The girl next door

Naked girl staring out the window

Summer-break was only two days old and Sophie was already bored out of her mind. What was a twenty-year-old girl to do all day out in the suburbs, living with her parents? All year, she’d live in the city, among friends; but these two months of summer were lonely and dull. That one week in August when she’d go on a trip with her friends seemed still far away.
The problem was of course, that nobody near her own age lived close-by. She had no-one to hang out with except her own parents.
There was the couple across the street however. They had moved in last year while she was in college. They were the closest to her age by a far margin, somewhere in their late twenties.
Still, Sophie didn’t think they’d have much in common. Anyone who freely choose to live a boring, dull life in the suburbs couldn’t possibly have anything to offer a city-girl like her.
They were her only hope though, and alone in her room, Sophie stared out the window at the house across the street. It was dark outside and she couldn’t see much; but a light was burning in a room on her neighbours second floor.
Sophie wondered if they’d just forgotten the light, or whether they would be returning. She had turned off her own light so they wouldn’t catch her peeking on them if they did. She knew it wasn’t polite to spy on her neighbours, but she was bored and had nothing else to do.
When the door to the empty room opened and her neighbours entered, Sophie blushed. The man was wearing only his boxer-shorts and the girl was completely naked.
Sophie turned away from the window, embarrassed for what she had seen. She could not help herself though and turned to watch again, shyly moving towards the window.
The couple was kissing. The man’s back was turned to the window, so she could no longer see his naked wife. Her hands were grabbing his shoulders, her fingers digging deep into her skin.
Sophie couldn’t avert her gaze. She hadn’t seen the couple before. The man was very handsome, with broad shoulders and a well-muscled back. His boxers were tight across his hips and firm buttocks.
For a moment, she imagined those hands on his shoulders to be hers. She had not seen much of his wife, but that short glimpse of her naked body told her they looked alike. That same slim built with firm breasts and wide hips; the same pale skin and long brown hair.
When the couple moved to the bed, Sophie wondered if they didn’t realize everyone could see them; or if they were just caught up in the act. Nobody ever came outside at night in this boring neighborhood of course; but with their curtains open and lights on they were in plain sights for peeping toms like Sophie.
When the man turned around to sit down on the edge of the bed, Sophie admired his broad chest before admiring his wife. Her pale skin looked soft and vulnerable in the light, looking in from the darkness.
She knelt on the bed, but did not straddle her husband like Sophie had expected. Instead, she bent down and draped herself across her husband’s lap. With her hips resting on her husband’s knees, her bottom was raised high in her air.
Sophie blushed when her neighbor spanked his wife. She watched in fascination how he raised his hand and smacked her upturned bottom; how his wife arched her back and rocked her hips, obviously enjoying the treatment.
As a college-girl, Sophie considered herself far from innocent; but she had not expected this boring, suburban couple to be so kinky. While she was adventurous herself, Sophie’s experiments with BDSM hadn’t gone farther than blindfolds and handcuffs. She’d certainly never been spanked.
Her neighbor’s spanking turned out to be more than just a few playful swats. Her husband’s hand kept raining down on her raised bottom while Sophie watched.
Sophie nearly pushed her face up against the window, trying to see what was happening. She wished she could hear them; she could imagine it lively: the sound of the spanking, the moaning and squealing of her neighbor.
She imagined she could see a trace of red on her neighbor’s bottom, even from this distance all the way across the street. Her poor bottom must hurt, but she did not show any signs of struggle except for the occasional kicking of her legs or shaking of her head.
When the woman slid down from her husband’s lap, Sophie wondered how long she had been sitting at her window, how long she’d been staring.
Now kneeling at her husband’s feet, Sophie could really see the shade of red on her neighbor’s bottom. She could not see what she was doing; but the motions were obvious when the woman bent forward, putting her face right in front of her husband’s lap, bobbing up and down as he grabbed her by the hair.
Sophie blushed as she witnessed her neighbor giving her husband a blowjob. Was she thanking him for her spanking, or making up for whatever it was that had gotten her spanked? She wondered.
The woman stood up at a command Sophie could not hear. She got a short glimpse of her neighbor’s erection now that his boxers were down, before his spanked wife straddled his lap.
When the man grabbed his wife’s sore red bottom in both hands, Sophie felt her own hands reaching down into her trousers. She gasped when she noticed how wet she was. Her panties soaked with arousal from watching her neighbor’s spanking.
She blushed deeply, but could not help herself as she touched her hot pussy and swollen clit.
After the long and sensuous spanking, the aftermath was quick. Her neighbor rode her husband roughly until – Sophie imagined – they both came with loud and shuddering orgasms. Sophie herself, who had been watching this whole time, had not enjoyed the same physical sensations; but she came just as quickly as they did. Shuddering uncontrollably, she moaned softly as she leaned against the window, still spying on her neighbors.

