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redhead with a red bottom

The bright white light of a computer screen was all that illuminated Emma’s room while she worked on her book. It had been several weeks since she finished the last chapter and she was committed to finish at least another this night.
Emma wrote romance novels, but this book was going to be slightly different. Instead of her normal, soft-core sex-scenes, she wanted something hot and steamy.
Emma had many kinky fantasies of her own, but she had never incorporated them in one of her books before. In this chapter, one of her characters was going to get a spanking; which was one of Emma’s biggest fantasies.
It wasn’t going to be an erotic spanking however. The character in her book was an experienced submissive, with a strict, dominant husband. She would be getting a firm, disciplinary spanking for failing to follow his rules and keep up with her chores.
Her readers would join her main, female character who secretly witnesses this spanking. She would be highly aroused by what she sees and will—later in the book—experience a more erotic version of this spanking.
The whole scene was ready to begin. It was dark outside and the main character was hidden just below the window sill. Inside the light was on and the strict husband had just arrived home to see his wife lazing about while her chores remained undone.
She just didn’t know how to begin.
Emma had fantasized perhaps a hundred times about being spanked. She could imagine how the scolding would go and how the spanking would start. When she imagined what the naughty wife should feel however, she could only sense arousal and excitement. She had no realistic idea on how a true submissive would feel when being punished, not for fun but for real.
Worse, despite her fantasies, she had never actually experienced a spanking. She didn’t know how it would progress and it pain would feel.
She had some idea of these things. She could just write down how it felt in her fantasies; but she didn’t want her book to sound ridiculous if her imagination was too different from reality.
In a separate window on her computer, Emma was browsing a forum about kink and fetishes. Most men that contacted her on this website merely wanted a hook-up with a girl like Emma, single, attractive and interested in an array of fetishes. She had joined the forum a long time ago however and through weeding out the idiot’s she’d made a few close friends.
One of these was John. He was an experienced dom who had always treated her friendly and polite. He never asked her to meet or play together, even though she knew that in the time she’d known him, he’d had many dates with young women who wanted to feel what it was like dating a dom. Emma’s profile said she wasn’t looking and he respected that.
Emma didn’t know whether there was a reason those dates never worked out, or if John refused to commit to anything more serious. It did make him a reliable source to answer many of her questions when it came to her fantasies.
She had messaged him about her problem with the next chapter and was waiting for him to come online. John always answered her questions promptly. Emma knew he loved talking to her about these things. Discussing her fantasies must turn him on nearly as much as her. All thanks to the anonymity of the internet.
When John came online, his answer was short and simple: “Have you tried reading some stories from others about disciplinary spankings?”
Emma quickly replied that she had. It had been a chore; the forum was filled with such stories and most of them weren’t by very good authors. After weeding out those, she had to find those with the right topic and then those with a plot that was too ridiculous to be taken serious. The remaining selection had been very small.
“It might take some time, but if you find one written by an experienced submissive, that should give you a pretty accurate idea of how she feels. The physical reaction might be a bit hard to describe, but you could always try spanking yourself and see how it feels.” John replied to her rant.
Emma blushed at his proposal, but promised she’d think about it if she couldn’t find the right story to cure her writer’s block.
She sighed as she went back to the forum thread that listed the stories posted by all the members. She had already gone through this and felt very little courage to do so again.
Well, if you’re going to be lazy, you might as well do the self-spanking. She told herself. It will be good research and you deserve it for being a sloth. The fact that the idea greatly aroused her was certainly not the reason for choosing a more hands-on approach to her research.
Emma had spanked herself a few times in the past, trying to experience her fantasies by herself. She had always given up quickly, choosing simple masturbation over the inauthentic feel of a self-spanking.
Not this time, she told herself. This time she wasn’t trying it because she felt horny. She was doing research and she couldn’t back out early.
She knelt on her bed and looked down over her shoulder at her bottom, illuminated by her computer-screen on the desk. She only wore a t-shirt and panties this late at night, so there wasn’t much to protect her bottom when she aimed a swat at it.
A soft sting spread through her cheek and Emma raised er t-shirt before landing a few more.
As she enjoyed the glow that caused, she thought that the strict husband in her book would not spank his wife this gently. She gathered some pillows on her bed and dropped herself over them emulating the position his wife would be over his knee. She even pulled down her panties so that her bottom would be bare like hers.
In this lying position, she quickly realized it was too difficult to spank her own bottom effectively. She needed something to reach it better.
