City trip spankings ( part 1)

Naughty girl with a bared red bottom in corner time

There was a clear sky above the city of Prague, but the streets seemed empty. Samantha was surprised that she was the only person present; this was supposed to be a busy shopping street after all. All the stores were closed too, despite it being a regular Wednesday.
When she took her phone from her purse and connected to the internet to search for an explanation, she found out this day was a holiday in the country she was visiting.
Samantha was quite annoyed at this discovery. She had planned to spend most of her day shopping. She was on this city-trip with two of her friends and none of them had known the shops would be closed this day. There hadn’t been any mentions of it at the hotel they were staying at either.
Her friends were still at the hotel. They were a married couple and had invited Samantha to join them on this trip. They shared a large hotel-room with two separate two-person bedrooms.
They had arrived on Monday and spent most of their time together. After those first two days however, her friends had subtly made her know they wanted some privacy. Samantha knew when she became a third wheel and had offered to spend the whole day by herself in town. They still had the rest of the week to spend together.
Her friends would have to get their privacy some other time, Samantha decided. She couldn’t spend a whole day outside if everything was closed. Still annoyed, she returned to the hotel.

Their room was on the third floor of the hotel. There was a do-not-disturb sign on the door, probably to stop the maintenance crew from coming in. When Samantha entered with her key, the room was empty however.
She was surprise for a moment, until she heard a sound coming from her friends’ bedroom. It was a strange noise, like a very slow applause, two hands slowly clapping. Samantha blushed, thinking she might be hearing the fleshy sound of sex; having run into her friends with their bodies intimately bumping into each-other.
What else had she expected? Samantha thought. What else would her friends be doing when she left them alone in their hotel-room for a day, offering them their privacy. She should leave now before they realized she had returned.
She could not. There was something off about the sounds she was hearing. She could not quite place it, but it did not sound like sex. Not like any she’d ever had. The rhythm was just too slow, the impact of flesh against flesh too perfectly clear. Her curiosity bound her to stay and find out what was going on.
Samantha moved closer to her friends’ bedroom door. As the sound became clearer, she could hear a faint moaning following each of the fleshy smacks.
When she neared the door, the sound suddenly stopped and Samantha froze, fearing they might have heard her.
“I’ve told you a dozen time before, Amy.” Her friend Cedric suddenly said, his voice loud and clear through the door. “You should not make such a mess of our room and just because we’re in a hotel-room instead of our apartment, that doesn’t change anything.”
Amy’s reply came in a muted voice. “Yes, Sir.” She said.
Samantha could barely hear her, but she recognized her friend’s voice. It felt odd hearing her address her husband as Sir; just like it was weird to hear him speak so sternly to her. They always seemed to get along so well.
She wondered if they were having a fight, she’d never seen them fight before; but no, this was different. When that sound that had attracted her attention before returned – even louder now – she suddenly realized what it was.
Her friend Amy was getting a spanking from her husband.
Samantha’s mouth dropped open. This was not what she had expected when leaving them alone for a day. Still, she could not say she was surprised. Somehow it made sense to her, if any of her friends were into such things, it would be Amy and Cedric.
She turned to leave, double concerned now that they found out she’d walked in on them. Discovering their secret like this would be worse than walking in on them having sex, she thought. She could not help but look around the room however.
Cedric was right. It was a mess. The suitcases were only half-unpacked and there were clothes everywhere. Even underwear and lingerie to her surprise. What he had not mentioned, was that at least half this mess was Samantha’s and not just Amy’s.
Samantha blushed deeply and fought back an urge to clean the room right away. She was not the one in trouble. She hadn’t married a man who would spank her for such untidiness, nor had she received ‘dozens’ of warnings as Amy had supposedly had.
She could not clean the room any way. Her friends might hear her and even if they didn’t, they would still wonder why she suddenly decided to clean. Instead, she forced herself to ignore the mess and the sounds behind her – the moaning was louder now too, pierced with the occasional squeal – and made her way out of the room.

The hotel had a bar, which luckily, was opened this day. Samantha ordered a hot drink there and sat down at an empty table. She could not keep her mind from thinking about what she’d heard.