Two dull, boring days passed after that night and Sophie did not catch her neighbors having sex again. She looked out her window both nights; but either her neighbors had remembered to close the curtains, or they were just not doing anything.
She had not contacted them either. They might not be as boring as she had originally thought. But she wasn’t sure she could talk to them without blushing as she remembered what she’d seen.
On the third day since spying on them however, Sophie heard something as she passed by their house. She was just walking on the sidewalk on their side of the street and just as she was about to cross to her parent’s home, she heard it.
A soft noise, like someone slowly clapping their hands.
No-one who heard it would think about it twice. Unless, like Sophie, you had seen what happened in her neighbor’s bedroom.
Sophie walked past the hedge to their driveway, but all the curtains were closed. She hesitated for a moment, wondering if she should just ignore the sound and go home; but she was just so bored.
Slowly, Sophie walked up the driveway to the front-door. A small cobblestone path ran around the house and into the garden. Sophie followed it until she saw a large window on the side of the building.
The sound of a spanking seemed louder here and Sophie sneaked into the garden, hiding behind a large bush of roses. From her hiding space, she could see inside and was rewarded with a view of her neighbor’s bottom, red and draped across her husband’s lap.
Sophie blushed deeply. What was she doing? Spying on her neighbors, trespassing into their garden. But despite the slight shame she felt at peeping, she did not turn away.
They were not naked this time, except for her neighbor’s raised skirt and missing panties. The man was seated on a kitchen chair, his wife dangling across his knee. Her hands and feet rested on the kitchen floor.
This time, Sophie could hear the sounds of the spanking, the ringing smack when the man’s hand connected with his wife’s bottom and her squeals and moans in response. She could now see the look on their faces; the woman’s pain and distress and her husband’s strict gaze.
The woman’s bottom wasn’t just red, it was glowing. Sophie realized how much it must hurt from her kicking and squealing. She wondered if she had been wrong the other night, when she thought she was enjoying her spanking; but no, her motions and the sex that had followed had certainly indicated that she liked it.
Hidden behind the bush in her neighbor’s garden, Sophie raised her own skirt and rubbed her bottom. Already a bit of moisture was gathering in the fabric of her panties. She realized she might not be able to stay until after the spanking; she had to leave before they were done.
With one hand, she stroked her lips inside her panties, the other squeezing her backside as she imagined the pain of a spanking. It was exhilarating, standing in a stranger’s garden, touching herself. She felt naughty, spying on them like she was; it made the fantasy of getting a spanking much more realistic.
It was an odd contrast, her own pleasure, compared to her neighbor’s squeals of pain and discomfort. Sophie moaned softly, shaking on her legs as she fingered herself behind the rosebush.
When the spanking stopped and her neighbor got off her husband’s lap, Sophie bit her lip. She was not done yet, but they could see her any moment. Her fingers moved quickly, yearning for release before she was caught.
The man pointed at the corner of the room and the woman walked towards it, away from the window. Sophie sighed a breath of relief when her neighbor left the room, leaving his wife behind with her hands on her head; facing the corner unable to see out the window.
Sophie blushed as she spied on her neighbor standing in the corner like a naughty girl, her red bottom on display. No-one knew of course, except for her husband and Sophie who was peeping on them.
When she finally came, Sophie bit her hand, trying to smother her moans so that she\d not be heard. She blushed deeply, only now fully realizing she had been masturbating in her neighbor’s garden, while staring at his wife’s red, spanked bottom. Sophie quietly left the way she had come.

Sophie wasn’t usually this obsessed with the sex-lives of others; but there was just nothing else for her to do while she spent the summer at home. Every day, when she passed he neighbor’s home, she listened and hoped she might catch them at it again. She blamed her obsession on the spankings themselves, it was just so exotic, something she had never seen or experienced before.
Twice more in the following two weeks, Sophie sneaked into the garden to see her neighbor get spanked and each time, the spanking ended with her neighbor standing in the corner with a red bottom on display; and Sophie pleasuring herself, hidden behind the rosebush.
The guilt she’d felt at spying on them increased every time she did it; but she could not contain her curiosity whenever she heard those faint sounds of spanking coming from their home.
In the evening on the day she’d trespassed into their garden for the third time, Sophie was in her room when the doorbell rang. Curious, for they never got visitors, Sophie made her way downstairs, just as her mother answered the door.
It was her neighbor; the woman Sophie had witnessed getting a spanking just a few hours ago.
From atop the staircase, Sophie listened in on their conversation. It turned out that the woman was looking for her. Neighborly as her mother was, she invited her in and pointed her towards her daughter’s bedroom.
Blushing, Sophie ran to her bedroom and waited for her visitor. She was nervous, fearing that she might have seen her trespassing in her garden, spying on her when her husband spanked her.
“Enter.” She said when she knocked at her door.
The woman entered, she still wore the same flowery dress as before. It was short and barely covered her bottom. Sophie wondered if it was still red; was she wearing panties underneath or were those still off as well?
“Hello Sophie, my name’s Emma, I live just across the street.” She reached out to shake her hand.
Sophie blushed and took the woman’s hand. “Nice to meet you, Emma.” She said.
“Your mother told me you’d be coming home for the summer; but I never had the chance to come say hello.” Emma said.
“Oh, that’s okay.” Sophie said. “You must be busy.”
Emma smiled. “You must be bored, all alone out here. You should come visit me and my husband sometime. I imagine we’re the only ones anywhere close to your own age.”
Sophie nodded. “That would be great.” She said, all the while wondering if she could enter their home without blushing whenever she looked at them.
“Do you like flowers?” Emma asked. “We have a rose bush right outside our kitchen window. You can come and pick some of the flowers anytime you want. Just make sure you give us a heads-up first. We wouldn’t want to think you were trespassing or anything.”
Sophie blushed deeply. Was that a hint, did she know? The woman was staring at her intently. Sophie swallowed. “Of course.” She said.
The woman smiled again. “Great.” She said. “That’s settled then, well I have to be going. I hope you’ll come over and visit us soon.”
The woman left her room as suddenly as she had come. Sophie’s heart was racing. They must know, she thought. They must have seen her. Emma’s visit was obviously a warning.