On her way back from the bathroom where she had picked up a hairbrush, she noticed John had sent her another message. She blushed, for she’d assumed no-one would know what she was doing; but John must surely suspect that her bottom was getting spanked by her own hand, right this moment. He might not now who she was or where she lived, but it embarrassed her none-the-less.
She ignored her computer—feeling too shy to answer any messages at this moment—and reassumed her position on the bed.
The smacks with the brush hurt a lot more, but that was to be expected from a disciplinary spanking. The hotter her bottom got however, the more aroused she got. Assuming that the pain would soon overtake her excitement, Emma continued her spanking. She was adamant that this time, she would not back out.
When she was done, her bottom was red and felt on fire. She’d never spanked herself this hard or this long, yet she felt disappointed. Her arm distracted her for it ached from the unfamiliar movement repeated again and again. At no point had she felt out of control of the situation, even though she’d forbidden herself to stop. Every smack she’d given herself, she’d known was coming. She knew exactly where it was aimed and how hard it would land.
She picked up her pillow and dropped it on her chair before sitting down behind her computer again.
“Remember you can ask me if you want a dom’s perspective on the spanking.” John’s message greeted her.
“Thanks for the offer, I’ll surely make use of it. The self-spanking wasn’t much of a success, though.” Emma replied, she blushed, admitting what she’d done to him; but she really needed his help if this book was going to be written.
“It wasn’t? Perhaps you need to try harder. I could instruct you if you want.” John messaged back.
Emma blushed deeply, imagining it vividly.
“Just an offer. I’m not trying to coax you into anything.” John quickly added to his message.
“I know.” Emma replied.
She thought about it for a moment, giving it some real consideration, but decided that was unlikely to work. It wouldn’t solve everything that made a self-spanking so different from a real one.
“I don’t think that’s going to do it. The only think I can think of that would actually work is a real spanking and that’s obviously not going to happen.” She replied.
“Why not? I’ve always wondered why you were on this forum, but never went further than just talking about your fantasies. We’ve talked about them often enough for me to know you really want to. Why are you so afraid to make that next step?” John answered her.
Emma blushed. “It just hasn’t happened. It’s not like I’m actively avoiding it.”
“I think perhaps you believe too much in your own stories, everything is easy in those romantic books you write. In real life things don’t happen by themselves. You have to go out and take what you want.” John replied.
Emma bristled at his tone. She always liked when John sounded a bit strict; she had accepted his soft rebuke after her rant about the stories on the forum; but sometimes it became a bit too personal.
“That’s easy for you to say. You don’t get an avalanche of messages when you post on your profile that you’re looking for someone.” She replied.
“That’s true, I don’t; but posting that you’re not looking will worsen your odds even more. Besides, do you think I enjoy going on dates with women, just to never hear from them again, or realizing they’re not really what I’m looking for?” John answered.
Emma took a deep breath. She knew John for a long time and knew he was not really after a one-night-stand when he went out on one of those dates. “You’re right. I’m sorry. I just don’t know how I would start looking without being overwhelmed by offers,” Emma replied honestly.
“Well, during your time here, you must’ve met some people you find appealing. Why not start with them.” John’s wrote.
“Are we still talking about research for my book, or about dating?” Emma asked.
“Whichever you like. Both are possible.”
Emma bit her lip as she stared at her screen. She didn’t want to message someone and ask for a date. She was too romantic for that. John might laugh at her, but she liked the way things happened in her books.
She wondered instead who of her friends she could trust to spank her for research purposes only, no further intentions. The answer was obvious of course and staring her right in the face.
“Would you like to help me with research for my book?” She messaged John.
He did not answer right away.
“How would I be helping you?” He asked.
“I want a firm, disciplinary spanking, just like the character in my book. No sex, no playing and no feelings; purely professional.” Emma answered, blushing deeply as she wrote this down.
“I don’t know. I’ve given disciplinary spankings before; but always to a girl I was dating. There were feelings because I cared for her.” John replied.
“Don’t you care for me as a friend?” Emma asked him.
Again, it took a long time for John to answer and Emma feared she might have made him angry with her manipulative tone.
“How about we go out for drinks first so we can discuss this in more detail. Let’s call it a preliminary meeting, since I know you wouldn’t be interested if I called it a date.” John replied.
Emma blushed at his offended tone, but agreed that his was a good idea. After a night’s rest and a face-to-face discussion, she might have second thoughts about letting herself get spanked.
“Okay, we’ll discuss it first. I’m free this Friday or the next. I guess we should meet somewhere public.” Emma replied.
“This Friday is fine. I know from your profile that you’re in the London area. I’ll meet you at Charing Cross Station, is that doable for you?” John asked.