Samantha was actually quite aroused by her discovery. She’d had fantasies of her own about being spanked for years. Ever since she’d read a book in which the lead character had received a spanking, she’d been on-and-off fantasizing about such things. It hadn’t even been erotica, the spanking hadn’t been an important part of the plot, just some fluff to spice up the story.
She realized with a grin that Amy had recommended that book to her. That must be a coincidence, she thought. In the book there was no mention of misbehavior or punishment, the spanking had been purely sensual. He friend’s spanking seemed much different, even though she wasn’t sure the moans she’d heard had been of pain or pleasure.
Probably both, she thought with a blush. Her own fantasies had made a very similar evolution, from purely sensual spankings, to imagined stories of misbehavior and erotic punishment.
Samantha was still blushing deeply, mesmerized by the memories of these fantasies when a man approached her table.
“Is this seat taken?” He asked her.
“No, it’s free.” She said. Distracted by her thoughts, she did not realize the man meant to take a seat at her table. Only when he sat down in front of her did she look up.
“I saw you sitting here alone and thought you might want some company.” The man said.
Samantha realized he wanted to hook up with her. The thought angered her for a moment, but then she realized he wouldn’t have known what she had been thinking about just now. There was nothing inappropriate about his approach. In fact, this might be one of the few situations she thought in which it was perfectly fine for a man to walk up to a woman and start a conversation.
“I’m sorry. My mind was elsewhere.” She replied when she realized she hadn’t replied immediately. She took a better look at him now. He was an attractive man, wearing a business-like suit. He was smiling and looked friendly, just a stranger looking for some company. Perhaps he could provide a distraction for her.
“I noticed.” He said. “You were blushing so beautifully, I couldn’t help but wonder what you were thinking about.”
Samantha frowned, pushing back the thoughts that had occupied her mind just moments ago. “Nothing very interesting.” She replied, the tone of her voice making it clear that her thoughts were private.
“Unfortunate. So why are you sitting alone at the bar on a beautiful day like this?” The man replied, completely dropping the subject at her request.
He rose in Samantha’s estimation immediately. She smiled broadly when she replied: “I was going shopping, until I learned all the stores are closed. I’m on a trip with friends, but we decided I’d give them some privacy today so I’m alone for now.”
The man nodded and Samantha wondered how much he might deduce from what she told him. Would he suspect she was single? Probably, she wouldn’t be alone, nor welcome his attention if she wasn’t. Would he suspect her friend’s privacy lay at the core of her blushes? Unlikely, there could’ve been a dozen other reasons for those.
“My name’s Carl by the way.” The man said. “Would you mind if I kept you company on this day when your friends are busy elsewhere?” He smiled. “Or at least for as long as you find me entertaining.”
“I’d certainly appreciate it.” Samantha answered. “We’ve had a bit of an unfortunate timing with this holiday, but I wouldn’t want to bother my friends right now.” A slight blush crept back on her cheeks remembering that. “I’m Samantha by the way.” She said quickly trying to cover it up.
“Your friends are a couple, I assume.” Carl asked her.
“They’re married.” Samantha confirmed.
Carl nodded as if that explained the situation perfectly. Perhaps it did.
“Were you planning to stay down here then for the rest of the day?” Carl asked. “The stores might be closed, but there should be plenty of other interesting things to do in the city.”
“I don’t know.” Samantha replied truthfully. How long could such a spanking last? She wondered. She had no idea of knowing how soon she’d be able to return to her hotel-room. The thought made her forget to finish the rest of her sentence.
“I actually come to Prague quite often for work.” Carl said. “I could show you some of the sights or some of my favorite museums. Most tourism-focussed establishments stay open even on the holidays.”
“That sounds great.” Samantha said. Anything to keep her mind from what was happening in her hotel-room would be welcome.

Carl took Samantha on some impromptu date through the city. The weather was fine as he guided her through the city and showed her its places of significance. She was having an unexpected good time and rarely thought of her friends again.
Shortly after noon, they were seated at a small coffee-house that was open on this holiday. They’d just finished lunch and were enjoying their beverages.
“What do you think your friends are up to right now?” Carl asked her.
Samantha bit her lip, trying not to come up with a cheeky remark.
“I’m sorry.” Carl said when she didn’t answer immediately. “I didn’t mean to pry on your or their business.
