The fake appointment

girl with her panties down, crying after her spanking

Sitting outside in the waiting room, Emma was wondering how long one of these sessions could take. Her friend had left over half an hour ago and she was still waiting in this dull room, accompanied by only a handful of magazines.
Emma was here as a favour for her friend, even though her didn’t know it. Evelyn was now with the councillor, discussing her study habits. Her grades had gone into a freefall ever since she had broken up with her boyfriend, almost a year ago now.
Emma and her other friends had felt they had to intervene, to save her friend from throwing away everything she had worked for. Of course Evelyn had not believed she needed counselling, until Emma had lied to her and told her she came here every week herself. Emma had the best grades in their class, if she found help here, Evelyn had believed her she could as well.
Emma of course had better ways for spending her Saturday afternoons. She had never been here before. In fact, she was already dressed for a night out with her friends, a short black dress barely long enough to cover the top of her dark sheer stockings, high heeled boots, a touch of make-up and some curls to her hair.
She was slightly surprised when the assistant came in and told her the councillor was ready for her. She had almost forgotten she’d had to make an appointment for herself as well, to keep up with her story. Of course, for her the session couldn’t take as long. Emma had never had any problems studying, in fact in her twenty years of age she couldn’t remember ever needing to do more than just reread a subject before a test.
With a stack of tests and assignments under her arm – all she could find from the past month and all with high grades – she followed the young woman out of the waiting room.

The office she was brought to was quite large. There was a sitting area to her right with a single leather sofa and a large floor-to-ceiling window on her left, looking out on an indoor-garden.
In the middle of the room stood a large wooden desk and behind it sat a man, quite handsome, probably not more than half a decade older than her, in his early thirties. She approached his desk and sat down on one of the wooden chairs after shaking his offered hand.
“Good afternoon. I’m Alex. You must be Emma.” He greeted.
There was no questioning tone to his voice, but Emma answered anyway. “I am. Nice to meet you.” She held her stack of papers in front of her, unsure how to handle them.
Alex smiled. “Nice to meet you too. Emma.” He reached for the tests. “You can give those to me, let me have a look.”
Emma hadn’t expected the straight forward approach. But then again, she didn’t need any explanations or boring introductions. The faster she was out of here, the faster she could have some real fun.
The councillor, Alex, had placed the stack neatly in front of him and examined the pages slowly, one by one. It seemed to take forever even though it couldn’t have been more than a minute or two and for some unknown reason Emma was suddenly slightly nervous.
“Those are some very impressive grades, Emma.” Alex said after turning the last page. “Very good.”
Emma smiled, she knew they were good, but it was always nice to hear someone else say it. “Thank you.” She replied.
“I’m only a bit surprised by these French assignments.” He continued. “You seem to get persistent scores at around seventy percent, while in your other subjects you’re always around eighty and even ninety.”
Emma raised an eyebrow. Did that really matter? Seventy was still good. “It’s still at the top of the class average.” She replied.
“We don’t care about class averages here miss.” The councillor said with a smirk. “This session is only about you. I’m sure you didn’t book this session, thinking all your grades were perfect…”
“Actually, I came for my friend.” Emma answered, deciding to explain. “She wouldn’t have come if I hadn’t told her I would come as well. Besides, isn’t seventy good enough?”
“Ah your friend. Was that the girl who came in before you? Evelyn, right? She did mention you, said you came here every week, even though I’ve never seen you before.”
Emma blushed, caught in her lie.
“Well, we don’t settle with good enough here, Emma. We teach you to get better and aim higher than just good enough.” He paused the short lecture to take a sip of his glass of water. “How much do you study when you get a test for French?”
Emma blushed slightly, she barely studied at all. “As much as for my other classes.” She replied.
“And why not study more for a class you’re getting lower grades on?”
“Why should I?” Emma replied. “Seventies are already decent. I call that smart time management.”
“So you fail to reach your potential because you’d rather be doing something else? We don’t call that smart Emma, we call that lazy. If you had actually come here before, you’d know what happens to lazy girls in my office.”
Something in his voice made Emma feel threatened. “What’s that?” She asked, unsure she wanted to know the answer.
Alex stood up behind the desk. “They get a good spanking.” He said, moving around the desk in small steps. “First with this hand.” He placed it on the desk as he walked around it. “And then with a sturdy wooden paddle.” He had almost reached her. “And if they’re very lazy even a few strokes of my broad leather belt.” The last words were almost whispered as he stood next to her chair, staring down at her.
Emma sat shocked to silence in her chair, unable to answer, unable to even breathe. Suddenly Alex turned away from her and took a few quick steps to the leather sofa. “Come here.” He said as he sat down.
She had turned her head as he moved, her eyes following him across the room. She had no doubt what would happen if she went to him. He had seated himself in the middle of the sofa, there would be no room for her, unless it was across his lap.
To the right was the door of his office. She stood up and took two small steps, keeping the middle between him and the exit. “What stops me from leaving right now?” She asked.
“Nothing.” Alex replied. “You are here of your own free will of course.”
Emma took two more steps towards the door.
“I’m just wondering however. What will you tell Evelyn next week? When she comes back for her second session and you’re not joining her. What would I have to tell her? That her friend who had advised her to come here; who had gotten her spanked; had then chickened out of her own spanking herself?”
Emma really blushed now. Had Evelyn really let the councillor spank her? It explained why her session had seemed to take so long. Evelyn had probably believed that Emma got such spankings regularly. Which would explain why she’d have the courage to go through with this.
If Evelyn found out that had been a lie; she might never forgive her. Emma looked from the door to Alex and back again. If Evelyn could take the spanking, it couldn’t be that bad, could it? She took a few more steps towards the sofa.
If Evelyn could do it, then why couldn’t she?
When she came to a standstill she stood right by Alex’ side. Up to that point she had been unsure where she was going, but when he took her hand she knew it was too late to run away.

