The inheritance (part 3)

naked and tied up young woman

Just one more contract, Sophie was looking forward to it actually. After her rather innocent date with Eric and the kinky roleplaying with George, she had taken a liking to her aunt’s work. Sure, the realization that she was taking money for sex was still embarrassing – and the fact that she was enjoying it even more so – but it hadn’t been as bad as she’d feared it would be. Now she only needed to fulfil the last contract and all the money would be hers. She’d be able to shut down the company, sell the assets and put all the money on her own account. Unless she decided to keep doing it and sign new contracts of course. Sophie blushed, she’d had that thought a few times now, since her evening with George. He’d made her realize that any possible future contracts would be on her terms. Right now, she was bound by whatever her aunt had agreed upon; but if she made the contracts herself, she could decide what was acceptable and what not. Two week ago, she would have never considered signing a contract that required her to have sex with someone; now the thought aroused her. Like usual, she forced the idea to the back of her head. She had no reason to sell herself for money; she certainly wouldn’t need it once the last contract was done and she got all of her inheritance. The only reason to do it was because she enjoyed it, and that realization was just too embarrassing to think about. Sophie focussed instead on the task ahead of her. She still had no access to her aunt’s safe and thus didn’t know anything about this customer or the contract. Nervously she wondered whether he’d be more like Eric, someone who wanted her company and lusted for the touch of a female; or George, who wanted to experience his perverted fantasies with her.
Sophie had contacted this last client and agreed to meet him after work. It was the last day before the weekend, so she hoped to fulfil the contract within the next few days. Next week, this would all be over. She was still slightly nervous, despite looking forward to their meeting. Mostly in case he was like George and wanted to do something that hurt, like spank her. They had agreed to meet at a local bar.

Wearing a short white dress and a long red scarf by which her aunt’s customer should recognize her, Sophie sat alone at a table. She had already ordered a drink and was waiting for the man to arrive. It wasn’t long before a young man approached her table. “Are you Sophie?” He asked as he sat down at her table.
Sophie looked up, confused that this man new her name. “I am.” She said. “Sorry, but I’m waiting for someone.”
“That would be me, I’m Michael.” The man said. “You called me earlier?”
Sophie blushed. This man was much younger than she had anticipated. Unlike Eric and George, he must be near her own age, maximum three or four years older. After her previous contracts, she had not expected the man she was meeting to be so young. “I’m sorry.” She said. “You’re not what I was expecting.”
“Sorry to disappoint.” The man said with a smile. “So what can I help you with.”
Sophie bit her lip. He did not disappoint, not at all. He was handsome in a rugged sort of way, broad shoulders, wavy black hair and dark eyes. He was exactly the type of man she’d go out with. And he had a contract with her about who knows what. She blushed deeply. “It’s about my aunt.” She said, giving him the same news she’d given the others. Like them, Michael offered his condolences at her passing and acted surprised at her offer to take her aunt’s place to fulfil the contract. “I have to admit though, that I don’t know what the contract is about. I do not have access to a copy right now.” Sophie finished.
Michael picked up his bag and pulled out a single piece of paper. “I brought it along just in case.” He said. “Since I didn’t know what this meeting was about.” He handed it to her. “Go ahead and read it, I’m sure you’ll have no trouble taking your aunt’s place. In fact, such a beautiful girl like yourself will be an improvement. There’s definitely no need for much experience.”
Sophie quickly scanned the contract. There was no mention of sex or roleplaying. She was at the same time relieved that this young man did not contract her aunt for such things and disappointed that he wouldn’t be able to demand it from her either. The feeling made her blush. All this man wanted to do was use her as a model. It wasn’t as simple as just photography of course, Sophie would be modelling nude and there was a fetish aspect to it as well. For most of the pictures, she’d be severely tied up. The whole experience seemed very sensual and interesting, the fact that it would be done by an attractive, young man made it even more arousing. She smiled nervously, even though he was just going to take pictures, he would still have to touch her to tie her up, she’d still be naked and at his mercy. A thought suddenly struck her. “What do you do with the pictures you take?” She asked.
“I sell them, of course.” Michael said. “Imagine them as paintings, people buy them to decorate and I sell each picture only once, so they stay unique.”
Sophie blushed deeply. She couldn’t do that. Some stranger would have her picture, completely naked, tied up or not, on the wall of his home. “No, please.” She said. “You can’t sell them.”
The young man smiled. “Don’t worry.” He said. “The pictures aren’t rude or crass; they’re very artistic and sensual.” He picked up his bag again. “Here, I have some of my work with me, have a look.”
Sophie looked through the pictures George handed her. She blushed, hoping no one else in the bar would be able to see what she was looking at. He was right, the pictures were very sensual; but they were still explicit. The women were completely naked and often tied up, the rope digging into their skin. Sometimes they were even hanging from hooks in the ceiling. She imagined her own face there instead of these women, and while she blushed, her arousal at seeing these pornographic images did not diminish. “I don’t know.” She said. “I wouldn’t want a picture like this of me hanging in someone’s living room.”
The man laughed. “I don’t think they usually end up in the living room.” He said. “But I understand. I’ll make you a deal. I’ll show the pictures to you first and you can decide which ones I sell and which not.”
Sophie hesitated and bit her lip. “What if I don’t want you to sell any?” She asked.
“Then I won’t sell any.” Michael said.
“But you’re paying me.” Sophie said. “Why would you pay me if you can’t sell any of the paintings?”
The young man smiled. “I’m not just doing it for the money.” He said. “I could just take family pictures if I needed that. I like having control over my model; stripping her of her clothes and protection so she’s naked in front of my lens. I love the touch of her body beneath my hands and the rope as I tie her up until she is completely at my mercy. The pictures are part of the process of course, but selling them is only a small part of the enjoyment. One that will be easily compensated by having such an attractive young female as yourself as my model.”
Sophie was blushing, but if she could decide which pictures – if any – would be sold, she did not mind fulfilling this contract. In fact, it sounded a lot more fun than the previous two. “Okay.” She said. “I’ll do it.” She blushed. “And thank you. I appreciate you doing this for me. You didn’t have to; the contract was already signed after all.”
The young man smiled again. “No worries.” He winked. “I’m just confident that once you see the pictures you’ll change your mind.”

