A day of submission

flashing her bare bottom and pantiies

The alarm went of at 8:00 exactly. Sophie rolled over and silenced the irritating noise with a quick smack on the snooze button. A moment later, she realized what day it was. Wide awake after her realization, she turned off the alarm completely and sat up in the bed.
Her boyfriend had already left. The light leaking in from behind the curtains was just enough to see the empty spot where he’d been sleeping.
Sophie stood up, dropping the blanket to reveal her bared skin. Just like Matt she slept naked They had banned clothes from their bed a long time ago.
On a chair beside the bed lay a neatly folded dress and a set of lingerie. She had expected that to be there, Matt had never forgotten a day of submission. A few times that chair had been empty; but that didn’t mean he’d forgotten, it meant he didn’t want her to wear anything that day.
Every last Saturday of the month; Sophie tried her best to be a perfect submissive for Matt. Early in their relationship, they had discovered this mutual interest, Sophie’s submissive attitude and Matt’s desire to dominate her. BDSM was already an important part of their relationship. Sophie loved to be tied up during sex, she was submissive in the bedroom and outside, she had to follow Matt’s rules and even let him spank her when she misbehaved. On the last Saturday of the month, they took things one step further.
A day of submission, they called it. On this day they took their roles as submissive and Dominant, princess and Sir, slave and Master to a higher level. They let it manage every detail of their day.

Sometimes that chair would have been empty and they’d stay home all day, other days there was only lingerie and they would do the same. When there was a dress like today, it usually meant they’d go out. Sophie never knew beforehand what Matt had planned however.
The lingerie Matt had chosen was very sexy. It usually was. The panties were of black silk with a soft, narrow front and a single black thong at the back. The bra was a matching black with a cut-off top. It would leave the upper part of her breasts bared and barely covered her nipples.
The dress was completely white, with a short skirt that would leave most of her legs bared and a deep neckline that would take full advantage of the bra to show off her bare skin in its deep cleavage.
Sophie picked up the clothes and took them with her to the bathroom. She knew Matt would be in the kitchen, but she was not allowed her breakfast until she was ready for him. She took a short shower, focusing more on being perfectly clean than enjoying the hot water. She shaved her legs and trimmed the hair above her crotch. After rinsing off, she dried her hair and brushed it until it shone. She did not use any pins or hair-bands, but let it hang loose like Matt preferred. She put on the underwear and dress Matt had chosen, before adding a light touch of make-up and checking herself one last time in the mirror before going downstairs.

“Good morning, Sir.” Sophie said as she found Matt in the kitchen, just like she’d expected.
“Good morning, Sophie.” Matt replied, twirling his finger.
Sophie turned around slowly at that sign, showing her boyfriend the dress he had chosen for her. When Matt raised is finger, she raised her dress to show him that yes, she was wearing the panties he’d laid out.
“Can I have some breakfast, Sir?” She asked. It was not a mandatory question, but as long as Matt wanted to look at her, she’d have to wait. She did not need his permission for breakfast, but she needed it to end her display.
“Yes, go ahead. Clean up when you’re done.” He got up and left his own dishes behind, knowing she’d clean those away for him.
Sophie ate a small breakfast of cereal and milk. She was too nervous and excited for more. Days like today were always fun, but not easy. It was hard to completely submit to someone and not make any mistakes. She’d hardly ever managed a whole day of submission without being spanked.
When she was finished with her breakfast, she found Matt waiting for her in the hallway. She knew he wanted to head out today. The white dress and black underwear was an obvious choice for that. He wanted to show off his girlfriend and at the same time make her feel anxious about her fragile modesty. The high contrast of black and white between her underwear and dress and the little covering of the latter would have her in constant danger of flashing some stranger.
A good submissive would of course make sure that only her master was granted such sights. Sophie would have to make sure to regularly offer him the view of her cleavage deep enough to see her breasts to the edge of her bra or bend over far enough that her nearly bare bottom was exposed; all the while making sure no-one else saw.
