The boss’ pet (a rainy day part 3)

naked girl

This is the last part of this series,you can reread the first two parts here:
part 1part 2
It is worth your time reading them again, as I have edited and improved both stories

“That’s the same skirt you were wearing yesterday, isn’t it?” John asked.
Emily blushed. It was the same skirt, or at least one of the same size as the one she’d been wearing the last two weeks.
Every day, she entered her boss’ office before going to her own desk and every day he’d mention her skirt was at least five inches short. Starting the day of with five solid smacks on her behind made her so horny, excited, happy even, that she never hesitated when he told her to bend over.

A little over two weeks ago, Emily had spent a day in the office without skirt or trousers. It had been an accident, but one with unforeseen consequences.
She had not expected how aroused she’d be, sitting behind her desk, half-naked for her co-workers to see. She wouldn’t have believed she’d had the nerve to walk among them in her panties; but she had.
She had enjoyed teasing them, loved the attention it had gotten her. Until, her boss had spanked her for such inappropriate behaviour.
That wasn’t why she was in his office now however. Ever since the incident, Emily had enjoyed teasing her co-workers. She’d begun wearing sexy, revealing outfits to work every day.
When her behaviour became unacceptable, her boss spanked her again. This time, he did not wait for her colleagues to hear and thus they had all heard what happened to her and how much she enjoyed the punishment.
Now, she was to submit to an inspection of her skirt every day before work. An inspection she failed every day.
She tried not to tease her colleagues anymore, but at that she wasn’t very successful either. Her boss had spanked her four more times in his office in those two weeks. He always fucked her after her punishment was over, but Emily would have to wait until after hours before she was granted the same release.

“Take them off.” John said.
Emily froze, she had already bent over halfway, ready for her five smacks to begin the day. Slowly, she pulled up the tiny skirt, revealing her sexy panties and the garter belt holding up her stockings.
“Did I ask you to pull them up?” Her boss asked. “Take them off.”
Emily blushed and straightened from her bent over position. She undid the zipper of her skirt and pulled them down; wondering what his plan was.
“Take off your blouse as well.” John said.
Emily undid the last of the buttons one by one, still blushing as he asked: “What are you doing?”
“It’s been two weeks, Emily.” Her boss replied. “And we’ve made no progress. If you can’t wear an appropriate outfit to work, you might as well wear nothing at all.”
Emily bit her lip as she placed her blouse on a chair. She remembered vividly sitting behind her desk in her panties. Was he going to make her do that again, this time in just her underwear? Her heart was racing with anticipation.
“Now your belt and stockings.” John continued.
Emily blushed as she sat down on the chair, slowly pulling off her stockings. How much was he going to let her keep on? Surely he didn’t really mean it when he said ‘nothing at all’?
“And your bra and panties, please.” Her boss said.
Emily gasped. “No, please.” She begged.
“Take them off, Emily.” Her boss said. “Maybe this will help you remember to put on something decent tomorrow.
Emily’s hands were shaking as she unclasped her bra. He was just punishing her. She thought, He would let her put them back on before she went to the office she shared with her colleagues.
She blushed deeply as she placed her bra with the rest of her clothes. Her boss might have fucked and spanked her, but he had never seen her fully nude before.
When she’d pulled down her panties, she stood completely naked and vulnerable before him.
“I thought of sending you to your office like this, young lady.” Her boss said. “But you would be too much of a distraction for the others.”
Emily sighed in relief. He wasn’t going to make her do it after all.
“So that’s why I moved your computer to my office. So you can work in here today.” John continued.
Emily gasped. The whole day in her boss’ office and without any clothes on. She’d have screamed of embarrassment if she hadn’t felt so excited at the same time.
“Your desk is in the corner. You can get to work now.” Her boss said.
“Yes, Sir.” Emily replied, blushing as she sat down behind her desk.
“Oh and Emily. Since you’ll be working here. I’m giving you a couple extra tasks.”