“It’s okay.” Samantha said. They’d talked about each-other this whole time. Some gossiping might be fun and bounding. She giggled. “If what I ran into this morning is any indication, they won’t be leaving their hotel-room for the rest of the day.”
Carl smiled. “Now that you mention it, I do remember you blushing when I first saw you. Did that have any relation to what they were doing?”
Samantha grinned. “Oh yes, that had everything to do with it.” It was odd how after spending some time with Carl, it felt much easier to talk with him and not find his questions intrusive.
“Well then, I guess we should leave the married couple have their privacy and not meddle with a husband and wife’s quality time together.” Carl joked.
Samantha licked her lips. “I don’t think they’d call it quality time; at least not the kind you’re imagining.” She said, not able to resist teasing him with the information.
Carl raised an eyebrow. “Oh? Then what did you run into this morning?”
Samantha blushed. “Sorry, I think I’ve said too much already.” She replied.
Carl laughed. “Come on, don’t leave me hanging now. I don’t even know who they are, you can tell me.”
Samantha grinned. It was a juicy secret of course, one that demanded to be shared. Who else could she tell but this man that none of them knew and would probably never see again when the week was over.
“Well, let’s just say my friend won’t be sitting comfortably after her husband is done with her.” Samantha said, trying to be cryptical.
Carl’s mouth dropped open in mock shock. “Really?” He asked. “Is she such a naughty wife, your friend?”
Samantha blushed when he caught the meaning of her words right away. Now that she had started sharing however, she lost any inhibition she’d had about her friends’ privacy.
“From what I heard.” She said. “Amy doesn’t often leave things tidy and our hotel-room was quite the mess this morning.”
“Amy is your friend?” Carl asked. “And her husband?”
“Well, Cedric is right to give his wife a firm spanking if she made a mess of the hotel-room they share with you. At least, that’s what I’m assuming happened.” Carl said with a cheeky grin.
“You guessed right.” Samantha replied, smiling just as broadly. “Though in Amy’s defense, at least half of the clutter was mine.”
“So what you’re saying is, you deserved that spanking just as much as she did?” Carl asked teasingly.
Samantha blushed. “No, that wouldn’t be fair. No-one ever told me to tidy up or that I would be in trouble if I made a mess. Amy knew what she risked and she’d had multiple warnings.”
Carl was grinning broadly. “No-one told you? Really? So your parents never told you to clean your room? When you’re at home, you never clean up and you’re never bothered by your own mess?”
Samantha bit her lip. “Well sure, but that’s not the same.”
Carl smiled. “No? I think you’re just lucky you didn’t bring a husband or boyfriend of your own or your bottom might be just as red as your friends.”
“Not everyone is into that kind of thing.” Samantha replied.
“But you are, aren’t you?” Carl said. “I can see it from the way you blush.
Samantha coughed, trying to hide those betraying red cheeks. “How would you know?” She asked. “How many women have you spanked then?”
“A few, not that many actually.” Carl replied. “But I’ve talked to enough of them to recognize them when I see them.”
“Oh.” Samantha didn’t now what to reply right away. What were the odds that she’d run into someone experienced in such things only moments after discovering her best friends were into it?
“It’s okay, I’ll stop teasing you.” Carl said. “We all find our way in these things at our own pace.”

In the afternoon, Carl took Samantha to an art museum. He also kept his promise and did not mention her friends or spanking again. Samantha caught herself thinking about it frequently however. Here she was, out with a man experienced in what was perhaps her best kept, secret fantasy. Not only did he know about her fantasy, he had also – subtly – let her know she might deserve this thing she fantasized about, for the same reasons her friend had found herself across her husband’s knee that morning. Which was another thing he knew about.
When they returned to their hotel later in the day, Samantha was wondering if she was throwing away an opportunity if she did not follow this date through fully. All she knew about Carl was his name, and while his accent suggested he was English like herself, she’d have no way of contacting him when she returned home. There were only a few days left of her trip for any possible second date too.
At the hotel-lobby, Carl offered her one last drink at the bar. Samantha took the opportunity to send a text to her friends. One drink with Carl would give her friends enough time to anticipate her return.
“Warning your friends that you’ve returned, so you don’t walk in on them again?” Carl asked.