“Are we going out, Sir?” She asked. She knew the answer, but it would not be right to presume.
“Yes we are. Take my black shoes, please.” Matt replied.
Sophie took the black leather shoes from their spot. Matt was wearing dark gray, nearly black trousers and a white button-down shirt. She knelt in front of him and Matt held out his foot. Sophie placed the shoes for him to step into and then tied his laces.
She looked up at him when she was done and noticed a slight bulge in his pants. Matt was getting excited from their play already. She was getting hot herself as well and all she’d done was kneel and tie his shoes for him.
“Thank you, Sophie.” Matt said.
Only when Matt was fully ready, did she take care of herself. She had to be careful for that too. She should not look clumsy, but she should also not be too careful and slow for she shouldn’t make him wait. She bent over to put on her shoes, which made it more difficult than necessary, but granted Matt a nice view of her bottom, uncovered by her thong or the short dress.
“Shall I wear the collar or the necklace today, Sir?” Sophie asked.
“It is too warm today to wear a scarf or coat to hide the collar.” Matt replied. “So you are allowed to wear the necklace.”
“Thank you, Sir.” Sophie replied, taking the necklace from its box near the shoe cabinet and handing it to him. It was a simple silver necklace with a small pendant showing a BDSM symbol. Only people who were into the lifestyle would recognize it for what it was.
Sophie turned around to let Matt secure it around her neck The pendant hung low in her cleavage, between her pushed up breasts. She then followed Matt to the car and waited for him to open the door for her. Privately, she served him, but to the outside world he wanted to present het as a lady, well-treated and well-behaved. On days like today, he acted like a true gentleman, as long as they were in public.

They did not talk during the short ride. Sophia was curious about where he was taking her, but she knew that if he wanted her to know, he’d have told her.
She knew they weren’t going far. Matt took the same roads he took every time they went to the city. He stopped at the same parking they always used and got out of the car to open the door for her.
With her arm in his, she let him guide the way until they reached the city’s shopping mall. It was a large building in the middle of town that housed a dozen different stores under one roof.
Matt took her to one of the stores on the building’s second floor. They had been here before but never bought anything, their clothes were just too expensive.
“Don’t touch anything.” Matt said.
Sophie licked her lips and followed her boyfriend. Matt freely looked through the large collection of dresses and she longed to do the same. Obediently, she resisted the urge and kept her hands by her side while Matt picked out clothes.
When he had a small stack of dresses over the crook of his arm, Matt took her to the dressing rooms.
“Try these on.” He said, handing her his selection.
Sophie entered one of the small rooms and pulled the door closed behind her. There were seven dresses in total, all in bright colors. She started with the red one.
Its fabric was soft and light against her skin. It was exhilarating trying on the things Matt had chosen for her, without having a say herself. When she could not reach the zipper on the back of the dress, she hesitated.
“Sir, could you help me, please.” She called out with a blush. The other shoppers might be surprised to hear her address him so, but the honorific was required on days like today.
Matt knocked on her door and entered swiftly after. He looked at her shortly and knew immediately what she needed. “Turn around, please.” He ordered before pulling up the zipper for her.
Sophie twirled in her red dress, showing it off to her boyfriend. “I love this one.” She told him. She still had no idea what he was planning, but she hoped she’d get to keep at least one of these dresses.
“I knew you would like that one.” Matt said. “Let’s try on the others, I’ll stay so I can help.”
Sophie smiled as Matt helped her in and out of the dresses he had chosen for her. They were all lovely, sexy or cute.
Constantly undressing in front of him, her near nudity in this small room, the constant touch of his hands on her bare skin when he helped her, also had her hot and bothered by the time they were done.
Sophie had just taken off the last of the dresses he had chosen for her when Matt told her: “If you’re a good girl, you can keep one of them.”
Sophie stood there nearly naked, in the lingerie Matt had chosen for her. She wondered what he meant with being a good girl.
