The gentleman (part 3)

sexy bare bottom with stockings

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Two weeks passed before Samantha heard from Mike again. She still was absent-minded around her friends and had to admit to them she was seeing someone. The kind of relationship they had, she kept quiet about of course.
When Mike texted her, inviting her over for dinner, she replied immediately that she could. In a way, she was grateful that he had invited her to his place. Hers was a bit of a mess and she knew from his stories that he considered this a good enough reason to give a young woman a very red bottom.
On the night of her date, she did her best to dress as sexy as she could. She wore a short yellow dress, knowing Mike would love the stockings she wore underneath. She chose black lingerie, knowing it contrasted nicely with the light dress.
Preparing herself like this, she was reminded of the fact they’d agreed to have sex on their second date. It was a bit weird, going to a date having already agreed to that; but not as weird as being spanked for wanting it on the first.
When she arrived, Mike was wearing clean-cut jeans and a clean shirt. On top of that, he wore an apron. “Good evening my lady, please come in.” He said.
Sam blushed, feeling over-dressed for the occasion. Mike was obviously preparing dinner for her himself and wasn’t planning on taking her out.
“Please excuse me for just a moment.” Mike said after he guided her to his living-room. “The meal needs a few more touches and then I’ll join you.
Alone in the room, Sam looked around to see what she could discover about him. The room was clean and the furniture was modern. There were a lot of books, which meant Mike didn’t just write, but read as well. None of these were erotic at al though.
She could hear him in the kitchen and later somewhere deeper in the house going up some stairs. When he returned, the apron was gone and the jeans and shirt replaced by a suit.
“Excuse my earlier appearance.” Mike said. “I had not expected you so early.”
Sam blushed. “No Sir, excuse me for embarrassing you by arriving early.” She’d practiced a proper submissive attitude by reading as many of his stories as she could.
Mike smiled broadly. “I shall forgive you young lady, but only this once. Now please, join me at the table for dinner.”
Sam grinned broadly as she let Mike help her with her chair. She made a mental note not to arrive too early next time; for Mike might sound playful, there was no saying she might not end up over his knee the next time she caught him not ready for their date.
Mike served her perfectly prepared steak with steamed vegetables and baked potatoes. It was a simple, yet delicious meal. He offered her a glass of wine as well, but made her promise not to drink more than one so that she was sober enough to consent to his wishes when he took her up to his bedroom.
Sam only drank half her glass and had to force herself to touch the meal. She was too distracted about the anticipation of the things he might do to her.
When she finally cleared her plate, she shot Mike a challenging look. “Enough foreplay.” She said.

