Student job (part 3)

NAked woman tied to a store sign in a shopping street

Sophie stood stock-still in the store’s basement while the customer fastened a black leather collar around her neck. Ever since her boss – the owner of the sex store she worked at – had given his friend permission to spank her; she’d been helping out the customers in various different ways. She had gotten a few spankings since then, but not many realized her offer to help went as far as that. She had also let someone tie her up with ropes to test their strength and had showcased various sets of lingerie for some very happy customers; it did look better on a real girl than on picture on the box after all. One shy girl had asked her how one of the vibrators worked, so Sophie had shown her in the privacy of the changing rooms and another customer had wanted to try out the various types of nipple clamps on her. The more work Sophie had done, the more confident she had become; she was no longer shy about her nudity or arousal. She had started to serve the customers out in the store, leaving the changing rooms available for other couples. This had also lowered the sexual tension in the store as customers would be less shy about entering a sex store when such activities could be openly discussed and even practiced. They were also more inclined to participate and thus buy things when they were aroused by Sophie’s aid or even just seeing her help another customer. It reminded Sophie at times of the tasty samples at large stores that lured you into buying their products. Two other people were looking at her today, while she was trying on collars for this customer. She wouldn’t be surprised if they as well would be considering how their partner would look like with one of these collars on.
“Perhaps I should take off my shirt.” She said as the customer was still hesitant after she’d worn nearly a dozen different collars. “It’ll give you an idea of how it will look like against bare skin.”
The customer raised an eyebrow. “Eh, sure.” He said, obviously surprised as the offer. “I guess I’ll make her wear it more often without clothes after all.”
Sophie smiled as she started undoing the buttons of her shirt. She didn’t really think this would help him make a choice; but seeing her nearly naked would certainly arouse the customer greatly. His desire would certainly speed up the deciding process. To make sure her plan worked, she unhooked her bra as well to uncover her breasts. The other customers came closer to have a look, no longer hiding their interest.
Sophie did not blush when the customer licked his lips as he stared at her. “Could you try on this one again?” He asked while handing her one of the other collars.
“Of course, sir.” Sophie replied; replacing the collar she was wearing with the one he offered. Truth be told, she was deeply aroused to be bared in front of these strangers. It was odd to realize she hadn’t known this aspect of herself until a few weeks ago.
“Yes, that’s perfect. I’ll take this one.” The customer said.
“A great choice, sir.” Sophie said. “I like this one as well.” She handed him the collar she was wearing and started to dress again. ‘Success!’ She thought. Just one glimpse of her breasts and the choice was made. The customer looked disappointed for a moment when she started to dress again. He must’ve just realized he could’ve asked her to try on the others as well; to be able to enjoy the view for just a bit longer.
The other customers closed in on her, probably itching to ask her for her help now that they knew how helpful she could really be. But before they could ask their questions, a voice came from upstairs: “Sophie, could you come up here for a moment, please?” It was her boss.

After excusing herself to the customers, Sophie made her way up the stairs. Her boss did not often call for her during work. He had not spanked her since that first time either. But ever since, she had that slight feeling of dread whenever he called. Had she perhaps done something wrong, was she perhaps in trouble and would she be spanked again? So far, she hadn’t, sometimes she felt disappointed that it hadn’t come to that again. “How can I help you, sir?” She asked. Her boss was waiting for her by the register.
“I wanted to ask you a favor, Sophie.” Her boss said.
Sophie smiled while holding back a sigh; still no new spanking. “Anything I can do to help out.” She said.
Her boss smiled. “I was hoping you’d say that. I don’t know if you know, but this weekend is the store’s fifteenth anniversary. For this once I’m keeping the store open on Sunday for a special celebration. I want you to come too and help out. I have something special planned actually.”
“Sure.” Sophie replied. “I don’t have anything planned yet, I’d love to help out. So, what do you want me to do, just help the customers like regularly?”
Her boss handed her a piece of paper. “Here, I’ve written it all down. You should read it carefully and sign it if you want to participate. It’s a bit different from usual, so I understand if you don’t want to. If you don’t, it’s ok if you just come over and help the customers like on a normal day.”
Sophie took the paper and read it slowly. A blush crept on her face the farther she read. Yes, this definitely was different from usual. She tried to look at the proposal from different angles. If she did not do it, her boss would be disappointed, he might find her lack of enthusiasm to help the store reason to spank her again. But it wasn’t the fear of another spanking that made her consider accepting the proposal. Just reading about her boss’ plans had her wet with arousal. She already knew she was going to go through with it; it was just a bit embarrassing to admit that she would do it because she wanted to do it; because it turned her on. “Do you have a pen?” She asked her boss, before signing at the bottom of the page.