Matt reached for the buttons of his trousers and slowly undid them. He pulled up his shirt and freed his large erection from his boxers.
Sophie licked her lips and blushed. “In here?” She asked.
“You only need to use your mouth Sophie, and make it fast, there are other customers waiting.” Matt said.
A quick glance over her shoulder told her the door was still closed. For a moment Sophie had thought her boyfriend wanted to fuck her. People would’ve definitely heard them if they did that.
Instead, she got on her knees in front of him and took his cock in her mouth. She felt the blood pulsing beneath his skin, feeling his excitement on her tongue. She loved doing this for him, loved serving him like a good girl should.
She took him in deep, not wasting any time like he’d said and sucked him eagerly.
Matt grabbed her hair and pulled it back so that it didn’t cover her face. He was looking down at her, enjoying the view of her nearly-naked body at his feet.
When Sophie looked up in return, her eyes wide in adoration and her mouth full of his cock, Matt grunted softly. Sophie knew the signs and kept him inside. His body shook slightly as he came, shooting his sperm against the roof of her mouth. Sophie swallowed it all, making sure not a drop was spilled on her or his clothes.
“Good girl.” Matt said. “Stand up and put on your clothes. You can take the green dress too. You looked absolutely stunning in that one.”
Sophie stood and grabbed her dress before she realized he had chosen the wrong dress. “The red one?” She asked. “I wanted the red one, that was so pretty.”
“I liked the green one better.” Matt replied.
She had tried the red one on first of course, it had been a while since Matt had seen it. “Let me put it on so you can se it again.” She said, already pulling the red dress over her head.
Sophie turned around, expecting Matt to pull up the zipper. Instead, he pulled up the dress and gave her a firm swat on her bottom. Sophie jumped up and turned around in surprise.
“I said put on your clothes and take the green dress, young lady.” Matt said.
Sophie quickly pulled off the dress and took her own white one. Fuck. She thought. What had made her think that she could do that? Any other day it would’ve been okay, but on a day of submission, Matt wouldn’t tolerate such disobedience or bratty behavior.
“Can I still keep the green dress?” She asked as Matt helped her with the zipper of her own dress. She didn’t need to ask to know she was in trouble.
“Yes, but only because I’m in a good mood.” Matt said.
“Oh, thank you, Sir.” Sophie said, turning around to kiss him. Matt allowed it.

After paying for the dress and leaving the store, Matt took her to the elevator. Sophie wondered what else he had planned. She was surprised when he pressed the button for the fourth basement floor.
The shopping mall had its own parking garage below grounds, but they never parked there because it was too expensive. There were only about half a dozen cars down here, most would be in the higher levels.
Matt walked to one of the cars and rested against its hood.
“Whose car is that, Sir?” Sophie asked.
“I don’t know.” Matt replied. “We’re not here for the cars. That was an embarrassing performance you displayed there in the dressing rooms young lady. Disobeying my command and pulling on that red dress while I had already told you I’d chosen the green one.”
Sophie blushed. Why had she thought she would get away with just a reprimand? “I’m sorry, Sir.” She said.
“You’ll be even more sorry when I’ve turned that bottom of yours just as red as that dress you wanted so desperately.” Matt replied.
Sophie bit her lip as Matt held out his hand. She let him guide her over his knee as he half-sat on the hood of the stranger’s car.
Chances were low that anyone would come down here while there were still parking spots available on the upper level, but she sill blushed deeply when he raised her skirt to bare her bottom.
Matt smacked her behind firmly and Sophie hissed. The sound echoed down the vast chamber. Anyone on this floor would hear them and it might carry to the upper floors as well.
This did not stop Matt however. He smacked her bottom again and again. His strong hand striking each of her buttocks alternatively, building up the sting in both. He was not gentle or soft, like he was for a sensual spanking, but strict and firm. This was a day of submission and Sophie should’ve known better than to act up.
Sophie cursed softly at herself as the pain in her bottom grew. She was embarrassed at the mistake she made and felt guilty that she had not managed to be the perfect submissive she tried to be on days like this.