Sophie was quite nervous the next day when she arrived at Michael’s house. She didn’t think she’d change her mind about the pictures of course; it was the prospect of being tied up that frightened her. It felt a bit like the contracts come to life. Up to this point she’d been tied up by words, required to fulfil a contract, to have sex with strangers for money or letting them spank her for their enjoyment. Now these words would be replaced by rope and she’d be literally tied up. She’d be even more at the mercy of this stranger. In a way, the words that had sold her to these men, now protected her from them. She’d be completely in Michael’s control and he would not be allowed to do anything with her. The contract only mentioned the taking of pictures and nothing more. Part of her was slightly disappointed in that, maybe even hoping that he’d violate the contract.
Michael welcomed her to his home with a smile and guided her to a room in the back where they would work. Sophie wore a colourful blouse and a short white skirt and Michael started by taking her picture while she was still fully dressed. He played with the lighting, her position in the room and tried to get a feel for his new model’s behaviour and facial expressions. Slowly, these positions became more explicit, Sophie was to raise her skirt as to expose her bare legs to the camera, bend over to present her round ass or smile flirtingly at the camera. She was already getting turned on by Michael’s demands.
On one wall in the room was a long shelve with hooks. Hanging from these were various ropes, chains and leather cuffs. “Time to have some fun.” Michael said as he went over and grabbed a length of rough hemp rope. “Place your wrists together.” He said as he brought it to Sophie. Nervously, Sophie held her hands in front of her. “If at any time it starts to hurt, or you lose feeling in your fingers, tell me right away.” Michael said. “I will take if off immediately.”
Sophie nodded.
“If the pain is really great, tell me and I will take the scissors instead.”
Sophie bit her lip nervously. “I will.” She said.
Michael smiled encouragingly. “Don’t worry.” He said. “That’s rarely ever necessary. I just want you to know the possibility is there and that you’ll be completely safe. You are much more valuable than my equipment.”
Sophie nodded again, much more confident this time.
“Now, hold your hands in front of you so I can see the ties. Try pouting a bit too, you’ve just been tied up after all.” Michael took a few more pictures of Sophie, wandering around in his room with her hands tied together. He did not wait long however, to take the length of rope dangling from her wrists and attach it to a hook in the ceiling. Michael stood close to her as he tied a knot in the rope, with her arms above her head and his body so close to his, she felt very vulnerable. So close to him, she could smell him, he smelled like sex, power and lust. When he walked away, she could no longer move freely through the room. With her wrists tied above her head and attached to the ceiling, all she could do was turn on the spot. Michael followed her movements and made pictures of her discomfort. When he approached her again, he undid the top buttons of her blouse, her cleavage was provocative in her defenceless position. Just a few pictures and then Michael took it a step further, pulling up her blouse and bra so that they were gathered just below her chin. His warm hands slid up her body as he did so, sending a shiver down her spine. Her breasts were now bared for his eye and camera. Sophie blushed and Michael encouraged her. He loved the idea of a model so innocent that she blushed in his pictures. He moved her blouse and bra up further, gathering them around her tied wrists and thus completely baring her upper body. Her skirt he pulled down and told her to step out after taking off her shoes. Sophie was now only wearing her panties.
Michael took more pictures before removing those. When he did, he also undid the rope that tied her to the ceiling. For a moment Sophie was freed while the photographer undid the tangle of rope and her blouse and bra. Free, but naked she waited for further instructions. Michael gave her only a short time to rest her aching arms, before tying her wrists in the same position above her head. For the next set of pictures she was completely nude. Michael moved around her as he took them, taking shots of her back and soft, pale bottom, as well as the front with her breasts showing erect nipples and a small tuft of hair above her crotch. When he grabbed another piece of rope from his collection, Sophie took a deep breath. She wondered nervously how he would tie her up even further. Michael knelt in front of her, his head embarrassingly close to her exposed sex. He grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs apart. Sophie blushed deeply as she was spread open as far as she could. Her body was pulled taut between the rope bound to the ceiling and her feet pulled far apart. Michael wound the rope around her ankles and tied them each to a ring in the floor. Sophie couldn’t move more than her head or a slight wiggling of her upper body. She moaned softly as her body accepted the uncomfortable position. “You okay?” Michael asked
“Yes.” Sophie whispered. “I can handle it.” She blushed deeply as Michael picked up his camera and moved around her again to find the best angle. None of the pictures he’d shown her had been this explicit, Sophie thought. She’d never let him sell these, not with how exposed she was. She wondered if he was doing it on purpose, to compensate for the fact she might not let him sell any of them. The thought made her blush deeply. He was well in his right to use her like this. The contract had not mentioned any limitations in how he was allowed to tie her up.
After just a few pictures, Michael untied her ankles again. Sophie groaned as she was able to stand straight again, the stretched-out position had been hard on her muscles. Michael now tied her ankles together, saying he thought she’d be able to hold this position much longer. He did not connect the rope to the floor this time, but wrapped it around her legs. His hands moved slowly up, putting knots in the rope at set distances, tying her legs firmly together. He went up all the way to her thighs, his warm hands stroking her legs before pushing in between them and pulling the rope through. It dug into her skin firmly but not uncomfortable. When he stepped aside, Sophie was bound thoroughly, all she could do was hop. She could feel he warmth of her sex in her excitement, the drop of moisture on her inner thigh after Michael had touched her so intimately.
Michael continued adding more rope. He tied up her upper body, the rope digging into her skin and pushing up her breasts. Each strand of rope that he tied around her slid across her sensitive skin, the small vibrations were torturous. His warm hands would follow, arranging the rope in artistically perfect lines and at the same time taking advantage to feel the softness of her skin with his fingers and cupping her breasts in his hands. A double line of rope was pulled taut right atop Sophie’s breasts, covering her nipples. Michael pulled them apart softly until her nipples popped out, caught between the rope. Sophie squealed softly when Michael tied them up in the back, pulling on the rope so that her erect nipples were pinched between the rope. Lastly, Michael connected the knots around her legs to those on her upper body. He weaved the strands between her legs, the rough rope sliding between the wet lips of her throbbing pussy. Sophie moaned softly as each move she made pulled the rope tighter in her crotch and between her buttocks. Michael once more stopped touching her and gathered the evidence of her discomfort and arousal on his camera.