“That’s perfect. Around seven?”
“Seven it is, see you then, Emma.”
“See you Friday, John.”

A few days later, Emma was on her way to their meet-up. She was nervous to see John in real-life. After they’d set the date, she’d often thought about chickening out and cancelling.
At night, she’d been thinking about everything John knew about her. She had told him everything, thinking they would never meet. John new all her fantasies and deepest desires. How could she face someone that knew all her secrets? In the morning, she told herself, she would message him and cancel their meeting.
She never did however. In the morning, she’d convince herself to stay strong, she could do it. John and she got along great on the forum, why wouldn’t they be able to talk face-to-face as well?
It was too late to back out now of course. It was five minutes to seven and he was probably already waiting for her at the station. Cancelling now would be extremely rude.
At this hour, the station was crowded. Emma had expected to find John quickly, but she spent at least ten minutes walking around looking for him. It was already fifteen minutes past their agreed upon time. She hoped he didn’t think she was late.
Then, she suddenly saw him, standing just to the side of the hall. She recognized him from the pictures on his profile: tall, handsome with sharp eyes and a friendly face.
He wasn’t looking, but that was because he didn’t know what to look for. Emma always kept her face carefully hidden when she posted a picture on the forum. It was up to her to approach him.
Suddenly shy, she walked toward him. When he looked at her, she couldn’t help but smile.
Seeing that smile on her face and her purposeful walk, he made the connection to who she was. “Hello, Emma?” He asked when she reached him.
“Hey John.” She replied. “Sorry I’m a bit late, I couldn’t find you.”
“That’s okay. Let’s go somewhere quieter.” John replied.
Emma followed him out of the station and down some busy streets until they found a bar where they could drink and chat. There were a few other patrons, but not too many.
“It’s nice to finally meet you in person.” John said as they sat down at a table.
“You too.” Emma agreed. This didn’t feel as awkward as she had feared.
“What would you like to drink?” John replied.
“I’ll have some tea; but I’d rather pay for myself. We’re not on a date remember.” Emma replied.
“I’ll get this one, you pay for the next, deal?” John answered.
Emma smiled. “Fair enough.” She said.
When John returned with their drinks, Emma tried to think of what to say. There wasn’t much use for idle chit-chat, they already knew each-others hobbies and interests from many online conversations. If this was going to be a meeting, best to just get straight to the point.
“As you know, I’m writing a book that contains a disciplinary spanking. To make sure that what I write sounds authentic, I want to experience such a spanking myself. I was hoping you could help me with this research, but first we need to discuss some terms and agreements.” Emma said.
John smiled. “There’s always some rules and agreements when it comes to this kind of thing, even when it’s not just research. But let’s start with the basics. I am willing to spank you, honoring any restrictions that are still to be discussed. Do you consent to being spanked by me, if these restrictions are met and for this one time only?”
Emma blushed. “Yes.” She said.
“Great.” John replied. “There wouldn’t be any point in going through the details if you didn’t. I have a few things I want to discuss myself, but let’s start with you. What do you want from this spanking and what are your limits?”
While licking her lips, Emma took a sheet of paper from her purse. “I wrote down everything I could think of, so that I wouldn’t forget any.” She said, placing the paper in front of her.
“Can I read that?” John asked, reaching out his hand.
Emma bit her lip, wondering if John realized how in charge he sounded, or whether that just came natural to him. “Of course.” She replied and handed him the paper.
“One: This is a disciplinary spanking, there will be no sex, or sexual acts of any kind. During the spanking you may only spank my bottom and my thighs, you hands may not wander anywhere else.” John read aloud.
Emma looked around seeing if anyone was listening. She would’ve talked a bit softer than that.
“What you mean to say is, I shouldn’t touch your pussy while you’re across my knee, is that right?” John asked.
Emma blushed and nodded.
“The rules should be clear and unambiguous, Emma” John said. He took a pen from his jacket and scratched out the last words of that sentence and replaced them with his own.
“I agree to no sex.” He said. “But you should consider leaving room for a hug after your punishment as you might need to be comforted.”
Emma blushed again. “I think a hug is acceptable.”
John wrote that down too.
“Two: When I use the safe-word ‘red’, you will immediately stop the spanking. We may continue if I feel up to it later.” John read.
“This isn’t a good idea. I don’t want you pausing the spanking every time it becomes a bit hard to take. Let’s use two words: ‘yellow’ and ‘red’. When you say yellow, I’ll know you’re at your limit, so I can adjust. When you say red, I’ll stop, but that’s final, we won’t start over later.”