“I’m sorry, Sir.” She whimpered as her bottom bounced under his hand. She imagined it must already be reaching that color of red the dress had been.
Suddenly, they were interrupted by an alarm. The car they’d been using as a seat had taken offense at their act it seems and howled for its owner.
Matt let her up and with a blush, Sophie pulled down her dress to cover her bottom. They quickly returned to the elevator, leaving the car behind before someone caught them.
“It seems your bottom got lucky since we got interrupted.” Matt said. “There was a restroom one floor above us. You can freshen up there before we return to the mall.”
Together they took the stairs because the elevator had been called up by someone else. On the third basement floor, Sophie entered the empty restroom and looked in the mirror.
She had not cried, but tears in the corners of her eyes had messed with her mascara. Those had not been from pain, but from the embarrassment of the spanking she’d earned.
After fixing her make-up, she brushed her hair with the small wooden hairbrush she always carried with her for occasions like this. Across Matt’s knee, her hair would never remain untangled.
Matt was waiting for her outside the restroom when she returned. She was still holding the hairbrush. “Sir, since we were interrupted, I feel like I did not get the punishment I deserve. Might I offer you my hairbrush to finish what you started. It might help fasten things along, if you so desire.”
“That’s a very good idea, Sophie.” Matt said, taking the hairbrush she offered. “Turn around and put your hands against the wall.”
Sophie turned around. Asking for the rest of her punishment had made her feel better about the mistake she’d made before. It made her feel she truly was a perfect submissive today. This should really balance out the earlier mistake.
Matt raised her skirt and smacked her unprotected bottom with the hairbrush. Sophie squealed softly.
Again and again, the hairbrush landed against her backside as she pressed her body against the wall with no way to escape. Matt did not hold back, he had taken her advice to heart about finishing it off quickly. Such hard smacks had her kicking and squealing.
“I hope you learned a lesson, young lady.” Matt said when the torment finally stopped.
“Yes, Sir.” Sophie replied meekly. The second part of her punishment had been short but severe.
Matt handed her the hairbrush. “Go cleanup, don’t take too long.”
Back in the restroom, Sophie could see the tears had now drawn black lines across her cheeks. The mascara had been fresh of course. There was only cold water to scrub her face. Matt was waiting outside, she did not have much time, but she had to reapply her make-up. He wanted her to look perfect today. Her hands trembled as she tried to apply it quickly but perfectly and all this time her bottom was glowing and stinging from the spanking she’d received.
Again Sophie brushed her hair and before she left, she raised her dress to take a look at her bottom in the mirror. It was easily as red as the dress as been. She blushed deeply, knowing the white dress only barely covered the red marks. She’d have to be twice as careful that no-one but Matt got to see underneath.
“I’m ready, Sir.” She said, joining Matt outside the restroom.
“One more thing.” Matt said. “This should help you remember to be perfectly submissive today.” He took her collar from his pocket.
Sophie blushed. She hadn’t even seen him take it before they left home.
“Turn around.” Matt said.
Sophie obediently turned, with her bottom still glowing, she had no plans on disobeying him again.
Matt unlocked the necklace and put the pendant in his pocket. He then replaced it with the collar that fit tightly around her neck. It was of simple black leather with a metal clasp and a single ring at the front. It looked so kinky that no-one would mistake it for ordinary jewelry.
“Let’s go.” Matt said.
Sophie blushed. “Wait, I can’t hide it?” She asked.
“No.” Matt replied.
Sophie’s mouth hung open. She’d never worn her collar in public before. At least, not without hiding it.
“Is there a problem?” Matt asked.
“No, Sir.” Sophie replied. She was trembling, nervous to go into public wearing her collar, scared to run into anyone that might recognize her. She knew Matt wouldn’t force her to do so if she said so right now, but she did not want to disappoint him either.
“If you see someone we know, say ‘incoming’ and I will hand you a scarf. But only as long as that person is around. Otherwise, you leave it uncovered.” Matt said.