That didn’t stop Sophie of course. Two days after Emma’s visit, she heard her get another spanking from her husband. It surprised her how often they did it. At least twice a week, Emma spent time across her husband’s lap; and that was only the times Sophie caught them.
Sophie hesitated at the edge of their property. Emma’s visit was still clear in her mind; but all she could imagine now was the same woman, dangling helplessly across her husband’s knee.
She just had to be careful, she told herself. Slowly, she made her way into the garden. As quietly as possible, she sneaked up behind the rosebush.
Her neighbors were in the now familiar position where Emma’s husband sat on a kitchen chair and her bare bottom raised in the air above his knee. Careful not to be seen, Sophie unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them down together with her panties; her bottom bared in their garden, just like Emma’s bottom was bared for her to see.
It almost felt like baring her bottom for a spanking; after Emma’s warning and out here in the open, she felt naughty and vulnerable.
Sophie had missed the start of Emma’s punishment, her bottom was already quite red. She preferred masturbating during the spanking; but she knew she had some time left while Emma stood in the corner.
She was still touching herself, her fingers digging deep into her wet pussy when she heard a voice. “You can stop hiding.”
Sophie had been so focused on watching Emma in the corner of the kitchen, that she had not noticed her husband entering the garden. With a deep blush, she pulled up her shorts and stepped out of her hiding place.
“I’m sorry.” She said. “I was just…”
“We know what you were doing.” The man said, interrupting her. He walked across the grass towards her and Sophie’s heart started racing. This was the man who spanked his wife. What was he going to do to her for spying on them?
“I’m sorry.” She said. “I didn’t mean to disturb you, I didn’t see anything.”
The man raised an eyebrow, he stood but an arm’s length away from her. He was quite intimidating, tall and strong as he was.
“You didn’t?” He asked. “This isn’t the first time I noticed you sneaking around. I even sent Emma to talk to you, and you still want me to believe you aren’t spying on us.”
Sophie looked at the grass around her feet. “I’m sorry. You’re right. I shouldn’t be here. I won’t so it again… ehm, what’s your name?”
“It’s Michael, but you can call me Sir.” He replied.
Sophie blushed. “Of course, Sir. I’m sorry for spying on you.”
“You know what Sophie, I’m not stupid, I realize how bored you must be out here with your parents. I don’t know how you found out about our secret; but I understand why you’d be curious. So, let’s make a deal. You can ask me three questions about anything you want and in return you promise me to never spy on us again, so we can forget this ever happened.” Michael said.
Still blushing, Sophie looked up at her neighbor. Was she really getting of that easy? “What kind of questions?” She asked.
“Anything.” Michael said. “I imagine you’re curious about what you’ve seen, aren’t you?”
Sophie nodded, taking a moment to think about she should ask. She looked over her shoulder, seeing Emma still standing in the corner.
“The first time I saw you.” She said. “I saw you have sex after you spanked Emma. But every other time, she has to stand in the corner and nothing else happens.”
Michael smiled. “When Emma’s been a good girl, she gets her spanking as a reward; but when she’s naughty, it’s a punishment and she has to stand in the corner. The latter kind of spanking is usually quite a bit harder than the former.
Sophie blushed. She had been wondering about this for a while. She had even thought it might be discipline, but she had not believed until Michael told her.
“Why does she let you discipline her … so often?” Sophie asked, quickly merging two questions into one.
Michael laughed. “Emma is very submissive and loves it when I’m in charge. She doesn’t just let me spank her, she has completely given up control to me and lets me decide when she’s been a good girl deserving of a reward, or a bad girl deserving a spanking. And to why she gets spanked so often, it’s because she likes to act a bit like a brat. She secretly loves getting disciplined by me, because it reminds her of who’s in control. Have you never felt that way, Sophie? Haven’t you ever done something that you thought was bad and you deserved to be punished, if only there was someone there to take charge and put you across their knee?”
Sophie blushed and looked away. “Maybe, but not the part about the spanking.” She admitted. Trespassing into her neighbor’s garden and spying on them had certainly been one of those moments.
“Well, I’m sure that’s what you’ll be thinking about, next time when you do something naughty.” Michael said.
Sophie bit her lip and wondered about her third question.
“What will you do, if I were to break my promise and spy on you again?” She asked.
Michael raised an eyebrow. “I will do what Emma suggested to me when we saw you in our garden today.” He said.
Sophie’s heart was racing. “What did she suggest?” She asked.
“Emma said, I should bring you inside so you could be spanked right alongside her.” Michael said.
Sophie swallowed.
“So, I better not see you out here again, am I clear?” Michael asked.
“Yes, Sir.” Sophie answered. “Can I leave now?”
Michael crossed his arms. “Aren’t you forgetting something?” Sophie blushed. “Your promise?” Michael reminded her.
Sophie folded her hands in front of herself. “I promise I won’t spy on you again, Sir.” She said.
“Thank you, Sophie.” Michael said. “You can go now.”