Samantha smiled. “Yeah, I should have thought of that this morning.” She admitted.
“You know, you should tell them what you heard. It isn’t right to keep it a secret.” Carl told her.
He sounded strict when he said that. Samantha thought this might be the guy beneath his gentleman-exterior, the strict but fair man who would spank her if she misbehaved. She’d caught a few glimpses of him during their date, though Carl had done his best not to act too dominant around her. They were just strangers after all, and he had no right of control over her.
The way the tone of his voice aroused her, bolstered Samantha’s resolve. Nervously, she licked her lips. “Have you ever spanked anyone on a first date?” She asked.
“No. But I’m willing to make an exception.” Carl replied.
Samantha’s heart jumped to her throat. “I’m not the kind of girl normally to do such things on a first date either.” She said.
“Probably because you’re the kind of girl that keeps her clothes on on the first date. Which means you can’t use them to litter your date’s apartment.” Carl replied.
Samantha laughed as the joke broke the tension. “So do you still think I deserve as much as my friend has gotten?” She asked.
“Well, I don’t know exactly what occurred between her and her husband; but I do agree that a glowing red bottom would be quite appropriate.” Carl replied.
Samantha licked her lips again. “So, would you be willing to provide that for me? In your room perhaps?”
Carl smiled. “It would be my pleasure. We could go there now and discuss this with a bit more privacy.”
He stood up and held out his hand. Samantha’s heart was racing. There were a few people around them close enough that they might overhear their conversation, so Carl was probably right that they would want to continue in private. Still, she knew that if she followed him to his room, she would certainly end up with that red bottom. She stood up slowly. She wasn’t going to back out now, she was the one who had asked for it in the first place.
She took Carl’s hand and followed him to the elevators. Her bottom was tingling with anticipation. In the elevator, Carl pressed the number five, his room was up higher than hers. When they passed the third floor with her room and her friends, she licked her lips. It felt like going beyond the point of no return. As if her room was some sort of safe haven they’d now passed. It wasn’t of course, there was already one woman with a red bottom in there.
Carl’s room was smaller than theirs. There was no separate bedrooms, just a large two-person bed in the middle of the room. Carl sat down, Samantha stood beside him nervously.
“Am I right to assume you’ve never been spanked before, Samantha?” Carl asked.
“Yes, Sir.” Samantha replied, subconsciously using the same phrasing she’d heard her friend use.
Carl smiled. “You don’t have to call me that if you don’t want to. Though I’m happy you know at least some of the common practices.”
Samantha blushed. “It’s just what I overheard between Amy and Cedric.” She admitted.
“Let’s not focus on them.” Carl said. “This is all about you now. Have you ever fantasized about being spanked before?”
“Yes.” Samantha replied.
“Would you mind telling me about that?” Carl requested. “It might help me figure out what you’re expecting right now.”
Samantha blushed. “I’d rather not. If that’s okay.”
“Of course.” Carl replied. “Let’s just assume for now that you want a spanking because you’re curious about what it’s like after you heard your friends, and secretly you’re very aroused by the idea of being spanked. Am I right?”
“Yes, Sir.” Samantha said. She knew there was no use in denying any of those things.
“You probably feel a bit guilty too, knowing that your friend got punished for something that was partly your fault and sharing in her punishment seems only fair. You know you deserve a good spanking.” Carl continued.
“Yes, Sir.” Samantha repeated.
“I completely agree, of course.” Carl said. “In fact, even if your friend did not get punished, you still deserve a spanking for leaving your room the mess that it is.”
Samantha blushed. Carl had taken that strict tone again and she realized she was holding her hands and looking at her feet like a scolded child. “I understand.” She replied.
“You did a good thing in confessing to me.” Carl continued. “I know exactly how to deal with girls like you. But first we need to discuss some rules.”
Samantha looked up at him. At the bar, he’d said they would discuss things in his room, but right now it seemed things had already been decided for her. It was not about if she got spanked, but how. That made sense however. She had asked him to spank her, had suggested his room herself. He had agreed. All that remained was to set some limits and then go through with it.