It was almost noon, Emily was sitting behind her desk, still completely naked. She could still feel the taste of her boss’ cum in her mouth. One of her new tasks had her kneeling beneath his desk only recently.
Emily would have been outraged by the requests he made of her, if she hadn’t been so willing and exciting to perform them. She loved how he was taking advantage of her and making her his.
She swallowed deeply when someone knocked at the door, but she could not get rid of the taste completely. One of her colleagues entered.
He quickly saw Emily sitting at her desk in the corner. His eyes opened wide, but he did not say anything.
“Michael, I just printed the paperwork you were asking for.” Their boss said. “That’s what you were after, isn’t it?
“Ehm, yes, thank you.” Michael said, tearing his eyes off his naked co-worker.
“Emily, be a darling and grab them from the printer.” John said.
Blushing deeply, Emily did not move. Just her panties, or a revealing outfit she could handle; even completely naked she’d been fine when it had been just her boss, the man who had spanked and fucked her. But in front of her colleague, she was too embarrassed to move.
“Emily!” Her boss prompted again.
Emily didn’t reply and looked down at her desk as she heard Michael walk towards the printer in the other corner of the room. He left before their boss could say anything else.

“Are you deaf?” John asked, he was standing right beside her desk.
“No, Sir.” Emily replied.
“Then why didn’t you do what I told you?” He asked.
Emily blushed. “I was too embarrassed, Sir.”
“You weren’t too embarrassed to run around in that short skirt or less, these last couple of weeks.” John said.
Emily bit her lip. “No, Sir.”
“Come with me, bend over my desk.” Her boss said.
Emily’s heart raced. Was he going to spank her again? She hoped so. Despite her embarrassment, she felt deeply aroused from her encounter with Michael.
When she bent over her boss’ desk, she wondered, was he going to punish her for being disobedient, or for failing to overcome her embarrassment?
Today she had felt like John no longer wanted to smother her exhibitionistic tendencies, but cultivate them instead. He was training her to be his little pet, his obedient, naked submissive.
When the first smack landed on her behind, she knew. He wanted her to fully experience her fantasies and go farther than she had dared before.
That did not mean the spanking was gentle of course. On the contrary, her boss made sure that her cries and moans would be heard in the other offices; complimented by the fact that Michael would be telling everyone that Emily would be naked as she received yet another punishment.
Emily was dripping wet, even as her bottom was glowing red. She loved that her boss was doing this to her. She promised herself that she would not fail him again. She would overcome her embarrassment and fully expose herself to anyone her boss wanted her to.
When she heard John take off his belt, Emily moaned softly. “I’m sorry I disappointed you, Sir.” She said.
“I know you are, young lady.” John said. “But I can see how wet you are and how much you’re enjoying your spanking. At least for this you’re not too embarrassed to fully enjoy what you love.
Emily bit her lip. He was right. Ever since that first time, she’d fully submitted to the spankings. She hadn’t fought back, not even the first time he’d used his belt on her. But submitting was easier when you weren’t the one in control.
The belt hit her bottom and she screamed.
To fully enjoy her exhibitionism, she’d have to give up that control as well, she realized. She was no longer the one in charge of how she was dressed. If John wanted her to parade around naked, there was nothing she could do.
Another smack landed an after the initial squeal, she promised herself to try her hardest to submit to that level of control.
More smacks landed with the belt and thinking became hard as her bottom became a throbbing mess of pain and bruises. Emily squirmed and squealed, sobbing and moaning between each lash of the belt.
When her boss grabbed her stinging, red behind with both hands, she shrieked. His erection slid into her effortlessly.
Emily gasped and moaned as his thrusts slapped against her sore bottom, until her boss eventually came deep inside of her.
Exhausted, she lay bent over his desk.
“Back to work.” John said.
Emily got up, blushing as she went back to her desk. There was no pillow in her seat to dampen the pain. She sat down and got back to work.
It wasn’t long for the seat to become wet with her boss’ juices as well as her own excitement; but she knew she’d have to wait until after hours to pleasure herself. Such things were not to be wasted time on during working hours.