Several days passed and Sophie avoided going near Michael and Emma’s house. She was afraid that if she heard them, she would be unable to resist temptation and get caught. Part of her however, could not stop fantasizing about what would happen if she did break her promise.
These first few weeks of summer, her neighbor’s secret, kinky sex-life was all that had kept her from going insane with boredom. The truth was of course, that she was deeply curious to how it felt like to be spanked.
When she thought back about her time hiding behind the rosebush, masturbating while Emma got spanked by her husband; she remembered squeezing her cheeks while she heard the smacks on Emma’s behind, or pulling down her shorts to bare her bottom just like hers. It hadn’t just been the naughty feeling of spying or public masturbation that had her aroused; it was the spanking itself and the idea of submitting to a man to be punished that had her shuddering and yearning for the release of an orgasm.
Emma suggested it herself. Sophie argued with herself some days. She wouldn’t mind it, if her husband spanked a young woman who had been spying on them. It would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, something she’d never forget; and something she’d never have to repeat if she did not want to.
The idea of being spanked by Michael turned her on greatly. She knew that all she had to do was break her promise. She wondered if he thought that she would. Her third question had suggested it after all. There was no doubt in her mind that he would enjoy spanking her and was hoping to catch her spying on them again.
It was this thought that made Emma return to Emma and Michael’s garden. Michael didn’t really want her to keep her promise, she thought. It was more like an opportunity, a way for her to show that she wanted to be spanked by him.
She passed by her neighbor’s garden every day, hoping to hear the sounds of Emma’s punishment; and every day, she was afraid that today would be that day.
When she finally heard those now-familiar sounds of a spanking, she froze just outside their driveway. This was it, she thought. She could either turn around and never think about it again; or she could sneak inside and get caught.
Slowly, she made her way up the driveway. She had thought she was nervous when spying on them before, but it was nothing compared to what she felt now. It was also the most exciting thing that would happen all summer, so she pushed her fears aside and crept towards the rosebush, peeping through the window where Emma was face-down across Michael’s knee.
It wasn’t long after her entrance, that the spanking stopped. Sophie wondered if she’d been seen; Emma’s bottom wasn’t as red as it would usually be after her spanking. Too nervous to touch herself, she had just been standing there to watch.
“Sophie!” A voice called, Michael entered the garden.
With a blush, Sophie got out of her hiding place.
Michael approached with long, quick strides. “What are you doing here?” He asked. “You promised not to spy on us anymore.”
Sophie blushed deeply. “I’m sorry, but I…”
“No buts.” Michael interrupted her. “Emma and I both warned you not to spy on us. I even told you what would happen if I saw you here again. Are you going to tell me you didn’t understand what I said last time I caught you spying?”
“No.” Sophie said, staring at her feet.
“So, you know what’s going to happen now?” Michael asked.
Sophie blushed. “Yes, Sir.”
Michael was quiet for a moment, Sophie looked up at him and saw him staring down at her, his arms crossed in front of his chest.
“Very well.” He said. “Follow me, you knew what you were getting yourself into.”
Sophie bit her lip, but obediently followed Michael to the back of the house and in through the back door. She felt vulnerable suddenly, in his house with no way to escape. She followed him into the kitchen, where Emma was still standing in the corner.
Without the window separating them, Emma’s red bottom was suddenly much more real than it had been before. This wasn’t just some scene she was looking at, this was actually happening.
“Go stand in that corner.” Michael said, pointing at the opposite side of the room. “I know how much you like to watch, so you don’t have to face the wall. Take a good look, because you’re going to be next.”
Without a word, Sophie moved to the corner of the room.
Michael sat down on the chair. “Emma, you can come out now, we weren’t done yet.”
Emma turned around, her pussy suddenly catching Sophie’s eyes as she was holding her skirt in her hands. She blushed slightly when she saw Sophie staring at her. Submissively, Emma placed herself across her husband’s knee.
From across the street in her bedroom, to the garden outside the window and now just two steps away, Sophie had gotten ever closer to these spankings. Soon, she’d be so close that she’d be the one dangling over Michael’s knee.
The sound of the smacks was loud here in the same room of them, but even louder were Emma’s squeals. Sophie started to become nervous as she imagined how much her sore bottom must sting, how vulnerable she was with her legs fruitlessly kicking the air.
Michael was relentless and spanked Emma until her bottom was glowing red, until her squeals were replaced with sobs and whimpers; and all this time, Sophie could only stand and watch, knowing that she would be next.
“Get up.” Michael said.
Emma got up from her husband’s lap.
“Go back to the corner. Don’t face the wall, since Sophie has been spying on your punishments, I think it’s fair you get to see hers as well.”
Emma slowly moved to the corner and turned around to see the room. Sophie was blushing, waiting for Michael to tell her to come to him.
He made her wait, seconds seemed minutes in the completely silent room. Sophie’s fear was slowly being replaced by impatience. She deserved this spanking, didn’t she? Then what was he waiting for?
“Come here, Sophie.” Michael said.
Sophie flinched, caught off guard at the sudden command. He had been waiting for her to realize that he was in charge, not her. Slowly, she made stepped closer, standing in front of his chair.
“Raise your dress.” Michael said.
Sophie blushed, all this time, she had not considered this part of her punishment. Michael would definitely spank her on her bare bottom, just like he did his wife. She would be completely exposed.
Slowly she raised her dress. Michael waited patiently, as if he had all the time in the world for her to reveal her panties. They were black and covered in lace. Sophie had chosen them purposefully not to be embarrassed by them if she were to get caught; just like she’d been wearing skirts and dresses ever since she’d decided to go through with this. Emma always wore them as well.
Finally, with her dress raised all the way below her breasts, Michael raised his hands to stop her. He grabbed her panties between his index fingers and thumbs at her hips. Sophie blushed deeply as he pulled them down.
“Step out.” Michael said as he dropped her panties all the way to her ankles. When she did, he picked them up and tucked them into his pocket. Sophie blushed deeply, wondering if she’d ever see those panties again.
Michael was sitting up straight, now staring right at her pussy. “Get across my lap, young lady.” He said.
Sophie moved to the side of the chair, slowly lowering herself across Michael’s lap. She placed her hand on the ground to keep her balance while Michael grabbed her hips and shifted her forwards until her bottom was right above his lap.
She blushed deeply when she felt his erection pressing against her pubic bone. She had known he’ would be excited, but she hadn’t thought she’d feel it this intimately. She knew she’d be excited herself, she wondered how wet she was and how much of it Michael would see.
When Michael stroked her bottom with his hand, Sophie moaned softly in anticipation.
“I would’ve rather given you a good girl spanking, Sophie.” Michael said. “But a naughty girl like you, who breaks her promises and spies on people deserves a good hard spanking and a bright red bottom.”
Sophie blushed, but did not protest.
“Well, don’t you have anything to say for yourself?” Michael asked.
“No, Sir.” Sophie replied. “You’re right, I deserve to be punished.”
Michael raised his hand and smacked her bottom.
Sophie moaned softly. The pain wasn’t that bad. Just a slight stinging sensation spreading through her cheek. Michael smacked the other side and Sophie moaned again. The sting nicely balancing out the first.
Slowly, Michael built up the intensity of her spanking, alternating between cheeks and increasing the sting with each smack. He did not slow down our pause, only ever increasing the strength behind each swat with his big, strong hand.
Sophie moaned deeply, occasionally squealing softly as a particularly hard smack landed. The pain was building, but somehow still bearable, pleasurable even. It was like she had fantasized it would be. She imagined the excitement building between her legs, her pussy glistening wet and dripping down her thighs. She wouldn’t be able to hide it as she kicked her legs, dangling over Michael’s lap.
But the excitement didn’t last. The smacks kept coming, ever harder and the pain took over the excitement. Sophie’s moans became grunts and screams. She started to realize that she was in deep trouble and her spanking was long from over. She wondered if she’d made a mistake letting herself got caught; she no longer had any control of the situation.
There was no way to turn back now, she’d have to see this punishment through until the end; but above all, she realized she deserved this. Her behavior these last few days had led her to this, spying on people, trespassing on their property, ignoring their warnings and breaking her promise. What did she expect would happen? She could blame her boredom, the dull days at her parent’s house; but the decisions had been her own. Even the decision to get caught, because deep down she had known, she deserved to be punished for her misbehavior.
As the pain in her bottom mixed with shame and guilt, Sophie squirmed and whimpered. Her bottom was bright red and it felt like it was on fire. “I’m sorry.” She said. “I won’t do it again, I promise.”
Michael didn’t listen to her. Why would he? She hadn’t kept her last promise either. His hand kept raining down on her bottom and Sophie kicked and squealed.
Somewhere, Emma was watching. Sophie wondered if she was smiling, seeing her get punished for spying on her. Or was she excited, like Sophie had been while she was watching Emma go through the same thing. Was she perhaps touching herself right now, just like she had?
Even through the pain of her spanking, Emma blushed, feeling a drop of excitement at the thought of Emma touching herself while watching her. But no, Emma stood in the corner with her hands on her head, she would not be able to touch herself.
The thought disappeared as quickly as it had come. The pain in her bottom was all consuming. Again she begged Michael to stop, promising to be a good girl, promising to never spy on them again.
When he finally stopped, Sophie lay whimpering across his lap, tears rolling down her eyes. After a moment, Michael told her to stand.
Sophie slowly stood, afraid to look at Emma. She had never seen her cry; ashamed for her tears, she averted her eyes.
“I’m sorry I had to be this strict with you, Sophie.” Michael said. “But I needed you to understand this spanking was a punishment and not for fun.”
Sophie nodded.
“Don’t be ashamed of your tears.” He said. “Emma has cried across my lap more than once. When she gets spanked as hard as you did today, she always does.”
Sophie blushed and looked up at Michael. So, she had been spanked harder than Emma had. Of course, she had probably deserved it more. What had Emma been spanked for? Some bratty remark, perhaps? While Sophie had been spanked for spying, trespassing and breaking her promise. No wonder her bottom was twice as red as her neighbor’s wife’s.
“Now go stand in the corner next to Emma.” Michael said. “Keep your dress raised and your hands on your head until I return.”
Sophie blushed and made her way to stand next to Emma.
“Face the wall, both of you.” Michael said,
The two women turned.