Alex pulled her towards him and down, slowly guiding her across his lap. A voice in her head wanted to know what she was doing. She hadn’t come here for a real session, and even if she had, she didn’t think she deserved to be spanked, not for her grades nor any so-called laziness.
But there was no better alternative and she blushed from embarrassment as she positioned herself somewhat comfortably over the councillor’s lap.
Alex flipped up her short dress easily, revealing her sexy lace panties. “These look very nice, Emma.” Alex said. “Though most girls wear something more protective when they visit me.”
Emma swallowed a cheeky remark as she imagined him staring at her behind. His fingers stroked her bottom, following her curves, the edge of her panties, exploring the area he was about to assault.
Emma focussed on how unfair this treatment was. The councillor might claim this was for her own good. But he had practically blackmailed her, threatening to tell her friend the truth. But that didn’t explain why she felt excited. The councillor’s strong hands on her back, her vulnerability and complete lack of control aroused her greatly. She knew that beneath those panties he was admiring, she was increasingly wet. turned on by the prospect of being spanked.
The first smack sent a chill through her spine and left a stinging sensation in her left buttocks. Emma moaned softly, though it didn’t hurt. A second one followed on the right, leaving a similar feeling.
Slowly those smacks followed each-other, not painful in themselves, but building up on the sting left by the previous ones. Though she could not see, her bottom had turned a rosy pink and while she had stayed nearly silent at the start, the continuously growing sting had her moaning at each smack by the time they reached thirty – not that she had counted of course.
Satisfied by her reaction to his warmup Alex quickly increased the speed and strength with which he chastised her bottom. Each smack was no longer just an addition to the sting, but a strong blow in itself. In short succession Emma’s moans were replaced by squeals and hisses, until she begged him to “please stop”.
Alex’s hand came to a stop, her bottom showing pink between his fingers. “Stop? But we’ve barely even started.”
His fingers hooked behind her panties and – too fast for Emma to reach behind her to stop him – pulled them in one swift motion to her knees.
“Wait, you can’t!” Emma argued when his hand returned to her behind. She wanted to struggle free, but his strong arm pushing on her back already told her that would be useless. Completely under his control, Emma had no way of hiding her arousal now that her red bottom was bared to his sight.
Alex didn’t even waste any words arguing and instead continued the assault on her behind. He’d slowed down the speed with which he spanked, but without diminishing the strength behind each smack, making sure she felt every one of them.
Emma struggled softly across his knee, keeping her legs closely together in a vain – yet futile – attempt to keep her modesty. As the pain increased, so did her arousal. You could not tell whether her moans were of pleasure or discomfort.
Finally, when his hand stung and he’d made sure the bright pink colour was spread even across Emma’s whole bottom, Alex paused.
“I think that’s enough for the first part. Are you leaning anything?” He asked it while softly rubbing her stinging bottom.
“Yes.” Emma replied quickly.
“Yes?” Alex answered in surprise. “What have you learned?”
“I’ve been lazy and need to study harder for French.”
Alex hand squeezed her more strongly, massaging her stinging bottom as he questioned her. The intimate gesture made her squirm beneath his touch.
“This is not the first time I’ve spanked a naughty young lady, Emma. I know when they’re lying to get out of their punishment. Are you lying Emma?”
Emma blushed. “Yes.”
“That’s what I thought.” Alex replied. But instead of continuing her spanking like Emma had feared he continued massaging her bottom, using both hands even.
His warm kneading hands brought the feeling of excitement to a new level. “Please stop.” She said, while her body begged for the opposite, her back arching to push up her behind, revealing her arousal to the man who had spanked her. “You’re taking advantage of me.”
Alex did stop. “I was just trying to prepare you for the second part, by rubbing away some of the sting before we started. But if you want I could take the paddle right now…”
With a groan Emma raised her bottom. “No, sorry. Not yet, please.” Alex continued his slow massage and Emma moaned softly as he did.