“Since this is your first spanking and I don’t know what you’re expecting or how much you can take, I’ll give you a safe-word.” Carl continued. “In fact, I’ll give you two. They’re straightforward and easy to remember. The first one is ‘yellow’ which is your safe-word. You should use it when I’m doing something that makes you uncomfortable or you’re not sure you can take any more. When you do, I’ll give you the opportunity to stop me from continuing or let me go on. If you want, I will stop what I was doing and continue your spanking some other way. If you don’t, I will continue what I was doing. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Sir.” Samantha replied.
“The second one is ‘red’ which is your stop-word. If you use that, I will stop immediately and not continue your spanking in any way until we’ve discussed what happened and what made you want to stop. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Sir.” She repeated.
“Furthermore, during your spanking I will be the one who decides how hard and how long I spank you as long as you don’t use either of those words. I don’t mind it when you struggle and you can squeal and moan as loudly as you want to, just know that it won’t make a difference. I don’t like cursing however, so if I hear any of that, you’ll get extra and if you struggle so hard that you might hurt me or yourself, I will have to intervene.”
Samantha blushed, that sounded ominous yet straightforward. He would ignore any protests from her, unless they were the agreed upon words. She assumed that was for the best, it only seemed natural her body might protest its punishment.
“Do you have any limitations of your own you want to add?” Carl asked.
Samantha bit her lip, trying to remember what limits she should set. Most of the things she could come up with would not be relevant to a simple spanking. “I can’t come up with anything right now.” She said. “I’ll just use the safe-word if I have to.”
“Very well.” Carl said. “I’ll be counting on you to stop me when necessary.”
He moved back until his lower legs rested against the side of the bed. He patted the mattress beside him. “If you’re ready, it’s time to get across my lap, young lady.”
Samantha hesitated just a moment. They hadn’t forgotten anything, right? Then she knelt beside Carl on the bed. He was sitting back far enough that when she bent over his lap, her legs and upper body rested on the bed; her hips lay across his lap. She was wearing tight-fitting jeans that outlined her bottom very well, despite laying relatively flat.
When Carl placed his hand on her bottom, she swallowed. Despite all their previous conversation, this first intimate touch really got through to her that this was happening.
“Do you remember why you’re getting this spanking, Samantha?” Carl asked her, his hand clamped down on her bottom, grabbing her left buttocks firmly.
“Yes, Sir.” Samantha replied. “I did not keep a tidy room and I let my friend take all the blame.” It felt strange admitting the reason for her punishment. In reality, she thought she was getting this spanking mostly because she was curious and excited to try out her fantasy. It reminded her that she wasn’t just having a kinky experience, she also deserved to be spanked, at least a little.
“Exactly.” Carl said and smacked her bottom.
Samantha bit her lip, trying to control her excitement. It was really happening, she was really getting spanked. Her bottom bounced beneath Carl’s hand. It wasn’t as bad as she had thought, it didn’t really hurt at all, not with her jeans protecting her. After perhaps a dozen smacks she wondered if she should ask Carl to spank her harder.
“This isn’t going to do you much good.” Carl said before she could say anything. He placed his hand on her lower back, it felt warmer than before. “Stand up and pull down your trousers. We’ll have to get rid of some of this protection if you want to know what a real spanking feels like.”
Samantha got up eagerly. The spanking across her jeans had given her a taste of what a spanking might be like, she wanted the real thing now. She wondered if Carl had done it on purpose, to give her the opportunity to back out before his smacks could really hurt.
She undid the buttons of her jeans and then hesitated. For some reason she was nervous to bare herself for him. Don’t be silly. She told herself. With a blush she pulled down her jeans far enough to bare her bottom and reveal her panties.
They were plain white cotton panties. They didn’t seem sexy at all, they were practical, chosen for a day of shopping when she’d have to dress and undress a lot when trying on things to buy. Samantha hadn’t thought she’d go on a date or get spanked when she got dressed that morning.
“A bit further.” Carl said.
Samantha bit her lip and pulled the jeans down further, fully exposing her crotch to him.
Carl reached out and grabbed her jeans with both hands. A moment he waited and when she did not protest, pulled them down to her knees in one rough motion.
Samantha gasped, her thighs trembling from being freed so suddenly. Her jeans fell down around her ankles when Carl let go of them.
“That’s better, now get back across my lap, young lady.” He said.
