The forest fire (part 2)

Naked girl skinny dipping

A week had passed and Emma could not forget the man who had spanked and fucked her. She had booked a room at the same hotel she’d stayed in the weekend before; hoping to see him again. She wasn’t sure whether she wanted him to fuck her or spank her, maybe both.
She did not see him at the hotel and she realized he would be in the forest, doing whatever it is a forester does all day. She didn’t even know his name, so she could not ask anyone about him.
In the afternoon, Emma followed one of the abandoned hiking paths. She knew it would be impossible to search for one man in such a large forest. She would have to give up on finding him.
Instead, she enjoyed the outside air like she always did and fantasized about what might happen if they ever did cross paths again.
As time passed and her fantasies ran out, Emma realized that if they did ever meet again, chances were she’d just be walking along the road. It wouldn’t be anything like her fantasies or last weekend when she’d been caught in her underwear. If she wanted those fantasies to be real, she’d have to be the naughty girl that deserved those spankings.
She would have to be more risky out here where he could find her. Perhaps go skinny dipping or walk the empty road with less clothes on than she should. If she wanted a spanking, she should be naughty, she wouldn’t start a fire again, but there were other, harmless things she could do.
This idea of harmless but naughty behavior did not come from nowhere of course. Emma had been resting on a fallen log beside a small pond. To the side stood a small wooden post with a sign that read: “No swimming”.
After staring at that sign for a while, Emma found the courage to go through with her plan. She took off her clothes and placed them on the fallen log.
Even her bra and panties went off, until she was completely naked. She never considered herself an exhibitionist and surely never undressed where anyone could see, but the memory of her first encounter with the forester turned her on greatly. Out here, the risk of being caught was small enough to be overwhelmed by the excitement she felt.
She stood there for a while, completely naked like the animals that inhabited the forest. She stayed still, inviting them to look at her, hoping and fearing at the same time that perhaps it wasn’t just animals watching.
When she slowly descended into the pond, it felt like becoming one with the nature around her. She had almost forgotten the sign and her reason for doing this; instead she enjoyed the moment, thinking she should more often try experiencing nature as fully as this.
As she reached the deepest part of the pull, Emma was submerged to just below her breasts. She lowered herself into the water until it reached her chin. The water was cold, but it was a pleasantly warm day.
“What are you doing in there.” A man’s voice suddenly broke the idyllic scene.
Emma’s eyes shot open in surprise. She hadn’t even realized she’d closed them; but she had recognized the voice.
Had he really found her? She wondered. How was it possible, that in the vast forest, he just happened to stumble into her now?
She stood up in the water, trying to see the forester. Her bare breasts were visible above the pond’s surface, but he had seen them before. Emma was not embarrassed to be caught naked by him, the soft, wet skin off her bosom was part of her method to seduce him once more.
He arrived at the water’s edge from behind some trees, wearing the same dark uniform. It reminded her of their night in the hotel and made her blush.
“Swimming.” Emma replied, trying to sound innocent and naughty at the same time.
“You should come out of the water Emma, you know you’re not allowed to swim here.” The forester said.
“No.” Emma replied, trying for a bratty expression. “You just want me to come out so you can see me naked.”
“I’ve already seen you naked. Besides, I’ve been watching you for a while. You can’t tell me you didn’t see that sign over there while you were resting on that log.” The forester replied.
Emma bit her lip. He’d been watching her? Again she wondered how he had found her out here, a chance meeting seemed just too unlikely. “Did you follow me?” She asked.
“I did.” The forester admitted, without shame. “I saw you at the hotel and decided to make sure you didn’t get in trouble again and it turns out I was right to do so.”
Emma didn’t know whether she should feel upset by that or not. He had probably decided to follow her for the same reason she had decided to take a swim in this pound.
“I didn’t think it’d be that big of a deal.” She said.
“It is a big deal, Emma and the longer you stay in there, the more trouble you’re in.” The forester said.
Emma blushed, but slowly climbed out of the water. When she reached the forester at the bank, she was shivering. Her own nudity stood in sharp contrast to his well-tended uniform.
“I was just swimming.” She said.
“That sign isn’t placed there for no reason.” The forester explained. “Some animals that live by this pond are on the endangered species list and by swimming here, you’re disturbing their habitat.”
Emma blushed. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know.”
“There are dozens of ponds in this area that you’re free to go skinny-dipping, Emma. Why did you pick this one?” The forester asked.
Thoughts of being naughty or spanked were all gone as Emma felt truly guilty about what she’d done. “I just wanted to have some harmless fun. I thought some day, you might catch me and spank me again.”
Normally, she wouldn’t have admitted her true goals so easily, but her guilt forced her to come clean.
“You don’t have to feel too bad, Emma.” The forester said, realizing how upset she felt. “I doubt you leisurely swim disturbed anything. That sign was meant more for youngsters jumping and diving into the pond, making too much noice and damaging the plants near the water.”
“Thank you.” Emma mumbled, feeling instantly better when she realized she hadn’t made a huge mistake and the forester wasn’t truly angry at her.
“But you’re still going to get that spanking.” The forester said.
Emma licked her lips. She was still shivering, running her hands down her body to warm it up as her skin slowly dried. “Thank you, Sir. I’m sure I deserve that.”
The forester sat down on the fallen log and held out his hand. “I see that you’re cold. Come here, I’ll have you warm in no time.”

