Is anything wrong, officer? (part 1)

a female police-officer spanked in public

Maria was quite young and new on the street. In fact, this was her first time patrolling alone. It was late at night when she got passed by a sleek car, going faster than the speed limit. She flashed her lights immediately, catching up to the car and signalling it to pull over. It had been a reflex, the car had barely been going too fast, but she hadn’t really noticed the numbers, just that he was speeding. Perhaps her colleagues would have ignored such a minor infraction, but nothing she could do about that now, she had already pulled him over. She stepped out and approached the car with care, deciding she probably wasn’t going to need any backup on this one. The driver had already rolled down his window, he was an elderly gentleman, alone, probably on his way home after a long day at the office. “Is anything wrong, officer?” He asked, perfectly polite.
Maria swallowed. “Oh, ehm you were driving too fast.” Inside she chided herself, way to sound confident!
The man looked surprised. “Really? I can’t have been going much too fast, perhaps four-five miles over the limit?”
The man looked dumbfounded. “What, do you mean, you’re really pulling me over for speeding for that?” He sounded upset.
Maria realised she had to get the conversation back under control. “The law is the law sir, the limit is forty-five, not forty-nine. I’m afraid I’m going to have to write you a ticket.”
The man did not look placated. “You’ve got to be kidding me! What, do you need to write a certain amount of tickets before you get a shinier badge?”
Maria hesitated, she shouldn’t let him talk to her like that, her colleagues definitely would not stand for it. “Sir, I’m warning you, ehm, just call down.”
He did not calm down. “I’m not going to calm down, not while some upstart little blonde chick is writing me a ticket.”
She blushed deeply, ok this was definitely going too far. “Sorry sir, I can’t let you talk to me like that. Ehm, if you don’t cooperate I will have to take you in to the station. Get out of the car please.” A few too many sorry’s and please’s she thought, but at least he was listening, getting out of his car like she asked. She took a step back when he stood, he was tall… “Put your hands on the hood please, ehm, legs apart.” She had seen her colleagues search a suspect often enough, she should be able to as well … as long as he cooperated.

“No. I’m not going to be treated like a bad guy. In the city the real criminals are running free and in the meanwhile the police force is doing what? Arresting innocent citizens trying to make their way home.” The man looked down on her. Perhaps she should’ve called for backup after all. “Can you explain to me why it is so important to punish a man for driving barely over the speed limit, while every day I see punk kids racing their pimped out cars down the streets and there’s never anything done about that?”
Maria looked around, unsure what to do. “I ehm, I can’t do anything about that right now, I’m sorry.”
“Sorry isn’t good enough, you’re not doing your job properly. Perhaps you should be the one putting your hands on the hood.” The man took a threatening step towards her.
Oh no, this was definitely getting out of hand. “I…” She no longer knew what to respond and the man took that as permission; grabbing her hand and turning her towards his car, pushing her down. She didn’t just have her hands on the hood, her whole upper body rested on top of it while his hands pulled her legs apart by her knees. “What are you doing?” She managed to say as his hands stroked the inside of her legs, travelling up in a mock imitation of a search.
Her police uniform came with a short black skirt and his hands slid up underneath it, pushing the skirt up with them, revealing her soft lace panties. “I’m going to smack this well rounded bottom of yours to teach you a lesson on doing a better job.” He said.
Maria blushed. He couldn’t do this to her, she was a police officer; but his hands stroked her panties and they were moist from his touch. Suddenly he yanked them down, baring her bottom to the cold night air. His hand smacked her bottom hard and she yelped at the sudden blossoming pain. Again and again his hand came down on her poor bottom, turning it pink and quickly red. Maria squealed and moaned, quickly regretting her decision to pull him over. “Please.” She begged as the sounds of her spanking echoed in the street. “I won’t do it again, I’ll do a better job, I promise.” His hand smacked her bottom again, twice, three times. Then he finally stopped. The spanking had been short but severe, her bottom was throbbing. She quickly rearranged her uniform before looking at him.
“I think we better part ways now.” He says, finally calm and now realising what he had done could get them both in trouble.
Maria nodded with a blush. “Yes, ehm I think so too, and ehm I’ll forget about that ticket this once.”
He smiled now. “Good. Oh and some advice, you might want to apply for a desk job, out on the streets isn’t the place for a cute little girl like you.”
Maria blushed deeper and ran to her car. The seat of her car was soft against her sore bottom, and when she pulled up her skirt, the leather was nice and cool…

Maria arrived back at the station safely, and after checking herself in her car mirror she went inside, ready to talk to her boss about a desk job application. It seemed everyone was looking at her, at first she thought she was imagining things after her embarrassing evening. But she quickly realised they were looking at her, peeking from the corner of their eyes. Blushing she made her way to her boss’ office, unsure of what was going on. He was waiting for her beside his door. “Maria.” He said with a grin on his face. “Poor girl, earlier tonight you forgot to turn off your radio transmitter…”

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