Emma pouted. “But what if I don’t know if I can take any more? I don’t want to accidentally say red and then feel I could’ve taken more.”
“That’s when you say yellow.” John replied. “When you do, I’ll make sure you get a bit of a break, but it’ll be on my terms, not yours. Red should be more serious, something you only use if you really need to.”
Emma nodded. “We’ll try to do it your way.” She agreed.
“Three: The spanking will take place at a hotel-room. I will pay for this room and stay the night, but you must leave when the spanking is over.” John read.
“I want to pay for half.” John said. “The rest I agree with.”
Emma sighed. “Fine, we’ll each pay half.”
“Four: You will only spank me with your hand. At my request, you may also use a leather belt as this is what will be used in the book.” John read
“If it’s in the book, we should agree on at least twenty lashes with the belt. Then, depending on how you’ve reacted to the previous spanking, I may decide to give you more. You may of course always stop the spanking earlier by using your safe-word.” John said.
“Ten lashes.” Emma haggled, licking her lips. She couldn’t help it, but this negotiation was kinda hot, it turned her on.
“Ten.” John agreed,
“Five: You will not take any pictures or videos of what we do. Should you wish to tell your friends, you will not share my name or the name I use on the forum.” John read.
“I can agree to that.” He said. He had reached the end of the list. “But these are only limitations and things you don’t want. What is it you want from this experience, Emma?”
Emma blushed. “It’s research for my book.”
“And what do you want to learn from this research?” John asked.
“How a real spanking feels. How it feels to be a naughty girl. What it is like to be punished.” She replied.
“Well then, do you agree with my first rule; that I’m going to make you feel like a real naughty girl during this spanking and not a woman doing research?” John asked her.
Emma nodded, wondering how he was going to do that.
“My second rule is that once the spanking starts, I’m in control. We will have discussed all the restrictions so once these are in place, you will get no input on your punishment and have to accept what I decide upon. ” John said.
Emma blushed, biting her lip. “I agree.” She said, wondering if she’d made enough restrictions or she should come up with more.
“That also means you must obey my commands as long as they don’t contradict the restrictions.” John continued.
Emma nodded again.
“My third and final rule is that you stay honest with me. I’m your friend and above all I want you to be safe and learn something. Don’t be afraid to safe-word when you have to or tell me when something feels wrong.” John said.
Emma smiled. “I promise, I’ll keep that rule close to heart.”
“I do have some requests however, just like you.” John said. “Your goal is to do research for your book. Mine is to help a friend. To make sure we turn this into an even deal, I’m aiming to get as much enjoyment out of this as I can.” He paused for a moment. “You did not place any limitations on the way you would be dressed. This means I may require you to just bare your bottom or make you undress completely, depending on what I decide at the time.”
Emma blushed. She wanted to know how it felt not to be in control, so she had placed as few limitations as possible on the spanking itself. “That’s right.” She said.
“I will also expect you to be wearing a pleasing outfit, preferably a skirt or dress for a spanking. Lingerie if you have any, sexy or cute underwear otherwise.” John continued.
Emma nodded. She had already decided she’d have to look her best for this occasion.
“And for my last request, I want a free copy of your book when you’re finished with it.” John said with a grin.
Emma laughed. “Deal. I’ll even make sure I mention you in the acknowledgments.”

Two weeks passed between their initial meeting and the day of her spanking. Emma had arranged the hotel-room and contacted John through the forum for further arrangements.
Now she was waiting in the room they’d paid for. In her hand she had the sheet of paper from their initial meeting. John had kept editing it during their conversation and even added his own list of rules at the end. They hadn’t signed it or anything, something like this would never be considered an enforceable contract. It just made her feel safe that her limits would be respected.
She was extremely nervous, waiting for john; but excited as well for this would be her first experience with what was one of her biggest fantasies.
Before he arrived, she had texted some of her friends, letting them know where she was staying. On her computer at home she’d left as many details as she could so that she could be found if something happened. Not that she expected anything to go wrong. She’d known John for quite a while and trusted him to quite an extend; otherwise she wouldn’t be here right now. She just wanted to be completely safe, just in case.
When John arrived, her mental reciting of her safety measures was interrupted with a knock on the door.. With her stomach in her throat, Emma went to open the door.
“Hello John, come in.” She said when he waited for her permission to enter. When he did, she wondered if waiting for that invitation had been his way of granting her one last chance to back out.
“Hello Emma. I hope you’ve not been waiting too long. I’m sure you must be very nervous.” He replied.