Emma felt hot and sweaty as she lay across the councillor’s lap. Her bottom was warm, the sting mostly gone. But while her growing excitement was too embarrassing to bear, she did not want to ask after the paddle because that would be even less desirable.
In the end, Alex made the decision for her. He reached for the drawer under the small stand beside the sofa, picking out a flat wooden paddle. Emma had a quick look at it over her shoulder before he placed the cool surface on her bottom. It was about two hand widths in length and half of that in width. It covered the majority of her right buttocks as he pressed it down.
When Alex placed his left arm on her lower back to hold her down, Emma blushed, realising she hadn’t struggled or tried to escape during the small break. The first smack erased that thought as it propelled her forward, leaving a hot stinging area on her behind. The smacks came slowly like before, not as sharp and stinging but heavy and deep.
Her whole body was pushed forward with each smack, grinding against the leather sofa and across Alex’ lap. The hardest of them made her squeal.
The sting he had rubbed away came back multiplied and Emma struggled vainly to get away. But after each move she made Alex held her tighter and the paddle landed harder. She tried to give up her struggles, groaning at each smack, holding on to the sofa’s armrest as if it was her best friend. But she could not halt the kicking of her legs, the swinging of her hips or the bouncing of her bottom beneath the paddle.
She hadn’t thought of Evelyn since the spanking had started, but wondered now if she’d gone through the same and whether she’d ever forgive her for it. As a particularly hard swat made her squeal, Emma imagined maybe she didn’t deserve this for her grades, but she definitely did for what she’d done to her friend. Somehow that thought made it easier to bear as she raised her bottom to welcome more of the heavy stinging smacks that had turned her warm pink bottom in a sore hot red.
When she did, Alex slowed down a trifle, taking his time to ask her a question as he made sure each smack landed perfectly. “It seems to me you’re starting to learn, aren’t you?”
Emma groaned softly, timing her answer between two smacks, arching her back so her bottom stayed perfectly available as she answered. “Yes, sir.” Though she was not learning what he was trying to teach.
“Are you going to study harder?” He asked.
Emma blushed and failed to answer before the paddle landed with another echoing smack, making her squeal instead. For a moment, caught in her own fantasy, she had forgotten what she was actually being spanked for. “Yes sir.” She quickly replied, before he could land another.
Her bottom felt sore and throbbing, but it seemed her answer had been enough. Alex dropped the paddle next to her and told her to stand up.
As she stood her dress dropped down, covering her nudity, reminding her how exposed she had been before. It brought a blush to her face knowing how she had acted in that position.
“I told you I know when you’re lying Emma.” Alex said when she finally found the courage to look at him. Her hands were clasped firmy around her bottom. “You were not thinking about studying, were you?”
Emma blushed and looked away, but she knew it would be a bad idea to lie to him. “No sir.” She replied.
“I thought so.” Alex sighed. “While I’m glad you seemed at least to be learning something, I’m going to have to ask you to go to my desk and bend over it.”
Emma’s eyes widened. “That’s not fair, I told you the truth.”
“Only after I caught you in the lie Emma. Now do as you’re told.”
Emma could feel the heat of her bottom through her dress, her bottom felt sore when she softly rubbed it. She didn’t want to bend over the desk for more. “Are you going to use your belt?” She asked.
“Yes.” Alex nodded. “And the longer you make me wait, the worse it’ll get.”
Emma blushed deeply, but moved quickly to the desk. She didn’t know why, but even the fear of his belt could not diminish her arousal. In fact, it turned her on even more.
The desk was quite high and she almost had to stand on her toes to bend over it, pushing her bottom high in the air. For a moment, she wondered if it was designed for specifically that reason. She heard the councillor stand up and slowly approach her from behind.
“Lift your dress.” He said as he pulled away the chair she had sat on before. Emma blushed deeply, she had only just been reminded of how exposed she was during the spanking.
This time, he wouldn’t hold her down while raising her dress, she had to do it herself and offer her bare bottom to him. Showing him how excited she was.
Her panties had been lost on the way to her new position. Slowly she reached back and pulled the soft fabric onto her back, once more baring her sore red behind and gleamingly wet pussy. She hadn’t even heard him take off his belt as she did, but suddenly felt the cool leather against her behind. A thought came to her before the first hit.