Sophie sighed a breath of relief. “Thank you, Sir.” She whispered.
The elevator was still taken, so they took the stairs back up to the mall. At the first floor, people were in line at the machine to pay their parking tickets. They turned to look at them as they emerged from the staircase. Sophie blushed and fought the urge to cover her collar. Would they have heard them, three stories up? She wondered.

The mall’s first floor contained mostly restaurants and that’s where Matt took her as it was nearly noon. They sat down at a place that sold burgers for lunch. The hard wooden chairs had Sophie squirming in her seat with how sore her bottom was.
Matt did not hurry at all and took his time before ordering and then finishing his burger slowly, enjoying the look on Sophie’s face as she was forced to stay seated on her sensitive buttocks.

In the afternoon, they left the mall, and walked through the city instead. The streets were crowded thanks to the warm weather and Sophie was constantly looking out for people whom she’d have to hide her collar from.
When a cool breeze brought relief from the heat, she enjoyed its cool touch on her skin before realizing it might unveil the reddened skin beneath her fluttering dress.
The constant awareness of her frail modesty, barely protected by holding her dress down with just one hand – the other hooked in Matt’s arm – and the public display of her collar made it hard for Sophie to enjoy their stroll and focus on the things Matt was telling her.
“You are distracted.” Matt said.
Sophie blushed. She did not want to admit it, she wanted to be a perfect submissive today; but a perfect submissive wouldn’t lie. “I am.” She said.
“Let go of your skirt.” Matt said. “The wind isn’t that strong, it won’t blow up your dress.”
Sophie bit her lip and released the hand that had been clutching her dress. She knew he was right, there was barely a breeze. She was just nervous because of the collar. Relaxing her hand immediately made her feel better.
“Would you like me to take off the collar?” Matt asked.
Sophie hesitated. Taking off the collar would feel like failing. “No, Sir.” She said.
“Are you sure?” Matt asked. “This is the last time I’m offering. There will be no consequences if I have to take it off now; but if you continue being so distracted and unresponsive to my attention, or if I have to take it off later anyway, there will be punishment.”
Sophie blushed, but she did not change her mind. Taking off the collar would be the easy way out. She wanted to be a perfect submissive today and that meant accepting the challenge and dealing with the consequences if she failed.
“I’m sure.” She said.
Matt led her further through the crowds and Sophie did her best to listen participate in their conversation, forgetting the collar around her neck and ignoring the wind pulling on the hem of her dress.
When Matt turned to ascend the stairs to the local cinema-complex, Sophie sighed in relief. In the darkness of the movie-theater no-one would be able to see her collar and this particular cinema had comfortable, soft seats for her red behind.
They were just in time for the afternoon movies There were few people there at this time of the day. Matt bought two tickets for an action movie and did not inquire after her preferences when buying drinks and popcorn. Sophie was delighted to let him chose for her. She didn’t get any choices on a day of submission, it felt great letting Matt take charge of everything.
It took a while for Sophie’s spanked bottom to adjust to the cushioned chairs, but by the time the lights went off she was comfortable and no longer felt their sting.
Matt placed the popcorn between them and then lay his hand on her thigh. Sophie licked her lips, Matt’s hand was warm and her dress was short, he was up quite high on her leg. She wondered if he planned to do more than just watch a movie.
It did not take long for her hunch to be confirmed. When Matt’s hand slid up her leg and under her dress, Sophie was reminded of their time in the changing room. The spanking that had followed and her time wearing the collar had almost made her forget how she had sucked his dick in such a public place. Remembering it now made her wet and excited as Matt massaged her pussy through the thin fabric of her panties.
“You’re not allowed to cum.” Matt whispered as the movie started.
It was difficult for Sophie to focus on the movie with Matt’s hand beneath her skirt. He focussed on her lips, stroking them softly, sometimes slipping in-between to pressure her clit; but always behind the soft barrier of her panties.