Mike stood up from his chair and moved briskly around the table. He grabbed her by the wrists and pulled her up so brusquely that her chair fell over backwards.
Sam gasped in surprise when Mike pulled her against him. His lust for her was immense and she realized he’d been wanting this as much as she did.
“Such a deviant smile for a lady.” Mike said.
“I thought you would be more gentle, like the gentleman you are.” Sam teased.
“Then I’ll show you just how gentle I can be.” Mike said.
His hand that had been holding her by the back of her neck let go of her hair and slid down her back. He rested just above her bottom.
“Would you follow me upstairs, my lady?” Mike asked her.
“Yes, Sir.” Sam breathed.
He guided her to his room. It was as clean as the rest of his home and the bed neatly made. He stopped her when she wanted to lay down on it.
Slowly, Mike undid the zipper on her back. His hands massaged her shoulders as he pulled her dress aside. It dropped down to her hips. Mike’s finger traced his spine and then gently pulled down her dress until her bottom popped out through the snug opening.
He let his fingers wander her body, gently caressing her along the lines of her underwear. Slowly, carefully, he undressed her, until she stood naked in his bedroom.
Samantha did not speak or argue. Even while being this gentle, there was no denying that Mike was in charge. When she was fully naked, she followed his wordless instructions to lay down on the bed.
She crossed her legs and place her hand on her breasts, feeling her brass nudity did not fit Mike’s gentle actions.
Slowly, he undressed himself. Sam enjoyed watching him bare his body for her. When she finally saw his large, throbbing erection, she longed to feel him inside of her.
Mike knelt beside her on the bed. Gently, his fingers probed her inner thighs, making her spread her legs. He moved to her feet, placing his head near her swollen, wet pussy. His tongue licked her along the entire length of her lips.
Sam moaned deeply.
Gentle and without any force, Mike licked her. His tongue slowly made its way in between her lips and over her clit.
Sam arched her back, yearning for more, but Mike did not offer any more strength than he already had.
Agonizingly slow, his tongue drove her crazy.
Her body begged for more, but when Sam grabbed her own breasts, squeezing them roughly, Mike stopped. He took her wrists and pushed her hands below the pillow under her head.
“Keep those there.” He said. “You wanted me to be gentle, remember?”
Sam moaned deeply but kept her hands behind her head.
Mike continued his torturous slow play with his tongue. IT seemed to take forever for Sam to reach a climax and again, she used her hands to help him a bit.
“Hands behind your head.” Mike said, stopping her pleasure once more. “Don’t make me tie you up.”
Sam blushed and placed her hands behind her head once more. It would be so hot to be tied up; but for some reason she felt even more excited to be restrained by only his words.
Mike moved up on the bed, no longer using his tongue to pleasure her, but just one finger. He placed it between her lips, right on top of her clit, and pushed softly.
“Is this gentle enough, Samantha?” He asked as she moaned.
“Yes, Sir.” She replied.
“And this?” He asked, leaning forward to lick her nipple.
“Hnng-yes.” Sam said.
“Do you want to cum?” Mike asked, pressuring her clit a bit more.
“Yes, please.” Sam said. Her body started convulsing. She’d thought she was still far from an orgasm after this gentle playing, but his words had pushed her right to the edge.
“Not yet.” Mike said, releasing the pressure. “Ask me first and nicely this time.”
Sam blushed, but Mike wasn’t going to touch her again until she asked for it. “Please Sir, can I cum?” She begged him.
“Good girl.” Mike said, his finger playing with her clit once again. “You may cum now.”
Sam’s body shook uncontrollably, she moaned and gasped as the orgasm came as soon as she had permission.
When it stopped and she saw Mike looking down at her, she blushed deeply. She saw his erection beside her thigh and could no longer wait. She released her hands from behind the pillow and gently grabbed hold of it.
“Please, fuck me, Sir.” She said.
Mike took her hands by the wrists and pushed them on the bed beside the pillow. “I thought I told you to keep these to yourself.” He said. He leaned forward, his wait on her pinned arms and kissed her roughly, biting her lower lip before he let go.
“Oww, Sir, that wasn’t very gentle.” Sam protested.
“I’ve been gentle enough.” Mike said. “If you can’t do as you’re told, I’ll just need to be a bit rough.”
Sam moaned deeply. Yes, rough was exactly what she wanted right now.
Mike leaned on top of her as he kissed her again, keeping her pinned against the bed.
Sam’s wrists hurt beneath his firm grasp, but she loved the pain.
“Stay here, I’m getting a condom.” Mike said.
He turned around to grab a box from the nightstand. While he was putting it on, Sam knelt behind him, wrapping her arms around him to press her breasts against his back and rub his chest with her arms.
With the condom firmly in place, Mike turned around. “I told you to stay down.” He said.
Sam smiled mischievously.
Mike roughly grabbed her shoulders and turned her around, pushing her face-down on the bed. With his open hand, he smacked her bottom roughly.
Sam moaned deeply.
After a few good swats and a pink bottom, Mike grabbed her by the hips and pulled her on her knees. He pushed his erection up against her pussy and slid it inside.
Mike fucked her roughly from behind, using one hand on her lower back to push her down and the other to give her bottom a few good smacks.
When he finally came, he held on to her hips with both hands, his fingers digging deep into her skin. Then, he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up. One hand he placed on her breast, the other on her throat right below her chin.
“So.” He whispered. “What did you like most, gentle or rough?”
“I’m not sure.” Sam replied. “Can we do it again so I can decide?”
Mike grunted and let go of her.
“Don’t be greedy.” He said while cleaning up the used condom. “Or I might have to spank you.
“That could be fun too.” Sam replied.
“Let’s keep that for some other time.” Mike said. “That way you still have something to look forward to.”
Sam pouted, but realized Mike might need a break. She wasn’t going anywhere, they could still have more fun later tonight.

After Mike got up from the bed, Sam stayed behind, staring at the ceiling of his bedroom. Despite wanting more, she’d really did feel satisfied. Wanting more just proved how good it had been.
Her feeling of wanting to get laid was certainly fulfilled.
When she got up and followed Mike downstairs, she felt really satisfied that she had not just picked up a one-night-stand to satisfy her urges. This was only their second date, but she already felt like Mike and she could be a lot more.
Mike, wearing a bathrobe, was resting in the sofa of his living-room. “Not dressed yet?” He asked her.
Sam blushed, swaying slightly as she made her way to him, showing off her naked body. “I thought I’d stay the night. If that isn’t presuming too much.”
“Not at all.” Mike replied. “In fact, I insist you stay. It’s much too late for a young girl like you to be out alone in the dark.”
Sam smiled. “In that case, I didn’t think I’d need my clothes. Unless of course, you think it would be unladylike of me to go around undressed like this.” She winked.
“On the contrary.” Mike said. “You should either wear something sexy or nothing at all when you’re here. A good girl wouldn’t want to deny her boyfriend the sight of her gorgeous body.”
“Well then, I guess I’ll be undressing as soon as I’m through your front door, the next time I’m over.” Sam said teasingly.
She sat down beside him on the sofa, placing her feet on his lap. Absentmindedly, Mike began massaging them as they spoke about other, every-day topics.