“Just a bit.” Emma admitted. “I needed time to prepare myself.”
John looked her up and down. She wore a dress like he had requested. It was blue and very light. It wouldn’t give much protection against a spanking, but that wasn’t its purpose anyway. It was quite short and left most of her legs and thighs bare, John would have no trouble raising it to bare her bottom. The cleavage was quite deep too, framing her bosom nicely. She wore her hair up with several pins and had a light touch of make-up on her face. She was sure the lingerie she’d chosen would please him too.
“You look very attractive today, Emma.” He said. “I’m happy you remembered my request.”
Emma blushed. She had actually meant she’d needed to prepare mentally. “Thank you.” She replied.
Without another word, John walked past her. It wasn’t a very expensive room and the bed took most of the available place. When he sat down in the middle of it, he basically claimed the room to himself.
Emma had to either stand or sit down uncomfortably close to him. She chose the former.
“I’ve known you for quite a while Emma and I’ve believed for a long time that you could do with a good spanking.” John said. “I must say I’m happy to be the one who finally gets to give it to you.”
Emma felt a blush creeping up on her face and suspected that would probably stay there for most of the evening.
“Do you think you’re a naughty girl who deserves a spanking, Emma?” John asked her.
Emma licked her lips. “I don’t know.”
“You should probably address me as Sir now, young lady.” John corrected her.”
“I don’t know, Sir.” Emma said, a bit too loudly.
John grinned. “A bit defiant, are we? Then tell me, last week I got a message from you at three in the morning. What were you still doing up at that time of night?”
“I don’t know.” Emma repeated for the third time.
“I don’t know, Sir.” John corrected her again. “You stayed up for that long and you don’t even know why?”
“No, Sir.” Emma replied. “I mean, I guess I was watching TV.”
“Ah, binge-watching one of your favorite TV-shows instead of getting a good nights rest, is that it?” John asked.
Emma nodded.
“Answer me, girl.”
“Yes, Sir.” Emma replied.
“Not really good girl behavior, is it? What about two weeks ago, that picture you posted on your profile, that’s not really a good girl picture either, is it?” John asked her.
“What picture?” Emma asked, though she knew already which one he meant.
“The one with your bottom bare and glowing red; pretending to be a naughty girl that got spanked but at the same time showing off your half-naked body for the world to see.” John confirmed her assumptions.
It was the picture she’d taken after spanking herself at John’s suggestion,as research for her book. “You liked that picture!” She protested.
“Of course I did. Which dom wouldn’t enjoy the view of your bare bottom, nice and red. At least another dozen of your friends liked it and probably twice as many more masturbated to it without commenting on it. It’s not about us Emma, it’s about you and how a good girl shouldn’t share such pictures without a thought for her privacy or decency.” John replied.
“You can’t even see my face in it.” Emma replied. She always made sure she was unrecognizable in all her pictures.
“Do you think that would stop anyone from making your life miserable if they somehow found out?” John asked her.
Emma blushed. She wanted to say no-one would find out. But John already knew the face that went with those pictures, didn’t he? She trusted him, but in theory her secret identity was already out of control.
“What about the picture you posted before that, where you’re showing off that new skirt you bought?” John asked her.
Emma frowned. That skirt might be a bit short and quite tight, it still covered all the important parts. “That one’s not that bad, is it? I’m still dressed aren’t I?”
“It’s not about the skirt Emma, it’s about what else is in the photo.” John said.
Emma raised a questioning eyebrow.
“In the background, you could see your room and it’s a total mess. I don’t mean just a bit messy, but nearly unacceptable for a young girl to live that way.” John explained.
The blush in her face darkened a little. “I guess I can be a bit of a slob sometimes.” She admitted.
“What about the rant you posted last week when you got a speeding ticket?” John asked her. “If you hadn’t broken the rules, you wouldn’t have gotten the ticket. Even if you had, but had someone to spank you, you wouldn’t have posted such an embarrassing rant on the internet.”
“Alright, alright.” Emma said “I get it. I deserve to be spanked.”
John smiled. “I’m glad you’re starting to understand, Emma. So tell me honestly. Why are you here today, is it because you wanted to do research for your book, or because you secretly know you deserve to be spanked.”
Emma bit her lip. The research was certainly part of the reason; but perhaps John was right too. “Both.” She said
“No, I don’t think that’s completely right.” John said. “I think there’s a third reason, isn’t there?”
Emma huffed, annoyed at his trick question. “What other reason?” She asked.