Samantha blushed as she knelt beside him on the bed. This time Carl took her by the wrist and pulled her across his lap instead of letting her lie down herself. His stern voice and rough handling only turned her on even more. Now the spanking was really starting.
Carl smacked her bottom before she was well prepared for it. Her bottom bounced under the impact and a sting spread through her skin without the protection of her jeans. Samantha gasped and then moaned as more smacks made her cheeks tremble and a warm glow spread through her bottom.
Samantha couldn’t help but arch her bottom, stretching the white panties over her round bottom to beg for more of it. She moaned deeply and her whole body tingled while Carl warmed up her bottom.
She did not struggle or squeal as a gentle sting spread through her backside. All she could think of was how hot and horny she was. When Carl smacked her harder, she cooed in delight.
“What was that?” Carl asked.
“Nothing.” Samantha replied.
Carl smacked her harder again. “Oh no?”
Samantha moaned deeply.
Carl responded by landing a flurry of quick hard smacks. Samantha squealed in surprise.
“How’s that?” Carl asked her.
“Better.” Samantha replied cheekily.
“Better?” Carl asked, now gently stroking her bottom. “Do you mean it wasn’t good before?”
“Oh no.” Samantha replied. “I just meant … that started to feel more like a real spanking. What you were doing before was great, I was just thinking it was perhaps too enjoyable as far as punishments go.” She didn’t know why she was saying this. Did she really want him to spank her harder? She could’ve enjoyed that gentle spanking for the rest of the night.
Carl was still rubbing her bottom, only her panties separating his warm hand from her glowing backside. “Well if it’s a real spanking you want…” Carl said, then hooked his fingers behind her panties.
Samantha gasped as he slowly pulled them down. “Wait!” She said.
Carl continued, slowly baring her cheeks, inch by inch.
He wasn’t going to stop, Samantha realized, not unless… “Yellow!” She cried.
Carl stopped immediately. Her buttocks were bared, but her panties were still up high enough to spare the rest of her modesty. “Do you want me to stop?” He asked. “I can let you keep them on if you want.”
Samantha blushed. Why had she stopped him again? Had she ever had a fantasy in which her bottom wasn’t bared for her spanking? Now that Carl had stopped, it seemed silly of her to have panicked. Maybe she had just wanted to see if he really would stop if she said the word. Carl waited patiently for her response.
“No, it’s okay.” Samantha replied.
Carl’s hand lay on her back, he did not touch her panties or bared bottom. “Are you sure?” He asked.
“Yes, I’m sorry, I was just surprised.” Samantha explained.
“Don’t be sorry.” Carl said. “That’s what the safe-word is for.
He placed his hand on her bare bottom and then grabbed her panties to pull them down further. It took him a few hard tugs as they got stuck between her hips and his and then one smooth motion to pull them all the way to her knees.
Samantha licked her lips, now fully exposed to him, her punishment excited her even more. Carl placed his hand on her bared bottom, skin on skin. He stroked her gently, following the curve of her buttocks down to her thighs and back up, passing but inches from her soaking wet pussy. Samantha raised her hips, pushing her bottom into his exploring hand and moaning softly, Carl responded by squeezing her cheeks, the stroke of his hand becoming a massaging of her buttocks.
When Samantha raised her bottom even higher, Carl raised his hand. Samantha did not back down, welcoming her spanking. She squealed when his hand landed hard on her naked backside.
With a few smacks, Carl hammered her bottom back down against his lap until she could no longer move away from the sting raining down on her behind.
Samantha squealed and moaned at the increased intensity of her spanking. Yet she did not resist the building pain. This was what she had expected a spanking to be like, hot and painful, and completely out of her control.
Her bottom bounced beneath the smacks, the sting replaced by a deeper pain. Carl varied his speed well, slowing down to give her some time to breathe, some quick hard smacks to make her squeal, some gentle rubbing to ease the pain and prepare her for more.
Samantha’s mind went blank, she could not think of anything else than the throbbing of her backside, the glowing heat from her arousal and the constant sound of Carl’s hand connecting with her unprotected bottom.
