Short stories rework

Hello everyone

Some of the stories on this blog are old, very old. The first few stories I wrote are from 2011. Over the years I feel I’ve improved a lot in story-telling and writing, so I decided that these old stories deserved a do-over.

I started with the oldest stories and plan on working my way through all of them until they’re all up to my current standards. These improved stories will contain:
– better formatting for easier reading
– better sex-scenes, now that I’ve grown more comfortable writing about sex
– explicit or implied consent, because consent is sexy
– safe sex, because while danger can be hot, STDs aren’t

I have finished the first three stories and republished the first collection on amazon. As always it’s only 3$ for the e-book, so just 1$ per story.
I want to thank everyone who supports me by buying these e-books; but if you can’t, don’t worry, I’ll still be posting the first draft of all my short stories on this blog in the future.

If you’re interested in the improved stories, make sure the book you buy has the new cover, like the one with the picture above this post. Only e-books with this cover have the reworked stories.

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