“Why did you join the forum, Emma? Why are you writing that book? Because it turns you on. You told me the main character of the book is spying on the wife getting spanked and she gets turned on by it. You’re like your main character. You want to get spanked because it arouses you.” John explained.
Emma bit her lip. He was right, but where was he going with this?
“Did you get turned on when you posted that picture of your bare, red bottom, Emma?” John asked.
She nodded.
“How about that picture with the mess in the background? Most girls make sure every detail is perfect before they share a picture. Most men would’ve been distracted by your butt and fine legs; but you must’ve known the true doms would’ve immediately seen that mess. Did that turn you on as well?”
Emma bit her lip again. She wasn’t sure why she’d taken that picture in a way they could see her room, but she believed he might be right.
“And that rant. You must’ve known you were wrong to argue over that ticket. Did you post it so people could see what a brat you are and call you out on it?” John asked
Emma was trembling slightly. John had said he’d make her feel like a naughty girl. She just hadn’t expected him to be this thorough.
“I’m not going to spank you today because you’re doing research, Emma; but neither am I going to spank you because you’re a bit indecent, a brat or a slob. I’m going to spank you because you liked being those things.”
Emma licked her lips, slightly confused “But why?” She asked.
“What happens when you never get what you deserve? Will you break more rules? Will your home become even more than a mess? Will you forgo any sense of decency? You already admitted that you deserve this spanking, Emma. Now I want you to admit to me that you need it.”
Emma blushed deeply as she thought about his words. Was he right? Had she perhaps already been down that path a little? Her house hadn’t always been that bad and when she’d first joined the forum she hadn’t dared post such explicit photo’s/
The idea that she was here for research was completely gone from her mind when she agreed. “You’re right, I don’t just deserve one, I need a spanking.”

“Then let’s get started. I’ve scolded you enough I think.” John said. “Kneel beside me on the bed and place yourself across my lap.”
Getting on the bed beside him, Emma realized her nervousness was gone. Realizing she needed this to happen had given her a sense of purposefulness. She placed herself across John’s lap.
John placed one hand on her lower back, pushing her down further and ensuring she stayed in place. The other started at her knee and slowly slid up her leg, pushing up her skirt along the way.
Emma shivered as his fingers caressed her bottom and revealed her panties. Though he stayed a safe distance from her pussy, as they had agreed upon.
The first smack was a surprise. It wasn’t hard and not soft either, but just hard enough to make her feel it. He landed about a dozen of those, practicing his aim on her bottom and letting her get used to effect of his hand on her bottom.
Emma bit her lip and ignored the soft sting that accompanied the smacks, knowing worse was to come. She felt excited too, but feared that as well would change when the spanking became more serious.
When the smacks increased in intensity, Emma moaned softly. She could no longer ignore the stinging sensation, yet neither could she deny the growing heat between her legs.
John spanked her on and on, sometimes slow, sometimes fast; but never hard enough to make her squeal or forget the arousal she felt. Her moans were slowly changing from discomfort to pleasure.
When the pressure of his hand on her lower back suddenly disappeared, Emma looked over her shoulder at the man spanking her.
“There is a mirror in the bathroom.” John said. “Go have a look at your bottom and then come back.”
“Yes, Sir.” Emma said. She slowly got off his lap and made her way to the bathroom, wondering why he made her do so.
She raised her skirt and looked at her bottom in the mirror, it glowed pink, a nice and sexy color and contrasted brightly with her lace, black panties. It turned her on even more knowing she had not done it herself this time.
“Are you ready to begin?” John asked her when she returned.
Realizing this had only been a warm-up, Emma nodded.
“Take off your dress and then come back across my knee.”
Emma blushed, yet she had promised to obey his orders and she had made no limitations about what clothes she could keep on. She pulled off the dress and dropped it on the floor, revealing her sexy laced bra and panties.
“Not on the floor, young lady!” John said angrily.
Emma blushed and when she bent over to pick it up, John’s hand swung widely and smacked her on the behind. She nearly fell forward. “Sorry, Sir.” She stammered, before placing the dress on a chair.
“Now, get back over my knee.” John said.
Emma quickly put herself in his control again, before she could make any more mistakes.
John did not start spanking her immediately however. He traced the edge of her panties with one hand. It made her shiver when he followed the fold of her buttocks, but he retreated before reaching forbidden territory.
“I like your choice of panties, Emma. Well done.” He said.
Emma blushed, but John obviously did not expect her to answer as the next smack landed soundly on the middle of her bottom. A lot harder than before, his hand rained down on her behind.