Slowly the pain reached a threshold, a level that neared her limits. Samantha knew she’d have to communicate this to Carl, to let him know he would have to slow down soon. But she did not want him to stop, not yet. She couldn’t use the safe-word, she’d have to tell him some other way. How could she let him know the spanking should end soon?
She blushed when she realized the answer. A spanking wasn’t over until she’d learned her lesson. She hadn’t given the reason for her spanking any thought since its beginning. She’d been too aroused and excited, almost forgetting there was a cause for this punishment.
“I’m sorry.” She said. “I’ve learned my lesson.”
She didn’t sound convincing, not even to her own ears. Carl did not slow down, but spanked her sore bottom as hard as ever.
“I promise, I’ll be a good girl. I’ll clean my room.” She tried.
The spanking continued, hard smacks that made her squeal when she tried to say more.
“Fuck!” Samantha thought, she hadn’t known how hard it would be to beg him to stop, no matter that she’d fantasized about doing so dozens of times.
“What was that?” Carl asked.
Samantha blushed, realizing she’d said that out loud. “Nothing!” She said.
“What did I say about cursing, young lady?” Carl asked.
“It’s not allowed.” Samantha said with a pout.
Carl smacked her bottom extra hard and Samantha squealed. Still, she was enjoying their back-and-forth. She hadn’t imagined she’d find it fun to plead or beg, certainly not when those pleas were ignored. It turned her on more than ever, knowing Carl was in complete control of the situation. Had she thought that she was near her limit? Surely she could take more!
Swaying her bottom back and forth, she tried to avoid his smacks. She struggled not because she could not take the pain, but because she enjoyed making it difficult for him. Carl place his other hand on her lower back to hold her down, but this only made her struggle more.
“It seems there’s some life in you after all.” Carl said. “I think I’m getting through to you.”
Samantha tried not to laugh at that, the increased pain in her backside luckily helped with that. As the smacks kept coming at the increased pace, she started to wonder if perhaps it hadn’t been such a good idea to struggle against him after all. She kicked her legs as the pain became too much.
“I’ll be good, I’ll be good!” She cried out.
Carl slowed the speed at which he spanked her, but each smack still made her bottom burn and her buttocks bounce.
“I’ll be a good girl, I promise.” Samantha pleaded. “I’ll clean my room. I won’t get in trouble again.”
With each promise, Carl built down the intensity of her spanking, until he was gently rubbing her burning backside.
Samantha arched her back, welcoming the soothing sting of his hand on her tender bottom.
“I hope you really learned your lesson, young lady.” Carl said.
“I did, Sir.” Samantha promised.
Carl did not speak for a while, just rubbing her burning bottom, easing the pain he’d inflicted. Samantha fought hard not to moan and show her uncontrollable excitement.
“I have to admit, I’m impressed. For your first time, you took your punishment very well.” Carl said eventually.
“Thank you, Sir.” Samantha said with a blush.
Carl’s hand moved over her bottom, her thighs and finally, between her legs, hovering near her pussy, feeling its warmth. “I was even more impressed when you asked for your punishment yourself. It was very brave of you. I would like to reward you for your bravery today.”
Samantha moaned deeply. She could nearly feel Carl’s fingers on her lips. What was he waiting for? For her to say yellow, or even red? No chance, she had taken her punishment, she would definitely accept her reward as well.
“I would be very grateful for a reward, Sir.” She said, urging him to continue.
Carl’s hand pressed down on her pussy. She was soaking with with excitement and his fingers slipped between her lips immediately. Samantha moaned deeply when they grazed her clit.
With her bottom burning, across the lap of a man she’d only met that day, she moaned and gasped when he pushed two fingers inside of her, massaging the inner wall of her vagina. His thumb pressed down on her clit, pinching her pleasure-spots between his fingers.
Samantha shuddered and spasmed as the pleasure flowed through her body, contrasting the glowing pain in her backside as Carl rewarded her for her being a good girl and taking her spanking expertly. She shook and moaned when the orgasm took hold of her body. She could not stop it, just like she hadn’t been able to stop Carl when he punished her.
When he let go, she lay panting across his lap. Carl did not speak, but gave her time to recuperate. Samantha’s mind that had been focussed on her spanking and pleasure now went in overdrive. She thought of how she’d met him, how she’d let her curiosity convince her to try this, to let an almost stranger spank her. She did not regret it, not at all. She thought of how she had gotten here and of walking in on her friends. They would probably be waiting for her, it had been quite a while since she’d sent that text.
