The hotel manager

girl in sexy lingerie

It was late in the evening when John Michaels arrived at his favourite hotel. He was visiting the city for work and ever since discovering this particular establishment, he’d always made sure to stay there when work sent him this way. It was named The third corner, after its location on the corner of third street.
John was greeted by the desk manager when he entered; a young woman who—he thought—must’ve been promoted not that long ago, he was sure he’d seen her working as a serving girl on one of his previous visits.
The girl clicked around nervously on her computer, after John had given her his name. It seemed like something had gone wrong with his reservation. She sighed eventually. “I’m sorry Sir, it seems like we’re overbooked.”
John raised an eyebrow. “That’s unacceptable, it’s not like I can go anywhere else this time of day…” He answered, slightly worried.
“One moment, Sir.” The girl said. She picked up the phone and discussed the situation with someone he couldn’t hear.
Just a moment later, an older woman entered the lobby. John recognized her as the owner of the establishment.
“I’ll start the night shift early, Sophie.” She said. “You can take Mr. Michaels to his room.”
“Yes, ma’am.” The girl replied. “Please Sir, if you’d follow me.” She said to John.
John followed he girl as she led him past the rooms that were taken, into the back of the building. There was a small room with a large two-person bed. It was quite similar to the rooms he’d stayed in before, but not as tidy or clean.
“What is this room?” He asked the girl.
She blushed. “It’s my room, Sir. I sleep here after my shift, so that I’m here early in the morning to serve breakfast.”
“So, you live here?” John asked.
“No, I only work evenings and mornings. After breakfast I go home. But I do sleep here most days of the week.” The girl replied.
John nodded. “Well, it’s not the standard that I’m used to, but I guess it’ll have to do.”
The girl blushed again. “I’m really sorry for the inconvenience we’ve caused you Sir. To make up for this, I will personally serve you for the rest of your stay; should you wish a late meal or anything else. If you wish to punish me for my mistake, I will gladly accept that as well.”
John raised an eyebrow in surprise. “Did your boss tell you to say that?” He asked.
“Only, the first part, Sir. That I should personally make sure you had everything you wished for.”
“So you added the last part of your own accord? And how do you think I would punish you?” John asked.
“I’m not sure.” The girl said. “I didn’t really think it through, it just felt right to say so.”
“What would you say if I told you I was going to spank you?” John asked her.
The girl blushed and looked at him in surprise, obviously wondering whether he was joking. John looked dead serious.
“I guess, that would be acceptable. I was after all the one who made the mistake with the reservations.” She said.
John smiled, he hadn’t known that. “So you don’t think it would be wrong for me to spank you? You don’t feel too old, or find it too perverted?”
The girl blushed. “No, I think neither of those things.”
“Very well.” John said. He sat down on the bed in the middle of the room and gestured her to come closer. “Take off your jeans.” He commanded.