It took all her focus to keep quiet while her boyfriend touched her. She did not want to alert others of what was happening, nor disturb them while they enjoyed the movie.
Matt never pressured her as hard as to risk reaching a climax. It was a constant tease that made it ever harder to keep quiet, but easy to follow his rules.
When the lights were suddenly turned on and the white screen announced a ten minute break, Matt pulled back his hand.
Sophie felt wet with excitement, she knew her panties were soaked and feared there might even be a stain on her chair. “Can I use the restroom, please?” She asked.
“Yes.” Matt said. “You should leave your panties off when you return.”
Sophie blushed as she made her way down the rows of chairs, wondering if anyone was looking at her. Had anyone known what they’d been doing? When she returned from the restroom – pantie-less – she was blushing even deeper.
The lights went off and Matt’s hand returned to her thighs. “Remember what I said earlier.” He whispered.
Sophie bit her lip to hold back a moan when Matt’s warm hands touched her without the protection of her panties. Her pussy was so wet that his fingers slipped in-between her lips with each stroke. The skin-to-skin contact increased the intensity of his playful teasing a hundredfold.
Holding back an orgasm became harder and harder, keeping silent near impossible. Luckily the action scenes in the movie were loud enough to drown out the occasional moan and whimper.
When Matt took his teasing one step further and focussed his attention on her clit, Sophie had to grab handfuls from the bucket of popcorn that was placed between them to force down her moans.
She had to fight the urge to close her legs and pinch her thighs. Matt would not allow her that and she had no choice but to obey, to keep her legs open for him to touch her no matter how hard he made it for her.
Sophie wondered how much longer the movie could possibly last. She barely knew what the story was about or what the main characters were doing.
When Matt increased the pressure on her clit, her body convulsed. “Please.” She said. “I can’t hold on anymore.”
“Just a little while longer.” Matt said. “The movie is nearly over. When the credits start to roll, you’re allowed to cum.”
Sophie grabbed the armrests of her chair, tensing all her muscles. “I won’t make it.” She begged.
“Almost there.” Matt said.
Sophie didn’t know whether he meant the credits or her orgasm. Her body started shaking out of her control. Waves of pleasure flooded her crotch underneath Matt’s strong touch. No, not yet. She told herself; but her body didn’t listen.
She reached out, trying to stop the orgasm that Matt had forbidden her, she wanted to be a perfect submissive today. Instead, she hit the bucket of popcorn that stood between them. It had been less than half-full, but still a large portion was spilled across Matt’s lap.
Matt pulled back his hand in surprise, but for Sophie it was too late. She shuddered and moaned as the waves of pleasure ran through her body.
“You naughty girl. You’re in big trouble when we get home.” Matt whispered while brushing off the popcorn.
After the orgasm resided, Sophie blushed. Not only had she cum against his explicit order not to; she had also thrown the bucket of popcorn all over his lap.
Stunned by her actions, she was unable to reply to his words. When suddenly the credits started rolling, she whispered: Fuck!

Matt did not speak as they left the movie-theatre, nor on their way to the car.
Sophie still wore her collar and no panties underneath her short dress. Still she barely thought of those things and instead focussed on how she had screwed up her day of submission.
“I was going to give you a nice spanking for cumming too soon.” Matt said when they reached the car. He was holding the door open for her.
Sophie had little time to think about those words as he walked around the car. Apparently Matt had hoped she’d cum without permission.
“But throwing the popcorn all over my lap to make me stop, that’s taking things too far, young lady.” Mat continued when he got into the driver’s seat.
“I didn’t mean to.” Sophie said.
“It doesn’t matter what you meant to do.” Matt said. “What matters is what you did. It means you won’t get the sensual, erotic spanking I had planned for you when we got home today, but instead a good dose of my belt.”
Sophie bit her lip. It didn’t seem fair; but she knew that on a day of submission, the rules were skewed. She was expected to be perfect, even small mistakes could have harsh consequences. It was one of the things she loved about these days; yet at the same time made her glad that they occurred only once per month.