A long time passed after Michael left when neither of them knew what to say.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t think he’d spank you this hard.” Emma said after a while.
Sophie blushed. “It’s okay. I probably deserved it.”
Emma looked at her and smiled. “I’m glad you think that way. You know, I’ve never had anyone to talk about these things with.”
Sophie looked at her in return. “Well, I don’t think I’ll try to get myself in trouble on purpose again after today.”
Emma laughed softly. “But you should, next time just make sure it’s something small. Some regular discipline is good for your mood, and it keeps you honest with yourself.”
Sophie blushed. “Don’t you find it weird to let your husband spank another woman?”
Emma smiled. “I have to admit, just a week ago I would have never considered it. But when we caught you spying, I got thinking about it. I really felt you deserved to be punished for it and who better to do it than my husband? It turned me on to be honest, the idea of Michael spanking another woman while I watched. That’s as much part of the reason I guess.”
“You got turned on while he spanked me?” Sophie asked, getting redder with the moment.
“Didn’t you?” Emma asked. “Didn’t you spy on us because it turned you on? Watching you across my husband’s lap, your bottom slowly turning red under his punishing hand. I was so wet, I felt it dripping down my thighs.”
Sophie swallowed. “I guess you’re right. I did enjoy watching you as well.”
Emma smiled. “Even while you were across his lap, even while you were begging for mercy, I could see how wet you were, how excited you were to be dominated by a strict man.”
Sophie blushed again. “I can’t help it.” She said. “Don’t you get turned on when he spanks you?”
“Of course.” Emma said. “Always.”
Sophie bit her lip. “But you never have sex when you get punished?”
Emma shook her head. “No, only good girls get that reward. But do you really need sex? Don’t you feel like what you’ve just experienced is just as good? It’s intimate, emotional, strong; it doesn’t need sex to be a complete experience.”
Sophie looked away. “You’re right I guess.” She said. “It’s just this feeling, this arousal, like I’m burning up inside, longing for that sweet release.”
Emma smiled. “But that’s part of it, part of the punishment because you’re not allowed to have it; part of the lesson because if you want it, you have to be a good girl; part of the submission, because he is in control, not just over pain, but pleasure as well.”
Sophie looked back at her neighbor. The way she talked, she could understand why she loved it so much, why she acted like a brat to get herself in trouble with her husband.
“That’s easy for you. But who is going to reward me, when I’m a good girl?” She asked.
Emma frowned in thought. “All good girls get rewarded in the end.” She said. “All you have to do is keep your promise.”
Sophie blushed. What was she suggesting? That she would let her husband reward her with a sensual spanking; and what, let him fuck her as well? It seemed impossible, but before she could ask her more, Michael returned to the kitchen.
“You can come out of the corner.” He said.
Both women turned around. Emma pulled down her dress from around her waist, Sophie followed her example. The weight of her dress on her bottom reminded her suddenly of her spanking and she winced at the sudden pain.
“Are you going to remember to behave more politely, Emma?” Michael asked.
“Yes, Sir.” Emma said.
Sophie blushed, she hadn’t realized Emma named her husband Sir as well.
“And you Sophie, are you going to keep our promise and stop spying on us?” Michael asked her.
“Yes, Sir.” Sophie said.
“Very well. Emma, you still have some chores to do. Sophie, it’s time you head home.” Michael said.
Emma stepped away from her and left to do her chores without question. Sophie blushed, there was no mention of returning her panties, she was still bared beneath her dress. She turned to the backdoor to leave.
She expected Michael to follow her out, but he didn’t. He was sure that she’d do as she was told. With her bottom still burning, she had no plans to be disobedient in any way.
Once outside, she checked to see if her dress covered her bottom properly and no redness was revealed, she wiped her face with her hands to hide her tears and pulled her hair in place with her fingers. No-one knows what just happened. She told herself. She repeated the phrase in her head as she crossed the street and headed home, avoiding her parents as she entered her room.
Finally alone, she raised her dress and looked at her red bottom in the mirror on her wardrobe. She touched herself, but then stopped. Michael would never find out if she masturbated; but she remembered what Emma had told her. It was part of her punishment, only good girls deserved an orgasm. She dropped her dress again and started cleaning her room. Doing chores, just like Emma was, would probably distract her enough from her stinging bottom and wet, glowing lips.