Emily’s bottom was still red and sore in the afternoon.
No-one else had entered her boss’ office and she had eaten her lunch at her desk. John could’ve made her eat that at the kitchen, she told herself, but he hadn’t.
She knew their time alone would soon come to an end however. John had warned her this time. One of their clients was coming over for a meeting.
Emily was deeply nervous. They would be having this meeting while she was right there, completely naked. John would probably even ask her things like getting coffee or grabbing things from the printer.
She wondered how the client would react. What would he think of seeing a naked woman, serving her boss and him? What would that look like, professionally?
When the man finally came, he did not even notice her immediately. He burst into the office and hugged John after a short handshake and a loud laugh.
Emily understood he was not just a client, but a close friend. Which was probably why John wasn’t nervous about him seeing her. That did not make her any less nervous though.
“Emily, can you bring Eric and me some coffee, please?”
The man, Eric, turned around and Emily blushed deeply when his eyes widened as he noticed her state of undress.
“Yes, Sir.” Emily replied. I can do this, I can do this. She encouraged herself.
Slowly she got up. The eyes of the two men followed her as she went to the small kitchenette in her boss’ office. Her boss smiling broadly, the client trying to look as if what he was seeing was a normal, every day thing.
“We’re out of coffee.” Emily said, unsure what to do now.
“Get some from the kitchen then.” John said.
Emily blushed and looked at the door to the hallway. The kitchen was three doors down, past the shared office where she used to work, were all her colleagues were working.
Nothing I can do, it’s not my choice. She told herself. John in in control, I am not. Besides, everyone will be working, no-one will see me.
She walked briskly towards the door, passing Eric. Once outside, she ran naked through the hallway as hard as she could, grabbed a bag of coffee from the kitchen and ran back.
Eric had just sat down at her boss’ desk when she returned. There was a bit of privacy in here, but not much. A stranger looking at her instead of a co-worker; but any of those might come in at any time as well.
She blushed as she made the coffee for their client and offered it to him as well as her boss.
John did not ask her to get up from her desk again as they discussed their business. Emily was at the same time relieved, and yet a bit disappointed that he did not test her any further.
Now that Eric had seen her naked and knew she was there, she started to crave his looks, she wanted to tease him, just like she had teased her colleagues.
It was up to her she realized. With a blush she stood up and walked to her boss’ desk. They both looked up at her when she did.
“Do you want some more coffee?” She asked, noticing their cups were empty.
“I would love some.” Her boss replied.
Emily looked at Eric, who had been too occupied with looking at her naked body to reply. “Ehm yes, me too please.” He said.
Emily bent over deeply as she reached over the desk to grab her boss’ mug; presenting her bottom to the client as she did, but looking straight at John, it was his approval that she was after.
He smiled broadly. “Good girl.” He said.
Emily smiled in return. She hadn’t known for sure if she was allowed to play and tease or if she should’ve refrained from distracting them. She’d made the right choice after all.

After Eric left, John came to stand next to Emily as she worked at her desk.
“You did very well, Emily. I’m very proud of you.”
Emily blushed, not sure why his praise meant so much to her.
“I was only going to have you work in my office every once in a while.” John said. “But as a reward, I’m going to let you decide when and if you want to do this again.”
Emily blushed, but there was no hesitation in her answer. “I want to work in your office every day from now on, Sir.” She said.
John smiled. “I’m very glad to hear that.” He said. “There will of course be times when that’s not possible, not all of our clients are as understanding as Eric.”
Emily bit her lip. “I could hide while they are here.” She said.
John laughed. “While I have to admit I thought of having you hide below my desk, that only seems possible for shorter meetings. I can’t have you waste too much of your time however, so if the meeting is going to take a while, you’ll have to return to your old desk.”
Emily blushed. Did he mean he’d send her to the shared office, completely naked? Her heart was racing when she nodded. Earlier that day, she couldn’t have imagined accepting such an order, but now she knew that she was no longer in control of such decisions.
“I understand, Sir.” She said.
“Good.” John replied. “I’ll let your behavior decide then how much of your cloths you can put back on before sending you back to your co-workers.”
Emily blushed, that meant she’d have a bit of a reprieve; but she knew a day would come, when John would send her to work among them completely naked.
“Now, come sit on my desk before you get dressed and go home for the weekend. I want to fuck you one last time and you’ve deserved to quit early and get some release yourself. You must be dripping right now.
Emily blushed deeply. He was right, the seat of her chair was soaked.
“Yes, Sir.” She replied, obediently following him to his desk.

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