On Sunday, a bright banner flew outside the sex store, announcing its 15th anniversary. Sophie stood outside the door, it was her job to lure as many customers as possible. A short piece of rope tied her hands above her head, firmly attached to the store’s welcome sign. She wore not a stitch. Completely naked, she smiled at the passerby’s. The sex store was not located in a busy street, but there were still plenty of people, just outside the city’s busy shopping center. As the sun rose to its midday-peak, more and more people entered the shaded street, word was getting around of the sex-store’s marketing stunt. Sophie blushed as the potential customers passed her on the street. She felt vulnerable with her hands tied above her head; she’d been unable to defend her naked body from the strangers inching past her. So far, no-one had tried to touch her and she knew her boss was keeping a close eye out to protect her if they did. But that did not make it any less scary or exciting. More than a few men and women came looking at her without actually entering the store; but she knew that inside it was crowded as well. They already had more customers today than they would normally in a week. She had lost count on how many; she wondered how long it would take until the lucky winner arrived and whether they would actually get one hundred and fifty customers on a single day.
It was well past noon and Sophie’s arms and legs were getting tired – despite the few short breaks – from standing tied up at the front door. The street was still much busier than usual, when an older gentleman entered the store and the sounds of celebration suddenly became a lot louder. A short time later, her boss came out. “It’s time.” He said. “Are you ready?”
Sophie blushed. “Yes, sir.” She said. “Happy to get out these ropes and out of plain view.” She blushed again as she entered the store. The room was totally packed with customers and people browsing. In here, people made less of a secret of staring at her. In the privacy of the store, her nudity somehow became more intimate than it had been outside. Especially since she was the only one naked in a dense crowd. The man who had entered the store just before her was standing beside one of the desks in the middle of the room. Normally the desk held a collection of cheap sex toys for sale. It was empty for today’s occasion. This man was today’s lucky winner; he was older, with some grey in his hair, but quite attractive. He was smiling, Sophie’s boss must’ve already explained to him what he’d won by being the one hundredth and fiftieth customer. He was holding a long, rectangular paddle; aptly named ‘the birthday paddle’.
Sophie stepped up to him and kissed him three times on his cheeks; nearly rubbing her naked body against his. “Congratulations.” She said.
“Thank you.” The man said. “When I saw you outside, I couldn’t help but come in and see what else this store had to offer. I wouldn’t have dreamt it’d come to this however.”
Sophie smiled. “Are you ready to help us celebrate our anniversary, sir?” She asked.
“Ready when you are.” He said.
All eyes followed Sophie as she made her way towards the empty desk. No one pretended to be browsing the products as they watched her bend over it, arching her bottom high up in the air. Her boss must have made the announcement not just to the winner, but out loud for everyone to hear. Before being fully bent over, she noticed some people at the windows, looking in but too shy to come inside. She blushed as she suddenly felt a hand on her bottom.
“It’s going to be one hundred and fifty smacks for this fifteen year anniversary.” The winner said, his hand softly squeezing her bottom. “Are you ready?”
Sophie bit her lip. She’d gotten a few spankings since working here, but nothing too serious. Normally she’d ask for a warmup before letting a customer try out an implement. “Ready.” She said.
The paddle came down with a loud thump and Sophie squealed softly. The man wasn’t holding back, not even this early in her paddling. “One!” She counted out loud, biting back the pain. She knew her boss would interfere if things got too rough. The paddle came down firmly against her backside, again and again. Sophie moaned and whimpered, counting out each stroke loud enough that everyone could hear. By the time she reached twenty, her bottom was red and glowing. At forty her moans were replaced by soft squeals. She kicked her legs and wiggled her bottom back and forth, but there was no escape from the large paddle. The smacks kept coming until she screamed out “Seventy-five!”
For a moment, the pain stopped coming. A hand was placed on her behind. “Who thinks we should give this brave girl a little pause?” The man who had been paddling her asked. Opinions in the store were divided, some wanted him to continue until the end, to make her scream and beg; others agreed that she deserved the pause for how well she had accepted the paddling thus far. The winner seemed to agree with the second half; he softly massaged her bright red bottom, rubbing away some of the pain. Sophie moaned deeply at the stranger’s intimate touch. She did not care for the other customer’s giggling remarks and snide comments as they noticed her arousal. Unfortunately, it did not take long for the winner to take up the paddle again and announce it was part for the second half.
Sophie braced herself as the paddle sunk into her bottom for the fifty-sixth time. She counted again and this time the crowd counted with her. After every smack, they cheered the number as she said it, their noise drowning out her squeals and moans. Sophie bathed in their enthusiasm, for a while it even pushed back the pain. But when the count reached the hundred mark, Sophie’s squeals rivalled their cheers. The last twenty or thirty smacks, she screamed and sobbed as loud as the customers celebrated. But the end was near. The last ten smacks came slowly as the customers counted down to zero. Each smack landed firmly across her fiery red bottom. And then, it was over. The crowd cheered and the winner handed the birthday paddle back to her boss. Sophie remained bent over the desk. The pain in her bottom to severe to stand up.
“You did great, Sophie.” Her boss said as he walked up to her. “Near the end, I thought I might need to end it early, but you held on remarkably.” He massaged her bottom softly as he spoke to her. The pain slowly diminished, until she felt like she could stand again. Her boss picked up a chair and placed it on the desk. Sophie climbed on top of the table and blushed as she saw the hard-wooden surface. “Can I have a pillow please?” She asked.
Her boss smiled and threw one up at her. “A pillow for your throne.” He said and then handed her a paper crown as well. Sophie winced as she sat down – even with the pillow – and placed the crown on her head. “An applause for Sophie, please.” Her boss said and the customers broke into applause.
Sophie blushed as she sat in the middle of attention, still fully naked and now with a bright red bottom. As a reward for taking the anniversary spanking, she now resided as queen over the store for the rest of the day; receiving drinks and snacks from her boss and customers alike.