Sophie feared she might cum, reaching an orgasm just from the touch of the rope. But Michael did not let it get that far. He strolled up to her and casually undid the knot that tied her wrists to the ceiling. Sophie nearly collapsed on him, now that she was no longer held up by the rope. She hadn’t realised how much she’d been hanging in her restraints.
Michael moved a small table to the centre of the room and helped her sit down on its padded surface. Sophie laid down on her back and then rolled over, following his instructions. Behind her back, she could not see what he was doing. She felt him pull up her legs, bending them at the knee to tie the rope around her ankles to a knot in her lower back. Her hands were tied behind her back as well, making it impossible for her to move. Michael wrapped more rope around her, unashamed to touch her naked body as he did. “Ready?” He asked when there was so much rope, Sophie thought this must be what it felt like to be caught in a spider’s web.
“Yes.” She said, not knowing what she should be ready for.
Michael grunted as if pulling on something heavy and Sophie suddenly felt herself rising off the table. She squealed softly in surprise as the rope suddenly dug into her skin in different places than before. It did not hurt, it was just tight. She had thought she was tied up and unable to move before. But now, with her body being held up by the rope, she was really unable to do anything, completely controlled by the rope that had her dangling a few feet above the table. When Michael moved it away, she was scared of how high she hung above the ground. So far she had trusted him not to hurt her, to keep to the confines of the contract. Now she had to thrust him with her safety as well. But oddly enough she did not feel afraid. The harness he had tied her in felt secure. It wasn’t comfortable of course, but she felt she had as little chance of falling to the floor as she had if she’d been sitting in a chair. For the first time, she wondered what she looked like in her precarious position. She was looking forward to the pictures he was taking. It was strangely exhilarating to giving up this much control.