Emma clenched her teeth and braved the onslaught on her backside. The stinging pain multiplied as John spanked her again and again. Yet she refused to make a sound for she knew she deserved what she was getting.
John however did not seem impressed by her silence and kept on the assault on her bottom until she was red and sore. Slowly but surely her resolve weakened and when a particularly mean smack landed on her bottom, she squealed loudly.
Encouraged by the effect of his work, John doubled his efforts and made her bottom bounce beneath his hand. Giving up her resistance, Emma kicked her legs, squealed and moaned.
Despite the pain, Emma never considered using the safe-word during this moment, not even ‘yellow’. She felt she was getting exactly what she’d needed. She felt embarrassed that it taken her so long to realize what she was doing and how naughty she’d been.
When John finally stopped, she felt it was way too early.
She shouldn’t have worried.
“Stand up.” John commanded.
Obediently, Emma rose, fighting the urge to caress her bottom.
“Take off the rest of your clothes, and your shoes too.” John told her.
Emma blushed. During the weeks before her spanking, she had thought about him telling her to undress completely. She had imagined her reaction in many ways: indignant, pouting, bartering, … With her bottom sore as it was however, there was only one possible reaction: Obey promptly.
She took off her shoes, then her bra and finally her panties. Standing naked before him, she realized how truly vulnerable she was. There was some arousal too, but that was firmly pushed to the background by her embarrassment and eagerness to please.
John stood up.”Bend over, place your hands on the bed and spread your legs.”
Emma did as she was told, placing her feet at shoulder-width and placing her hands on the mattress.
“Wider.” John commanded.
Emma blushed, completely exposing herself as she placed her legs even wider. John moved to stand behind her where he could see everything. He wasn’t going to touch her, but he was making sure he got a good look.
Suddenly his hand landed on her bottom after a full-armed swing.
Emma shrieked in response, her hands on the bed the only reason she hadn’t toppled over.
He smacked her again, and again. Each smack a full swing of his arm, with plenty of time between each to let the pain settle in her backside.
Emma cursed and squirmed. In this position she could not struggle or kick. She had to try her hardest to stay in position for each of his smacks. When her body swayed too much to the side or she threatened to fall over on the bed, John sternly commanded her to keep her bottom up.
When the pain became unbearable and her legs hurt from her bent-over position, Emma muttered. ‘Yellow.”
John placed his hand on her bottom. “Get on the bed, on your hands and knees.” He said.
With a sight of relief, Emma climbed on the bed, taking her weight off her legs.
John joined her, kneeling beside her. He placed one hand on her back and the other on her bottom. He started spanking her again.
Emma moaned softly, but the smacks weren’t too hard. They felt like those he’d used as a mere warm-up, but on her already sore bottom they hurt a lot more. Still, after she had nearly given up after those full-armed swings, she now felt that she could take a lot more.
John’s other hand now rested on her ribs, close to her exposed breasts. She had not explicitly forbidden him to touch those; but doing so would be too sexually intimate. If she’d been a good girl he might’ve played with them a bit; but by keeping his distance he once again confirmed what a naughty girl she’d been.
The constant gentle smacks of his hand on her sore bottom kept her alert, so she wasn’t surprised when he said: “Brace yourself.”
Emma clenched her teeth and leaned forward on her elbows. The bed’s pillows came within reach and when John’s hand hit her bottom full force, she reached for one and bit down on it.
Again and again he smacked her, while Emma squealed and squirmed. She pulled the pillow from between her teeth and begged him: “Please, I’ll be a good girl. I’ll clean my room, I won’t take anymore naughty pictures. I won’t act like a brat. I promise.”
John kept going, make her repeat that promise again and again, while Emma squirmed and whimpered. The fact that he ignored her promises solidified his control over her and the belief that she had all of this to blame on herself. The pillows caught some of her tears as she sobbed into them.
Knowing the lesson had finally gotten through to her, John eased up on the spanking,going back to the gentle smacks on an already tortured behind.
“Are you learning a lesson, Emma?” He asked her.
“Yes, Sir.” She replied.
“And are you going to try harder at being a well-behaved young lady?” He asked.
“Yes, Sir.” Emma replied again.
John got up from the bed, leaving her alone for a moment. Emma breathed a sigh of relief now that the pain was no longer constantly refreshed. She still trembled where she knelt in the middle of the bed.
“You still have at least ten lashes from my belt to go.” John reminded her. “But you can have ten minutes rest first.”
Emma bit her lip. She had completely forgotten she had agreed to that. “Could it be fifteen minutes, Sir?” She asked.