Several days passed and Sophie did not return to her neighbor’s garden to spy on them. Even when she heard the familiar noise of Emma being punished across her husband’s knee, she resisted the urge to have a look. The spanking was still too fresh in her mind, she remembered sleeping on her tummy that night, and not being able to sit comfortably the following day.
Still, there was a part of her that wished she would get spanked again someday; just like Emma had predicted. Not because it had been enjoyable; but because the idea that there would be consequences for her actions was somehow comforting. If only she had someone like Michael. Those regular spankings Emma got from her husband for being a brat were exactly what she wanted; not the harsh, severe spanking for spying and trespassing that she’d gotten herself.
More than a week passed and the boredom was slowly reasserting itself. Sophie had not visited her neighbors, for she was too embarrassed to confront them after her spanking. Luckily, the one week trip with her friends was just a few days away, giving her something to look forward to.
It was two nights before she would leave, when Emma visited her again. Just like the previous time, her mother answered the door, letting Emma in when she asked for her.
Nervously, Sophie waited in her room, wondering what Emma wanted. She knew there couldn’t be anything that had gotten her in trouble this time.
When Emma knocked her door and entered, she was smiling broadly. “Sophie! It’s been such a long time, why don’t you visit?”
Sophie blushed. Last time she saw Emma, they had talked about how wet and aroused they both got from being spanked by her husband. Both their bottoms had still been bared and red as they stood in the corner together.
“I don’t know.” She said. “I guess I felt a bit awkward after what happened last time.”
Emma still smiled. “Oh, don’t worry about that. When Michael puts you across his knee, all is forgiven and forgotten when it’s done. We’re not upset about your spying and trespassing. I won’t even mention it again.”
Sophie chuckled. It was the spanking itself that made her feel awkward, not the thought that they might still be angry. It was odd, she realized, that discipline was such a part of Emma’s life that she did not feel the same.
“I’ll see if I can come over sometime.” She said.
“Why not now?” Emma asked. “I know it’s a bit late, but Michael sent me to ask. He’s very pleased that you kept your promise and he thinks you deserve a reward.”
Sophie blushed again. She had seen what kind of rewards Emma got from her husband, a sensual spanking followed by making love. That’s not what he meant, was it? Emma couldn’t possibly approve of her husband fucking another woman; even if she didn’t mind him spanking one.
“Sure, I guess.” Sophie said, feeling confident that they had something else in mind. “Who would say no to a reward?”
Smiling, but nervous, she followed Emma out and across the street. Michael was waiting for them in the hallway.
“Sophie, I’m so glad you accepted our offer. I haven’t seen you spying on us in days, so can I assume you’ve been keeping your promise?” He asked.
“Yes, Sir.” Sophie said, blushing now that she was once more confronted with the man who had spanked her.
“After you left us last time, Emma told me that you felt left out because you knew that Emma, if she was a good girl, would be rewarded, while you only got punished for being naughty, but had no-one to reward you when being good. Is that true?” Michael asked.
Sophie blushed, she had not expected Emma to tell her husband what they had talked about.
“Yes, Sir, it’s true.” She admitted.
“Well, the last week, Emma has been very well behaved and while I planned to reward her, I thought of you. Since you joined her in one of her punishments, I thought why not let you join in one of her rewards as well.” Michael explained.
Sophie bit her lip. If she were to participate in one of Emma’s reward, then that did mean spanking and sex, didn’t it?
“Do you mean, I’d get a sensual spanking too and … what comes after?”
Michael smiled. “Emma and I have often talked about trying out a threesome; and with your submissive attitude and knowledge of our fetish, you would be a perfect third.”
Sophie blushed again. After days of thinking and dreaming of that one spanking, she was now offered another. This one however would be pleasurable, sensual. She felt the excitement in her groin, moisture already gathering between her lips, her bottom tingling with sensation for what was to come.
“I would like that.” She said. “But only if Emma agrees.”
Emma, who had been standing to the side, not talking, clapped her hands. “Of course, I agree!” She said, hugging Sophie. “I’ve been looking forward to this so much, ever since I saw you getting spanked by Michael I wanted us to do more together.”
“Well then, it seems I’ve got two good girls on my hands who deserve a reward.” Michael said. “Please, follow me upstairs, young ladies.”
Butterflies were doing summersaults in her stomach as Sophie followed her neighbors to their bedroom; her heart was beating in her throat and her body was tingling all over.
When they entered the room, she checked the window and was relieved to see the curtains were closed. She remembered vividly how she had seen them from across the street last time Emma got a reward.
“Take off your clothes please.” Michael said.
Emma started to undress and Sophie blushingly followed her lead. She wasn’t shy, but a bit embarrassed to undress at Michael’s command. Her experience in submissiveness so far was just to raise her skirt and accept a spanking she surely deserved.
Her neighbor did not slow down or stop, not even for her bra or panties. She took them off until she was completely naked. Sophie could only do the same, until she was completely exposed as well. Michael was staring at them both, his hungry smile touched something deep inside her, arousing her greatly.
When they were done, he took of his own shirt, his trousers and his socks. Only his boxers he kept on. His erection was plain however, stretching the fabric of his underwear. Sophie longed to touch it, even while his wife was there to see.
“Who wants to go first?” He asked.
Sophie licked her lips. She longed for this spanking, but Emma was his wife, so she waited for her to make the first move.
“I went first last time.” Emma said. “I think it’s Sophie’s turn now.”
Sophie’s heart jumped up again.
“Good, Sophie, come here please.” Michael said, while seating himself on the edge of the bed.
Sophie didn’t hesitate, but moved to the side of the bed, hungry for her reward. Her naked body right beside his.
“Across my lap, young lady.” Michael said.
Sophie blushed and knelt on the bed. He sounded so strict, even for a reward; and that only turned her on even more. She leaned forward across his lap. The bed supported her legs and upper body, which made the position a lot more comfortable than it had been when she was dangling across his knee on the kitchen chair.
Just like last time, she could feel his erection press up right against her pubic bone. This time there was only a thin layer of fabric separating her from its touch. The rest of his body was naked and warm against her flesh.
Softly, Michael rubbed her bottom. He used his hand to separate her legs and reveal her moist, dripping pussy. There was no way to hide her arousal from him.
Michael raised his hand and spanked her firmly. Swatting her bottom left to right. Sophie moaned and wiggled her behind, she arched her back, begging for more.
The smacks kept coming, building a warm sting in her bottom. They were softer than her previous spanking; but still pretty hard. The sting was real and slowly building into a numbing pain.
Sophie moaned or squealed after some particularly firm swat. Her bottom was glowing and sore; but it was an enjoyable pain. It was like a spicy meal, like a strong, painful massage, or a very hot shower; just on the edge of bearable.
“Can I help?” Emma asked.
Sophie looked over her shoulder. She had forgotten about Emma and how she had to witness her husband do this with another woman.
“Of course.” Michael said.
Sophie moaned deeply as Emma knelt next to her. Michael did not relent his spanking as his wife’s slender fingers trailed up Sophie’s inner thighs, following the trail of wet juices that had trickled down her legs.
She gasped when Emma’s fingers found her pussy and slipped between her lips, finding her clit. All the while, Michael’s hand kept raining down on her bottom.
Trapped between pain and pleasure, Sophie moaned and shook. Unable to control her body, she shuddered and moaned, driven to orgasm by Emma’s slender fingers and Michael’s strong hand.
Even then, Michael did not stop. Sophie squealed and moaned as he kept spanking her during her orgasm. Emma’s fingers slid down to the entrance of her pussy, and instead of relenting the pressure, she pushed them inside.
Sophie screamed.
Her body shook uncontrollably as a second orgasm took control of her body. Michael landed a few more firm swats, as she lay shaking across his lap. Then he finally stopped.
Gasping for breath, Sophie lay across her neighbor’s lap. Her bottom felt on fire, even while being massaged by Emma’s cool, soft hands. One large, warm hand lay on her lower back, Michael was holding her down still.
“Is it over?” She asked, wondering why he was holding her down.
“Only if you want it to be.” Michael said.
Sophie licked her lips. “I don’t think I could take anymore.” She admitted.
The pressure of Michael’s hand relented. “In that case, I know someone who is dying to take your place.”
With a grunt, Sophie got up from Michael’s lap. She looked at the couple with a blush; wondering how she could still be embarrassed around them after what they had just done.
Emma knelt beside her husband and took her place across his lap. Sophie stepped back, watching as she got a spanking from her husband.
This was the first time she could truly enjoy watching Emma get a spanking. She was invited, did not have to worry about being caught or fear she would be next. She enjoyed the vulnerability of Emma’s body across her husband’s lap, the slow coloring of her bottom, her moans and squeals, the movement of her body as she accepted the pleasure.
When Emma’s moans reached a higher pitch, Sophie remembered she should do more than just watch. “Can I?” She asked. Michael nodded.
Sophie had noticed Emma liked to kick her feet during her spanking, so she knelt behind her on the bed, straddling her legs so she could not move them. She bent down, to make sure she did not get in the way of Michael’s swinging arm.
She traced Emma’s inner thigh with her fingers, finding her pussy, just like she had done for her. She barely touched Emma, when her body already started to convulse. A few flicks against her clit and Emma was moaning and shaking uncontrollably.
Michael did not relent for his wife either, keeping the spanking going while Sophie brought his wife to orgasm.
Sophie pushed three fingers up her neighbor’s pussy, thrusting them deep. Emma’s body shook, but she could barely move with Sophie’s weight on her legs and her husband’s hand on her lower back.
Emma screamed and moaned as she got her good girl reward.