After washing up, Sam returned to Mike’s bedroom. After the wild sex they’d had before, joining him to bed like this felt a bit odd; like a couple that’s been together for a while, sharing a bed like they do every day.
Mike was already beneath the sheets when she arrived. She assumed he was naked, just like she still was.
“Can I join you in your bed, Sir?” She asked.
“You may.” Mike replied.
Sam crawled under the blankets and blushed for having asked permission to do so. She had read it in one of his stories and it felt as sexy to do so for real as it had been reading about it.
Once underneath the blankets she reached for Mike’s body and felt that he was indeed naked. She reached for his crotch.
“Hmm, greedy girl.” Mike said.
Sam blushed, but felt that he had already put on a condom, he was ready for her. She crawled on top of him, straddling his legs. She could feel his erection between them, the tip of his penis against her clit. It felt amazing to grind against him.
Mike placed his hands on her hips and guided her motions, urging her to ride him slowly, building up the heat between them.
When Sam moaned loudly, he reached down and helped her get his cock inside of her. He placed his thumb between her lips and pressured her clit as she rode him.
His free hand let go of her hip and slapped her bottom once. Released from his control, Sam picked up speed. She rode him hard and fast, his cock deep inside of her and his thumb pressing on her most sensitive spot.
With a loud groan, Mike came; but Sam could not stop. Mike smacked her bottom, encouraging her to cum as she rode him, his thumb pressing hard, until she as well reached her orgasm, her body shivering, moaning deeply as she collapsed on top of him.
“Sleep well, my greedy girl.” Mike said, pushing her off of him.

Sam was not done yet however. While she did sleep at first, she woke often, distracted by the male body beside her in the bed. She hadn’t had to share a mattress in a long time.
A bit past midnight, she was awake and she could not help herself. She felt for Mike’s body and found he was sleeping on his back. She reached down and found his cock, it felt limp in her hands.
As she played with it, it slowly came alive. It was a weird feeling, how it slowly became bigger and harder, resisting her strength until she was unable to bend it like first.
“If you keep playing with that, I’m going to make you finish what you started.” Mike suddenly said.
Sam blushed, feeling caught in the act. “I don’t mind finishing it for you, Sir.” She said coyly, before rolling on top of him.
“Wait, we need another condom.” Mike said as she was already straddling him.
Sam could feel him reaching for his nightstand, fumbling in the dark. “Wait.” She said, rolling off him again. “Come lay against my back.” She didn’t want to waste time or turn on the light in the middle of the night.
Mike rolled over, pushing himself against her. She could feel his erection pressing against her buttocks.
Sam twisted her hips, catching his cock between her buttocks, when Mike thrusted forward, he was pushed firmly between them.
She moaned deeply as Mike fucked her bottom, without penetrating her. He reached around her with his free hand, finding her pussy wet and waiting.
Pinned between his cock between her buttocks and his fingers between her lips, Sam shuddered as Mike’s fingers brought on another orgasm. She pushed back against his thrusting hips, until he as well came, his warm juices spreading down her lower back.
When Sam woke the following morning. She could still feel the sticky mess on her back, they had not bothered to clean up in the middle of the night. She reached for Mike and to her surprise found he was still hard. Or hard again, with morning would, she surmised.
Thinking about his stories again, she wondered how a truly submissive girl would wake her boyfriend. The answer was obvious, so she crawled underneath the sheets and took him in her mouth.
Mike only woke up right before he came.
Sam was proud at how quickly she’d managed to make him cum using just her mouth. She swallowed all he offered her, thinking only for a moment that this time she’d forgotten the condom.
Mike pulled aside the blankets and looked at her with a smile. “Such a greedy girlfriend.” He said.
Sam blushed. How had she been greedy? She’d done this for him, hadn’t she?
“I want to have us both tested for STD’s.” She said.
“Not the most romantic morning greeting.” Mike replied.
“I just don’t want to keep bothering with those condoms every time.” Sam said. “I’m on the pill, so if we are both clean, we can have more fun without those things.”
Mike nodded. “I was thinking the same thing last night, though I wasn’t sure how to tell you. I guess giving you oral first might’ve worked.”
Sam giggled.