Emma let herself be guided across the forester’s lap. This position was much more intimate than the previous one, where she’d stood bent over against a tree. She felt his warm body against hers, his uniform soaking up some of the water that was still left on her skin; and just below her hips, the pressure of his erection, proof that he was just as turned on as she was to be spanking her again.
The smack of his hand on her wet bottom echoed through the forest and Emma squealed. The cold water on her stretched skin seemed to double the sting as each gentle smack hurt a lot more than she remembered from her previous punishment.
Emma looked down at the forest floor, grass and fallen leaves between her fingers as her bottom was spanked. She moaned and whimpered as the pain slowly increased and her bottom grew redder and redder.
“You can’t just go around breaking the rules, Emma.” The forester said. “Especially if you’re doing it on purpose just because you want to be spanked.”
“I know, I’m sorry.” Emma said.
The forester hooked his spare arm around her hip and Emma knew her spanking would now really start.
She squealed when the first full-armed swings landed on her stinging bottom. She moaned and struggled, but there was no escape from the forester’s firm grip.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” She plead, but the only reply was the echo of each smack on her bottom, vibrating between the trees.
Emma kicked her legs and wailed as her bottom bounced beneath the forester’s hand. Was this really what she wanted she wondered? Had she truly broken the rules on purpose, just to be punished like this again?
Yet she didn’t have to wonder. She needed just a moment to look past the pain, to evaluate her feelings and realize how aroused she was. How wet from excitement her pussy felt, something the forester surely knew and saw as well.
There was no cure for her excitement however, not yet. She wanted to be a naughty girl, wanted to be punished and yes, wanted the punishment to feel real. She didn’t want it to be over before she’d reached that point where she felt completely under his control.
“Stand up, Emma.” The forester suddenly said.
Emma took a breath and pushed herself off his lap. Was it over? She wondered. Her bottom felt on fire and relieved that the smacks had stopped coming. Yet a small part of her yearned for more, yearned to feel that complete loss of control.
“Have you learned your lesson yet, young lady?” The forester asked.
Emma bit her lips. “I have learned my lesson, Sir; but I think I can take a bit more.”
She stood before him completely naked, full of the realization that she was asking for more while her bottom already felt on fire.
“I wasn’t going to let you get away that easy, Emma.” The forester said. “Just because you learned your lesson doesn’t mean you’ve received all the punishment you deserve.”
Emma blushed.
The forester unclasped the belt from his uniform and slowly pulled it through the loops. He then folded it in half, holding it threateningly in one hand.
“Bend over and place your hands on the log, Emma.” He said.
Emma gasped. “Please Sir, not with the belt.”
“Do you want me to punish you or not, young lady?” The forester asked.
Emma blushed. That is what she wanted, but the belt it was just too… Scary, she realized; but was she scared of his belt, or scared of letting go? If she truly wanted to give up control, then she’d have to trust him not to punish her harder than she could endure.
Slowly, she bent over and placed her hands on the fallen log.
The forester moved behind her.
The belt whipped through the air in a wide arch. The cracking sound when it connected with her bottom echoed through the forest.
Emma squealed; but the pain was delicious.
It spread through her bottom, a deep thudding pain, more intense than that of his hand, but somehow more enjoyable too.
Again the belt whipped through the air and painted a broad red line across her buttocks.
Emma moaned in excitement.
The belt came again and again. The forester made sure to switch sides and to aim at every part of her bottom, even her thighs, until her entire lower backside was glowing red.
Though the pain had her in ecstasy, it quickly became too much to bear. Emma quickly realized that while she had been wrong to fear the belt, she had been right to assume she would not be able to take as much from it as from a regular spanking.
Emma begged the forester to stop, promises and offers of her body to distract him from the need to punish her. She could prove to him that’s she’d be a good girl again, just like he’d called her in the hotel room after he’d fucked her. Bent over as she was, her pussy wet and swollen from excitement, she begged him to fuck her right then and there.
She believed her request would be granted when the forester dropped his belt and placed his warm hand between her legs. She shivered from his intimate touch.
“I don’t normally bring a condom with me when I’m out here.” The forester said. “But I’d be happy to escort you back to your hotel and fuck you when we get there. That way, I can make sure you don’t get in any more trouble along the way.”
Emma moaned. “Yes, Sir.” She replied.