At the end of the day, when all the customers had left and Sophie had helped her boss clean up after the busy celebration; Sophie approached her boss again. She was still fully naked, for after a full day of nudity in front of so many people, she did not see why she should be embarrassed to be naked still. There was still one job Sophie had to do today; one part that was not mentioned in the paper she had signed; even her boss knew nothing of it. But just like everything else today, it was very different from anything she had ever done before for her job. “I still have a gift to give you, sir.” She said.
Her boss smiled at her. “You didn’t have to get me anything.” He said. “Everything you did today was more than enough.”
Sophie smiled. “But I wanted to.” She said. Her bottom was still glowing and sore as she knelt down in front of her boss. He did not protest when she undid his trousers; his dick was hard and ready for her when she freed it and took it in her mouth. She took him deep and sucked him inside. Her boss moaned deeply, rocking his hips back and forth. Today’s events must have had their influence on him because it did not take long for him to cum with a massive groan and ejaculate onto her waiting tongue and lips. Sophie stood up after swallowing all she could. “Did you like your gift?” she asked with a grin.
“I loved it.” Her boss replied with a broad smile, resting his hands on her naked body.
“We could do it more often.” Sophie said. “That is if you don’t mind dating an employee.”
“I wouldn’t mind at all.” Her boss said with a grin. “Though I don’t know how I feel about my girl getting too intimate with my customers.”
Sophie blushed. “I still have a job to do, of course.” She said slyly. “But if it gets too out of hand, you can always just spank me for it.”
Her boss smiled broadly. “Then it is agreed.” He said. “But there is one last thing you need to know it you are to date me.”
“What’s that?” Sophie asked.
“I always make sure to reciprocate and reward my girl for her efforts.” Her boss said as he pulled her closer and pushed her over his desk. His hand moved down her red bottom, between her thighs and two fingers slid inside of her. Sophie squealed in surprise and moaned deeply as her boss finger-fucked her. Just like him, the intense day had her turned on to such a degree that she came squirming after just a few thrusts. “Please, I want you!” she begged as her boss kept thrusting even after her first orgasm. Her boss entered her shortly after, thrusting his dick deep inside of her as he fucked her. Sophie came again before he did. “Happy anniversary,” she said to the sounds of his hips smacking against her sore, red bottom.

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