At the breakfast table, they spoke little. They could not stretch this second date much longer; but while Sam took a shower, she felt she could seduce him one more time. She had not received that good girl spanking yet after all.
Back downstairs, Mike still wore only a dressing gown, while she wore yesterday’s lingerie and stockings. Her dress she carried, folded in her arms.
“You know you can’t go out like that.” Mike said.
“I just thought you wanted to give me a proper goodbye.” Sam said.
Mike sighed. “What did I tell you about being greedy, Samantha?” He asked
Sam blushed. He hadn’t seemed to mind when she woke him in the middle of the night, or in the morning with her mouth.
“But I haven’t had any spanking.” She pouted. “I was so much looking forward to that.”
“I told you yesterday that you’ll have to wait for that a bit longer. You don’t have to get everything at once.” Mike said.
Sam pouted and put on her best puppy-eyes.
“I’m going to count to five and then you’re going to have this dress on, young lady.” Mike said.
Sam licked her lips.
There was no way she was going to let him scare her into putting it on.
Besides, if he was going to spank her, she’d get exactly what she wanted.
Although… That first date spanking was not something she wanted to have repeated, was it?
Fuck! Too late.
“That’s it young lady. You’ve been a good girl this whole date; but now I’m going to have to send you home with a red bottom.” Mike said.
Sam blushed, but did not protest.
Mike took her wrist and guided her to the sofa. He took her dress from her and placed it on the coffee table before putting her across his lap.
His hand landed hard on her behind.
Sam moaned softly. “Wait.” She said. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be naughty. I thought you would give me a fun spanking.”
Mike spanked her hard again. “I told you twice that I was not going to. Don’t pretend that you didn’t know you were going to be in trouble if you kept disobeying.”
Sam bit her lip. She had known, so why had she continued acting like she had?
Mike smacked her bottom again. “If you’re going to act like a greedy brat, that’s how I’ll treat you, Samantha.” He said.
Sam blushed. She had never considered herself a brat; but the way she had defied him during his countdown was obvious bratty behavior.
She squealed when Mike smacked her hard and fast. “Well, do you have anything else to say?” He asked.
Sam shook her head. “No, Sir.” She replied, admitting to herself that she had this coming.
Sam’s hand landed on her bottom again and again. Sending shocks of pain through her skin and buttocks. He pulled down her panties halfway through and landed the next volley of smacks on her bare bottom.
Sam moaned and squirmed. This wasn’t anything like the sensual spanking she wanted, yet still she felt excited for being spanked.
When Mike stopped to rub her bottom, she knew the warmup was over. Her bottom already stung. When he raised his hand again, she knew he was serious about this spanking.
Her bottom bounced beneath his hand. Sam kicked and squealed, her bottom felt on fire. She promised to behave, begged him to stop and vowed not to be this greedy on their next date.
Mike did not stop until she was sobbing and whimpering, tears on her face and body limp after all the fight had gone out of her.
When he let her up, he hugged her tightly.
“Thank you Sir, I’m sorry I was such a greedy brat.” Sam said.
“I hope you’ll do better next time, Samantha. This is two dates in a row that you end up with a red sore bottom. Now put on your dress.” Mike said.
Sam blushed as she put on her dress. When she pulled up her panties, they were painfully snug around her bottom.
When Mike showed her to the door, she wondered why she was already looking forward to their next date. True, she’d had fun on both dates, until she’d earned that spanking near the end. She realized then, that she wanted that strict disciplinary spankings as much as she’d wanted the sex before. She did not date this man despite him spanking her, she dated him because of it.
“I’m sorry I’m such a bad girl, Sir.” She said at the door. “I’ll try harder next time.”
Mike kissed her goodbye. “Make sure you do, your bottom will need some rest after these first two dates.”
Sam waved and walked away. Sorry, Sir. She thought. But you’re just going to have to spank me again. I am your naughty brat after all.

4 thoughts on “The gentleman (part 3)

  1. Mighty fine — but some day I’m going to go through your stories and edit out all references to condoms. They may be a good idea but they’re decidedly unromantic.


    1. We’re all influenced by what we see and if all we see (or read) is sex without condoms as romantic, then that’s what we believe. If condoms were more widely used in modern movies, books or even porn, then this notion of them not being romantic would not exist.

      My stories might be just a drop in the ocean, but I do try to encourage safe-sex this way and would be happy if I saved but one couple from an unwanted pregnancy or infectuous disease.


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