“Get up, take your clothes.” The forester commanded.
Emma straightened, taking a short moment to rub her tender backside.
“Don’t put them on yet.” The forester said. “This is the second time I catch you out here with no or next-to-no clothes on. If you like being naked so much, you can walk back like this.”
Emma blushed. “No, please…”
“Don’t worry.” The forester said. “I’ll ket you put them back on before we reach the more popular roads.”
Emma bit her lip, clutching the bundle of clothes against her chest. Swimming naked out here had excited her, and the idea of being escorted back naked turned her on as well. Though it was hard to reconcile that excitement with the thudding fear of someone actually seeing her, or worse: her red, obviously freshly spanked bottom.
“You walk ahead.” The forester said.
Emma swallowed. The man had followed her all this way without her noticing. He would spot anyone approaching them before they would. She just had to trust him to warn her and let her get dressed before they got anywhere near the more travelled routes.
As she walked down the path through the trees, Emma could hear the forester behind her. She was constantly aware of her nudity. It accompanied the pain in her bottom in such a way that it felt like part of her punishment. In a way it was, she was being escorted back to the hotel by the forester after her misdeeds. That thought turned her on greatly.
The forester in the meantime had broken off a branch from a small tree and was stripping it of its leaves and bark. When he was done, he swung it through the air, passing but inches from her bottom.
Emma gasped and looked behind her as she felt the cool wind against her backside.
“Perhaps this will help you realize that this is no leisurely walk, but that you’re in fact a naughty girl being sent to her room.” The forester said.
Emma’s eyes went wide open and the forester swung the switch again, this time hitting her bottom. She squealed softly as it left a bright red stripe across her backside. The pain from her punishment had nearly disappeared and only a soft pink was left of the earlier warm red coloring. The stinging stripes quickly set her bottom aflame again and reawakened the pain.
Naked and with her bottom switched along the way, Emma was escorted back to her hotel-room. But this treatment only turned her on even more. She hurried to reach the privacy of her room where her punishment would be over and the forester might fuck her again.
Yet every time she walked too fast or too far forward, the switch landed twice as hard, reminding her of who was in charge.

They were not far from the hotel when the forester finally allowed her to stop. They had gotten into popular territory and Emma had grown more nervous with the minute about being seen. Yet when she finally pulled on her clothes, she couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed that it was over and that she was finally safe from his switch.
They walked the rest of the way to the hotel as if they were just a pair of normal hikers. At the hotel’s lobby, she waited for the forester to get some condoms from the shop and then join her to her room.
“Have you learned a lesson today, Emma?” He asked her.
“Yes, Sir.” She replied. Her bottom was still glowing and sore from the switching on their way back.
“And you’re still willing to prove to me that you’ll be a good girl?” He asked.
“Yes, Sir.” She replied again.
“Start with taking off your clothes then.” He said. “You didn’t need them in the forest, you definitely don’t need them in the privacy of your hotel room.”
Emma licked her lips, slowly peeling off her clothes again.
“Bend over with your hands on the bed, pretend it’s that log beside the pond.” The forester told her, he had not taken off his uniform.
Emma obeyed.
“When you begged me to fuck you, your bottom was a lot redder than it is now.” The forester said. “I would’ve liked seeing that while I fucked you, a visual reminder of your well-earned punishment.”
Emma blushed. “You can spank me again, Sir. If that would please you.”
“That was exactly what I was going to do.” He replied. “But I’m glad you agree.”
He smacked her bottom again with his open hand. The sound echoing in the room and Emma wondered if out in the open forest, they might’ve actually had more privacy than here in her room.
The sting in her bottom quickly returned, making her moan and squeal at each smack; but so did the color and when her bottom was brightly red again, the forester put on one of his condoms and grabbed her hips to fuck her from behind.
Bent over like she was during her punishment, Emma moaned just like when she was being spanked, her arousal too great to contain. Her body shook and trembled several times, reaching an orgasm multiple times before the forester did.
The forester’s hips smacked against her sore buttocks, his cock grinding into her pussy, penetrating her deeply and easily finding her g-spot in this position.
She did not know where one orgasm ended and the next began, until finally the forester too stopped his thrusts to unload inside her, reaching his climax, only the condom stopping him from filling her up completely.

