stay and face the consequences, or make a run for it? She thought.
She hadn’t come here today to be an obedient girl. She started to run.
Emma had quite a head start on the forester, but every time she looked over her shoulder, he seemed to be closer. Soon she could hear his footsteps closing in.
“Emma, stop!” The forester called.
She looked behind her again, he was but two steps behind her. She slowed down then, running was okay, but she didn’t want him to tackle her or anything.
“Why did you run?” The forester asked after placing his hand on her shoulder an pulling them both to a stop.
“I didn’t want to make it too easy on you.” Emma replied with a mischievous grin.
“So it’s not because you wanted to end our arrangement or because you were afraid?” John asked.
“No, of course not. I wouldn’t have texted you if that was the case.” Emma said.
“I’m just asking because I don’t want you to think you don’t have a choice in all this.” The forester said.
Emma understood how her actions might have made him think he had been taking advantage of her all this time, while in fact she’d wanted it as much as him.
“I just wanted to earn my spanking for once.” She explained. “Like the first time we met.”
The forester smiled. “Well you surely earned it this time.”
Emma blushed, he was going to spank her any moment now, but she felt she wanted to discuss it more.
“Perhaps we can skip those spankings in the hotel in the future and focus on those when I misbehave.” Emma said, she was sure now that she preferred these kind of spankings over those without a reason.
“How will I know when you misbehave.” The forester asked. “I can’t come out here and follow you all the time.”
“We’ll just have to spend more time together.” Emma said. She blushed, she hadn’t really thought about dating John since she’d booked the hotel. Did she really want more from him than just sex? And what would he think, would he avoid her if he thought she wanted more?
“I’d love to spend more time with you, Emma.” John replied. “In fact, I think it would be about time someone took charge of you and taught you to be a good girl for once.”
Emma blushed even deeper. What had he said? Take charge of her? Part of her wanted to bristle against that comment, but an other part grew warm and excited.
“I think I’ll start right now.” John continued. “You did your best to earn this spanking young lady, so I’m going to make sure you get exactly what you deserve.”
Emma bit her lip. This was exactly why she’d come out here, wasn’t it? Then why was she apprehensive now? She knew a spanking could hurt, she wanted it to hurt. But that didn’t mean it was going to be easy.
“Yes, Sir.” She replied.
“Take off your clothes.” John commanded.
Emma licked her lips and slowly began to undress. John had made her strip out here those past few times as well, ever since he had caught her skinny-dipping and escorted her back to her hotel naked.
When he noticed she was wearing something more sexual underneath her clothing than usual, he smiled but motioned for her to take it off as well.

Standing completely naked in the middle of the forest, Emma let John take her arm and guide her to a tree.
“Bend over.” He commanded.
Emma placed her hands to the tree and bent over for her punishment.
John’s hands were on her bottom, rubbing, squeezing. Emma moaned softly, deeply aroused.
The first smack echoed through the forest and Emma moaned deeply. Another smack followed the first and then another and another. Each of them loud and clear, spreading that familiar sting through her buttocks.
Emma’s heart was racing. Yes, this was the kind of spanking she wanted. Not because she was out here instead of in their room – though the thought of being outside where anyone could see certainly increased her arousal – but because she had earned it.
The pain started to built and Emma dug her hands into the bark of the tree. She shouldn’t reach back, but she hoped John would give her a break soon.
Then she remembered the threat he had made the very first time they’d met. “Don’t make me get the rope.”
Why was she so obedient, just because he had caught her? Wasn’t she trying to be a naughty brat today? She reached back with one hand to rub her bottom.
“Hands in front of you, young lady!” John said while smacking the part of her ass she could not reach.
Emma placed her hand back against the tree but now used the other to rub the other side.
“In front of you, Emma.” John said, pulling her hand to the side.
Emma just placed it back on her bottom again.
This was fun!
John pushed her hand aside and pressed himself against her, his crotch against her stinging bottom as he bent over and whispered in her ears. “Do you remember what I told you the first time we met?” He asked.
Emma moaned deeply, feeling John’s arousal as his erection pressed through his trousers against her pussy.
Why do you think I’m doing this? She thought to herself.
“Hands in front or I’m getting the rope.” John reminded her.
Emma placed her hands back against the tree and John stepped back. She only waited for a bit however, ten solid smacks and then she reached back to rub away the pain.
No other smack came, but Emma heard the forester walk away from her. She looked over her shoulder and saw him digging in his backpack. Her breathing grew ragged.
John returned with a length of strong, coarse rope. “Give me your wrists.” He commanded.
Emma held up her hands obediently, wrists held together, deeply excited.
John tied the rope around them and then looped it around the tree, forcing her to bend over again, this time with no way to reach back or escape her punishment.
She heard him take off his belt and licked her lips. This part would hurt the most, but she loved it all the same.
The crack of his belt on her bottom echoed through the forest. Emma squealed and moaned, but all she could do was endure her punishment.
The pain grew worse and worse as her bottom felt on fire, red like that leaf she had shown him before.

