The spanking quiz

Hey everyone

I finished another game for the website. This one is a quiz based on popular IQ-tests; but with BDSM-themed questions.

You can select up to 50 questions, the longer you take to answer aquestion, the more smacks you will get in your spanking. Answering questions wrong will also increase the amount.

Try it out here. Then tell us your score and how your spanking (real or imaginary) turned out.

While you’re at it, try out the other games like the cardgame, battleships, the maze, hangman, wheel of fortune, set and memory.

8 thoughts on “The spanking quiz

  1. I will get 326 smacks with a hand, 60 with a paddle, 20 with belt, 20 with cane and 20 with a paddle while being naked and tied up with a rope and being blindfolded and my son will tease me with dildo and vibrator. After spanking he will duck me roughly and I will have to stand in the corner.


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