The stolen bikini (part 3)

bare bottom spanking at the pool

part 1
part 2

The day before, Sophia had walked the streets of a small town besides Michael. She’d been wearing only a bikini and a dress that was so see-through, that anyone might se that she’d been recently spanked, if they looked close enough.
Anytime someone looked at her, Sophia wondered if they noticed. At first, it made her blush; but as the day progressed, she started to feel excited by the idea of them seeing.
Sophia always told herself that she could enjoy these vacations so fully because no-one knew her. That’s why she did not mind people knowing she slept around with other guests at the hotel she was staying in. So why should she care if they knew she got spanked? Let them think what they want, they didn’t know her and she’d never see them again before she went home.
If she could show her red bottom unashamed, she could be proud at herself for her self-confidence, she thought. At home she’d never admit she liked to get spanked when she deserved it; but out here that admission was anonymous.
She asked Michael if they could spend the rest of that evening at the pool.

“Are you sure?” Michael asked her when they returned to the resort. “Most of the marks won’t have faded yet.”
“I am.” Sophia replied. “It’s like you said. I should be proud of them instead of hiding them. Let everyone at the pool see what happens to naughty girls.”
Michael laughed
When they arrived at the pool, many guests had left to have dinner at the resort. This meant there were chairs available for them.
Sophia hesitated for a few more moments and then pulled her dress over her head. She still wore the same bikini of the day before, the one which bottoms did not cover an inch of her behind.
She looked at her buttocks which were still slightly pink and bore some obvious bruises. With a blush, she laid down on her lounging chair. She turned over to lay on her belly, daring herself to show off her bottom.
Michael left to get some things from his room. All alone beside the pool, Sophia could feel dozens of eyes on her. The men always looked at her, the way she was dressed. She wondered what they were thinking now.
More and more people returned to the pool after dinner and as they passed her chair, Sophia noticed the look of surprise in their eyes as they passed her. It made her blush, but at the same time feel triumphant. Yes, she had gotten spanked and yes she was brave enough to let them see.
Michael returned from his room with two towels and sunscreen for the both of them. Sophia stood up to place on of those towels on her chair and then helped him apply the sun-screen.
When she laid back down on her chair, Michael did the same for her. His hands felt strong and cool on her back, her legs and bottom. She wondered how many other men were watching her get oiled up like this.

When they returned to Michael’s room at the end of the day, she noticed the room was still messy. They had not cleaned up after she’d gone through his thing or even after her spanking.
“Can I have a good girl spanking today?” She asked Michael as she stepped over his things.
“First, you’re going to clean up this mess, young lady.” He said.
Sophia blushed. She had kind of expected him to ask her this. Reluctantly she started clearing away his things.
“Take off your bikini first. You’ve been swimming and I don’t want all my clothes to get wet.” Michael said.
Sophie smiled when she took them off. She knew well enough that wasn’t the true reason he wanted her naked. She loved showing off for him however, so she finished cleaning his room naked.
“Come over here.” Michael said. “He was sitting on the bed, where he had placed a towel beneath himself for he was only wearing his wet swimming trunks.
Sophie approached him, swaying her naked body.
“You’ve been a very good girl today, at least after I had to spank you.” He said. “Would you like a good girl spanking before we go to bed?”
“Yes, please.” Sophia replied.
“Well then, get across my knee.”

Sophia always said men slept better after she’d spent the night with them, but the following morning she was the one that woke up last.
She rubbed her bottom dreamily, but it no longer hurt. The good girl spanking hadn’t left any marks, and those by the belt had mostly faded as well.
Michael had left her clothes this time, so she went to her own room for a clean dress and a fresh bikini.
Out at the pool, it was still calm, so she enjoyed her morning swim while she imagined Michael was still at breakfast with the other guests of the hotel.
She claimed a chair with her towel, but reserved a second one for Michael, hoping he’d come lie with her.
He arrived with a group of other guests. They all searched for a lounging chair of their own while Michael came to her.
“I hope you enjoyed your morning swim without any naughtiness.” He said.
“You weren’t here.” Sophie replied. “Who could I have been naughty with?”
Michael grinned. “There’s enough single men here for you to lure into that little cave.”
Sophia blushed. They were just two strangers that had some fun together, there was no reason they couldn’t sleep with other people; but Sophia had quickly learned to avoid the trouble that could come from jealous lovers. “Only one conquest at a time.” She said.
“Is that what I am?” Michael asked. “A conquest?”
Sophia smiled. “Well I guess in this case it might be he other way around.”
Michael nodded. “So you don’t mind if I sit with you today again?”
“Of course not. How else are you going to make sure I stay a good girl?” Sophia teased.
Michael grinned. “Well that I can do in my room; but if you want me close enough to step in on your naughty behavior right away, that can be arranged as well.”
Sophia blushed. What did he mean? Spank her right here at the pool? Surely not. “That’s not what I meant.” She said; but a slight thread of excitement formed at the idea of being spanked where everyone could see.
They had already seen her red bottom, hadn’t they? How much more exciting would it be if they actually saw her spanking?