“I understand.” She said.

At home, once the door closed behind them. Matt ordered Sophie to take off all her clothes. Sophie undressed completely, placing he shoes in the shoe-cabinet and her dress and bra on top of it. Her panties were still inside her purse which she’d placed on the floor.
Fully naked, she knelt in front of her boyfriend, to help him take off his shoes. Then, she followed him into the living room.
Matt grabbed a chair from the dining-room table and placed it in the middle of the room. “Across my knee.” He ordered while sitting down.
Sophie obediently placed herself across her boyfriend’s lap. It was a high chair and she barely reached the floor with her hands and feet. Her naked body dangled across Matt’s lap, her bare bottom high up in the air.
Matt gave her a quick swat on her behind, her buttocks jiggled under the impact. Sophie moaned softly, they were still sensitive from her spanking with the hairbrush earlier that day.
Matt did not relent and his hand rained down on Sophie’s vulnerable behind. She was quickly moaning and squealing as her bottom bounced beneath the onslaught.
Sophie whimpered and struggled to keep her bottom in place. It had been a long time since she’d made as many mistakes on a day of submission as she had today. She would accept her punishment willingly and not struggle, she promised herself.
In their normal relationship Matt occasionally gave her a maintenance spanking. If she’d been a good girl and thus not received any for a while, her behavior always deteriorated slightly. A good spanking helped her remember to keep on track. Perhaps the same was true for these days of submission, too many successful days were followed by one like today where she messed up too much.
Her brightly stinging bottom indicated that today was definitely not a successful one.
“Get up.” Matt ordered.
Sophie pushed herself up from her boyfriend’s lap and fought the urge to rub her throbbing bottom. Instead, she folded her hands in front of her and waited for his instructions like a proper submissive.
“I want you to kneel on the couch, facing the arm-rest.” Matt told her.
Sophie moved to the couch and knelt in the described position while Matt picked up the chair. He placed it beside the couch. “Bend over.” He said.
Sophie bent forward, her upper arms resting on the chair’s seat while the couch’ armrest propped her bottom up in the air. She shivered when she heard Matt unbuckling his belt.
She loved to be spanked with his belt, it felt so kinky and sexy. It hurt just enough to feel like a real spanking and still be enjoyable. That was, if it was a fun spanking. Today she expected it to hurt a bit more than usual. Matt was always extra strict on a day of submission.
The belt whooshed through the air and landed across her already sore bottom with a loud thwack!
Sophie squealed softly.
Matt raised his belt and swung it at her throbbing behind again; painting a bright red line alongside the first.
Sophie clenched her teeth as the belt hit her poor bottom again and again. She could not hold back her squeals though, she screamed and moaned as the sting in her bottom reached unbearable heights.
Twice today, Matt had had to spank her, despite her efforts to be a perfect submissive. She felt ashamed for not living up to his expectations and felt full-heartedly she deserved her punishment. She did not hold back her tears when they came, letting them paint new lines of mascara on her cheeks, like those she’d washed away before at the parking garage.
“Please, I’ll be good. I will try harder next time, I promise.” Sophie said when the pain became too much to ignore.
The belt landed on her burning bottom again.
“I’m sorry, I’ll be a good girl, I promise.” Sophie begged.
Once more, the belt landed on her backside, but then it stopped. Matt stroked her bottom gently. “I expect better from you next month.” He said.
“Yes, Sir.” Sophie promised.
“Now get up and go stand in the corner, hands on your head.” Matt ordered.
Sophie got up and made her way to the corner of their living room. Still not allowed to use her hands to sooth her red hot bottom, she placed them on her head.
Matt turned on the TV.

Time always seemed to pass slowly as she stood in the corner. Sophie had no idea how long she’d been standing there, naked, her red bottom on display.
“Can I come out yet?” She asked.
“It’s only been five minutes.” Matt replied, no indication of how much longer she’d have to stay.