The two women stood together beside the bed; their bottom burning from their spankings.
“Did you like your reward?” Michael asked them.
“Yes, Sir.” The two women said in unison.
“And are you going to thank me for it?” He asked.
Sophie blushed, remembering what she had seen through her window. Emma on her knees, giving her husband a blowjob.
“How can we thank you, Sir?” Emma asked.
“I’d like to see my two girls kiss.” Michael said. “But not just any kiss. You have to kneel at my feet and include my cock in this kiss.”
Sophie licked her lips. She had given plenty of blowjobs before, but never at a command. Somehow that made it more exciting.
Emma knelt beside the bed at her husband’s feet and Sophie joined her at the other side. She had never kissed a woman before; but when Emma leaned forward and pressed her lips on hers, her excitement took over.
They kissed deeply, tongues in each-other’s mouths. Michael then pulled down his boxers to reveal his enormous erection. Sophie blushed as Emma softly grabbed his balls and licked his shaft from top to bottom.
Sophie copied her neighbor, licking Michael’s dick; their tongues moving up and down his shaft together. When they reached the tip and their lips touched, they kissed with Michael caught between them.
They played and kissed, licking and sucking each-other’s tongue, lips and Michael’s dick. with Michael’s moans and grunts in the background.
“Take it Emma, I’m going to cum.” Michael suddenly said.
Emma pulled her husband’s cock away from Sophie and took it in her mouth.
“Don’t swallow.” Michael said. “You have to share with Sophie.” He moaned deeply, shuddering as he came into his wife’s mouth.
When he dropped back on the bed, Emma turned to Sophie, leaning forward to kiss her again. This time when she pushed her tongue in her mouth, her husband’s juices came with it, mixing with their saliva as they kissed.
Sophie blushed, but accepted her share of Michael’s sperm. The taste mixed with that of Emma’s mouth as they kissed. When they let go, both women swallowed their share.
“Get on the bed.” Michael said.
The two women joined him, all three were now completely naked as they held each-other; Michael caught in between his two good girls.
“Before we send you home, Sophie, I have one more reward for you.” Michael said. “You can choose whether your next orgasm comes from a dick or a tongue.”
Sophie blushed. The kiss and blowjob had turned her on greatly. Her bottom was still sore and sensitive with Michael’s hand on it while they cuddled. She wanted him to fill her up, just like he had with his wife’s mouth.
“I’ll take the dick, please.” She said.