“Fifteen, but then I’ll up the lashes to fifteen as well.” John replied.
Emma groaned, but did not argue the exchange. “Thank you, Sir.”
“You may lay down on your belly while you rest.” John responded.
Gratefully, Emma sank onto the mattress, relaxing all her muscles. Time passed slowly as she lay there, thinking about her spanking. The only thing she could feel was her blazing bottom and that meant all she could think about was how she had ended up with it. It was hard to be confronted with your behavior this way and fifteen minutes was long when you were waiting for something.
“Perhaps ten minutes was enough after all.” Emma said when the pain had diminished and her mind kept going in circles.
“If you want to change the time again, I’m adding another five lashes.” John said.
Emma blushed. That was hardly fair, he had added the first five when she added the time she was now subtracting. Why would she agree with more smacks to shorten her time?
“Never mind, then.” She said, deciding to wait the full fifteen minutes.
The minutes passed slowly and several times, Emma thought those extra lashes might be worth it if she just didn’t have to wait any longer. Yet the closer they got, the more she feared how much those lashes would hurt. This made it easier to wait just a little longer.
“Time’s up.” John said. He took up position beside the bed and was already holding a leather belt, folded in half. “You can stay where you are.” He told Emma who was still lying in the same position.
Emma grabbed one of the pillows and bit down on it in preparation to the first swing. She heard the belt swoosh through the air and land on her bottom with a loud crack. Hr squeal was muffled by the pillow.
Six more times, John landed that wicked belt over her backside, before he walked around the bed. The pain was great, but Emma felt she welcomed it. The spanking she’d gotten had confirmed to her the need for this discipline. The belt now erased all her guilt and embarrassment. Each stroke meant she was one step closer to being a good girl. She needed those smacks and embraced them, even as her body squirmed and screamed.
Seven more times, the belt landed on her bottom and then one last, extra hard smack. Emma squealed loudly.
“Are you okay?” John asked.
“Yes, Sir.” Emma whimpered, she had made it and the belt hadn’t been as bad as she’d feared.
“Do you think you can take some more?” John asked.
Emma shivered. Say no! Her body demanded, but she wouldn’t lie. “I can.” She said.
“Another fifteen then.” John said as he walked around the bed to start over.
Again, Emma squealed and squirmed at each smack; but even more did she welcome them. These she had asked for herself. She could have ended her punishment with head held high; but she knew she could take more and she deserved all she could take.
When John reached fifteen, her backside was a blazing bonfire.
“No more, please.” She whimpered.
John placed the belt next to her on the bed. “Are you sure?” He asked.
“Yes, Sir.” Emma replied.
“Okay. I must admit Emma, you can take quite a spanking, especially for someone with no experience. I’m quite impressed.” John congratulated her.
She blushed. “Thank you, Sir.”
“You can get up now if you wish.” He said.
“I think I’ll stay here for a bit.” Emma replied.
John sat down on the bed. “That’s okay too.”
There was a short silence as they didn’t know what to say now that the spanking was over.
“Normally I’d offer to massage your bottom softly to take away some of the pain.” John said. “But I’m not sure if that would be breaking the rules.”
“Better not.” Emma said. She would’ve loved the gently touch of his hands to take away the pain; but she also feared that with that her arousal would return.
“Would you like me to leave or stay a bit longer?” John asked.
“Stay a bit.” Emma said. “I think I’m going to take you up on that hug you mentioned.”
“I’ll be here.” John said.
Emma rested in the bed, the pain faded ever so slowly, but in her mind, she felt better than she had for a long time. Eventually, she got up, taking care not to sit on her sore bottom as she did. She held out her arms and John embraced her tightly.
She did not care that she was naked, that her breasts pressed against his broad chest and that his hands rested just above her bottom. In his hug, she felt forgiveness for the naughty girl she’d been.
“Thank you.” She whispered when she let go.
“Will you be okay?” John asked her as he readied himself to leave. “I’ll log into the forum when I’m home. You can reach me there if you need anything.”
“Thanks. I’ll be fine.” Emma said.
She waited for him to leave before dropping back down on the bed. She did not dress again, preferring the cool air on her burning bottom. She softly caressed her sore backside for a moment and then took her phone to message her friend that her date had left and she was safe and sound.
Then, she grabbed her laptop from her backpack under the bed and started writing the next chapter.

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  1. Wow your writing has really improved. I remember you mentioning a publisher helping you do so and it seems it’s paying off. I really enjoyed reading this as well as the Wedding Ceremony and am looking forward to more of your work.


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