Most of the day passed without incident. Sophia worked on her tan in the lounging chair while Michael read a book. Occasionally she’d go for a dip in the pool to cool off or grab a drink for the both of them.
Men still watched her as she walked around of course; but she did not approach them. Her vacation was nearing its end and Michael had only just arrived, he would be available to her until she left. Or more accurately, she’d be available to him.
It was at some point in the afternoon that she returned to their seats and Michael was gone. She had just gone for a swim and her towel was already wet from earlier in the day. Michael’s however was still mostly dry. It seemed like a good idea to use his to dry off. She laughed when thinking of his face when he’d return and find his towel all wet, it would be a great prank.
Michael did not agree of course.
When he returned and lay down on his towel, he cursed in surprise. “How did this get all wet?” He asked.
Sophia giggled.
“Did you steal my towel and use it instead of your own?” Michael asked.
“Yes.” Sophia admitted, smiling at his frowning face.
“That’s not very nice.” Michael said. “It’s very naughty actually.”
Sophia blushed. She had not anticipated that pranks might be considered naughty. Not very smart of her she realized.
“I think someone deserves a firm spanking, don’t you?” Michael asked when she did not reply.
“It was just a prank.” Sophie replied.
“I know. I’m not talking about using my belt on you again, Sophie; but you do deserve a trip across my knee for such naughtiness.” Michael said.
Sophia licked her lips. Okay, maybe she did deserve a few good swats from his hand for what she’d done. “I guess you’re right, I do deserve it a little.” She admitted.
“Well then, get across my lap.” Michael said, sitting down sideways on his lounge-chair.
Sophia blushed. “Right here? No way!”
“Why not?” Michael asked. “You told me yourself yesterday that you wanted the others to see what happened to a naughty girl.”
Sophie bit her lip. She had said that, but she’d meant letting them see her red bottom, not an actual spanking. Still, she’d been fantasizing about just that a lot while sunbathing.
“We can go inside if you want.” Michael said. “But I really think you deserve to be spanked right here where everyone can see.”
Sophia blushed again. “Yes, Sir.” She said, standing up and placing herself across Michael’s knee on his lounge-chair.
The bikini-bottoms she had on did not cover any part of her bottom that Michael would want to smack, so when his hand landed for the first time, the sound of skin on bare skin echoed across the pool-side. Sophie looked up sharply at the loud sound. She could see faces turning towards them.
With a blush she looked down, while Michael’s hand smacked her bottom again and again. The sting started to build, and she could not help moaning and squealing, even though she knew the sound would attract more eyes.
Even though the bikini-bottoms did not protect anything, Michael pulled them down after a few swats. Sophia blushed deeply, but did not protest as she was bared for the other guests to see, completely naked from the waist down.
The spanking continued for a little while longer, her bottom turning slowly sore and red. Until Michael stopped when a man approached them.
Sophia did not dare to look up as Michael explained to him that she was being spanked for stealing his towel.
“Are you okay, miss?” The man asked after the explanation.
Sophia blushed and turned around. It was a member of the hotel staff that had interrupted them.
“I’m fine.” She said. Well, her bottom hurt and she was starting to think maybe she shouldn’t have use Michael’s towel; but being spanked like this had been her own choice, so that was fine.
“Then may I suggest the two of you continue this in your room?” The man asked. “The other guests seem upset at what’s happening.”
Sophia blushed and Michael helped her up.
“You’re right, sir. Our apologies.” Michael said. “Sophia, go to my room and wait for me there.”
Sophia pulled her bikini-bottoms up from her ankles and made her way around the pool to the hotel. She could see all the people looking at her and her freshly spanked bottom. It turned her on greatly.