Standing still was hard, Sophie had to keep switching what leg she stood on to keep her muscles from cramping up, but her arms grew tired. The pain in her bottom was still the worst, though.
She didn’t want to ask him again, fearing she might sound impatient instead of remorseful.
A bit later Matt paused his series on the TV. “You can come out now.”
Sophie turned and approached him for a hug. Matt opened his arms welcomingly and Sophie could not stop a broad smile lighting up her face. No matter what she’d done or how she’d misbehaved, when her spanking was done, Matt would always forgive her.
She hugged him fiercely, enjoying his touch on her naked body, despite the still throbbing pain in her bottom.
Matt kissed her deeply. “Be more careful next time, okay?” He said.
Sophie suddenly realized that Matt had been looking forward to that slow and sensual spanking. By tipping over the popcorn and earning this more strict punishment, she had robbed him of that. This harsh spanking had probably been more about that, than it had been about spilling popcorn or cumming without permission. She blushed deeply, even more embarrassed now that she’d realized this.
“I will.” She promised. “You know you don’t have to wait another month to give me that gentle spanking, right?”
“Let’s wait until your bottom has recovered somewhat. Maybe tomorrow. For now, it’s still a day of submission, so you better act like it.” Matt replied.
Sophie bit her lip. “Yes, Sir.”

Matt retuned to his TV, while Sophie turned to do some chores around the house. She could have joined him, but her bottom protested against the idea of sitting down, even on something as soft as their couch. She preferred doing chores on a day as this anyway, as it helped her feel like an obedient submissive.
While she cleaned up the room and dusted the shelves, Matt looked at her as often as he watched the TV. Sophie was still naked and flaunted her red bottom for her boyfriend.
When his show was done, Matt got up. “I’m going to bed.” He announced. “I expect you to join me shortly.”
Sophie finished her last chores quickly and followed her master upstairs. When she arrived, Matt was already naked and under the covers. She halted beside the bed.
“May I join you, Sir?” She asked.
“Yes.” Matt said, granting her permission to enter his bed.
Sophie crawled beneath the blankets and Matt did not hesitate to pull her close to him, their naked bodies against each-other as he kissed her. She could feel his erection against her tummy.
“Roll over.” Matt commanded her.
Sophie turned over, onto her belly, while Matt kneeled behind her. Despite her earlier embarrassing punishment and still burning bottom, Sophie was dripping wet when Matt penetrated her.
He fucked her roughly and Sophie squealed when his hips smacked against her sore, red bottom. Yet she enjoyed the pain and the rough fucking she received. She moaned loudly when Matt bit her ear and neck.
When he came, Matt collapsed on top of her, his body heavy on her back, his weight pressed against her sore bottom.
“Can I cum too, Sir?” She asked when he rolled off of her.
“You’ve already cum once too many today.” Matt replied.
“Please.” Sophie begged.
“You’ll have to wait until midnight.” Matt said. “But you’ll have to do it yourself and make sure you don’t wake me.”
Sophie bit her lip, but did not argue. It was still two hours until midnight, but that also meant two more hours of being a perfect submissive and doing what she was told.

She had to fight to stay awake, but when her watch finally announced that the day of submission was over, she was finally allowed to touch herself.
She’d had two hours to fantasize, to relive the day and that meant it did not take long for her fingers to finally bring her that release. Her body was shaking and shuddering with the orgasm she’d given herself, but only with the permission from her boyfriend.
All this time she’d been laying on her belly, just like she had when Matt had fucked her. Partly to remember it and partly because lying on her bottom still hurt. As she lay there silently in the dark, recovering from those waves of pleasure, she heard Matt roll over.
“I thought I told you not to wake me.” He said, while squeezing her sore bottom.
“I’m sorry.” Sophie replied, but Matt had already spanked her red bottom a few times more.
“Wait, it’s not a day of submission anymore.” Sophie protested.
“That’s no reason to misbehave.” Matt said, swatting her sore behind at least a dozen times more before mounting her from behind again.

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