Sophie blushed deeply as she stood in front of the guest. She hadn’t really thought this would work. What was the chance that this man offered to spank her when she asked him to punish her? When that was exactly what she had hoped for. She’d always dreamed and fantasized about being spanked.
There could’ve been a hundred different things he’d made her do; but here she stood, slowly lowering her jeans in front of him. Her black silk panties stuck between her thighs, already wet from excitement for a dream finally coming through.
“Over my knee, Sophie.” The man said.
Sophie swallowed and bent over the knee of the man who was going to spank her. Her heart was racing. He was sitting on the edge of the bed, but did not let her rest on the mattress. With her hips over his lap, her legs and upper body dangled down either side of his body beside the bed. Her bottom arched and a big, round target.
When he placed his hand on her bottom, Sophie bit her lip to make sure she made no noise that could betray her excitement. When the first smack came down softly, she could not stifle a moan.
John spanked her slow and steady. Sophie’s soft panties crawled up between her buttocks, revealing more and more bare skin with each smack.
She moaned and whimpered every time his hand connected with her bottom. Slowly it had turned pink and warm, filled with a pleasant stinging sensation.
“These aren’t giving you that much protection anymore, are they?” John said, grabbing the panties that had buried all the way between her buttocks. The soft, wet fabric rubbed against her swollen pussy as he pulled them up even further.
“No, Sir.” Sophie agreed, admitting how vulnerable she had become to his smacks.
“All they’re doing now is blocking what I imagine must be a wonderful view.” John said. This time, he pulled them down.
Sophie gasped, but could not reach back to stop him in time as John pulled down her panties all the way to her knees.
“These are soaking wet.” John said as he let go of them. “Have you been enjoying this, young lady?”
Sophie blushed deeply. She was embarrassed that he had found out; but it seemed a bad idea to lie to the man who was spanking her. “I got turned on a little, Sir.” She admitted.
“A little?” John asked, placing a hand on her thigh and pulling her legs apart, clearing the view on her pussy. “You are dripping wet.”
Sophie bit her lip, too embarrassed to respond.
“It doesn’t matter.” John said. “I’m sure you’ll learn your lesson anyway.” And followed those words with an unexpected flurry of hard smacks on her now bared bottom.
Sophie squealed in surprise. She had expected John’s discovery of her arousal to change things, but the spanking continued as if nothing had happened; now with her panties dangling around her knees.
Well, that wasn’t completely true, something had changed. The smacks were a lot harder now. Sophie not only moaned and whimpered; she squealed and cursed. Her bottom went from a soft pink to a bright red and the sensual stinging sensation turned into a sharp, biting pain.
Sophie realized suddenly that they had made no agreements about her punishment whatsoever. Not how long it would take or how hard he would spank her. She was completely in his control. When the pain became too much, she kicked her legs and screamed: “Enough, enough!”
To her surprise, John stopped spanking her when he heard those words. “Do you think you’ve had enough?” He asked.
“Yes please, thank you.” Sophie said, thinking it was over.
“I disagree.” John said. “I haven’t even heard you apologize yet.” He spanked her red bottom again.
Sophie squealed and kicked her legs. She wanted to do as he asked and apologize to him; but she had asked for this punishment herself. She’d always dreamed of being spanked. Did she want it to be over already? Was this all she could take? In her fantasies, she’d always been able to take whatever she was given.
Gritting her teeth, Sophie bared her punishment. She could take this, she was sure of it. The pain blossomed in her bottom; she kicked her legs, squealed and cursed; but she did not ask him to stop again.
When the spanking slowed, each smack now a well-aimed, deliberate swat, Sophie kicked off the panties that had dropped down to her ankles. “I’m really sorry, Sir.” She said.
“Do you mean that, or are you just saying it because you want your punishment to be over?” John asked her without stopping spanking her.
Sophie blushed. “I mean it, Sir. You don’t have to stop until you think I got what I deserved. I just wanted you to know I’m sorry.”
“I’m glad to hear it, Sophie.” John said. “Now that you’re being honest with me. How about you tell me how much you liked being spanked. I can still see you’re wet after all.”
Sophie blushed. “It was just a fantasy.” She admitted. “I’ve never been spanked before. I didn’t really think you’d do it either. But when you did, it was like a dream coming through.”
John smiled. He still did not stop spanking her. Each smack of his hand renewing the sting in her sore, red bottom. “So, was it anything like in your fantasies?” He asked.
“Yes.” Sophie admitted. “I always dreamed of being spanked across someone’s knee.”
“Just a hand spanking then?” John asked. “Never anything more imaginative?”
Sophie blushed. “I guess, sometimes I imagined being spanked more roughly too.
“How?” John queried.
Sophie swallowed, afraid to answer; but another sharp smack on her behind reminded her that she was in no position to be petulant. “Sometimes I imagined a leather belt, or something similar.” She told him.
John placed his hand on her sensitive bottom. “Then I suggest we end this with ten lashes from my belt.”
Sophie blushed deeply. The spanking had already hurt more than in her fantasies. She wasn’t sure whether she could handle the belt. “What if I can’t take it?” She asked.
“Would you rather we continue like we are now?” John asked. “We could, but my hand won’t stop at ten.”
Sophie swallowed. She had proven to herself that she was strong enough before. She felt sure she’d be strong enough now as well. “I’ll take the belt, Sir.” She said.