Michael arrived moments later. “The first time I spanked you, it was because you wanted to have sex in public.” He said with a smile. “I guess that means I shouldn’t have spanked you in public either.”
Sophia blushed. “It’s my fault, Sir. If I hadn’t been such a naughty girl, you wouldn’t have had to spank me.”
“That’s right.” Michael said. “We better continue where we left off.”
Sophia licked her lips. “Perhaps you should use your belt after all, Sir.” She said. “I’ve been very naughty after all.”
“If that’s what you want.” Michael said.
“If you only use your hands, I might think I’m getting a good girl spanking.” Sophia said. “You should always use your belt when I’ve been naughty.”
Michael nodded and went to his wardrobe to get his belt. “Get on the bed then, lie down on your tummy.” He said.
Sophia got on the bed, waiting for her punishment. She wondered why she had asked for the belt. She felt like she deserved to be punished maybe, but not as much as her previous punishments. Perhaps she was just starting to like being disciplined.
The belt hit her bottom hard after Michael swung I through the air. Sophia moaned and squealed each time it bit her bottom.
Michael did not hold back, despite that her transgression this time had not been as bad as those previous. Each smack was hard and precise.
Sophia sobbed and kicked her legs. Whimpering as the pain became too much to handle. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.” She said as Michael walked around the bed for another set of strokes from the other side.
The belt landed again, despite her promises.
Sophia squealed and begged. “I’ll be a good girl, I’ll be a good girl.” She repeated over and over again.
When the spanking was finally over, Michael sat beside her on the bed. “This wasn’t really about the towel, was it?” He asked her.
“No, Sir.” Sophia admitted. She knew now why she had asked him to use his belt.
“Then why did you need to be punished?” Michael asked.
“I felt guilty yesterday when you gave me a good girl spanking.” Sophia said. “For I had only been a good girl for a few hours. Before that, I’d been a bad girl for much longer. I think I need a lot more whippings from your belt before I deserve a good girl spanking.”
“How many more?” Michael asked. He was softly caressing her burning backside.
Sophia blushed, she hadn’t really thought of a number.
“I leave for home in four nights. So how about three more sessions with the belt and then a good girl spanking the night before I go home?” She asked.
“I like that.” Michael said. “I get three more nights to turn you into a good girl before sending you home as a reformed young lady.”
Sophia licked her lips. Three more spankings from his belt, and then she’d be a good girl. “Make them count.” She said. “I don’t have anyone at home to spank me, so those lashings will have to last a long time.”
“I will make sure you remember them.” Michael said.
“Where are you from anyway?” Sophia asked.
“Italy.” Michael replied.
“I’ve always wanted to go to Italy some day.” Sophia said. “Perhaps I’ll plan my summer vacation there next year.”
“If you do, I know a quaint village along the coast that’s beautiful this time of year.” Michael said. “The people there are a bit old-fashioned though. You might get in a lot of trouble if you wear the kind of outfits you’ve been wearing out here.”
“Then I hope there’ll be someone there to keep me out of trouble.” Sophia said.
“I’m sure there will be.”

5 thoughts on “The stolen bikini (part 3)

  1. I always enjoy your stories. If I may also pick your brains? What theme do you use for your site? And do you find the anthology approach to publishing works well? I’m more suited to writing short stories myself and am keen to try publishing a few. Thanks!


    1. Hey Rudi

      I use the Revelar theme for this blog.

      I’m not sure what the anthology approach is.
      My current publishing plan is as follows:
      – short stories are for practice, the first drafts of these are available for free on the blog; readers can support me by buying the fully edited versions on amazon.
      – story collections have longer stories (around 10k words per story instead of 3k); the first story is available on the blog, the full collection on amazon.
      – novels have a free transcript on the blog, the full version on amazon.

      I’d rather have people reading my work for free and not getting anything for it; than no-one reading it.
      This so far seems to work as a good balance to get people interested and earn some pocket-money at the same time.

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