She didn’t know what to do now. She rarely fantasized about what happened after a spanking. “What do you think Amy and Cedric did after he spanked her?” She asked Carl, approaching the subject subtly.
Carl placed his hand on her bare, glowing bottom. Samantha blushed, the spanking was over, but as long as she stayed across his lap, she was under his control. She didn’t want to move just yet.
“If it was me, I’d have Amy clean up the room wearing nothing but her red bottom.” Carl said.
Samantha licked her lips, aroused by that idea and the touch of his hand on her bottom.
“There isn’t much in my room for you to clean however, so I’ll just have you stand in the corner for a while.” Carl continued.
Samantha blushed. Stand in the corner? She was trying to figure out what would be fun about that, until she realized it wasn’t supposed to be fun for her. It was fun for him, to see her standing there like the naughty girl she’d been. It was a smile price to pay for the spanking and reward he’d given her.
“Do you want me to go to the corner now, Sir?” She asked.
“Yes.” Carl said, removing his warm hand from her backside.
Samantha got up, bending over to pull on her panties and jeans.
“Leave those off.” Carl said. “I’d like to look at my handiwork for a while. Your bottom reddens very nicely.”
Samantha blushed and looked over her shoulder at her backside, she hadn’t looked at it yet. It was glowing and bright red, redder than she had imagined it could be. She thought it looked extremely sexy.
“Hands on your head.” Carl said as she hobbled to the corner. Her panties had joined her jeans around her ankles and she hopped the last few steps.

In the corner, Samantha could feel Carl’s eyes on her burning backside.
She tried to think of reasons why she shouldn’t have done what she’d done, but she couldn’t think of any. The spanking had been everything she could’ve dreamed of, a fantasy finally come true. That she didn’t know Carl very well or that some people might consider it wrong for a woman to desire punishment from a man, did not bother her at all. It was her own choice and she’d do it again if she could. It wasn’t even about the punishment after all, that was just the excuse.
“You can dress and come out now.” Carl said after a while.
Samantha pulled up her panties and jeans before she turned around. It was a bit late to protect her modesty, but she could not help trying. When the tight-fitting jeans settled against her sore, throbbing bottom, she winced.
“Thank you, Sir.” She said when approaching Carl. “I had a wonderful day.”
Carl nodded and Samantha wondered how he had imagined this evening ending. With her in his bed, for more than just a spanking? That certainly seemed possible. She laughed, when had it become ‘just a spanking’?
“It was my pleasure.” Carl replied. “If you’re ever in need of company again, don’t hesitate to ask me.”
Samantha giggled, company was the least of what he’d offered her today. Still, he was giving her an opening to leave without taking things further. She’d already done more than she’d ever imagined doing with some stranger in his hotel-room in a far-off country.
“I’m staying until Sunday, what about you?” She asked.
“Im here two more weeks.” Carl responded.
Samantha licked her lips. “Well I’ve got your room number, I know where to find you, should I need you.”
Carl smiled. “I’m sure you’ll remember. Bye Samantha.”
Samantha smiled in return. “Bye, Sir.”
She turned to leave and Carl did not stop her, she pulled the door to his room closed behind her. For a moment she stood there, outside his room, her heart racing. She was still not sure she completely understood everything that had happened that day.
There was a spring in her step, despite the pain in her bottom, as she made her way to the elevators. She smiled all the way to her own room. Amy and Cedric would be waiting for her there. She wondered if the room would be cleaned like Carl had predicted.

4 thoughts on “City trip spankings ( part 1)

    1. No, just because Samantha enjoys being spanked, doesn’t mean that just anyone should get to give her rules or spank her. She submitted willingly to Carl, there’s no reason for her to submit to Cedric as well.


  1. I don’t know that Amy woud have pointed that out, and had she done so, I am sure her husband would have punished her for making excuses. After all, as his submissive, Amy is beholden to the rules he sets, whereas Samantha is unbound and not his to discipline. Other people’s failings do not excuse one’s own lack of self-control, and Amy should use her own judgement rather than follow Samantha’s messy lead.


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