“So, are you going to try harder to follow my rules?” John asked her.
Emma was hanging against the tree, its bark rough against the bare skin of her breasts, she was completely out of breath.
“Yes, Sir.” She whispered. “Though I’m not sure I will be able to obey them all, because I don’t know all your rules yet.”
“How about we meet up at my cabin.” The forester said. “I’ll mark it on your map. We can discuss them there.”
Emma stood up against the tree, looking on as the forester searched for her map in her backpack and then drew a circle where his cabin would be.
“It’s deep into the forest.” He said. “No-one will hear us.”
What won’t they hear? Emma wondered, still tied to the tree. My screams? Her knees felt weak and her bottom was still burning, but already she longed for more.
“I’ll meet you there, Sir.” She said.
The forester smiled. “I have a small test for you, Emma. To see if you can be a good girl and follow my instructions. If you succeed, I’ll let you into my cabin and fuck you; but if you fail, you will be spanked first.”
Emma licked her lips. Spanked first, so fail or succeed, she’d get fucked either way. “What is the test?” She asked.
“You’re going to walk to my cabin, completely naked.” The forester said. “You can take your clothes with you and should you see or hear anyone you can put them on, but that’s the only exception. Take them off when they’re out of sight and continue your journey completely naked until you find me. I’m going to trust you to be honest in telling me whether you succeeded or not.”
Emma bit her lips, a naked hike to a destination she hadn’t been before? “I will try my best, Sir.” She replied.
“Oh, and you can keep on your shoes.” John said as he came close, taking her in his arms and kissing her deeply before untying the rope around her wrists.
Emma blushed at the intimate moment, naked in his arms. They had kissed before of course, but this was different, less lustful and more affectionate.
“Thank you, Sir.” She said.
She picked up her clothes and stuffed them in her backpack. John was already walking down the road. “See you later, Emma.” He called.
She was completely alone, naked and alone. So exciting. She could get dressed of course, but no, she could prove to him that she could do this. Truth was, she was very excited to be doing it.
Naked, with just her shoes on her feet and her pack on her back, Emma set out to find the cabin. She listened closely to hear any other hikers, but soon relaxed, surrounded by the sounds of the forest.
On my way to get fucked, she thought with a blush. I’m not even wearing any clothes, presenting myself naked to the man who is going to do it. And if I don’t he’s just going to spank me again. Her bottom was still burning.
The cabin was quite far from where the forester had caught her. At least a few hours walk if she read her map right.
She wondered if he was following her, silently spying on her to make sure she did not get dressed. He wouldn’t have to, she had no intention of failing the test.
Realizing he might be out there, Emma suddenly felt watched. Not just by John, but by anyone who could be out there, silently watching her without alerting her of their presence. The thought aroused her, yet at the same time made her increase her pace to reach the safety of his cabin sooner.
When she finally saw it between the trees, she stopped. Would John be waiting? She wondered. Would he take her inside and fuck her right away? Her excitement flared.
At least we know I can follow his rules, she thought; having succeeded in her test. Though she wondered, wouldn’t it be better if I had failed? The pain in her bottom was nearly gone and part of her would like it to be renewed before he fucked her.
She made her way to the cabin and knocked at the door.
I hope I have the right cabin, she suddenly thought. What if she was wrong and someone else opened, while she stood there naked as she was born.
No-one answered however and the thought went away. How many cabins like this could there be out here anyway. With her back against the door, she waited for John to arrive.
She opened her backpack to get a drink and rummaged through her clothes. The urge to put them back on and earn a spanking became greater and greater.
Just the panties and bra, she thought. I didn’t put on this sexy set this morning for no reason.
Moments later, dressed in just her lingerie, she watched John approach through the forest. She wondered if he had been waiting for her to put something on or whether it was a coincidence.
She blushed when he looked at her and noticed the underwear.
“I thought I told you to remain naked.” He said when he arrived.
“I was.” Emma said. “I walked the entire trail naked, until I reached the cabin like you asked.”
“I said until you find me, not until you find the cabin.” John said.
Emma blushed, she knew that, she was only pretending to have misunderstood.
“Oh, does that mean I failed, Sir?” She asked with a pout.
“I think it means you’re still trying to get in trouble on purpose, and that you’re getting another spanking on that naughty red bottom of yours.” John said.
Emma licked her lips. “Wouldn’t you rather just fuck me?”
John took some keys from his pocket and opened the door to the cabin. Emma followed him inside, wondering whether she’d get that spanking or not.
Inside all doubts were erased from her mind. One half of the cabin had a small kitchenette with an old stove, the other a four-poster bed with rope tied to the posts, chains on the ceiling and on the wall wooden paddles, switches and canes, floggers and whips.
Emma gasped.
“I’d like to get to know you better, Emma.” John said. “So I thought it’d be fair you got to know me better as well. Perhaps we can spend more time together in the city, we can go on a date and have some fun. When you’re naughty I will spank you of course, and even give you some rules to follow and turn you into a good girl. When you break those rules however and need more than just an ordinary spanking, we can return here, to the forest where we met and in my cabin I can teach you what it’s really like to be a good girl.”