Emma rested on the bed while the forester straightened his uniform and threw away the condom. She wondered if he was just going to leave again, like last time.
“This can’t continue this way, Emma.” He said when he was done.
Emma blushed. Had he not enjoyed their time together?
“You can’t keep going out into the forest, misbehaving and hoping to get caught, just so I might spank you.” He said.
Emma blushed. Then what was she to do? Now that she had discovered how much she enjoyed this, how could she stop seeking it out?
“Someday, you’ll do something that’s actually dangerous or something actually goes wrong and it will be my fault for having encouraged you.” The forester explained.
“Then what do we do?” Emma asked. “You don’t want this to end this way, do you? I know you enjoy it as much as I do.”
“I do.” The forester admitted. “And that’s why I’m going to suggest the following. From now on, whenever you book a room at a hotel in this area, you will contact me. I will come over and give you a pre-emptive spanking. If you start out your weekend with a sore red bottom, you will surely not get into any more trouble.”
Emma blushed. “You want me to report to you for a spanking? Before I have done anything wrong?”
“We both know you would get into trouble anyway if you didn’t.” The forester replied. “This way at least you get what you want before anything goes wrong. Besides, you might find it a whole new experience, traveling these woods with an already well-spanked bottom.”
Emma bit her lip. Taking a spanking as the price to pay before being allowed to enter his forests. Why did that sound so exciting?
“Fine.” She said. “I guess that’s the best solution to our problem.”
The forester smiled. “I will of course also need some convincing that such a spanking reached its goal and that you are a good girl, before I let you out into the woods. You should make sure you have some condoms with you and perhaps take them out in the forest too. You never know when we might meet and decide to give you another reminder.”
Emma could feel the excitement between her legs, his words making her yearn for more, despite their earlier actions. Not only would she be spanked and fucked anytime she wanted to come for a walk again. She’d be out there knowing there was always a chance he’d show up and spank her, not because she was naughty, but just because he could. It made her wish she was out there now, realizing he would surely follow her like he had today, just to force those chance meetings.
“Of course, Sir.” She replied. “If our past meetings have taught me anything, it’s that I’m a naughty girl that needs to be kept on a tight leash.”
The forester laughed. “Just make sure you behave, Emma, or I might take that comment a bit more literal than you intended. I’m sure you’d look very cure in a leash.”
Emma blushed.
The forester grabbed something from his pocket. The motion reminded Emma of the fact that she was completely naked while he was still fully dressed. It truly enforced the idea of him being in control of the situation.
“Here, take this.” He said, handing her the business-card he’d taken from his pocket. “My phone number is on the back.”
Emma accepted the card and kept it close, on it was the number she’d have to call to ket her spanking and her permission to enter the forest.
“Until next time, Emma.” The forester said.
“Goodbye…” Emma replied, watching him leave.
She looked at the card as the door closed behind him. The phone-number wasn’t the only thing he had gifted her, on it was his name as well.

6 thoughts on “The forest fire (part 2)

  1. An extremely HOT ♨ ♨ ♨ ♨ ♨ ♨
    story in more ways than one. 😀 😉 😛 😝 😜 VWEG 😇 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏
    I have been throughly switches numerous times in the Australian bush…. It was all consensual.
    Some was for genuine punishment for acting up.
    The rest was erotic spanking where I had to bend over a convenient log to be throughly switched then taken from behind by my then husband. 😀
    EVERYTIME I had to pick the heavy Oak sapling switch, peel the bark and pine needles off then round the end with sandpaper while my husband watched….. I deliberately chose the Oak sapling over the Eucalyptus because not only did it sting a LOT MORE BUTT it was much heavier too…. 😀 😉 😛 😝
    Vweg 😇


  2. I really enjoyed the erotic switchings BUTT not the genuine punishments which cracked down HARD AND FAST upon my tender butt cheeks. I screamed with pain……


    1. I guess most naughty ladies prefer the erotic spankings. 😉
      Good to know I’m not the only one that enjoys baring a naughty girls bottom out in nature.


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