John helped the girl stand. The unpleasant surprise from his room being overbooked had turned into a pleasant one with this girl willingly being spanked by him. It had been a long time since any woman had let him do so.
He was rock hard inside his trousers, hoping this night would end with more than just a spanking; but first he needed to finish her punishment.
“Take off your shirt please.” He said when she bent over the bed. “It covers your bottom too much.”
The girl did not turn, but pulled the shirt over her head where she stood. She was now only wearing her bra and shoes. Her bottom was glowing brightly red, and when she bent over, her could see her pussy, glistening wet with excitement.
“Count them for me, please.” John said as he took off his belt. He folded it in half and stood behind the girl.
Slowly, she counted each stroke, gasping and squealing between each of them. “One … Two … Three … “
When they reached ten, the girl stood shaking on her legs, her bottom covered in broad, glowing red stripes.
“Go stand in the corner.” John said.
Obediently, the girl moved to the corner of the room. John then undressed himself. He did not tell her what he was doing or what he had planned. This was his room now, he was just getting ready for bed.
When he was naked, he sat down on the edge of the bed again, his erection stood up proudly.
“Turn around.” He said.
The girl blushed as she saw him, nearly as naked as she was.
“While I think it’s appropriate that you got punished for your mistake, that doesn’t mean I’ve gotten proper compensation for getting this second rate room.” John said.
The girl nodded. “You’re right, Sir.” She said. “Is there anything I could do to make your stay here more pleasant?”
“I have something in mind. All you have to do is get on your knees and get your cute little mouth working for me.” John replied.
The girl blushed as she knelt in front of him. “Of course, Sir.” She said, before taking his erection between her lips. She sucked him softly, licking him with the tip of her tongue.
“No foreplay.” John said. “Spanking you was just as arousing for me as it was for you. This shouldn’t take long.”
The girl blushed, but obediently bent over further to take him completely in her mouth; her lips brushing his balls while the tip of his penis pushed against her throat.
John moaned deeply as she sucked on him, moving her tongue alongside his shaft. He looked past her pleading eyes, over her nearly naked body, letting his gaze linger on her freshly spanked bottom. “Get ready.” He warned her.
With a loud grunt, he ejaculated inside the girls mouth. She held him in, bravely swallowing all he could give her, sucking out the last drop.
“Thank you very much.” John said, pulling out of the girls mouth, dropping down on the bed.
“Glad to be of assistance, Sir.” The girl replied with a blush.
John waited for the girl to make the next move, or get up and leave. He was not averse of returning the favor, he knew how aroused she was after all; but he was the customer. If she wanted more, it was up to her to ask for it.
“Sir, could I ask you a favor?” The girl asked.
John smiled, thinking he already knew what she would ask of him. “Of course.” He said.
“I have nowhere to sleep tonight, would you be so kind to share your room with me?”
John looked up in surprise. He had nearly forgotten that it was the girls room he was staying in. “Perhaps, but I must warn you, I sleep naked.”
The girl blushed. “So do I.”
John grinned broadly. “Very well, you can sleep here, but if you do, I am going to fuck you.”
The girls blush deepened as she bit her lip. “I would like that.” She said, taking off her bra and shoes.
“Turn off the light, please.” John said before she got to his bed.

Sophie blushed as she made her way to her bed in the dark, after her spanking and pleasuring him; her body was yearning for more.
She bumped into the mattress and carefully crawled into the bed, under the blanket. Her body shivered with anticipation of meeting Johns.
When it did, I was sudden, his hand placed on her thigh, as if he knew exactly where she was. “Lay down.” He whispered, his voice suddenly close to her face, the warmth of his breath on her cheek.
She could feel him towering above her when she rolled on her back. The touch of his hips against her thighs was soft; but his hands on her breasts were rough.
When his hands grabbed her wrists and pinned them against the bed above her head, she moaned deeply. The pressure against her thighs increased and she felt him, already erect again, entering her wet, swollen pussy.
“Please be gentle.” She said when he pushed himself deep inside of her.
“I said I was going to fuck you.” John replied. “What made you think I was going to be gentle?”
Sophie squealed when his teeth pinched her breasts, biting around her nipple. His hips thrusting, fast and hard. Her red bottom chafed against the bed, reminding her of her spanking. The taste of his cum was still in her mind from pleasuring him and now she felt him again, deep inside of her.
It was more than she could take; her body was shaking beyond her control, but still pinned down by his hands and hips. She gasped and moaned as she came, shuddering, squealing.
But John did not stop. It was not her pleasure he was pursuing, but his own. He bit her hard again, this time taking her nipple between his teeth. Her convulsions hadn’t ended yet when another orgasm took hold of her body as John fucked her.
She was still shaking when John stopped with a groan, his hips pressed forward, cumming deep inside of her before he collapsed on top of her.
Exhausted, they lay in each others arms, until John finally rolled off of her. “Good night.” He whispered.
“Good night.” Sophie replied. She blushed, not knowing what else to say to the man she had only just met, but who had spanked and fucked her.
In the morning when John woke, she was gone, back to her task of serving breakfast for the guests.

Several days later. Sophie sat behind her desk at night, her shift was almost over. All the guests were in their rooms. When the phone rang.
“This is The third corner hotel, how may I help you?” She answered.
“This is John Michaels, I’d like to make a reservation for this weekend.”
“Certainly, Sir.” She replied, not immediately recognizing the name. “Do you have any preferences for your room?”
“I’d like your room again, Sophie.”
Sophie blushed, now recognizing the voice. “Of course, Sir. I’m sure that can be arranged.”
“Very good, I’ll be there on Saturday.” John said. “I hope you’ve been a good girl, Sophie.”
Sophie blushed. “Sorry John, I’ve actually been a very naughty girl; but I’m sure that can be mended when you get here. I’ll be eagerly awaiting your arrival. See you then.”
“Until then, young lady.” John replied. “I’ll bring my belt.”

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    1. You can always dream, though I guess it would be a safr bet to just bring your own girl 😛 (who knows, the local Sophie might join in when she hears what’s happening in your room)


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