After Michael lowered her back down to the table, he started undoing all the knots he’d tied her up with. “You looked beautiful.” He said to Sophie. He softly massaged every part of her body after removing the rope that had covered it. “I’m sure you’ll love the pictures.”
Sophie didn’t reply, but moaned softly, content to let him massage her aching muscles and roughened skin. His touch was sensual and soft, but Sophie felt this arousing massage was an important part of the session. It was needed for her body to relax again after the heavy strain it had been under. She squealed softly when the rope that pinched her nipples was removed, but did not complain when his hands softly massaged her breasts. The rope between her buttocks and lips he removed last. After untying the knot, Michael pulled it down softly, the whole length of rope sliding down between her lips and clit. Sophie moaned deeply, her body shuddering and convulsing. She squealed softly as that orgasm she’d been denied earlier suddenly made her shake and spasm.
Michael knelt behind her on the table, softly massaging her buttocks. “That sounds like that last bit of rope might have been a bit too tight. I hope I didn’t hurt you.”
Sophie blushed deeply. “It’s okay.” she said. “I didn’t mind.” She moaned softly as Michael kept squeezing and prodding her bottom. This was the moment he would violate the contract, she thought. Not while she was tied up and at his mercy, but exhausted from their play and too excited to protest.
To her surprise however – and disappointment – he did not do such a thing. Michael stood up and started tidying away the ropes. “When you’re ready, you can get up and get dressed.” He said.
Sophie sat up on the table. Michael’s erection was obvious in his loose trousers as he moved around. “Are we done?” She asked.
“Yes.” Michael answered. “But take it slowly, your body will need to adjust.”
“I had a feeling you wanted to do something more in the end.” Sophie said. She blushed slightly, sitting naked on the edge of the table.
Michael turned around and smiled. “That’s not in the contract.” He said.
“Why not?” Sophie answered. “I mean, the other contracts did have sex included. Why didn’t you ask for it?”
Michael grinned. “I guess your aunt wasn’t really my type.”
Sophie blushed. “Would you have added it to the contract if you’d known it was me?”
“Yes.” Michael said.
Sophie licked her lips. “Well, you changed your part about selling the pictures. Perhaps it is only fair if I changed my part as well.” She was blushing deeply. She didn’t need to do this, but her body was burning fiercely, longing for his touch, craving to feel him inside her after the intense play with rope and his warm hands on her body.
Michael smiled. “I guess you’re right.” He hung a set of rope from one of the hooks. “Wait here for a moment.” He left Sophie alone in the room for a moment. She tried not to think of the fact she had just offered him to have sex with her. She was too excited not to look forward to it, despite the circumstances. Michael returned with a piece of paper and a pen. “I was going to do it informally.” He said. “But if we’re both changing the details of the agreement, I think we should put it on paper.”
Sophie blushed deeply as Michael sat down next to her on the table. She watched him write down that he would not sell her pictures without her consent and in return, Sophie would agree to let him fuck her at the end of their session. Her words, now not just a spoken promise, but written down, reminded her of what she was doing. Michael was still just a customer. She took the pen when he handed it to her and placed her signature next to his. It was her first mark on such a paper, the others of course had been signed by her aunt. She blushed deeply when she laid down on the table like before. Looking over her shoulder, she could see Michael undress. He knelt behind her and placed his arm hands on her buttocks again. He moaned softly as he penetrated her from behind. Sophie moaned as well, forgetting the contract, forgetting her shame when she finally felt him inside of her.