“Wait. Aren’t you going to rub away the sting first?” She asked.
“Not this time, young lady.” The councillor answered. “But I have some oil in my desk, you can have some of that when we’re finished. Would you like that?”
“Yes.” Emma replied, she would love to sooth the sting in her bottom, she could only imagine needing it even more after feeling his belt.
“Ok then, now get ready.”
Emma did, grasping the other side of the desk with the tips of her fingers and arching her bottom up in the air. Still she was not prepared for that first smack. It landed across her buttocks pushing her flat against the desk. A squeal had barely escaped her lips when the second one followed.
Alex wasn’t going to give her any time to adjust or escape as those first few strokes landed quick and crisp, making her howl and – when he stopped – beg. “Please no more.” She said. “I’ll study, I promise.”
“Not yet.” Alex replied as he moved to her other side. The belt landed with a loud thwack before she could come up with any other promises. A few more smacks, accompanied by her squeals and groans painted her bottom an even brighter red.
When he walked away Emma made no move. Panting she lay on the desk, the only thing holding her up. She felt out of breath, but could barely think over the stinging sensation in her behind.
A moment later she felt his warm hands on her bottom again, spreading some cool oily substance. Was it then finally over?
“You looked as if you would be unable to use this yourself.” The councillor said as he rubbed on the oil with deep massaging strokes.
Emma blushed, her spanking was over, she should cover herself and regain some of her dignity. But like before his hands felt too soothing, slowly massaging away the pain.
Letting him do it for her couldn’t hurt she thought, she could not possibly be embarrassed more than she’d already been when over his knee.
The oil trailed down her bottom as he rubbed it on in thick layers; dripping down her inner thighs and mixing with her own juices as she got increasingly wetter with arousal. She moaned deeply and arched her back, raising her bottom and begging his hands to stray from her sore, tender backside.
When the councillor stopped, she felt it was too early. Her bottom still felt sore and her light dress chafed. She blushed when she realised she had been hoping he might fuck her, or at least use his hands to rid her of the arousal that had her in its grip,
She blushed again when he handed her her panties. She waited until he turned around to put them in her purse, they would feel too snug on her sore, stinging bottom.
“Here.” Alex said as he handed her the tests he had picked up from his desk. “I hope next week these will be less disappointing.”
Emma blushed as she accepted them. She did not want to leave yet, her session had been so exciting, how could it end so quickly and disappointingly?
“Is there anything else?” alex asked.
“No, sir.” Emma said with a blush, quickly she left his office.
The assistant was waiting for her outside. “The councillor informed me you’ll want another appointment next week?”
Emma blushed. Another appointment would probably mean another spanking. She tried to tell herself she was doing this to help Evelyn; but when she confirmed with the assistant thatshe was indeed coming back, she knew it was because she had secretly enjoyed the spanking.
The assistant led her out the office through a different door than where she’d come in. Evelyn was waiting for her there, which explained why she hadn’t seen her come out.
Emma blushed, wondering how to explain to her friend why she had advised her to see a canceler that would spank her.
“Hey.” She greeted her as she approached. “So how did it go?” She tried to act as if the past afternoon for both of them had been completely natural.
“It was great.” Evelyn replied. “I thought I’d just get some boring speech about studying and responsibilities. But Alex seems to really understand me.”
Emma blushed. Great? Alex understood her? That didn’t sound like the reaction she was expecting. “Really, what did you do then?”
“Oh, at first we just talked about me, nothing school related, so he’d get to know me. Then we went through all my tests, to find my strengths and weaknesses. That seemed to take forever, but for everything we found Alex had some tip or trick I could learn… Isn’t that what he does with you?”
Emma blushed. “Yes, well only the first few times of course.” Had he had not spanked Evelyn? She wondered. “It’s different now.”
Evelyn smiled. “Oh right, of course. Are you going again next week?”
“Yes.” Emma replied without thinking… How had her friend with her abysmal school results escaped a spanking, while her almost perfect scores would have her sitting gingerly on the ride home?