Michael got up and placed a pillow against the wall. “Sit over her please, Emma.” He said.
Emma moved up the bed and sat down with her back against the wall. She whimpered softly, having to sit down on her sore bottom.
“Since you want my cock, it’s going to be your responsibility that Emma gets her share of the pleasure, Sophie.” Michael said. “You’ve just proven to me how well you can use your tongue, so get on your hands and knees and use it.”
Sophie blushed. When Michael had mentioned a tongue, she had not thought it might be her, or Emma’s tongue that would do the pleasuring. She had never kissed a woman before tonight and she had definitely not licked one.
Emma spread her legs invitingly, waiting for Sophie to come. She was blushing too and Sophie wondered if she too had never had another woman do this to her.
Michael was sitting beside her, waiting. He was still in charge, the spankings might have been rewards, but he still expected their obedience. Sophie got up and knelt down before her neighbor.
She had never been this close to a pussy before she realized, not even her own. Up close like this, she could almost taste Emma’s excitement just by her smell.
Shyly, she licked Emma’s lips.
She moaned deeply.
Encouraged by her neighbor’s arousal, Sophie continued. Licking her up and down and then finding her clit. she started to play with it with her tongue.
She could feel Michael move and kneel behind her. She felt his hands on her sore bottom and his erection against her lips. When he pushed his cock into her, Sophie moaned deeply, her warm breath on Emma’s lips.
Sophie realized Emma was going to have to watch her husband fuck another woman, and while he did, she’d feel some of the pleasure herself.
It was not her fault, Sophie thought. She couldn’t have known Michael planned it this way when he asked her if she wanted a dick or a tongue.
Michael thrusted hard and firm, pushing her forward with Sophie’s face right up against Emma’s pussy. She could not moan with her tongue pressed firmly between Emma’s lips, doing her best to share the pleasure.
She could have been in Emma’s place, she thought. Comfortably leaning back, enjoying her tongue on her pussy while watching her get fucked by her husband.
That might have been the better option; but she had been greedy and chosen the cock; and now she was trapped between the couple, hardly able to breath and with her sore bottom being pounded by Michael’s hips.
Sophie pushed back, freeing her mouth to talk. “Please, spank me, Sir.” She said.
Michael grabbed her hips tightly. “Why should I spank you, young lady.” Michael said.
“Because I’ve been greedy.” Sophie said. “I should’ve chosen the tongue, so you could have fucked your wife.”
Michael smacked her bottom.
Sophie moaned deeply, before being thrusted up against Emma’s pussy again. Emma moaned in return as her tongue pushed up against her clit.
Caught between Emma’s juices on one side and Michael’s thrusting hips and punishing hand on the other, Sophie felt trapped and out of control.
Emma suddenly convulsed, shaking uncontrollable as Sophie’s tongue brought her to orgasm. She wondered if Michael had planned it this way. Had he known how much his wife liked watching him spank another woman? Did she perhaps enjoy watching him fuck her just as much?
Despite Emma’s squeals and moans, Sophie could not stop. As long as she was being fucked, her tongue ran up against Emma’s clit, making her squirm and shake.
Another smack landed across her bottom as a deep thrust filled up her pussy. Sophie moaned deeply, reaching an orgasm of her own as Emma’s juices still filled her mouth. She shook uncontrollably, unable to breath or move.
Michael kept spanking her and thrusting, ignoring her shaking body until he too reached his climax, not pulling out, but cumming deep inside of her.

The three of them lay exhausted on the bed.
“You didn’t need to ask for a spanking.” Emma whispered after a moment. “I loved watching.”
Sophie blushed. “But he is your husband.” She protested.
“We were all part of what happened.” Emma said. “Who cares what body part goes where?”
Michael placed his hand on Sophie’s bottom. “I think she wanted to watch herself.” He said. “She is a little voyeur after all.”
Sophie blushed. “Maybe.” She said.
“Next time.” Emma said.
“If you two prove you can stay good girls.” Michael added.
A long, blissful silence stretched as they rested on the bed.
“Do you want to come over next week?” Emma asked. “Just to hang out.”
“I can’t.” Sophie said. “I’m going away for a week.”
“But you’re coming back?” Emma asked.
“Yes, three more weeks until college starts again.” Sophie said.
“When you’re back, you should come over as often as you want.” Michael said. “If you want to earn another reward, I have to be sure you really deserve it.”
Sophie blushed. “If I can earn a reward; does that mean I could also earn a punishment?”
Michael turned to look at her. “Would you like that?” He asked.
Sophie bit her lip. It wouldn’t be fair, if she only got rewards for being good, but no punishments for being naughty. Today had been great; but those disciplinary spankings Emma got for being a brat, she wanted those too.
“I would.” She said.
Emma chuckled. “I’m looking forward to seeing Michael smack your ass for being a little brat.” She said. “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure the two of us get into plenty of trouble.”
“You better behave yourself.” Michael told his wife. “And you, Sophie, I’ll make sure you’re turned into a well-behaved young lady before school starts again.”

4 thoughts on “The girl next door

  1. Okay. Wow. I’m impressed Perrin. This is some of the best I’ve read from you. One of your longer stories I really loved reading this one and look forward to any works of similar length and/or quality as this. I’m really glad I discovered 1001 in what seems like an age ago now and get to read your stories. For this story and your continued writing Thank You!


    1. Thanks Valance

      I’ve recently been working together with a publisher to get my book ‘Discipline for Charlotte’ published and I feel like their input has had a positive influence on my writing in general. So I hope all my future short stories will be of a higher quality than my older ones.


  2. Hey there my name is Michael, I too am interested in your stories. I write spanking stories as well . Message me so


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