Sophie sat alone in Michael’s living room. He was in the kitchen, getting her a drink. He’d fucked her short and rough. Too excited from playing with her, it hadn’t taken him long to cum, but Sophie had enjoyed every moment of it. The contract she’d signed to let him do this lay on the coffee table. It wasn’t really a contract of course, just an amendment to an existing contract. An amendment she had signed herself. She blushed again. She had been so sure she would not be persuaded to sign any new contracts. This small piece of paper came very close to being just that. The fact that she’ signed it herself made it that much more exciting. While it made her feel more embarrassed because she could not hide behind the fact that she had no choice but to follow the contract; it made her more ashamed because she had made the exact choice she had been hiding from. When Michael returned with her drink and she looked up at the man who had done this to her, she felt no regrets, if she had to make the choice again, she would not change what she’d done. She would do it again.
“You know, your aunt always specified that the photoshoot should take place indoors.” Michael said as he sat down next to her. “But I’ve always wanted to take one of my models out into the woods. I’d love to see you surrounded by nature, your naked body complementing the trees and plants; the pure sunlight on your skin. If I’d tie you up to a tree outside, it would feel like capturing and controlling a part of nature itself.”
Sophie licked her lips. She could already imagine herself outside, vulnerable and naked. The thrill of perhaps being caught, of being in Michael’s control again. She did not know what to say.
“I was hoping perhaps you would be more open for that?” Michael continued. “For a new contract perhaps.”
Sophie was blushing. Would she really do that? Sign a new contract? Her aunt wouldn’t have done this thing, not outside. But she wasn’t her aunt, she didn’t have to make the same kind of contracts. She could choose her own customers; of course, most wouldn’t be like Michael, but older like Eric and George, but she didn’t mind that too much. She could choose herself what was acceptable and what not. She could let them pay her to do things she enjoyed herself as well. The idea was so arousing that she barely felt the embarrassment of that last thought. “Sure.” She said. “But let’s write down the contract another time. Right now I’m not feeling like myself.”
“Of course.” Michael replied. “I’m sure we can come to a satisfying agreement later.”

Sophie was on her way home, butterflies in her stomach. Michael had shown her the pictures he’d taken on his computer. Still rough drafts, but obvious enough for her to make a choice. She’d chosen three for him to sell. This was not what made her so embarrassed however, the fact that her picture would be hanging in some stranger’s room; her body naked and tied up for their pleasure. What did embarrass her was what she had agreed to before that. She had agreed to another contract. She wasn’t going to shut down the company; she was going to get more customers to pay her for sex, to spank her and abuse her. She felt highly aroused and ashamed of herself at the same time. She still had George’s number in her contact-list. He had said he’d love to spank her for any reason, no matter the story. She wondered what he’d think of this story, not roleplay, but real. She selected his number. “Hello, George?” She said as he picked up. “I’ve been a very naughty girl today. If you’re still interested, we could perhaps arrange a new contract…”

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  1. Smart Girl! Sophie’s aunt had a gold mine; now Sophie could easily transform it into a diamond mine with only the effort of getting undressed…


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