Emma was shocked by what she saw, but not scared. She knew John well enough to trust him. He had brought her here to show her this, not to use it if she didn’t want it.
She was also extremely turned on by having a secret hide-out in the forest, full of kinky equipment to punish a naughty girl like herself.
“Only if you’re interested of course.” John said. “I can understand if this looks a bit overwhelming.”
Emma licked her lips. “I’m sure we’ll be spending a lot of time in here.” She said. “I’m going to need a lot of lessons before I can become a good girl.”
John smiled. “Don’t worry, you will and I’ll take things slowly. I won’t overwhelm you with these things.”
Emma laughed. “Like you did with your belt?” She asked.
John coughed.
“I’m sorry, I was just joking.” Emma said quickly. “I’m sure you won’t give me more than I can take, I trust you.”
John closed in on her and placed his hand on her bottom. “So, what do you want to start with?” He asked.
Emma bit her lip. “I still need a spanking for getting dressed, don’t I?”
“Perhaps one of the paddles?” John suggested.
Emma made her way to the wall and looked at the row of paddles. She picked up one of the larger ones, not wanting to seem afraid by picking a smaller one. “This one, Sir.” She said, handing him the spanking implement.
“Good choice.” John said. “Bend over and place your hands on the bed.”
Emma did as she was told, still wearing her lingerie as she bent over the bed in the forester’s cabin.
John placed the paddle against her pink backside.
Emma held her breath.
The paddle landed with a loud thwack across her bottom and Emma squealed softly.
“One!” John counted.
Again and again the paddle landed hard on her sensitive buttocks, Emma couldn’t help but squeal and dig her finger into the beds mattress.
John kept counting each stroke, though Emma didn’t know what he was counting to.
“Fifteen!” He shouted and Emma squealed again.
“I’m sorry, Sir.” he pleaded. “I’ll be a good girl, I promise.” He bottom felt on fire, swollen and red.
“Fifteen, not bad.” John said and Emma realized he’d been counting to see how many she could take.
“I think I can take a few more, Sir.” She said with a blush. She didn’t know why she said it. Her bottom was on fire and she was yearning for him to fuck her.
“How many?” John asked.
Emma licked her lips. “Five more, Sir.” Just like she proved she could follow his rules, she wanted to prove to him she could take this.
“Twenty in total does sound like a good place to start.” John agreed.
He placed the paddle back on her bottom and Emma dug her fingers into the mattress, ready for the rest of her spanking.
She was squealing by the time he reached twenty, her bottom bouncing beneath the impact of the paddle.
At twenty, John placed the paddle on the bed and pulled her up. “Good girl.” He said, hugging her tightly.
Emma rubbed her body against his, yearning for him.
John’s hands slid down her back, rubbing her sore bottom and pulling down her panties. He pushed her backwards until she felt the bed against the back of her legs. He unhooked her bra so she was completely naked once more.
“Would you tie me up like you did in the forest, Sir?” Emma asked.
“Great idea.” John agreed. “Lay down on the bed.”
Emma sat down on the mattress, wincing when she was reminded of the pain in her bottom.
John pulled some rope from around the beds posts and used it to tie her wrists to the head of the bed.
Completely naked, Emma looked up at the man who had spanked her and spread her legs.
“Did you at least bring the condoms today?” John asked.
“Yes, Sir.” Emma said. She had after all planned on getting spanked and fucked from the beginning.
John rummaged in her backpack until he found what he needed. He kept his uniform on like always and knelt between her legs.
He leaned forward and with his weight on her body and her hands tied behind her head, Emma could not get away as he finally pushed his cock inside of her.
The forester fucked her hard and rough, biting her ear, her neck and her nipples. Emma came even before he did, her body shaking uncontrollably in between pleasure and pain.

“Perhaps I shall keep you here tonight.” John said after he too had come. He had rolled off her and was throwing away the used condom. Emma was still tied to the bed.
“Well I couldn’t get away if I wanted to.” Emma replied, indicating the rope around her wrists.
“Though it’s a bit of a shame since you paid for your hotel-room.” John said.
“Yet from now on perhaps I could stay here when I want to go out hiking.” Emma said.
“Only if you promise to be a good girl.” The forester said.
“I can’t promise that.” Emma replied. “But you’ve got everything you need right here to deal with me when I misbehave.”
“Very well.” John said. “But I do want to do more than just spank and fuck you, Emma.”
Emma blushed. “How about we have dinner, somewhere in the city next week.” She suggested.
“That sounds great.” The forester said. “I’ll be able to see how well-behaved you are out in the civilized world.”
Emma smiled. “In case I disappoint, I don’t have this sort of equipment at my apartment, but I’m sure you can improvise.”
John laughed.
“So are you going to untie me yet?” Emma asked.
“No.” The forester replied. “I’m going to have some more fun with you first.”
This time, he did take off his uniform.

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