One week later.
Emma had rehearsed what she would say in the waiting room. But when Evelyn’s session was over and she made her way back to the office where she’d been spanked only a week ago, her nerves got the better of her. “You lied to me.” She said as soon as she saw Alex sitting behind his desk.
Alex smiled. “Yes, I did.” He almost seemed proud of it. “But I did it to help you. Just like you helped Evelyn when you lied to her.”
Emma blushed. “I didn’t get her spanked by lying to her and she really needed the help.”
“So did you.” Alex replied. “Did you really believe we spank those that come for our help? We would run out of customers quickly.”
“I can’t understand why I believed you!” Emma replied. “I should have known Evelyn would have never let you spank her. You just made that up so you could spank me.”
“Well Emma, perhaps you believed me, just so you could let me spank you.”
Emma blushed. “That’s ridiculous.”
“Is it? I distinctly remember you learned a valuable lesson by the end. Even if it wasn’t the lesson I had intended. You even bared your own bottom for the last part.” Emma’s blush reached a whole new shade of red. “And even if you did not learn a lesson, you were definitely enjoying it, I haven’t often seen a girl as wet as you were.”
Emma blushed deeply, unable to deny the truth of what he was saying.
“Did you at least bring me some better grades this week? Or do you secretly wish for another spanking?” The councillor asked.
“I do not!” Emma gasped for breath. “Besides, we didn’t have any assignments for French this week. So I couldn’t bring you anything new.”
The councillor smiled. “Well, did you at least study harder, like I told you?”
Emma stared at him confused for a moment. “I didn’t have anything to study for, we didn’t get any assignments.”
Alex raised an eyebrow at her. “That doesn’t mean you have nothing to study for, young lady. This is exactly the way of thinking I’m trying to cure you off.”
He stood up from behind his desk, Emma was still standing near the doorway like she had just entered.
“Instead of being lazy when you come home from school, you should review and study the topics you saw earlier that day and prepare for the next lesson. I think you should join me on the sofa again, so I can make sure I get through to you.”
Emma blushed. “No way, I’m not letting you spank me again.”
Alex had made his way to the sofa and sat down. “Then why are you here? You could’ve send me an angry letter instead of coming over. That would have been a lot safer. No, I think I was right before, when I said you wanted me to spank you.”
Emma looked at the door behind her. She had said what she wanted to say, she should just leave now and never come back. So why was she hesitating? Was he right and did she actually want this? The arousal she could already feel building between her legs seemed to indicate so.
“If you leave now, you’ll never know what you really wanted.” The councillor said reading her mind. “But if you take your punishment now, you can still decide to never come back or make a weekly appointment.”
Emma blushed, she didn’t believe she wanted a weekly appointment to have her bottom tanned. But she made her way to the sofa anyway. “Only if you’re honest too. You’re not just doing this to help me. You could help me like you help other clients; but you know I don’t really need your help. You just enjoy spanking me.”
“Take off your pants.” Alex commanded.
Emma’s face flushed. Had she unconsciously chosen the more protective jeans over last week’s dress for this meeting? Lowering it for him made the whole situation another degree of embarrassing, but her choice was made and slowly she removed her pants.
“You’re right of course.” Alex said. “I loved spanking you and I’ll love doing it again every time you choose to come back for more. Maybe you don’t need my help, but you can surely use some of it anyway.”
A single thought occupied Emma’s mind when Alex admitted this. As she bent over his lap she promised herself: This time she wasn’t leaving before he fucked her.

3 thoughts on “The fake appointment

  1. Nice! Somewhere along the line, there should be “corner time” to let Emma’s passion build, before she finally gets fucked. Maybe corner time should be in front of others?


    1. Hmm maybe she should do corner time while the councillor finishes his other appointments. They shouldn’t be made to wait because Emma wants to get fucked, so Emma will have to wait until after hours.


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